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Cracked Core? 9800pro
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9800 Pro problem
What is the difference between 9700 and 9800?
Gigacube 9800pro bios?
Bad Pipeline(s)?
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Rev. 3 or ATI 1
lapping the cooler?
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Help a real Noob out - No flames please
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What brand of mem for a card
Did I screw up my 9800 pro?
ATI Mobility 9800 Review
Help me choose my X800XT PE
updated vid drivers do really help
Abit radeon 9600 Overclocking HELP!
Abit radeon 9600 Overclocking HELP!
Flashing woes! I'm stumped...
Help with 9800Pro256...
Thought you guys might be interested in seeing this...
I think my 9800 Pro is DOA :(
Artifacts and checkers in my games
New Cat question
ATI Tool versus ATI Tray
Arctic Cooling VGA Cooler v4.0?
Disable-ing the secondary card in device manager?
I can't get rid of the stock HSF on R9700 np from Powercolor
new 9800pro install ???s
Radeon 9200
What is this...
Omega + Ati Tool.
What should I do
Speedfan causes problem with my gaming
9800se softmod failure
Where can I get the ATI tool?
Ati updates....
4.8/4.9 Initialize Problem?
Newegg Has X800xt Pcie Cards Instock
x800 Underperforming..
I'm a winner !
100 dollar video card
Powercolor 9800pro heat dramas
Does the ATI Silencer 3 work w/ 9700s?
Anyone out there whos overclocks the 9200SE?
Which core do I have?
Scared of overclocking :)
Random game close
Quick 9800 Pro Question
4.9s are out official.
Strange graphics problems
alternate way to back up bios?
Worst case scenario
All In Wonder X800 Xt
oncee again, is it worth it?
ATITool to stresstest?
Installed catalyst drivers and now I can't watch video files
ELSA x800 Pro VIVO from Newegg WORKS
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9800 Mobility Upgrade
Radeon 9800 AIW PRO Tv Tuner question
x800pro driver install issue
Is it just me or is this very weird??
9700P video out?
Best Cooling Solution For 9800 PRO
Is my VidCard really the culprit?
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer or ATI Silencer 2 for 9800pro
Radeon 9550 w/256 DDR
Help overclocking Radeon.
ATI 9800pro and VGA silencer install question
Is my 8500 dead?
Flashing my 9800 Pro?
Best Catalyst
9700pro 3dmark03 results ?
What causes these.....
ATI tool
9800se softmodd
where to find x800xt bios?
KV7 & 9700pro HELP !!!
Help 9800pro
MSI Stock or Vga Silecner.
do Pro's and XT's use the same VPU's?
any XT's use samsung ram?
help...X600XT or 9800pro?
help with graphocs crad
problem with 9800 pro
x800 pro
vga silencer question
Low overclocking results: 275(stock) - > 277 max..
Why does my screen freeze up during gaming?
444 core OC on 9800 pro
Low fps on CS:S
Is my pro really a xt-pe ?
HELP! After Install of 9800PRO drivers, WinXP resuses to load?!?
8000 3dmark 03 X800 XT PE Score WTF!
Editing X800 BIOS
Mobility 9700 vs Movility 9800
WOuld you consider this card good?
9800 SE troubles.... help asap!!! tks :)
What's worng with my 9800Pro?
is it a real x800xt-pe?
My R360 is week...
3Dmark03.... "System Info error: System error"
Major Video card panel problem
Is this unsafe?
sapphire x800XT or ATI x800XT-PE
Fast Write Problem!!!
Best bios for x800pro ?
9600 XT 256MB or 9800 PRO 128MB?
Did i fry my 9800XT???!!
overclocking a x800xt
Are my 4 extra pipes broke?
Rage theater on a x800pro ??
9800 Pro 256@XT: THE best bios?
VideoCard Problem... What does this look like?
X800 PRO VIVO with 2.0NS RAM
Ati control failure
Anyone else had problems with 9800 pros and A8Vs?
03 9000 x800 xt pe score WTF
Ati to come with x700xt, x700pro, x700. Finally a 9800p replacement
Doom III Problems
Which 9800 Pro
9700pro's all 256bit?
ATI Mobility 9700 Overclocking
ATI's new control panel is out!
