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FEAR artifacting with x1950 pro (WoW low fps too)
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I know I'm being lazy but...
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7.3's released
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Graphic Card
Radeon 9200SE Repair Advice
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Vid cards need their own IRQ?
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In-Dash LCD
x800xl apg
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Radeon X1650PRO 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X CrossFire Support Video Card
Primary display problem
x1900xtx artifact wtf?
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X1950XTX Master Cards?
How to use ATi MMC Multimedia Center TV
need a older agp card (need sugestions)
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x1900GT Artifacts?
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X700 Pro fan = dying
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Wikipedia is makeing me hyper.
New problem
Problem w NEW AGP 1650Pro 256MB
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R600 Delayed AGAIN!
x1950xt cooling - IceQ3 or Zalman VF-700 ?
OC'ing my X1900 XT
new computer
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Official 7.2 Catalyst Released
Cat 7.2's for XP released today
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Hi! I'm new here, but not new to computers!
TV Player
CCC 7.1
Question on X1950XT Heatsink Threads
I hope this is an EASY question. . .
good deal on this x1900GT?
X1800 GTO2 problems
R600 Specs
r600 GPU full benchmark test.
Trouble with a Sapphire X1950 Pro AGP
ati 9800 pro output issue
Can't use Overdrive in ATI New R600
dual r600's =)
what´s wrong with my radeon? a story of sorrows. . .
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Unlocked X800GTO2...Want a good replacement?
AVivo for vista?
Catalyst 7.2 Beta (VISTA)
What's the modern pixel pipeline unlock card?
R600's engadget article - fresh news
Need O.C. Help with PCI Express X-850XT-PE
r600 pics. Is it real?
Can I Softmod/Hardmod my X800GTO
MAX safe Gpu voltage 9800xt w/c
Can a Radeon 9700 do 1080p?
overclock x1950xl 3D mode only?
Can't seem to get CCC to stay loaded on Vista
radeon x1300
Suggestions ATI X1950 PRO?
X1800GTO low GPU scores in 3dmark? Please advise.
radeon 9550-x1300
Problems w. displaying some games in full screen with 64mb Radeon 9500
Games/3D apps Crashing when launched in Vista
ATI's new Installation for Vista - Screen Shots
radeon 9950
1600 died
Windows Vista Drivers?
X800gto agp black screen game crash
Overclocking X1900XT - Help Needed!
VF900 with X1950AGP to ?!cold!?
Reseating tips
no image with 9600XT card
Wierd 1900 XT issue
Sapphire X1950XT 512MB?
fastest drivers for 128mb 9800 pro
Best cooler for a X1900XT
Whats the best card i can get w/o bottlenecking
help x800gto2 to x850
Is the SAPPHIRE X1950PRO beter then the XFX7900GS
(Vista) ati 7-1 drivers
X1950 Uber Edition
X1900XT-256 Beeping when OC'd.
Sapphire X1950Pro Ultimate Clocks
length of the x1900 and x1950
How much will DX9 card prices drop?
Possible Bottleneck??
R600 watercooling solutions?
Final Drivers for VISTA is out!!!!!!
350$ get me pci-e or should i stick with agp?
x800gto worth the money
x800 -> x1650 Pro
umm what does "fast write" do?
plizz help mi radeon 9000 64mb/128bit vmod
Sapphire ATI Radeon X850 XT 256MB GDDR3 $79.00
x1900 crossfire
Help with HIS X1900XT and P5W DH
x1650xt questions
X1950XT ATITool problems
sapphire x1650 pro 512mb
Help deciding on which ATI card to get....
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Mod Q
Looks like the R600 will be around March 8th
x1950 pro and a glued heatsink
what the ****
2 bad cards in a row?
Memory underclocked? X1650pro
catalyst question
old ati card question
ATi X800 XL 256mb AGP - How Much Wud It Sell 4?
Does this happen to your stock x1900 xl heatsink/fan?
512MB X1950 PRO or a 256MB with quiet fan?
ati 1900xl - ATI overdrive capabilities have not been properly initalized yet. Please
Help to unlock potential
vison monitor and x800pro
big ati card into small case
video card of baddness
ATi's FINAL release before the R600: X1950XTX-UBER Edition.
