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r9 290
How does power management work?
7870 Will Display HDMI but not VGA - Help
Your opinion for an AMD 6950
Help Graphics card will not display after powercut. msi 6970 lightning
VisionTek CryoVenom R9 290 Graphics Card Review
voltage is backwards
AMD APP SDK RUNTIME safe uninstall possible?
Calling all ASUS R9 280X TOP owners, need input.
290 vs 290x for 4k
Magnetic edges between screens
MSI R9 270x or Sapphire R9 270x?
trying to do custom ati driver uninstall but
First time CrossFire not working
crossfired problem
how to see 290x vrm temps?
Can't connect 4th monitor on 6950
HIS IceQ Capacitor Blowed?
Diamond Multimedia R9 270X Review
Differences among reference GPUs from different manufacturers
AMD Announces The Dual GPU R9 295X2
Is my graphics card dead?
having two cards better then 1
Vesuvius ??
2nd monitor won't work while crossfire mode is enabled.
AMD Radeon HD 6670 problem
VisionTek CryoVenom R9 290 Now Available
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Help! Upgrading MY PC GPU
MSI R9 290X Lightning
Latest AMD GPU drivers for XP Pro 32-bit: support for R9-290?
Is $549 good price for R9 290X?
Cannot OC Radeon 5850 as high on my 4770k vs Fx 8350 answers?
AMD Announces New Mantle API and Gaming Evolved Partnerships
Blue screening while playing Counter Strike Globa Offensive
Is This A Decent OC HIS 7850
Strange Problem - gray screen?
Eyefinity Issue
7970 needs flashing, need help.
New cards
HD 7870 crossfire with 16/4 pci-e
Anyone else have this pci-e 3.0 @ 8x phenomenon with 290/x card?
which videocard
Do i need memory heatsinks on XFX HD 7850?
Opinion - best option for 6 montiors
Can you use ports on both cards with 2 R9 270x's in crossfire?
Help overclocking 6950 Asus DirectCU II
13-12 AMD drivers break Far Cry 3
xfx 7850 core. crashing at 2500x1440
6850 destroyed motherboards?
so i wanted to add another 7870....
Broken transistor
So now we get the 280 non X..
Crossfire question
Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Tri-X FPS-Drops
7950 Problem
Catalyst 14.2 Beta & GCN
XFX HD7770
MSI R9 290 Gaming 4G Video Card Review
Overheat temperature.
Radeon 5850 cooling
GPU in my laptop dying?
Mobility Radeon HD 4250
Crossfire XFX 7870's Bottom Screen Flicker
XFX R9 290X
R7? R9? I have been out of the loop for awhile...
Crossfire question
Repairing messed up AMD Catalyst Drivers
14.1beta, mantle and BF4 on 7970's
Overclock Suggestions for X2 HD 7870 Crossfire
Garbage FPS, 270x Dual-x
Sell 7970 or Find Another for CrossFire?
HIS R9 290 Black Screen Help?!
Testing AMD Kaveri APU Dual Graphics Performance
Options for CrossFire w/ current card?
MSi r9 290 +fx 8350
ASUS R9 290 (non X) sudden spikes in gpu usage
need advice on cooling GPU(XFX 6870)
1 long beep, three short beeps yet everything works fine??
Sapphire 7970 no fans problem
vid card price increase
Will this card work for my needs?
Small overclock fried card?
GPU issues (port/id)
Newbie advice please
R7 260x?
Just bought a power color 7970 open box did i make a mistake?
13.12 CCC Drivers Black Screen?
Do all 7x cards have coil whine?
XFX R7 250 - Dual-Link DVI?
7850 CF issue
Is this update for BF4 Mantle!?
R9-290 Cross fire issue and question, need fresh install CCD
fps drops
crossfire questions
What card to match a 7970 for xfire?
HD5770 only has 1 crossfire bridge?
I want your opinion
Graphics card options
Cannot get second 280X to work
Radeon 7850 dying/dead?
