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Lan on MSI dual amd
LAN Party sponsors...
Is DALnet dead?
Super gaming Computer
266MHz AGP???
Stupid mobo question
VCD Or SVCD On Standalone DvD Players???
Help with friends dually
Urgent Help Needed
very very confused
How bout an "Overclockers.com club" in schools?
21" Anti-Glare Filter for monitor?
help me out..my friend thinks there is a new kind of ROM
how big resolution do analog tv's have?
You guys think I'm smart enough to build my own computer?
Really Dumb Ad
Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW+ dual amd
How much you overclock your Dual setup
Wife getting a MS degree in computer science
Broadband in the US really is a joke
Cordless Keyboard with Touchpad????
Wasnt sure where to put this....
Voltage and a cooler system
New Laptop
M/B Minimum Space Requirements
Small, Cheap LCD Screens
Whats a good choice for new Keyboard and mouse??
Linksys router wont let me read newsgroups or emai
audigy 2 in smp
Weird Problem Please Help
Ever wondered what .dll or .inf or .txt meant ?
Creative modem not working w/creative drivers but with windows drivers?
Saving for a dual athlon board.... now, which one?
Computer will not boot ?
I have P4 2.4 and 9700 pro...3dmark of only 13000?
prime95 question...
So much for running Prime95
whos fast
PSIII (PlayStation 3) Information
quick question
Intel doubles cache for Xeons
scsi dvd burners?
How good are Visual Sensations monitors?
Component choices
Woohoo My First Overclock!!!
Tyan AMD duals
Looking for the logitech mx500
HELP! Which one which one?
old man needs your overclocking help!
HookingUp PlayStation
Need a good kvm. Any suggestions?
Happy Birthday to...
Anyone have a Cannon?
Overclocked Pentium 1s
Serious problems - mobo is suspect
Msi K7d
1g laptop?
Put your hands up in the air and slowly step away from the computer!
big trouble please help
Upgrade advice
Doom3: Not a welcome subject (yet)
K7D Master temp probe
New Mouse... need a new mouse... need suggestions
What should I Get
Which MBM5 is right for me ??
What is the best case lighting color?
Am I wasting my time?
Pop-ups have sunk to a new low
no system power with new mobo
How do I get this system to work!
Plz Help..SB Live Mp3 Abit MB WinXP!!
need topic ideas
A+ certification... is it hard?
setting default media player in itouch
Ok im on a budget...How is this
AMD cpu road map
you know how they say
New system- what do you think?
suggestions on capture cards
new laptop!
How many watts?
Lets Play test my server!!!!
I am now confused...
Compaq won't recognize new HDD
l/0 error
Need a cd and floppy holder
Sony DRU-500A
Please help- Getting CRC errors.
monitor cable repair.
system busses explained
Off topic : DVD Players ?
What's the best TV to use for TV out?
wiping out raid 0 array
I am assuming he wouldn't lie...
Need help with a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP
PC reboots on Windows XP splash screen
celeron 500+pentium III 733
Floppy Drive Problem
__Round Cables or Flat Cables__
my monitor is always in standby mode when i boot up my pc. can anyone please help me?
hoping to get an amd athlon 1800+
What to get? hmm...
Chicago OCers Meeting
10662 3dmarks??
Why not to spray paint inside........
Alps MD 2010
i can't play with teh scrooll!
P2 Dead
Saving files from a cd to a computer (im an idiot)
Seems alot of people are having this problem!
Would there be a purpose in getting a dual slot-1 system?
Win 2k advanced server
Is my friend an idiot?
Super quick simple electronics question
Howdy folks!
New CPUs Help Needed
Can dualies be overclocked as easily as single-procs?
Having stange DVDrom (or HDD) problems with 133fsb
Part-time computer builder/repairer
Your Rig (computer)
Reality Check attendees!! Read here....
A few problems-I need your help guys
Custom Built Notebook?
Why cant they go higher then 52x??
how's this for a bug?
game controller
AMD in the ATL
monitor recs?
sidewinder software ver 4.0 (where??)
new 64bit AMD platform ANALOG???
dying moniter?
Dead Memory Question...
Is there any board in the works that allows for a 166fsb?
An overclocking problem...
Selling Main PC, Need some cash. Is this resonable?
Is it the motherboard or something else?
HDD led constantley blinking??
MP 2400+ will be released some time next week
skt423 -skt478
theforumisdown is down!!
Photoshop Contest
What's wrong here...
Gaming/light design/programming rig
optical mouse light stays on even when comp is off.
Question about a laptop
Fan Controller Designs
PCI latency?
Strangest pc probs u have ever encountered ?
Windows XP and PIO Mode
XP SP1 Activation
Corsair XMS PC2700 not compatible with MSI K7D Master???
Bios Problem
Please help me out here.
Need a good bang4buck mobo, suggestions?
Next year Palms w/ os5 to be stronger than PII's.
stupid bios update on kt7a.... need quick help
audigy + headphones?
Please Help
Woohoo! Supercomputer time!
Random crashes after overheat
LCD: Samsung 191T or Sony SDM-V72W?
