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9800 Pro Color Problem
Which is the best XT Bios For Softmodded Pro VIVO
VisionTek Xtasy 9600xt?
9800xt - Extreme temps
ATItool, finding max core
9800pro to t.v with s-video
Why does 3dmark lock but games run fine?
Urgent ! Please help ..thank you
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r360 volt mod values?
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Different Brand Bios ok?
just ordered an x800pro... wish me luck!
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BBATI Softmod Possible?
Need some guidance please
is it true...?
Driver Dilemma
Make my card better
YeeeHaaaa! x800Pro vivo to x800XT PE softmod SUCCESFULL!
What Happened
Is it true?
Jumbled 9800 pro
Asus ATi AX800XT....anything good?
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Ati's RMA service
Major Problem... x700pro PCIE card, Intel D915GEV motherboard...
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9800pro is dead
help with 9800
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Well I am going ATI any tips?
Most Stable Drivers
I at least temporarily got a Radeon 9600 SE
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Flashing the bios (bios choice)
Club3D bios?
help me decide what budget radeon to get (9800se 256bit, 9550xt, 9600pro)
Where are all the 9800 Mobility's ?
x800 Pro VIVo
Giant 3 worse than stock?
9600 se to 9600 pro
x800 peoblewm with smartgart
What the heck is 9250?
For those who control RivaTuner
X800PRO vivo
Gigabyte X800 XT
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9800 AIW Temp?
bone cheapest x800 money buys
x800 directx 8
questions on x800 pro
X800 XT vs. XT PE
Radeon X700 XT PE!!!
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Ati Radeon Score
worth modding?
Radeon 9600XT AGP Settings
what does it take?
All in wonder video capture
AVI From PC to VHS
Grrr @ Ati drivers - Video on secondary monitor, without clone mode?
Great find at wallapc.com
ATI 9700pro
Driving me nuts, which BIOS do I use for my 9800?
x800 Core doesnt OC very high
Flashing 9700pro AIW --> 9800pro AIW ?
Best Driver for 9800Pro?
x800pro vivo ram question
WTF my 9800pro is constantly freezing!!!
God damn dual displays
Paper launch survey: your X800 XT PE order & arrival dates!
dont count ati out, they have sli too!
Connect3d Xt Non plat thoughts
new ram sinks on my 9800 pro 2 xt
quick and stupid question
Mica got some Doom3 pics for your ati vs Nvidia
Top-line card shortage.
Zalman and 9800... and unsatisfactory results.
sapphire and... zalman?
Need help (VPU recovery problems)
overclocking 9800xt further
Overclocking a 9600pro on stock cooling?
Overclocking 9600XT
ATITool Problems
Where can i find a 9800 pro ?
x800pro no faster than 9800se in UT, is it a dud?
x800pro no faster than 9800se in UT, is it a dud?
Help with a all in wonder 128
x800xt non platinum with ati silencer results
Radeon 96XT IS IT GOOD 4
Temporal AA with ATITool
Best Cooling radeon 9800 pro -->XT?
x800 XT PE Delay again, so now what to do?
will flashing the bios on a card void the warrenty?
overclocking 9600pro
thinkin about takin x800pro for a test drive!
is this a good deal?
AGP Aperature BIOS setting
Safe to run vidcard from separate PSU?
weird visual problems in UT2k$ with my 9800
Last check before i order
Omega Drives or Catalyst, help please
Fps problem with CS:Source help me
9700Pro or X700pro
Cant turn off vsync with newest Cat's
X800 XT slowing down CPU?
VGA Silencer Rev3 vs ATI Silencer 1?
Superglue/Thermal Paste Mix For RAM Sinks
Question about vpu recovery
Is my x800 pro really a pro?
Need Serious Help
What kind of control utilities does the X800 come with?
X800 Vivo
Need bios for 9800XT 256MB by ATI
9500pro doing strage things, Help
Powercolor 4 pipe 9800 pro
help for 128 9600pro
ati control panel with 9800 pro?
Screen going blank on 9800pro
Are the VIVO X800 Pro's still flashable?
anyone with a late-model All in Wonder
which bios?
9800XT Problem
Artifacts white dots?
Difference between OC and flashing.
Rage 3d does not support the x700?
x800xt non-platinum brand comparison?
9800pro and s-video?
9800pro 128 vs 256?
HIS Excalibur 9600XT Turbo Platinum memory question
help to get display from my pc to my tv
help finding friend a cheap video card
Wtb Msi Rx9800pro
crashing computer... 9600 pro??
