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High end build coming at you. :D
It has occured to me...
Help with new photo editing rig drive configuration
Weird issue with older external USB HDD
Video/Sound Input Help/Suggestion
my expected new rig
How long will my hardware physically last?
Cyborg Rat 5 Issue
Budget Computer for A Friend
Ugrade Help / Discussion
Other, Non-rezasam1-Quality Overclockers Wallpapers
Reasons to buy Desktop and Laptop?
Strangest problem I've ever encountered
Can You check My Build For my brothers birthday.
EVGA must be really proud of their products
A hardy thank you for the assistance!
new setup need opinions
VHS to DVD????
Good setup? What do you guys think? (AsRock z68 Extreme3/i5-2500k)
New Build Opinions
Cyborg V7 Keyboard arm rest
My upgrade
I just can't get enough (drunken rant)
wait for ivy, SBE, or just 2600k
Think I have the core components correct?
Slow running system - help!
$1400 or less budget rig?
looking for a good wireless mouse
System Overhaul Opinions
Hello OC - I want to upgrade my motherboard but what options do I have Help & Ad
Which pencil to use??
HAF 932 Fans
Give me your input on my parts choice!
Will it fit?
Just purchased
Help please, PC will not power up
Wirless gaming - what do I need?
At what price point does hardware "catch up" with software?
Upgrade suggestion.
New System Build
Building and need some infor and help
My first watercooled rig
$2000 maya workstation Need help no idea
Help me to choose a graphics card for only watching FullHD movies please...
How is My Budget Parts list?
Computer Hardware Assistance
Macbook overheating
Ive been in jail for 8 years
cpu and ram upgrade problems
HTPC help
How does a HD recorder work?
What do you guys think about this build.
Zyxel G-4100v2 | console settings | pyramid linux
Keyboard issue...
Installing games on my usb3.0 external and playing them on other computers
upgrading my pc
my first build
Building new amd system?
DRAM led?
Time To Upgrade
External Harddive Woes
Another 'Should I or shouldn't I upgrade?'
Razer DeathAdder. Why 125hz could be best, here is info.
February 2012 Community Newsletter
Random shutoff? Need help.
Sandy Bridge-e build critique
SetFSB ?! How donating work?
This one is beating me
My new build! Thermaltake Level 10 Snow + 3930K
My In Progress Build
My First Build
What to upgrade first
Need help on X79 build!
Red Heatsink Fins
anyone overclock p8p67 ws revolution with intel i-5 2500K?
$2700 PC Pre-Purchase
Last system build (Athlon XP 3200+) NEED HELP!
Microsoft Wireless KB but no receiver?
tax return upgrade
New Build. Good To Go Or ? Thanks For Looking Guys.
Anandtech benchmarks?
Thinking of getting rid of my pc
New gaming rig
Drivers and updates, noob question help!
So you wondered what to do with floppy drives
Hard Drive Prices
Little feedback before I buy..
Total Excitement
Touch Standalone Case To Discharge Static Electricity?
Repeated Crashes
HDD and SSD Setup
Problem with Samsung HD103UJ
New sodering iron but broke
Random Crashes(Help deeply needed.)
Looking to order a complete computer
Is this normal?
band PC cheep as possible
Computer for Graphics intensive software ($4000ish)
GTX 560ti or HD6950 for gaming on 55" LED TV
Cable Internet
600-800 build
Constant Micro freezes / stuttering
It's been a long time... I have $1500, what system should I build?
Photo shopping rig
Looking To Purchase Laptop?
Where to find old unwanted PC's?
Motherboard memory cap? or not?
Need advice with graphic card
TV tuner making funny noise
New Build Choices
GPU rpm
Possible Upgrades
Spec me! If you don't mind, that is. Haha. Budget of 400-500.
New build that requires multiple USB ports
Just a few questions
new build review
revised new build need advice and thoughts and psu help
first build $1500 budget need help
Rebuilding Half of My Rig
For All You Awesome People Here
computer splitter?
Hello to all , New to forum
Hello to all , New to forum
What is the best looking DVD or BD drive?
Buying a used video card
Help PC alert 4 alarm going off!
