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How much should i be expecting from my 9800xt?
9600 s-video output tracking problem
OverClocking My 9200se
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9500/9550 difference ?
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fuzzy Picture
radeon driver!
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ATI 9800XT very very very poor overclocker
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ATI Radeon 9600xt HS and Ramsink mod
HELP!! removed 9800xt stock heatsink & applied AS5
upgrade from asus agp to asus pci-e
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couple of Questions about the 9600 series
ati tool
X800Pro cooling
Anybody heard Triplex RAM remarked of 9550 VGA card before??
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ATI X800 ,what happened to it?
Which Arctic Cooling Silencer for 9800 Pro
ati 9550
Pwa Number???
Troubles with Gigabyte 9000Pro ATI card - please help
do you think I got lucky?
is my Saphire 9800 pro DOA?
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x800 vivo to xt problem
RADEON 9800 PRO MAC SPECIAL EDITION soft mod to 9800 XT?
9800 pro viperjohn mod
Help me to overclock my 1st ATI card,....
Ati Rage
Does ATI Tool read GPU temp properly?
9800pro is dead in my machine, but not others
nfoece 4 mobo w agp
Get more than 16 pipelins out of an X800XT
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Heatsink off a video card.....(help)!
Best drivers for...
Radeon 9200SE
X800 XT PE fps
x800 SE agp....any good?
X800Pro and 1080i HD WMV9
radeon 9600 xt problems
Help Needed Now !!! !!!
How do you tell if its 9700np or 9700pro
TV Tuner Quality AIW 9700 pro
Where to buy cheap Canadian 9800 Pro?
9800 Pro to 9600 XT
radeon 7500 and intergraph monitor driver issue
9500np Help
Radeon 9600XT, 256MB, 128MB, and options.
keep arctic cooling vga silencer???
What kind of ram do i have?
Arctic Cooling + Sapphire 9800pro LE
Sapphire 9800pro COOLING ? uh.. stock ?
Overclock or Flash? (x800Pro)
What card for Counter-Strike:Source?
overclockin how far can i push this baby
My 9800 Pro is flat lining!
Need help on Brand of ATI card and O/C MEM
More than 2 Simultaneous monitors, 1 card? X800PRO VIVO & a few other Q's
Will r520s ship AGP versions?
Is there a certain problem with the 9700 Pro?
9800 and 9700 PCB layout
Game problems
PCI_EXPRESS worth it?
X800 SE Comments Thoughts?
Omega 4.12 softmodded R9700
X800 XT to X800 XT platinum. Worth it?
[Q] VGA Silencer Rev3
ATI vs. Powercolor vs. Sapphire ???!??
Going ATI, and a question
My OC - Radeon 9800 PRO > XT
OC a flashed X800Pro vivo
2pin fans connected to 2/3 pins on card?
Smart Gate
BIOS Update Question
9800pro > XT
Flashing vs. overclocking?
Radeon 9800 prob
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Safe temps for a flashed 9800pro>xt
ATI All-In-Wonder 9600XT $200[CDN] Good Deal?
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Rosewill 9800 pro 128mb 256bit?
VGA Silencer making Bad Contact
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9600XT 256MB vs. 9700 Pro 128MB
Can this still be flashed?
X800 PRO VIVO core
Just got a ATI TV Wonder PRO...
Need help with ATI RADEON 9600XT
Xtacy 9600XT won't install need help
Temporal Anti-Aliasing in Omega Drivers ?
Game video froze, monitor lost video signal.
when do you think a X800pro is unstable?
Artifacting 9800 Pro
A9800xt help please!
Merry Christmas all!
Is it possible to flash like this:
9800 questions
Overclocking an ASUS Radeon 9800XT.
Are all 9800 pro 256 MB have r360 core???
neutered 9800--->9600XT?
Problem with 9800 Pro and VGA Silencer
Woot today is a good day!
Radeon X800 XT PE Overclocking Limits
9800pro --------- Mods ? Ramsinks ? huh?
9800Pro WHERE DID THEY ALL GO??!?!!!!!
DNA vs. OMEGA, which is better
ATI TV Wonder Pro Remote Control
Component Video out on X800PRO Vivo
Nforce2 GART trouble with ATI 9500, PLEASE HELP!!
Sapphire Radeon X800 SE? What exactly is it?
my poor X800pro overclock
Normal 3DMark scores? X800PRO Vivo
Sapphire 9800SE,L shaped 256 bit blck pcb?
