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Best harddrive for the money?
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AGOGA worth it?
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I need your advice guys...plzzzz..!!!!!
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man I am chocked
My Computer Sounds Like a ...
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give me a break
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2 puters 1 monitor
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this might be a really dumb question
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alright guys help out on this one plz
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Does this sound like it'll work? any input??
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Yes, another "What do you think of this system?" thread.
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Noise cancelling headphones? what is a good pair?
Inkjet refills. Anyone used them? Opinions.
18,000 rpm 80mm fan if......
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99 degrees C!!!!!!
gaming, music, dvd, surround sound question
Best of the best Product hunters-HELP NEEDED!
estimate the value of this laptop
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Best free e-mail
A7M266-D -? + or - 1 mhz increments
power down or hibernate ?
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Viewsonic A90f any good?
What Would You Do?
Ebay Rules!
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Compaq Presario 5868
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Apple is attempting build build a "Mood Ring" Mac
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Chaintech 7NJS Zentith mobo
Is it me, or is Intel forum catching up with AMD forum in terms of views/posts?
Troubleshooting a PC
Opinions please...
Wow.. stupid question..
destroyed hardware
VIA Processers?
cdrw problem cant read burned cdr anymore
New Rig for my Bro
Anbody taken the Network + certification? how is it and whats the best source to prep
dragon lite (kt-333)
LCD 16.1" UXGA TFT display ???
where did the red go....
Is OCing really worth the $$?
Thinking about building a second machine...
Recomend a print server
21 inch Dell Monitor (Sony Ultrascan P1110) - Fuzzy
Computer Temperature Monitor Project
Hard Drive OS backup
GA-7dpxdw not "seeing" 2nd MP 1800+ CPU
Dvi... Hd15???
More odd problems with MSI dualie
Goodbye krewl world
Stability versus Clock Speeds
norton ghost?
Verizon deserves a hearty trout-slap
System Headsets for gaming
Selfauthored DVD's with Ulead DVD Workshop
Back lighting Plexi help
Soyo motherboard for overclocking?
DirectX 8.2 vs 9 Benchmarks
DOS cpu stability test?
Finally up and running!
What happened to Van's?
Cooling Dual Athlons
Got to say I LUV my MX500 Mouse
low cost gaming solution
how to get sandra to compare 1cpu vs 2?
What OS's Utilize a Dual System?
looking for a bios update for an old pc
Just ordered a refurb msi board !
electrical insulation
Problems, problems, problems....
need help recording a video/audio live stream.
Is there a way?
How to take screen shot of desk top?
A very interesting note concerning AMD
Speaker Gurus need your help
My next upgrade
SMART hdd and MBM5
A cheap, quality digital camera?
Beeeep beeeep beeeep beeeep?????
For those that play DVDs on their rig
Problem with Hauppauge WinTV Go! -card
Need Opinions on upgrades
USB cable
Looking for fun websites
Need help with MS Excel
Speaker watts
MX300 Button Stiffness
Building a puter for my friend. LOTS of problems
MSI K7D Master-L quick questions - refurb?
What's the Degauss Button on Monitor For?
The wonderful world of high speed
Perl Help
Im starting To Like My Digicam (Careful 56kers)
Tips on building and selling computers...
Shuttle "mimi" comp SS51/SB51g
xD picture cards and compatible readers
Unplugging computer no more overclock?
USB Legacy Mode
What DVD ripper?
Can somone help me with this SkipDr.???
Unlocking Tbreds to Mp's
picked up anohter pc today :)
Help! Computer won't start!
Help! Computer won't start!
Building a 133 based system ?
speaker or sound card problem
Video is freezing computer
cdrw vs cdrw
Top 10 ways micro$oft would change the automotive industry
To connect mouse to PS/2 or USB?
turning off the monitor ?
How much memory should I put in my new laser printer?
Question about playing mp3's on dvd player
adding a 2nd hard drive
The best video editing chipset??? YOUR THOUGHTS
monitor death or interference?
Please help... WIN98 Won't load
What do you use to play your Mp3s?
Lol Just got a Samsung T100, and already im flashing the software :)
IRQ Problem how to solve?
Dvd decoder cards
Something kinda cool
Looking for a Digital Camera
Dually up and working finally.
Disable one CPU
stupid Internet Explorer
Networking Switch
System errors - CPU or memory?
Are thumbdrives bootable?
The (un)Official Overclockers Slang Thread
my mouse is dead...or is it?
Customised Keyboards
How do I do this ?
How to build a server?
GA-7DPXDW w/ T-breds?
100 posts
system fan warning!!
a7m266-d PSU issues
:mad::mad::mad: How to see cable with PCTV card?? :mad::mad::mad:
computer show
Noise from my PC!!!
Monitor getting out of sync?
ergonomic keyboards
Comp Troubles
Slow loading on my new system...
A little help, please (long)
Hauppauge NOVAT/DEC2000 TV card: DigiGuide/scheduling/additional options utility
laptop questions
Internet Exploration
How much does it suck??
computer shops/shows in NYC
All this x-mas money and NOTHING RELEASED!!
nforce 2 dual channel ddr?
How much is this stuff worth
Using magnets against magents to fix TV problem?
LED Power
Low 3dmark with high end gear
Dual XP
printer problem
Whats Your Score In 3dmark?
Best SMP Board and Processor
Predictions (computer related)
best slot 1 intel board
Inside you computer?
Problem with windows ipod...help please
Anyone have a thermal printer?
Vantec Nexus
mouse spasms
lol gotta post 13 more times to get 10 100. Help out Phully!
shutdown prob?
Scared....What to do?
Soyo DragonLite Rig :: Small Problem
Budget PC as a Christmas gift
Stupid question!
