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Everyone please read
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whats up with these driver issues?
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Catalyst 6.12 Display Driver are out :)
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? about Radeon cards
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atitool 2.6 is out :)
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x1950pro cooling
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Shader Model 2.0 Card From 3.0
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Multi monitor playback on MAC from DVD
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what do you think?
X1950XT/X1950PRO Amp/Power Requirements
how can I do 2 things at once with a game on dual monitors on the 1900xt?
1950 AGP in hand
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ATi 6.12 beta (EATM) [Very Big Images- No 56K!]
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9800 Pro
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How does my 3D Mark score look?
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x1950 pro??
Power Requirements?
Video card shot??
R700 possibly to be multicore
128mb x800 crossfire do i need a master card?
3dmark06 password?
ATi X1300 To Be Renamed X1550
Downloading new drivers? Rule of thumb?
HIS X800GT IcqQ Pipes Unlockable?
so umm yeah.....
driver issues?
ATi Cards Now Rebranded AMD & AMD FireStream
1900XT, 1950XT or 7900GT
Catalyst 6.11 available
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Confused - too much choice, help!
How hot is too hot for x1900xt/xtx card??
need some help on oc'ing a radeon x1950xtx
"Z" shaped block artifacts during games
catalyst control center problem
White Screen Crashing - HELP
ATi Cat 6.10 question
How hot is too hot for my X1900XT?
Driver version
3D applications crashing after 30 seconds on new system w/ x1950pro
X1950PRO Driver updating problem
X1950PRO Driver updating problem
Sapphire 128mb 9800Pro Stock Cooler gone bye bye! Need help picking a new one!
Card differences.....
computer freezes on directx activation
What is the max resolution for HDTV output?
Has anyone upgraded from an X800?
When's the expected release month or day for ATi's DX10 card?
Not your average - x1950xtx or wait for R600 thread
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x1950 Pro and PSU
digital vibrance equivalent on ati cards?
X1950 Pro?
Memory on the Asus1900xt?
What is up with ATI and AMD
which driver for xpress 200m?
HIS x1600xt 256mb DDR3
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I Please help, I think I fried my X1800 Crossfire Master card
Quick question on upgradeing???
HR-03 Versus Accelero X2 Versus Tide Water
x1950XTX Crossfire
Problem w/ my new HIS X1900XT 256mb...
Wide Screen Support: X550?
I have 6.9 but i have a important question
I have 6.9 but i have a important question
No More AIW
Looking 4 fan controller. + your X1900XT temps.
X1900GT - X1950Pro
ATI Tool and Mobile X1400
ati sli
X1900XTX artifacting, not OC'd
x1600 series
New card, 1900xt vs. 1950 pro vs 1900 crossfire
Some X1600 Pro questions
new vid card
Catalyst 6.10 out!
Good aftermarket cooler for the X1900XT?
X800 XL AGP in-game issues
9800 Pro major drop in fps
Worth it?
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MAX AMP Draw from 1900XT
Vsync in Calalyst 6.9
X1900 XT/XTX and the power they need
9800 pro : why am I still able to use it?
ATI's R600 Cards (Any word?)
x1900xtx - Catalyst 6.9 and 6.8 crashing during boot
Trouble with X850 in crossfire.
comparison questions
What voltage to multiply ATITool Amperage?
x1950PRO vs. 7900GS Oc'd
ati.com is green
Scan line on screen since format
X1950XTX or X1900XT
ASUS EAX1600XT Silent temperature monitor!?
Tweaking Vid Card Ram Timmings
May need to return x1800xt is 7900gt an option?
HIS IceQ3 cooler making a clicking noise already.
Diamond Stealth 256mb 9250 PCI Card Overclocking
ATI Radeon 9550....Yeah right lol
Ok Guys, I Need Your Help!
Is this a good overclock for this card?
ATI question about CLI.exe
How does crossfire work?
Diamond x1950xtx question
Help! Noobie attempting to overclock a ATI x1900xtx
X800GTO2 shim removal
x800xl vs x850xt
X1900XTX to X1950XTX
Very odd video issue, any ideas?
Possible to auto load clocks with windows boot?
Difference in these X1600pro cards?
X1X series, difference between 256 and 512MB models
X850 XT can kill computers?
agp upgrade for s478
AtiTool Stuck!! Please Help!!!!!
X700 driver problems
X800 XT With DDR1 Memory Is That Right
Some media files look like predator vision with x1900xt.
X1900XT Dual Monitor/3D Issue
Visiontek Radeon X1300 256MB PCI ne good?
ati cards where are they?
Which Drivers... and a better DX9?
Details of ATI's four-GPU chipset, physics acceleration plans emerge
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New Omega Drivers
Cannot find a ATI X800 XT PE (PCI-E) 256 MB BIOS version?
all in all
Artifacts everywhere!
