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Logitech mouse not working now?
poor gaming performance :(
Pentium 4 3.06Ghz or 2.8Ghz?
does nothing after a reboot
BAD BIOS flash on MSI K7D
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I/O Errors
1600+ @ 498mhz ???????
mouse pad, worth it?
how/where to host pictures
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graphics shutting on and off
Mobo possibly dead?
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Overclocking a PS2
How do i change the speed of the song in media player 9?
!~~The "Donate Some Ram for a Good Cause" campaign!~~!
My Latest MP Project
Speaker Question?
Printer Power Problems
General Overclocking Q.
Oh no! Expired IP lease!
Father needs help
Making a reseller
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Im tired of fooling with this damn thing..PLEASE HELP!
Boston Area people
bios swaps, trickery with bios chips
ANOTHER introducing(girl-related)....
Wierd Problems Building
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1st timer looking for advice
vnc question
Building a new machine..
which proc is this?
Umm help??
AMD or Intel
Computer resets it's own time??
Not the way I'd do it...
Whats faster 1600+ Agoia or 1700+ Tbred A?
CD repair
Why doesn't Dell make AMD systems?
working on old mainboard
rebatched lite-ons question
Uh oh!
New Copy Protection from Micrsoft
old hard drives
I'm about to toss this computer into the street and back over it a few times!
yes winning bidder, we are laughing at you!
help.... optorite 40x cdr
what do you think of this p4 rambus comp?
Computers still work if it stay untouched in the basement for 3 months?
Need help with an old Workstation
Help me choose some speakers you sound gurus
Fastest Dual CPU's availible
have i killed my pc?
shopping list for unit 2 in house
Best burn in program?
Alienware Laptop -- Really Worth It?
Question about Microsoft Publisher
What do Vcc and D+ and D- stand for?
is there a difference between "uatx" and Micra-ATX??
Pentuim 42.8 or Amd xp2700 ???
Ecc/reg, Ecc or none of the above?
need help troubleshooting
Round cable problem
In need of harddrive 'holders':
isnt overclocking/bios modding stealing?
Help with Lian Li PC-65 LEDs..
what is an i/o shield?
Got me a new toy!! w00t! (56k = ok - pix are linked)
It begins...
Help! Building new system!
Proliant 3000
What to do with this old Computer/Parts?
where did my games go!?!
How much power does a computer draw compared to other things?
Bum puter behaviour
Case-2-MB connectors
Hardware and Static. Can it Really get Fried?
Buying a multimeter
where to buy Arctic silver 3 and an antistatic wrist...
my monitor at too high a frequency?
Burning DvD movies
Tbred 1700/1800 o/c thread
Salute too OC.COM & all the great members
Need help w/ UV case lighting
FSB at 166, am I stable?
where can i find. . .
Instability problems please help?
Serious Problem! Can someone help?
How do I use this multimeter?
Tablet PC
Help I cant find a I/O shield...
Lets continue...bin...now moving on to...
$400 @ CompUSA, what to get?
Go claim your $$$
Turn It Up
Erasing the harddrive
what is the different between CAT5 and CAT5E?
Doughnuts are a NO NO [ About my HPI Nitro Rush ]
OMG someone please help me... going insane
2* 2100B on asus a7m266-d
Conductive ink pens locally?
weird K7D problems
program for making images smaller?
transporting the computer. ideas?
help needed
Ever bought a "dead" hardware to find it worked?
Cool Case Mod :)
5 connector VGA cord
bios key combo on old presario k6-2?
ethernet for playstation 2
wtf is up with this, whats the connection
I Don't Get It!
I see you watching me.
1700 tbreds?
Suggestions for a website design
Can I hook up my new speakers while PC is on?
Omg!!! Did Not Know My Hdd Was That Fast .. Lol
Buying Advice for a SMP'er
This how i do it?!
kill button
Need help getting a school server up...
buildin dual system...need advice
Sn41g2 On The Way!!!!!!
DESKNOTE?!?!?! Finaly Getting somewhere!!!
like old computers?...
OMG! Did not know Rage went bankrupt..LOL
Can I do this ???
Hmmm...thought 2700 mhz was stable but it wasn't
P4 533 vs. AMD 333?
benchmarks for various systmes?
Speakers picking up radio
HP 648c (printer) not working right
KVM switches with USB?
Who says AMD computers are loud? ;)
how to identify intel/dell board?
System Upgrade, please help!
AOL Question
Maximum PC Readers: New Issue
Blue screen errors
Overlcoking FSb, is it safe??
My watercooling Xmas present adventure.
hard lockup problem
Seeking advice
APC Back-UPS 400 flashing light
burned cd problems
Cant Post attachments????
Where did the stupid file go????
Odd behaviour
Pc not working?
Friendly fire - Product Activation zaps new XP Plus! pack
Cellery-T and Epox slotconverter
unversal remotes and pc's
making power-on/reset switches?
Crystalfontz LCD displays
RIAA on a new low
K7D Master -L & T-bred A = Weirdness?
Do I need to ground my computer
What HDD's r known to handle high FSB?
