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thermal paste
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Need help
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Problem with x800 & drivers
How would i check to make sure i have the latest drivers for my x850xt?
need hole paatern and ram core placement for a powercolor x800gto/x800Xl
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X800GTO2 or X850XT
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really hot x800 as of late
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Need Help OC'ing my 1900XT.
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Dual x1800XL or Single x1900XT
can catalyst support duel bgs?
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Catalyst 6.2 Driver Download "get here :)"
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sapphire radeon x1600 pro temp sensor
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X850 Pro w/ unlocked pipelines cooling issues / possibilities for extra cooling?
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Duel Xtreme Intel with x1900xt does anybody have this set up?
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BBA warranty?
6.2 cats released !!!!
x850xt BAKING??
The X850 Pro unlocking 16 pipes question
What is this a sign of? (big image ahead)
x1900xt preference
question on overclocking
Anyone using Crossfire?
Asus ATi 9800 XT and Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 3 (Rev. 2)
3d mark with 9550
PCI express or AGP
9800 pro problem compatability problem?
3dmark05 Score LOW!
Weird 1900XT overclocking results.
1900xtx or xt scores on a single p4 cpu post here thanks..
Quiet down stock ATI dual slot cooler?
X1900 Crossfire and OCZ 520.... Concencus???
Will Danger Den Maze 4 fit on the 1900XT?
How many memory modules does the 1900XT have?
Video upgrade for a Dell Dimension 4700
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ASUS 1800XL crashing
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Dear ATI: Please do not release your video cards until you have drivers.
Radeon 8500 X64 Drivers? Are there any?
x850 help needed
800 gto 16/HIS
X1900XT unstable in 3D, tried everything
Advantages of 9800 pro xt compared to pro
x1900xtx problmes help please
x1900xt ?'s
X1800xt Oc help
completely stumped
Rage3d (ATI AIW Rage 128) 64 bit drivers?
why am i getting diffrent scores each time
Trouble finding benchmarks
X800GTO2 Or X1800XL 256
OC ATi Radeon 9200
gonna try oc'ing the radeon 9250 again
Does mobility 9000 have bloom?
x200 integrated overclocking
Damnit, graphics are flickering like crazy and won't stop!
DVD Player VS. ATI Card Graphics? (HDTV)
Problem with "find max core" in ATITOOL
Damn this 1800XT is causing my water cooling system to heat up!
will this card work in laptops?
Best AGP4x/8x card?
Picture Quality of X300AGP is poor, better for DVI?
Will an Ati Silencer 4 fit my x850xt?
Worth getting a X1800XL over my X850 PE?
Need help with Ati purchase
New X800GTO˛s? Blue PCB?!?
Just ordered the 1900XT - will the 7900 Own this card?
Temprature and Fan Speeds for Radeon 9800xt
Tried to overclock with ATI Tuner and performance degraded?
x1900xt but need help with MB
upgrade to X800GTO AGP, or X800GTO2
Why does my scores suck in 3dmark 06?
X800 XT Crossfire Edition
x1900XTX and P5WD2-e
Hello, have some cash to spend... advice?!
Aquamark3 Unable to complete?
Weird Graphic distortion in Windows.
CCC estion
How much faster is the 1900XT vs 1800XT
Haha, got a bargain X1800XT for 499.99
X1900XT Results (Yet another one)
Anyone notice the almost overnight price drop?
Need help flashing 800GTO2
x1900XTX Cooling?
RMA history with BBA cards?
The X1900XT/XTX Thread
Another x1600pro 512mb question...
Overclocking X850 pro vid card help
800Gto2 DOA?
Is there aby way to to flash Gigabyte X800 (silentpipe non-vivo) into X800XT?
shocked my GTO2....Fried?
Can't break 11K with my XTX... What's wrong???
so umm yeah
X1900XT (Another thread!)
Which X1900XTX Brand Is The Best?
But I just bought an X1800 XT 1 month ago!
X1800xt and heat
9550 info
thermal paste
Sapphire X800 gto2 or x850xt ?
SAPPHIRE 100130VIVO Radeon X800GTO2
MSI's x300se overclockage + question
Omega Drivers Benchmark results?
X1900-the same as a 360 gpu?
1900 XTX results, stock cooling/Air
stupid question about my 1900xt
ATI overclocking
Radeon X850 Emergency - "No power connected"
x1400 and x1600 mobility reviews?
Dudes, i need some help!
Accelero X2 question
Yes, even more x1900XT results
help me O/C a X1900 XT
the INF problem
Do Cat 6.1's work with the X1900????
Building new Gaming rig looking for some direction
x1800XT + PW5D2-e = problem
Just flashed a X850PRO (PCI-X) but....
WTF happened to my video card?
