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4850 v 4870 i know its been covered many times but just one more
Does The Display Driver Package Only Require .Net FW
Ocing my 4850, various problems
Hooray for stupid questions.
ati manufacturers...8800gt>4850 upg advice
are GeCube good? who owns them? cos this is sweet
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CF & Connectors?
Driver update
An overclocker's HD4850 review
HD 4870 CF on P35 -- P45 --X48 Chipset - OCF Testing
4870X2 + 4870 or just 4870X2? 4870/9550 build video too
Radeon 4850 1g RAM?
final set up/. need help
Slight performance increase with 8.7 drivers on Vantage
ATI 4870x2 possible August 12th Launch Online?
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Tri-Fire from the Dragon's Lair
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waterblock installed on my new 4870's
HD4850 Image Tearing?
4870X2 New york
Can I play Crysis Maxed?
Solution for HD4850 crashes
Just got a 3850 512mb need help overclocking
4870X2 release?
Anyone run triple crossfire before?
4850 + TF2 - low FPS drops
good program to monitor gpu activity/load?
HD4870 in Crossfire - p45 v x38
ATI/AMD Posts 7th Straight Quarterly Loss
4850 pci-e slot question
2x 4850 or 1x 4870
ATI newbie here..some thoughts
Powercolor 4870
custom vendor 4850s
3870x2 question
crossfire 4870
4850 vs. 4870 ?
I hate Ram Sinks.
4870 Graphics card info not found 'error'
which 48xx card to buy?
4850 heatsink question... things...
3dmark06, 4870CF, and Ocing question.
New to ATI cards.
Vtek HD4850 box
ATI Catalyst 8.7 Beta
Look what appeared on my desk at work...
Anyone want a 2GB ATI 4850?
aftermarket cooling for 4850
3870 or 4670? I'm willing to wait
4870 Beauty....
Microstuddering seems to be gone on 4 series multi gpu setups
ALL 4870x2 Reviews in one Thread
RV700 (HD4870x2) Performance Preview from Anandtech!
Driverheaven 4870x2 preview
Picking an ATI for dual
Beta Catalyst 8.7 vs. Hotfix version for 4800 series
Sapphire 4870
Driver for Radeon HD2400 Pro AGP?
4850 .... or (2x) 3870?
I hope AMD made $900 Million on the 4000 series so far...
ATI brands
4870 bench
from 3870 to 4870 = lower score in 3dmark06 =(
New Benchmark - Devil May Cry 4
3870 or 4850 for a max res of 1366X768? (720P HDTV)
4870 cooling
diamond 4870 3dmark problem
4870 help
Does PCI-express x 16 2.0 matter?
tool to overlock shader ?
Not sure which 4850 to get Asus or VisionTek
Q9450 + CF4850 = Win?
better gaming laptop?
New 4850 Cooler
install issues with 4870
3870 - New build 'artifact' issues?
Advice on ATI 3xxx
Depressed? PFFFTT!! not anymore!!
Xfireing 4870 and 4870x2?
2x 2900XT water cooling
Will an HD4850 be enough?
two 4850s in x16/x4 crossfire
heating on x1950pro
Tempted to go for a 4870..
How will new drivers affect the 4850?
Nvidia supports PhysX effort on ATI Radeon
7600 to 4850. yes or no
Help with installing Accelero S1 Rev 2 on a 4850
4870+Opteron 185@2880mhz = CPU Limited!
Is 1100 the limit for GDDR5?
How big is the hd4870
AMD GPU-overclocking Utility 4850/70 experience and tips thread
TechPowerUp GPU Z temp reading? (ati 4870)
ATI Catalyst 8.7 Beta Leaked
16,900 3dmark06 w/4850 crossfire - is this low?
Overclocking a 4870
Which 4870 too Purchase
4850 tdr issues
quick Question
I found this humorous (wrong drivers).
Is AA in Bioshock still impossible?
2x 4850's in CF :)
HD4870 or 2xHD4850
x850x dual monitor setup, how do i get only dvi to display?
