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X850PRO - a decent choice!
X800xl 512mb
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Best drivers for 9800XT?
Omega Drivers Question
best AGP under 110$
ramsinks a necessity?
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having some problems with X600PRO installation =(
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Sapphire Radeon x700? Good Deal?
TV tuner problems Ati 550
need to upgrade
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Video card issues
These scores about right for my system?
Yay for AGP! (new x800pro)
x850xt pe 3dmark03: 12312, 3dmark05: 5673 ....This about normal??
Help! High Temp, wheres the limit?(X800pro)
CrossFire and Apple 30" LCD
dear codeman05
loosening mem timings worth it on x800pro?
is it worth? 9800ori iceQ -> 6600
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question about ati tool
Think little ram/chip heatsinks will better cool the backplate on x800/x850's?
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Ok Finally bought a new card
Modding an X850Pro
x1800xl for sale ( not from me )
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ATI Current Bus Settings
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AIW 9800 pro artifacting
Revived my 9600xt
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Radeon X800PRO Overclocking fun.
x800 black screen after 3dmark03/games
9000 AIW records video but no sound
asus x600xt(eax600xt-td)
Best card for ~170
Anybody have an ATI/VIVO card AND SB Audigy 2 ZS or X-Fi ?
To be included in Catalyst 5.11: 'Miracle' OpenGL hack
best 9500 pro drivers
Drivers for 9500np softmod?
$300 to spend on new video card
Is this a VIVO card or not?
X850 OC --> preliminary ?'s
X850 OC --> preliminary ?'s
Ati to increase OpenGL performance
Driver Probs plz Assist
X800XL Drivers problem
Benching X1800XL 56K beware
How to: Mod your X850 PRO -> XT w/ 16 pipes
I've got the ATI card modding blues!
First run with X850XT CF ( single card)
urgent, bad flash?! i didnt try to flash!
PCI-E x800 pro - pipes unlockable
X850XT agp lock up after D3D exit
9800pro crashing
Colors and lighting are off. How to Calibrate my Monitor wth Radeon 9500 pro card?
x800xl locking up
Catalyst 5.10
Connect3d X800GTO is X800xt?
X1000 Line and Physics Processing
What may cause my X800Pro to have problems?
Experience soldering capacitors on video card?
Help identifing my card!
X800PRO owners, Got an urgent question - please help
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ATi X850XT Platinum Edition or a 7800 GT?
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Vision Tek X800XT PE....any good?
dual monitor question
Strange Problem with X800 PRO AGP
Best aftermarket cooling for the 9800 Pro
Sapphire a good buy?
My X850XT PCI-E needs help. It SUCKS
My x850 xt pe died :( Suggestions?
looked but could not find it
is my card dying?
My X800XT PE memory degraded?!
Overclocked X1800XL and XT!!!
Sapphire company
HELP! What's wrong with my 9800 Pro???
Sapphire Ultimate X800GTO 16pipes
Weird intermittent bug
Overclocked x1800
GTO2 but with next gen cards coming...
Can I flash a 9500 Pro into a 9700 Pro?
Has anyone succesfully received their crossfire $100 rebate?
WOOT!! the x1800xl at the egg!!
9800pro problems help please :)
Sapphire 9600 XT 256 mb VS AIW 9600 XT
Removing Omega drivers
X800 series owner, please help - missing cap - desperate helps needed
x800 GTO2 is Available in AGP!
Official ATI X1XXX Review
Not seeing much X700Pro AGP in the above sticky
Medion Radeon 9600TX replacement fan problem
X800XT refurb troubles >.<
X850 CrossFire Edition for sale
Big favor please
Argh, slow x800xt
OEM ATI Radeon X1800 XL @ Monarch
3dMark 03 Score
Most overclockable board?
Temp monitoring my x800pro
x1800xl to hopefully come out Oct 12 and it costs $449!
Is this x800 pro a VIVO??
Need help in OC my ATI X800XT PE
305W PSU & X800GTO2
Vid card only works after being frozen?
volt modding a x850 pro
First X1XX Card Sales
x1800xt review out! 10% faster on average vs. 7800gtx
Radeon X1300 XT - X1600 XT & X1800 XL/XT reviewed FINALLY!!!
HDTV wonder with Beyond TV
ATi's new Flash site for x1X00 cards...
Post review r520 & r580 poll idea
Radeon 9200 - $118?
