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How much $$ do you think I can get out of this?
Hosed my Xeon...
Are you a nerd?
New Broswer Full Size?
BIOS Shows both chips temps, but...
Intellimouse light always on?
Monitor dead?
intel or amd for encoding?
File Server
quick ? on dual amd boards
can a program be wriiten to fully utilize smp?
Win XP Key Retrieval.
monitor problem
Soldering Fun (or how to un-explode a mobo)
Looking for a OC'ers mobo
Creative Jukebox Zen
3DMark2003 - The Real Deal
Problem with PCI Riser (right angle)
Logitech Z560 owners...
Is there such a thing? ??
Possible? Overclocking an old Toshiba laptop...
Yay! Surround vision here I come!!
Building a dulie, need some suggestions
MOBO chipset fan screws?
MP3 Players
Router help needed!
Need help with a ps/2 con on a asus board
Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit Q
Things are looking up for me
best bang for your buck, Intel or AMD, help me decide!
Building OCd system for friend
Overclocking with windows
Comp engineering
Good 18" Flat Panel Display?
Dual Opteron board layouts.....does anyone know?
Boot Problems...
wohoo!dling 3d2k3!!
adjusting monitor color
What to buy
2 Xeon P3 833 for $150, Good or bad?
PC Chips mobo overclocking
Microsoft is really a caring monopoly.
A Rock Star's opinion on file sharing... good read....
3d mark score
idiocy strikes again
Celly and the iwill motherboard
The scenario everyone dreads....
New to dualies...quick ???
AMD Releases Barton 3000+ Claims FASTER than PIV 3.06 GHz
Dual G4 PCI card anyone?
odd xp/boot problem
My email has been doing naughty things
Media Player Help
Is this enough?
Help with mouse
How to price rendering in 3d Studio Max
Samsung yepp™ MP3 Player with 128MB Memory...
Quick Proxy Question
dude, your getting...some pot?
what does a monitor color profile do?
Advice for 3Dstudio Max
How do i take off this NB heatsink?
Del "Dude" gets busted for pot.
USB and overclocking
Website: having a website's news updated to a personal website.
Another gem from Tom's
I think this is over my head.
dude, your getting the munchies
Random reboots?
restart problem
is www.paypal.com working??
Which 21 inch monitor? NEC FE1250 or IBM P260 DVI+SVGA (trinitron)
30gig transfer?!
resetting HP print cartridge
the state of the union...
This just in...
how are Toshiba's laptops?
Who wants to see Bonzi get rid of himself.
HP 9100 cd writer
Overclocking Contest: a good idea?
CanterWood = SMP P4 !!?
yay for me!
OC a USB wireless adapter
Is it my RAM???
Please HELP!!
Off Topic: HDTV Decoder
Post counting
Windows XP- odd display ghosting on screen
How much should i sell this rig for?
New PSU?
parts payment issues
APC UPS Recall. All APC users should check this immediately.
Shameless recruting
opinion on lcd's for around 600ish
Any good vendors accept Paypal?
Really old monitor
soundblaster extigy
CD-RW software help
Help installing Windows to new HDD....
Firewall recomendations
Kazaa thingy
Whats Bigger: MPEG or AVI?
Anyone had prob's getting newegg tracking info?
non-BIOS FSB Overclocking
Motherboard DEAD, Please Help
Cheap 17" LCD recommendation's
Building a laptop, is it possible?
Where are my cd and dvd drives gone!!!!!?
Need some help. End of my wits.
Hardware Problems Dont Belong Here!
thoughts on building vs. configurating new system
Need some help here. End of my wits.
computer wont boot up at all
Possible problem with video card?
Need help with keyboard configuration...
soundcard/speaker reccomendations
New Dually !
rebooting during game play
Steering Wheel woes on XP
chieftec psu
What am I doing wrong?
always exiting programs???
Help Please
Weird power connector
Little help please
Panasonic or Oki printer?
Wierd Keyboard Question
Opinions on how I should sell this for
House Call
L5 Bridge
What is my problem?
Ok an idea to Hareware developers
IBM Thinkpad 765L
What the best powerlies to get with a amd 2100
Gator, Spyware empire of evil!
Speaker Question
K7D Master BIOS update woes
dual monitor??
can't burn cd/dvd???
just a little boot Prob?
Getting parts for a friend; need help!
I am in tears right now.....
does anyone know anything about this...
If You Run Ad-aware Look Here!!!!!!!
Survey questions... help
What computer magazines do you read?
New Dually HELP!!!!
mb grounding
What the best computers tools kits
hey, what do u think of my setup here?
Must Overclock Intel Mobo!!!! Must Overclock Intel Mobo!!!! Must Overclock.....
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra & OCZ PC3700
windows desktop screenshot
If your motherboard went bad you might want to read this
Temperature Monitor
Abit motherboards
total n00b having problems
This Mouse is sweet
w00t! I scored a free $700 power conditioner!
The Ultimate Hardware
Need help buy parts for overclocking
help plz...
BIOS Password Reset
Will this work?