ATI DVD Decoder/Transcoder, etc.
AGP Off? Cant turn back on?
any trouble with the catalyst controll center?
Dead x800xt?
Another one hits the check out button before its too late..
help with the catalyst control center
Will my OCZ 520 be enough for a X1900 Crossfire setup???
Not another "OMG?! I got my X1900XT" Thread... (Sorry 56K)
x1900xt and power requirements
problems with a x800gto2
9600 trouble -artifacts in bios? :(
low 3dmark05 scores=2697!!!
3DMark 2003 scores low...
Would it damage my card
6600GT SLI or X1800XT?
Who has the x1900XT Crossifre card in stock????
ATI BIOS Archive
I Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!! Ati Rage 3d 8mb Lol
Sapphire X1900XT breaking her in...
X700 dual output problems
Overclocked X800GTO
Quad cards??
how much beter is 1800xt then 7800gt oc?
Fan speed ques?
H.264 Acceleration Question
9800pro BF2 WorthY???
Convice me to pickup X1900XTX Crossfire...
benchmarks between 9800pro and x1900
Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb Question
X1900 Crossfire in action
How does this OC looks? (X850Pro)
ATITOOL 0.25 Beta 12
Hard locking with catalyst 6.1's
x1900XTX @ Egg
X1900 reviews
ATI WDM Rage Theater Video -- This device cannot start. (Code 10)
Connect3d vs AT1 x1800XT 512
Refurbished cards
asus x1800xt extreme
overclockin saphire 1600xt 256.MEG GDDR3
x1700s released with x1900s?
GPU Death, need quick recommendation!
Lifespan of video card
ATTN: Older Card Owners!
Omega Problems
buget heat sink mount
X700 Pro 256MB vs. 9800 Pro 128MB (Both AGP)
Stock cooling for x1800xt
Lets Help Frumpco OC his X1800XT!!!
Saphire 9000Pro, I made it passively cooled :D (dialup,your gonna die, sorry)
Anyone with a Sapphire Radian 9700 128 you can help me.
Am I being Bottlenecked?
ATi Multimedia Center 9.13: How do you turn off TV-On-Demand?
9600pro no video?
Video Card Memory Clock Changing?
Which FireGL Card for AutoCAD station???
x1900xt $509.20 shipped !!
Chance of getting modable X850Pro
consoles on pc
9800 Dead?
hello all i was wondering how would i go about overclocking this 9800 Pro 256MB ,Cata
OC 9600XT ends up error using ATITOOL
Connect3D X800 GTO Flashed to light years ahead?
Catayst 6.1's are out!
Artifact scanning in ATITool
Half memory for X800Xt, and vivo.
3Dmark06 is hear!
Looking for major benchmarks
Go from an AGP X800XT to a PCI Express ???
My 9800 PRO 256mb - Can it be flashed to XT?
x1900*** pricing
X800gt superlocked
x1800xt or x1800xl
X800XT Flashing
which sub $250 video card to buy? crossfire?
Radeon 9000Pro 128MB Help
x800gto problems
x800GTO2 vs x850XT
Issues power connector on A9800XT with Artic Cooler
Performance for X850 Pro AGP?
TWo simple question i've just never thought to ask.
Need vid card and capture solution
vid card needed asap
x700 agp s-video out
Sapphire X850XT PCI-E whines during startup
I'm looking for a RAM sink friendly GPU cooler
vid card issues
Is my 9800 Pro fried?
x1600pro 512mb vs. x1600xt 256mb in crossfire
VERY weird performance.
Sapphire X700 128mb PCI-e...a X800GTO?
is my 9800 borked???
Ati x1800 Overclocking tool?
X1900XTX due soon - Check this out
Installed x850pro, CPU holding it back???
How Wrong am i
temp monitoring, o/cing - x800gto..
9800 pro killed two motherboards
Need help Directx 3d and ATI drivers
X800 GTO˛ getting artefacts
how can any 9700 be 64 bit?
ATI 9800Pro/asus A8V deluxe x8 problems
Computer Re-Boots When Watching Videos
ATI Radeon 9800XT, or so i thought....
Anyone have 4.x Cat/Omega Drivers? I need them.
VGA Silencer, ARTIFACTing on ATI Tool
x800 xt pe problems and temperatures
x800gto and 3dmark05
Connect3D X800GTO cooling - need to improve
X850PRO or X800XT ?
Worth waiting for R580?
ATI X850XT oc question
x800xl, what can this do?
highest clocked x800 aircooled?
Bios editing on X850Xt
9800Pro Memory Problems
Rig keeps shutting down. I think it's the vid card.
Flashing X850
x800pro temp ?
Any TV-out tools around?