Yuri got his X800GTO˛
Why does my MSI x600 do this?
And the first x1k series card to be reviewed is...
Wierd update on 850xtpe problem
X1800 ~ 3 PCI Slots?
Driver install = RPC failure
x850xt MajorProblems
x1800xt could be the r580!
fan control
Built-by-ATi X800XL
9600xt agp write and read
[H]ardOCP Editor Takes a Stand Against ATI
9800pro Replacement HS+Fan
X800 XT vs X850 Pro?
Just got another moniter ?
The X800GTO2 Thread
Best value ATi card
Hi, change from AGP to PCI-E & need some help
128 or 256 bit PCI-e
Voltmod x800xl ?
First ATI 1x00 numbers in: x1800 looks like a doozy
Help me choose an X800
x800pro refurbs, newegg vs ati
Cat's ?
CS:S with X850XT, FPS are not great! Help!
x850xt agp power
512mb x800 xl beats x850 xt 256mb by a long shot
Time to remove the 9500PRO
Upgrading from my trusty 9800Pro for Oblivion, Fear, et all
Omega 5.9's are out
quick question
x800 gto2
x800pro-flash vs 6800le-flash
New card burn
128mb 9800 pro 128-bit or 256-bit memory?
strange radeon driver issue..
HDTV Wonder Driver CD
Question about my new x800xt aiw
Crossfire limited to 1600x1200 @ 60HZ
x850xt...Big problem
X850XT Low scores... please help
Flashing 9800pro to XT
surprised nobody posted this yet... specs for r520/515/530
X800xl vs x850xt
What's the difference?
Major help please.
Unlock Transparency AA in X8XX series
ATI 9600 vs ATI 7500, Video Capture.
ATi Slashes Factory Warranty Period
Installing Cats on a Nvidia chipset mobo....
Cooling Options - Need Input on Two for X800 Pro VIVO
Crossfire in hand by the almighty Sampsa!
Need New Card
softmod for X800 All in Wonder?
Question about a card and memory and core clock
ATI X1800, X1600, X1300 (R5XX) Pricing!
512mb Of Video Ram needed for New Games?
Saphire X850XT to X850XTPE questions
No no no no no no...
Catalyst A.I.
radeon r580 shipping in fall of 2005?!
No TV Detection with 5.9 Cats?
Dipswitch on x800xt-pe PCB?
back me here up guys
Not good 3DMark05 scores
Drivers which is best?
X800GTO2??? Thank you ATI....
Big problem with x850xtpe
Real Crossfire Benchmarks
Saphire X850 XT Model Questions
CrossFire x850 and SLI 7800gtx bench tests!
x800 pRO 3d03 AND 05 SCORES
9550 noobs NUMBERS
monitoring/oc program
which x800?
can this 9700pro be fixed?
5.9s plus WoW
Omega's based on 5.9 are out!
Some alleged X1300LE scores!
video card crashing
Well... That's two 9800pro's and the same thing.
connect3d X800GTO
new AS2 on my 9600xt
Going to OC an x600pro but need help first
3Dmark05 Results with x800xl
Which is best?
12 days untill Ati next generation cards(r520)
x800pro to x800xtpe mod
x800 xt aiw vs. whatever else
ATI'm Confused!
3DMarks05 does this sound right?
ATI's Countdown
Some advice on my card please
9550 cooling
Window Corruption
Hows my 3dmark01 score with 9600xt
X800xl bad performance
GUIDE Plus+ were do I get it
3dmark 03 and radeon 9600xt
X800 dieing...
5.9 cats
9600 Pro Flash?
Ati experimenting on us?
Oc Question for Ati Cards
DVI input
Strange Anomaly
Upgrade From 9800np?
Need a good card... Can Anyone suggest?
TSMC in Volume Production of 90nm Graphics Chips for ATI
Dont use Atil tool - its very poor. Read why.....
Sapphire X800GT
Looking for best "bang for the buck" vid card
Getting x800xl Question..
ASUS 9800XT Gettoed
Scratching my head in wonder..?
Softmod a radeon 9550 to a 9700?
correct score?
New Card. Cant Decide
Sapphire 9800PRO@XT 128MB 256Bits!! Who has??
Regarding Crossfire master cards
Omega 5.8's.
Radeon 9000 Text Corruption
Ati all in wonder being a pain
which pci-x card has best value?
ATI Silencer 4 rev.2 - install Q - AS5?
