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Official Arctic Cooling Accelero Temps Thread
Powercolor 4870 PCS+ cooler modding
PowerColor 4870 OC Edition 601 LED
Installing Accellero Twin Turbo
Running 3870 without RAMsinks?
CFing 4870's what is a good PSU??
Upgrading 4870 512 to 1gb questions
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I bet you don't know why my HD 4870 sucks!
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Help m eunderstand 3DMark score.
Is there a stress test for VRAM? Not just running 3DMark06?
Need some input on picking a video card
O_O How far to push the 4850 ? It needs to last at least 14 month!
Accident flashed master bios on slave 4870x2
3870 BIOS SB file extension?
3dMark06 SM scores
4870 - is it the best card out there ?
Low Memory Clock on Sapphire Cards
CF dual monitor help
What GPU for my setup?
anybody pencil modded a 4850? Any good?
My 4850 is screaming at me!
Difficulty enabling crossfire 4850x2 (card detected but disabled.)
Video cards not powering up?!?
8.10 Final (8.541) (not from ati.com)
19,335 3dmark06
CCC fanspeed mod
ATI 4870 with a 680i SLI A1 Mobo?
4870x2 with an EVGA 680i A1 MOBO?
Mac Pro, Quad ATi + Photoshop?
Crossfire - How many monitors?
Recommendation for 4850 cooler. Not a repost.
Can A Radeon 7000 PCI Card Play DVD's
hey kinda need help guys
Driver problems?
Strange Crysis Warhead Artifacts
Information about Crossfire Overclocking/Crossfire Performance in General
Connected to HDTV via S-Video on 4870
4870 or 4850 for my rig?
Flashing new bios to 4870x2
n00b question about fans on 4850s
TA780G M2+/X1950XT X-fire?
4870x2 CrossFire Fan Control
OC 4850 to 4870?
Screen Resolution Problem
Catalyst 8.1X RC (8.541)
HD4850 won't display to second monitor
OC 4870x2
Where is VRM on X1950 AGP?
I have a problem with mt Sapphire HD 4870 X2
4850 - which company to go with?
4870 waterblock
asus 3870x2 warning leds?????
Visiontek 3850 (256mb) won't everclock
AA with HD4870 CF
OCing a 3870x2
stability issues with sapphire 4870
tv-out disables aero, had to format
Lost resolution 1680x1050?
Is now a good time to buy a new card or is there a major update coming
Managing Profiles in CCC
Need help in OC'ing my 4870 1GB.
HIS HD2900XT Core Clock and Memory Clock Problems
4870 1gb bios's
Bad Vantage score for a 4870x2 ?
Higher GPU temp MEMIO in GPUZ Why?
HD4870 and Akasa Vortexx Neo (56k warning)
Best 4870 X2?
Video card/tv losing input
omega drivers, official drivers
GPU-Z and MM disagree
WAR and 4850's
Video card upgrade time
Sapphire HD3470 PCI-E Card
Is there any update for 4870x2 drive
newer radeon card question
Flashing a 4870 BIOS
anyone got any ideas?
My new computer (4870X2)
How to get an X1950 Pro AGP BIOS?
Why am I having issues with drivers later than 8.6? 4870 w/ Vista64!
New Sapphire Bios
My crysis bench... Dedicated to Brollocks
well there is 2gb cards on the market
ati mobility radeon hd26000 overclock
Continuum + 48xx fps, someone test for me?.. ez
Best video card and model on the market
4870 bios
ATI GPUs could last longer
Catalyst 8.10 RC2
i wanna beat this
How to overclock ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series?
In Game Artifacts?
duorbs on 4850?
4850/4870 After market cooler
HD 4850 + cod4
4870 Crossfire Reboots in Crysis Warhead (Power problem?)
How is the 4870 OCing w/ Catalyst 8.9?
ATI Roadmap...?
