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Catalyst control center problems in MS Vista
Got a 2900 Pro, Now What?
will an x1950pro work?
Is this a good deal?
Fan speeds on 3870
What would be ...?
card comparison...
question on 3870 install
Jacobmans Sapphire 3850 512meg review
X1800XL 256mb vs. 2600XT 512mb
Disappointed @ x1950pro. How many % increase should 3850/3870 offer?
I ****ed up big time.
Mobo aperture?
Radeon drivers change settings
Dead Card or ?
ATI Cat 7.12 drivers released
PCI device
2400PRO faulty?
need good easy,clear guide to flash 3870 to break the 862mhz clock barrier
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Back to the Red team
? On Temps
7.12's are out..
512mb vs 256mb effecting resolution?
This a good deal for my buddy?
where can i find a 3750
ati 3850 or nvidia 8800 gt 256mb?
3850 soft voltmod (through bios)
help with X800GTO o/c
Crossfire and multiple monitors
just installed x1950pro, problem
CF question
Dead VC, or Faulty drivers?
ATI CCC Failed overclock reset - HD3850 CF ?
Can I use an MSI BIOS on my PowerColor card?
3850 + Accelero S1?
Anyone try to use XP Catalyst drivers in a 2k system?
Audio pass through HDMI
best cooler for x1950pro agp?
ATI tool GPU current Draw
Aftermarket coolers for the 3850's?
ATI drivers for Blackbird 002
radeon x800
X1900 Crossfire setup and slave fan speed issue
getting 3870 WHEN?!?!
mystfied Mini Review of VisionTek 3850!
Visiontek Hd2400 pro
Crossfire combining 3870 with a 3850?
Got some ?'s about the 3850's
Gigabyte P965P-DS3 PCI-e Version
Data collection for a community Review of the HD3870 [and HD3850]
Next ATI card with 1gig gddr?
3870 Crossfire...some help please....
impressed with 3870
ati tool and dual graphics cards
question about WOW and x800pro apg
Anyone get their dell 3870 yet?
Need Information about ATI
Help on switching from nVidia to ATI
This 3870 IS F*&@#$& AWESOME [Seconded by S-N!]
HD 2600XT problems
3870 OC VS. 8800GT
GeCube Radeon HD 3850 X-Turbo III 512 MB Review and Benchmarks!
the mother of all HD3870's and HD3850's
Very unhappy with the 3870 :(
wait 4 3870 or get 3850
a good upgrade from a ATI x1300 pro card
ATITool seems to have gone nuts
MS releases another crossfire fix..
Which 3870 to get?
HIS 3870 in stock at ncixus.com - 220$
Are there any places with 3870's in stock!?
Low 3d06 3870 Scores
2600XT can't run 3DMark?
which video card?
3850 512 vs 3870 512...
2600XT AGP
Looking for opinions on Radeon X1250 integrated
my crysis benchmark on a x1900xtx
More price drop rumours?
Got my HIS HD3870 in, what would you like to see benched?
Problems with x1950 pro
Catalyst Control Center issue
HIS ATI Radeon X1950 Pro ICEQ3 VS Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950 Pro
2900XT on DFI NF4 Expert, Please help!
ATI RADEON x1600pro 512mb
Radeon HD 3870 could return to e-tail at $229 next week
Crossfire Question
9800pro or X1650 pro
Got my 3870... bit of an issue plz help!
Image Corruption, Bottom and Right Sides
Is my Power supply going to be enough for my new x1950 Pro
Asus A8R32-MVP (ATI 3200 chipset) and crossfire /w (2) 3850/3870 Video Cards?
ATI What a joke
some 3870 benchies
3850 real power requirements?
omg 3870 now $269 at the egg
Just got my his 3670 3dm06 scores inside
Problems with Catalyst overdrive tool
Whyare there shortages of the 3800s?
problem with my x1900xtx
AMD to cut 3800 prices for christmas
3 small "cores" on X1900GT revision 2
New Catalyst 7.11 Drivers are out!