Keep 850Pro or Buy 800xt AIW
Saphire X800 GTO (not gto2) pcie VS ATi brand X800 PRO pcie
found this strange...
Retail X1800 xt Clock speed
Overheating damage?
x700 temp monitor?
x700 temp prob
X800XL too hot?
x800 xtpe
x800gt voltmod
What's your take.....?
X850XT and Arctic Silencer 5 v.3
Ah finally.
Stuck at 56xx
Stuck at 542.25/542.25
shapphire x800 gto agp 256mb
need some help cooling a powercolor x800gto
why does my x850xt's barcode say VIVO?
X850 Pro agp 1.6/2.0 Mem Clocks?
AGP aperture size
Why are my GPU temps so high? ATI AIW x800xt
Sapphire X1800XT Crossfire 1024mb
9700 Aiw
X1800XT and ATI tool 25.10
Radeon 9550 running in AGP 4x
Just got the x800xt agp, settings?
Are these symptoms of a zapped card?
ATI drivers
X1600 Pro
Problems with Catalyst starting up... HELP ME!!!!!
Dual mon with AIW?
Do you have to use network frame for drivers
x800GTO with errors
Something wrong with the ATI Site?
Can I fix this 9800 pro?
Gotta love freebies :)
Question About Vid cards
x800gt Unlocking Pipes
Performance for an X850XT PE?
questions bout overclokc n fanspeed?
X800GT - what do I need to know?
Cooling my X800 GTO2
Dropped X1800XT load temps to 49C on air
ati x800 gto2 question
Strange OC results..(X800gto AGP)
Can't install drivers
radeon 9700 s-video problem
Something doesnt seem right...
Sapphire X800XT Platinum Edition AGP
X850 Memory Timings
X850 Voltage mod, yes or no?
9600xt to x800pro
Were the X800PRO (AGP) refurbs at ATi laser cut?
unlocking the x850pro
x850XT PE AGP bus speeds
Ati Silencer 1, fan plug won't fit?
Overclocking x850 Pro
AGP Voltage settings
9800XT fails to boot screen.
1600xt vs 9800 pro
whats the warranty on sapphire x800xt pe?
ATI 9550 questions...
What should I do with my old vid card? (possibly damaged)
X1600 Pro and X1300 LE for AGP
X1900? surfaces
Quick Question ( Possible Overheat )
X800xt/aiw X800xt
Video Card Problems?
x850 crossfire edition question
x1600 CF + P5WD2 Prem != good stuff
Which mobo can handle CrossFire dual?
ATI X1800 or ASUS one?
Sapphire x1800 XL speed detection Probs
Im confused...CrossFire200 chipset needed for x1600 Crossfire setup?
VIVO not working on x800xt-pe........
display driver problem?
Safe clocks for my mobile x700
$150-$200 card, which one, 800gto? x1600?
no more master card needed?
x850pro questions
Anyone Here Work For ATi?
AIW X800XT AGP worse than an FX5500?
x850 - 12 Pipes vs 16 Pipes
Cat 5.13 Drivers?
Avivo Questions
X800XL clock speeds
Why is it so easy to oc the xt to xtpe?
MAJOR ISSUES! Please help!
NEW card!
how well does the x850xt oc?
9550 or 9600pro???
9800 PRO psu requirements?
x850 xt pe and rdx200 driver issue
X800XL S video Question?
ATI X1800CrossFire Mastercard on the way!
help me decide quickly for boxing day!
ATI Avivo encoding + HIS X1800XT + Opteron 170 dual core
Is this the end of the road for my 9800?
9800pro after Zalman VF700-ALCu
City of Villains performing badly.
driver problem.....:(
HIS 9600 Pro 256mb AGP, Overclocking.. help plz
X1800 degrading after 2 months
Radeon 9000 PRO (classic) - Smartguard problems? Poor thing dead?
AIW 9800SE causes BIOS to display slow
overclocking my 9250 lol
x800GTO Speeds not as expected
Best BF2 drivers for X850XT...??
X1300 + Theater 550, or AIW 2006 PCI-E
New Sappihire X800GT AGP, Overclocks like mad!!!
Control Panel vs. Control Center. Is Catalyst 5.12 the last Control Panel Catalyst?
Overclocking a card directly to freeze?
Overclocking x850XT PCI-E
Bought a used x850 p - 16 pipes already enabled
Just got not unlockable Connect3d X800GTO Should I return it?
Questions on Graphics card
need help
Videocard dying???
ATi's Crossfire, Done Right! Benchies.
Cooling help a non overclocking card?
X800GTO Did I unlock it or am I stupid?
Overclocking and AGP bus speeds
2x Crossfire x850's?
3D Marks
5.13 is out.
Connect 3D X800GTO Did I make a mistake?
Last AGP card
x1600pro 512mb crossfire