Suggestions for upgrade to replace 9800 Pro 256mb on older box
Ati 8.9 new driver issues (Ati 4870)
Buying a second 4870X2
Wich card in your opinion?
New graphic card, need advise.
Will I lose performance?
ATI CF gpu 2 question
Finally got my 2nd 4850
4870 Crysis Warhead cutscene display/lag problem
ATI Radeon X1600 512mb
4870 audio
Which cooler for HD 4850?
Do ATi's scale better than Nvidia's
4870 1GB > 512MB?
4850 p5k problem
ATI release a BIOS update for the HD 4850?
4870x2 graphical issues?
4870 forced hdmi ( oooops )
4870 cf power
The Radeon HD 4870 1GB: The Card to Get
Vista64 + Crossfire = ???
MOM.Implantation error, pl0x help
9700 PRO issues???
how the heck do i use an ATi card
Ideal max vGPU for HD4850?
ATI entry level VGA of low-temperature and power-saving–MSI R4670-2D512/D3 OC test
Forget skipping frames, I just tried a game: artifacts everywhere then a BSOD!
3DMark06 Keeps jumping grames every 3 - 5 sec, already did fresh Windows install...
4870x2 on world of warcraft
4870x2 bios issues???
X1950XT RMA - replacement offered - looking for feedback
DIAMOND 4870X2 XOC Radeon HD 4870 X2
EK 4870 water block
HD playback on HD4870x2 help
4850 voltage adjustment quesiton
Win2k Laggy game?
Sound card sandwiched between 2 radeon hd 4850
4870x2 Will not complete 3dmark06 w/out crashing . Please help its killin me :(
What Video Card to buy with U$ 300
New 4870x2 is a turd......
bench results
Ati 4850....I've been out of the OCing ring for awhile. Help me out
To good to be true?
4850 Crossfire Issue
one card hotter than the other?
overclocking 3870x2!!! how far???
4870x2 Freezes in Infinite loop and stops responding any tips to fix this
Do you play Gothic 3 and own a ATI 4 Series card?
CCC Was closed,4870x2, help :<
gpu clock 4870
More about ATI 4850 stability ("display driver stopped responding and has recovered")
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Why do I see less FPS w/ Vista?
Should 4870x2 show up twice under display adapters ?
Expected Bench Results
Enable CF
Question about ATI X1950 Pro Crossfire Ready 256MB
4870x2 GPU clock speed bug fix
x1600 pro
Video card loses video signal...?
Which HD4850: IceQ4 vs Toxic vs Sonic vs GS ?
My new 4870x2 is not noticed by my MOBO, Help ????
4850/4870 cooler
advantage of 1GB 4850 over 512MB 4850?
Driver install problems
Problem with HD4850
Vista + 4870 = Constant display driver crashes
YAY 4870 and sigh, hangs loading 3dmark06
Sapphire HD3850 AGP
i can never bios mod my 4850?
Questions about 4850 Soft/BIOS VMod
HD4870 x2 volts question
4850+4870 crossfire
ATI 2600XT Fan
Official Cat 8.9
3870x2 question
Best Drivers for 4870?
how to clock 4870x2 higher than 800?
ASUS 4870 stock cooler .. not?
My Custom HD4870 Cooling
Vista64 + X48 Chipset + ATI CCC Incompatible
Dual MSI HD4870, now one's fan squeals?
Can I run a 3870 in this PC?
Crossfire 4850 vs 4870?
Just got a new 4850. What drivers?
Methods to oc the 4870x2
4850 options?
New 4870X2 install, can't log in...now what?
Correct Monitor to GPU matchup
crysis 1080p benches
best way to overclock 4870x2?
crysis flickers like crazy with 4870x2
Fan noise on PowerColor PCS+ 4870
4870x2 GPUz
bluray / 4850 / xp 64 no go
Sapphire HD4850 Dual slot
Catalyst 8.8 CCC won't open in Linux
4870 x2 blackscreening?