Low 3dmrk03 results
x800pro to x800xt
Arctic cooling silencer for 9800 pro 128mb
Should I keep my card OCed if ATI Tool finds artifacts?
Why wont 1.6ns samsung at spec?
9700pro to 9800pro soft mod
so who has had an X800 VIVO card die on them from being soft modded to an XT PE?
impossible artifact problem
budget Radeon card
directx 9.0c?
Radeon 9800->XT O/C problem
Petition to ATI Technologies Inc. for Adequate Drivers in Linux
Radeon 9600 Pro or Radeon 9600 XT???
does ati have a driver release schedule?
New omegadrivers? Site down?
Ruby demo on 9500 and above!!!
WTF happened to my DirectX?
[Sapphire TOXIC X800 Pro] vs [HIS Excalibur X800 PRO IceQ II]
Radeon 9800 O/C difficulty
9800 pro temps
3DMark01 no longer runs after ending ati2evxx.exe in task manager.
softmodding/flashing 9800se
X800-Pro Problems
9800 pro GPU cooler replacement
x800pro I'm concerned.....
9800pro 256mb DDRII strange artifacting behavior
Info on ati hd adapter
1 for 3 with msi 9800pro (xt)
fan control?
ATI Tool 0.0.22 released
just got my X800XT-PE
9800 Pro prob
8x big difference to 4x?
9600np 128M or 9550 256M
9600xt and 9700np
ati r520 to be called fudo and support ps3
NOOO why is the bracket on my card like this!!??
9700 np bios needed
9800 PRO Artifacts
Omega's on my Laptop?
Worried 'bout my 9800
ATI Filtering Issues In Doom3
sticking Ramsinks
Info-Tek ATI RADEON 9550 Video Card
Little Red squares....
Cooling for OC'd Sapphire 9800 pro
Artifacts from heat?
9800pro and doom3 crashing
9600Pro can I Do anything to it????
New overclocking tool
What type of pci-e cards are out there?
Ati Aiw 8500dv
Well, wish me luck on my two 9500np and my 9700 pro
Artifacts and a new card
Avg. gaming vid. card..
ATI, thanks for my "free" x800XT upgrade
Crashing in ATI tool, help needed
x300 vs x800
ATI tool 0.21 and fan speed.
I'm Back WIth My 9800Pro OC Problem
gpu recovery from hardware deadlock?
Heatsink not touching the core on 9600XT
HiS R9800pro ICEQ OC
9800Pro vs. X600XT
x800 pro question
Leave card OC'ed all the time, or just while playing games?
ATI Display Schemes
Death of a little titan
Fried My Card?
What drivers?
HELP! Did I screw up my 9800PRO?
If I have a 128mb 9800 Pro flashed into a 9800XT . . . ATI Silencer 1 or 3
TV Out 9600XT Problem
OEM - x800pro or XT?
18k in Aquamark on 9800pro?
is this a keeper?
Installations taking FOREVER
Too Much Card for Computer?
Question about ATI Tool...
Best Card under 300 dollars?
This much monitor flickering (changing resolution) normal?
Actic Cooling on a 9800XT
Can't Overclock my 9800Pro
atifacts with x800pro
cooler mounting preasure on a gpu
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer REV. 4
9000pro aiw temps
X800Pro - Doom3 was dodgy....I hope HL2 will run smoother!
Vmod x800 please help
ATI Incompatible with my... ???
What AF, AA and resolutions
Which driver?
9700 problem
Alright, i need help with the S-video
ATI Tool Temp Readings
9800 Pro -- Do I need to use that included cable? (HD/PSU/9800Pro cable)
OC'in ASUS A9600XT, what to start with?
what is this memory?
Crucial OC ?
which VGA cooler
4.8s = LAME
x800pe to FireGl (pipeline conflict?)
9800 Pro $ X800's same holes for cooling?
AHhhh somebody kill me already...
9500Pro To 9700Pro
Editing Gigabyte Bios
9600XT or 9800SE
At last got my XT
X800 Se Overclocking Help
stupid but simple question:
what drivers for the x800?
MSI 9800 pro to XT bios.
9800 Pro what is better
Sapphire 9250?
omega drivers decreasing 2001SE score?
BBA x800 xtpe cards at ATI's website is shipping now.
