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How do you guys handle the 4850 inadequate cooling @ stock?
Crossfire with World of warcraft
3450 Doubt it,3650 maybe,3850 most likely?
radeon x600 pci-x vpu crashing and not oc'd
Best Radeon 4870 for an Asus M3A78-T?
4830/4850 clock-for-clock difference
Graphics card whistle/whine
3870 crossfire or ?
HD 4850 temps keep rising and rising
Overclocked CPU but not ATI Radeon HD4850 Asus Top/512M FurMark BSOD
4870 issues: what have i not tried?
PSU/GPU upgrading HELP PLS!
How much amps does the ati radeon 3650 256mb use??
RivaTuner plugin supporting GT2xx and HD4870 Voltage Tuning
Ati radeon 3650 256mb any good?
4870x2 temperatures high?
Tri-Fire and a 750m psu
ATI 3870 x2 problem
48xx max allowable vcore
I need a cheap heatsink for HD 4850s in CF running at over 105ºc
Bios for powercolor 4850 512mb
Bios for HIS 4870 1gb
HD 4870
ATI's Stream SDK vs CUDA
Going to try an ATi, couple questions
4850 512MB Ram need advice on upgrade path.
Finally have something good to say about my 4850
Trifire 3870's question
4870 1 gig, gonna be too hot?
Two questions
Can I use an Accelero S1 Rev2 on a pair of 4850s separated by only one slot?
I need some drivers that actually WORK with my X1950GT
Crossfire and FurMark
Driver causing restart
Cat 9.1 problem
sapphire hd4850 dualslot blue pcb
Worth it to upgrade to 4870 from 8800GTS G92?
Anyone out there with an MSI R4850 512 OC?
Thinking of selling my cards
ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT PCI 512MB vs 256MB ATI Radeon HD 3450
hd4850 duel monitors problem
rivatuner hardware monitoring
Little help testing 4850...
Rivatuner Software Volt Mod (Confirmed)
Rivatuner 2.22 with Catalyst 9.1
What < $20 used AGP or PCIe card for DVD movies?
Sapphire Toxic Bios Modding
Bit on an OB 4830 Deal...
4870 Asus Matrix BIOS requested urgant
Cat 9.1 = higher vantage score
Catalyst 9.1 - Issues Thread
xp and vista with 4870x2 perf diff
Ati Catalyst 9.1 Drivers Later Today
Turning on Crossfire
Purchase a new video card now or later?
OCed my 4850, have an issue
OCing 4850
Temp question
3870x2 in crossfire worth it? Ultra high rez
Which too get?
4850 X2 volt mod ??????????
windows 7 install faied, now problem with graphics
HIS HD 3850 Bios
Ongoing overheating issues with HD4850..
DVI cable question with crossfire
Overclocking Utility for 4870????
No HD 4350 drivers?
Video card (4870) temps too high?
New GFX for Gaming and HD Movies
4850 Overclocking
riva tuner
How can I *make* a 4-pin mini adapter to plug a Molex or a 3-pin fan into 4850?
why is 4850 so unstable
when is 9.1 cat gonna be here ?
Solution: How to un/install ATI drivers in Windows 7 Beta
4870 1gb + 4870 512mb
x1900xt vs Ati Catalyst Control Center
Looking for bios for HD4850 for above 800MHz GPU
Aftermarket cooler for HD4850?
Which 4870 should I get.
XFX HD 4830....Overclocking, Temps and 3DMark, etc
ATI 4870/4850 + Asus P5K Question . . .
3850 fan
4870x2 &4870 fans CFM
Problems when moving around windows.
3870 x2 help
removing fan
anyone know the best palce to get thermal tape?
HD 4870 or HD 3870 crossfire
liquid cooling cards
horizontal line on screen before windows loads
Porting nVidia's Physix onto a 4850/70???
Very Low 3DMark06 Scores
3870 Crossfire not working
OK what to upgrade? HELP PLEASE
Sapphire 4870 512 seems bricked. What do you think?
