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Performace difference between SMP Intel and SMP Amd??
Do Dual AMD boards have overclocking options?
Pocket change for Overclockers.com!
Old School - Those hand soldered computers...
Anyone here know if I can replace my crappy dual scan screen with active matrix?
Sound Blaster Cars And OC'ing...
building a laptop
Graphics/fsb problem
Help! Purchasing SCSI and need advice.
Need Scanner Program
pci vs mem
down to the last two motherboard to chose from. which one?
Upgrading AMD Mobo
Ok everyone i got my motherboard set now to pick the perfect case. which one?
I ordered 2.40Ghz CPU, how come System shows 1.80Ghz?
Help me upgrade!
choose one of these mobo and processor bundles.
Older mobo
C1 Stepping?
Japanese move ahead
Dont Get Generic Memory!
desktop CPU temerature monitor?
what do some advertisements mean by bare computer and mobo?
is this a good motherboard? is it a good deal?
does ECS make good mother boards?
SUN monitors
Looking for a mousepad..
Building new box for friend, need sugestions for parts
I Need a Video Editing computer your thoughts
Help me FIND a Mounting Bracket for Laptop in Automobile
cutout playing games
wich one is dead?? the Mobo or the P3 chip?
USB2 PCI Cards.....boost the PCI bandwidth?
Bootable cdrom for bios flashing ?
Viewsonic G90FB Moniter......
How often do you reinstall?
Computer Related Wishlist - What Would You Want
GREAT FIND!!! But.................
which to believe?
Sadness in the ranks...
Im in need of a motherboard to go with this case, any ideas?
Digital Camera...
Athlon thunderbird dualie?
Laptop? Yes or No?
Would I have to reinstall if....
Homepage: % as measurement for frame size in DW
Xaser II 6000A
Finally im upgrading the mobo, what to do?
New system...problem
Old-school keyboard doesn't work
My new computer - what do you think?
Prices going up at Christmas?
Motherboard Help, please help on this one!
Problems with my 12 to 7 Volt mod
Troubleshooting Help- "NO OS FOUND"
I need help finding thease desktop icons
Is this a good computer for the price?
I love computers..they make no sense
Overclock your hard-drive lol
Any new dual boards planned?
Moniter dead
nforce boards
question about Direct X gamepad...
taking suggestions for products
Asus CRW5816-A Firmware upgrade.
What seems to be the best 56k modem?
Modem help?
Need drivers for my modem
Which Modem would you buy?
how fast is ?
Digital Camera Qs
how do i color the heatware link in my sig?
hardware firewall ?
Bad Monitors
Windows XP Corp Wond Play DVD's
Best board for a 2u server?
Sidewinder 3d Pro Plus Drivers?
Sister thread to PC Speaker Magnet...
I might go dual, but need some advice...
$400 to spend on mobo + cpu's
if cpu gets warm but no signal onto monitor then could the mobo b dead?
A story of courage, friendship, and international conspiracies
How Important is Bandwidth in CAD?
This isn't really good...
Tweaking the Iwill MPX2 (mem timings)
Got a dilema here, maybe you can help me out
Tv Monitor Help...
NF2 Vs GF4 (humor?)
How about this for my new system?
dual or single?
Getting into the Bios...
Very Odd Problems......
Power management help.
Is it possible to build a Mac?
HP Pavilion 533w Motherboard
Program to monitor FPS?
Computer Restarts Automatically
Please advise me about my future setup before I buy...
Free News Servers??
Help in choosing a Power Supply
Sony VAIO Laptop Headache
Whats the news on the IBM Cell CPU?
unlocking xp1600 pally confusiong
Is the VIA C3 processor multiplier unlocked??
dual CPUs
Compaq Internet Problem
mouse options, whats the best solution
IDE replacement cable
Which 19 incher to get
anybody here know how??
PC Speaker Magnet next to HD
I'm having major sound and video problems
apple dual g4 vs. dual amd
Got Little Problem
What to beggin with
Were to look?
Alright, need some advice and opinions
Creating a soldered "jumper" to increase multiplier/FSB
Windows XP install
does this work
I Got My Certification! Passed A+ Os Exam With 890!
r0fl! wtf! take a look...
I still cant see my Cpu temp!
To Build or not to Build? Help Please
Motorola V120c
[H] forums now accepting mindless drones
Raid Boards
If Barton requires a new mobo are you buying or waiting 4 hammer?
Need help (Dual Slot 1 P3 mobo)
is DDR better than 133...?
Best 2 piece speaker set with possible sub?
Whats the point of spam, pop-ups, etc.?
Bad case fan
Just placed the order for an Asus A7md266-D!
MotherBoard Problems
No display..Rebuild..No display
Need a bit of help..new overclocker
body mouse, with hair!
MSI XP1700+ thoroughbred multiplier problems please help!
PLz help anyone.....
Speedy new scanner??? (not too expensive)
Please help
what to do with parallel printers?
1.75 Ghz, how long will this be sufficient?
Do I get a free game?
RAID Question
biostar board buyers beware!