GPU artifacts out of nowhere
Where to buy 290.
Will it crossfire?
Aftermarket Cooling
aftermarket video card cooling
Crossfire 2x7850 problems
Which GPU For Photoshop?
2 270x 4 gig gaming edition or 2 270x 2 gig hawk edition
Getting blue screen and sometimes it goes completely black.
CrossfireX 290s, an 850 Watt PSU and a Puddle of Tears
Interesting article on scarcity of AMD vid-cards
+1 for sapphire support
290 unlocked to X with Hynix memory modules question...
290 unlock with doubts
Should i watercool my gpu?
Discussion about my 280X Toxic
CES 2014: VisionTek Unleashes Liquid Cooled R9 290 Graphics Card
Benefits from 7970 GHz edition
Unable to update to 13.12 Drivers !
AMD Radeon HD 5650 problem ..plz help
R9 290: price jump?
AMD power restrictions: only present when using CCC?
Gainward GeForce® GTX 670 2GB or 7970/R9 290?
Considering An Upgrade To R280X or 4820K CPU
Best method when upgrading GPU ?
Have A 7850 2GB Should I Install Nvidia Physx
AMD Announces FreeSync (free g-sync alternative)
HD 7950 Problems?
AMD R7 260 Video Card Review
Crossfire HD 7870's vs Card Upgrade
Video Transcoding & CF Problem
xfire Asus Hd7770's
High-end card with DP output, not DVI
Crossfire 7870 issues
7970 + 280x... Are They Dead?
bottleneck CPU + GPU
GAHHAHHH!! Im Torn Between 2
Crashes with no blue screen
R9 280x, 270x and 260x Owners Club
Sapphire radeon hd 5450 crashing
R9-290/290X caused Black Screen ?
Is it possible to unlock V-core on my GPU
Rip my 7950
AMD 13.12 Linux drivers...
[troubleshooting] Fluctuating frames and high Temps 280x /7970 cf
R9 290 black screen crash
290 Tri-X or 280X Toxic ?!?
Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Tri-X review at Anandtech
3650 AGP issues. Help!
Hd 5970 black edition 2gb
Gigabyte 7970 VRM Heat Pad & Troubleshoot
New build power problems :(
PowerColor PCS+ R9 270X Graphics Card Review
R9 290 prolimatech mk-26 Temps?
Trade 280x for 770 4Gb?
Weird issues from oc'ing 7970
Overclocking when connected to pci-e 4x
Biggest bottleneck in my system?
DisplayPort stuck at 640x480
BIOS on card I am about to RMA?
Catalyst 13.12 Released
ASUS GPU\tweak fan issue
Radeon hd 7870 not running at full capacity
Sapphire HD 7870 issues
Should I sell my 7950 for a GTX card?
Bring me up to speed on current day overclocking
ASUS R9 290X DirectCU II
Too scated to OC :(
Too scated to OC :(
Max oc for Radeon HD 7850
Radeon HD 7850 failure to pass bios and no screen
Problems with my ASUS Radeon HD 7970
can i upgrade to 270/280x?
better performance
What's going on
R9 290 Wont Install, help?
GPU Drivers failing
one monitor not responding
XFire 2 7870s
AMD System Monitor showing 0% usage for my 2 Sapphire R9 280x cards
Overclocking HD 7770 and I get BSOD code 116
Mobo/CPU bottlenecking my gpu?
Not sure why I've been going team red lately.
Asus Direct cuii 7970 and 280x Crossfire Success!
how much does a second gpu increase temps?
"Guppie" needs help - cheapo GPU rig floats upside down too often :)
MSI afterburner does strange things?
Any updates on the 290/290x aftermarket card situation?
5870 high #2 temperature
Asus 6970 Thermal applyment
280x in stock (and some BTC discussion)
Extra heatsinks for very hot 7990? Other hacks?
Time to get a new gpu?
my power supply enough?