9800pro possibly dying? Symptoms include...
Finally Some X1800 Scores !!!!
X800PRO problem
ATI Modded 9500 Pro vs 9800 Pro
First Review Benchmarks Of ATI X1800XT & Pro
Ah my X800XL...glue for PCB?
Counter strike source problems with 9600xt
cheap WoW card
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro - My Overclocking Results *PIC*
9800NP to 9800PRO to 9800XT?
Question about X800PRO supporting 2005FPW
ATI's XBOX360 GPU pwns R5xx
Program to check to see if video card is running at full potiental
WTF! Omega drivers
Radeon Mobility 9700 & MPEG4 issues
X1800 LE, Pro, XL, XT, Maxed out at 16 pipes, no 32 pipes today.
unlocking x800pro
9800XT and shim
HyperMemory, for all cards?
Ocing Ati radeon 9600 pro 256 mb ram
Radeon 9700 & MSI 645 Ultra-C
ATI Radeon X1800 graphics card expected to cost US$599
3d Mark showing a diff vga card model
X800pro refurb OC's
About the naming of ATI cards...
RIP 9600xt (from removing HS thread)
X800PRO Refurb Help
First crossfire benches?
Video Card problem? or motherboard..
Arctic Silencer Rev.4 will not fit on X800XL?
Omega drivers are out!
Omega drivers are out!
Ati 9600xt all in wonder
More bad news: ATI's r520 marginally(or equal to) ahead of x850xt PE :(
x850xt problem
Did I make a mistake buying this card
DFI Crossfire board
Games crashing, computer rebooting, any help appreciated!
ati tool questions
Game Freezes
Does anybody know about this ATI HDTV card?
New card, game wont work.
r520 to be called x1800, confirmed to be 16 pipes only
best way to set up omegas
Wifey Gets new video Card...9800Pro..128 Bit or 256Bit
Major awesomeness.
200m chipset?
Removing RAM heatsinks
computer rebooting all the time - "Error Caused by Graphics Device Driver"
9800pro problems again
game always fall back to desktop
News of the R5xx series.
New to forums & new owner of x850xt PE: couple questions
NEW R520 Pics!!
R520 XT pictured?
x800xl wierd problem ??? + temps question
Video card went pop (X800 pro?)
flaws, visually
Has anyone figured out a fix for the lagging 5.8s in bf2?
X1800 R520 32pipe
X800PRO vivo overclocking risk
when will high end r520 be widely available?
Straight from ATI's mouth....
more R520 rumors
ok caan some one help me please
x850xt pe deal
Can someone plz show me some x850pro scores?!?!?!
What card is this???
9600XT 256MB DDR or X700 256M DDR
x800xl vs x850 pro?
NGO ATI Optimized Driver v2.5.8??
Asus Radeon X800PRO, Good card?
HIS x800xl VS x700Pro temps
!@#$ I scratched my x800 video card
x200 graphic drivers?
X850 XT PE Help (Please Read)
X850 XT PE Help
Would a 9700/9800pro be overkill on this system?
just bought a 9800pro
Best Driver for x850 XT
ATTENTION: Abit AN8 Ultra w/ X800 Vanilla Users
How does my X800pro vivo agp clocks look?
Drivers for Mobility X700?
Wiping Drivers
If you own a Radeon 8500-9800 POST HERE! (Rev. 2)
Replacing stock heatsink on 9500Pro
Radeon X700 retarded!
stupid question
I'm an idiot
350$ budget
Should this be happeing?
How to disable temporal antialiasing
Omega Driver problem
Yet another question about x800pro > xt pe
CrossFire compatible boards
ATI 9800XT Questions
ATI R580 taped out
9500PRO or 9600xt better?
Radeon 9200SE destroyed
ATI retracting next gen. cards?
Problem with 9700 pro - AGP disabled
Differences in these x850pros?
A64/9800nonpro HL2 benches default setting?
GPU Temps - what is acceptable?
Artifacting Problems
Omega drivers ??? VOTE
Questions about performance differences?
x800pro,x850pro, or x800xl
Unknown devices
Want to see how far my x800se can go (killing it is OK!)
Softmodding X800 or X800GT?
AIW 8500DV Problem... :(
Bad News From ATi, R520 Recalled, G71 As Well?!?
Question about MSI RX800PRO-TD256E
ATI VCU Recovery Errors
R520 is only 16 pipe
Does my lappy actually have a 9700?