9500np/pro softmodded to 9700np/pro
9800 Pro 256MB version memory voltage checkpoint?
9600pro problems
What drivers should I start out with?
ATI tool vs ATI tray tool
Is my card F***ed?
Can I determine my core by knowing my RAM?
Help Removing Stock HSF on x800 vivo
Something wrong with my 9800 pro?
x800 power connector
ATI CD authenticator issue since XT flash
New Omega Drivers Installation Errors?
what's the difference between x800xt and x800xt PE
Sapphire 9600 Pro SUCKS in Doom 3
MSI and Vga Silencer.
Woulda you all believe the 9800 Pro works with my old computer.....
9600 3dmark03 score
9700 np beyond repair?
Why it is choppy (laggy) when I play Doom3???
X800 XT PLATINUM for $499 at ATI Website
need some help.........
bios for radeon 9600
ATI Control Panel Question and Tearing Images
New Omega Drivers 2.5.67 (8/22/04)
soft mod the x800se Pci Express?
need help with new vantec iceberq 4 on 9800pro
Asus X600 Xt?
Best XT BIOS for 9800 Pro R350 256MB Samsung RAM?
ATI AGP 7500 OCed
Cat 4.9 Beta better than Omega 2251???
3dmark 03 question
ATI tool
I have 9800 Pro With 360Core, atitool reads 350 core.....
A Little 9800 Pro Advice.
A Question about ATI Tool 0.21
9600xt problem
help flashing
blast from the past ati 128 pro/ultra
9700 better than 9800????
Just ordered a 9800 Pro...
Why doesn't XP pro recognize cat 4.9 beta's???
Radeon 7000 support?
Doom3 driver problems?
Difference between these cards?
9800 SE softmodded score.
Broke the 7000 3dmark 03 barrier with my 9800 Non Pro Infineon 3.0ns RAM!!
9800 pro and doom 3???
9800 volt mod
Why is my 9800 Pro slow?
Enabling Truform: How?
just got a new 9800 pro
best 9100 driver?
ATI Speed question
wich 9700pro brand?
an ATI OCing toolfor win98 ?
9800se softmodded vs 9700pro in fps
Radeon 9500LE problem - Overheating.
Did I just almost fry my video card memory?
quick question>9800pro to xt what bios?
why so many 9800 Pro refurbs?
9800 Pro 128mb vs 256mb ?
What's with my 3dmark03 score??
Best drivers for 3dmark2k1 and 03 ?
Whats 9800 Prto 256mb default speeds?
Radeon 9000/PRO users. I'm still hanging there. are u? What OC speeds can u get?
ATI Tool 0021 is now out!
MSI 9800Pro
So I'm getting a 9600......
Crazy ATI Radeon 9800XT PROBLEMS
Download Cat 4.9 Beta NOW!!!.......
Text is messed up
whats the point of overdrive?
wat comment for sapphire 9800se 256bit??
just installed vpu heatsink
Query regarding driver settings
How can i tune my Saphire 9600xt 256
X800Pro Clock/Memory Speeds
wow, check out my 3dmark03 score
No luck with my first 9800PRO!!!!!
New to ATI drivers.
9600xt + 100$ for 9800pro, worth it?
Whats considered hot on a graphics card?
upgrade problem-help
What settings in control panel?!?!?
question about 9800pro
My 9700: What brand is it? (please help check)
128bit & 256bit?!! how to c it??!!!(newbie)
Omega V sync
What's the best driver to use???
Do I have a 9800Pro or 9800XT???
9800se softmod caused lower 3dmark03
9600xt or 9800se
Guide to OC 9800PRO128MB
Flashing a 9800pro r350 and hyinx????
Has anyone tried to softmod a BBA x800 pro vivo?
9000pro Voltage Modd???
9800 Pro kicked the bucket...
video or PSU problem?
Anyone having problems with X800s?
9800pro acting weird !??
9600XT Overclocking.
9800 pro + determining temps
Where to get Arctic Cooling VGA Cooler?
Club ATI 9800 XT artifacts problem
X800 pro VGA silencer rev3
9800pro cooling
Life Expectancy?
9800pro s-video help
heatsink for vid cards
ATI 9700 Pro - Overheat or completely fubared?
