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Car CD Player in a pc
SkyHawk Jupiter - Front Jack Wires Help
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Uh. Woah. Backlit Keyboard?
does anyone here have a Compaq 5BW160?
POLL: Do you?
does anyone here have the Compaq 5BW160?
Dual XP now vs dual Hammer next year
Applying for work @ a computer store
HELP gfx sloww down on new setup
Unnecessary Driver Updates
Help on fixing my monitor
Seeking advice- get rid of my AMD before I go to far and go P4?
Never Buy A Quantum Bigfoot!
Fan spd adjuster, do it yourself
CD-R & OS problems
need something that can...
SB live on dual AMD
dvd burner software?
Help for a first time builder. Specs needed!
how do u make cool-lookin sigs?
Asus Help?
Canon BJC 610 Printer Head
New Folding boxes up soon!
PCI latency(CLK)
PCI bus transfer speed
Iwill DP533 7505 board
New Explanation for HardOCP scores
Need Opinions on this Cimp Please
BF1942 Joystick/ MX700
worms sending worms
Xeon Question for you guys
windows98 registry errors :(
V7 PS2 Mod-Chip
Plz Help Me!!
Can I use recharghable battaries in a cordless mouse?
Top 20 Best Programs....
micro atx - flex atx?
leadtek tv tuner problem
Web Cam Hosting?
Athlon MP chips?
Building a DVD player
Which Modem
want a digicamera
hey all, dvd probs
is the XBOX really that bad?
w00t! My first animated gif!
New PC problems
Thinking about building a dual
Compaq dual everything server
Backing up Sims Files
nVidia announces the Ti4200 Go
Need and inkjet that supports 11x17 media
Dual Socket 370 questions
ide cables
Soldering and A soldering Gun?
Parallel external ZIP 250 drive= lots of CPU usage!
Help me troubleshoot a external modem.
build a computer tommarow for 2k
hard drive acting up?
Help, bad bios flash
Thinking about selling custom computers for fun and profit
How do I split video signal into 2?
What is the oldest component in your main computer?
question about controlling a second computer
How can I.......
what is the best board for dual xp cpus
how do i host a pic if.......
Small Amd board.
computer specs wanted!
this has gotto be the stupist articale ive ever seen!
which cdrw should i get?
Something is wrong with my computer.
This is what I like to see.......
Online Shop
Querkey Laptop Keyboard problem
Bill Gates -- Well, for what it's worth...
Gigabyte 8SG667 Mobo W/Sis 648 Chipset
Pics in threads?
HELP! Explorer.exe Errors!!
TFT Screens
Does anyone know what this is? CPU/host/pci/spreadspec?
High End P4 VS AMD?
Need help picking a dvd rom drive
Computer habits you are ashamed of
The forums were down for a little bit! I almost cryed!!!!!
Is this comp ok for a friend?
Now I need a Cold Cathode...
What are the chances
should i upgrade?
Need opinion about matched stepping
need help with motherboard
Printer having problems?
Need some upgrading suggestions....
reset problem
IBM thinkpad overclock
hitachi visionbook 3000
Whats the best A+ book i can get with all test questions
Laptop Shopping
OMG check out this "Hard Drive"
ECC Capable Mobo
Acorp 133Mhz FSB O.C. Guide
Brit hacker set for the cooler
FireWire ?
Advice on upgrading
Need Help Bad!!
Mwahahahaha :)
Web server! Duel vs. Single processor?
Need good links to hpage servers and e-mail lists
lengthen wires for usb dongle?
stupid question
natural keyboard needs cleaning
so what happened to the Jamescon thread?
I need a mouse and keyboard...
Is power supply working?
weird pricewatch error
When Dual P4?
Where have all the cowboys (boards) gone?
Am I wrong?
need a good website host
IBM optical Navigator mouse, how many buttons?
Question transferring files from intel based to amd
Need some links for a Newb
Diagnostics on RAID drives?
the future of intel and amd dual setups?
DigiCamcorder review site?
quick question
Anyone using the new 1700+ T-breds on a K7D Master?
Help with 933 FCPGA
startup computer business
How do you reformat anyways?
hal.dll is missing or corrupt
Monitor going bad??
Newegg.com, products that "must be purchased with hardware"?
Random Non-booting/crashing problem
Ordered My Parts
Site Ratings
What is the freakin' deal here!!???!!
Fun With Power Supplies.....
Off the wall question...
Interview questions!!!
why use 2 Moniters
The official "Anti-Unethical Overclockers Army" thread
Two rigs...now what?
Overclocked @ 185 x 9 but question is, do I have to change my HDD PIO to mode 2 ?
Help me with a science project on Silicon!
Amiga Ressurection! (?)
Hitachi LCD with 16ms response time
D'OH! Did it again...
Do BNC connectors make any difference to display?
What do you want for christmas?
WD120GB and Partition/Format Trouble!!!!!
restart when I open up WCPUID
Radeon 9700 pro for $200
how do you make the invisible lettering in your sig?
