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ATI Radeon X1300 Pro and Dell
3Dmark and MSI x1800xl 512MB
Iv returned to the red side....
Should I snag it?
FireGL v5200 mod to x1600 Mobile
FireGL v5200 mad to x1600 Mobile
Cut off white head for x1800xt heatsink power...
AIW X1300?
x1800xt WOOT
which card is better
Atitool and tray-tools at the same time?
possible to flash 1800xt to a 1900xt?
possible to flash 1800xt to a 1900xt
9800 Pro 8 pipeline unlock artifacts
strapping a fan to the heastink of a x1800xt
raedon 9800 pro artifacting
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unlocking x1900gt
Out of the game a while and in need for a new vidcard...
X1900XTX w/LGA775 Vs. X1900XTX w/S478
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Crossfire ability on Nforce or non ati/intel chipset mobo?
Zalman ZM80C-HP on x1800xt/xl/gto?
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XP 64 catalyst 6.5 install on X1800XT
Cat 6.3 with control panel not CCC!
AVIVO Video Conveter for X1000 series
Maya users, I need your opinion
so many cooling options now! recommendations?
First Timer
Can a 9550pro 128 run COD 2?
need help.
Problems with Sapphire 9600XT
overclocking my a-i-w ve (rv200)
Having problems OC'ing a Sapphire X800GTO AGP R430 core.
x1900xtx Accelero X2 results
X1800XT voltages
My MSI x1800XL 512MB -> x1800XT
Artifacting and restart
How to monitor temperatures on 9600xt
strange BSOD
MSI X1800XL 512MB from ZZF
ATI Takes on Physics
Help me get the most outta my x1900xtx 512mb
accelero x2 question
Need Help w/ CCC
Few Q about X1800XL bios revisions?
Hungreh's X1800XT 512MB
New Card
X1900XT and PSU?
accelero x2 memory heatpad removal
max 24/7 settings for oc'd x1900xt
2D, 3D clocks? (X1800XT)
new 1900xt, 30fps in CS:S
Help with x1800xt
Old school 9500np question
Wohoo my 1900xt's on the way!
rivatuner and x1900xt
another bad flash am I screwed thread?
Ram timings on Sapphire x800xtpe card
crossfire and dual display setup question(s)
Flashing x800GTO
Anything wrong with underclocking?
Can't underclock X1800XT 512MB?
Keep current x800 xt pe?
X800 with Silencer 5 doesn't fit on NF7-S?
Cooling my X1800 GTO - Help Required
Need video card advice please
What is wrong with ATI TOOL TEMPS
How do I use ViVo?
memory type on x800GTO
Sapphire 1800XT Performance Edition BIOS
Why is my card making sounds when I ran ATITOOL 3D Object?
How Can I turn up the fan speed on X1900?
AMD-ATI Merger?
ATI Radeon Xpress 200 video for HTPC?
x800xl has hit a small wall???
X1600pro Heat Issues
How do I change the pipelines on my x800gto2??
what do you guys use to stick ram sinks?
Vista - XP drivers
x1800xt bluescreens when gaming?
Pondering about a blown Video card
sapphire's rma service
which drivers for my x800gto?
Is this a good choice on X1800XT ?
How To: Flash your X1900 Series card!!!
Program to enable Crossfire??
Native overclocking or ATI Tray Tools?
Overclocking yielding lower performance?
New to ATI, what Programs Do I Need???
Ati Catilyst Control
Woot 10k+ in 05 with x1800xt
sapphire x1900xt 2 unlock keys
Serious problem with 6.5's and ATI TOOL
CROSSfire help needed....
Is this score ok for 3dmark05? Seems low. x1900xt
How much improvement would a x800xl give over my 9800pro?
9800Pro upgrade help
My saphhire x1800gto 3dmark result
Anyone use a silencer 4 on x850xt?
X1900GT - Link to Review, X1800XT better?
x1900 Crossfire card question
Air cooled X1900XT ideling at 39c. Is that good for a first time builder?
Watercolling a X1900XT?
Sapphire X1600 256MB Pro AGP & It's Pipes
Help, CPU bottleneck???
6.5 Cats...
locked monitor resolution with a x1800gto
Anyone here using Rivatuner 2.0 RC 16
Annoying but non-fatal artifacts.
Repair 9800 Pro?
R600+ Might Be Their Fastest Chip
ATI R580+ Gets Ready For GDDR4
ati mobility 7500 driver
x1900xt\xtx cooler mounting holes distance?
ATITOOL which one should I do first FIND MAX MEM OR CORE?
Just ordered x1900xt! OMG! HURRAY!