Ati beta drivers?
ATI 3870 compared to nvidia lineup
Got hd3870
how much voltage is safe for the R580 cores?
x2900XT fan noise >.<
Which ATI brands hace best customer support? = 3850 0r 3670 help, please.
3850 and 3870 question?
2 x 3850 vs 3870 vs 8800GT?
AMD Spider Platform Video
3870's only $20 less than 8800GT in Canada -.-
3870 X2??
Crysis: Radeon™ HD38xx/HD2xxx hotfix Vista/Xp
2900XT CF or 3870XT CF
i have a dilemma any hd3870 or BFG 8800gt oc
HD3870 are on SALE!!!!! [Title edited S-N]
AMD Radeon HD 3870 X2 and Spider Gaming System Pictured
The HD 3870/50 Thread
3850 Availability
Power Color X1950GT
Question for oc'd 2900 pro owners!
Looking For A Up To Date Driver For IGP 345M
ATI HD3870 CF Crysis results!
crossfire vs. regular
2900xt price drop
Crossfire is coming to me!
Someone got a hold of a Radeon HD3870
Max Vcore for x1950XT
2900xt vista 32bit catalysit 7.1 some help
issue with 1950 pro
dual ATi Graphics cards x1900xt and x800gt AIW
ADM/ATi Readying DX10.1 AGP Parts
DAMMIT Slash Prices Instead Over Cooling
Sapphire X1950 Pro Heat Sinks
HD 3000 series specs leaked
Any results ocing Ati 2600 xt 512mb gddr3 ram?
ATI Radeon X600SE 128mb PCI-E
BIOS Hacking x1950xt
Looking for 98Se drivers for my X850XT PE
Flashing HD 2900 Pro to XT Mod
1950Pro Overclocking Speeds
Crossfire, is it worth it?
Crossfire fan speed controls?
radeon 9600pro problem
Memory Speed Does It Make A Difference
bah... x1950pro 512meg HIS Digital making noise...
OC'ing in Vista 64
2900xt fan AGAIN
Do i have to keep CCC open....
2400PRO lol! drivers!
2900 pro and Zalman VF900
ATi Release Whitepaper For DX10.1 HD 3800 Cards
Video Capture problem
Diamond Multimedia xDNA - CrossFire on any chipset with any cards
HD2900GT 256MB
2x 2900XT 'X-Fire' overclocking advice needed.
what is everyone's 2900 performance in the Crysis Demo?
X1950 XTX Replacement?
Nvidia to ATi
ATI Omega users
Turning your 2900 Pro into a 2900XT.
FAIL AQmark3, 3Dmark6 with X2600XT
ATI tray tools / X1900GT question
which budget ATI card is best for ut3
x1600pro Overclocking
I'm getting small spots on my screen, why?
X1950XT VIVO ?
UT3 Beta Benchmarks (from TH.com) - go the 2900XT!
x2900xt to hot and too loud!
X1950 pro not clear as 6600gt
Has anyone tried to run X1950GT AGP with my setup?
2900XT 512MB or 2900PRO 1GB ?
ATI X1950 Pro Causes Screen Flash
strange video card noise.... electric static?
2900pro and its power reqs
Radeon HD3800 is Radeon HD2950!???
CCC.exe bad image?
Whats a good program to monitor 2900XT temps?
Overclocking the 2900xt
How do we know when VC is in 3d clocks when launching a Game
x1900xt max temp?
2900xt Need HELP behaving badly
ATI Crossfire X
overclocking X800gto2
Need good cooling advice
Watercooling the 2900 pro/xt
X1950Pro AGP overheat/crash
Ati Drivers not installing
How to OC and monitor temp of ATI9200SE??
