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HD4850 - upgrade options??
4870 crossfire bridge
CCC 9.7 and multiple monitors
From 9800GTX to 275GTX or 4890HD?
Really stupid question, but not a waste of your time :)
Switching from nVidia to ATI, need help!!!
4890 vrm's?
ATI Radeon HD 2400 wont SET clocks right?
name this tiny part?
How can I check if my card is blown?
Artifacts even during post/bios..
LOL HD5000
worst week everrrr
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4870/CPU Bottleneck
HD4850 on 42" plasma, safe?
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4870x2 Vantage Score questionable.
Considering Crossfire
OMG Pic of 5870!
low sm2 scores in 3dmark06 with two 4870s
Cooling VRM's
XFX HD 4850 512mb compared to GTS 250 512mb
4870 x3 or VelociRaptor?
HR-03 on 4890?
4870 in Rivatuner shows 2d clocks
wanting to x fire hd4850
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4890 crossfire problems
HD 4350
rivatuner screenshot, is this normal
AGP 3850 worth it?
ati powerplay?
3870 vs 4870 & 4890
Just seen Cat 9.7 is out
new catalyst dosent work
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problems with new HIS 4850 iceq4 turbo 512.
Get a 4890 or wait for HD5xxx???
Putting on a different cooler
Upgrade to 4890
ATi driver problems x1300
HIS Radeon HD X2600XT AGP Dead. Help?
best catalyst drivers for a HIS HD4850
ati tool question
is this a normal voltage temp and current?
HIS iceq4 512 card?
4870 vs 4890...
SAPPHIRE vapor-x 4870 on ASUS Crosshair III
Dual X1900GT's IN CF
anyone crossfire the 4770
4830 cooling?
4850 Black screen -- card not being used
Upgrading to 4890, crossfire, or ditch old card?
xfx 4890 only running at x8 speed???
New HDTV, new video card...
is the HD4850 too powerful for my weak machine?
I'm torn between two 4890's.
Radeon HD 4850 not showing in Rivatuner?
Do The Latest Omegas Support IGP 320M?
Good 4890?
SAPPHIRE 4870 1G CrossFire with 3DMARK Vantage iSSUS
I need stock bios for VisionTek 4870x2
is this a good card, comparable to my dying x1900xt
something cheap and reliable to replace my possibly fried x1900xt
ATI + nVidia
It wont crossfire! and artifacting is still there!
HD4890 low mem clock.
Windows 7 RC x64 and ATI 9.6
HD4890, HDMI, Overscan. HELP. :<
What 4890's use a Reference PCB?
Basic X-Fire / 4890 Questions
PCI-E 8x or PCI-E 16x would it make a difference?
Onboard HD3300
ATI question of the day! For the ATI Gurus.
Ati 4650 Help
Need Suggestions for HD 4890
extreme crossfire
Best DVI to HDMI cable?
will this work on the second PCI-E slot
sapphire 3850 AGP best drivers
Goodbye GTX 295, welcome CF 4290s - is triple CF worth it?
new comp questions
Max clocks aren't very high
Bios Overclocking
Artifacting issues on my 4870HD
2nd 4870
Power Specs on a X300?
first 4890 installed
Flashing a non reference HD 4870 to a reference card's BIOS.
HD4850 and Gigabyte 965P DS3 - please help
4890 aftermarket cooler?
Worth upgrading?
Hd4850 - blocky trees
hybrid crossfire
AV HD 4850 X2 Will Not Complete Post
BIOS for 4890 and voltage tweaking?
I need help deciding..
RV870 in October
best AGP vid card for 26A requirement?
video driver issues.
Just installed 9.6, error message.
Should I get a 4890?
Upgrading graphics card in PC
Radeon HD 4870 display / HDMI issue
which card would you get??
Any thing to watch out for in a HD4870 ?
If buying an ATI card now like tommorrow best value 4870 1GB or 4890 1GB
Sapphire HD4870 Ram chips?
ATI HD Audio lowers the 3D performance
4870 crossfire help
New Bracket For Radeon 4870
How has ATI's drivers been lately? Debating 4890 Xfire setup
4890, what OC are you guys ending up with?
gpu not drawing enough amps?
Sapphire HD 3850 video card questions
atitool x1900xt problem still persists-tried something new
Hi anybody played with 9.6 cat ?
Fan keeps spinning
X1950Pro to 3870?
4770 Card Length
looking for a low-end (read: cheap) gaming card
How large of a power supply do i need for the 4870X2?
HTPC and HD 4550 resolution problem
I need help, Crossfire 2x Diamond HD3850 256ddr3, Vista 64 Cat 9.5
Modding a 4770 to take a MCW60 waterblock
Fried my HD4850?