Designing a Paralell port driver
laptop for under$1500 ??
ahh.... my monitor!!
have any encounter this CDROM problem?
Need Rear Speaker wires for a pair Klipsch Promedia 4.1's...
Parallel to Serial converters?
burned out transistors?
My planned system
Need some help advice please anybody !!!
would this make a good overclocker?
Expanding my farm, time to get creative...
if you had £1000
How much difference is it going to make?
Internet Browsing Station
Image hosting resources
quick nforce question
MadOnion change to Futuremark
good headphones
Running LEDs off of a fan header?
wallpaper question
Advantages of LCD Display?
Which scanner to buy?!
Desktop vs. Laptop
cpu error after 100c temp
Please Help
Please Help
finaly done.........
Why do you overclock
Dividor question / system bus
Duals and Raid??
How Do You Know
Trying to use an old monitor.
support for buying a new mobo
Display resolution issues
Buying Time... is GONE
Removing Arctic Silver?
New MPX to be expected?
what does it mean when...
introducing the brand new..
WOW Madonion New Site!!
New Google Toys ??
Justice At Last ! -- A Must Read
Upgrade....need help...
What are you thinking of upgrading next?
anyones monitor ever short itself for a period of time/
Learning electronics - Which kit - help
Any news on the 533MHz FSB XEONS ?
Overclocking theory
Do Dual Athlon mobo's have 1 or 2 memory controllers?
Please help a brother help his sister out
Anybody Know How To Erase A Cd-r Cd? That Has Been Closed? Any Tricks?
Dual AMD MP's @ 266fsb officially?
$100 to spend..what should i get
O/C an Asus CUV4X-C?
You think it's dead but it's not.
Pronunciation Thread
anyone get visioneer to work with lexmark?
Alcohol + messing with computer == baaad
USB shutdown problem
So True And Funny....
External Modems
Radeon 9000 pro help
USB cable modem.
3DMark2001 Help
amd newbie got it running, sort of
Printing on CD's
Video from computer to TV trouble
Oracle Single Sign-On session question
Boot issue with KDS 190i monitor
Clawhammer systems?
This whole PIV trottling down stuff, why?
Adaptec 39160 scsi woes
onboard sound vs sound card
Helping "fill-out" my motherboard
different readings
PCI Controller
Need help deciding on a combo drive
Anyone ever do multimedia?
Where to buy parallel -> serial ata converter...
is this a good processor?
PDA on monitor
Raid srrow on 8K3A+
What to buy for Photo Printing?
Opinion on MS ButterFly Commercial?
What Board officially supports 2400+
Hi, Newbie Here, SB51G ?
HP DeskJet Printer gurus.....
FREE heat! by amd :D
What speakers would you guys reccomend?
Help me plz.....
Unknown Computer Lock up
palm 3 ram?
gonna need some help
system temperature...
motherboard compatability
possible Autocad machine
Intel: High Performace Division
Linux Exploded!
ABIT Serillel
Help me diagnose my monitor!
Best LCD moniter for Gaming?
Gladiators in Houston
New Computer Help
need a good dell code for purchase
Shrinking Avatars ONLY!
Low 3D mark, main problem video?
Dual Piii Mobo
Heat Problem!!!
burning question
dual slot a
Diagnostic suggestions...
Laptop keyboard trouble
Nexus - Fans???
HW stressing program
Shelving for multiple comps.
66mhz Fsb...?
TIA (Total Information Act)
dual dualie questions
any disadvantages to having a case window?
I Cant Make My New Comp Work!! Help!?!
All Suggestions Welcome
Mem benchs suck!
Whats is a better deal?
What is limiting my overclock?
Wireless Surround Sound Speakers? (is there such a thing?)
Ohhhhh my Godddddddd
Boot problem
DVD-Burner! Too Early?
Built new system need some tips.
My continuing education please Help
Im stumped..what should I get for Christmas?
GA-7DXE motherboard, infinite beeps
Is this BIOS MMX ok?
Building a new PC around the Asus A7N8X. (first time))
undervolt if possible!!!
USB 2.0 Devices?
Suggestions for the Christmas list, please.
Mboard Reccomendations, please!!!
Power Supply
1 nic reconizes 6 nics???
Another avatar thread....
What will perform better a Pentium 4 2.66 or AMD 2600+ 333
taking a rig to europe
first IT job!
Parallel to serial converter
What program runs these files???
green lines on monitor
Trying to Fix Up an Old Free Computer for Broke Friend
enough to upgrade?
Cheap stable game comp
Possible to dual under $1k
prob with HD
who's the best
cel 1.0a
Help Some Newb Build a Computer!!!
How much would all these cost?
first time builder
What monitor to buy?
are you a member of the "Freee Source Cult"?
New to overclocking w/?s
My Avatar size is under 10k :-)
Need help with HP laptop.
Best OS
Upgrading my computer what chip adn MoBo do I buy
1800 Tbred's Mod L5 ?
IBM Netvista CDs
X-Mas wish list - whats yours?
New Avatar Rules - PLEASE READ !!!
