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how can any 9700 be 64 bit?
ATI 9800Pro/asus A8V deluxe x8 problems
Computer Re-Boots When Watching Videos
ATI Radeon 9800XT, or so i thought....
Anyone have 4.x Cat/Omega Drivers? I need them.
VGA Silencer, ARTIFACTing on ATI Tool
x800 xt pe problems and temperatures
x800gto and 3dmark05
Connect3D X800GTO cooling - need to improve
X850PRO or X800XT ?
Worth waiting for R580?
ATI X850XT oc question
x800xl, what can this do?
highest clocked x800 aircooled?
Bios editing on X850Xt
9800Pro Memory Problems
Rig keeps shutting down. I think it's the vid card.
Flashing X850
x800pro temp ?
Any TV-out tools around?
Keep 850Pro or Buy 800xt AIW
Saphire X800 GTO (not gto2) pcie VS ATi brand X800 PRO pcie
found this strange...
Retail X1800 xt Clock speed
Overheating damage?
x700 temp monitor?
x700 temp prob
X800XL too hot?
x800 xtpe
x800gt voltmod
What's your take.....?
X850XT and Arctic Silencer 5 v.3
Ah finally.
Stuck at 56xx
Stuck at 542.25/542.25
shapphire x800 gto agp 256mb
need some help cooling a powercolor x800gto
why does my x850xt's barcode say VIVO?
X850 Pro agp 1.6/2.0 Mem Clocks?
AGP aperture size
Why are my GPU temps so high? ATI AIW x800xt
Sapphire X1800XT Crossfire 1024mb
9700 Aiw
X1800XT and ATI tool 25.10
Radeon 9550 running in AGP 4x
Just got the x800xt agp, settings?
Are these symptoms of a zapped card?
ATI drivers
X1600 Pro
Problems with Catalyst starting up... HELP ME!!!!!
Dual mon with AIW?
Do you have to use network frame for drivers
x800GTO with errors
Something wrong with the ATI Site?
Can I fix this 9800 pro?
Gotta love freebies :)
Question About Vid cards
x800gt Unlocking Pipes
Performance for an X850XT PE?
questions bout overclokc n fanspeed?
X800GT - what do I need to know?
Cooling my X800 GTO2
Dropped X1800XT load temps to 49C on air
ati x800 gto2 question
Strange OC results..(X800gto AGP)
Can't install drivers
radeon 9700 s-video problem
Something doesnt seem right...
Sapphire X800XT Platinum Edition AGP
X850 Memory Timings
X850 Voltage mod, yes or no?
9600xt to x800pro
Were the X800PRO (AGP) refurbs at ATi laser cut?
unlocking the x850pro
x850XT PE AGP bus speeds
Ati Silencer 1, fan plug won't fit?
Overclocking x850 Pro
AGP Voltage settings
9800XT fails to boot screen.
1600xt vs 9800 pro
whats the warranty on sapphire x800xt pe?
ATI 9550 questions...
What should I do with my old vid card? (possibly damaged)
X1600 Pro and X1300 LE for AGP
X1900? surfaces
Quick Question ( Possible Overheat )
X800xt/aiw X800xt
Video Card Problems?
x850 crossfire edition question
x1600 CF + P5WD2 Prem != good stuff
Which mobo can handle CrossFire dual?
ATI X1800 or ASUS one?
Sapphire x1800 XL speed detection Probs
Im confused...CrossFire200 chipset needed for x1600 Crossfire setup?
VIVO not working on x800xt-pe........
display driver problem?
Safe clocks for my mobile x700
$150-$200 card, which one, 800gto? x1600?
no more master card needed?
x850pro questions
Anyone Here Work For ATi?
AIW X800XT AGP worse than an FX5500?
x850 - 12 Pipes vs 16 Pipes
Cat 5.13 Drivers?
Avivo Questions
X800XL clock speeds
Why is it so easy to oc the xt to xtpe?
MAJOR ISSUES! Please help!
NEW card!
how well does the x850xt oc?
9550 or 9600pro???
9800 PRO psu requirements?
x850 xt pe and rdx200 driver issue
X800XL S video Question?
ATI X1800CrossFire Mastercard on the way!
help me decide quickly for boxing day!
ATI Avivo encoding + HIS X1800XT + Opteron 170 dual core
Is this the end of the road for my 9800?
9800pro after Zalman VF700-ALCu
City of Villains performing badly.
driver problem.....:(
HIS 9600 Pro 256mb AGP, Overclocking.. help plz
X1800 degrading after 2 months
Radeon 9000 PRO (classic) - Smartguard problems? Poor thing dead?