4890 freezing question
Crossfire 4890/4850, or not ?
atikmdag.sys crashing
4890... DDR5 or GDDR5... Same or different?
3DVantage P9677 score with Radeon HD 4900...
Is 8173 a good Vantage score for my 4850 ?
What to choose?
Should I get a 4890?
? on 4890 drivers
Manual Fan Control
Very Quick ATI Question
AMD Plans Price Cut For HD 4800 Series In Q3
Gaming on a 42" HDTV
My VERY first overclock ever.
New 4850 doesn't use the whole screen
Xfx 4850 should I apply AS5
ATi tray tools - Vista 64
Am I reading Tom's Hardware chart wrong?
new Power Color sub-brand - VTX =S
Amd shows off DirectX 11, probably 5870, probably awesome
Overdrive on 4670
4870 or 2 * 4850 card ?
Win7, and CCC
installing drivers on W7rc
What happened to the 4770's???
RV870 Specs leaked
R800 ready?
New ATI integrated GPU - E4690
ATI 4890 Benchmarks? What should I expect?
Aftermarket cooling for 4850 crossfire
Sapphite 4350 causing boot problems
Sapphire HD 4770 crossfire issue
Need some advice before spending $$$
Upgrade from 512mb 4870 to 1024mb 4890
ATI, AMD bottleneck ?? help please
x800GTO Not Working since new Power supply.
Underpowered card causing problems?
HD4870/4890 design flaw?
4890 in CF + 4870X2 = possible?
4870 overclocking / crossfire
HIS 3870 suddenly died without prior notice =}
AMD and Anti-Competitive Prices
crossfire question
haiiii gaiis!, need help plz
Flashing HD4870 bios
hd3870 fps drop
Catalyst 9.5 wont start
Slight burning smell from Radeon HD3870
Need advice on vdeo for new setup, ?crossfire?
DX 11
Cannot install drivers for mobility HD4850
Power requirements of 4890?
Triple CF 4890
Quick question regarding a hd4770
Upgraded to ATI-Radeon HD 4350
Asus P6T Deluxe v2 and Crossfire
two 4850 crossfire issues with new motherboard
Selling plasma for video upgrade!!!!
a bottleneck or faulty card HD4850?
Which card to get?
Card with a quiet fan
Can somebody with an HD4770 do me a quick favor?
Cat 9.5
4770 CF Vs. 4890 ?
ATi card manufacturers
ATI Catalyst 9.2 Host App.Error when overclocked?
4670, 4770,4830, or 4850
PowerColor HD4850 PCS+ GDDR3 512MB going above 730/1200 was a no go
I just finished my triFire setp. Sharing my experience
will 19" LCD & e7300 @ 3.0ghz bottleneck TOXIC HD4870 1G
I wnet triFire, system wont boot
9800GT to a 4870?
cat 9.5 ?
Win 7 second monitor screen flashs some times ?
Can't Open CCC in Win 7
I just got the 3rd 4870 1GB. How do I proceed to triFire it?
asus 4850 overheating
Odd issue with gddr5 on hd4770
All Older ATI Cards Support CrossFire! ;)
Asus vs ATI 4870 drivers
4870x2 performance
screen lost signal
Upgrading from x1950XT to....
i think furmark boke my 4870 :-/
Monitor blurry after switching to HDMI, what am I missing?
Just picked up two "faulty" HD 4870 X2s for 60 euros.
4770 & WoW at 1920x1200
Problems with ATI Tool?
HD 4870x2
Half height graphics card recommendation for low power system
The straight story on the SAPPHIRE 100249L Radeon HD 3850 1GB 256-bit?
XFire 4770 vs 4850x2
Frustrated with crossfire
Installing new Card, have some questions
Physics Acceleration and ATI
GPU loud hissing
Max overclock for video cards?
aftermarket cooling
Which ati drivers for windows 7?
4870 Studdering problem
XFire question
Radeon 4870 1GB vs 512MB
requirement for 4770 CF
Flashed my 4770 with the Asus bios
Do I need to redinstall drivers?
2 x 4770 >>>> 4890; also cheaper, cooler and use less power
4890 softmod
Best Cats for 3870?
Will crossfire work well on my dfi infinity p965-s?
Crossfired HIS HD4890s
CrossfireX Three Monitors, please Help!
Trying to troubleshoot slowdowns and choppyness in 4850x2
How do 4850's in Crossfire rate ?
How do 4850's in Crossfire rate ?
Problem Solved!
Will a 4870 fit?
New 4890 Installed
4770 Godlike-ish?
Newish to ATI
Are the 4000 series DX11 compatible?
Command Line Tool to Clock RV7x0 Cards?
4770 available on Newegg
Ok Need advice...
thinking about adding another 4870
4870 x2 for $350 is it a good price?