X1900XTX 512MB - Which Drivers are best?
x1300 has no thermometer
ATI roadmap exclusive & confidential
Overclocking x1600 w/ AtiTool
X1900XT, BC12 ram, w/c'ed, what to shot for?
Can you help me with Asus x850 vivo function?
1900xt : 3d clocks only switch on with fullscreen games
Deperate need of help.
Radeon X1300 256MB PCI Express HDTV Question
x1800 and 1900. please someone explain why i should get the x1900...
Problems with ATI drivers, need sugestion now
Problems overclocking my x1900xt
ATI 9000 64mb
Is this a good O/C for a radeon 7500 mobile?
ATiTools: Why in Beta for so long?
Cooling solution for X1900xtx
x64 drivers
Possibly the dumbest question...
My XT1800 GTO2 512mb rig benched
How can you view the 3D speed on an x1900xt?
X1900 Master Crossfire Card Bios Question
Looking at x1900xt.. some say its GT?
x1900xt showing checkerboard in games, distorted colors on desktop
Sapphire X800GT?
Powercolor X800xl problems
Help-ATI x550 driver issues!!
WTF happened to RIVA TUner
Temperature issue
X1800XT 512 and Dell UltraSharp 2007FPW
AMD skt 939 mobo with crossfire+physics?
Vid Card ?
How do I get AVIVO to do something useful?
question, x800xt crashed
9700 Pro or X800 Pro?
Anyways of checking the crossfire status
Voltage Starved X1900xt?
What was ATI's answer to the 7950GX2?
Same problems with 6.9 drivers as 6.8
400W PSU Good Enough?
100% HDCP compatible video cards?
X1900XT and artic silver
Create a custom resolution
MSI RX1900 CrossFire Edition Radeon
x1950xtx arrived on my doorstep today
9800 Pro @ XT to X800GTO
Intel 955X Chipset and Crossfire Question
Crossfire hack. Sorry no links to driver themselves.
9800PRO HSF "pluggy"?
Official Cat 6.9
noob question: s-vid out
powering a x1900xt
x1900xtx driver?
x800pro-vivo pci-e pencilmod guide?
dx10 ATI card - 250W confirmed
How to overclock x1800xt??
Problem with artifacting x1900xtx
9800 Pro or X1300?
Problem with ATI TV Wonder Pro
Can I turn AA completely OFF?
overclocking my x1300
Recomended temps for x1900xtx?
Asus X1900XT - Default clock of 500/600!?
just wondering
Did ati realize what they just did to alt tabbers in 3d apps?
Is this artifacting or a glitch or a error? any ideas?
HIS X1900 Crossfire Question
Odd driver issue. (Omegas, unknown hardware.)
Why is my ATI card crashing after a BIOS flash ? [Suggestions/Thoughts inside]
There here! x1950xtx
Stability problems x1900XTX the cause?
The reason my x1900xtx cant go above 2d is?
Can a Monitor Kill a Graphics Card?
128mb card showing up as 64mb
Ati Tool SOLUTION. Guide also
My first attempt at voltages. I think I nailed it first try
I officially have the WORST x1900xtx card on the market
shader issue
How to share th ram memory w/vid memory?
x1600 pro problem
how to OC a x1900xt
whats wrong?
HIS X1900XTX bios
Did dell underclock my video card!?!?!
Getting temps for both Vid Cards
S-video = watching tv on your comp?
x800gt0 vs 1600
Nvidia user thinking ATi
x1900xtx on the way, now the questions
x1800xt PE vs. x1900xt
The Big Change - Nvidia --> ATI
Problem watching movies with x1900xt.
Alrite, Video problems (nvidia -> Ati)
Proggy for ATI for vista
x1900 512 crossfire ed
Is my ati video card crashing?
comparison question
X1900XT New Heatsink Problems
X1300 dies during videos\games
X1300 OCed
Radeon 9500 np unlock 9700 pro?
x1900xt aftermarket cooling
Recommendation for a new video card
X1900XTX - Need Opinions/Help
ATi software???
850XT-PE cooling
R600 News
x1600pro Crossfire question...
Sapphire x800pro
Cat Control Center sucking resources
What does everyone think of the 7600GS
Compatibility issues with my Radeon 1900XTX
Adding 3rd monitor on this system?
Black and White image on TV using TV-out
yellow Question mark in device manager
CF or DX10?
x800 pro vivo apg problem
Video Cards
X1900XTX and PSU
What's The Difference?
x1800 xt Owners Post your results!!
Changed HS and now 9800pro(flashed to xt) shows temp.
x1800xt Auto Fan control
Problems w/ x1800xt/ new comp
aiw x800xt drivers
overclocking x1800 xt help
ATI AIW X800 XT Temp Still High....
Sapphire x1900XTX
wow fast ati rma?
ATI X700 pro- to hell with it or voltmod it and OC it to the max?
ATI AIW X1900 Video Card Question?
overlclocking with 6.8 drivers
WTF Is The Deal ? (X1900XT)
x1900xt crashes in 2d settings
x1900's work with x1950's in CrossFire
Quad SLI vs Xfire
3D mark score,, you got to be kidding !!
