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Any Damage if i raise agp volts to 1.6? for a X800XT
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does this seem right?
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something interesting was said to me today
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9250 owners come :)
Did anybody go to the Crossfire Presentation at Monarch this weekend?
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB series
finally getting decent scores in mark 05
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Mods for X800XL
No video
any danger in mixing agp x800xtpe and pci gf4 mx420?
Normal X800 Pro, unlocked pipelines?
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My x800 Pro Vivo 512 MB
Some advice
cooling a x800xl.....Zalman ?
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****what a deal****
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run x800 on a 280W
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New Omegas out.
X800XT AIW running at 85C under load....
Screen Blurry After Installing X800 Pro
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ati 9700 pro power cable??
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8500LE - gpu cooler won't move a single millimeter!
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Kinda general thread, but trouble with 9800pro
bad flash!!
Problems with brand new x800xl
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ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB DDR Video Card for ISA slot ?!?
Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9600 256MB DDR
Get a lot of VPU recovers/graphics crashes
should i
vga silencer on my 9800 pro causing artifacts at stock speed
R520 yeilds.......shockingly bad
Warranty and custom cooling conflict.
just got my x800xl...and im not to impressed
Newer cards with 9800 mounts
need a firegl 3100 bios
Is $60 a good price for an AIW 9700 Pro?
upgrading from a 9800 pro
Safe overclocking speeds for 850xt PE
X800 Voltages
Memory clock speed on 850XT PE???
Red lines?
Can someone with a x800 xl tell me the default memory timeings for the card? ?
What about crossfire?
Radeon 9200
overclocking x800 on stock cooling
x700pro Help!
Artifacts at stock speed?
new ati cards
help me diagnose a 9500np
How hard is it to remove the x850 stock cooler?
(Dead Thread)any one have £110 spare ?
VPU Recover Error on Far Cry**********
Anyone want to try and ID a card ID?
Connect 3D scam?!!?
Gigabyte X600XT (good? bad?) help
im thinking of switching to the darkside, what do i need to know?
ATI X850XT PE concern
VisionTek Xtasy 9600XT
will this play cs:s ?
ATI 5.7 cat's
X800Pro Pipemod, No Vivo?
i just scored a x800xl agp for $277!
All these choices......so many questions...
Any words on the Visiontek X850 XT PE?
X800 Series Voltmodding question
Ocing with AtiTool?
9800 Temps
800XL problem
temp monitor
ATI trade up program
X800XL question
Need BBA X850XT card measurement PLZ ASAP
Ati 9550 Oc!
Experiences with refurbed cards on newegg?
anyone know how to edit mem bus sizes in bioses
what is this?
here is why I love the X800 Pro
Microsoft .NET and ATI
Ati X900
vid cards i have gone through in the past 4 days
9800 Pro Question
AIW X800XT is hither.
Catalyst 5.7 Released
OUCH! Did I just ruin my 9800 Pro?
X600XT idle temps?
x800Pro vs x800xl
whats better a mobile x700 or a mobile radeon 9700
Radion X800XL
Ordered an x800xl, have a few questions.
Ati 9600xt Oc
How much better is the 9600 Pro than the 9000 Pro?
3Dc normal map compression.
Saphire VS ATI.
PCIe frequency question
ATI Radeon X850XT PE and aftermarket coolers
x850xt and duron question.
Can this non-pro 9500 be modded?
9700 pro AIW problems
x850xt questions
x800xl ... noooo ..... signal
I Hit Over 500 on my 9800 Pro!!
new card help
A question about AIW X800XT
best ati card for only 1024/768
X800 problem part 2
Best maker of x800xl?
Where are the Crossfire motherboards?
Radeon Driver Question
help me!
Difference between these 2 x800xls?
9800p capacitor broke off
X850 Pro or X800XL PCI-E
What the heck is ATI doing?
Getting an AIW X800XT.
x300 to x700pro
9800pro w/ 3d issues...
Whats dont u need in 3dmark 01?
any way to make screen brighter?
9500np or 9800se?
Good Secondary PCI-E Video Card?
r520 release date!
3d rage pro integrated problem
Is my 9800 pro dieing?
someone want to help me OC my X800XL?
Chain of events and throttling down 3Dmark2001
My 9600pro's fan just died...
How should I mod my 9800 Pro?
X800 XT safe load temps?
Program to temp read a sapphire x800 xl pci-e x16?
Safe to overclock laptop video card?
Unlocking X800Pro PCI-Express
Having problems with my x800 Pro
X800XL from connect 3d
Just got in the second refurb.. artifacting...help plz
sapphire drivers won't install?
Failed 9800 pro... help plz?
ATI x800xl Problem
Silencer fan not fit x800xl
Tool for OCing 9600 pro / 9800 pro
Are there known issues with Cats and Guild wars?
able to flash BIOS w/o using floppy drive?
high overclock for 9700 pro?
Anyone know the max core temp for a 9700?
What about this.
Another What do you think :D
Supposed CrossFire results/BENCHMARKS
Help me pick a card PLEASE
ati dvd player and 5.1 sound
Bad Idea???