Vmodding my 4870 tonight...anyone done theirs?
HD 4830 DVD Quality - Interlacing Problems
AMD RV790 and RV740 in 40 nm from March 2009 on
driver for asus EAH4850
HD 4870 Issue
custom cooler for *short* palit HD4850
need some quick advise about 4850 build
Help! Having problems with my 4870 X2
4850 cf -> 4870x2 ?
new to ati/catalyst and crossfire = woes
4870 1G, 4850x2 2G or 4870 x2?
Volt mod 4850 non Refrence
HD 4870X2 worthwhile?
V5200 video playback problem
Horribly irritating frame jittery issue on 2900 XT
driver crash
Which 4870?
Adding fan control on CCC 8.12
Asus ATI HD 4850 Runs Extremely Hot
Windows 7 ATI Drivers`
red artifacts!
AMD's SuperComp Based On 1,000 R4870 GPU's
ATI Catalyst 9.x beta available
GPU cloud computing
ATI's alternative to EVGA Precision? Can't get Rivatuner to work...
ATI Radeon HD 4870 not living up to it's name.
Annoying scan line on TV Wonder Pro
Need modded 3850 agp drivers
Iceq 4+ vs Sapphire Toxix
XFX 4800 series spotting at retailers!
4970 CF setup questions
EA4870x2 no picture during startup
4850 CF woes :(
First ATI setup in a while
Overclocking 4870x2 with rivatuner?
HD2900XT Question
Club3D HD 4850 OC Edition, any good?
4870x2 on H20?
does the HD 4850 support 1366×768 resolution?
agp question
Price drop
XFX Radeons to be Available January 5th - yeah, that soon.
HD2600pro CF causing lockup
space limitations :(
Sapphire 4870 non refrence desgin
4850 + External Display (HDTV) = BSOD
length of 3850
Im wondering whats better.
Whoa.... I need this answered
4870 all the same?
Screen Shaking with 4850 - only happens on 1400x900
ATI 4850, fan speed question, should be quick.
4850 Crossfire on this PSU?
Game Freezes with PowerColor 4870 PCS+ 1gig
Blurry image on HDTV w/ 4870 through HDMI
The Radeon 4870 isn't hot!!
HIS HD4670, 512mb or 1gb for 24" monitor?
crossfire a waste?
4870x2 + 4870 1gig crossfirex
CrossfireX and dualmonitors
Power supply for HD 4850?
ATI RV740 - A 40nm RV770 In Disguise
Dual video card on ASUS P5Q
Cant OC His 4850 Turbo past 680 core.
help me choose the right card
Weird Issue - 4850 No Video
Witch 8.12 drvier to DL?
Anyones display driver just...off its self?
Crossfire & Monitors. Can you use the outputs of the second card?
Need help with lowering temperature on HD 4850....
simple obvious question
Crossfire questions
Is there a noticible difference in the 512mb and the 1024mb version of the 4870?
Merry Christmas
CCC w/8.12 & vista 32bit issue
Best utility to OC and adjust voltages on HD 4870
X1950 XTX good enough to play GTA IV?
Gainward 4870 512MB + Gainward 4870 512MB GS
overclock = lower score
Best card available w/bottlenecking
what do you think of this card
New HIS 4870 1gig @ Newegg
asus hd4870 1gb?????????
asus hd4870 1gb?????????
4850 cf heat issues
Is this the fps I should be getting?
best aftermarket cooler for 4850?
Need help with Diamond Radeon 4870X2 OC
HD4870x2 Heat Shield
Sudden degradation in 4850 crossfire performance
DDR2 800 to 1066 worth it?
can PCI E freq. affect GPU OC ability? - got a problem
CCC isn't working. Alternatives?
New 4870 default clock at 820mhz?
Convince me to trade in my gtx 260 for a 4870
prety sure my 4850 is dead
HD4870x2 temps
new MSI R3870x2 OC
4850 Recommended Temperatures?
OPINIONS? 4870 1gig Open Box @ Newegg
Houston do we have a problem? Or a benifit?