Speaker Problems.
Can't power up
AGOGA cores?
Help anyone know about laptops
Old Piece of Parallel Junk (aka Printer) Help Please
You've got mail!
Computer with no case?
burn in?
Could You All Help?
Anyone SMP the XP2400+ yet?
Question about my mobo.
Sceptre 17-Inch question..
"Burrrrrp" *ahhhhh*
kinda sad to think.
Migrating HDDs
Internet Explorer being a complete bi*ch....
MSI K7D - will a big heatsink fit?
Compaq Ipaq vs Ipod
holy smokes look what i got!!
need some info
help my CAPS is growing big!!!
need electrical help setting up bench psu!!
Problems with XP1700 and 11x multiplier
Question about CD-RW's
An old OC'er makes a noob mistake...
Color Classic 2 Screens...
The Truth about Copy Protection and Privacy on CDs
IBM Thinkpad 770
I'm VERY confused, everyone please look.
Nforce 2 spottings
How many of you do Burn-Ins
How do I set system name and company?
slow disk perfomance in WindowsXP
Bluetooth USB Adapters
Dude-My Dad bought a Dell.......:(
Slk 6, 7, 8 , Ax7
Are old system worth it?
Sweden Overclocker 2002 Championship
Console Gaming on PC LCD Monitors?
Computer survey for Torontonians
have you barbaqued your modem latley :D
Army's High-Speed Laser Hits Shell
Have a question on my heatsink.
---Where can i get DVD Cases?---
forum for electronics?
added new hardware... OC low
Over Lclocking Help
new system
no Granite Bay for Xmas?
led keyboard lamp
security camera system
Question about this computer or motherboard
*black* Microsoft Natural keyboard?
Look what I did the other night
calling all Cluster-Lizards in the house
Just wondering....
24v Fan @ 12v not working
the thing about pentium haveing that chip in their cpu
computer not booting up correctly
Some advice please
running windows on ram drive
Best wireless optical mouse?
where can i pickup a mobo backplate
Tyan s2460 XP 1900s - heatsinks?
socket 5, dual cpu???
Via C3 700mhz
No optical spdif-out on Fortissimo III ?!?!?!
anakin skywalker switch commercial
Mobo or PS or Fan Trouble!!!!!!!
considering an upgrade what do you think?
Anyone for OC.com been to a AMD Reality Check?
Monitor is dying need help
Monitor/ Vid Card problem
I want to replace some capacators on my board with better ones. What kind do I need?
Rank: Name ?
Dell Laptop question
1360 comps!
Problem w/ Newegg:( any others?
Best registered and non reg DDR for MSI K7d?
KDS VS190i Startup
Omg New Dell Add!
Pocket PC or Palm?
passwording folders
My new computer :)
Cool stuff available from japan?
Prolonged daily computer use saps your strength, energy and motivation
abit bios me noob
Need some drive help!
The Rig woo hoo!!
Help me choose a video capture card
Lost Poser cord for HP Photosmart 1200?
Prob w/Floppy Drive
Top 5 Search Engines
Xiod TFT monitors??
Would this be too dishonest and would it work?
Temperature Alarm
Opinion Needed: Video and CPU
Safe refresh rate for my Samtron 96P 19"
How Man Questions On The A+ Certification Exam?
What happened to Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro???
Which is better for keyboard/mouse... USB , or stick with PS2?
Intel Dual 400 Server
nForce Mobo
The last hours have not been fun I dont know what happend.
BIOS Shadow
anyone here have altec ada 880 4.1 spkrs?
New server maybe
my screen wobbles.
Differen Color MSI mobo
how do you refurb a cpu?
Are all USB cables USB 2.0 compliant?
Lan on MSI dual amd
LAN Party sponsors...
Is DALnet dead?
Super gaming Computer
266MHz AGP???
Stupid mobo question
VCD Or SVCD On Standalone DvD Players???
Help with friends dually
Urgent Help Needed
very very confused
How bout an "Overclockers.com club" in schools?
21" Anti-Glare Filter for monitor?
help me out..my friend thinks there is a new kind of ROM
how big resolution do analog tv's have?
You guys think I'm smart enough to build my own computer?
Really Dumb Ad
Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW+ dual amd
How much you overclock your Dual setup
Wife getting a MS degree in computer science
Broadband in the US really is a joke
Cordless Keyboard with Touchpad????
Wasnt sure where to put this....
Voltage and a cooler system
New Laptop
M/B Minimum Space Requirements
Small, Cheap LCD Screens
Whats a good choice for new Keyboard and mouse??
Linksys router wont let me read newsgroups or emai
audigy 2 in smp
Weird Problem Please Help
Ever wondered what .dll or .inf or .txt meant ?
Creative modem not working w/creative drivers but with windows drivers?
Saving for a dual athlon board.... now, which one?
Computer will not boot ?
I have P4 2.4 and 9700 pro...3dmark of only 13000?
prime95 question...