4870 playing MTS high def video problem
4890 not that great?
Going triFire
What sort of temps do your cards run?
is it fake????
Crossfire/SLI Aftermarket Coolers
Radeon x1950xt 256MB PCI-E16x Support?
Can I set my fan speed TOO high?
Will my MOBO Support 4890 CF?
mixing ASIC cores on crossfire?
Radeon HD 3650 problems
Looking at first ATI Cards
ATI's RV870 coming soon!!!!!!!
Why no Xfire on Nv Chipsets?
4870 x2 Game froze and now won't work with Catalyst installed
HD4870 @ VDDC Temps high?
Is 1024mb REALLY beter than 512mb when it comes to crossfire?
How do I turn on trueform on my HD4870
Is Diamond Support .....ed up or what!!!
HELP!!! 4870 need some advice .
New 4350 and sound issues....?
QUICK HELP! 4890 1G or a 4870 2G 1920 x 1080
VoltageFactory Help
Black Screen Right before Login screen
HD4770 Slides Leaked
88gtx to 4890
Aftermarket 4870x2 cooler
Crossfire bridges ?
New 4830 have a few Q's
Tweakforce drivers
Where are VDCC Slave #1,2,3 on HD4870?
4850 volt modded to get P9051 in Vantage
New card temps
Ati tool overclocking
point me towards a decent ati card
Code 43 HotFix from AMD
ATi 9.4 Catalyst Out
Gainward HD4870x2 BIOS needed
Can I run a 4890 with a Corsair VX550W?
4850 x2 probs!
Catalyst 9.3 and Windows 7 64 bit
Which brand of HD4890?
What do we know about the 5xxx series cards
Will a 4870 run all the modern games on 1920x1080?
PSU and HD4870X2
Question About HD4890
4870X2 and FRAPS
4890 Problem
4890 confirmed RivaTuner Support!
Am I limited by using 512mb or RAM
Catalyst GPU Scaling on Windows 7 x64?
Need a coolor for 4850
ASUS HD4850 TOP & Coolermaster 690? What are your temps?
Comprehensive HD4890 Review @ Xbitlabs
Tweaktown 4890 article
Need Help "UNDERCLOCKING" an X1950pro
3D mark score for new crossfire setup
4870 Toxic 512Mb VERY high MEMIO Temp!
3dmark6,is this a good score?
can i install ATI card beside my biuld in INTEL ?
tri fire no oc
4870 1gb and reality mod
AGP ATi 9600 allocated memory question
Radeon 4850 Overclock, out of the box, stock cooling
ATI memory
Problem with display driver...ATI Catalyst
What Is Going On With My Dual 4870x2's In CrossFireX?
CrossfireX extended desktop with 1 monitor :S
ATI overdrive won't take any overclock settings for my card
AMD internal document - Catalyst 9.4: legacy support removed!
AMD and Havok demo GPU-accelerated OpenCL physics
powercolor HD4870 temps issues
x1900 vivo
AMD Radeon HD 4890 1GB benchmarked
Hybrid Crossfire Help
Is Flashing My 4870X2 BIOS Worth it?
4870x2 + 4870
Diamond/ATI 4850 x2
2900's vs 4870
Need VGA cooler 9800pro
OC'ing Powercolor 4830
Asus EAH4870X2 2dMark Vantage low score
PC 4870 512 w Hybrid CrossFireX vs GTX 260 192
Dual cards V7700 and 4870
i somehow found this - ATi 4890
crossfire headache.. yes i read everything!!!
Asus 4870 dk 1gb crossfire reviews help
ATI 3450 & Dolby DTS?
what to do about a new card?
4870 benchies
Vapor-X cooler for 4870
Asus hd3870x2 overclock. is it even worth it ??
hybrid crossfire help
Help With 3850 AGP problems Thanks
Ati 4870X2 ; Crysis likes it better with one GPU?
Reference design
How the 4830 ATI HD is?
Catalyst 9.3 Up Windows 7 too*
Maybe I'm crazy
2nd card fan speed not throttling?
Rofl at my misfortune
Sapphire 4870 question
HD2400 to XT?
sapphire 4850x2 running on one gpu-low scores, choppy
Do ATI cards work in 3DVantage?
Another HD3870 of HD4870
What are your temperatures for 4850/4870?
please help me
PCIe Speed test
Getting power not connected properly in bios editor
program to set dynamic fan speed manually?
At my breaking point: 4870x2 troubles
4890 on April 6
GTAIV hd4870 dk1gb drivers
PCIe video capture recommendation + where to get all in wonder vga out adaptor?
Need card opinion
Help on 4870x2 please
no agp o/c guide??