X800GTO2 question, can it push 1680x1050
ATI Radeon X800XL PCI-E Questions...
cant install drivers
ATI x850XT PE or XFX XXX 7600GT ??
x800pro issues...
HIS X1900XT (Coming from X1800XL)
x1800xt or not?
x850 crossfire expensive still?!
Bent 1900 crossfire pins
Benchmark / 3dmark5
512meg worth $60 more?
ATI Proprietary Linux Drivers released
Can't set voltage above 1.425
terrible oc on my x800pro
How to mod X1800GTO > 16 pipes (X1800XL)
Going X1900XTX Crossfire
X800 to FGL possible?
Recomendation request
Max Safe Parameters for X1900XT - Have you killed your X1900!!
X1900 Crossfire & 27" monitor/LCD tv???
Where can I buy 2-80mm fans and spare parts for ZM80C-HP
need x800pro stock fan
new cooler for x1800xt, what should i get??
Cooler for X1600PRO AGP
9800 Pro and HDR?
Need opinion of upgrade
any news about ati's next card?
x1800xt 512MB v x1900 256MB
How do you feel about this card?
Does x1800xt pe bios flash void warranty?
how tell if I have a 9500pro or 9700
6.5 betas
x800 pro pcie is comparable to what agp card?
What qualifies as stable?
9700pro and 9800pro cooling issues.
I need the proper way to cool a video card
What bios for 9800pro 360core hynix 2.5ns 256MB is the one
Budget Gaming Card
9800 pro to 9800 xt
9600 xt Problem
Overclocking Competition.
X1800XT or X1600XT CF?
ATI All-In-Wonder 256MB AGP X800XL is it good for new games?
ATI Silencer 4 (not rev2) - Fit GTO² or X850XT?
all in wonder Radeon 9600 AGP 8X 256MB
Opinions need for heatpad replacements
What's difference between these x1800xt's
best ati card for 150 or less
Thinking of upgrading. 9800 Pro 128MB -> X1600 Pro 512MB?
ATI X1 series users, let me know if this program helps u overclock
asus radeon 9550
Ati Saphire Radeon X850XT
ATI rma
Help needed
Powercolor R98SE-C3
XP64 won't boot with Ati drivers installed!
card overheating.
x1900's emitting strange noise
Just ordered X1800XT YAY
"TUL Radeon X1900GT takes on Gainward's 7900 GT"
ATI Tool Overclock Problem
whats the difference ??
Low 3Dmark Scores with x1900xtx
X1800 to a X1900XT should I?
Crossfire Headaches!! :(
Please HELP guys - Desperate!
Flashing The X1900XT BIOS
Killed my x800GTO - ATI Winflash Utility Flash gone wild
X1800GTO Artifacting
Can I run a Crossfire mobo with two ATI cards in separate mode?
Fan Noises
radeon 9500 pro question
sapphire x1800xt pe bios upgrade
X1800XL Temperatures
Gigabyte x1900xt any good?
X1900GT - have you guys heard about this thing?
X800GTO2 16p unlocked but crappy OC
x1800xt 512 problem
Would an x1600 Pro compare to a GeForce 6800?
My new X1800XT won't clock
x800 GTO Bios for 16 Pipelines
X1600Mobile to V5200 Mobile Need Help
ATI Guys -- Input Needed
connect3D x800 GTO OC results
Crossfire x1900xtx help
Sticky it !!!
X800 PRO the same as X800 GTO?
Removal of padding of HS for Vregs cause a short/damage to x1000s?
Overclocking 9800pro with AtiTool
Had to join the dark side!!
Unresolvable Frame Lag
xp-90 on a x800 possible ?
Crossfire Underclocking Cards???
Thinking of ditching Nvidia for the x1800xt 512mb, CONVINCE ME!!!
does ATI Radeon ProX1600 512 Meg DDR2 work with Asusp4p800?
X850XT PE VS X1600 Pro
Need help with purchase!!
I think I have a duff core.
New x1900xt a dud ?
What is too hot for X1900 XT?
radeon 9600pro options
How do i hook up my computer to My Dlp TV?
powercolor x800gto
Umm..whats the worst that can happen...?
Utility to overclock both vid cards????
A 9700pro but I can't install it.
picking a vid card
Custom CNC X1900 Heatsink - Which do you like better?
X800 Pro value?
So the x1900xtxs on the stock cooler have been overclocking better than the 7900gtx?
determining if CPU is bottleneck?
X1800XT for under £150!!!
cooling options for x1900xt?
X1900XTX problem.. help?
Overclocking a X800XL Sapphire
X700 Overclocking
best graphics card for a flight sim
Damaged X850XT
1900xtx + crossfire for $600/700!!!
Bought the 9800 256mb 256bit R360 PCB now what do I do
Time to upgrade...
