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Adjusting pincushion through software, is this possible?
Printer transfer
Whats the best satellite internet?
Greater Boston Area -- LAN/PC party March 22-23
MBM 5 (-12) V is way off so it is with Speedfan as well..?
Can't go past 90fps in any game???
Files Servers
Left rear channel on z-560 is fuzzy?
Ok guys.. give me a once through on this proposed system:
Exploding Mouse!!
Please, the best mobo for Dual Xeons?
Could use some help on an issue concerning my web site
HELP cdr just cdrom
FINALLY!!! Been waiting for this for years!
Need some advice on PDA's
speaker question
WCPUID is reading my cpu wrong
Going about getting a Qualification...
Oh. My. God. [ Dust + Computer = Pain ]
Radion 7000 and Redspots.
Keyboard shuts off
Does this look right ?
Monitor whining???
ok so, i'm wondering what' s needed to set up a forum like this?
memmory or Mobo?
Shipping computer advice
Error at shutdown
40 pin connector question
WhooHoo Looking For Trouble Now
How can i hook my TV card to the network??
I did it now.........
[COLOR=red]Its easy but i don't know it[/COLOR]
Weird problem for real experts!
How safe to keep on?
frame rate slows down for about a minute at a time in games.
How to record lectures...
Dilemma of 2 Systems, one desk?
Please Help!
Is a P4 running around 50c to 52c ok?
Here goes nothing!
3com Router
I Need Help!
Sitting in front of computers = 'massive' blood clots
Prime95 Question
win 98 drivers
Using AMD XP on an SMP Motherboard (bridging L5)
My buddy's computer is screwed! Help!
dvd dilemma
help the new kid
Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454 (HM903DT)
screen flickering help!!
WinTV, picture but no sound
Who here has the fastest computer? I may be in the top 10!
How's this for $1,199 ???
HEHE! :D New stuff coming!
So, this weekend I filled my case with water...
I am looking for software that can slow down the songs tempo
Buying a Firewire card, need advice
In need of some advice..
Good news on tbred SMP!!!!
LCD Maintainance
Good 21" monitors
How would this system stack up?
Probs with Newegg 2100+
Post ur Device managerh
Help! computer crashing....
which is better?
**** off at this situation help...
Has anyone heard of this?
Is there any way to test functionality of 2nd processor?
*who Here Has The Highest Overclock In The Forums*
Go Slow !!!
Laptop wont Boot up ???
building a computer with no case!
CS player killed!!!!
The WIERDEST thing EVER!!!!
the SQL worm
New Computer
Vacuum tubes
Can someone do a fellow OC-er a favour!
Compaq AP400
Atapi error on my dvd+r/rw
cd-rw for 19.99?
Differences between Copying files and backing up
Use of Laptop LCD With Video Card
bios swap chip update
Brand New computer business
What exactly does this mean?
any way to degauss a monitor without degauss button
Electricity bills
wuts wrong with this mouse
New Compression for video/audio
Slim CD holders
New way to ID what exact chip you got
Going dual, but I am a little stuck on which mobo is good.
RAID setup for nForce2 motherboard
Common electronics-related formulas
Canon Powershot G2...Is it worth the cash?
Computer Haikus!
Computer related pranks
USB cdrom won't be noticed
Abit NF7-S Fouled up??
New System
Stupid things that Computer Know-Nothings say.
I need help for my dvd!
333fsb Athlon MP?
My science Coursework-Help needed-Osmosis
Stupid kodak!
Logitech MX500
New to Overclocking & need some help
Inexplicable problems
how long have YOU had cable/dsl(americans)
3.5" CDs
sys lock up!!!!!!!!!!!!! help.
About IDE cables...
How to feel like an ID10T, Lesson 14,926...
Is there anywhere that I can buy motherboard cables, like the fire wire cable...
"bootable" cd
Here's a question about flashing BIOS
Where's pricewatch?
Computer Prices
Computer Remote
Virus alert!
Who's Got The Most Heatware Evals?!
Got my new System and did a 3d mark on it and im very happy........
Mysterious BIOS settings
Getting More Certifications
22"+ LCD's ?
hot flash help needed
Attention dual AMD non-MSI owners
90 minute cds
How to config your Raid 0:
celeron/p3 motherboard w/ocing?
DxDiag. Help Please !!!
Molex question
Dual Celeron 1.1Ghz fcpga2ís help
All spinning sounds coming from case are pulsing..?
PCI Slots??
This would be nice to have...
Refresh Rates
Heatsink/CPU Cooler fell off mobo landed on my video card...
How much would you pay......
ack, comp hanging at install, boot
WTF i just want to get my comp working!!!
Will this be ok?
Looking for this program....
BIOS flashing for BX-133
i have an IP address, need real address
K7D starting to make me mad!
Google copies?!
Packard bell co-5p cordless optical mouse
ripped wire on ide
optimize for best performance
Strange problem..computer keeps pausing
computer restarting
Ultra-3 SCSI - need some info!
Socket broke.
Looking to buy a DSL Router
Diffrences between AXP-1700+ models
Monitor and high pitched noise..
