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Ok Time to GEt a PRO
Stock memory timings for X850 XT PE
I think I got scammed for an X850 XT PE (PCIe) card on ebay
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ATI Mobile X300 128MB 3DMARK03 RESULTS
Comp won't boot with new card
WHen should you upgrade?
anyone using ATI TV Wonder?
ATI Driver Comparison Cat 5.1/5.2/5.3/5/4 Omega
9700 pro/tx help
is this radeon compatible with agp 8x/4x?
video ram questions
Why the huge price gap for the X800 ? ?
where can i buy an all-in-wonder remote?
Newb with this card(9200se)Please help:)
Question regarding mobile videocards
My X850 XT auto overclocks?????????
Nice Stock X800 PRO VIVo PCI-E 3Dmark05
anyone has detailed docs on ati 9600 pro?
3 monitors, 1 AGP ATI 9800 Pro, 1 PCI ??? = Best for 3 monitors?
Danger of receiving 128bit replacement for 256bit 9800NP?
x600 xt pipes and 6600 pipes
Which Catalyst for Eq2?
Sweeettt!!!! Check out the new oc and score on 800XT/PE
Dvi problem.....
Problem with 9500pro OC
New PC 1678 ONLY in 3dmark !!!
X850 XT PE AGP Who says AGP is dead?
x800pro VIVO version?
x850 xt 356 dollars refurbished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9200 on a P3 im having some trouble
9600np qustions read plz
Really need help with this one, please!!!
9800pro retail lite vs 9800pro retail box
Saphire vs Powercolor x800xl
word of caution
9800 XT vs. 6600 GT
Overclock gone
Video card troubles still
i am too noob to push my card further
Video Card Capture ?
Thinking of going ATI...
cant install catalyst 5.3 or 5.4 on 9800xt??
anyone here have a X850 PRO VIVO PCIE
video card problems
9800pro vmod worth it?
Best PCI ( Not PCI-E) ATI card?
X800 pro driver for Linux Suse 9.2
x800xl Aux power connector
Problems with my 9600
New M/B now unable to OC my 9800pro/xt
Cooling my 9800pro
how to OC my X800XL PCI-E?
Should I be blown away?
how does a X300 64MB Mobile PCI-e perform?
AGP x800XL coming today! :)
Counter-Strike: Source Crashing Issue
ATI Tool???
which one should i get???
overclocking in linux
do ati control panel (or CCC) settings override in-game settings?
SHOCKING!!X800pro near-death experience!
Big mistake with volt mod on video card - Radeon X800XT card!
Drivers settings reseting?...
How fast is ATI Radeon Xpress 200M?
9800XT Owned a 6800GT in HL2 oh yea :D
higher agp/pci clocks=higher framerates?
700+ core on my X850xt non pe
X800 PRO VIVO => X800 XT - Which Card?
Watercooling a 9700PRO AIW
Wow Ramsinks Really Do Work :D
X850XT PE or R5xx
Take hsf off of x700 pro and put some as5?
Which X800 XLs have both Aux power, and 1.6ns memory?
blurry graphics
Is this the best my X600 Pro can do??
Difference between 9800xt and x800xt
Ati Tool Has Lied To Me >:O!!!
Artic silver 5 on 9800pro UD?
x850pro to x850 xt pe mod?
nForce chipsets and ATI card
x800xl help, a fault or software?
Whats This Switch On My 9800Pro :O?!
Would this 9800SE be able to be softmodded?
PCI Latency
A question about ATI Tool...
Help with my ATI HDTV tuner
Ati released Catalyst 5.4 drivers
Help with my softmodded card.
Rosewill X800XL Review
Red PCB Sapphire x800XT-PE's??
X600PRO in Media Center
Catalyst 5.3 = Nightmare
Sapphire X800 SE..
wow! just flashed a r350 core to 9800XT!
how many....
Power on the DVI connectors on ATI X800XL
9800pro > x800xt pe ???
Ghettomod: p4fan on R9800pro ultimate edition (with pics)
pick me an air cooling heatsink & fan for X800 Pro
Peltier recommendations for X850 XT PE voltmodded
how much is it worth?
R360 Bios
Windows extended desktop mode....
PCIe or agp
Unistalling ATi Cat. drivers??
Got my X800Xl pretty good overclocker
Help: Which X850 XT PE should I go with?
How to underclock my ATI 9800 Pro? heating issue?
Do you ever need to reapply arctic silver 5???
Just got a X850XT
Rosewill X800XL: any good
Asus Extreme X800XT TO X850XT PE Question
AGP speed problem, Plz help!
is this a good oc
when is plain x800 coming agp?