Shadow flickering in Crysis 3 with 280x
Single Asus HD7970 DCU2 5 monitor array
any vtx3d 7850 2gb x-edition owner ( VX7850 2GBD5-2DHX ) ?
7870 and R9 280X Crossfire?
280x dual-x can't enable trifire...
R9 280x Help
280x requirements
fan speed
R9 290x drivers are beta, are my problems hardware or software related?
I want more! Tri-Fire? Quadfire?
Need advice on sale price of 2 Cards with Blocks
help flashing a brick hd7850
Can't Find GPU Driver for HP g6-2233nr Notebook
MSI Twin Frozer III 7850 Water cooled
Hit a wall OCing my 7970
AMD 8870 oem GHZ crossfired with a 7870 GHZ?
problem with hd7850 edit,flash bios
7970's Crossfire black screen
Is my Sapphire AMD HD 7870 GHz Edition card voltage locked?
Unlock voltage help... Please.
Anyone upgrading from their 7970's?
Build new rig (first build) Need V-card now
I don't know if it's any good... but I think I like it.
Upgrading from 7950 to 280X worth it?
BSOD HELP PLEASE!!!! crossfire 280x NOT
7970 +280x, not a perfect marriage?
Gigabyte 7990 running hot
What's a good upgrade for a 1gb 4890?
Overclocking the answer?
Thief added to Never Settle
Should I pull the trigger on this HD 7970
crossfire help
HIS iCooler R7 250, 260X IceQ X2, and R9 270X IceQ X2 Turbo Videocard Reviews
AMD Releases the Firepro S10000 12gb
HTPC/Light Gaming vid card
Raptr Gaming Evolved
overclock video card old
cross.7970, up for 3 or not
Need help deciding.
Asus HD7950 and BF4
Not crisp picture
HD 7850 - Saints Row IV Framerate
AMD R9 270 Video Card Review
AMD 2013 Holiday Season Game Bundle
will 3.0 video card work in 990fx extreme3
Can CCC automatically raise the fan speed when a game starts?
7990 not getting detected properly
AMD: more income from GPU's? Or CPU's?
R9 290X and 290 Owners Club
Multi GPU Temp Monitoring Software
290 with "universal" waterblocks
Sapphire HD7790 DualX 1GB GDDR5 OC vs Sapphire HD7790 1GB GDDR5 OC
EGPU MacBook Pro Thunderbolt with MSI GD80/GD45
ASUS R9 270X DirectCU II Top Graphics Card Review
upgrading from 6850?
2 6950's or one 7950
290x on newegg
Large variation in performance of R9 290X
7990 - Battlefield 4 Problem
7950 and 7970
r9 290 vs nVIDIA
AMD R9 290 Graphics Card Review
Where can I preorder a R9 290x for $550 from a reputable etailer?
Sapphire R9-280X Toxic, worth upgrading ?
Disconnecting 2nd monitor/Improved performance
can trees run????
R9 280X in 3 Way Crossfire
Drivers for 8.1?
Cant Enable Crossfire HELP!!!
hd7950 driver quirks / instabilities
OC and aging
MSI R9 280X Gaming 3G Video Card Review
Faulty GPU I think
pc games stutter how do i fix this
pc wont start after installing radeon r7 240
Asus HD 7970 Matrix Platinum Vs The MSI R7970 Lightning Boost Edition
CrossFire HD 7950
Removing GPU heatsink
Battlefield 4 GPU options
Which card?
HD 7970's with unlocked voltage??
GPU Upgrade Question
HIS IceQ X² R9 280X - Stutters on low settings
Eyefinity Question with 3 monitors....
Eyefinity Question with 3 monitors....
AMD Radeon HD 6800 Overheating.
Powecolor HD 7950 Overclock advice
Slow servers at AMD?
Can I sell my Radeon Gold Reward Bundle of games?
AMD Launches R9 290 Series Graphics Cards
Next version of the 7990?
Thrilled with my 7950!
Low GPU usage in games
First Time Crossfire 7950 question
7950's just jumped in price
Voltage ??