Cat 7.10s :D
bets agp ati card in x..... series for overclocking
ATI's 2950 Series Thread...
weird lines on screen (9800 pro)
Sapphire 2900 Pro 512mb Artifacts at BIOS
No video output
benchmarking with atitool
2900 pro-where can you buy it?
ABIT IP35 ... ATI or Nvidia
sapphire x1950pro driver problems!
1950Pro Crossfire Results?
2900 pro owners ?
Going to h2o-cool everything on card...
HIS x1950 512 APG card issues
Sapphire x1950 pro 512 MB is unpredictable
overclock hd2600pro help
Crossfire x1950Pro 512MB What's your PSU???
Is the 2K series AGP any good?
New Card Help!
R670 aka R680 in our future?
2900 Pro 512MB Review (Guru3D)
Which 2X00 for HD video encoding/playback?
2900xt ?
HD 2900xt bad in DX10 ?
How do I benchmark a graphics card?
When Crossfire and my benchmarks dropped... x1950 pro 512meg pcie
2900 pro
AGP 2600 Pro 512 Meg vid card
Nice DX10 article @ Hothardware
asus radeon 9800XT best drivers?
RV670 = Nov. 19th
VIVO on 2900xt
Temperature monitoring
X1900 shim removal
ATI BIOS Editors
Will go Black Screen when playing Games
order of upgrading for gaming with my pc?
cooling for ati hd 2900 pro
Looking to upgrade
Is my CPU a bottleneck ?
ATI user where to find GFX temperature?
X1650Pro Win98 driver???
Is video acceleration available in Vista for X800/X850?
ATi dongle pin broke, anyone has a chart of what it does?
R680: fact or myth?
Blackscreens with my 2900XT
2900XT wont clock well?
Radeon 2900 pro reviewed
Just ordered a 2900xt
RV670 the gladiator comes Q4.
Newer 2900Xt reviews? (people saying it matches a GTX)
Any X1900XTX owners here with an Accelero X2 ?
1950xtx xfire vs 8800gts schmacktalk
Anyway to improve performance of a ATI 1100?
Video and a PSU for $100
A mistake was made...
A question: ATI x1650Pro 256 MB GDDR3
"Setup did not find a driver compatible with your current hardware..."
7.9 with 2600xt 64Bit Good?
X1950GT Temp Question
x1950 pro 256 meg vs x1950 pro 512 meg for crossfire
X2900 Pro what do you think?
will a x800xl play HL2 and CS?
ATI 7.9
videoplay back quality
X2900XT 1GB Version
x1900XTX "unhealthy". Just bad luck?
what cooler to get for x1950pro
2600XT driver issue
Crossfire or upgrade.
Switches on my x1950GT
Will 2400Pro suffice for 2407wfp HC?
x1300 v. x1550 PRO
How can I stress my 2900XT?
x1950 pro user pls share ur 3d mark 06 test
2600 PRO 512 AGP !!!!
looking to upgrade video card
ATI card on Nvidia Chipset???
Using my laptop as a monitor
Dual gpu 2600xt coming from sapphire
option to trade 8800gts for 2900xt would you
2900XT stock cooler.
quick answer
Ati software change fan speed?
Power Color 1950Pro or XFX 7900GS?
ATI R6xx results thread.
what's the powers consumption of 2600 and 2400?
Early X1950Pro OC'ing Results [Good Uns]
2600XT Not Scaling the Image to full TV?
2900XT's currently holding 05' and 06' records!
ATi 0.27b and CCC 7.8??
ATI Tool 0.26 says my x1900xt is pulling 27a at load?!
2900XT users, I need 10 minutes of your time
X1650 problems
1900xt in trouble.
2x 8700M vs 2x 7950GTX
1950 cross fire card.
enable vga output laptop
X1950 GT cross-flash to PRO?
ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Not Performing Well ?? [[Drivers?]]
Lost Pixel Shader 2.0 and other 3d features.
cli.exe problem on windows start
ATI driver download problems
Custom drivers?
