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wow, check out my 3dmark03 score
No luck with my first 9800PRO!!!!!
New to ATI drivers.
9600xt + 100$ for 9800pro, worth it?
Whats considered hot on a graphics card?
upgrade problem-help
What settings in control panel?!?!?
question about 9800pro
My 9700: What brand is it? (please help check)
128bit & 256bit?!! how to c it??!!!(newbie)
Omega V sync
What's the best driver to use???
Do I have a 9800Pro or 9800XT???
9800se softmod caused lower 3dmark03
9600xt or 9800se
Guide to OC 9800PRO128MB
Flashing a 9800pro r350 and hyinx????
Has anyone tried to softmod a BBA x800 pro vivo?
9000pro Voltage Modd???
9800 Pro kicked the bucket...
video or PSU problem?
Anyone having problems with X800s?
9800pro acting weird !??
9600XT Overclocking.
9800 pro + determining temps
Where to get Arctic Cooling VGA Cooler?
Club ATI 9800 XT artifacts problem
X800 pro VGA silencer rev3
9800pro cooling
Life Expectancy?
9800pro s-video help
heatsink for vid cards
ATI 9700 Pro - Overheat or completely fubared?
Damaged ATI 9600XT [big pic!]
ati 9700 pro problem no vid out put
Sapphire Radeon 9800 AIW to XT?
doom 3 and 9700 pro help
ati radon 9800 pro or is it not
help with ati control panel
Sapphire X800 XT bios
CAT 4.8's are out
Noob to ATI.
Installed a Arctic VGA Silencer rev 3
how to see the different brand of ATI
Ordered 9800 Pro, Power Supply Questions.....Just ordered 420w will it do???
Ordered 9800 Pro, Power Supply Questions.....Just ordered 420w will it do???
I am not having too much luck with ati(tried 9800pro)
My card insists on multiple monitors 2
What's the difference between xt and pro
Powercolor X800 Vivo back at ZZF
Rage 3D Tweak Question
CATALYST Windows XP 4.8's Released today
Crappy msi 9800 pro r360!!!!!!!!
X800 Pro's OC
Ati 9600se settings
replacing bad card
Soft modding a 9800 pro R360/hynix ram to XT bios?
way to tell what card you have by serial number
radeon 7000
Problem with brand-new 9800 Pro
How Did I Sell my 9700pro for $190 used?
9600 agp 8x probs -- help
9800 pro heat
9800pro and VGA silencer..
New guide for 9800xt flashing
Crashing problems
Warranties for x800pro?
DNA drivers.
ATi 9800 Pro problem? Flickering screen.. ?
Rebooting Problem...
which 9800se....???
Upgrade time
ugh, this stinks... sapphire x800pro vivo...
ATI 9600 pro question
My X800 Died!
x800 vddq mod help
Ah, ordered my new parts.
How do you eliminate artifacts?
Msi X800xt-pe
Seriously getting pissed off now!!!!!!
Will i have a chance at a R360 core with a 9800 Pro from Circuit City?
x800XT PE... where?
Help, driver issues, i'm stuck in software rendering!
is the R360 core that much better on 9800pro?
Asus Smartdoctor cannot find video card
ATI 9800 PRO to XT problem
3D Rage Tweak or ATI Tools?
low scores with x800 pro
9800 pro ocing help.
ati 9700 driver error when cpu overclocked
Help! ATI 9800 PRO > XT BROKEN!
big blue screen on 9800 pro 256mb
9700 Pro. What should I do?
HELP cant oc my 9500pro
How's this for a 9700 Pro overclock?
When well the catalyst 4.8 drivers come out?
Zalman ZM80D-HP and ramsinks
ATI Tool: 9800 Pro ??
I need help overclocking my ATI Radeon 9600XT!!!
X800 Pro 256MB for $333!
X800 VIVO WMD Drivers
9800 pro power dongle
replacement for 9800pro any advice?
Sapphire x800pro(16 pipe mod(hard mod))
HOLY NOOOB BATMAN!! How do I O/c my vid card..
Pc is detecting 2 video cards
whats a good brand
i think my 9800 pro is garbage...
9550 performance?
9600XT vs 9500np
3dmark03 problem
quick 9600 buying question
OCing Radeon 9600 pro
artifact help
Did it work? 9800SE to 9800PRO
Overheating on a 9500NP?
ATI Radeon To ATI FireGL mod
1 fried x800 pro @510 530.......
9800 pro 3d mark score.
[NEWS' ATI + Microsoft = Clash of the Titans?
overheating w/ doom3?
My x800 VIVO (16 pipe mod) Freezez
Conductive Pen
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro issue (newbish question)
Connect3D Xt Bios...links please..
CDW and X800XT PE
Any bad experiences with beta drivers?
best VGA cooler ?
Noob question... Please help
Where are the PCI-E X800's?
Best way to install drivers? Fresh install
HIS Excalibur ICEQII Cooling Question.
ATI has discontinued the X800 XT PE?
X600 256ddr
Suggestions Please!!
Installing a switch for my cathodes caused X800 Pro Death!
cant DECIDE 9600xt or 9800pro
Is this a 9800 pro?
Whats best to overclock my XT PE?
check your shim even on new 9800's
Got a new PC, has a 9800 Pro 128mb... OC friendly?
9800 Pro Volt Mod, OC, Bios Flash - Results
worth upgrading a 9600 pro just now
9800pro256mb vs 6800128mb
Best Cat's for x800pro
Missing Textures?
[DECISION] SHould i buy it? x800 for $380.....
9800se softmodded cooler?
Do I Need a Floppy?
Can you buy X800 XT PCI-E yet?