AIW 9800SE causes BIOS to display slow
overclocking my 9250 lol
x800GTO Speeds not as expected
Best BF2 drivers for X850XT...??
X1300 + Theater 550, or AIW 2006 PCI-E
New Sappihire X800GT AGP, Overclocks like mad!!!
Control Panel vs. Control Center. Is Catalyst 5.12 the last Control Panel Catalyst?
Overclocking a card directly to freeze?
Overclocking x850XT PCI-E
Bought a used x850 p - 16 pipes already enabled
Just got not unlockable Connect3d X800GTO Should I return it?
Questions on Graphics card
need help
Videocard dying???
ATi's Crossfire, Done Right! Benchies.
Cooling help a non overclocking card?
X800GTO Did I unlock it or am I stupid?
Overclocking and AGP bus speeds
2x Crossfire x850's?
3D Marks
5.13 is out.
Connect 3D X800GTO Did I make a mistake?
Last AGP card
x1600pro 512mb crossfire
Weird graphics glitch
Updating 2x/4x AGP
atix80pro error msg @ BOOT
Why can't I clone my desktop anymore?
16-pipeline x800GTO?
overclocking the 9250
Is there a way to find the temp of the gpu on my x800Pro?
Repairing a 9800 Pro??
Radeon TV-out
R520 scores 108 in HQV Video benchmark
[NEWS] ATI Video Processing Upgrade
Need some expert advice... Video Card Help
AtiTool Problem.
"You have not connected the power extension cable..."9800Pro
5.12 Vs 5.10 ---- Test results (Dual Core gains?)
9800pro..... Need "XT" BIOS
Great Overclocker Found for those on tight budget
Omega Cat 5.12's issue
Defective Radeon 9500
Control panel or control center?
clicking noise
Artifacts even with ARCTIC 5 Cooler
Sapphire 9600 XT or ABIT 9550X-Turbo?
x800 pro stuck on oc...
artifakts only in test programs?
Need help installing ATI Radeon A-I-W 9700 Pro
x850 xt platinum oem
x800GT AGP owners: cooling/oc
9550 showing up as 9600se?
Gecube X800 GTO 128MB AGP
Question about removing 9800Pro HSF
will a flashed x800gto2>x850 work in sync with a x850 crossfire card ?
Help me pick a cooler for video card, link inside.
Noobish question!
x850 xt
Does x800gto have a 480 core ..is it a good deal for this card ?
His X1800xl!!!
8500 all in wonder tv tuneing on tv out?
Suggest card similar to 9700Pro
Issues with 5.12s?
ATI Radeon 9600xt Cooler
x800 seeming a little slow...
x800gto2 question,
Did my video card overheat or something?
HELP X850 CrossFire Edition
All in Wonder PVR
Trouble with 9800 PRO - Frame skips
AtiTool ALL Artifacts! Ah!
Need Help with ALL-In-WONDER
Driver to bypass onboard audio decoder on AIW 9000
ati 9800 pro installation issues
5.12 Omegas are out!
3rd cards a charm for X850Pro unlock
will this card unlock to 16pipes?
Unlocking x800gto2-a bit confused. Clarify. :)
R350 vs R360 help
x1800 movie quality vs. x800
Got locked x850Pro from best buy
x850 drivers
512MB HIS X1800XT PCI-E + AMD64 Opteron 170 Dual Core adventures
X1800 XL owners come here
All in Wonder x800xt pics?
Overclocking X700 Pci-E
ATI 5.12's are out!
Clearance issue of dfi ultra d and x800gto 2
Official R580 Thread.. Information/Rumor Central
Artifacting Problem -- 9800Pro
What is the FIRST set of drivers that you can use with the X1800XT?
Alastor Radeon 9700PRO 128MB, No OverClock?
Beta 5.12 ati betas
New Omegas are out!
looking for upgrade from 9800pro
Can I overclock my 9800Pro to an XT?
Powercolor x800gto 16pipe :)
Unlocking x800gto2--think I need new cooler?
Is ATI locking the x850Pro card now?
is an X800XT a good upgrade from a 6800nu?
What's the difference between these two?
Which One?
x800 stability probs at stock
New to Catalyst Control Center, Need Help.
Just bought used x800gto2... Good deal?
what to get
ATi Overclocking question/help (9700 pro)
What can be done with agp x700 256 meg pro?
connect3d x800gto thread
Ati radeon 9600se oc at 455/285mhz is that all?