Radeon 9250 graphic card
Help random powerdowns
8ms monitor response rate good enough for gaming?
New Build: BSoDs, with random program-crashes
Help Troubleshooting Dead PC
Junk parts + Cheap parts computer. input please.
Amber Light on Mobo but no activity?
No post
Do I need a PCI-E internet adapter
Dell Will Not Power Up
2500k Build ( new CPU/MB/RAM/GPU )
Question From one of my Customers.
What should I replace my Revodrive with?
new to OCF
Hard drive corupts itself yet still works upon reformat
Can you look this over, quick input..
How much would this cost anywhere else?
My Liteon IHAS-24 is very slow
Odd freezing w/ loud screeching & BSOD
Ultra-X P.H.D.???
Upgrade need advise
Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 problem
editing advice
major issues with whole system, need advice
Calibrating A Scanner
Intel Xeon X3440, GA-H57M-USB3
Pre-Order Questions
New build
Computer gaming here I come, first PC build, any tips?
Random frame/sound stutter
Help Buying a Basic Netbook
Upgrades in next 3-6 Months What would you get?
having great dilemma due to shortage on budget but wanting to upgrade
New build for Gaming PC please help.
First Build
Suggust a new graphic card?
Workstation questions (9000 USD budget)
Z68, i7-2600k, Win 7, Freezing problems!
BT Infinity - New Wireless Router
Heroes of Newerth not at optimal FPS.
first build $1700 budget
Help with first build
Preferred Sites for Reviews
PSU checking Pin to GND wire or Pin to chasis?
My first actual build...so EXCITED!
PC Won't boot
Backup PC suggestions (I need would like help)
Building my first comp.
My Ongoing Pc Build. Comments and Advice Greatly Received.
Second Hand Prices
First time building a PC..
Help with freeze
Where Do World Records Come From?
Asus RT-N56U vs RT-N66U
Building to a budget - My first build
A hello, and a question.
Am I being picky?
How's this build?
Overclockers Wallpapers
pls rate/feedback on build. GPU ???
New computer build recommendations
Why do I see jaggies in some HD games but not in some SD games?
Router won't connect to internet, but computer's will
RCA DSB772WE Set Top box hack, Anyone?
Opinions on my Build? Please?
2500k,4890 vs athlon x2 6000+,6970
project home network
What needs to be upgraded?
BANG 4 BUCK gaming pc feb 2012
replace socket
Translucent paint for LED's
error while playing BF3
New Build. Mobo/PSU help
how to make a test box that prove power for FANs
logitech G500 wire cut
New build, would appreciate input
i5-2500k integrated graphics
Is my computer ok?
Are you "brand loyal?"
Freeze at Bios Splash Screen Upon Restart
General HTPC questions
hd 6950 and blown psu
SSD - Should I.....?
AAA unit with a charging input?
Gaming Build | $1700
First build: Gaming rig ($2500)
New here, Need Help (sound system setup)
Can a desktop be built for $500?
Cyborg M.M.O. 7 flaws
..switch to intel?
computer build advice
Laptop fan disassembly
A new build, with help ;)
BIOS Needs updating to run the processor?
What Next
Anything wrong with this combo?
Putting the finishing touches on my build, your insights would be appreciated!
Building a HTPC / Studio PC - Low noise components?
please help my buddy win this contest!
Help on choosing a new GPU
upgrade brain fart...
Building my brother a computer, I want your opinions.
Programming Computer New Build
I got an idea yesterday.
First build workstation/gaming rig
tT eSPORTS MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review
HTPC cable card reader?
Time to Upgrade
Razer Nostromo
How to fix up my machines? [Folding?]
AMD or INTEL for number crunching build?
First Build Shopping List
GTX 560
"Not connected" Crossfire (x3) AMD 7970.
[New Build] Photo Editing/Processing & Music Recording/Editing
New system isnt performing in battlefield 3. TIPS?
First build, yay! random mobo behaviour...
New game build with taxes, or upgrade?
Making an old system new!
Whats you guys using for a gaming keyboard?
compatability help please
EVGA Untouchables Released
Resistor identification
Harddrives on the network!