9600XT ---> FX5600
ATI removes X800
bios mod: 9800 pro 128mb -> xt
lost with 9800pro probs
my video card can kick your a**
9800 pro took a dive? living with sis 305 so need help
Quick softmod 9800pro=>XT questions
9200se and Half life 2
Heat sinks for All-In-Wonder cards
are mod-able x800pro's still out there?
Saaweet! VIA running dual ATI gfx cards in mystry SLI config.
limits of a radeon 9800 pro
ABIT 9550 GURU good budget choice??
From Nvidia to ATi
Difference btw 9600np and pro?
X800Pro vivo to X800XT Platinum
ATI Tool
9700 Mobility 64mb vs 128mb
Im an Idiot...
ATI core temp39.1 C
Is it x700 Pro or XT? :)
WTF...I am LOST with x800pro crashing
9700 pro with I shaped memory
where can I download a bios for a 9700 pro?
Arctic silencer 3 question?
ABIT 9550 GURU or GeXcube 9550 extreme edition???
9800 Pro TT Giant 3
9800SE or 9600XT :(
HELP! messed up my 9700pro!
9600xt 128mb
HS/F on AIW 9600 Pro
Help me decide please
Radeon 9600PRO Problem
x800 pro help
Ati rev silencer 4
Upgrading my 9600xt
What do you know about this card?
Question on Flashing X800pro
Removing HS on Graphic cards
ATI X800Pro Questions
Sapphire 800xt PE any good???
9800pro card
ATI AIW 9600PRO TV problem
Does Upping AGP-Voltage = More OC :D?!?!
Dieing card?
Card doesn't artifact, comp just freezes
9500PRO Softmodded to 9700PRO
What fan will fit this card?
Hooking up a TV to the computer
9800Pro dead?
flashrom.exe adapter number
New 9800Pro-256/bit??
ATI Smiling as 9800 Topples GF 4 MX
Cooling for Gecube 9800Pro modded to XT
please post if your x800 died
which vga silencer do i get?
What are the best drivers for the x800pro?
how to tell how much heat
Catalyst 4.12 problems
Thermal Paste on X800 Pro
Ive Been Mistaken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9800pro question?
X800XL reveiws up
X800XT-PE Flash to X850XT-PE Possible???
What contols the refresh rate
Having problem with games crashing...
HIS 9800 Problems
Asus 256MB 9800Pro No OC?!
Is This Froze from VGA card?
9700np OC - do i just flash the original bios with new speeds?
HELP - Testing Radeon 9700 Pro, artifacts
Agp Slot Toast ?
what is vivo?
x800 xt questions, please
calling all x800 SE owners (please read)!
9800 pro. AGP speed, and Fast Write will not save.
9800 pro question
PCI-Express Or 8xAGP ???
Cat 4.12 is out...
9800pro/flashed XT
graphics card dieing?
X700pro temp probe
Vid Card Goes >>!!!BOOM!!!
9800 SE 256 MB question.
Voltmod a x800, how?
ATi X800 Pro successful 16 pipelines ?
ATI card stuttering in HL2 and CS:S....
New x800 xt question
Upgrading. Is it worth it??
Upgrading from a X600XT to a X800XT
Cant go above 0x AGP Speed after format
Overclocking 9700 Pro, How?
New Driver Problems...darn it!
What's happened to my 9500np???
x800PRO ?
I know Im stupid, but how can I do a boot disk???
9800pro cooling
x800pro Driver install w/unknown device; Problem & Solution
Whats wrong with this picture
VisionTek 9800Pro
9800SE soft mod brand specific question
Give me advice please!
Restarting with ATi X800 Pro ?
9500 pro mod for sapphire, need success results
question from a guy that is too bussy to look it up.
ok wierd problem...
Where can I find a X800pro vivo for $450.00 or less?
9800 AIW or newer card? Help!
Problems whit the flash to the final x800xt BIOS!
still hope for AGP vid cards from ATI?
Anyone want to contribute?
ATI may drop the x700XT
Overdrive In New ATI Drivers
Why does the x800pro look so much better then my 9800pro?
Gigabyte RADEON X800 XT?
r520(x900xt?) to have 32 or even 48 pipes? *faints*
do they make 256bit 9600pro/xt cards? I can only seem to find 128bit versions.?
program to tell me what kind of psu i have and how many watts?
whats the difference between 128bit cards and 256bit cards?