Cooling ATI X1950XTX (?'s)
ATI 9800pro AGP, keep or shelf? Whats a good replacement in PCI-E?
get the most from an old card
What is an avg 3DMark05 score for..
question about temperature on my x1900xtx
X1600 pro DOA???
Old school ATI card question
X800....slower than it should be?
x1600XT or x1900GT (Budget)
Overclocking x1900xt to a xtx?
Crossfire oc help
x1900xtx clocks not right?
DNA or Omega?1
Crossfire 2 + 1
Hello, I`m new, need to pick your brains.
x1950 AGP Problem
Driver problem with ATI
x1950pro Sapphire problem
x1600 pro not working?
1920x1200 - X1950XT 256MB vs X1950Pro 512MB
Need help with ATI Tray Tools.
X1900XT Video Problem
Need Great Cooler for x1900xtx???
Need help with my clocks :(
Any programs that show Video card clocks?
bios or softmod for ati 9250?
HELP! Zalman VF900-Cu cooler probelms!!
x1950 pro agp + gamesXstream 700W
1950pro pcie problem
x800 XT overheating
New ATI user and I like them! Questions
x800xl being a bit wacky
Question about Crossfire Setup?
AMD: Asymetric Physics Rendering
Question about x800GTO2 -> X850XT Softmod
1950 Pro AGP - PSU question
Sapphire X1950 XT 256 MB yay or nay?
x1900 or 7950?
X1600 Pro vs 7600gs
Ati MMC troubles
Need some video card advice.
ATi Catalyst 7.1 Beta Window Vista Driver
Strange sapphire x800
Lulz, Fried X850XTPE
Can you help me pick a card?
about to order.. x1950agp Sapphire or Powercolor
ATI Multi GPU technolgy questions
do I need to plug in PCIE power connector?
X1950 Driver Display errors
chipset heatsinks
unlocking x800gto2 to 16 pipelines? Help! :)
Which would you choose??
x1300 HDMI issue
Ati Saphire X1800 GTO Error
Uhhh... Should I jump all over this?
direct x 8
Dongle-less crossfire on X800/X850 cards?
Problem with ATI Traytools
x1950pro likes to crash
New system, only G-Card not sure!
3dmark05 confusion with x1900gt
R600 performance leaked
X1900CF Performance?
Returning my x1600 pro gift
Sapphire X1950 Pro Ultimate
9800xt problems..
Questions about Saphire X1950XT
>>Need Advice|Radeon X 1950XTX Is Overheating<<
ATI X1950 CF vs ASUS X1950 CF? which one?
Anyone with an ATi brand X1950Pro?
ATI X1950 Pro AGP problem
x1300 agp install problems
help flashing x1900gt bios
new build info gathering - x1950xt drivers/software
x1900gt ati tool problem
430TruePower run a x1950pro agp?
New to ati... my Q's
best brand x1950pro AGP
What's the Difference???
1900CF vs 1950 pro. help me pick
Merry Christmas ATI, now give us some R600 goodness!
X1950 XT - PowerPlug Pic
vivo question
Radeon AIW 9800pro - Need Help!
error loading drivers/x1600pro
MSI X1900 XTX heating issues...
Crossfire Will This Work?
HIS X1300 IceQ Turbo 256 MB AGP 8x/4x
best driver for older radeon
Ati says it can't find my tv card :(
X1900CF Questions
X1950XT - Vista Drivers
Radeon 9800 Pro EZ
Everyone please read
ATI on nvidia chipset
X1950 AGP Corrupt Image??
Recieved a 800GTO instead of ordered 850Pro, ripped off?
Diamond v Sapphire
Post your Before/After EATM screen shots
X1950XTX as X1900
ALT TABBING degrading card performance?
Can I use X1950 master card with x1900xt
His 1800gto unlockable or sapphire x1800xt
Mixing LCD with CRT for dual screen?
Insane Overheating
X1800GTO vs. X1650pro why same price?!?!
Can an x800 PRO run CS:S at 1920 x 1200? How about 1600 x 1200?
whats up with these driver issues?
X850XT AGP to PCIE help
AMD/ATi Release Final Dirver Of 06 - Cat 6.12
CPU Bottleneck?