X850PE AGP a deal????
Uninstalling Drivers ----> help a super noob please!!!
Highest end agp card?
X1600 Pro vs X800 Pro
Pushing old technology
9600 artifacting!?
Catalyst 6.4
artifacting for no reason
AIW X800XT Problem (Need help)
Is it worth 18 bucks to get a 512 over 256 x1600 pro?
doom3 x1900xt and cat 6.3
Overclocked x1900 crossfire setup..
9800 Pro - R.I.P.
Power Supply for 9700pro
How much better is the X1900 over the X1800?
x1800xt Cooling options
Can I get 16 pipelines out of this card ?
x800gto first time oc'er
ATI TV Wonder VE
3DMark2006 Score
X1800 Crossfire 512MB compatible with X1800XT 256MB?
People with an x1900xt/xtx, what made you go with it rather than a 7900gtx 512?
x1900xtx problem
My watercooled x700Pro won't budge!
Sudden Frame Lag
My x800 pro + this for my TV?
Help me save a damaged radeon 9800 pro
Card Specifications
1900XT WITH A R499 GPU???
X1900 and Omega Drivers
ATI do have better IQ
Getting Rivatuner Hardware Monitor to work with X1900xtx
HIS x1900xt/xtx ICEQ3
Video overlay doesn’t work at resolutions above 1920x1440.
which ATI card for around 100 - AGP
Saphire 1600xt Overclocking
x1800xt 750/850 stock volts
which sapphire x800gto is better?
How do I set bios for new card?
x1800xt - 85c idle!?!
Best x800 GTO HIS?
Cross Fire problems with 6.4's
Crossfire overclocking???
x1800gto error on the egg?
x800gto best for $100?
Getting minor artifacts on x1800...
Artifacts just before welcome screen
X850XT vs 7900GT??
Compare between 9800 pro 64mb vs 7000 64MB
Dead Radeon? or not? help?
Here It Is For All To See, My Unlocked X1800GTO
Help! What's going on!? Need FAST reply
Physics processor
x1900 crossfire...support dual monitor?
X800GTO2...Does this cooler fit
Predictions for this fall
X1800GTO vs X1800XT 256mb
6.4 Cats are out lots of fixes
Removing 9800 Pro shim?
Yes Ati released Catalyst 6.4
Vgpu & Vdd Modded 9600 SE 128 To The Max !
weird checkerboard pattern
Any info on ATI's new AGP Card?
Help, my x1900xtx makes weird sounds under load!
Thinking about an 1800xt
Motherboard shadow card in the way...
I think I found my problem??
arctic cooling silencers and x1900xt
**WARNING** Oblivion Patch Just Killed My X1800XL
9700np being detected as 9700pro?
x1900 gpu power consumption?
Nice review of X1900XTX vs. 7900GTX
need help choosing an ati crossfire card
ATI 9800 Pro 128MB - Max Settings?
X1800XT vs X1900XT
clock estimates w/ silencer
ATI R480 bios flash within windows and windows bios editor.
ATI's All-In-Wonder 9800Pro 128MB DDR Card
old MSI Radeon 9200SE max OC
is catalyst control center still evil?
Help! PC keep shutting off..
whole day wasted trying to get Raptor installed
x800gto vs gto2
X1900XT only has 8 pipelines
HDR and AA in Oblivion!
What to decide X800 GTO at 128mb or X800GTO at 256mb??
Trouble installing the latest Omega. Urgent help requested.
X1800GTO unlockable?
HDR in X800 Series
Why go FireGL?
Quick 9800 pro question
DUal Monitors with ATI?? Is it just me, or does it suck?
Help with ATITool X1900xtx ay 18mhz!!
Worth it for newer drivers?
Xfire Chipset
Anyway to make my 800xt not suck?
is it fixable
x1300 pro problem
Are these artifacts? - what to do?
VF900 on X1900XTX
ATI's R90 revealed.
what are WDM drivers?
Which All-In-Wonder Card to Get...
1900xtx problem?
Update on Zalman heatsink on my card..
9800pro OC to XT myths and solutions first time overclocking
Dead X1900 Crossfire Card..... :mad:
Need little help Im confused.
Saphires new x1900
Very hight Frame Rate in the review but not mine
Oldie but goodie.... HELP!
Sapphire ATi 256mb X1600 AGP
[X1900XTX] Manufacturers - Which to go with?
X850xt pe driver problem
R580+ To Use GDDR4 - Impressive
Sapphire X800GTO Softmod
VDDCI, gatekeeper of MVDDQ/MVDDC/VGPU?
overclocking my x300 lol
X850XT need cheap, quiet air cooling.