Games don't perform as well as like and gpu and cpu never hit 100%
Help with gaming rig.
HAF912 and Push Pull
Can a Pentium 3 450 based nas stream high def video well?
Build Questions
im looking for a new 990fx board.. sugestions?
Can you recommend a solid mouse pad?
KVM Switch
Cold Boot freezes and BSOD's
Will Vista License be Valid with New Gear?
I have sold my rig (see sig for specs) Looking for new build
Need help finding the right type of video card for my motherboard
Molex Pin Removal
should I upgrade my cable modem?
Please help! Blank screen following build
Advice on what to upgrade (first)?
New Upgrade Help
A little help on choosing hardware please
Cooling Fan Static Pressure....
Gaming PC for max 700
Intel CPU and Radeon upgrade for Battlefield 3
Need help to buy computer!?
SWTOR Hardware?
First time with hardware gone wrong..please help
New AMD build....help with board/ram
need help .. failed hardware :/
OCF, I need some quick help if you have a 23", 23.6", or 24" monitor...
My new high end build
New Build
(kinda) Computer won't power on.
Omg,please help a newb with a new build
Introducing myself and asking for a little help in picking hardware please.
Need help with "No any device exists!"
New Build;ready to buy; please review.
Razer Imperator
Help Desktop Build
Please help me!
revodrive and msi 890fxa-gd70 crash issues
[Rant] I Hate all Desktop Keyboards ...
How to reformat the boot drive ? where the os located!! HELP
Any mechanics out there?
Planning a Build
a newer rechargeable mouse ?
Please help troubleshoot what is broken for me so I can return it if necessary!
So help me out....
Laserjet 4 what the heck? False error 13
Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for games?
bulilding a new sytem
PC gaming for dummies
If enthusiasts are like that i'm out of it
AMD FX Low Performance.
P8Z68 Deluxe Hot Plug (Safely Remove Hardware) Windows 7
High Pitched Buzzing when Computer is Turned Off
Endless freeze on Bios loading screen
Saitek Eclipse III
PCs are dying
Good reliable USB add-on card?
After overclocking, constant black screen. HELP!
New build help
My journey from a p4 2.8 to a I7 930.
About to Order, pls could someone check my Spec!!
RTC 2 Windows seven
VGA BIOS - Rampage II Extreme - Computer won't start up
Check my numbers...
This is my build plan, what do you think?
effect of heat on lifespan
Very strange issue with a 9800gt in sli
my personal rig, a couple questions
Potential New Build =)
Computer problems
Worth buying? Mobo & RAM
Need help with my hardware please (all details included) :)
Wirlpeless help on Dell XPS 210
Power consumption analysis 2 servers
Setting up a network for an apartment building
Recovery Question for Notebooks
Computer restarting upon booting up a game?
Advice for noob upgrading computer
Computer Freezing
700 gaming rig advice
Have to power on and off 3 times before computer will boot..need help
build for my gf to play swtor
Help With Overclocking "Actual Time"
System for Adobe Premiere
Need help with this build ASAP
Help with next upgrade choice?
Just upgraded my core computer, more options?
No high Resolution on 36" HDTV
SSD , hardrive and DVD drive sata port urgent question!
Third and final call
Trouble with new RAM (or BIOS?)
Zotac nForce 780i Mother board Replace or Amp up?
Removing a DC jack from a laptop
Breaking The bank, Last call for Input
A+ Certification and Jobs
System random crashes/freezes - help needed
Finished Build
Ram or processor?
budget build
3D Mark
Router with distance
Can't see BIOS when starting up on external monitor
CES 2012 - Las Vegas: Live Blog
Small 3 pin female 'Molex' UK Supplier?
Best quality build
linksys wrt54g ver.7
Computer AIR requirement?
Any use for an old PC?
New LGA1155 Build Suggestions Please
First Build $700 Gaming
First Time Building Gaming Comp, Help!!!
Beginner Needs input on possible gaming build and ssd/hdd pairing
Asus confirms it will release a Windows8 arm tablet
PC boots but USB and PS/2 peripherals are not usable
First time build, my list requires inspection.
Final Build Specs, Thoughts?