HD4870 512mb enough for Fallout 3 at 1280x960 8xAA ultra settings?
Vista 8.12 Hotfix For 4850 Crossfire
4870x2 error beeps
4870 Adjust Temperature Curve?
Whats the average max overclock for 4870's
4550 grinding Vista to a halt
Ati 4670 running only @ 200 Mhz...
4870x2 got it all working but...
hd4850 duel monitors
2x hd4850 in cfire or hd4870?
HD3850 CoD4 performance issues
anyone doen any bios modding?
3870X2 or 4870 , what to pick ?
AMD GPU-accelerated physics
Problems With my 4870
which card would you choose?
Question about 4870X2
3DMark scroe with 4870
3850 agp overclockble?
XFX to sell ATi cards!
sapphire 3850agp driver question
XFX goes ATI
cs:s and 4870 xfire
8800GTS 320MB
ATI driver. no idea what it is tho
running a 2600XT AGP in vista 32?
HD 4670 - What manufacturer? > msi, force 3D, saphire, asus gigabyte
3dmark 06 HD4850
Palit SMACKS Sapphire
Problems with new 4870 1GB
8.12 and 4870x2, second gpu inactive
4870, xbox360 and sound question
catalyst 8.12's officially out
HD2900gt vs Hd3650 BOTH 256mb gddr3
Dual 4870x2 on PCI-E 2.0 8x performance loss?
Remember that Catalyst 8.12 is released tomorrow 8/10/2008
Any 2600HD-XT users out there?
HD 3650 512mb Or Hd 2900GT 512mb pls help:)
Which of these video cards would you suggest...
1GB, or stick with 512?
PCI-e 2.0 Question
Why is the 4870 beating my GX2 in crysis
3d memory clock's
BIOS update for sapphire 4870 cards
Sapphire 3850 100% Fan Speed
high temps, 4870s
ATi Stream video encoding preview
Radeon HD 3650 512MB < can it play games like crysis?
Catalyst AGP Hotfix???
4850+4670 crossfire.
Flashing 4870
Flashing 4870
used card
overclocking my 4830
4870 1g Bios Upgrade?
Gecube HD3870 issues.
4850 Volt-Mod Help
CCC clock limits
4850 nonreference cooler-any good
4870x2 problem w/card or w/me?
PCI Express 2.0 x16?
HD4870 Poor Crysis Performance
Bad drivers or bad card?
Dell 755+Ati 3650+ Ati Drivers = Restart/No windows loading
Left 4 Dead crashing like crazy
HD 3870 questions
New GPU-Z!
crossfire not supported with 8.12 beta?
8.12 beta links
Crossfire board, single GFX card
HIS 4850 Different Reference Card
Help Selecting Video Card
HD 4870 only stable when cpu is underclocked
To Cross-Fire or not
4870 1gig Benchies
need advice
4850x2 vs 4870x2
ATI Driver Updates = BSoD =( Help Plx!!
4870 1gig brand
3d mark 06 and hd3870x2
Is a 4670 a sizable step up from dual 7800GTs in SLI?
The RV770 Story. ATI's road to success.
How can i actually tell if crossfire is working properly?
2900 XT idling at 90+C
1280x1024 vs. 1680x1050 – Internet + Gaming benefits
100 degrees C on a 4850!?
Suggestions for 4850 cooler
Trouble OCing HD4850... Please help!!
4870x2 And WoW Window Mode...
Water cooled 4870x2 Trying to get the most from it!
3650 or 4650? Details inside...
CF 4850 vs. single 4870
ATI BIOS editor
Coolest HD 4870 with Stock Fans???
Palit -- Just a Cheap & unreliable brand??
4850 dead? Help.
HD 4850 non-standard fan speed
Asus TOP 4850 Open Box?
Which is better?
Can mymobo run this card? (need a quick answer!)
Is a 4650 good for an HTPC?
Anyone using different brand 4850's for...