Which temps are ok for a gpu?
xtpe or ps problem
how to create shortcut to rotate display (ATI)
ARCTIC COOLING AVC-AT5 Rev. 2 on X800 R420 ?
KEEP X800pro or FLASHED X850 PRO?
Is this worth it?
Problem with Catalyst CC after reformat.
Are all BBA X850pro's VIVO???
Can you unlock the pipelines on this one?
What core is this?
DO 9600PRO RV350's usually clock to 9600Xts?
OCing my Asus X800 Pro (AGP)
Is this artifacting?
best bang for your buck PCI-E card(s)?
Need Advice
ATI X300 problems
WOOT BBA X1800XT Here in the AM!
Avivo to boost encoding big time (5x?)
512MB HIS X1800XT stock heatsink air > 11k 3dmark05
wait for R580 or go with x1800XT
Where's the rest?
bang for the buck 350$ range
X800GTO2 and save $ OR X1800XT????
.net now needed for Control Center?
Flash R350 Pro ---> XT?
X1800 voltage regulator temps??
All this talk about switching to nVidia..
ATITool .25 Beta 10 Released
Asus EAX1800XT TOP
Cannot find a decently-priced x850 xt pe... stupid holidays
X1800XT Owners, convince me!!!
Which is better
worst day ever
New X850xt air cooling reccomendations
Flashing utility
need a litte vid card advice
does your pcie x8xx series card do this?
x800 xt AIW tv recording....
Price drop anytime soon?
9600AIW-pro questions
X800 series questions
x800gto agp overclocking question
Sapphire GTO2 Core Clock, can't exceed 472.5?
X1800XLs in Crossfire?
Squealing Card?
X1800XL can't OC memory????
Club3d X800 RX
vga silencer
Just got a Sapphire X800GT 256MB PCI-E
Someday ATI...
OCed ATI X800GTO PCIe power requirements
possible heat issues with R535
Notice a big drop?
2D artifacting with X800XT
New X850Pro 256mb, Should I Keep It?
Radeon X600 Pro4 Clock
Why gto2 and not also gto?
stuck oc a ati 7500 help
Over heating 9800pro?
Artifacts with card at stock
Ati 9800 Fan Replacement
can't launch control center etc...
Help OC'ing ATI X800XL (possibly R480 core)
URGENT-should i return my x700?
My x800GTO2 Nightmare continues!
ATI: AIW- Audio delay watching tv
9800 doesn't recognize molex anymore
What ATi card should I buy?
just ordered X1800XT
LCD Screen & Ati Card Refresh Rate?
ATI Silencer 4
Major Problems With Distortion
P5WD2 & Crossfire
Bad Flash on my X800GTO2! I need an autoexec to flash my card.
vivo, how to use
So where is x1800 crossfire?
x800 pro flashing help
X800GT unlock to X800Pro/XT?
ATItool beta 9 official release for x1800!!!!!!
X800GT for low budget - opinions, please
Failed attempt at flashing my x800gto2 to 16 pipess! No picture! Now What?
Much Difference Between Companys?
Help on OC'ing
9700Pro Stopped Working
anyone here oc'ing their 1800xt yet??
Best Bang for Buck for $250-300?
I need help unlocking my X800GTO2!!
average temps x700 256 agp
Really wierd problem with ATI Tool maybe
How To enable Hardware Accel in WMP??
can you unlock the x800 se's?
Which would Perform Fastest...?
ATI Silencer 5 rev. 2 on 850 XT PE review
Crossfire limitations?
x800 pro agp water block
3dmark 05 SCORES
ati tool usage
Upset about my results
Unlocked X850GTO2 Power consumption. How much?
kingwin KWVC-3 problems
X600Pro OCing?
What drivers do i need to download
Any news on dualcore drivers?
Upgrade 9800XT?
Where to buy a X800GTO2 for a reasonable price?
I love my Sapphire X800GTO˛!
Catalyst 5.11's
trouble unlocking x850 pro
x1800 AGP version? Or just a typo?
Dual monitor and gaming
9600 or SE?
how i can overclock ati radeon 9550
x800gto2 --> x850xt pe issues
using omegadrivers on AIW
RIALTO bridge to rescue!(X1800 series)
X1000 Series (R500) Overclock Database
Radeon x800 xl will not boot and having great deal of problems
Got the x1800xt 512mb video card...
Vista ready?
Overclock both cards in CROSSFIRE MODE???
X800 Pro VS 6800@16 pipes!
