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Radeon HD 6850 1gb
second gpu keeps computer from turning on?
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I reseated the heatsink on my 7850, did I leave a mark on it? void my warranty?
Setting up 2x HD 6950 2GB IN CROSSFIRE SLI.
Can I add another MSI HD5450 card in crossfire to enable 3 displays?
FAN Speeds on GPU?
Reboot during high GPU load; overheating?
any cooler mods for the 7970?
[PICS] Goodbye XFX 7970.. Hello MSI Lightning...s
prob wiith eyefinity set up
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Sapphire 7850 1GB
Radeon HD 6770 or HD 5780
Open GL on AMD Radeon 7870
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first time AMD user
What do you think is the max voltage/safe voltage for 24/7 for a MSI R7850?
questions related to multiple screen setups
Birthday present??
Whaaaat!? Is this real? 7990
Max over-clocking for 7970
HD 6770 Four CROSSFIRE!!!!!
CCC Messing up plz help
Graphics card problem or drivers?
Vram and multi monitors
Which pins into psu?
HD 6770 heavily OC
7950 BF3 Line of Detail
Devil 13
cant get it to work
Some 7870 Overclocking GPU and Memory performance scaling
SAPPHIRE HD 6450 fan
AMD Radeon HD 6670 2gb ddr3 overclocking
No AMD overdrive in New CCC Update?
I need your help with my next article - 7970 Heatsink Review
How much should I OC Sapphire HD 6770
I got a 7850 few months ago, now I see a cheaper 7870...
Radeon HD 6950 is pissing me off
Radeon 4670 Software CrossfireX Probs
im seriously about to send my 6870 back. help me!!
card randomly stops
Random GPU Usage Drops (HD 6950)
7970 CF... or not?
Ati radeon 7970 ghz edition overclock?
Cant get 6870s in Xfire to OC at all
Need advice for purchasing 7070 HD.
HD Radeon 5750
radeon hd7750 issue
Is my 6950 stuffed?
Advice on Good graphics card to go with my system
HD 7970 watercool....
Do I need latest drivers when GPU stressing for defects?
AMD Dual DVI Freeze Issue
which 7750?
6670 - Component Video Out on VGA port
overclocking my 6870 for the first time.
Radeon 6970's in CF. Second GPU 0%.
AMD Radeon Price drops
7850 + Q9400 Bottleneck @ 2560x1600
HD 7970 overclock help....
Quick 7970 question...
Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 Vapor-X GHz Edition 3GB vs other 7970's?
Screen tearing?
my new pc is lagging/freezing/crashing and getting low fps in games HELP PLS
Need of advise on these gpu's
Weird game texture issues. (Sleeping Dogs/BF3/etc)
12.8 OC/Benchmark scores
amd 6970 stutering
Battlefield 3 Crashing to BSOD, and Freezing
6870 vs 7850
powercolor card??
7870 and PX2370 HDMI issues
What to do with the VisionTek 4870?
opinion on this card psu combo
12.8 Drivers are out
Requesting some help.
AMD Announces Radeon HD 7950 with Boost
Is crossfire working right?
Help me pick/understand the differences between these 7770 cards
AMD realising Turbo Boost BIOS for HD7900 series
is it good
Is it possible to have hybrid crossfire with two cards
Horizontal Lines & BSOD on Startup
dead card?
6950 unstable
HD Radeon 7850 gpu tweak problem
Does Sapphire hd 6670 ultimate hybrid with 3870k?
Hd 6970 black screen
Sapphire 7850 OC ED wont OC
7750 & e6750 question
Radeon 6630m switchable graphics problems
Gigabyte 7950 overclock problem?
6870s BSOD when in Crossfire Mode
Radeon 6990, what are they worth?
4550 Dual Display Problem
Duel Ati Radeon 6950
Radeon 6950 sound card issues.
OC'ing Sapphire HD6870 w/Trixx (NooB)
Sapphire HD 7870 Flex Edition GPU Review
Gigabyte 7870 overclocking result
Setting up Audio over DisplayPort (Mini DP) and HDMI at the same time??
Arctic cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus II Fan power source?
Enough space for Crossfire?
HD 5870 - Old Card Getting Hot
Oh god what the hell is this?
help with overclocking the gpu
AMD HD 7730M
And just when you thought.....
Radeon r7770
Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 6GB worth the money?
Asus DirectCu II vs MSI Twin Frozr III - (which gives lower temps & higher OC)
AMD Radeon HD 6770 Need Help OC'ing
Crossfire problem 6870s
Intel Graphics vs GPU Graphics
Crossfire problem
Memory Clock Doesn't Change
Won't produce video after sleep or shut down
Just a question about Xfire
7970 hard freezes
Radeon HD 6950 vs 7850?
Is the BFG NVIDIA GTX 260 Max core 55 still good?
HIS 7950 IceQ Turbo GPU Review
New 6950, bad fps
Crossfire 6850s BSOD issue
7990 news
is GS600 Enough?
6770 monitor help!
7770 Overclocking Help
HD 6670..2gb or 1 gb?
Help me decide
Afterburner Voltage unlock not working / taking effect
crossfire 7970's not being 100% utilized
Which card for my eyefinity setup?