Which of These 2 Monitors?
Hard drive activity LED can't stay off with Windows XP?
high pitch weezing sound......
apple ipod version on windows
Will this be a decent system?
Help me pick out parts!
Arkaine represented at Reality Check in Austin
CPU choice?
k7d-L led light code problem
Does this look like a dead cpu?
Remote Access
What type of AMD system would you build for $1500 U.S.?
Monitors: What to Look for
Second Monitor
Dual Xeons
Mouse gestures in Pheonix?
Eliminating email worms and viruses - how to eliminate them???
Good setup?
SuperPi Benching
National Security, The FBI & You
Info Needed
New Serverworks chipset
Complete n00b...
How do you flash a Bios without a floppy drive?
Does anyone own a logitech mx700 ?
what type of alan wrench do i need for cases/water blocks
hey were can i get a p3 under 150bucks cdn money
Very happy with system I put together for a buddy!!
Watch the Screen Savers tonight!
A Case For Trading Standards!
Weird things happening.
Memory Problem
arg buying nightmare...
What does this mean?
Intel vs AMD...FSB Wars!!!
toms hardware
anybody got the sissoft sandra 2k3 yet?
Hard Drive Missing Space..
If you're looking for a digi cam this Christmas...........
dont know my bios password!
Legal advice web domain help please
CPU die wafers
Will round cable affect your performance?
large pics?
Cell Phone Mods
Gamers watch out!!
<breathe out.....>just upgraded my laptop
Help: My machine won't POST
I Passed The A+ Exam Core Hardware
Superglue a Soundcard
need fast help
What order should I buy these in?
What are some good 19" monitors?
My CS class is touring CYAN friday!
Upgrading a Toshiba Satellite 1900-102
first time using an antistatic wristband
L.I.S LCD Indicator
Should I wait or ?
*Sigh* Just spent my Christmas present to myself money
Rheobus 4 Port
Any Cryptology/Cryptography experts here?
How does this system look so far?
GTXP Pinout
So how many dead pixels did you get on your LCD?
wierd blue screen problem
what do you all think
Need help BADLY!
How are these speakers? Videologic
I love duallies!
Help with a school project may be needed...
Another [H]ardOCP defector
Im looking for an Mp3 Error Checker
newbie building first amd
LCD Monitor
So I decided what I am going to build
Website Making: Getting rid of the horizontal scroll bar
AOA ultimate spam BS ?
QBM and 800Mhz bus
2400 MP + is out now!!!!
need help with yzdock!
"Platinum" heat spreaders?
abit bp6 can handle two pIII 733?
So slow...
Cooling by noise
Guess What I brought?
where can I buy LED lights for casemodding?
How would you copy a folder in MSDOS?
What would you do with…
Smaller is better.
PHAT mobo
Amd Slot A
Ata 133?
Best Board for O/Cing...
56k racin
Whats The Best Prep Book For Hardware 220-221 For A+
I'm using my PC as a RADIATOR to get WARM!!
lost hard drive
Ebay - Yay Yay 1137
Getting A Firewire card - Why the difference in price?
CD-RW recognizing cds
Best wireless keyboard/mouse
Proplems with a Palm III
raid 0
Does anyone have a pinout on a VGA Monitor Cable?
Is my Z560 sub going out the door?
Phoenix BIOS editor?
PC Cause Power Outages
Tunnel (funky)
MSI K7D master probs!
Will 2 Athlon XP 2400+'s work in a dual tower?
HP Pavilion upgrade?
laod pe?
What do you think?
Digi cam
Thermalright SK-7 fit K7D Master?
Creative CD-MP3 m100 Player
Nvidia GF-FX demo...
large monitors
Who know's what this is ?
Intel's pricing is INSANE
Compatability, Graphics Sound ect.
Logitech Z640 vs Altec Lansing 251CN
Can you say "UPDATE YOU SITE" !!!
Failed Os Exam For A+ 220-222
SBlive on dual AMD
Which processor? (Im a newbie.)
Socket 754
What should I do with this?
ACPI disable in A7M266-D bios 1009
Chaintech website hacked.
Intresting Bumper Sticker
may some one tell me when happen to oem
Laptop Tune Up
new laptop!
Cheap Monitor
Is it cheaper to build a laptop than buy one?
Opinions on the best monitor
Games Console controler to PC USB
Am I the only loser that does this?
Dual socket 370 celeron setup possible?
finding the right laptop
Prime95 pwned. Folding new stabilty test King!
2 questions
OEM just dies!!??
What I would like for xmas.
Anybody Take The A+ Os Certification Exam? Tell Me How Did It Go?
Good Ethernet Cards?
Logitech Cordless Keyboard: 2x Winamp on Media bar
DVD rom not being detected in Win98
Steering wheel
Can digital memory cards go through airport x-ray machines??
what size cables should a get for a chieftec dragon mid tower?
A+ certification? Useful? Useless? Bachelors + A+ = better?
Can I do this with my digital camera?
Wht do you use to test if your system is stable??
design workstation
Monitor question