Sapphire x800 GTO mod possibilities
over clocking a x600 in a laptop, crazy nice
850 XT PE a worthy upgrade?
Help X800XL. Mystery
Which is better... two or one?
anybody know x1600/x1300 street dates?
need to do tri-monitor
x800 xl AGP or x800 GTO AGP?? Which is better?
Uh Oh, BIG problem.
Is this card a good deal if I unlock it? (link inside)
Upgrade my 9800XT
ATI 9700 Pro Limitations
Answer From ATI Support On X850XTPE Temps
New AGP x850 Pro help
850XT and a Dell 2405
Trouble with crossfire
8x pci-e enough bandwidth for x800GTO2?
5.11 Cats!
Whats 'THE' card for around $150?
x800/x850s SAFE TEMPS
X8xx Series Overclock Database
Upgrading Graphics
X800 pro --> XT
Which Way?
x800se 256mb DDR3
Which Card is Better
X1800XT cooling options
temp reader
SoftMod 9800
Post your X8xx Series overclock and temps
X850xt Vs X1800xl???
Latest ATI driver & administator mode issue
Gigabyte X800 (NP) pipes?
Unlocking X800
Take chances with X800GTO2 or get X850XT?
X800xt all in wonder half second delay with consoles
x800xl--good price
Best X800?
Benchmarked My New Radeon X850XTPE AGP
X800XL All-in-Wonder R420 or R480 core?
3 Card Debate : Input Appreciated
Two versions of ATI X850 PRO AGP
Curious problem regarding X800GTO2 temps.
Smart shader query
can pci-e x800 se's unlock? and normal x800's?
Why is stock speed for 9800se so slow!
ideas for maxuim colling, will any of them work?
im a toaly noob and need help with the basics
Bow to the video card gods.
X1800XT on sale and in stock at ZZF
What an average of X850 XT overclocking would be?
Iam getting an x1800xl or xt
getting a x1800xt, and need some advice...
x1800 XL vs XT
x1800 xt at newegg 1500 mhz core clock at stock!!
New Video Encoding King?
overclocking 9800se temp
new card?
Connect3d X800GTO @ Clocking
A question about ATi.
x850xt OCing troubles
Noob question about oc on X600 Pro. HELP!
x700-good deal at $104?
X800GT02 pipeline trouble.
Overheating X850 XT PE
X800GTO2 Stuck in 12 Pipes
GPU Vid /CPU synch?
Incoming X1800XL :) Sorry XT but you'll have to wait
my 9700pro eats my 9600xt by 50% *both stock*
just read the maximum pc article comparing crossfire to sli...
Tempatures on the X1800XL?
What should I use
Radeon X800XL no external power required - Yea right!
What can I do???
Whos planning on buying an X1800XT?
Standard Windows VGA Driver?
Display Adapters question
X1800XT november 2, could this be true?
What would cause artifacting other then heat ?
thinking of moving to PCI express got a few ?
9600xt vs x700
ATi X200 Is It Onboard
VoltMod question
X1800XL Hmmm?
Sapphire 9800pro r360 128 > xt...bad o/c?
horrible image quality in quake4
x850xt pe..... ???
Question regarding which card is better?
AGP: X800GTO/2 16pipes VS X800XT PE
Moving over to the dark side
Viper John on X1800XL
Artifacting, yet no heat problem?
ati driver , live monitor ?
ATI's Radeon'R' X1800 XT Breaks 1 GHz Speed Barrier
Why an 850xt over a 800xl?
2 Great Offers, Major difference.
AGP to PCI-E, worth the extra money?
Rage3D or AtiTool
X1800XL my overview
Omegas based on 5.10 are out!
VERY impressed!
best video card
best ati catalyst or modded bios for quake 4 ?????
X800GTO2 --- Dead!?
AIW X600 Pro Question
Help! I dont know what to do
OC on AIW 9800 Pro
no plug for my vga silencer? :-(
Want a new video card.
Windows is retarded *please reactivate*
Crossfire hoo-ha....
Overclocking an AIW X600 Pro
Sapphire X800GTO a good PCI-E card?
Ok...Powercolor x700 400/532 ddr2?
What to replace my X850XT
Screen flickering on X800XL?
3dmark05 scores a little low
Softmod my x800PRO into an x800XT-PE - Help please
Quick aircooler comparison
Should I RMA my X850XT PCI-E? What's your experience with Sapphire RMA?
X850PRO - a decent choice!
X800xl 512mb
Rialto getting HOT?
Drivers becoming a nuisance
Best drivers for 9800XT?
Omega Drivers Question
best AGP under 110$
ramsinks a necessity?
Ati drivers and .net
best way to remove the shim on 9800pro