How is ATI doing at the moment compared to NV?
2900XT - which make/model to choose?
x2600xt over geforce 8600gt??
100 Dollars
The boys are back in town
Is the asus 6800 'gamer edition" a GT
hi got a ques
9500 vmods question
Does the x800XT have any life left?
Why the hell does it take forever to uninstall the drivers?
x1900xt cooling
x1900xt bios recovery without a floppy?
Software memory adjustment on 2900XT?
512 X1950Pro AGP overclocking
2900XT at 95c after short load in low ambient atmosphere
[QUESTION] on 3Dmark benching program...
PSU can't handle the card?
Help with Radeon 9600 VPU problems.
Catalyst 7.8 out!
HDR and overclocking?
x1950xt questions
Stretched display on my LG 22" L226WTQ, HD2900XT
ATI TV Wonder 650 help
R600PRO or 2900PRO
Big Problems with a 9800xt
REALLY weird Catalyst 7.7/7.8 Bug... Does not occur in 7.6, and only affects DVI.
ATI equivalent of dualview (allowing 3360x1050 res)
Sapphire Radeon RX1300 Pro 256 MB
ATi MMC Multimedia Center info for OC Detective
64 bit driver for 2400 PRO
ATI Vid Card Temp Monitor? + Video Card Stresser.
radeon 9800 pro installation problems
New video card! Overclocking?
Code 22?
ati HD? when did this come out?
CrossFire 2 SAPPHIRE X1650Pro's???
MSI RX2600XT Diamond Plus - $154 on NewEgg AMIR
2900XT holding 3DM05 and 06 records.
Help video card suddenly stoped working.
good cheap replacement
2900xt stock temps
Budget Upgrade for 7600GT - Question about X1950 Line
What's up with 2900xtx
X800Pro Good buy until Next gen cards come out?
ATI equivalent to ntune?
Should I shoot for 2x 2600xt?
Tool for ocing the X1950 Pro?
WARNING! Faulty Radeons In The Market
Flashing X1800XL to...
What can a FireGL card do, that a 'normal' card cannot?
How well would I be able oc a 2900
Weird problem with ATI x800
(Unoced) Sapphire x1950xt displays lines when system OCed
Another decent HD 2900XT 1gb review...
So I spent $225 on a $140 video card
Crossfire Questions
anyone familiar with AIW and ATi's MMC in here?
2xTFT's & 1 Plasma
x800 system error log
Driver version
x1300 problems
CPU-Z/everest say my X800GTO2 is running at a PCI-E width of 2x?
42" lcd issues with cat drivers past 7.2
This Could be the end for my baby (Sapphire X800 Pro PCI-E)
$100 more for a lesser card????
Any word on ATI Tool and Crossfire support?
ATI Radeon X1600 Pro?
Tell me about crossfire and a 2900
HD 2600PRO 256MB vs. 512MB?
Which setup is going to perform better??
PCI-E bus speed question
worth OCing/further v modding?
2600PRO vs 8500GT for HD
Major purchase question about the X1950 Pro and GT
Vid card upgrade.. help pls.
Vgpu for x1950 pro 512
X1900XTX troubles
I like my 2900 so far...first benches
7.7 is out
Overclocking/enabling hypermemory on ati mobility radeon x1400
Temperature Question for x1900xt
X2900 installed...
My new card
Freakin' locking problem
Radeon 2900XT / 512MB = PSU?
2900xt problems
2600xt vs x850 xt pe
Catalyst Drivers slow when Alt+Tab
X1900CF + X1650pro (GPU + PPU)?
ATI 2900XT 1gig ddr4... directdraw error?
no sound on 2900
6pin PCIe to 8pin PCIe adapter
Any x1650Pro experience please
1900XT AA setting confusion...
Do I need a better PSU for a 2900?