9800 pro Overclocked or New X800??
Woo Hoo
anyone know when the agp x700 pro is coming out?
x800 xt or 6800 gt?
Driver/DX problem?
Graphics card fan control question
X800 Pro PCIE Gone Wild
Sucessful x800 pro bios mod
A.I.? Omega Drivers Q
please help me figure out this RAM
MORE Sapphire 9800 Pro Problems
X800 XT and All in Wonder X800 XT
Cheap AGP X800XL are finally here.....
how much better is a X800XL than a 6600GT?
IDing core on 9800 pro.
ATI dual core X800 pro Ultra/SLI
XT flash worth it?
High Framerate but Choppy...???
all in wonder question
Pat's X800XL overclocking adventure
Help deciding which card to get, budgeted.
the dip switchs
looking for the proper bios to flash my radeon 9800
Should i get X800XL or X800 Pro???
9800 Pro soft mod gone bad?
Card problems
Decent PCI-E for me.
9800pro -> XT...
MORE from Asus 9550 128MB
Sub-$250 Range?
9600 128MB for $20, good deal??
Sapphire 9800 Pro HELP?!
quick 9800pro to XT help
X800XT PE to FireGL X3-256 biosmod success
9800pro running to hot
R520 news
How to fool games to use mobility video cards?
vga silencer 9800PRO
x800xl vivo disappointment
Sapphire X800 PRO VIVO Question
9800 pros stock speeds
Dual monitors on x800xt
Price for a 9800SE
Hardware Acceleration?
Asus X800Pro regular crash.
Information on Radeon Mobility M6
Ati 9800 pro 128mb in new rig, need help
Asus AX800Pro
V modding a x800xl
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro Problems
All-In-Wonder Radeon X800 XL
x800 pro
radeon is smokin hot!
Which disk(s) for Radeon DVD play?
9800pro mod pic/question
9800 Pro To Xt
rivatuner and flashing
Asus 9800xt Vmods Complete, Vgpu and Vmem... Pix
LCD screen flashes in yellowish color every once in a while
9800 Pro and Abit AI7
Need help w/ 9800 Pro BIOS flashing (I have some experience)
Unlocking ATIs driver overclocking for all
can a x800 be moded into a x800 xl
Hot deal for 800XL PCI-E
Strange 9600 pro boot issue
x800 pro! or 6800 gt!!!!!!!!1?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
ATI Tool Dynamic Fanspeeds for X800pro, what are good settings?
Is this a good score for X600 Pro
X800XTPE Driver problems / dvice IDs messed up
9600XT - Distorted Screen Problem
Please help me identify this card
Hardware Detection Problem
I got my X800XL Vivo. How do I use vivo?
just got my zalman vf700-cu + benchmark by me
Upgrading from GF3 TI200 to Radeon 9700. Reinstall winxp?
1.7 vlts on a X800pro, safe?
Need To Push my X600 Pro Further
Which Arctic Cooling Silencer for Sapphire 9800Pro 256?
Need Help Overclocking A 9600XT
PCI-E Frequency?
Get The Most Out Of My Sapphire X850XT
9800pro memory and gpu
AGP speed settings
tips on getting alil more oc outta my 9800 softmod
Just bought a x800XL
Best 9800pro/XT bios....
what do ya think of the 9600xt 128?
Just Got My AGP X800XL
x800 skipping in-game/dvd
Ati Silencer
9800XT not manufactured correctly?
Can't make it through 1 minute of 3Dmark05 !?!?
9600-9800 AGP Compatabiliy?
Any known problems with K8N Ne02 and X800XT/PE?
The next big ATI chip?
w00t! I hit 656 core on my x800pro.
All who own x600 pro tell me. How are they?
X800 XT PE owners: come on inside...
R9800 Q about volt increasing
X800 Installation
faulty card?
are all x800 pro vivos capable of beeing modded to 16 pipes?
9600XT Extreme Edition
Question about overclocking a AIW X800XT
Just got a Radeon 9200, Got a couple Questions?
finally ditched my 9200!!
AGP 9600XT to PCI Express x700PRO
Trying to install new drivers..no vga drivers installed error
x300 or 9800?
whats a good low budget video card
9800Xt, what 's Error? Help me ...
Maybe some good news for AGP owners....
ATi Manufacturers
quickie: 9600XT or 9800SE 256bit
AIW X800XT Ramsink question
water on card (9800pro)
Dual Dvi???
X800XT question...
Looking for X800XL
problem with x850xt <xtpe softmod
sapph x850xt to xt PE
Need guide to ATI Radeon 9600xt vmod and vgpu mod
Lower resolutions on a 9800pro than mx440
Could use some help. 3DMark Related.