Sony Picturebook?
You are a hacker if you use AMD and play Quake
Logitech mouse led problem
Booted into BIOS!! Woo hoo!
In need of a cool font.....................
big windows problem
HP AMD 850 Slot A not posting
Not-working scanner from NewEgg
Gigabyte 8inxp IN STOCK AT NEWEGG!!!
Weird beep and clicking noise?!?!?!?!
amd and new chipset...
How long is a hard drive's life?
OCed my P4 2.4 533 - are these figures OK ?
How does u're PC corner look like?
Matched Pair *confused*
looking for a decent CD-RW?
Bringing new meaning to Linux "Server!"
Degree or Certification or Other?
replacing drivers
Help!!! Please!!!
RIAA joins opposition of restrictive copying bill
cpu load question
Where do you buy most of your computer hardware?
clean install order for 845PE, dual booting
Thinking about building a LAN/Gaming rig..
plzzzz help u smart people!!!!
Which are better
What type of mobos can fit in the mini cases (cubes)?
don't know where else to turn...
Just a quick reminder....
K7D Help!
Couple K7d Master Q's
Will this work on a Msi K7D+Tbred
On harddrive corruption due to high fsb...
master/slave and multiple drives
chip installation question
Autorun on USB RAMDrive?
need some help pleaseeeeee
I think theres something wrong with my PSU? Check this out
Enabling SSE on a Dual Athlon
Spend my money - Good o/c Combo.....
program in windows to send msg across network?
ESD's! how many of you protect you comp when you are deep inside them???
Convert a tuner card into an RF Modulator???
Laptop or Desknote?
Is this posible.
DV vs CD.
OMG I've been a$$ backwards about the whole multiplier thing
Linking to a movie....help wanted!
I found a translator and just HAD to post this....
Bit of a problem :(
Moniter Help
aww geeze someone please help
Is it possible?
good/cheap headphones
Game Shark
How do they do this
Logitech MX-700, problems?
New Virus....
URGENT!!!!! Please help ASAP !!!
Electricity Usage
Cheap Modems?
Folding@Home and CPU affinity
Direct3D makes my dually cry
help me trouble shoot my system please!!
Backuing up hard drive to CD-RW using Norton Ghost 7.5
no more advertisement?
So I got two Athlon 1000s...
Mouse and keyboard stop responding
Calling All Troubleshooters...Urgent Help Needed...
install more ram, wont post????
best mousepad/surface for optical mice?
Unknown problem with new computer
Buying a laptop need help
Need help with monitor
Need help shopping for computers
CPU usage graphs
Blocked Cookies?
Monitor problem?
Vcore issue
Bios Question FSAA.
RIAA H4x0red...again
Can you name all the portable video game systems?
New computer viruses...
any 5.1 mp3 players?
one time keys for encrypted mp3's?
Ugh, what to upgrade to?
laptop, what have i done
system fubared and im bummed :(
Bad Email or Hacker?? Netscape Help Plz
Big PSU problem
Video Card/ Monitor Problems???
MSI K7D Masta: "1 cpu(s)"
IDE cables
Usage for memory
What to do with...
MSI USB 2.0 pci card
Sudden Shutdowns
Monitor Help
Ces 2003
nForce 2 or VIA KT4
pick a mobo
do u leave ur computer overclocked?
What Type Of Solder T0 Use For Computer Parts?
Dual Celerons ona cheap mobo?
Swaping CD-ROM motors ?
PCI IDE cards
Anyone care to check over my parts list?
Comments/Criticism for first comp
Microsoft Strategic Commander Software?
Video Card/AGP Probs
New comp, need advice
It's Official: Pinky is now running DEFAULT
IEEE 1394B Released
My Computer Sounds Like a ...
has AMD found a crutch to lean on untill it gets back on its feet
Help a Traitor out
computer GPS...
Toms Hardware
K7S5A main board
MoBo.... Dead???
Calculating number of nodes a network can support?
Some questions
Best harddrive for the money?
Removing IE Menus.
AGOGA worth it?
ARGH!!! Viruses
I need your advice guys...plzzzz..!!!!!
AGP Fast Write ...enabled but not
man I am chocked
My Computer Sounds Like a ...
411 on 533 FSB
Skip No Longer A Senior?
give me a break
new computer = major problems
Game design for fps
4-Phase power, question on frontpage article
Viewsonic P95f+
4-pin to 4-pin extension cables
Can I use my Camcorders LCD for my comp?
Help video is screwed up
Big delay
I'm stuck Please Help Out.
How much is too much?
new overclockers team?!?!?!?
Buying Laptop Help
how to tweak your 3dmark2001 score
question about T-bred XP's and SMP
Winfast GF2MX 64mb C++ errors..
Building New Computer Problems
IBM, AMD team on chip development
Static solution
need help with my klipsch 5.1
Video Card troubles... What to do?
Dvd-rw / Dvd Rom ?
WTF - I think Prime95 exploded
Cell Phone...
Good place for desktop wallpaper?
Help! Major problem with mouse.