A quick estimate on pricing.
how good is 2900xt now?
HD4870 and Drivers [No CCC] Solved. Re-installed windows
R700... 2Gig of Memory :)
Any info on when the 1GB HD 4870 cards come out?
4870 is a watt-hog
Decreasing 2D speeds and voltage on 4850
4870 & Water Cooling?
sapphire 4870 Deactivated Item from newegg
I want crossfire...but my wallet doesnt..
HD4870/4850 Fan Speed Control/Increase
ATi 4850 ? or Nvidia 8800GTS ?
super 4870?
HD4870 on PCI-E 1.0?
ATI folding Drivers?
X1900XT IceQ3 Cooler fit a 4850?
Which driver for a 4870?
HD 4850 - 3Dmark06
4870/4850 Hybrid X-fire - Confirmed working
4850/4870 soft/hard mods
? on new Ati hd4800 series
3800+4800 CF: Will it blend?
Skipping when panning?
What to get with my set up.
Question about the 4850
How bad will an E2180 @ 3.2ghz bottleneck CrossFire 4850s - or will it?
RBE Displaying a weird error message
Changing fan speed on HD4800 series, no bios flashing nor hard mods
800 stream processors?
4870s dropping like flies (due to user error/BIOS mods)? [Update: BIOS Fix available]
hd 4850, cool mod, & GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS4
3870 burning up?
Is it true 4850 idle at 80C ?
R700 Pics Unveiled!
how would HD4870 Xfire be on P35
Nvidia PhysX runs on AMD Radeon 3870, scores 22,000 CPU marks in Vantage
4870x2 on P5Q?
Diamond 4850/4870 Xdna Tech enables SLI?
Which 4870?
Brolloks HD 4870 vs HD 4850 comparison
CUDA running on Radeon cards? Bwaahaa?...
Watch out, Larrabee: Radeon 4800 supports a 100% ray-traced pipeline using DirectX 9
CF question
4850 or 4870 ?
Motherboard doesn't like Crossfire? (4850s)
New radeon bios editor supports 4850/70
ATI fan speed
Old threads have been un-glued
Ati 4850 problems.
Run physx on ATI cards
GPU transcodes four 1080p video files in real time on an HD 4850
Hack/patch to get Crossfire to work on SLI boards
3870 in crossfire vs 1 4870
Cross-generation Crossfire?
The HD 4870/50 Thread
People on gaming sites and hardware..... LOL
Dual slot cooler third party for 4850?
In-house 4870 benches
Come get your 4870 Review's =D
4870 for sale @ newegg =) and dual slot 4850
Upgrading from a 7800GTX to a HD4850?
[INFO] HD4870 Stock and Availability at various vendors
HD 4850 in crossfire crushes the GTX280!!
4850 bottlenecked by PCIe 16x 1.1?
4870 Benches
Does AMD have a responce to PhysX?
How hot is your 4850?
Presenting the HD4870 !
Which HD 4850 to get of 8 options?
Buy now or wait?
4850 Some help
ATi Overdrive system hangs?
Lifetime Warranty Only From Visiontek?
Is 48xx crossfire for me?
CDW has HD 4870 listed as $349?
MSI RX3870 crashes and restarts driver......WTF?
Help with ATI vs NVidia Flop Rating
ATI stomping nVidia?
HD 4850 Single Card and Crossfire Benchmarks
4850's at Newegg, ~$207 shipped
HD3870 way too hot
Catalyst 8.6 out officially
Right now i have an Nvidia 7600gs
Sapphire HD Radeon 4850 $189 @ FX
HD4850 previewed against 9800GTX & GT200
Bios Flash
3870 acting wonky... CPU's fault?
anyone have a x1800/1900 Crossfire cable?
New build w/ATI RX3870....want to check for problems.
X800 question
HD4850 takes on nVidia's G92 army.