7970 - Overclocking past Afterburner's limits?
Looking for a video card!
more gpu ram or..
Need help with 6950 Settings
7970 King of the hill again?
Anyone successfully modded 7850 BIOS?
How to adjust voltage on Sapphire 7850?
How to Enable External 6950
Need Help With Graphic Card Driver
Need help for 7850
7850 or 6950
7970 Crossfire Problem.
Advantages of adjusting BIOS VDD-PCIe and VDDR?
Traded GTX 580 for 6990
BF3 graphics issue; 7850 card
Would my Phenom x4 9750 bottleneck my HD 6950?
HD7950 and 12.6 driver taskbar flickering
How much is an old BFG 8500GT worth?
A decent graphics card for $200-300?
6850 worth the money?
is there a card in between the AMD 7850 and the AMD 7700 in performance
problems with 7870
Does the XFX 6790 support VGA using a converter?
Driver question
Crossfire Question with sapphire hd4670
XFX 6790 any good?
Crossfire 2 old cards or buy 1 new one?
New to the PC gaming/Overclocking scene. Help wanted!
Crossfire will not Enable?? 3 Monitor setup.
A8-3870K AND DIRECT X 11
6670 1gb, or 2gb or 1gb GDDR5 or 6770
RV730 (HD4650) max vcore and temp
HIS Radeon 7850 OC past 1050 mhz
6970 and 450gts physx????
Best Graphics Card for HT2000?
The which AMD driver Fail in what way? thread.
AMD 7900 Blue Screens if Not Running Games
HD 6850 vs HD 7770
HD 5770 problems after overclocking attempt!!!
6950 to 6970
Problem with overclocking
Gigabyte 7850 OC 2G NOISY
ATI in-game on screen display
Am i seeing things!?!?! HELP
7 series low end, where is it?
NEED HELP HD 6950 crossfire!!
AMD 12.7b experience thread
XFX 6870 Overclocking problems.
AMD GPU prices Go Down $50
7970 Inductor Buzz
Give away unwanted Game promotions?
Insight on 7850
2560x1600 performance questions
Is anyone having driver issues with 7850?
How many fps will I get on the average game with this graphics card??
Gigabyte 7850 OC results
6970 Xfire Temperature Issues
HD6990 used is it worth it still
What graphics card should I buy?
MSI Twin Forzr 3 HD7950 Heat Issues
7970 ghz edition w/b
7970 Crossfire issues
R6850 CYCLONE PE - 3 monitors
ATI HD 5570 and HDMI
Can't Overclock my 6770
7850 @ 975Mhz Heaven results
sapphire 7850 1280 core clock 1450 mem clock
Catalyst 12.5 driver?
Sapphire 6850 ccc 12.6 / 12.7 ???
HELP Please! 4870x2 bios crashed
Driver or dying GPU?
overclocking sapphire 6670 ddr3 with trixx
Having trouble (I think) updating to 12.7 beta drivers.
Which 7850??
Display driver stopped working
Is anyone else getting this crazy flicker
5xxx Series Scaling
Catalyst won't install!!!
Which card should I get about to order in 30 minutes.
Card to upgrade from a 4870 1GB
Sapphire 6950 Overclocked
Overheating 6770 non-OC
7950 underperforming? even when overclocked?
HD 6850 1GB Vapor-X or HD 7850 2GB OC
Do I need a powerful video card for viewing photos?
Will this set up bottleneck a Sapphire 7950?
HD 6850 glitch
Crossfire Issue Asus 6970 's
XFX HD7950 Black edition DD, problem when overclocked
ATI Graphics Card isn't recognized
Help picking a gpu
Overclocking hd4850 halp
AMD 12.7 Driver Issue
New AMD 12.6's Out
School me on Crossfire
Wide Screen HDMI video card requirement
MSI twin frozr III 7950 vs. XFX 7870
Need more juice for BF3 Max 60fps
Not OC help, but audio help
Curious about a few things. amd 560 and a 5850
will Xfire help me?
Is HD 5870 compatible with this monitor setup?
Why is 4870x2 preforming worse than an old GT9800?
HIS 7850 IceQ X Turbo X Review
HD7970 Battlefield 3
Looking for a good Sapphire 6970 BIOS and flashing utility....
Video conversion acceleration
6970 Catalyst Error Log and BSOD?
Noob Overclocking Sapphire HD 4890 OC GPU
HD 5770 vs 3870 x2 + one more question.
Screen Keeps Splitting - Sapphire 6950
CCC Driver Install Error
CF 7770 vs one 7850
7870 benchmark
7970 Crossfire issues
Questions regarding 7XXX
Upgrade or buy a new rig with 7990?
AMD Releases HD 7970 GHz Edition
PC HDMI OUT 720p Resolution Setting in CCC
VGA not working (7970)
Possible Catalyst Issue?
Graphics problem
6970 2GB LoL using 1500 VRAM
ATI driver help!! plz
overclocking the 7970 and peoples clock speed
One DVI port Blinks for a while then goes black
7870 or 6950, HELP MEH PLOX
problem with the driver of AMD HD6870