Best X800XL PCI-E with VIVO?
Cooling solutions for an ATI x700Pro
Good Card?
TV tuner card and Duel Monitor Setup Question
hows this for a deal?
need an ati guru :)
Bang for the buck/Crossfire
Question about X800 Pro pci-e , owner feedback appreciated, I need to make choice
Should I upgrade my drivers or not?
What card?
MSI x850xt artifact problem
My R9600Pro Keeps locking up... :(
What Do You Think I Will Get????????
Why does my screen crash?
asus x800xl problems
9800pro freezing up
x700 n/p vs 5900 pcx
Hardware not supported in 3dmark03?
Battlefield 2 problem
9800PRO or 9800XT?
Video overclocking on a budget, an in-depth look at the X700 Pro
XBOX 360 Graphics vs. CPU Graphics
Is it true?
X700 or X800 XL?
R520 delayed and now this LOL
ATI Tool 'Find max core' goes down, not up
Considering the ATi X800
9800 pro Flash to XT? How to know what Im getting///
how to get hotkeys for default and oc w/aa & af?
x800 series questions (AGP)
Bad Vid Card or Bad Motherboard?
Bad refurb 9800 or bad cats 5.6?
agp wont activate with x800pro
9800 Pro is failing?
Overclocking 9700Pro
general, a good graphics card?
next gen ati?
9800 pro do me good?
AIW x800xt odd problems
x600 pro 256mb vs x600 xt 128mb
new Omega Driver (version for Cat 5.6)
ATi Suffer 3rd Quarter Loss
Is this worth it? 9800Pro Cooling Solution
can a mobile gpu be overclocked?
x300 question
9800pro 2D problems?
[Help] X800XT Temp and OC
best step up from 9200se, under $100
ocing 9800pro
A Question please Help!
HIS x800pro-vivo Pencil Mod/Voltage Reading Help
Differences between X850 XT, and X850 XTPE
DFI crossfire board may not need switching card
ATI AIW MMC lockups HELP please
9600 XT 256mb - Force resolution?
Tough choice...
Underclocking my ATI9800 with RivaTuner..quick question
Agp Aperture size and Athlon64
Help!! My 850xt Damaged?
9800pro flash to XT help OC much?
ATI Tool - How long do you scan for artifacts?
How do you find your MAX Core/Mem?
X300 vs 9800
9800pro aboout equal to X700pro
bootable cdrom for flashing
Rosewill x800XL
New Sapphire Radeon X00XTPE
Radeon 9550 Problem
Selling the modded X800 and going to the dark side..
zero display services error
Ati reports $400k loss over third fiscal quarter
Psu blew and took my 9800 with it...
Please help...dont know if I damaged my 9800 pro
Sapphire X800P ViVo Softmod Help
R360 9800 Pro's (Pro to XT) What core/memory are you running?
driver cleaner
x600 xt vs x300
My X850 XT died
hercules 9800 XT = bang
Took 2nd in the ORB whoot!
ATi 9800pro Is It A Decent Make
best vga cooler for..
My RMA return confusion
Old drivers
Any news on the X900?
WOW, i <3 ATI - x850xt pe
Need help upgrading from 9500 pro
WTF, 9600xt, Hynix mem?
x600 xt vs 9700 pro
Tyan 9800pro (DEAD?)
x800 900MHz memory?
Simple 9800P > XT Question
9800p -> x800xtpe = no performance gain???
Longetivity of a Radeon X850XTPE
9800p to xt ?S
ATi AIW cards?
Signs of a dieing video card?
x300 se hyper memory and 6200 turbo cache
looking for a 9800xt
x800pro or x800xl
Best vga cooler for a saphire 9800 pro 256 mb
ATITool Question.
How To OverClock Ati x300
Best deal for under $80.00.. replace fx5200
9200SE issues in an old mobo
Uh oh! Can this be fixed?
Radeon crossfire question?
X800Pro No Output to Monitor
saphire 9800pro 256mb problems
I think I fried my X700Pro
how far do you overclock for games?
Think i killed my second 9800pro
Check this out ! X800XL
performance troubles
Question on X800XT Mac edition...
X800XTPE Problems
Newb Here, few questions....
9800pro to 9800xt
Gotta love super glue :)
Please tell me what ATI is mailing me!!
Broken Off capacitor on x800
HELP low fps online with x850xt
x800 power adapter
ati 9528XT budgetcard
HAHAH WTF? R600 specs?
help ! I treyd to burn to bios and get an error
Omegas based on 5.6 coming soon! YEY!
down 150 points in mark05
need help overclooking gigabite 9550 128mb 128 bit
Any good reason to go with one of these x800xl over the others?
9600 pro vs X800
does the lastest riva tuner support the cat 5.6 drivers?
~ ATi X900(R520) specs was leaked !!!!
questino about cat 5.6 drivers
Whoa crazy problems with UT2K4 and x800xl
Upgrade opinions please
Sapphire X800 XL Ultimate 256mb PCI-E x16 OC TIPS???
Sapphire X800 XL Ultimate 256mb PCI-E x16 OC TIPS???