Finally upgrading video card
Catalyst 13.11 3d application settings etc...
Toms posts r9-290x bench's
Modding MSI Twin Frozer boost editon BIOS
A little bend where the PCIE connects Sapphire 7970
HD 7950 running on PCIEx16 2.0
OK, it's Oct. 15: where are the AMD 290's?
HIS R9 280X iPower IceQ X2 Turbo Graphics Card Review
Could a faulty 7970 cause startup issue?
AMD R9 280x
Hi!I Really Need HELP!
Cannot boot with 2 Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970s
CCC / RadeonPro / In-Game Settings ?
Reference question
Problem With MSI 7870
Overclocking a 7850
Trouble with getting 2 amd video cards to play together
Driver Sweeper AMD Drivers caused BSOD
Which card to get
7950 Cards Running Full on Restart/Shutdown
Clear answer on CFX performance.
AMD R7 260X Graphics Card Review
290X vs. 7990
7850 voltage bump causing issues with sound card?
CONFIRMED: R9 280X & HD 7970 Work Just Fine In CrossfireX
sell my cards?
Recommend me a good mid-end graphics card
I need help to overclock asus eah 6850 gpu
AMD XFX R9 280X Graphics Card Review
AMD R9 270X Graphics Card Review
ATIeyeFinity + Crossfire + All monitors @ 120hz
How to fully test 7950 video RAM?
lines rolling on screen
Normal temps for Radeon HD4870?
poor fps gain in crossfire hd 7970 OC
My graphics cards specs aren't matching in GPU-Z
Crossfire or 7870?
7870 CF or single 7950
Xfire problem I think
Unless booting with Monitor ON, display requires scrolling w/ mouse to see all
6970's in crossfire? Or a single Nvidia card?
Sapphire 7850 2GB OC,wont pass 1080 Core Mem?
is my card broken or is it going to be ok
dual monitors but only one for gaming?
AMD R9 290. Naming discussion.
Sapphire 7750 makes a buzz noise at special moments!:D
help choose a 7950
XFX Radeon HD5870 Artifact issue
Powercolor 7990 - Freezing Games
7970 makes a stupid noise and when i touch the DualX mark, it'll disappear
Which are you considering.
My new 7970 gpu temp not showing up?!?!?!
Maximizing FPS for new Monitor Setup
Water Cool Sapphire 7870 OC
AMD Introduces its New GPU Lineup at GPU '14 Tech Day in Hawaii
AMD livestream discussion
Stuck in limbo. Is it worth upgrading yet?
Which Video Card is Better?
is this a good PSU for my video card
AMD R9 290X Pictures Leaked
AMD R7 260X Pictured
will this PSU power my 4890
Overclock to 7850 2gb OC Edition
Sapphire HD4870x2 - advise on cooling mods
7950 Crossfire Overclocking Recommendations
7970 SC2 artifacts
help with hd7970 voltage control afterburner
AMD Catalyst 13.9
AMD Confirms Hawaii is 28nm
Will my computer be able to run this graphics card?
how can I change the resolution in the firmware?
7870 Overclock to Blue Screen
Low FPS with 7950 Crossfire
HD 7770 Vs HD7850
7970 plain or GHZ
budget cooler fan for radeon 4870
is ARCTIC Accelero L2 Plus compatible with radeon 4870?
H60 om HD 7970
worth it to crossfire 2 Sapphire 7870 video cards
HELP! Radeon HD 3870X2
Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.
Help overclocking Radeon 8770m
Mulitple radeon 9250 video cards in AccerPower s285
Departing this Forum. and final word on AMD.
Monitor won't recover from standby--video card or monitor issue?
HELP cant enable crossfire
AMD Catalyst 13.10 Beta Driver 9/5/13
OC 7950 and psu
hd 7970 crossfire with 7950
These scores look right?