How much longer?
Just want to Show off the X800XT PE
Looking to Voltmod my 9700PRO
Should I bother flashing this R360 128MB 9800 Pro to XT?
9700 pro Drivers Help! please.
NEED HELP w/ Mobility 9600
R360 - 9800 256 & XT users
best drivers for my 9800pro
Cannot enable AGP 8X
max o/c without it getting hot...
does my 9800pro have an r360 core?
Used Radeon 9800 or 9700 video cards?
oh super, now what... (need recommendations)
Sapphire Radeon 9800xt problems
pci-e x800s start to emerge... w00t!!!
Need 9700 Heatsink
Which 9600 ???
Radeon 7500 tweaks!
Who makes the best RADEON X800 PRO card?
9600xt or 9800pro?
X700 Pro not posting!
Help with 9800 pro
Is this video card good?
Radeon 9600 a good card?
Is the x700xt better than the 9800 pro-->xt?
9800 Pro to XT Candidate?
Crossing over from NVidia, please help me cope
9800PRO overheat shutdown?
OC always resetting itself to default speeds?
which 9800pro?
PC Reboots in 3D games!
ATItool & OC Help
Installed silencer on 9800pro and now games crash
what cooler is best for my 9800pro?
how high is safe?
Radeon 9700 pro OC
9800Pro with XT PCB?
best drivers for the 9800pro?
cheapest place to purchase a 9800pro/xt in canada?
x800 temps
Max. core speed for 9800PRO@XT/9800XT ?..
AGP Voltages
Ati 9800xl (pro)
ATI 9700 Pro R300 Core Schematic
Flickering Display with X800Pro
flashing back from XT
Flash to XT Done...Need Replies Pls
Sapphire ATI 9700pro Gone to HEll?
aiw9600 vs 9700 pro
urr help, my temp sensor is messed up
Think 4k is possible?
Should I flash my R9800 256mn Pro R350?
Newer x800's vivo's with no 1.6 ram?
Is my card toast??
Is a fix possible? Extremely crappy overclocker!!
MBM5 and 9800 XT
X800 SE 256Bit??
i believe i just killed my HIS x800pro
Fried card?
ATI X800 XT AGP WRite disabled in SMARTGART, why?
Powercolor 9800 Pro giving me trouble
Powercolor Radeon 9600xt ultra
Friend's computer spoiled because of catalyst 9.8 driver
4890 Poll
Raising the voltage on my 9800Pro.
9500pro heat issues
Help in buying ati video card
help on what ati card
does overclocking do anything?
Darn SIlencer
One Lucky SOB!
9700 xt memory chips
BBA 9800NP 128mb able to do XT flash?
softmod 9800se?
Help: Did I really get a Sapphire X800 XT PE?
My x800 wont overclock very high
Wont go to agp 8x
9800pro to flat screen t.v
X800 softmod pre temp concerns
o/c'ed 9800pro CS Source Problems
Cant overlock 9600XT
Not happy with x800xt pe performance in Far Cry
question on x800 xt pci express?
9800 Pro and ATI Tool
Sapphire blue x800s?
two Radeons found in Device manager??
Low 3d Mark Scores??
ATI Tool and 9800 Pro
Ati Control panel is restricting full screen 3d settings
Video related problem?
Ati Tool Temp Probe
R9800PRO->XT Dead
Place your 9800pro o/c's here!
VGA Silencer Rev. 3 or Rev 4?
R350 or R360?
Error after installing the driver
9800 XT dead, don't know how but it sucks
where is the cheapest place to get a 9800pro new or used?
New computers 3dmark03 score
woohoo beta omegas rock my timedemo!
Qs about x800xt (non pe)
OC with Radlinker
Tyan 9800 Pro, flash to XT?
What is the diff between Sapphire 9600 Pro ADVANAGE and non ADVANTAGE
9800 Pro A freaking Chip Fell Off
Radeon 9700tx for HTPC
what can i do to a Radeon 9800SE?
9800 Pro Question
New Card - 9800 Pro
got the X800XT/Pe back From VIper
What drivers should I use?
Please explain to me this paradox;
Just bought a 9800 - opinions plz
9800XT's Temp Sensors?
i wanna overclock my 9200se
Can't figure out 8500 AIW TV Tuner Stuff
Questions about 9800 PRO
9800SE or 9600PRO or 9600XT
Tips For Installing A VGA Silencer3
Whats the difference between XT and XTPE
Problems with 4.10 catalyst
Trying to flash 9800 NP to Pro, failed twice
tried to update my video card driver then system crashed. help?
random freezes
x800pro vivo => xtpe
R9800Pro: R350 vs R360
After upgrading to new ATI drivers sytem will not reboot.