9000 PRO - will additional cooling save it?
X1900XTX worth it over a X1800XT
Disable Sideband addressing?
driver and software problem on AIW 9800 PRO
How to pick an ATI card?
9800 PRO - RAM sink missing
AIW 9800 Pro dirver disk
fleebay x600 thread
Improving Radeom 9550 performance
How close can an X850XT get...
OCing a 9800 pro
9800=OC 9600?
can I double the bandwidth of my radeon 9550?
Anti-aliasing/aniso problem
9600Pro Voltmod
Rosewill 9600 pro 256 mb, the good or the bad?
Video conversion program for dual cores?
Crossfire + Dual Link DVI Cable
READ ME FIRST Before Overclocking Your X1k Card(s)
x1600 pro mods? flashes?
Problems with ATI 9800 Pro 256MB
Unlocking x800pro non vivo
Issues clocking X1800XL (lockups/freezes)
Need help installing drivers for Mobility X700
Post your X1x00 Series temps
anyone here with a 256mb x1800xt ?
x1900xt cooling
Minimal drivers for TV-Out on x800XL?
Connect3D ATI Radeon X1800 XT 256MB
X1800XT "100134L" Retail vs "100134" OEM
Do I need crossfire card if I want to go with RD580 MB?
Ati X850XTPe Fan stops
X1900XTX.. watching WMVs.
Specs on ATI x1900 All-in-wonder?
Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus VGA Cooler
Atitool alternative?
New 6.3s any good?
suggested sell price?
problems finding xp drivers
Best NON permanent way to fix ramsinks to x1900xtx?
Why are my temps so high?
What is Radeon X800GTO Comparable To
Should I keep my 9800 Pro? Upgrading rig, need advice.
NV Silencer 5 rev 3 on an x1900xt?
S-video stoped working for no reason.
3dMark ORB detects my X1900XT as XTX
Is it worth fitting my Arctic Cooler on my x800^2
ATI's Ultimate Bang for the Buck Lineup
AIW X800XT: Tuner artifacting O_o?
Has this happened to anyone else? Strange behavior...
Anyone has 1900XT that wont overclock to XTX speed?
X800GTO vs. X1600 Pro
Anyone have a stock heatsink for AX800PRO??
So what do us ATI guys think of the 7900???
computer locking up on games
3DMark05 score for laptop
a good mid range video card?
Graphics card overheating!
x850pro->XT hardmod question
Does Ati Artic Silencer 4 Rev 1 fit X850xt Agp?
bad x850pro BIOS flash?
Adjusting colors for 9500np *secondary monitor*
Is my x850 PRO doa ?
X600 PCI-E Thread
Does X850XT out preform X800XL and whats up with the price difference???
X700PRO bios MOD
Differences in X850XT's
*mICKEYmOUSE* Reached 20k in 05
ATI RD580 MB and crossfire
What catalyst with X850pro???
X800XT AIW Alternative Cooling
Zero Display Service ERROR???
X700PRO AGP, FPS problems
x1900xt to x1900xtx
ati 9250 problem
X1900XT gets noisy in game ?
which x1900xtx?
RV570 details
playing quake 4 and the game slows down w/aa
Overclocking X800XL
What are default volts for the x1800 XL?
How does ATITool find max core/memory?
Can't force AA?
Multi-Moniter support
X850 Schematic
Is there much difference between??
The X850 Cooling solution!!
X1600Pro or X800XT ?
strange temps
Help me pick a video card
9800se: Damaged pipeline?
Gaming on a x1900xtx
x800GTO ultimate
6.3 cats are out !!
Unlocking 4 extra pipes
Newegg: two x800's which one?
x800gto2 Still Unlockable?
what kind of clocks are you getting from your 9600?
CrossFile possible w/o master card on RD580?
Overclock Radeon 9200SE?
9800Pro RMA replacement has bigger HSF
512MB HIS X1800XT - flogging the dead (outdated) horse
Need help locating manufacturer
sapphire x800gto unlock
1800xt ATI Tools OC Settings HELP!
Help OC x1900xtx
6.2 beta drivers
ATI x800XL vs. x850 pro
X1900XTX VIVO problem
Best drivers for...
Removing tv tuner from a AIW card?
X1300 vs 9800 pro
Help finding a new Vid Card!
ummmmmmmmmm... problem
X800GT softmod?
How long should i scan for artifacts?
Weird agp aperture size problem
How do you disable FPS display in ati tray tools? Yarrgh!
should i keep current or get an 1900xt
But my x850 is plugged in!
Im getting an x850xt, what should I buy to cool it?
Xbit claims ATI price drops on the way.
High_Definition Video
Strongest Performing X1900 XT?
monitor problem???
Is my 9800 Pro unable to overclock