7970 sends uncompatible video as default
AMD Radeon HD 7850 1GB help
1x7970, looking for multi-gpu options
my system is freezing and when start a game it rebooting
7950s crossfire 3d Mark 11
DirectX Error Overclocking Asus EAH6950
AMD Radeon 7850 2gb
Gigabyte HD7950 or SapphireHD7950
7870 vs 7970
GPU for Triple Monitor Setup Help
Replacement for Radeon 6970 X2
HD7990 Non reference
What good xfire Mobo to cross fire two 7950s?
Should I crossfire on single 1080p?
7970 Overdrive Failures
hd 7970 crossfire questions??
What do you think of MSI 7950?
GPU load drops to 0%, FPS drops in games
Crossfire with different Clock speeds
Xbox One review vid.
Which one of these 7970s?
need help with video card
AMD Introduces Never Settle Forever Bundle
7990 vs 780
Pci-e not working but adapters are?
Radeon HD 7950 vs. 7970.
Crossfire ULPS Issues
Which card is better?
[Anandtech] 7990 Price Cut
For those needing 13.8 catalyst review.
Is my GPU Broken? HD 6970 DirectCUII
AMD catalyst 13.8 test results.
4 pin connectors??
GPU for Tomb Raider
SAPPHIRE RADEON HD 7750 reading wrong temperature
Trying to OC 5670, failed miserably..
AMD Catalyst™ 13.8 Windows® Beta Driver
Max core voltage for 6950/6970?
Real easy question I think.
Today is the day!
Overclocking 7970 dual-x
Looking to upgrade my PC, What do I need to make it better for gaming and faster
How safe is it to modify a VBIOS?
How do i overclock my old ATI Card?
AMD Radeon HD 7750 2gb VS. AMD Radeon HD 7770 1gb
Bizarre overclocking issue w/Diamond 6970
OCing HD 6850
HD 6850
Switched GPUs artifacting
Need suggestions on overclocking
Testing and Possible Repair of GPU's to be Sold
Sapphire 6970 Crossfire Problems
sapphire 7750 overclocking...
6970, Accelero Xtreme II and fan swap overclock
GPU smells like toast
Can sapphire 7870 hande BF4?
Getting near a 7950
eyefinity problem
Overclocking question
Potential video card problem, need help
Will the July 31st Drivers help......
TIM on outer GPU package perimeter?
Visiontek hd7970 pcb
Old AMD 5770 stopped working
Monitor refresh rate OC for AMD GPUs
HELP! Problem with my AMD 7950
HELP! Problem with my AMD 7950
troubleshooting HD 3870x2
hd 7750 question
crossfire 7870 with problems
MSI R7850 Twin Frozr OC edition
Cant OC gygabyte 7950 help!!
Too many variable at once.. not sure what is at fault now
Single non-crossfire 7970 stutter?
7970 x 2 running slow?
XFX 6870 low fps and freez
2x6950's or new gtx780
Radeon HD 9000 series
Another 7870 or 7970?
7970 bios flashing
HD6970 crossfire
weird GPU usage
Run crossfire vs. 1 new single card.
120hz 7970 xfx dd issue please help!
Upgrade Advice from HD6870
Which temperature to watch???
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Running Slow CF 7970
Issue CF 7970 OC. CF options dissapear
AMD Radeon Graphics Presents: The Fixer
First time overclocking Msi Amd Radeon HD 7770 Ghz Edition tips?
I killed my video card?
ASUS Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition DCII 2GB GPU Review
5670 temps?
Gigabyte 7870 questions
Which sapphire 7950 card?
Sapphire Vapor-X HD 7950 HOT
5970 2nd GPU Vanished!!
7950 not being seen at all. dead?
HD 7970 Gaming Benchmark Results Update
Diamond Multimedia HD7790 Review
Xfx 6950 black edition
General help with performance
Looking To Upgrade My Video Card
Temps for 7870 XT
AMD 8970 specs leak/rumor
gigabyte 6870 oc to soc bios flash?
7850 graphics card help
MSI afterburner and frame rate.