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you have to watch this!!!!!
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Can someone please help me by 2nite...first time build...need quick help!!!
cold cathode tubes and Dye-lite
System temp
3 beeps w/ no display
how do I find out what my pci/agp/ide divisors are?
Printer ink not feeding?
I spoke with a MSI rep in person...
bleh! printer decided to act weird!
Laptop advancement
it wont reboot
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$800 Pc
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21" rox
Dual Zeon or single P4?
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highest quality 56k modems :(
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NO on board sound!!!
Round Cables: better, wosse or equal flat ones???
digi cam $200-$400, need advice
stupid keyboard!
MSI K7D Master
can anoby tell me the dimensions of a micro-atx board?
PhilipJ_Fry READ THIS ! ! !
via cyrix c3. can you overlclock it?
shutdown during booting???
my plans
New mobo and processor...
I can't play my games
safe even without anti-static wrist strap?
MSI K7T Turbo2 Question
Hooking Up External MIC jack to Audigy
drive screws?
Verifying DMI Pool Data...............
Need Ideas
got this system today!!!
Flex ATX MB with AGP slot
Asymmetric Multiprocessing
SmartMedia Card trouble
Microsoft Natural Pro
Cool Program Good Fun
Sony memory stick
What kind of light would be best?
Quick laughs, funny things people say when they don't know how computers work.
Nic card choice?!?!?
System is really screwe up, please help guys.
DVD problem ?
Xeon Boards
dual watercooling
Someone please tell me wtf this is
PS/2 Keyboard
P4 Soyo Board
duron(spitfire) limited to 1200mhz?
The COOLEST Windows Error EVER!
drive compression, good idea?
quietest dvd player
Little SMP Help :D
opinions on COBY headphones?
Reliable mobos?
Looks like I succesfully replaced a bad cap thanx to oc.com!!!
Tbred smp?
usb not recognized?
What is Firewire???
What killed mobo?
KT400 newbies soon to feel the pain of KT333's
very slow harddrive
Monitor differences?
Links or recommendations on good 19 " flat crt monitor
cheap yet decent dualie setup?
Sony DSC-P20
driver problems?
Electrical Engineering Basic Terminology
question to the headphones expert
super socket 7 just to 100mhzx5.5?
Compaq Prosignia 300
What's a CHEAP overclockable mobo?
new computer .... where to start???
Need advice on cheap printers
Refubed CPUs??!?!
Is "Core 1" AGP voltage?
atrend lx440a mobo overclocking question?
Oh boy another problem....
just finished a comp everything is good except floppy
Computer Woes...
Anti-Static Wrist Strap
BNC Cable Question
Testing Processor's
MSI K7D multiplier?
mouse advise
Can't do 7V trick for more than 1 fan?
Site Hosting?
USB 2.0 supported??
New Computer?? or...
Why wont my computer boot?
Compaq Pressario 1200 700mhz Celeron prob DVDROM dont work =/
My Dilemma (what To Get????????)
Need help with buying Dual Setup
overclocking lite-on cd/rw drives?!?!
im about to format my hdd for the first time!
computing mystery
Cyrix Power??? and some networking Qs
Message Error
Anyone have a Twinhead laptop?
SB Live! & onboard sound?
256mb Smartmedia?
Aghh Im Gonna Kill Myself
help with DMA
Teac W54E
monitor thoughts
Gaming/lifestyle system
Dual monitor support!!!
Which Mother Board?
Dual Channel DDR for SMP?
Quantum lct20 30GB Harddrive problem
Lots of Problems...Please Help =(
Optical Mouse.
Oh no! I killed my computer!
simple question about notebook computers
166 Mhx FSB for dual?
Props to MicronPC
Time for an upgrade
I've forumulated a formula for Athlon XP's
PCI Latency Timer-What Does It Do?
Please Help!
Need help finding HP (ick) digicam software
PCI Video card to AGP...Should I reinstall Windows???
7v mod--of course higher temps, but ok?
Battery for Laptop
Weird problem when trying to open files
Which to buy???
Power-on Problem
new motherboard/videocard
need help
monitor troubles
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer
Anybody with a NEC FE700+? Horizontal lines in bigs CRTs?
? about how many PCI cards you can have?
Dot pitch on a CRT...
LeadTek Vid Card?
usb problems
Tell me how fast your computer starts up!
Vcore. what is too high?
how to clean an LCD Monitor??
new system
Do LCD monitors have a huge electric charge?
Monitor Cleaning?
Compaq Presario 1200US Upgradability questions?
Boomslang & XP
temp reading from AX7-333
blue screen in XP but windows is stable?!?!
Burner Problem
How to pick a rheo
Just built, need help
XP-333 Help!
USB Mouse problems
Help the New guy
Computer wont shut down
desperate help with installing OP
p2 cpu cooler fan stopped working
What volt Rheostats for 120mm fans?
Computer making sounds?
Frame Skips when watching movies!!!!
Any advice on my new(and first) system?
Neculear meltdown,HD Crash,Bios gone crazy HELP ME!!!
4-in1 question
need a low power silent pc for downloading
Tyan s2460 MP AMD760MP
Can any1 help?
non-parity vs parity ram... what do you think
Macs Going SMP
3com cablemodem
Upgrade Celeron 433 to ?
DVD setup - work or not?? + Decoder Questions
windows xp "grows to fit"?
Need Laptop Screen
Laptop help?