Undead keyboard
Best PC speakers, what's your opinion?
laptops w/o displays
dual 666Mhz Xeon help needed..
Making WinXp more securre....
thining about getting one of these, help a brother out
AC 97 audio is crap
Buying advice
First time overclocking, could use some help.
Choices Choices Choices
Guess who just got back from AMD RealityCheck?
Electronics parts and tools
Micro-Engines powering a laptop?
Help Somebody Shoot Me
Gain adjustment microphone.
tomshardware.com what gives?
where can i find the manual for RU MOTHERBOARD? I HAVE A PENTIUM3 PROCESSOR
Need some good shtuff.
buying a laptop for my car
what is this card
is this ok spec?
How To Take Apart A Compaq??
Help building $700 computer
putting a fan on a sub?
Dual T-Birds on a K7D?
Random Reboots during games?
SMPing on 2K Advanced Sever
Palm vs Pocket PC Sony vs Palm vs TOshebia...
A+/MCSE certification
New to forums: Few OC'ing questions
advice on Raid5
which would you pick
AMD Shirt??
Gamepad help needed
Spam is internet garbage
A $20 wireless keyboard and mouse?
Dual PSU plug-ins
some web questions
Slow Bandwidth w/ new VIA drivers?
hdd auto detection effected by cmos?
How does this look for $1370 (w/ shippping)
video card problem
suspension for hacking :(
Guess who just got their first overclockable computer???
printer repair?
Woohoo!!! Surgery was a Success :-)
AX-7's on Tyan2460 ?
Monitor issues..
The best computer in the South
DVD Decoder
Yes! :)
Need good headphones.
My Mom is so cool!!
Right Case for Mobo
New computer won't boot
CPU Monitoring Software
HELP!! my keypad doesn't work =(
Help with LCD
Holy Mother Of Pearl!
I cannot Stand it any more!!1
Can Boot in Safe Mode...but not Normal ?
Seagate Barracuda vs. WD 80GB 8MB Special Edition??
virus scanner?
Common problems?
Strange Restarts...
Anyone ever try using this mouse?
Help me make a Christmas list!
hard drive failure predicted
Video with dual monitors
winDVD on second monitor?
image hosting
need help finding system problem/fix:
Intel on RMAs.
Dad's computer needs help...
Found a guide to overclocking P4S333/P4S533
Yowie ! Wowie ! Hot temps on Tiger2460
Ahhh my moms pc died!
Check it out !!!
installing new motherboard
CD Drive Help
lcd monitors?
Questions i need answered
Security alert on the forum...?
OC a Dell?
Keyboard with Lcd
erm... oh eck!
Mousing Surfaces: CS Gamers
Kinda urgent - did I kill my BIOS?
XP and Dual MB compatability ?
Help me with reception problems :(
Is your CPU really big and heavy?
Via (C3 550)
Optical Mouse Problem.
What the heck? Can't install a printer!
Anyone know how the . . .
tv tuners, bad for OC?
chip insides
Ok, wtf................
BF6 motherboard
Need some video playing PC software
Tips & Tricks
Argh!!! Omfg!!
Annoying store owner
Problems with CPU and External Cache
burner help!
ECS up to something?
Planar PV174 LCD
would this mobo support two cpus of 1 ghz
wierd boot problem
Got a good laugh yesterday....
Machine turning on by itself at night...
The evils of integration
New speakers?
Computer cant write to C:
What damage can a defective monitor do ?
Whats the Fastes SuperComputer?
Help me!
Good Useless site (_8(|)
Turbo Switch
Could My CD-Burner all of a sudden Die?
LCD Screen Protector
Anybody seen this? It's the Mac Gamer Commercial (FUNNY)
Athlon MP2000's - push them to the limit
Need advice on notebook computer...
how to reformat a HDD
Officejet 725
Whoa! maybe a cause why some of us can't o/c well
Best non-Unlock Comp
Not reading CD drives
Audigy Identification (Gamer, MP3, Platinum)???
Beyerdynamic headphones
Wake up on Timer
vBulletin Color guide?
gone to s***
CPU theft!
Sony LCD (SDM-V72W/B) - opinions
Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW
dual tualatins
MSI K7D master ram timings
Samsung RAM any good??
Need help
MP3 play - I want a FANCY one ...!
any good german shops ??
windows calander?
Old skool overclocking, P83-OD.
Dell Monitor, is it good??
MSI K7D need help
probably a stupid question
WHy cant you upgrade a laptop?
XP to MP ?
temp sensor on cpu for digital doc
I need you're help to build a comp
Reinstall Windows when changing cpu
Gonna Build Me A Game Server
need help with new pc please
I Need Help With Epox
Whats up with Heatware ?
someone want to modify a picture for me?
Computer Exposed to smoke/fire
Can I boot off a SCSI zip?
Video Editing Box (help please)
Monitor Problem, please help
Overclocking TI graphing calculators!!
has anyone bought stuff from this place?
No-go Pc!
Windows not using both CPUs.