Moniter Switches Off
Jetart 2600 @ XSreviews
How to overclock a Radeon 9550.
Omega Drivers VS. NGO Optimized Drivers?
Component out with flashed x800 pro > xt-pe
Am I the only person running a stock x1800xt 512mb !?!?!
X1650 - When does it come out?
help choose video card?
smart gart every boot!
Problems with X1800XL. help!
3dmark05 stock x1900xt scores?
1900xt won't run at rated speed?
Video Card from ATI / Philips M9 - TVT - MCE N1707?
Radeon 9800 PRO Memory Timings?
ATI multimedia center question....
1900XTX busted, what do you guys think?
Best ATI AIW X800 XT AGP Cooling?
ATi 6.8 Driver causing problems
ATI 1900GT + Zalman V900 = -30C ?
using Avivo on X1900XTX ?
Best AGP videocard?
Trying to clock x1900xt to default 3d settings to no avail
X1900 GT or X1800 XT (both 256MB)
X1900GT Information Needed!!!!
9800 Pro OC Tip..
Best card for ~$300?
x1950xt ..any definative reviews yet?
What is this problem and how do you fix it?
ATI X1900 AIW Artifacting (memory)
ATI Crossfire help
Please help my oc' my crappy 1900xt!
Changed aspect ratio... now games crash
9500 Artifacts Before Post Screen
Best image quality drivers (suggestions, for no shimmering?)
X1300 Pro , endless reboot
x850xt... what FPS should I be pulling in CS:S?
Best overclocking app for x1900xt? Limitations?
How do you install the chuck patch?
128MB ATI Mobility RADEON x600
x1900xtx artifacting
Cat Control Center gone crazy with 6.8's ?
ATI TV Tuner Cards
FSX horrible on X1900XTX
need AGP card from $100-$150
X1900GT or XT??
High Temperature G-card
Video card + Game = Crash!!! Help!
HIS X1900XT IceQ3
ATITool 0.25 Beta 15 Now Available
Catalyst 6.8 is out.
Just installed sapphire x1900xtx... default clocks?
How do my 3dmarks compare...
Sapphire x1900xtx artifacting ONLY on reboot??
x 800pr0 256 pci-e ?
HELP x800gto serious problems
ATI AIW x800 XT Help...
Is my machine enough for an x1900xt or xtx?
Screen going black when login appears??
x1900gt overclocking help
buy9ing my first ATI card and i need some help
ati bios dump within windows 2000 ??
What could be causing this???
Thermal Pad Replacement for Acceloro X2
AVG. Price for an x1900 XTX?
If I have a VIVO ATI card, do I need a video converter card?
Stupid ATItool question.
ati 1900xt and crossfire
X1900XT on nvidia 590 SLI chipset
ati x1950xtx benchmarked
SAPPHIRE 100149L and 100149
9700 Pro Woes
Where is 1680 x 1050? x1900 GT
Very impressed with Powercolor X1900XT
Is there a way to get X1900XT temps in Speedfan?
Is my card just crap?
Need advice pls: Is it worth moving from a X800gto2 to an X1800xt
How's this 3dmark03 score for my rig? (large image)
HELP! Is my video card crashing my computer?
Is this card good MSI X1900XT
Drivers for 1900xt
x1400 128mb (512 hypermemory)
New 1950 CF vs. quad-sli benches @ DailyTech
New X850 Pro....no worky
Anyone familiar with the ATI AIW 800 XT?
3m tape for vga ramsink
X1600 Pro (AGP) or X800 Pro (AGP)
All-In-Wonder Delay
X800 GTO
9600 Pro, Asrock 775Dual-VSTA
AMD Will Keep ATI Name After All
X1600 pro or 7300 GT?
If it aint broke dont fix it?
Old Video Card performance decreasing with new drivers?
X1900 All In Wonder on air! 42000+ 3D01
AMD to drop ATI brand
x1900xtx ugly noise coming from cpu
Connecting computer to TV
X200 WTF? what happened to the floor?!!
Potential Overclock winner? Worth it?
My friend needs reasurance
Mistery card
Repairing Sapphire X700 Pro Toxic
X1900XT 10mhz core OC = Windows Frozen
what is the PCIe equivalent of Radeon9500?
HIS X1900GT or X1900XTX
How's Sapphire X1800GTO in unlocking?
Driver Problems.
ATI Tool Q. IS this 21.8 number the AMPS my card is pulling?
3 monitors, PCIE X1800XT & PCI 9250 card - Driver issue?
Why no core or mem clocks show up on Futuremark ORB for X1900XT
Next-Gen GPUs?
One more HIS x1800gto successfull unlock!
Omegas and 64 bit...compatible?
omg 9800 power
ATI N00b. Quick overclocking question
old school
ATI Driver Issues (2D to 3D clocks)