Tools for opening Nintendo Systems and Dreamcast?
A question
the tyan s2460 any good?
New system not working. Please help!
New BIOS version for the MSI K7D Master
Nice Headphones
Help on CD-RW's....
Best speakers for no more than $60 ?
speaker help
Logitech Dual Optical Vs. MX
TDK VeloCD problems
Making an S-video to Rca connector
how much does the msi k7d master cost?
Screen Resolution to high
Retail vs OEM
New HD Problem(i think)
RIAA got HACKED again!
which mobo of these 2?
TV Tuner?
Logitech MX_00 in Games Fix?
Monitor Buzzing
Recommendation on a P4 mobo?
$1350 Dollar Budget
Quick Question about modding the L5's
Would a 5-speaker system be a waste?
Corrosion on mobo capacitors!
list of best hardware
Please reccomend a (cheap) mobo that supports SD-RAM and newish Athlon XPs
Previous fan failure? what does it mean?
Virus going around from hotmail etc. IMPORTANT! LOOK!
I joined the Small Form Factor Revolution!!!
Good hadrware RAID card?
Bios for emachine
What would you do ???
Possible Virus Alert
Getting a SB card to actually *WORK* ?
MSI K7D How far?
USB 2.0 Question
cheap dual board?
Oh no! The magic smoke escaped!
HELP! i think i just killed something!
I was wondering...
Monitors: Sony vs Viewsonic
Help ME!!!!HD curropt?? SP1???
Anyone ever wonder...
Modding the XP2600
Updating 98v2 without auto updater ?
computer = possessed
Digital camcorder
" Overclocking " My HPI RC Race Car.
Creative Uses for an Old IBM Thinkpad
anyone with an ipod
i need a really fast responce
battery time Logitech KB?
Whats x86?
File is in use !?!
samsung pc2700.. overclockability?
Earthlink Webpages
What percentage silver are old US silver dollars?
Can You Help Me? My Printer Crashes My Computer!
Can my fans produce enough back-voltage to kill something?
I broke my motherboard and its still OK
p2 to p3
Hey I need your help decision time
I never thought it would happen.. Dude! Im gettin a DELL!
WD1600JBRTL $160 after MIR
LCD Help
School Project moving along.
CPU keychain
shuttle ss51g and integrated lan port
Did any of you guys hear last year a law........
No ASPI adapter loaded for DVD player?
Screen .... can I plug it somewhere ?
buying used hardware from friend..is this a good deal?
Temp Readings look VERY high to me
Wow! I just overclocked my CD writer!!
AOL starting by itself.
my super computer
direct me
A7V133 Beeping - no posting
Media XP
presario 5610 BIOS
Radeon 8500 3,6ns Overclocking HELP!
New Dual system
forgot lock the pci
Bootup problems- Fans turn barely then nothing
personalized iPod on the way
Ebay uk
Round cables......
many problems, too many trys to fix HELP
usb switch boxes?
MSI 694D Pro-AR Via694/Dual P3/RAID/Sound/133Mhz questions
many prblems. many trys
Need tips for SB Live Platnum & Abit KX7333
Custom Shaped CDRs
how to disable 'pci device listing' during boot
Need help building a system
NEW digital camera!!
what help
You know your a computer junkie when. . . (w/ pics!!)
Any place where i can compare speeds between two modems?
what can i use to view the source of an .exe ?
DVD Rom question
First time got fried.
building new system... amd or intel ???
looking for canadien voodoo computers website
Asus P3C2000 & PII CPU problem??
help with shuttle SS51G (boot)
Logitech Cordless Elite Duo Keyboard/Mouse Set Who has it need fdback
Problems With a Printer
dual monitors
dual p3 server
Most expensive best retail computer
What's the next generation of Motherboards?
Windows XP USB printer prob.
Mac Switcher
cant upgrade RAM
Question about Tho
On a budget for new pc, suggestions?
suggestions for new system
How Fast is Firewire
280$ to spend..what would you do??
Program too big to fit in memory
i found a decently knowledgeable compusa salesperson
How much power does your computer setup use?
Not SMP, but farming...
Problem with the CPU
Need a good mp3 player
Looking for some good 5.1 speakers...
Make yourself with Legos
I hate when that happens!
New Rig very soon, please comment on my choices
you have to see this for yourself...
I'm not buying a 16X DVD writer until 2004
cd burner problem
My brother just got a Dell (benchmarks & price)
Microns versus Nanometers
Which sound card for Klipsch 5.1 speakers?
booting from those little usb stick drives?
PCI bus safe zone?
First time pc builder.
InstallShield Scripting Runtime
Via C3, worse than it's socket 7 predecessor?
KVM Switches Information
Checking component speeds
Digi Cam Movies...?!
Which Mouse
2 quick questions very quick
Bilding new computer, any advice?
Plug in Sony Digicam, and BSOD in WinXP
Computer turns off for no reason :(
OEM BIOS Upgrade
Asus A7N266-VM AA ???
kaaza down?
Fan connectors
$150 @ best buy... what would you do?
Abit Highpoint controller problems
New CPUs
Using Hotmail As My Default Account
FSB affects?
IDE-Controller error?
biggest monitor?
How to make a 486 run at almost 9000MHZ
Monitor refresh issues
Re-Installing Windows
Need Advice on New System
$200 to spend on what speakers?
which mobo and p4 and heatsink?
Hows MS on RMAs?
Monitor Question
VCD help
Those little plastic power cord blocks
What does this mean??
Only eight simple questions.
Problems with laptop...
Is it safe to leave a laptop on 24/7?
N00b On Deck! Augh!
Cash to burn
Help Needed - PC locking up.
What do you have to say on LCD(TFT) monitors
486 overclock
Great job radio shack!