Multi P3 question
Dell Poweredge freezing at bios screen on reboot
Overclocking/modding a mouse
After bridging the L5 - Dual 2100+ XPs
buying.. what would you do?
Use TV instead of monitor?
.bin query
I want I want I want...
Changed Memory - Now my comp wont boot.
Hey Check these guy's out !!!
Has anyone used on of these things ???
Overclocking Questions
What the hell is a Runtime Error??
Apc 1000xlnet? Help!
Unsafe to use HDTV as monitor for computer?
Another Compaq problem. Cant figure out how to get into the bios on this thing.
3D Mark score
Feel free to do my homework for me, if you'd like
Best Home Office Setup
K7d onboard lan problems?
WTF is wrong with my computer (when I boot up).
I just thought of a great project for Spring Break
Mobo and vid card
Could i get this config. to 2.8 or 2.9?
missing or corrupt C:\windows\system32\config\SYSTEM
calibrating printer to screen
Help with monitor
[H]... IS AT IT AGAIN? Read on...
Will this work?
2600MP is out
Converting analog video
Motherboard Sleuth required
Tbred (A) (B) for SMP use.
Dell Axim PDA's
C++ classes at technical college
66MHz PCI slots
Is my Windows XP key legit?
Thoughts on next Xeon
question for overclockers.com
Can you use a Widescreen HDTV as a...
Lite-On 52x24x52x CDR-W
Video Camera Switcheroo
OEM and used
Help !!!
Refurb Shops?
How much have you spent modding your case
is it toast?!
final pc config - how is it?
Old overclocking
Help Build Intel Computer! Going to Paint O/C on it.
Info for K7D owners w/ Samsung Reg PC2700
CD-ROM and CD-RW drives
Does this seem right to you?
Counter Strike 1.6 Get released!!!
Does this mean we're getting more popular?
double right click?
Any suggestions for an AGP TV/VIDEO CAPTURE card?
multiplier, HOW? AHHHHH
Concerning the 100 post thing to get to classified areas
Front USB Ports On Case Question
386 Dx 40
Check newegg quick
system won't be turned off
IBM Optical Navigator -- disabling scrollwheel light?
Ahhh, Newb Help. Serious Help!!!
KVM Switch?
Scroll wheel on mouse makes sqeeking sounds.
Why is my standby button greyed out?
Clock runs slow.
advice needed for some questions...please..
something in my PC is dead. . . ..
Advisory Warnings
HP, IS it possible??
Cost to run - UK
anythign new with monitors?
Fav Snack to eat while gaming/computing
NOTHING in my computer now works, stupid f'in Q-tec!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE
!~ My new system for $350. Advice needed!~!!
Help w/ KVM's
My New Dually
My mobo ticks (and system doesn't load)
If you own a laptop, post here
Quick PSU question for SMP...
Looks vs. Performance
which interface is faster for cd-roms?
Webcam and streaming video
Putting together first computer...in need of tips
First time OC, recommendations?
Internet Explorer
How do I watch TV on a laptop?
A Big Thanks.....
Looking for Black Natural Keyboard
Full Load Test.
MSI K7D Sound issues?
LogitechMX 700 for gaming ?
Trouble with new USB 2.0 card!
What a Computer SHOULD do!
Screen Freezes completely!severe problem
YAY! sort of............
Can a 2.0 Xeon be Overclocked?
Changing IRQ to a device?
beginner requires advice
Strange crashing when playing games
Compaq DeskPro 2000
Problem with DVD drive
Memory Questions...
Letters disappear/Get all jumbled up
Much Nicer...
Did my monitor just die?
Out of necessity...
After PC locking up, reboot and getting CMOS checksum error
AGH!! computer no-boot
DVD CDROM recommendations
AMD 3000+ 333fsb "Barton"
Stuck on "verifing DMI pool data"
Cool..... three mice
computer teacher is a moron, good stumper question?
Can this be saved?
i am a dumb---, but its working!
Is someone logging my ip or is the govt watching ?!
Little Dually Sys
about overclocking the screen refresh rate
Good System Or Not??
Where is my load screen?????
I can't beleive its only 250 canadian
People with knowledge of IBM workstations.
Let me know what you think :D
Which movie editor ?
Looking for Divx like codec
cutting down voltage to my fan
While looking for clock chips...
Now THIS IS A Monitor!!
Impossible to sell
Sound Blaster Audigy
raid ide
Kingstong HyperX modules
New version of Opera is released...
Have a problem with whole computer...
can change multi...
insanely unstable computer
l1 bridging
HELP! my printer is wack!
RED LED on mobo
PC won't power down
How to overclock with compaq computers?
Kogi 17inch LCD
Loudest Thing in your computer?
Adjusting pincushion through software, is this possible?
Printer transfer
Whats the best satellite internet?
Greater Boston Area -- LAN/PC party March 22-23
MBM 5 (-12) V is way off so it is with Speedfan as well..?
Can't go past 90fps in any game???
Files Servers
Left rear channel on z-560 is fuzzy?
Ok guys.. give me a once through on this proposed system:
Exploding Mouse!!
Please, the best mobo for Dual Xeons?