A 4850 review at XS
Help on HD3650
X1900GTO 256... what kinda performance!???
overclocking 2x3850's in crossfire
sapphire 3870x2 hot as helllll
Radeon 3870 fails
3870 Overheating?
Getting back into OCing, would like some input.
RV770 has 800 stream processors after all...
ATI offically announces 4850/4870 launch for June 25th!
[News] 4870x2 card benched against GTX280
Changing from 8800GTX 756MB to Crossfire
Crossfire! is it worth it for me?
Problems with 3450 radeon
Directx9.0c and directx10 and 10.1 help
Help with Ati 3870
Fry's + Visiontek = My new HD3870 DOA
Converting VHS tapes to MPEG using ATi MMC, has audio "buzz"
Ati 3850 problems 8.5 fixed?
x1950 pro fan stopped
8.6 beta driver
2900xt and HDMI/audio
3870 fan controller
Testing Graphics Card
Radeon x1950 giving me constant Red LED
AGP Card upgrade - is it worth it?
Which vid card?
Crossfire help plz :)
ATI Radeon x1050 GPU Question
3850 Q
addind another hd3870!!!
3870x2 or wait?!?!?!?!?!
Is there ATI Raedon 9250 pro temperature monitor software out there somewhere?
First Successful Overclock, ATI Raedon 9250
Can't set clocks without windows crashing
3870 Crossfire not working?
Where can you download old ATI drivers?
3870/crossfire o/c questions
AMD Ati 3850 = nVidia model..?
3870x2 drivers for win2k??
GDDR5 In ATi Cards & My Opinion On...
8.5's out!
3870 cooling questions
Crossfire issues
Need to find a 4 pin molex to 8 pin for 2900XT
2600xt zalman needs better heatsink
i cant flash my bios! HELP!
4800 launch details
graphics card advice
Dual monitor support X800 AIW
ATI 3870x2 Just GOt Cooler with CoolIT
Fuzzy screen when using Dell E248WFP display & Radeon X1800 Graphics Card
Has changing ram chips on a card ever been tried?
Sapphire HD 3870 X2 1GB GDDR3 Dual DVI TV Out PCI-E - Length?
Radeon 3850 Crossfire VS 9800GTX
3870 Project
Help with x800 AIW + Asrock 939 dual sata II !! + Xp X64
Need the best AGP card out there....
Dual monitor on Sapphire Radeon ATI 3450 card
2600XT vs. 3850
3DMark06 Not Filling Entire Screen!?
Problems w/ PC and x1950 Pro
new 3870 Crossfire Setup; Not much faster?
HD3850 running at 90C Stock?!
What's a good HD2900XT OC?
My new crossfire rig plus Advice Needed Please!
105 too hot?
New AGP Card: Radeon HD 3850 512MB AGP!
CD drivers are the only ones that work? xfire
Possible ATI 4870 vs 9800GX2@Legit Reviews
Help New here with 3870 x2
Any sucess stories with 3870x2 Crossfire x2?
BIOS Flashing a Radeon 3870 Questions
Help w/ 2600XT on a plasma screen?
3850 = No Video at POST
X800XT 3dmark problem
Post your 3dmark Vantage Scores!
LATEST ATI 4800 Series 3DMark06 Score
GPU Caps Viewer
3850 visiontek problems again
Crossfire, Enabled or Not ?
Help With Setting Up ATi Card On HDTV
What am I missing? CF w/Cat 8.4
the 3850x2 is here
Question on 2xHD3650 Crossfire Performance
Radeon 4800 series
Radeon 4800 series
Anyone seen marks on the Diamond Viper 3870 512bit?
Possible good news for ATI???
x1270 question
Sapphire 3870x2 Hissing noise
780G IGP overclocks like crazy!
Catalyst 8.4 Drivers Posted! Results here...
3850 X2.
RMA'ing x1950pro - What will I get back??