Catalyst 6.12 Display Driver are out :)
X1950 3dMark 05 and 06
A stupid driver problem
X800 power question.
? about Radeon cards
Removal un-installed, hidden device profiles
x1900XT @ 1920x1200
Performance dif between Zalman 700 AlCu and pure Cu coolers
So where's all of the info on the R600 if we're close to launch?
x1900 CrossFire On 2 Monitors....
ATI Hot Key Poller
Purchased X850 Pro AGP with no accessories - how to install?
atitool 2.6 is out :)
ati video overlay
Re-naming Game Continues
Just got the x1950xt, driver problems :(
1900XTX or 1950XTX
What comes after x1950?
Stock Voltage/Freq for x1800 XL? (problems with mine)
Cooler for ATi X850
x1950pro Psu question
x1950pro cooling
INF Error
Ati overdrive vs other overclocking programs
Save Original Bios comand for ATIflash
X1900XT with ZALMAN Fatal1ty FS-V7
X800 XT or X1600 PRO
CCC won't run
x1900 Crossfire- strange display issue
Shader Model 2.0 Card From 3.0
GPU Bios editor
Crossfire- a way to monitor gpu temp for both cards?
X1800XL 512 wont overclock
Multi monitor playback on MAC from DVD
Multi monitor playback on MAC from DVD
ATi Drivers with Vista?
what do you think?
X1950XT/X1950PRO Amp/Power Requirements
how can I do 2 things at once with a game on dual monitors on the 1900xt?
1950 AGP in hand
x1900xtx Crossfire'ed ~ Strange Noise
ATi 6.12 beta (EATM) [Very Big Images- No 56K!]
Worth going Crossfire with X1900's this close to DX10?
Best matched ATI card for P4 2.66ghz?
.Net Framework For ATi Drivers
X1900XTX Vs. X1950XTX
Need help with dual monitors...
9800 Pro
dual link DVI
Sapphire X800 GTO and coolings
R600 Pictures
latest drivers for Asus9250 256DDR Agp ?
Best cheapish SM3 card?
ATI brand x1600pro AGP for $99 bux.....keep it?
Sapphire X1650 256mb (Please Need A Quick Answer)
Best AGP today
Need a Radeon 9800 Pro Replacement. Decisions Decisions
AGP x1950pro?
ATi Video Card Driver
Upgrading Emachine T2542
video guru's post here: X800 GTO and X1900XTX will not play with each other
X1600 PCIe
How does my 3D Mark score look?
X850XT owners: The card still "doing it" for you?
x1950 pro??
Power Requirements?
Video card shot??
R700 possibly to be multicore
128mb x800 crossfire do i need a master card?
3dmark06 password?
ATi X1300 To Be Renamed X1550
Downloading new drivers? Rule of thumb?
HIS X800GT IcqQ Pipes Unlockable?
so umm yeah.....
driver issues?
ATi Cards Now Rebranded AMD & AMD FireStream
1900XT, 1950XT or 7900GT
Catalyst 6.11 available
X800Pro vs X1600 Pro
Upgrading my e-machine
Best card for 150 poounds or less
ATI fan speed. Too fast and the fan will break?
Third party Video card software?
Confused - too much choice, help!
How hot is too hot for x1900xt/xtx card??
need some help on oc'ing a radeon x1950xtx
"Z" shaped block artifacts during games
catalyst control center problem
White Screen Crashing - HELP
ATi Cat 6.10 question
How hot is too hot for my X1900XT?
Driver version
3D applications crashing after 30 seconds on new system w/ x1950pro
X1950PRO Driver updating problem
X1950PRO Driver updating problem
Sapphire 128mb 9800Pro Stock Cooler gone bye bye! Need help picking a new one!
Card differences.....
computer freezes on directx activation
What is the max resolution for HDTV output?
Has anyone upgraded from an X800?
When's the expected release month or day for ATi's DX10 card?
Not your average - x1950xtx or wait for R600 thread
Dead secondary output on x1900xtx?
x1950 Pro and PSU
digital vibrance equivalent on ati cards?
X1950 Pro?
Memory on the Asus1900xt?