Vector image progs?
i got a question bout laptops
IE hopelessly bug ridden
Gyration RF Mouse/Keyboard
SuSE 8.1 illustrates MS' fear
Having some problems with my new system, please read...
Tech News
Static and rolly office chairs
Printer problems
Only YOU can prevent computer fires
PSU problem
static electricty/EMI
P4 hyper-Threading
a camera
Mixing 7200 hd with 5400 hd
Overclocking a mouse?
Attention Nikon Coolpix 4300 owners!
Architect/CAD proggies, help :/
New AMD contest
"my computer" icon on fire ...
Good LCD display?
Any Dual mobos?
Wots going on inside my Computer??
Easy CD Creator Issue With New Installation Of OS
Clergy excited about overclocking
Silly problem when use the printer
Fastest U.S. Super Computer Honors go NOT to IBM, Intel, but to...
water cooled laptop
New Graphics Card Help
power down
Need some advice please
NForce2 where are you? =(
Help me pick out a Digital Camera and a Pocket PC
help...should I change my Asus A7S333 ?
very thin cat5 cable
supermicro p6dge PIII 2x 550 overclock??
whats a good scanner?
Updating DVD Firmnware
anyone have a Fujifilm FinePix A303 digital cam?
computer for sister
Whats the better of the 2 upgade rout?
Inet P4 Dual channel DDR motherboard question
Cant get system running
A long and sorry tale, or...have I fried my CPU?
System buying advice
thoroughbreds... possible answer
Cat5 Cable Wiring
Laptops are too expensive...I think I'll build my own from scratch...I need some help
Comparing Benchmarks with others at MADONION's PCMARK2002
Hard Drive Not Detected?
Please Help!!!!!
help, please...
speaker buzz..
Beep Beep Beep Beep...
play DVD's with CD-ROM ?
Speaker question
lite-on 48125s and win2ksp2 probs
LCD vs CRT?!
grrrrr digidoc 5
unlocking XP's for dualing....
Someimes when I boot up...
Question about Norton Ghost
Keyboard Issues
Best 19" LCD on the market
How do I check if a device has usb 2.0 support?
DVD Burner Required
Good looking sub-$80 case??
Cheapest Dual AMD Board?
burner and dvd rom drive question
Motherboard Monitor and Duals - Which Sensors?
Motherboard fan header limitaions
which is faster, serial or parallel?
How is this as an upgrade?
Shutdown NOW almost got my sys fried
no restore CD.. ?
best corded optical mouse please?
windows 2000 pro memory settings
Check this out.
Is it possible to watch TV on a computer monitor?
do a duron need ddr or sdram?
Can this computer work as a server
dual durons and folding....
in which way would a 1 MB cache improve my performance?
Question About IDE Card & Drive
Tarnished copper, what to do?
how to tell if u crushed your cpu
Here I go again....
Help with Monitor!
Keyboard mouse and monitor switchy thingy's
K7D Master + Durons = frustration
FSB causing USB problems?
digidoc 5 dont work help
Raising the vcore
I overclocked a DULL :)
Adobe Premier 5.1 and SMP
Overclocking my MSI K7T Turbo2
New dually
Is this a decent keyboard/mouse combo?
Cooling dual MP 2200's
Mouse Help
Boot problems
How do I raise my Vmem if my mobo don't suppport it?
How much would YOU pay for yourname@oc-forums.com
Damn Thing won't fit!!!
Sustem Upgrade
Overclockers THz
different cache sizes in a dually
Dual p4's out or not?
Will it fit?
Need to get w2k Pro OEM, what (cheap) hardware to buy?
DVD-ROM Problems
Gutless Asus
how to destroy a hard drive
too many BSOD!! PLEASE HELP.
Electromigration <--- interesting read (possible repost)
Why Granite Bay has no pc2700 support?
Pushing monitor refresh rates
Fried floppy!!
wireless network experience
What runs on the 5v+?
2400+ T-Bred -B Able to SMP???
Asus P2b-ds
nv4_disp Infinite Loop? I'm stumped
System Power Problem - HELP
So what happens if I flash *with* himem.sys loaded?
Buidl a friend a computer does this look good 4 $1200?
Computer Beeping
It all started with APPBoost.EXE errors and went down hill from there ..PLS help!
1 P4-2.8G vs. 2 MP2000-2100+: which one!? (seriously!)
HP Pavillion 4457
80 Gb at ATA100 and 4Gb at ATA66, overall speed?
PII Xeons in a PIII Xeon board?
Poll: I need your 2 cents!
monitor out of wack
Okay... I'm seriously considering going with a dual system
Is my motherboard dead?? (urgent!!)
Joy stick
Difference btw 1.4 TB and 1.6 xp+
Monitor reccomendation
So where are the SATA drives.
Bad bios flash on 8k7a+
finishing new computer!! Any advice
usb comp = oo er
DVD playback problems and the like...
Will different cores work?
ANYONE with a gBOX please HELP/SUGGEST here!
Tring to use RAID with Dragon + Mobo..
What to do with box of old computer parts
hdd cable
Several PC Problems
Portrait Printers
Major PROBLEM!!!!911
thermal probe fix