Friend In A Pickle: 3850 Or 3870
Help with a school project
Please help 3870x2 bios
Vista + Radeon 2600XT + HDMI
Can't Enable Crossfire
One Bridge VS. Two
Which one of these old AGP cards should I give to my friend?
xfire question
ATI vendors
Problem with a new Sapphire HD 3850
Any word on Cat 8.4's?
F@H GPU2 CLIENT IS HERE!!! Fold with your R6xx GPU!
Problems w/ CCC and Crossfire w/3870&3850, HELP!
RV770 is already in production!
How Do You TRULY Know CrossFireX Is Working??
What happened to the sapphire 2900 XT 1g?
Asus P5B Dlx/Wifi Dual HD3650 No Crossfire
Recommendations for good dual DVI video card
crossfiring a 3850 and 3870...cant get it to work
How much does manufacturer matter?
ATI 3850 Owners
Good Bios Flash
3870 Bios help
Problems with ATI 3870 Cards.....read if you're having issues or planning on buying!!
new card to replace my x850 xt pe
How many cards can you put in CFX?
Digi-Life OC's The Latest 3*** Series
INF error problem when installing older driver
CCC wont work!!??
Run Two Different Video Cards Simultaneously
Crossfire not working?
Crossfire 16x/4x
1950x pro problem
Flashing Video Cards in Vista?
Radeon 3870 VIVO?
3870 making it to AGP
Crysis Benchmark Tool
What the crossfire??
ASUS EAH3870X2/G/3DHTI/1G When damn it! When!
Is the overclock limit problem fixed in the 3870s now?
Which setup? HD 3870 or 2x HD 2600XT Crossfired?
crossfire help
Age of Empires 3 Crashes with New HD3870
New ATI drivers crap for 2900Pro/XT cards
HD3870X2 Not working ? 5000 3DMark06 !
mobility x1700 driver help
New Radeon HD 3650 1GB at the Egg!
Need opinions! 2 x 3870x2's
CCC Host Application error?
Advice on Tweaking my Qx9650 and 3870x2 system
Enabling crossfire 2900XT
well happy
quick avises on my new Sapphire 3870x2 please
Can my x800gto2 be fixed?
Does anyone run dual 3870's???
9600GT Good Overclocking???
X1900xt Bootup/Bios Display Refresh Rate
AGP video card for a AMD Sempron system
What's an 850XT PE PCIe worth now?
2900 XT not Overcloking or Auto Tuning...
HIS TURBO 3850 bios
ATI/AMD Ping Pong demo
Asus EAH3870X2/G/3DHTI/1G in stock and shipping to EU?
Insanity...3 GPU's on one card!
Radeon Bios Editor
New need help with 3870x2
2900Pro/XT Crossfire Woes
New to ATI, quick ?
2900 pro 1gb and 2900 pro 512mb in Crossfire how well will it work?
TechPowerUp Radeon Bios Editor v1.08
Crossfire works on Nvidia chipsets? Oh yes it does =)
PCI-Help. What to Buy???
Two 3870x2 CrossfireX Issues
2 3870xt's
Best Video Card Under $200...
HD3850 Clocked at 297MHz
MSI 3870 & Diamond 3850 Crossfire?
x38-ds4 + e8400 + 3870/50/x2
Shaders / Texture Filtering Rate
ATI X1050 Issues
Beefing up the cooling on a Radeon 9800 Pro for cheap?
ATi Slash Prices On 3850/70 Cards
Trouble with HDMI
Hybrid graphics on the new AMD/ATI chip
how do i know if my gpu overclock is stable?
Have some questions for a 3650
how to dump a 3850 original bios
ATI overdrive safety
2x 3850 512MB crossfired for price/performance?
Gpu or cpu problem?
Audigy 2 ZS
Sapphire HD 3870 - BLue vs Red
Saphire x1650 Pro
AMD/ATi Planning Something Nasty For Nvidia
Need an ATI card for HTPC...advice?
HD3870X2+HD3870 CrossFireX Results! (with a fair few pics)
ATI 3870 Water Block
Bring tha Thundaaa!
Is it cooked?