Books Anyone?
CNET Monitor Reviews
The IDEAL Setup!
Need a few details on board for making desicion!
its a miracle !
Nice Article
**Official Overclockers.com case badges available again soon!!**
Fc-pga / Fc-pga2
A common groud with the RIAA?
How long would a system like this last me?
Floppy Drive problem
@#$#@!!!! Spilled soda in my computer and now it don't boot....
Weird Error -- No Keyboard Detected
dope dope fUnc 1030
Oh dear.. >.<
An introduction of my own
Board Problem?
I think i blew it up...
Thank You All
Which motherboard to get?
Illegal Sumout
viewsonic keyboard help
Logitech Z-640
Question about AGP/PCI bus
MSI 6182 USB Pin Layout
i cant see temperatures anymore
Why not.....
What Devices run on the 3.3v line
xdcc search engines
love this forum
forum question?
DALnet Troubles
Refilling Printer ink cartriges!!
possible sale a7v133 more
Checking stability and burning in your system
linux xbox challange?
Please Help!
Man this is wierd!!!!
has anyone seen a 15x multi in a tbred on k7d?
Can anyone explain to me a little more about this chip.
Image Simulation SCSI Cdrom device???
RAID for an ancient dually
Computer building suggestions
amd heating
Comp keeps freezing. Whats going on?
Can a vid card kill a mobo?
Cpmputergeeks hacked
Want to adjust multipliers with an A7M266D?
Who Has Taking The Mcse Exam 70-210? Whats The Best Study Guide For The Exam?
Possible monitor problems
If you were to buy a new notebook..
Report for my Keyboarding 4 class.
The MP3 Police are coming!
whats a good p3 slot1 mobo
amd user building a P4 machine...
Vcore tinkering :)
What's not working/what have i done?
General question
about my p1 server
Sony E450
CD-ROM and CD-RW drives
Riaa - 1 Us- 0
new alienware proto type
dead bios chip? or something else?
new computer build
Ideal rig building environment?
Anyone going to CPL in Dallas in August?
Seattle, WA / Portland, OR == LAN Info
Palm or PocketPC?
Needed: Links to CPU measuring software
Changing Mobo's
Did I get lucky?
dell precision 410
strange itouch question
LAN Computer
Will a Tyan s2460 fit in a smaller case?
Iwill O/c capabilities?
Opaserv worm
Cluster setups?
which monitor?
HDD light lights w/o harddrive plugged in? (or does it?)
Comp Problem
problems with logitech keyboard
OC'ing benefits on the new NForce
Freeway computer
Logitech mouse not working now?
poor gaming performance :(
Pentium 4 3.06Ghz or 2.8Ghz?
does nothing after a reboot
BAD BIOS flash on MSI K7D
Help Outlook Express 6 Problem
Is there much differance between.......
I/O Errors
1600+ @ 498mhz ???????
mouse pad, worth it?
how/where to host pictures
My first post...
graphics shutting on and off
Mobo possibly dead?
Now this is teh funny....
Overclocking a PS2
How do i change the speed of the song in media player 9?
!~~The "Donate Some Ram for a Good Cause" campaign!~~!
My Latest MP Project
Speaker Question?
Printer Power Problems
General Overclocking Q.
Oh no! Expired IP lease!
Father needs help
Making a reseller
I want to overclock but......
Im tired of fooling with this damn thing..PLEASE HELP!
Boston Area people
bios swaps, trickery with bios chips
ANOTHER introducing(girl-related)....
Wierd Problems Building
Duron needs help
1st timer looking for advice
vnc question
Building a new machine..
which proc is this?
Umm help??
AMD or Intel
Computer resets it's own time??
Not the way I'd do it...
Whats faster 1600+ Agoia or 1700+ Tbred A?
CD repair
Why doesn't Dell make AMD systems?
working on old mainboard
rebatched lite-ons question
Uh oh!
New Copy Protection from Micrsoft
old hard drives
I'm about to toss this computer into the street and back over it a few times!
yes winning bidder, we are laughing at you!
help.... optorite 40x cdr
what do you think of this p4 rambus comp?
Computers still work if it stay untouched in the basement for 3 months?
Need help with an old Workstation
Help me choose some speakers you sound gurus
Fastest Dual CPU's availible
have i killed my pc?
shopping list for unit 2 in house
Best burn in program?
Alienware Laptop -- Really Worth It?
Question about Microsoft Publisher
What do Vcc and D+ and D- stand for?
is there a difference between "uatx" and Micra-ATX??
Pentuim 42.8 or Amd xp2700 ???
Ecc/reg, Ecc or none of the above?
need help troubleshooting
Round cable problem
In need of harddrive 'holders':
isnt overclocking/bios modding stealing?
Help with Lian Li PC-65 LEDs..
what is an i/o shield?
Got me a new toy!! w00t! (56k = ok - pix are linked)
It begins...
Help! Building new system!
Proliant 3000
What to do with this old Computer/Parts?
where did my games go!?!
How much power does a computer draw compared to other things?