Lock-Up Problems Nvidia 780i
New Build, First Timer
Lamptron products!
First build any advise welcome
Spray Painting my PS3 Controller, help!
Claims that "an old computer is faster"
Computer loses vid card video issue
illumination mod?
will i need more power?
parallel port to usb for LaCross Weather Station or UPS?
Either new hard drive or new video card is loud
First Rig (feels good man)
Do you reformat first then build ur Comp?
New computer
Life screwed me over. Overclocking possible?
Help Building a New Computer
Replacing components
Fan RPM on Aerocool Fan Controller problem
start of new build
Greetings OCers! Build My Game Rig! Parts will be voted in. Your vote counts!
How many of you own a static wristband?
I am hoping I can get suggestions on my Build!
What do you think?
What type of monitor for the future?
New System - Finally
New PC feedback needed!
Best 3D Glasses
FINALLY uograding 7+yo pc and seeking advice
thinking of upgrading from i3 550
Inexpensive Build suggestions please
Keyboard plug in
I3 370M vs AMD A6-3400M
looking for good recommendation on usb keyboard
GPU Upgrade, 550ti
strange lag after Windows Sleep on overclocked system
Nzxt Led Sleeve vs Sunbeam CCFL
Upgrading gaming system
Need build suggestions - $1500 budget
I need some new hardware, help :)
How Does This Combination Look?
How this budget build looks?
PSUs and Static Electricity
How do you change the user name in Win 7?
Need some Router/Power Guru's (battery pack)
New build, problem with stability
HD Recovery... HELP!
First Build: Future Proofer i7 HTPC
Any problem with Asus boards?
How to avoid Bottlenecking?
Is this a good bundle?
Solid state
New build
My PC won't boot!! - Detailed video included
Please Review: First Gaming PC build (OC)
Satan by Vison
Around $1000 Budget First Build
Low power yet still operational state idea.
Problems with new build
New Intel build
Ps/2 keyboard causing possible input delay?
Good Build LAG on crysis 2 max 1080p
web conferencing hardware
300-400$ System help
Review this build
From TV to internet to TV again?
Gaming mouse and keyboard
My First Build
Ordered a new system -- please comment
Do I have a good build?
Questions about build
Asus P5QPRO Fried - need help to update to new system
My first build
Help! My Computer is Hissing
Critique my budget build
Does anyone see a way to make this build even less expensive?
Would Like some feedback on my new build
Overclock failed ( i havent overclocked)
Prime95 thread error rounding on 2 threads. Stock Settings?!
Have I overvolted my cpu to oblivion? Or maybe something else?
Logitech G19 Worth It? Others?
Best OS for a HTPC/file server... "Media Server"?
just get SB or wait for ivy Bridge?
Looking for a KVM Switch
Prime95 Failure
i7 3930k, 32gb 2133mhz ram, 2x Intel 510 SSD, Asus P9X79 Deluxe - $3400
PCI x16 firewire?
Routerboards/router cases?
Multiple BSODs
Safe Temperature for GPU AND CPU HELP URGENT
CPU's won't boot together.
3 Year Old C2D System, update ideas?
Overclocked Nook Color vs Nook Tablet
Oxidized Cables
Looking for a good router
My First Computer Build
Recommend a fan controller!
Ramdom crashes/lockups After adding new grafix card
Low end gaming build
Networked Printer Problems
My first pc build good enough for maxing out games like BF3
Is this PC Build Okay?
had an idea dont know if its doable
Where to find 120mm Air Ducts?
Unidentifiable stability issue
Is this upgrade worth it?
Most efficent way to clean your PC
CPUCooler+Case to Finish my Build
Building New Rig
Upgrading questions. :)
Looking for A Full Tower PS
New build - suggestions/questions
corsair hs1 usb headset/m60/k60
What is holding my overclocking back???
Two Questions :) help if possible please
show your christmas goodies!
My first build!
Need help for my next upgrade...
memory and hdd question
Mechanical Keyboards?
USB 3.0 host controller issue
$900 budget gamer system
Clean install of Windows 7 poor performance
Upgrade Cpu or not?
Wireless internet just slowed down