AMD Chipsets
Where can I D/L SiSoftSandra? (Link in the sticky thread isn't working)
Raid performance probs using MSI K7T266 Pro2 RU
front mounted usb
One of the IDE pins are broken anyone know how to fix it?
Abit TH7-II + P4 problem?
building computer for parents
what to do with my girlfriends P2
60c at idle...
You've never seen this before
Which 2mega Digicam?
have dvd player but no software.
The ultimate DIY keyboard
Monitor not bisplaying Bios screen...
rheostat knobs
Audigy connection advice
P4 478pin 533fsb... What are the standard temperatures??
Odd problem. Comp has weird crashes... (memory problem?)
Does this work?
Where is the CMOS jumper on a gateway solo 2500
Mysterious computer problem, need help!
What do you think of WD 80gig w/8mb cache?
Monitor prob!!
2MP Digital Camera
About to place my order
Mic Prob!!! Help!
System crash after HDD stress.
Duallie for a digital darkroom
"Windows Protection Error" HELP
newbie, Abit Vp6
IDE Connector matter?
NEW SETUP! Complete system ready to go! **PICS**
PCI system monitor?
Really CRAPPY sound with DVD
New System: Help Please!!
Abit vp6 and new cpu's
Which MSI K7D?
4 connector ide cables so master, slave, and ???
continually burning in for 7-8 hours?
Computer upgrade advice
MP soon or Opteron later?
Newbie O/C Probs
least expensive way to do this?
dual cpu upgrade question
MY moniter makes a high pitched sound after being on for 4+ hours
Need advice on which mobo to get.
Cleaning Cards And Motherboards??
EPoX EP-4G4A+ users look here Plz!!
How long does it take YOUR CD's to load up?
Computer keeps rebotting...please help =(
CD-ROM drive doesn't function all the time
PCI And AGP Question
Any Gigabyte 8I-GX user here?
sony 1.44 floppy drive won't work
Dust doesn't harm computers!
Via C3
Is Abit SA6 R Mobo Good or Bad???
Abit SA6 R Motherboard
Bogey Asus Trade In For Msi?
Purdue Rocks
Stereo Gurus! Sony Tuner cutting out...
Should I go Dual? What options are there?
laytop HD and CDROM in Desktop
what is to much to pay??
A question for a SlotKet
Theoretical question about shorting AGP card
MSI K7D if you have or want must read
I busted a CAP!!! Help!
Making A New Computer, Advice Wanted
a very good read on the MPX chip
Need Cheap Socket 478 Mb
Unlocking needed for XP's in a dual machine?
OC'ing a dual p166 rig
New Computer won't start
should my cpu do 133?
White Colored Parts
DVD-ROM can't read a DVD!!!
Need a little help here
help with monitor
i was presented with a nice challege
CD-ROM will only read at 7x???
WOH! New Speakers
Celeron Motherboard Question
Help a newbie meet his budget!
Asus P2b rev 1.04
dvd burners confuse me
CD-RW not recgonized
Need help with SCSI-disks
Questions about Intel stl2 dual server board
No Disk Array Defined...???
win 98 setup stalls on drivers & finalizing setting!? HELP!
What fps should i be getting with my hardware
Laptop HDD it a Desktop unit...Possible??
dual setup
new system, nothing... HELP!
Msi K7d Q
Help digitaldoc nightmare
Looking to put a second system together CHEAP , HELP ME OUT
Laptop and cell phone
dual nics
How fast will CD Burners get????
headphone dilema
To OEM or not to OEM
Dos box keeps poping up...
I have a prob with my PC
customers modem woes plz help!
P3 800
Windows 98 set up crashes at drivers part
SIS658 are thier any motherboards availible?
is it ever the right time?
win 98 boot screen freezes!?
do i need a win98 boot disk (floppy)
Another HD problem.
Is watching tv on a monitor clearer than a tv?
the new "cell" cpu architecture of the future
A big BIG thank you!
PLEASE help me get my data back (partition screwed up)
-CMOS Reset?-
No sound.....
WinNT Memory testers
im new and need help sum1 please help
Duron 1GHz instead of 2xCel433
booted newly built pc - operating system wont load?
planned system!!
System Won't Post!! Using A7V266-E
US Robotics 2977
Can a printer just DIE?!
Old System POSTs, but not much there after
too much thermal grease?
Home intertainment center
Floppy needed to setup?
can not complete a drawing
Mobo Recomendation
New System Won't Post
GF4Ti4200 or a DDR motherboard
Need some quick advice
Quick question about IDE Cables
Hard drive CPU utilization problem
AC Adapter
Does anyone know this "100/33mhz/-0.5%?
Iwill dvd-266r
how do i copy data to a new HDD and make it my main HDD
Looking for KVM Switch Advice
Audio LCD displays - UK
DivX encode speed
Its Here!! The Ulitimate Lan Box!
Video capture cards.
A true challenge.
what exactly does pci latency do?
Where can you find PlexiGlass???
System ideas(price list)
p4 help!!!
Please help..system useless.
motherboards and MIDI ports
refurbished board = ?
Cant Reload Windows!!!!!
---Taking Apart PSU---
pci nic latency prob.
To dual or not to dual...
where i can unlock the multiplier at
Dual optical mice?
A free Ppro
format failed....hd toast?.....or user error?
Monitor Blacking Out....
Digital Camera