What do you think of my overclock?
9700 Pro AIW vs 9600XT AIW
Catalyst Question , 9700 pro
X850 XT Softmod possible? XT vs PT ?
Quick question
I am upset at the seller who overvolted my 9800p to 2.02v
X800 XT PE price
X800XT question, please help
x800 gpu block
Just got a AIW X800XT, need help please.
overclocked 9700 only getting ....
Big improvement from a 9600 to 9800?
What would be the better card?
how well can the 9600NP handle doom3/farcry/hl2
Removing "power extension cable" from R98SE-C3 (standard 9800 HDD connector)
Which PCB?
9600XT Flash Into X800
cpu fan on your gpu core?
how much does volts help overclock
how good does the stock x800pro fan cool?
in-depth look @ the X800XL
Strange 9800 PRO > XT behavior, but good?
ATI: AIW & TV Wonder Information
need x850 hsf help plz
Clocking of 6600GT vs x800XT
9600XT, keep updating drivers or do new ones cause more problems than improvements?
R360 core 9800 pro
9700 pro
Sapphire Atlantis 9800 128MB
artifact tip
9800 or 800xtpe
Win 2k and 2 or more displays?
X800xt Temps?
9700 PRO artifacts
Need help with older ATI info please...
Little Advice Needed
I finally got a new card.
9800 pro question
Second Edition, or Special Edition?
ATI multiple VPU up and running
Radeon 9800 Pro overclocking questions
what is this?
Is HL2 too much on an X800 XT PE while running at 1920 X 1200?
Catalyst 5.3
Got my X800XT Today.............
best 9800xt bios?
FYI about ATI X800 XT AIW and ATI Silencer 4
X800XL and X850 are coming to AGP users!
Interesting Review x800xl
Help with X800Pro buy...
need help on my Sapphire 980PRO
heatsink for 9800XT
Where to download ATI Radeon 9800pro bios
Want to push 7500 AIW even further
ram sinks for x850xt pe
X850xt Pe Agp
rma'ing w/out serial #?
Console on Comp Controller lag
Why when I choose Auto-select...
video card journey
x850xt pe benchmark
what is your opinion on this card?
Problem with A8V and Radeon 9550...
help for a ATI 128 RAGE?
Need help from ATI 9800 Pro AIW owner.
x800pro pci-es still flashable?
What's wrong with my 9800pro?
9800pro artifacting @ stock speeds?
check out this price
can this be modded to x800 xt pe ??
My Sapphire X800Pro
AGP 8X PRO 50 slot ??
Why douse this keep on happning.
Radeon 9600XT BBA, low scores...and lots of problems...Help...
ATI cerebrates 20 years of company
VIVO question
Need Your Help 2 Choose [X800XT ~ X850XT (AGP folks) ]
ATI duel display
Connecting my PS2 to the CRT
new ATI 9800NP...artifacts everywhere
Get out more from Radeon 9500
OCing An Ati 7000VE
Identifying a pro Vivo question
X700XT Sapphire bios to flash X700Pro
pci-e x16 card?
9700 xt
Value of ATI x800 cards
Ocing dropped my scores?
ATI X800XL or Powercolor X800XL
HIS Excalibur!
Sapphire 9600 Pro 128mb o/c results
help with hurcules 9800 pro
ati sli when where and is it compatable with current cards
Radeon 9500/9700 pro...dual display?
wOOt! Got the XT/PE back from Viper John *pics*
New 9800 pro not working...scrabled screen from power on (pics)
silent cooling solution x800p
X800XL review, by me :)
YOUCH thats gotta hurt! 9600XT FRIED
9600xt heatsink question
Powercolor x850xt PE Problem? or something else?
x850pro for $429, is this real?
X800 Pipemod?
Color settings for a 9800 pro
vpu recovery
Newer Catalyst 5.2 Release
Which water blocks fit MSI 9800 Pro mounting holes?
Coming soon to an AGP slot near you. The X800XL and 850XT!!
My x800XL shipped today from ATI!!
ShopAti shipped my X800XL!
9600 xt vs 9700 pro
What to use to o/c my ATi 9800 pro?
AGP X800XL and X850XT
Getting the most out of my 9600xt
WOW 9800pro back in action
6800GT the same as X800XT PE in HL2
HELP!!! about to buy a video card.
help picking ati card....
Best cheap card
Fan going weird
9800 Pro messing with hard drive
Any way to tell two cards apart?
Few issues with new x850xtpe
Please tell me how to disable Temporal Anti Aliasing.
What are the best drivers available for 9800 Pro?
9800pro vs. X700pro
video cards with PCI Epress
My Card is dead?