4870: "V-sync: Always On" won't work. All games are clipping!
Weird Issue
Will I get bottle necked?
Crossfire 4850 PSU Requirements
Which 4870 X2 do i buy. Saphire, Diamond, HIS, ASUS
What is the point of diminishing returns with 4870 Core Frequency?
"I Love ATI Radeon™ Graphics" video contest
anyone with 4870 CF
4870 CF fan problem
4870x2 on P35?
Quadfire and Warhammer Online
4870 1gb + 4870 512mb crossfire
Overkill: Good thing or bad thing?
Just installed the Beta 8.9s for my 4870X2
NEED HELP CHOOSING 4870x2 or 4870
Ordered my Radeon 4870 1GB
Fan control of two HD4870x2
4870x2 Gainward or Sapphire?
How's this 3d mark score for 2x4850's?
Furmark score for CF 4850's= 4500 is this normal?
The Inq Take A Closer Look At The New 4670's & Future Pricing
hd 4870 power consumption
4870 resolutions
MSI 4870 512 + S1 rev2 : passive cooling possible?
Pixel Pipelines vs Stream Processing Units?
Weird BIOS flashing problem
strange lag on HD4870
Interesting times with HD4850 Crossfire
Am I getting a hit in performance with 2nd monitor
MY 4870X2 bench
HD 3850 AGP and New Drivers?
? on 4850
Dual SLot 4850's arrive!
ATI TV Wonder Elite can not be detected...
Having problems with my catalyst control center, HD3870
HD4850X2: Real or Smoke?
3DMark06 score [2x4870 CrossFire]
Maximum resolution : Software or Hardware Limitation?
Will my rig be a bottle neck for the HD4870?
GDDR3 vs. GDDR5: Is it a big difference?
4870 vista 64 or xp 32 ?
ati all in wonder 1800xl tv tuner problem
Catalyst 8.9 beta
catalyst 8.8 video playback problems?
4850 problems
Overclocking my factory overclocked gpu help
anyone recall the cat 7.5's?
Need direction on where to go with video cards
Disable second core on a 4870x2?
4850 oc suggestions?
Prime's 4850/4870 CFX Adventure
HELP! 3870 causing bsod
need a new thread for 4870x2 cfx sticky
4870 issues please help
ATI Catalyst™ Software update?
4850 Purchase
new 4850 crossfire setup?
ATi AIB Partner's Warranty and Support Information
2x HD4870 Crossfire, not working?
For BEST "Minimum FPS" at 1600 x 1200 - ONE HD 4870 @ 16x or TWO HD 4850's @ 8x/8x?
4870 X2 - XOC³ H2O Edition?
Would A 4850 Be Overkill On 939 Rig?
Is my 2900XT burning?
x1950 problems freezing up
Just got my VisionTek 4870 have some questions :)
4850 No Post, Restaring, No more ideas....
video card
First rv730 review up (4600 series)
The most FPS!
The new King with ultimate 3D performance-MSI 4870 X2 2GB VS. 4850/4870 CrossFire
For ubeleivably smooth 1200 x 1600 gaming, CF 4850 (8x/8x) or return and buy 4870?
Xfire 4850 with 4870, possible?
need help with E8600,Q9550, 4870x2, 9800gx2
Forms 4870 3dmark seem low.
What programs to DL for overclocking gpu?
why do my frames top out at 60?
Rivaturner 2.10
Some HD4870 Advise wanted. To improve overclock.
Cant set up profile please help.
Should I trade my 4870 for a 4850
Using Driver Cleaner.NET
breaker flipped when playing with Overdrive
another stupid Question HDMI
X700 Pro No Boot.
Ati-tool doesn't work on my vista, what should i use?
Wanted...a few good benchers
Ati cards
which 4870?
How can i go past 700/1200 from CCC [HD 4850]
Danger Den 4870x2 Waterblock Installed
Visiontek 3870's
4850 overclock...what you think?