New 4870 1G install Question
problems with 4850. need help
ASUS EAH4850 1gb
OC'ing 4870x2
Insane temps for 4850
any other 4670 owners?
DirectX 10.1 isn't just a gimmick anymore
What to prepare for
Radeon HD4870 512 Woes
4870x2 Vantage Scores... Whats Yours?
Help a rookie OC his 4850
Stress program?
HD 4850 vs 8800GT results- dissapointed
Very Low FPS in all Games/Benchmarks
Loving my HD 4850!
Powercolor HD 4870 PCS+ 1gb OC and problem thread
2900XT crashing minutes into games
Upgrading suggestions
A Proof on Why GPU-Z Must Be Misreading My RAM and SHADER Temps as Unreasonably High
Catlayst Same package for Xp & Vista OR different ?
Another way to benchmark/stress test your GPU...
Upgrading a 3650HD
Help with overclocking
Post your 4850 OC's and MODS
i need to underclock my HD3870
Looking for someone with 4850x2 or 4870x2 that plays wow
Aftermarket cooling for 3870x2
AMD's Catalyst Drivers 8.12 to Support ATI Stream acceleration Capabilities
Cat 8.11's
How do you Xfire?
4870x2 help please
Is it just me or do the 8.11 drivers SUCK?
Which card?
ATI to respond with a performance driver
run 4870x2 and 8800gt (folding?)
Where can I find
Testing out my new gear
3870x2, 4850x2, 4870x2 - 4 DVIs
Where should it be?
I've had 2 LCD's die the same way... could it be my fault?
bout to order..
When is a video card truly stable?
Far Cry 2 stuters badly on HD 4850
New to ATI - need to upgrade my 7600GT
[HELP] VPU ERROR: Here's What I've Tried, To No Avail.
how are the 4870x2's doing?
4830 or 4850
Low power consumption graphics card
Volt Mod for Asus 4850 TOP?
MSI OR PALIT –– Which Brand ?
Overclocking Tools and the 8.11 drivers
Big improvement?
Ramsinks for 4850?
Crossfire my HTPC?
Best cooler 4850
Should i buy an HD4850??
4870 X2 cooling
POWERCOLOR 4830 512MB, Dimensions?
Ek Waterblock - 4870x2
I Crossfired and Voltmodded a poptart, results.
2nd Card in Crossfire runs strange clocks at boot?
Newbie Crossfire Setup
3870 low fps?
HD4850 solderles volt mod!
Zalman VF 900 on Palit HD4850
Asus ATI HD 4850 Runs Extremely Hot (100*C)
BIG problem
4850 getting hot after driver update
PROBLEM SOLVED! 4870 laggy/choppy no more!
How do I use ATItool: with or without installing catalyst?
Help me with understanding the GPU-Z sensors
Help with 3870
Palit HD 4850 is REALLY loud...
AMD/ATi to provide H.264 transcoder!
Suggestions for upgrading my Radeon 9800 xt?
Catalyst settings for a 4850
Video Card dying?
ATI Stream counters CUDA
ATI Catalyst™ 8.11 released
Prime81's 4870x2 Results Thread....
Is 4850 the best sub $150 card in Q4 2008? Who makes the best 4850?
Best sub 100 dollar card
4850 freezing & black screen help
4850, switching screens in CCC
4850/4870 power-saving, screen won't come back on
Small green artifacts in games, I fdont get it.
Installing 8.10
Xfire 4670 vs. 4850
4870HD 512mb Or 4870x2HD 2gb?
4850 artifacts in most games
MSI 4350 on fire..LITERALLY!!! (Pics)
4850- blank screen after post - odd series of events
Highly Overclocked Diamond Radeon HD 4870
Looking for a midrange card
780G set for 256MB UMA, drivers showing 700MB?
RV790 incoming
Error codes/lights? don't really know what to search for...
ccc 8.1 overdrive, more OC avaible?