ATI Silencer 3 => Sapphire 9800pro 128 mb?
my x800 pro candidate
Hungry 9800pro....
TV-OUT Dilemma
Help overclocking a 9600SE
Whicj silencer fits my XT-PCB 9800pro 128mb??
Sapphire 9800pro WITH TEMP SENSOR!!
2 Ati Cards Broken!!!
Official Catalyst 4.10's Released
ATI X800 PE comes in AGP....?
Testing 9800 NP max clock speed.. should I be worried
9800 Pro 128meg 128/256 bit?
I finally got it!!! X800XT PE!
Omega ATI drivers > Stock Catalyst proof
BBA or Other Manufacturer for all series of ATI card.
9800 Pro Drivers keep crashing my comp!!!
9500>9700 softmodded card has finally failed!
Will 1.8 VAGP kill my 9800 Pro?????
Normal 3Dmarks01/03/05 For my 9800pro 256mb?
Atitool and geting settings to stay...
9800xt artifact probs
9800 pro issues
omegadrives and issues
Just some quicky input/suggestion needed.
x800 pro compatible water blocks
An official ATI Catalyst cause an artifacts!!!
Sapphire or ATI x800 pro?
Sapphire x800pro toxic?
9800 pro-> xt flash best bios?
ATI 9500 Pro failing Jedi Knights
Catalyst 4.9, and Win2k service pack4.
did I break the x800?
Which x800 pl to get?
Noob Ocing ATI 9600xt
Drivers that come with the card?
Do I HAVE to have service pack for this driver.
x800 raped?
Which program to o/c my 9800pro->XT?
9600XT low speeds
not to sound stupid but
Wooo x800xt pci e 3ghz p, giga byte mobo!
Good aquamark score?
Stock fan on X800pro vivo
bad 9700tx flash. Help!
Catalyst A.I Is Impressive
3DMark05 scores
MSI x800 XT PE
Stock fan on X800pro
How well are the x800 Pro's flashing to XT
x800 xt in stock!
ok ati tool doesn't artifact, 3dm2k3 does?
Sapphire 9800pro 128mb 256 bit
what the...wierd Radeon 7000 oc'in
HELP PLEASE!!! Bad flash?!
Use a PCI card to bring back a bad flash?
Looking for X800 XT Bios 500/500
9800np mod
New Sapphire Vivo's still softmod?
Does anyone have a clue
Drivers Sticky???
9800 Pro AIW voltages..
OC'ing ATI x800
8500 and Xp problems
the most overclockable x800 XT
X800 XT platinum - AGP or PCI-X
Catalyst Control Center doesnt work
X800 Pro Pencil Mod for Pipes
ATI Radeon 9800 PRO problems....
My video card, cooling and heat...
ATI 9600XT questions
Need 8500LE Mods
9700 Pro Flash?
thermal pad is gross and sticky and i dont know how to remove it
9700/9800 ?
x800xt pencil mod gone wrong
comparing cards in doom demo
Anyone have a cooler on MSI 9800 pro w/ r360 core??
OCing my radeon 9000
9550, 9600 or 9800 best?
Ok got my new 9800 pro but...
Whats the best Catalyst Drivers?
nv48 and r480 weeks away?
Holy Shyte!!!!
3D mark 01 error
what does this mean? (screen shot)
New omega drivers and brightness
What can I do to a Radeon9700np to get the best performances?
y does my 9800 pro only get 11k???
new ati technology in next driver release (4.10)
new ati technology in next driver release (4.10)
New to Ocin
little experiment with fan card
good VGA cooler
Low 3dMark'05 Score
wOOt! Sent the XT/PE to Viperjohn for Vmods
Best Cooling for 9800 PRO! HELP!
R.I.P. My good friend 9600XT
9700 power cable available
9800 Pro will work right?
9800xt temps
OMG Arctic cooler wont fit! :-(
can't find temps on my x800?
is ati tool's artifact scanning accurate?
Mobility RAdeon in AGP format
random screen flickers with 9800
9800 pro - Rainbow patches on textures?
ATi 9800XT AA and AF problem...
Catalyst 4.8 or 4.9 ?
34 more mhz, but only 20 point increase?
Doom 3 timedemo1 scores with x800 pro
Which 9600/9800 will the ATI Silencer 1 fit?