Plss...Help...Radeon 9800 SE cooling broblems....i think...
X850 XT PE core / memory oc accomplisments?
Can a 9600SE mod into anything?
x700 model?
Overclocking software for X800 XL?
Radeon 9700np and Doom III
Need a new card :( what one?
X700 XT Vs. 6600GT
Oc card even with artifacts?
9800 maybe
stock x800 HSF removal
I'm having trouble finding the best driver for my Dell's Graphics card
CompUSA B&M has x800xl's in stock
what can I do to properly cool my new 9800p
help with 9600 np
What the hell is up with the omega drivers i downloaded?
x800 to x850 softmod?
9500 np to 9800 mod?
x300 x600 x700 mods
radeon 7000 to 7200 mod?
can a 9550 be turned into a 9800
512mb x850
9600 rv-350 with only 64m??
Composite sync
9800XT oc'ing quirk
will this fit my 9600pro?
what everybody has speculated came true
Can older drivers be better? (9800Pro)
9800 Ramsinks
9800pro messing up on stock speeds
Can't oc card
low fps in source
512MB cards to be revealed this month ?
ATI radeon boot error message
Memories on X700PRO, 1.6ns?
can i RMA my 9600 Pro?
ATI Sponsoring Overclocking event???
best 9800 pro manufacturer
X800XT vs X800XT AIW
Ati X950xt
graphics card quandry x800pro x800xl
Bad Yeilds Srike AGAIN!?!?!? (ATi cancels x850)
Overclocking x800 XT
vGPU modded X850XT PE
Game playing stuttering
ATI X800XL Under MSRP and in Stock
Upgrading from AIW 8500 128MB
I want to overclock my graphics card...
Hynix Mem Question
Wat is a safe load temp for the x850XT?
problems softmodding a 9800
How far to overclock x700pro with stock cooling?
Yeah, So AS Rev. 3 Sucks
9800 Pro had a sudden death, a rare case?
Whats My 9800 XT's problem ?
how to check card's temperature?
asus 9800XT/ DVI + plasma tv
x800xt temperatures, ati silencer 4
ATI HDTV Wonder anyone have it?
ati silencer 1 noise output
ati bios updates
Fast Writes
Disaster Help!
X800 Pro PCI-E onboard temp sensor?
ATI Tool RAM Timings for A 9600XT 256mb? Which Ones to Loosen?
Help needed with 9800 standoff
Powercolor quality right now...
X800pro memory timings
ATI x800xt or x850xt pe
CAn't figure out how to softmod this way.
Looking for a new card, which X800Xt is the best for Overclocking?
died out of nowhere? or is it dead?
ATI 9200 SE Series 128 mb
9500Pro w/ black PCB...
ATI vs. Nvidia -not flame war
Pencil Vmod for x850 ?
Will a 9700p power a 2005FPW?
best way of cooling a 9800 aiw pro
2 shappire's 9600 pro which one do i pick
Can anyone give me the langth of x850 PE
9600XT Volt Mod
ATI 9600 PRO a worthy upgrade?
Is this a bargain or a con?
Ram Timings on 9800 Pro -> XT?
9600xt temp + oc question
Woot! got my x850xt pe
X800 pro installation probs!! HELP!!!
9700 Tx
x800 xt-pe speeds
PCI-X riser card - anything to worry about?
Questions about flashing a BBA 9800 Pro to an XT...
My new saphire x800XT PCI-E...questions
I'm in deep doo doo, need help reflashing my card :(
Games reset vid card OC, Help Please
HDTV wonder
low performance 9800 pro
ATITool new version = lower OC?
Question about RAM manufacturers for 9800 pro video cards....
VGA Silencer by Arctic Cooling help needed...please reply!!
9700 pro mods?
ATI Radeon Drivers??
9800 Pro Thermal Compound question...Please help
9800 Pro Thermal Compound question...
x800xt PE overclocking
Which bios to use when flashing?
To all ATI Experts - emergency help needed
X800 Pro Vivo To X800xt Pe (Pci-e)
Sapphire 9800pro-->XT softmod: heat problem--pls help
r520 could be 700/900 clocks, 3x faster vs. x800xt
Have any tests been done on the current crop of X800XL cards out right now?
good 9700 pro BIOS
What Video card to purchase?
X800XT PE problems
X800 Mobility vs. 6800Go
9700np issues
Is a 9700Pro tremendously worse than a 9800Pro?
Just got an x850xt non-pe, I have a question(s)
x800xt or x800xl?
My radeon 9550 doesn't have temp sensor, how do i get a temp readout?
9600xt + silencer2= big problems
Catalyst 5.2 drivers released