So much for running Prime95
whos fast
PSIII (PlayStation 3) Information
quick question
Intel doubles cache for Xeons
scsi dvd burners?
How good are Visual Sensations monitors?
Component choices
Woohoo My First Overclock!!!
Tyan AMD duals
Looking for the logitech mx500
HELP! Which one which one?
old man needs your overclocking help!
HookingUp PlayStation
Need a good kvm. Any suggestions?
Happy Birthday to...
Anyone have a Cannon?
Overclocked Pentium 1s
Serious problems - mobo is suspect
Msi K7d
1g laptop?
Put your hands up in the air and slowly step away from the computer!
big trouble please help
Upgrade advice
Doom3: Not a welcome subject (yet)
K7D Master temp probe
New Mouse... need a new mouse... need suggestions
What should I Get
Which MBM5 is right for me ??
What is the best case lighting color?
Am I wasting my time?
Pop-ups have sunk to a new low
no system power with new mobo
How do I get this system to work!
Plz Help..SB Live Mp3 Abit MB WinXP!!
need topic ideas
A+ certification... is it hard?
setting default media player in itouch
Ok im on a budget...How is this
AMD cpu road map
you know how they say
New system- what do you think?
suggestions on capture cards
new laptop!
How many watts?
Lets Play test my server!!!!
I am now confused...
Compaq won't recognize new HDD
l/0 error
Need a cd and floppy holder
Sony DRU-500A
Please help- Getting CRC errors.
monitor cable repair.
system busses explained
Off topic : DVD Players ?
What's the best TV to use for TV out?
wiping out raid 0 array
I am assuming he wouldn't lie...
Need help with a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP
PC reboots on Windows XP splash screen
celeron 500+pentium III 733
Floppy Drive Problem
__Round Cables or Flat Cables__
my monitor is always in standby mode when i boot up my pc. can anyone please help me?
hoping to get an amd athlon 1800+
What to get? hmm...
Chicago OCers Meeting
10662 3dmarks??
Why not to spray paint inside........
Alps MD 2010
i can't play with teh scrooll!
P2 Dead
Saving files from a cd to a computer (im an idiot)
Seems alot of people are having this problem!
Would there be a purpose in getting a dual slot-1 system?
Win 2k advanced server
Is my friend an idiot?
Super quick simple electronics question
Howdy folks!
New CPUs Help Needed
Can dualies be overclocked as easily as single-procs?
Having stange DVDrom (or HDD) problems with 133fsb
Part-time computer builder/repairer
Your Rig (computer)
Reality Check attendees!! Read here....
A few problems-I need your help guys
Custom Built Notebook?
Why cant they go higher then 52x??
how's this for a bug?
game controller
AMD in the ATL
monitor recs?
sidewinder software ver 4.0 (where??)
new 64bit AMD platform ANALOG???
dying moniter?
Dead Memory Question...
Is there any board in the works that allows for a 166fsb?
An overclocking problem...
Selling Main PC, Need some cash. Is this resonable?
Is it the motherboard or something else?
HDD led constantley blinking??
MP 2400+ will be released some time next week
skt423 -skt478
theforumisdown is down!!
Photoshop Contest
What's wrong here...
Gaming/light design/programming rig
optical mouse light stays on even when comp is off.
Question about a laptop
Fan Controller Designs
PCI latency?
Strangest pc probs u have ever encountered ?
Windows XP and PIO Mode
XP SP1 Activation
Corsair XMS PC2700 not compatible with MSI K7D Master???
Bios Problem
Please help me out here.
Need a good bang4buck mobo, suggestions?
Next year Palms w/ os5 to be stronger than PII's.
stupid bios update on kt7a.... need quick help
audigy + headphones?
Please Help
Woohoo! Supercomputer time!
Random crashes after overheat
LCD: Samsung 191T or Sony SDM-V72W?
Undead keyboard
Best PC speakers, what's your opinion?
laptops w/o displays
dual 666Mhz Xeon help needed..
Making WinXp more securre....
thining about getting one of these, help a brother out
AC 97 audio is crap
Buying advice
First time overclocking, could use some help.
Choices Choices Choices
Guess who just got back from AMD RealityCheck?
Electronics parts and tools
Micro-Engines powering a laptop?
Help Somebody Shoot Me
Gain adjustment microphone.
tomshardware.com what gives?
where can i find the manual for RU MOTHERBOARD? I HAVE A PENTIUM3 PROCESSOR
Need some good shtuff.
buying a laptop for my car
what is this card
is this ok spec?
How To Take Apart A Compaq??
Help building $700 computer
putting a fan on a sub?
Dual T-Birds on a K7D?
Random Reboots during games?
SMPing on 2K Advanced Sever
Palm vs Pocket PC Sony vs Palm vs TOshebia...
A+/MCSE certification
New to forums: Few OC'ing questions
advice on Raid5
which would you pick
AMD Shirt??
Gamepad help needed
Spam is internet garbage
A $20 wireless keyboard and mouse?
Dual PSU plug-ins
some web questions