Anyone else notice a Black Box cursor bug with 2900XT and vista?
quiet air options for the 2900XT
ati fix 2900 glitch in source games?
Oh No Another Buying Advice Thread
Feel like volt modding x850xt what cooler?
Radeon HD 2600 ?
HD 2900XT 1 gig to get samsung ICs
Colors all switched around at random during gameplay
Radeon 2600xt 256mb ddr4 800mhz gpu, Rubbish?
ATI 7.6 Vista 32-bit X850 AGP :(
Buying Advice Please
Back onto the Ati merrygoround
Is P965 a good chipset for CF 2900XT ?
Opinion: New GPU
Catalyst 7.6 Thread
Omega drivers + mobile cards
HD 2900 XT Action
PowerColor X1950 Pro 512MB AGP OC'ing
If I'm going to get a 2900XT, what brand?
disected computer
Pleez need quite air cooler for ati x1800gto
Sister's Computer having Display problems
Do you have an HIS x1950 pro? I need your help!
HD 2900XT used in some games/benchmark(s)
I think my 2900xt is dying
haha blew my load on a x1900xtx
Info about HIS x1950pro turbo AGP 512mb
how do I softmod?
how do I flash the bios card?
ati hdtv wonder
ATi 2900 XT Temps
X1900gt - "No Signal"
Do HD2900XT work under windows 2003 server x64
ATI Mid Range
x1950xt 256MB OC troubles
HD 2900XTX (1024) does it perform better then the XT?
Xfire - 2x8 vs 2x16.
Replacement Dongle
A few 2600XT and 2400XT benchmarks
mobility radeon 9700 opengl problems
Anyone with the 2900XT try the new drivers from ATI? Supposed to be a big perf boost
1950pro or 7950xt???
R600 power output (HD 2900 XT)
Finally a good x1950 driver from ATI
First 3dMark06 Benchmarks
Monitor brightness problem
Anyone tried the DNA drivers yet?
Best low-profile GFX card?
Noob 3dMark06 Question
Does the 2900 process physics?
crossfire crashes 3d apps
Radeon 9250 or Geforce 5200
R650 / 670 is no go?
9550 agp performance?
Cat 7.5 HOT FIX
ATI Drivers and the Broadcast Flag
the ati display driver stopped working...
IQ any better on the 29's with latest drivers?
Is it just me, or do later ATI cards (9800+) fubar easily?
Does Ati...
rough idea on higher-end 65nm 2xxx series?
Any decent custom driver sets for the 2900XT?
Official catalyst 7.5 released
Blackout with my x800 card
ATI backs out of the Highend video card market on this one
What is the track record of end of month Cat releases?
Looking for a good AGP card
2900XT 1024Mb GDDR4 OEM Water Cooled Modded Test Results
Radeon 2900 prices
Performance Predictions for 2600XT?
Gecube HD2900XT and Trackmania Nations
2900XT and DQ6 Problem
Does my X800GTO2 support 16850X1050?
Where's the X1950XTX?
So, is the ATi moniker gone?
Fewer FPS...
amd gpu clock tool
8.38 Win XP Drivers
Do the 2900s come bundled with an 8 pin adapter?
Cat 8.38 vista drivers
Anyone noticed this card yet?
AGP BIOS settings/x1950pro issues
2900 fan settings
ATI X1900XTX Crossfire?
Screen resolution win 98se and XP pro
degreade in parts quality or something?
HD 2900XT and 3d clocks
HD2900XT beating a GTX?? fake??
Cat 8.37 for XP have been leaked
Non Crossfire dual graphics card question
1950Pro - A good choice?
HD2900xtx 65nm release date?
what happened to my x1900gt?
HD2900xt 3d06 scores
ATi website adds 2xxx series info
HD 2900XT questions
Welcome To CrossFire!
2900XT GPU temperature monitor
Jesus what the hell is this?!
Guess My 3DMark 05/06 2900XT Results for 3DMark06 Adv Key