Could use some help on an issue concerning my web site
HELP cdr just cdrom
FINALLY!!! Been waiting for this for years!
Need some advice on PDA's
speaker question
WCPUID is reading my cpu wrong
Going about getting a Qualification...
Oh. My. God. [ Dust + Computer = Pain ]
Radion 7000 and Redspots.
Keyboard shuts off
Does this look right ?
Monitor whining???
ok so, i'm wondering what' s needed to set up a forum like this?
memmory or Mobo?
Shipping computer advice
Error at shutdown
40 pin connector question
WhooHoo Looking For Trouble Now
How can i hook my TV card to the network??
I did it now.........
[COLOR=red]Its easy but i don't know it[/COLOR]
Weird problem for real experts!
How safe to keep on?
frame rate slows down for about a minute at a time in games.
How to record lectures...
Dilemma of 2 Systems, one desk?
Please Help!
Is a P4 running around 50c to 52c ok?
Here goes nothing!
3com Router
I Need Help!
Sitting in front of computers = 'massive' blood clots
Prime95 Question
win 98 drivers
Using AMD XP on an SMP Motherboard (bridging L5)
My buddy's computer is screwed! Help!
dvd dilemma
help the new kid
Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454 (HM903DT)
screen flickering help!!
WinTV, picture but no sound
Who here has the fastest computer? I may be in the top 10!
How's this for $1,199 ???
HEHE! :D New stuff coming!
So, this weekend I filled my case with water...
I am looking for software that can slow down the songs tempo
Buying a Firewire card, need advice
In need of some advice..
Good news on tbred SMP!!!!
LCD Maintainance
Good 21" monitors
How would this system stack up?
Probs with Newegg 2100+
Post ur Device managerh
Help! computer crashing....
which is better?
**** off at this situation help...
Has anyone heard of this?
Is there any way to test functionality of 2nd processor?
*who Here Has The Highest Overclock In The Forums*
Go Slow !!!
Laptop wont Boot up ???
building a computer with no case!
CS player killed!!!!
The WIERDEST thing EVER!!!!
the SQL worm
New Computer
Vacuum tubes
Can someone do a fellow OC-er a favour!
Compaq AP400
Atapi error on my dvd+r/rw
cd-rw for 19.99?
Differences between Copying files and backing up
Use of Laptop LCD With Video Card
bios swap chip update
Brand New computer business
What exactly does this mean?
any way to degauss a monitor without degauss button
Electricity bills
wuts wrong with this mouse
New Compression for video/audio
Slim CD holders
New way to ID what exact chip you got
Going dual, but I am a little stuck on which mobo is good.
RAID setup for nForce2 motherboard
Common electronics-related formulas
Canon Powershot G2...Is it worth the cash?
Computer Haikus!
Computer related pranks
USB cdrom won't be noticed
Abit NF7-S Fouled up??
New System
Stupid things that Computer Know-Nothings say.
I need help for my dvd!
333fsb Athlon MP?
My science Coursework-Help needed-Osmosis
Stupid kodak!
Logitech MX500
New to Overclocking & need some help
Inexplicable problems
how long have YOU had cable/dsl(americans)
3.5" CDs
sys lock up!!!!!!!!!!!!! help.
About IDE cables...
How to feel like an ID10T, Lesson 14,926...
Is there anywhere that I can buy motherboard cables, like the fire wire cable...
"bootable" cd
Here's a question about flashing BIOS
Where's pricewatch?
Computer Prices
Computer Remote
Virus alert!
Who's Got The Most Heatware Evals?!
Got my new System and did a 3d mark on it and im very happy........
Mysterious BIOS settings
Getting More Certifications
22"+ LCD's ?
hot flash help needed
Attention dual AMD non-MSI owners
90 minute cds
How to config your Raid 0:
celeron/p3 motherboard w/ocing?
DxDiag. Help Please !!!
Molex question
Dual Celeron 1.1Ghz fcpga2’s help
All spinning sounds coming from case are pulsing..?
PCI Slots??
This would be nice to have...
Refresh Rates
Heatsink/CPU Cooler fell off mobo landed on my video card...
How much would you pay......
ack, comp hanging at install, boot
WTF i just want to get my comp working!!!
Will this be ok?
Looking for this program....
BIOS flashing for BX-133
i have an IP address, need real address
K7D starting to make me mad!
Google copies?!
Packard bell co-5p cordless optical mouse
ripped wire on ide
optimize for best performance
Strange problem..computer keeps pausing
computer restarting
Ultra-3 SCSI - need some info!
Socket broke.
Looking to buy a DSL Router
Diffrences between AXP-1700+ models
Monitor and high pitched noise..
Books Anyone?
CNET Monitor Reviews
The IDEAL Setup!
Need a few details on board for making desicion!
its a miracle !
Nice Article
**Official Overclockers.com case badges available again soon!!**
Fc-pga / Fc-pga2
A common groud with the RIAA?
How long would a system like this last me?
Floppy Drive problem
@#$#@!!!! Spilled soda in my computer and now it don't boot....
Weird Error -- No Keyboard Detected
dope dope fUnc 1030