Club3D 4870 Overclocked
4870 Question
suggestion for video card
amd gpu tool and fan speed
WaterCooling Blocks for HD4850
the question that has been asked a thousand times..... probably
QuadFire 3870's and City of Heroes / Villains
REQ: New GPU-Z + Stock 4870 Temps
4870 after-market cooler?
Tri-fire drivers 3870's
Disabled Adapter with 4870s in Crossfire?
Am i missing a 3d setting?
Powercolor AX4850 512MD3-PPH
High amounts of GPU activity
Will 4870 x2 prices decrease?
Which is better....
Dual monitor not functioning.
Which of these ramsinks for my 4870x2?
HELP!! Bad Bios Flash!
Need some input for new vid card
AMD To Push DX10.1 For Series 3 & 4000 Cards
VisionTek 4870 X2 & Intel Q9650 (E0 Rev) E. S.
wtf! help me pls!
New To CrossFire, Not sure it's working
Just got my HIS 4870 from ewiz [not 56k safe]
Crossfire's performance with 1 bridge vs. 2 bridges
Need Help Hard Ocing 4850
Lifelike Animation 4870 X2
What drivers should I use?
ATi 3650 (Mobile) WoW 1920x1200
gainward 3870xt gddr3 775/1900!
Dual HD 4870x2 Benchies
HD4870 Voltage regulators
Problems with my voltmodded HD4850
Changing 4870 Fan Speed by default?
3850 display setting
4870x2 Clock question
HD4870 vs. HD4870x2 on 2048X1536?
Mix HD38 and HD48 cards?
I super overclocked my card
4 GPU CrossfireX XP64 or Vista 64, does it matter?
New official ATI bios with increased Voltage
AMD's GPU Armada - Dual HD 4870X2 - Brolloks setup
16x AA settings disappeared?
X1600 Pro. . .Where does it rank?
Official 8.8 catz
4870 x2 crossfire = overkill?
pci2.0 and a single high end card
8.8 released: real deal or not?
does the 4870 have true hdmi compared to nvidia?
Crossfiring 3870x2
4870 flashed bios and now card is dead..
4870X2 crossfire question
How is this HD4870?
Diamond HD4850
Crossfire Help
Is there a way to increase fan speed on 4870
4870 CF problem
GPU showdown
Catalyst 8.8 Countdown Thread
Crossfire question (newbie to crossfire)
what runs cooler/quieter
Oh how I love this 4850. But I hate it too.
Does the 4850 need the 6pin PCI-E connector?
4870 3dMark06
4850 NOT creating XML profile file
What ever happened to the ASUS EAH4870? Off the market?
3870x2 Questions
HIS HD4870 193.13 after rebate NewBiiz
Problems with VISTA and ATI drivers
Need a 4850 Cooler? Lookie what Sidewinder has
3870x2 vs. 4850
Asus hd4870 Fan Problem
9800 gx2 or 1x4870?
Trouble enabling crossFire!?
How much of a performance loss in xfire will i have by having a p45 instead of x48
visiontek 4870x2???????
New Video Card ... serious problems
4870 X2 Debuts on Newegg @ $559.99 (2GB)
ATI 4870x2 - New KING of Crysis!
Display Drivers Constantly Crashing
Just upgraded to the 4870...a few questions.
2 4870 in crossfire or one 4870X2?
4870x2 Crossfire Pics & Benches
4870 or 4850 in xfire?
About what should I expect from a 4850
which card performs better in xfire? 4850 or 3870
when doing crossfire is it better to use 2 bridges or not?
Older DLP HDTV, screen doesnt fit with PC VGA input
4850x2 Benches and Pictures Please!
What graphics card to use?