ATI-based video card spec links
[HELP] HD4850
OC troubles [Mobility 3450, ATITool, AMD GPU Clock Tool]
nvidia to ati
does turning off crossfire also disable power to second card?
Asus 4870 dead?
CrossFire a 4870 X2 and a 4870
is this my gpu/monitor? random flickering pixels? HELP:(
Best card for ~ 75
Help me with Mobile 3450 drivers please!
how do i get rid of ati logo in my games?
ATI Hybrid Graphics. Any good?
ATI 4870 No Signal - Vista
I just bought (2) 4870x2's...Different Clock Speeds In ATI Overdrive???
GPP Slots Power Limit?
How much better are 4870's?
LCD shows black screen when going from 2D to 3D in WaW/COD4
Sapphire HD 3870 512mb Problems!
The Rumor Mill & Whats New 4970 4890 4750 ect
Crossfire 4850 with 4830/4850 with 4950??
HELP! Rivatuner wont oc the second 4870
Different colored crossfire cables
Thinking of upgrading to 4870
ATi Sneek Out 40nm 4*** Series Mobility GPU's
Adding fan control (ASUS EAH4670)
Max clocks for 4870 , how to check for stability.
Increase minimum fan
Crossfire benefit going from 975X to X38/X48/P45?
4870 temps? Are mine too hot?
constant "flashing screen" game crash
Will i be able to run a 4870x2 ??
a video card that will run UT3 good on max settings
what to do about new video card?
Xfire 3870 Vs. Single 4870
4870 tri fire
powercolor x1950pro 512mb ac
unstable 4870?
4850 x2 1gb vs 2gb
Catalyst control panel
multiple questions
4870x2 AfterMarket cooler
4850 1gb Tri-Fire or 4870X2?
catalyst drivers twakked?
Quad Crossfire Question
HD4870 x2 shut down?
quick question
Anti-aliasing an issue with ATi cards?
Vissiontek ATI Radeon 3870 X OC'd CrossFire Question
ATI x1950xt fan speed.
HELP PLZ 4870x2 bios
Replaced 4850 Stock Cooler to T-Rad2 - PC now turning off after 1 minute
4870X2 and X-FI
dreaded red blue green blocks
cat 9.2 and 9.1 "Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed"
4870x2 drivers
Absolute minimum power needed for 2x 4870 512mb
overclock of a ATI X1950 Pro 512mb AGP
X1950 Pro Vs 3850 BOTH AGP
Should I go with ATI?
ATI Install Manager only option...
3870 hd
The 4650 and questions on Xfire.
Have a 3870 Question
How can i tell my 3d clocks? hd 3870
3650 vs 4350 which is better?
Need some advice
$100 if you can beat my 4850 Mem core oc =D
Make Up My Mind: 4850 512mb Or 4870 512mb
Upgrade, help me choose
Best Drivers for 4870?
Using RBE to Change HD4870 BIOS Settings
keep getting stop messages while playing games! HELP!!
ATi Radeon HD 3650 512 mb
hd 3450 trouble
ATI CrossFire Xtension ...
Catalyst 9.2 Anyone?
Driver performance - 9.1/8.12 hotfix/8.12 - surprising IMO
ati 4670 oc
4870 1GB below avg fps...
Sapphire 3850 AGP card
4850 ramsinks scorching
HIS Radeon 4870 1gb OC Bios
4870x2 psu check
ATI tool alternative?
Choose between 4850X2 or 4870? Both 1GB?
4870x2 Crossfire+Vantage = ShutDown
Google Sketchup OpenGL acceleration
Best single slot card?
4870x2 vs 4870 @ 1440 x 900
Hybrid graphics cards?
replacing cooler by sapphire samller pcb
stock bios for sapphire hd4850 dual slot
Better cooler = lower power consumption?
Performance affects
4870 - high cpu usage and stuttering with H264
overclocked 3850 256mb
3870X2 + (2) Single 3870's possible?
4830 and 4830 CF results
Radeon 4890 RV790 possibly on April
Will I get sound VIA HDMI over my 4850?
Rivatuner 2.22 Q's
best video card?
Catalyst Driver 9.1 Changes Device Name
24k 3dMark06
CrossFireX or Catalyst 9.1 stolen my GPU RAM?
MSI R4850 OC - no SVGA?
How do you guys handle the 4850 inadequate cooling @ stock?
Crossfire with World of warcraft
3450 Doubt it,3650 maybe,3850 most likely?
radeon x600 pci-x vpu crashing and not oc'd
Best Radeon 4870 for an Asus M3A78-T?
4830/4850 clock-for-clock difference
Graphics card whistle/whine
3870 crossfire or ?
HD 4850 temps keep rising and rising
Overclocked CPU but not ATI Radeon HD4850 Asus Top/512M FurMark BSOD