I softmodded my 9800 pro to 9800XT.....I used a gigacube bios though on sapphire.....
Looking to upgrade my video card
Hynix Data Sheets
ATI Silencer 2 problem with r9600
GPU cooling solution for 256MB 9800 Pro
Timings on the x800
Overclocking my x800 PRO
9800 Pro, 9800SE?
Card toasted? Or ingured? Help. =(
New LCD monitor problem
My Radeon 9800SE experiences
Turn my X800Pro into an XT: Checklist
audible noise when changing display settings?
19.7K 2001se with a X800 PRO??
Pipe Unlocking question...something i noticed on my card..
ATI Video Cards
X800 XT vs X800 XT Platinum edition vs 6800 GT
How much would you pay for this? pictures*
Which x800pro to buy?
9800Pro help....
Anyone order a Radeon X800 XT PE from ATi.com?
x800pro memory dying?
are these scores ok for system?
My x800pro almost bit the dust
benchmarks wtf?
Have a question on pipelines for 9800's
shut down problem after ocing radion 9800 xt
Is this card an x800 VIVO????
AGP problems with Omega Drivers?
X800Pro VIVO GPU voltage monitoring...
9800 pro to x800, Worth it?
This doesn't seem right.. 333/823 radeon 7500
ok this is stupid, do i have a crap card
overclocking my 9700pro stock
9800pro/xt vs x700 ?
9800Pro display problem!!! urgent!! plz help!!
quick OC'ing question
defective video card?
Can flashing hurt your x800pro?
ineed of imidiate help!
X800 pro
9800 AIW problems with omega drivers
AIW 9800 Pro vs AIW 9700. Which one to get?
what is the current value of a x800xt pe?
Mysterious dip-switch on back of my XT-PCB 9800pro
Dammit, I think I got 2,8 ns Hynix on my XT-PCB 9800pro
which bga ramsinks are the best?
3 cheers for ati silencer!!
far cry..
Omega vs DNA
9800 Pro to TV?
Is the 128bit 9800 a viable option now
Is this possible with a BBA X800 Pro...
9800XT voltage mod?
overclocking the 9600xt
How whis x800pro compare too?
9800 Pro/VGA Silencer Rev.3 OC post.
can i do this? fast like?
New Omega Beta 8.07 w/ Cat AI
Low 3dmark01se
oc'ing decreases performance!
9800 Pro/VGA Silencer Rev.3
Samsung 3.4ns
Red MSI 9800 pro?
Porr newbie getting lost
Flash 9800 pro to XT
Radeon 32mb Voltage
Radeon 9800Pro
Arctic Cooler 3 on 9800 pro 256 rev 2 how?
9800XT memory timing?
ATi4 Klacking Sound problems
My 9800XT mod increased fps & reduced heat
9800 pro voltage=9800xt voltage?
best oc'er proggy? atitool or rage3d?
need help with Silencer 3 9800XT
9800 Pro and Halo
Modding Non-Vivo...
9800XT Memory timings?
Please explain omega drivers?
m9600 performance! 3d 05 dl?
X800pro@X800xt Problems
shoul di send my 9800 pro back? low 3dM03 scores?
Buying 9800 Pro
3dmark2k5 catalyst driver hotfix.
Useing Hydravision for Radeon 7500
9800 Pro Low Score?
Help!!! wont boot up!
Just picked up a 9600XT
Catalyst 8.07 beta
What is this card????
x800 pros dying????
bext value readon card, 9800pro? 9800xt?
Overclock speeds on soft-mod 9800pro?
Anyone compared VGA Silencer Rev 3 vs ATI Silencer 3?
Put my Artic Silencer Rev 2 on my X800 XT PE
How much does the ATI 9800 non-pro worth????
9800pro to 9800XT :cry:
r350 core or r360 core????
True or False?
Is my 9800Pro Dead
Changing 9800pro stock Ram to 256 and a higher ns ratting
MSI RX800XT going W/C - risk management
Problem: Refresh rate sets, but still acts wonky, newly RMAd card...
Really stupid VGA Silencer (ATi #3 9800XT) question...
3D Mark 01 Refresh Problem
Did I kill my 9800pro ????
soft mod driver swap
radeon 9600pro , mem = 227 ?
AA and AF, what r ur settings?
9800 3dmark03 Scores
Should I RMA?
Which car is best? 9500 PRO or 9600 PRO ?
can a 9700 get up to 9800XT quality
I'm never buying a x800 again........
Known problem with Raven Shield Night Vision & 9800?
in stock @ local store Need Help