4850 crossfire problem
4870x2 review by Toms Hardware
ATI/AMD driver stability
Buying a HD4850
4870X2 & CF performance (Anandtech review)
Dual HD 4870s
flashing a 4850 BIOS
big performance difference between PCI-E slots?
have a few questions about vsync setting
Crossfired 3870's or single 4850
how to oc vid card?
4650 rv730 info from foreign site
3870x2 plus 4870????????
Graphics Issues Radeon X1050
Another queston
4870 issues
Minimum FPS goes up with AA enabled? 4850
ATI 4850 issues I think o.o
2 questions about crossfire
ATI Catalyst 8.8 beta
4850 produces black screen
Question about Radeon 4850
Overclocking 4850
CCC help
Physical size of ATI 4870?
ATi Catylst Control Center Help
4870 vs 2 x 4850?
hd 4850 +stock cooler releases toxic fumes??
ATI 4850 1gig card on newegg!!!!
Mixing Different Generation Cards?
Asus Smart Doctor has completely destroyed my fan control!!!
Anyone register thier powercolor?
4850 on PCI-E 1.0
pencil moding 4850
dual monitors on 4850 & Cat 8.7 Vista x64 - problem
3870x2 overclock...
ATi's Chipset Division Should Get A Boost
ATI Overdrive AutoTune.. how good?
4850x2 @ $350? Try $450USD >:(
ATI 4850 Question.
CCC update question
HDMI audio woes... again
How is this for a Crysis benchmark?
HIS Dual-slot 4850
Where now for ATI?
What cpu speed do I need to satisfy a pair of 4850s in CF?
ATI x1600 Overclocking on Vista
CrossFireX on XP?
ATI 4850 and " Video Hardware Error"
4870 stock vs hr-03-gt?
Diamond 4870 (XB) PCIe 512MB BIOS Available!
4870 stock on a 4850
HD4870 Fan Problem
ATI 4850 512mb vs 2gig
MSI 4850 with ugraded cooler
how can i up the memory voltage on my 4850
would a 4850 be a good 3nough upgrade from an 8800gt?
Having trouble OCing my x1950xt
Going ATI. Help?
Mobile X1600 overclocking, what to expect?
croosfirex 3870x2
4870 + 4ghz e8400: 3DMark Scores:
MaximumPC Dream Machine
What HD 4870 should i get ?
Ati Catalyst versons & 3dmark scores
Ati Catalyst versons & 3dmark scores
What am I doing wrong with my 4850 flash?
Crossfire Questions
Living With A Mistake & Need Some Help
4850 512MB Vs. 8800GTS 512MB(G92)
Simple OC question x1550
can I run a 4850's pwm unsinked?
Okay 4870 owners, an aftermarket detailed cooler review is on the way!
16,633- 3DMark06 with a 4870 and a G35 Chipset...that seem right?
Can my new PSU power an x1950xt
Did i waste my money on GECUBE?
Flashed 3870 now temps are highhh
4850 and 4870 Tempature Diodes....
HD3470 or X1350?
4850 OCing
4870 Reference Coolers
For those with a 4850 and stock cooler who want more.
help on fully utillising Xfire
My crossfire Config
"servere - Zero display service error"
4850 upgrads
new to AA and 4850
Wierd Crossfire Glitch?
Just got my ATI 4850 but need help
4850 and World of Warcraft frame rates.
New to ATI (Need some help)
Need vid card suggestion for 20" Acer
Is there any point? (4850)
got it yay
4850 problems
No master card needed for 4850 crossfire?
Which 4850? Asus/Visiontek/Sapphire?
HD4870 and AA
PowerColor 4870
bios mod for hd4850?
ATI's gpu temp range for HD4xxx?
4850 v 4870 i know its been covered many times but just one more
Does The Display Driver Package Only Require .Net FW
Ocing my 4850, various problems
Hooray for stupid questions.
ati manufacturers...8800gt>4850 upg advice
are GeCube good? who owns them? cos this is sweet
4850 vs 9800GTX possible switch