Confused about OC and artifact detection programs
I think it dieing!
X800pro flash
X800XT Platinum Edition Memory Overclock
9800pro Artifacts?
9800xt (mod) and new CAT driver problem
Speculations: The next wave of ATi cards.
BBA 9800 Pro 256 won't OC....
9800PRO Vs 6800GT
Buying an radion card.
Which arctic silencer...
Want alittle bit more
Help needed with FireGL8800
9800Pro Stock HS Mod L@@K Pics!!!!!!!
Geforce 4 better then 9600?
The best ramsinks?
9500 64mB Good or BAD??
What kind of idiot would sped $1000+ on an x800XT?
Image shaking on my 9800pro
X800 XT cooler...
Another 9800Pro dead? help me out
ATI Silencer 3
ATI Silencer 3 Question
HalfLife-2 download question
First Ati Video Card Ever Made L@@K Pics!!!
I hate ATI
Which card? 9600xt or 9800 non-pro
Feeling Lucky ?? $$$$
this cooler work?
Corners chipped off the R360?
video problem
PLEASE HELP I think i fried my 9800p
X850 looks good big bucks
radeon fan not spinning
CS:S bug or my drivers....
93K in Aquamark
program for checking video card temp?
question about Ati cards
Omega Drivers 4.12 BETA
Maybe an X800.
Connect 3d X800XT PE in stock (UK)
DVI compliance testing
Stuck molex connector...
uhmm, newb question
Radeon X800se 256mb
Did i buy a bad card?
someone please brief me on ATI "Atlantis"
ATI Tool deleted the overdrive tab?
Ati 9800 Pro Not OC'd but not running at default speeds
should i go for this?
ati trade up program...
*SCORE* I got a x800 pro VIVO in a BBA pro Retail Box...You can too!
Where to find x800xt-pe bios
Problem with 9800Pro
Check this beast im getting!!
Questions about softmodding my saphire 9800 pro to an xt
9600xt 3dmark2001 scores
Anandtech has their X850 Article up.
ATi Radeon X850XT PE PCI-X To hit Shelfs Soon!!
Abit or Sapphire or Asus....??
ATI 9800XT dual monitor problem...
I wonder.
X850 reviews out!!
what settings should i have? (screenshots)
Volt modding an x800xt pt?
I need URGENT HELP!!!!
9800np or 9700pro, which is better?
Bba Aiw 9600
Powercolor 9800 Pro - How high should i OC?
ATI 9800 pro softmod to XT
Sapphire X800 SE Vid card, good or not?
HIS XTpe any good?
Can an ocing tool cause artifact?
X800 question
best hl2 setting for 9600xt
possible to bridge pci-express to agp?
HORRIBLE HORID 3dmark03 score
any1 done this anandtech time demo? (link)
Graphics card upgrade.
OCing Sapphire X800XT PE with ATITool
I Need a XT bios for an ATI MAde 9800Pro
Radlink vs ATI Tool
Awesome cooling solution for my radeon 9800xt
Help me choose a refurbished video card
Sapphire 9800pro+Artic silencer1+OCZ ramsinks good enough for flash?
9800xt + pstrip = bad?
Cant get dual monitors on latest FireGL 8.062 driver
return 9600XT AIW?
X700 XT availability?!
Disaster when changing cooler..
omega driver question...
EFFING 9800 pro!
Simple Question regarding DVI-VGA adapter.
over clocking a 9800 pro
Best deal on X800 pros?
Awesome Fan Sandwich cooling solution
Awesome Fan Sandwich cooling solution
Where are all the 9800pros?!?!?!?!?!
Is AA working on X800???
9600xt problems
Looking for best bang-for-buck current ATI card
Wait or buy now? x800xt pe
Pricedrops anyone?
My BIOS Flashing Adventure!
Video Capture Card?
x800 overclocking
No picture when playing vids on tv
received my refurbished 9800 pro today, low scores
9600XT All-In-Wonder vs. 9800 PRO
omega drivers
No Display on AIW 9800 Pro 128 MB
9800pro 128mb and ATi Silencer
Is my overlock stable?
Problem with my 9800 pro.
Am I right to fear for my X800?
RAM sink HELP for my 9800pro
MSI auto OC'in
help! x800pro problems
any current ATI promo codes??
9800pro or 9600xt
HDTV from 9600xt help and info needed
Best ram sinks x800pro
Can HDTV be driven by 9600xt
Please inform me about X800 Series
New Card x800pro
Black splotches or spots
Do Radeon 9600XT's still ship with a HL2 voucher?