How good is performance with CrossFireX? HD3870X2 + HD3870
Looking for temp utilitie
2-3870's C-fired with crysis in very high?
HD3850 AGP versus X1950XT AGP
Looking for Firegl V7300/7350 clear picture
Card is stable in stress testing but unstable in gaming...?!?
Strange driver issues.
Some pretty serious Diamond 3850 'ruby' issues!!
which is the better upgrade?
ATI Tool Problems
X1650 Pro Vs 6800GT
What exactly do the openGL settings do?
Sapphire HD 3850 Agp Users Read!!
Which drivers for Diamond Radeon 3850 pcie in Vista?
x1650 playes crysis on medium!!!! 23 pounds
HD3650 temps
Crossfire bridges...do I need to use 2?
vista device manager recognizes 3870 as "high definition audio device"
Radeon 3870x2 CrossFireX 8.3 Results & Support Thread
Which would be better?
new comp, shiny new 3870, don't want to blow it up...
8.3's are out(!!)
8.3 pre-release info
new mb video card question
Thermalright HR-03/R600 Heat Sink for 2900XT?
Thinking Of Crossfire
Baffled?!? Fire, 3900, 3800, 512mb, etc
blue single slot sapphire 3870 o/c
I'm sick of this!
3870x2 and a QX9650 :)
little bit p***ed off
HD 2600XT
unable to oc 3870x2
Overclocking The 3870x2 (Detailed Journey)
3870 Issues
HD 2600xt or HD 3650???
Yeah, another 2900XT Thread by me.
Help with my 2900XT, PLEASE!!!
hd 3870 cooling
3870XT or 8800GT??????
Radeon X1650 Pro - 3 display configuration?
What is a ATI x850XT PE PCIe card worth?
SAPPHIRE HD 3850 512MB AGP how do you like it
HD3870X2 & a Mid-Tower
How i finally hit 13k in 3DMark06 with a dual-core and a single HD 3870...
non stressed card might be dead?! Help
HD2900 XT not recognized
video card causing instability?
What card ?? for 100 - 150
Diamond Viper HD 3870 is identified by every program as "HD 3800 Series"...?
Disabling onboard video reduce power consumption?
Average 3D mark for a 3870X2?
3870x2 clean driver install?
VisionTek 3870
What is best drivers for acer 5672 mobility x1600 driver?
So Confused! Please Help! (3870x2)
Pick a 3870X2 candidate
Sapphire HD 3870 core clock drops
2900XT Sensor issues
ATi CFX: 2, 4, and 3 GPUs?
starcraft 2 and crossfire?
Is a 3870 a 3870? No matter what brand
Good GPU monitoring app?
AMD Announces HD3800 Price Drops
help me, please.
3850 radeon bottleneck a p4?
Sapphire Silent HD3850
CPU Bottleneck?
Crossfire cable, place that sells them at > 3 inches
is the 3650 junk?
3870 XP Driver issues
3780X2 normal temp?
Tuner Card question please
Quick 3870 question
Radeon HD 4000 series specifications surfaces
HD 3870X2 thread - Post your OC method and results here.
3870x2 Molex Pin Mod?
Something is just not right with my X-fire
Visiontek card scramble
How to get Catalyst utility without using the CD?
Got a Good Deal?? 3870x2 Cheap!
HIS ATi 2600pro IceQ 512mb (2) Crossfire Benchmark (Stock & Overclocked)
LF 3870x2 16x/16x VS. 16x/4x Performance Analysis
HD3580 256MB vs. HD3850 512MB
Catalyst 8.2 OUT!
Radeon 3870XT?
HD3870X2 or what?
HD3870+e8400=10102 3DMark06 Score?
3650's and 3450's are out.
Interesting but frustrating video problem.
Momentary Black Screen - VPU Recover?
Duorb on 3870
New System
8.1 drivers cause white square on screen?
X800XT Strange disappearing artifacting...
Upgrade time...
Visiontek HD 3850 512MB+ E8400= 10,184 in 3Dmark06