X850 XT problems
overclocking utilities
Help clocking a 9550
JUST UPGRADED to 5.6 cats and!!
ati drivers make a blue screen, need help!!
Arctic Cooling Silencer Rev. 3 Questions
Ati sli?
how long u think the 850xt will hold up for next gen games?
Half a coolermaster?
Crossfire Capable?
bios back up!!! needed!
how to find the brand of memory?
Would a X800XT PE be bottlenecked on this system?
Are all X800 Pros still non-laser cut?
Overclocking my video card
installing/updating cats problem
Possible Radeon 9600xt problem.
problems with agp settings with ati
Anyone has idea on how well x850pro oc?
X800 problem
Power extension question
9800pro question
ATI Cat's 5.6's OUT
Catalyst 5.6 is out
TV on PC
9800 Pro to XT...AGP Voltage?
Permanently saving my Max Core/Mem clock
Is a x300 in my desktop the same as the one in my inspiron6000?
BIG Post - Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro to XT + Zalman VF700-Cu Install
Fooling an x800
Upgrade strategy - Radeon 9800 and AMD2600+
My 9800 Pro HS/F is BROKEN????? HELP ME!!!!!
flash x600/x700-->x800???
New ram on the 9800xts?
ati remote wonder
This is weird.
x800xl fps problem!?!
what drive for x300se
Display Issue on ATI AIW 9800pro
ATI having trouble
Cant get Ati Winflash to work!!!
WTF why my monitor and stuff......
Overclocking ati
I dropped down 1000 points with my AIW x800 xt in 3dmark05!!!
Catalyst 5.5 and 5.4
Powercol 9600 pro 256 vmod????
ATI Silencer 4 (Rev. 2) Nut Needed
X850Pro -> X850XT questions/need help
BAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! My modded X800XT/PE died!!!
Sapphire X850XT PE review
Yea, i made the switch.. for now
5900 se,5900xt,5900 ultra,6600,6200,9800 se,9800 pro,9700?
mobile video cards?
what card is better?
Which brand of X800XL?
What is that on my X800 XT-AIW?
9500 pro vs 9700 pro
bad hsf mount or 9700 card?
Awesome Clocks On New 9800 Pro!
Where to get a Conductive Pen
9500pro Flash.. failed? Help if possible
Problems with 9600np AIW
How do i re-softmod?
purchasing new gpu
Are New in box BBA 9800's R360's?
ATI temp monitor
How long will it last in gaming terms?
Think my 9800 just gave out...
Trying to get my x850 PE colder
9600XT probs
X800XL with PCI-Express and AGP connection!!!
X800XL AGP trouble ?
New Catalyst 5.6 to give big boost to PC games
Radeon 9600 Pro 256mb looks fishy. HELP
Now here is a really wild Crossfire rumor
Can this Radeon be flashed higher?
First crossfire 3DMark05 score reports
how to mod your x850 / x800
ATI Crossfire (SLI) Preview
sapphire radeon 9800
ati crossfire dongle pic
x800xl OC
Thinking about the X300 - Or maybe X600?
Does this look right ?
AIW x800xt way cheaper than x800xt?
Uninstall Drivers ?
latest r520 specs (rumours)
Strange performance when overclocking my X850 XT
Curse you heat!
Will a x300xx be good enough?
Is my card dying? [ss included]
Red lines
Rma-ed a 9700 Pro, 9800 Pro on the way! ATI must be out of 9700's for RMA's
9600SE Weird Problem
Quick Question
can't decide on PCI-E card
9700 blanking on startup
Very nice! Tulís Theater 550 PRO TV tuner card!
agp-x800xl vs. 6800gt
Catalyst 5.5 causes CounterStrike: Source Hang
Lucky with Newegg Refub
Help me decide which PCI-E card
Any good cooper VGA coolers/heatsinks for X800pro?
Can't softmod my 9800Pro
ND FDBCK - X800 Pro VIVO pci-e vs 2x6600GT SLI
Driver Questions...
Can't put my 9600 xt into 8x
.exe error after installing 9600 XT Drivers
Radeon X300SE: Good enough for DVD and DIVX/XVID?
Zero Display Service Error
Did I fry my card?
good time to buy x800 pro 256mb?
High OC, poor score?
I'm RMAing my 9800. Should I put the stock HSF back on or just leave my Silencer on?
Is this Aquamark right??
multiple monitor
9800se to pro/xt flash issues
Should/Can I overclock my X850?
Flashing a X800XL to a X800XT PE
Ati help
Abit 9550 Guru
what to buy......
So I just broke a HS off my card
graphic card best to worst?
Think I Destroyed my Radeon
Can Medion 9800XL flash to 9800XXL??
urgent help...please tell me it's just my psu
R520 unofficial specs
questions about modding 9800PRO 128MB to XT
ati video cards
X800 Pro 16P problem
Whats your process for changing drivers??
ATI x800pro 512 card
Help with my 9800Pro!!
Please Help... tech problem
Need help troubleshooting a problem
9600xt or 9800pro
Faulty 9800 card as can be, BUT...
A good 3dMark05 score?
Video artifacts cause by insufficient power supply?