3870X2....Cant get both cores to oc
Diamond Radeon HD 4870 Overclocked
Upgrade from 8800Gtx
4670 1gb Killed my OS... Need some help.
Diamond Radeon HD 4870
How do I find out what model of ATI 4870 I have?
mond Radeon HD 4870 Overclocked
dead graphics card
fast question whats better x850cross ed or x1650pro
OC My 4870x2 question
4850 or 4870 w/ E6300
4850 and a 8800GTS
Two cards one Pc
Possible to crossfire 3870 & 4850?
Any news of other (non PhysX) CUDA apps running on ATI
4850 with what?
what video card is good for max overclocking
I want 2560x1600 to be sexy in the 30" club
crossfire trouble
My Head is about to explode
Help me pick...
HD4850x2 Bench/Review/Preview thread - Preliminary tests up!
ATI card manufacturer warranties
4870 + 3870 for Physics?
4870 & ThermalRight TRad2 - Results
4850/4870 cooling/noise comparison
Will a better cooler help me overclock?
underclocking x1950xt
Help HD3870....
HD 4850 Shootout! 512mb vs. 1gb
You have not connected the power cable to your video card
4870x2 question
4870 x2 problem...
What do you think?
1920×1200 4870 CF or 4870x2?
Help, ATI Overdrive greyed out with 4850?
Issue with HD4850
HD4870 Performance Issues?
How can I get my new (4th one) HD 4870 to stop TEARING!
Can a 4850 Crossfire drive 1920x1200/1080?
Computer freezes instantly - x1950 pros xfire
New 4850 benchmark dud?
ati 4350 pci-e 2.0 in a non 2.0 pci-e slot?
Newer Ati 8.10 hotfix out
new build
Problems w/ new build: Asus 4850 won't post.
HD 4870 - Wzzzzzzz POP!
hd4870x2 LED diagnostic
Crossfired x1950 pros = LESS performance
Anyone seen this HD 4850 2GB card?
Visiontek TV Wonder HD 650?
Problems with my new 4870!
ati crossfire bridge cable
Sapphire 4850 card differences
Unable to Install ATI Driver (8.10) in Vista on My Lappy
Artifacts (maybe) in FC2
CCC 8.11 Beta
Early RV870 rumors
ATi X1650 Overclocking Settings?
Best 4850 cooler?
best program to make sure your gpu is 100% stable?
The death of a 4850
HD 4870: Vertical Refresh Always on STILL TEARING LIKE A MOFO!
4870x2 overclocking results??
Studio 17 Laptop - HD3650m Problems
4850 defective fan?
Defective 4870x2 6 pin socket?
how to override game settings
ATTN: Powercolor hd4870 1gb pcs+ owners
Two 4870's VS One 4870x2 DOG FIGHT!!
POWERCOLOR 3870 clock issue
ATI Mobility FireGL V5200 help
4870 512Mb or 4870 1GB
ATI equivalent -/+ to G92 8800 512 ?
Cooling my 4870
4830 anyone?
What's going on with my 4870X2
DuOrb works great on 3870, but fan is weak for my 4870, see what I did...
I need some help.....
Best mb for 4850 crossfire?
Quick help: Installing Accelero S1 R2 on 4850
2 3650's vs 1 3870?
TV tuner + DVR help
Gah, my HD 4870 can't overclock past 800MHz on the core
CrossFire Question Answered by ATI ... Finally!
3xxx and 4xxx cards carry sound through hdmi?
Question of the Day: 3870x2 vs 4850
4850 + Pencil Volt Mod = Blue Screen on Loading Display Driver
4870x2 Artifacts...TF2 / CS:S only?
Wow problems.
Drivers didn't install?
Thinking Tri-Fire. Thoughts?
Do I really need a PCU?
Looking for original MSI ATi 4870 Bios..
ATI "Far Cry 2" hotfix...driver suite
Need help with a poor performing 4870x2
8.10 ccc hotfix for farcry2
Whats worse ? Artifacts or increased voltage...
4850X2 "within weeks"