Bum puter behaviour
Case-2-MB connectors
Hardware and Static. Can it Really get Fried?
Buying a multimeter
where to buy Arctic silver 3 and an antistatic wrist...
my monitor at too high a frequency?
Burning DvD movies
Tbred 1700/1800 o/c thread
Salute too OC.COM & all the great members
Need help w/ UV case lighting
FSB at 166, am I stable?
where can i find. . .
Instability problems please help?
Serious Problem! Can someone help?
How do I use this multimeter?
Tablet PC
Help I cant find a I/O shield...
Lets continue...bin...now moving on to...
$400 @ CompUSA, what to get?
Go claim your $$$
Turn It Up
Erasing the harddrive
what is the different between CAT5 and CAT5E?
Doughnuts are a NO NO [ About my HPI Nitro Rush ]
OMG someone please help me... going insane
2* 2100B on asus a7m266-d
Conductive ink pens locally?
weird K7D problems
program for making images smaller?
transporting the computer. ideas?
help needed
Ever bought a "dead" hardware to find it worked?
Cool Case Mod :)
5 connector VGA cord
bios key combo on old presario k6-2?
ethernet for playstation 2
wtf is up with this, whats the connection
I Don't Get It!
I see you watching me.
1700 tbreds?
Suggestions for a website design
Can I hook up my new speakers while PC is on?
Omg!!! Did Not Know My Hdd Was That Fast .. Lol
Buying Advice for a SMP'er
This how i do it?!
kill button
Need help getting a school server up...
buildin dual system...need advice
Sn41g2 On The Way!!!!!!
DESKNOTE?!?!?! Finaly Getting somewhere!!!
like old computers?...
OMG! Did not know Rage went bankrupt..LOL
Can I do this ???
Hmmm...thought 2700 mhz was stable but it wasn't
P4 533 vs. AMD 333?
benchmarks for various systmes?
Speakers picking up radio
HP 648c (printer) not working right
KVM switches with USB?
Who says AMD computers are loud? ;)
how to identify intel/dell board?
System Upgrade, please help!
AOL Question
Maximum PC Readers: New Issue
Blue screen errors
Overlcoking FSb, is it safe??
My watercooling Xmas present adventure.
hard lockup problem
Seeking advice
APC Back-UPS 400 flashing light
burned cd problems
Cant Post attachments????
Where did the stupid file go????
Odd behaviour
Pc not working?
Friendly fire - Product Activation zaps new XP Plus! pack
Cellery-T and Epox slotconverter
unversal remotes and pc's
making power-on/reset switches?
Crystalfontz LCD displays
RIAA on a new low
K7D Master -L & T-bred A = Weirdness?
Do I need to ground my computer
What HDD's r known to handle high FSB?
Sony Picturebook?
You are a hacker if you use AMD and play Quake
Logitech mouse led problem
Booted into BIOS!! Woo hoo!
In need of a cool font.....................
big windows problem
HP AMD 850 Slot A not posting
Not-working scanner from NewEgg
Gigabyte 8inxp IN STOCK AT NEWEGG!!!
Weird beep and clicking noise?!?!?!?!
amd and new chipset...
How long is a hard drive's life?
OCed my P4 2.4 533 - are these figures OK ?
How does u're PC corner look like?
Matched Pair *confused*
looking for a decent CD-RW?
Bringing new meaning to Linux "Server!"
Degree or Certification or Other?
replacing drivers
Help!!! Please!!!
RIAA joins opposition of restrictive copying bill
cpu load question
Where do you buy most of your computer hardware?
clean install order for 845PE, dual booting
Thinking about building a LAN/Gaming rig..
plzzzz help u smart people!!!!
Which are better
What type of mobos can fit in the mini cases (cubes)?
don't know where else to turn...
Just a quick reminder....
K7D Help!
Couple K7d Master Q's
Will this work on a Msi K7D+Tbred
On harddrive corruption due to high fsb...
master/slave and multiple drives
chip installation question
Autorun on USB RAMDrive?
need some help pleaseeeeee
I think theres something wrong with my PSU? Check this out
Enabling SSE on a Dual Athlon
Spend my money - Good o/c Combo.....
program in windows to send msg across network?
ESD's! how many of you protect you comp when you are deep inside them???
Convert a tuner card into an RF Modulator???
Laptop or Desknote?
Is this posible.
DV vs CD.
OMG I've been a$$ backwards about the whole multiplier thing
Linking to a movie....help wanted!
I found a translator and just HAD to post this....
Bit of a problem :(
Moniter Help
aww geeze someone please help
Is it possible?
good/cheap headphones
Game Shark
How do they do this
Logitech MX-700, problems?
New Virus....
URGENT!!!!! Please help ASAP !!!
Electricity Usage
Cheap Modems?
Folding@Home and CPU affinity
Direct3D makes my dually cry
help me trouble shoot my system please!!
Backuing up hard drive to CD-RW using Norton Ghost 7.5
no more advertisement?
So I got two Athlon 1000s...
Mouse and keyboard stop responding
Calling All Troubleshooters...Urgent Help Needed...
install more ram, wont post????