Flashed my 9800 Pro to XT
Sapphire 9800 Pro gfx errors (guess its called articafts)
Who actually made my ATI card
x800 Memory Chips
dual monitor problem on ATI card
Close call?
x800pro non vivo--- what happens if i connect the traces?
shim removal, thermal probe added
Refurb x800 pro for $284.25
9550 or 9500 pro???
X800 XT Platinum $500 shipped
what are these little switches on my 9800 pro?
x800 pro vivo or not
2B Pencil???
NEed Help ! PLZ Today X800 guestion
6800 Hardmod
Underground 2 VS 9800XT ~_^ V
What are the best drivers for the 9800pro as of now?
New X800Pro Input Request
9800 pro broken? no post?
My WonderFull X800 Day!
9700Pro temps ?
why is x700 so cheap??
OCing a 9600xt
help have ati 9500
no SLI for ATI?
9800 NP gets bad fragments after a while, but i reboot and its ok?
9700 pro will not run 8Xagp
9800pro 128mb vs. 256mb
Generic best vid card question
Major Artefacts With ATI Silencer 4 & x800 Pro
o great
X850 info, pics. :)
Best price on 9800 non pro/pro.
9700 pro issue???
The "Dust-buster" reborn under ATi logo??
is 600mhz overclock ok with x800pro?
my 9800pro driver problem!!!
12478 3dmark 03 marks
Meh! dont waste your time with x850xt(refresh to x800xt)
9800np / HL2 Settings
power problem with r9800pro???
Setting up "tivo" on my new aiw card?
x800 pro modding question
radeon 7000D dual display???
ATI A-I-Wonder sound prob.....
X800 SE, what do you know?
X800 Pro Soft Mod
Help, why does HLF artifacts on my system???
someones 9800 pro
X800 Pencil Vmod Question
9700 Pro Artifacting
Another one bites the dust...RIP 9700PRO
Flashing 9800p > 9800XT
Brand Names - x800 platinum
Questions about 9800 Pro
X600 Pro to X600 XT
Which X800XT?
Got myself a good deal on an X800XT PE, all things considered
Looking for how to Voltmode Sapphire 9550
X800 Or 6800 Ultra
6600 GT or 9800 Pro!?
Flashed 9800 XT problem.
buying a new video card.
Popping off stock RAM sinks
Dell Inspiron 8600 w/ ATi 9600 Mobility Pro Turbo
9800 sapphire used
my 9800pro problem!!
FireGL for Gaming?
mods for a rage pro aiw
9800XT Question
Need video card suggestion for a crappy system.
ATITools Memory Timing Settings x800 Pro Vivo
ATITools Memory Timing Settings x800 Pro Vivo
9700pro or 9700AIW?
x800 Clocks and Stock fan
Make me feel better about my choice (9800)
9800se or 9700pro?
usb webcam from asus x800pro vivo package, no drivers..?
Help selecting x600 pro/xt
Impressed with ATI tech support
radeon 9600 xt,bad drivers?
DNA drivers better than Omegas?
Anyone get their X800 XTPE yet?
Sliders and 3dmark03 test
Another Vcore, Vdd, Vddq modded X800, air cooled!!
What's up with Newegg?
Ver 1.7 Half Life 2 and Open Gl Super Drivers
What card should i buy.
9700/9800pro deal
x700 agp?
x700 agp?
X800 Pro-XT hardmod success!
my x800pro o/c...
Best Drivers forHalf-Life 2
card recommendations
x800 pro slower after pipemod?
COMPLETE Guide to flashing 9800 256mb to 9800PRO
Radeon 7500 128Mb DDR Overclocking???
cod+9800pro= problems?
Which card for no more than $200
New x800 pro vivo, some test results and probs :/
Ati 9100 Igp
Catalyst 4.11 vs Catalyst 4.12 beta
9600 XT Fan Problems
aiw 9600pro + dual monitor probs
instability with x800xt bios when pro@xt speeds
where can i find a orginal x800pro vivo bios?
wich card to get?
Sapphire 9600pro 128ram and 256ram, difference?
9600 xt overclock and wierd results
So..I score 20k in 3Dmakr03...
9800 pro128?
How does one measure the temperatures on a flashed 9800 XT?
9800 pro problems :56k warning lots of pics:
9700pro questions