Damaged ATI 9600XT [big pic!]
ati 9700 pro problem no vid out put
Sapphire Radeon 9800 AIW to XT?
doom 3 and 9700 pro help
ati radon 9800 pro or is it not
help with ati control panel
Sapphire X800 XT bios
CAT 4.8's are out
Noob to ATI.
Installed a Arctic VGA Silencer rev 3
how to see the different brand of ATI
Ordered 9800 Pro, Power Supply Questions.....Just ordered 420w will it do???
Ordered 9800 Pro, Power Supply Questions.....Just ordered 420w will it do???
I am not having too much luck with ati(tried 9800pro)
My card insists on multiple monitors 2
What's the difference between xt and pro
Powercolor X800 Vivo back at ZZF
Rage 3D Tweak Question
CATALYST Windows XP 4.8's Released today
Crappy msi 9800 pro r360!!!!!!!!
X800 Pro's OC
Ati 9600se settings
replacing bad card
Soft modding a 9800 pro R360/hynix ram to XT bios?
way to tell what card you have by serial number
radeon 7000
Problem with brand-new 9800 Pro
How Did I Sell my 9700pro for $190 used?
9600 agp 8x probs -- help
9800 pro heat
9800pro and VGA silencer..
New guide for 9800xt flashing
Crashing problems
Warranties for x800pro?
DNA drivers.
ATi 9800 Pro problem? Flickering screen.. ?
Rebooting Problem...
which 9800se....???
Upgrade time
ugh, this stinks... sapphire x800pro vivo...
ATI 9600 pro question
My X800 Died!
x800 vddq mod help
Ah, ordered my new parts.
How do you eliminate artifacts?
Msi X800xt-pe
Seriously getting pissed off now!!!!!!
Will i have a chance at a R360 core with a 9800 Pro from Circuit City?
x800XT PE... where?
Help, driver issues, i'm stuck in software rendering!
is the R360 core that much better on 9800pro?
Asus Smartdoctor cannot find video card
ATI 9800 PRO to XT problem
3D Rage Tweak or ATI Tools?
low scores with x800 pro
9800 pro ocing help.
ati 9700 driver error when cpu overclocked
Help! ATI 9800 PRO > XT BROKEN!
big blue screen on 9800 pro 256mb
9700 Pro. What should I do?
HELP cant oc my 9500pro
How's this for a 9700 Pro overclock?
When well the catalyst 4.8 drivers come out?
Zalman ZM80D-HP and ramsinks
ATI Tool: 9800 Pro ??
I need help overclocking my ATI Radeon 9600XT!!!
X800 Pro 256MB for $333!
X800 VIVO WMD Drivers
9800 pro power dongle
replacement for 9800pro any advice?
Sapphire x800pro(16 pipe mod(hard mod))
HOLY NOOOB BATMAN!! How do I O/c my vid card..
Pc is detecting 2 video cards
whats a good brand
i think my 9800 pro is garbage...
9550 performance?
9600XT vs 9500np
3dmark03 problem
quick 9600 buying question
OCing Radeon 9600 pro
artifact help
Did it work? 9800SE to 9800PRO
Overheating on a 9500NP?
ATI Radeon To ATI FireGL mod
1 fried x800 pro @510 530.......
9800 pro 3d mark score.
[NEWS' ATI + Microsoft = Clash of the Titans?
overheating w/ doom3?
My x800 VIVO (16 pipe mod) Freezez
Conductive Pen
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro issue (newbish question)
Connect3D Xt Bios...links please..
CDW and X800XT PE
Any bad experiences with beta drivers?
best VGA cooler ?
Noob question... Please help
Where are the PCI-E X800's?
Best way to install drivers? Fresh install
HIS Excalibur ICEQII Cooling Question.
ATI has discontinued the X800 XT PE?
X600 256ddr
Suggestions Please!!
Installing a switch for my cathodes caused X800 Pro Death!
cant DECIDE 9600xt or 9800pro
Is this a 9800 pro?
Whats best to overclock my XT PE?
check your shim even on new 9800's
Got a new PC, has a 9800 Pro 128mb... OC friendly?
9800 Pro Volt Mod, OC, Bios Flash - Results
worth upgrading a 9600 pro just now
9800pro256mb vs 6800128mb
Best Cat's for x800pro