ATi X800XT AIW woes
ATI 9600XT AIW Mods
Removing RAM HS
I think my x600xt is dying
newbie needs help OCing a Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
Huge problem
Wanted: drivers for 64mb Radeon 9500 -please help
did i damage my 9800pro?
My super-cool X800PRO!
AGP card in PCI Express x16 slot?
How I fixed an X800XT
X800XT PE broke 7k in 05!!
X800xt PE Pencil Mod question?
x800 pro vs. x850 XT PE
X800XL HDTV Problems?
So my Rage 128 Pro is a M-9?
Clumsy hands=Broken Resistor!!!help!! x800pro
ati2dvag.dll error.. please help!
X850XT fps drop to exactly HALF in source -- WTF?
X800XL memory timings
Radeon9800pro 256m, 128bit?? Possible?
Anything else I can do here? Seems slow (9800pro)
DVI + TV-out Trouble
Is the 9800 XT a worthwhile upgrade from a 8500 ?
2 vids or not 2 vids, that is the question....
ATI bios mod?
Where dopes the X800 vanilla stand in the pecking order of PCIe cards?
Decent 3d Marks 2005
MSI, GAp and PCI-e on the same card
Sapphire 9700Pro vs Power Color 9800Pro
radeon 9600SE
BF2 on X8xx
Some New Crossfire Pics
AGP 2X/4X 3.3V/1.5V card on AGP 8X 1.5V Motherboard?
How do you edit memory bus width in the video bios
Zalman VF700 or Artic Cooling VGA Silencer
R520 core pictured!
R520 has a 512bit DDR3 Interface? (Source:HKEPC)
Omega website down.
ATI RADEON from Jetway or Powercolor
X800 > X800GT yes?
What the heck is "TD"
Why does ATI tray tools make GPU fans click like a mothabitch?
Far Cry "texture" problem
x800xl clock speeds
Cat 5.8 problem -- Please help ASAP
ATi bios flashers, utils, diagnostics etc..
ATI temp
X700 Over a FX5200
His x850xt
Which 9800 should I order?
ATI Radeon 9200, Screensaver causes reboot
Powercolor or Sapphire X850XT PCI-E
Does anybody know the UPC for this x850xt?
Liquid Metal Cooling
Crossfire master cards!
ATI Tray tool tests are innaccurate
problem with ATItool...
9500pro OC problems
OS or GFX problem?
increasing fan speed on an x800xl agp
Official ATI Catalyst 5.8 drivers released
Radeon 9500 timings
did i just kill my card :( ?
9800pro oc help
X850XT soft moddable?
vga silencer
x800xt o/c speed possible?
ATI Cat 5.8 CCC drivers out!
Omega's and AIW's.
His X850xtpe Vivo
x800pro fan?
5.7 drivers
Oh No!!!!
Ati X800gt?
ATI 9600XT AIW: TV Issue and Games
ATI 800 series PCI E please give size of card
out with the 9800?
Saphire Radeon X850XT 256Mb PCI-E And Cooler Master VGA Cooler
9800 n/p 350 core,vs 9800 pro r350 core,vs 5900 xt
Bombed out X800Pro Unlock
How does a 9700pro rate these days ?
wtf (pic)
Arctic Silencer 4 Temps
Question..x800xt pe VS x850xt pe difference?
x800 series, temp monitor?
X800 GT Reviews
What's the difference?
Aerocool VM-101 no match for 9800XT
x700 vs. x700Pro?
x850xt PCI-E Overclocks? Temps?
Crossfire with PCI-e & AGP!
New ATI Catalyst Drivers
quick help needed
Single Slot Cooling for 9700/9800
Vertical black lines
Connect 3D Radeon X850 XT PE
Watercooled X800XT PE?
oc question
Extreme air cooling volt-modded X800pro.
x800XL Memory cooling?
So i don't know what card to buy...
Suggestion need for a new vidcard
X800xt rebooting my computer
9500 pro vs 9600 xt
Temp monitoring on Radeon 9200?
x800xt pencil mod questions...
ATI 9800\X800Pro, major difference!!!
minimum power supply specs for x850xt?
JOY! ATI's R520, RV515, RV530 Processors Ready for Production
Did anyone ever try out that Sapphire Blizzard x850xt PE?
Is my 9800pro dead or just sleeping?
9500 n/p L-shaped 256 bit?
9600XT AIW some problems
sub $300 card and other questions