2 puters 1 monitor
water cooling
this might be a really dumb question
Funniest translation problem i have seen in a LONG time
My monitor died...
Can you tell usb 2.0 from 1.1?
multiple cpu's?
alright guys help out on this one plz
Can hardly hear microphone
2.53 OEM C1 Worth $269?
Please help an overclocking newbie.....
noooo....computer broken
Problem with my computer
Build me a server!
Monitor Questions
Does this sound like it'll work? any input??
I'm having a problem with my capture card and my motherboards chipset
computer keeps freezing-help needing to know why
Man ,would I LOVE to use an optical mouse for gaming...
Quick capacitor Question
mp3 playa
Yes, another "What do you think of this system?" thread.
Please post your basic steps in building a PC
One chip in dual board
Laptop Screen Conversion
Apple's Web Browser
Stupid Question but I wanna know
Speakers: 2 channel w\ redundency
My monitor is screaming at me!
Hdd Or Rack Drives
New Gameboy???
picture capable PDA's
Noise cancelling headphones? what is a good pair?
Inkjet refills. Anyone used them? Opinions.
18,000 rpm 80mm fan if......
What is a MOSFET?
Raid cards
99 degrees C!!!!!!
gaming, music, dvd, surround sound question
Best of the best Product hunters-HELP NEEDED!
estimate the value of this laptop
What’s the best LSI scsi controller card available?
Best free e-mail
A7M266-D -? + or - 1 mhz increments
power down or hibernate ?
what could you use to shield a TV from speakers?
Viewsonic A90f any good?
What Would You Do?
Ebay Rules!
Can a subwoofer ruin a monitor?
Compaq Presario 5868
E-bay laptop purchase gone hellish
Budget System For $750
What 3DMark score should I expect?
MP chips unlocked..
Apple is attempting build build a "Mood Ring" Mac
clickey keyboard
Chaintech 7NJS Zentith mobo
Is it me, or is Intel forum catching up with AMD forum in terms of views/posts?
Troubleshooting a PC
Opinions please...
Wow.. stupid question..
destroyed hardware
VIA Processers?
cdrw problem cant read burned cdr anymore
New Rig for my Bro
Anbody taken the Network + certification? how is it and whats the best source to prep
dragon lite (kt-333)
LCD 16.1" UXGA TFT display ???
where did the red go....
Is OCing really worth the $$?
Thinking about building a second machine...
Recomend a print server
21 inch Dell Monitor (Sony Ultrascan P1110) - Fuzzy
Computer Temperature Monitor Project
Hard Drive OS backup
GA-7dpxdw not "seeing" 2nd MP 1800+ CPU
Dvi... Hd15???
More odd problems with MSI dualie
Goodbye krewl world
Stability versus Clock Speeds
norton ghost?
Verizon deserves a hearty trout-slap
System Headsets for gaming
Selfauthored DVD's with Ulead DVD Workshop
Back lighting Plexi help
Soyo motherboard for overclocking?
DirectX 8.2 vs 9 Benchmarks
DOS cpu stability test?
Finally up and running!
What happened to Van's?
Cooling Dual Athlons
Got to say I LUV my MX500 Mouse
low cost gaming solution
how to get sandra to compare 1cpu vs 2?
What OS's Utilize a Dual System?
looking for a bios update for an old pc
Just ordered a refurb msi board !
electrical insulation
Problems, problems, problems....
need help recording a video/audio live stream.
Is there a way?
How to take screen shot of desk top?
A very interesting note concerning AMD
Speaker Gurus need your help
My next upgrade
SMART hdd and MBM5
A cheap, quality digital camera?
Beeeep beeeep beeeep beeeep?????
For those that play DVDs on their rig
Problem with Hauppauge WinTV Go! -card
Need Opinions on upgrades
USB cable
Looking for fun websites
Need help with MS Excel
Speaker watts
MX300 Button Stiffness
Building a puter for my friend. LOTS of problems
MSI K7D Master-L quick questions - refurb?
What's the Degauss Button on Monitor For?
The wonderful world of high speed
Perl Help
Im starting To Like My Digicam (Careful 56kers)
Tips on building and selling computers...
Shuttle "mimi" comp SS51/SB51g
xD picture cards and compatible readers
Unplugging computer no more overclock?
USB Legacy Mode
What DVD ripper?
Can somone help me with this SkipDr.???
Unlocking Tbreds to Mp's
picked up anohter pc today :)
Help! Computer won't start!
Help! Computer won't start!
Building a 133 based system ?
speaker or sound card problem
Video is freezing computer
cdrw vs cdrw
Top 10 ways micro$oft would change the automotive industry
To connect mouse to PS/2 or USB?
turning off the monitor ?
How much memory should I put in my new laser printer?
Question about playing mp3's on dvd player
adding a 2nd hard drive
The best video editing chipset??? YOUR THOUGHTS
monitor death or interference?
Please help... WIN98 Won't load
What do you use to play your Mp3s?
Lol Just got a Samsung T100, and already im flashing the software :)
IRQ Problem how to solve?
Dvd decoder cards