ATi Radeon 9800 Pro question
Just installed my x800pro and look at this....
some graphics glitches with my X800 Pro
My $260 paper weight
9800pro256mb/ 9800 xt questions
artifacts in 3d mode help
AIWs >>>> ATI 9600 or ATI 9600XT
Temp Sensor?
Sapphire 9800 "Atlantis" Pro
Power cables for an ATI 9800 Pro
Best heatsink (and ramsinks) for x800 xt?
x800pro VIVO looooow OC???
ATI 9800 Pro - Problem with IC7-G and X8 AGP
ocing a 9600xt.
Which Radeon All-in-Wonder???
9800 pro with Abit AC7-G won't go x8 AGP?
My current ATI Radeon 9800 XT OC, is this ok
9800 pro power cable burning?
Should I return my MSI 9800 pro?
Video Problems
Bios flash for video card, HELP
what's a good 9600np o/c?
Whats the highest GPU core voltage for x800?
Will VGA Silencer rev 3 fit?
Default memory core value for a saphire 9800 pro 128mb 256bit?
Question answer needed fast X800 down to a 9800XT or 9800 Pro?
Radeon 9800 Pro Saphire
ati tool
Is this a decent gaming Card?
9800 non pro
Video Card back from RMA, will it happen again?
Results with Catalyst 4.9 beta?
mobility tv-out
Typical O/C for a 9600Pro?
Overclocking Videocard Software
Upgrade advice
9800se and 1.22v in AGP
Replacing 9800pro stock FAN (not Heatsink)
Old Videocard
I <3 MSI 9800P
cant enable smartgart
x800xt problem...does it matter?
ain't what she used to be
Radeon mod to SMBus
Anyone knows how to......
[HELP] Radeon 9200 - overclocking :)
6800nu vs 9800pro flashed to xt
Underpowered Vid Card
Powercolor 9800SE Opinions please?
Radeon 9700 Pro overheat issue
x800pro temp............
For all the nonBBA 9200se owners
vga silencer on 256mb 9800 pro
CHEAP 9800pro
Fried card? Need help.
HI FOLKS! Ati 9600pro and doom 3
Odd Anomaly relating to the 9800Pro flash.
how hot are 9800pros supposed to run
Is this true?
Help OC Sapphire 9800 pro
what 9800 pro has best chance of a R360 core?
Driver installation issues..
3dmark01 crashed with 9700 pro
Where's my bios (9800 flash)
9800 pro wont do stock speeds
Where are the x800 xt?
How to identify XT pcb???
4.9beta fixed CoD R300 bug
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer PROBLEMS 9800pro/asus a7n8x-e deluxe
Smartgart not enabling AGP
Green Display with 9700 Pro?
Want the latest Catalysts on your Mobility ? Read this!
9800 Pro O/C Question
Having Technical Difficulties w/ 9700 Pro
X800 VIVO what brand
Medic! (9800 pro)
Will ATi's "Doom 3 Hotfix" Get Any Better?
Good price to sell a 9600xt for?
Just installed Doom 3...
I found a Sapphire... QUICK REPLY NEEDED!
X800 XT heatsink
ATI Radeon 9700np to 9700pro
wow, i love it:)
9800 pro-any real differences???
Radeon 9600xt... Problem..
9800pro OEM hsf on a 9600XT saphire?
Most ideal Catalyst for 9000pro?
Got my 9800se today and it softmodded
power color 9800se help
MSI 9800 PRO o/ced
x800 pro or xp?
Silencer rev 3
Quick question 9500 NP
[ARGH] Dead x800PRO - who's fault!!!
HELP!!! X800P insists it has no power
upgrade from 9600XT to 9800 Pro(R360) worth it?
9800P catalyst or OMEGA
9700pro broken piece issue!
stock 9800pro artifacts - help
I'm looking for the stock heatsink/fan that comes with the 9800xt...
how much can I overclock this card?
I found the solution to an X800's poor OpenGL performance in Doom3
Doom 3....
x800pro to xt
Catalyst 4.9 BETA FOR DOOM3 offical download
Getting all sorts of artifacts! Help please!
Temps high even with silencer
X800 Temperature Monitor?
9800 pro heat problem?
Best bios for sapphire x8pro vivo @16pipes
Problem with Radeon 9600
Issues with drivers more recent than 3.7.
And let's play "Name that driver!"
ATI TV problems
Doom 3...9800 pro
Flash recover, faild video bios flash, anyone got skills to help?
DOOM3 guys... Is it worth an upgrade??
X800pro Flash recover, need help!
Got my X800 today,
Problem with most games and shadows.
Ok I'm confused about PE
X800 XT PE PCI Express
Unheard of Sapphire 9800p resolution problem
Changing over from a GeForce 4 onboard to 9800 pro 128 mb
Whats VPU Recover?
New Power Color 9800se...lol
Just installed my X800XT PE!!!
X800XT in stock for $499 from a good place.
X600 or 9800 Pro
General ATI drivers
ATI 9800P 128 or 256?
OverClocking My 9800 Pro
My 9800Pro to XT Softmod Results
Should I trustr this ???? its such a good deal.
How to identify ram chips on 9700?
Msi 9800 Pro 128mb
9800 Pro 128MB (R350 + Hynix)...How high are YOU??
What should i be looking to spend on an Radeon 9800xt
X800XT's... where are they?
Installing Video Drivers MSI 9800 Pro Help
I need an updated driver for 9800 pro
Is 5013 in 3dMark03 good score for a 9700pro with AMD XP 3200+
For Those Hoping to Buy an X800 card
Overclocking a 9600XT
Problem flashing 9700 back to origional bios
question about atitool temps and moded 9800xt?
Broken Radeon 9800 Pro?
Can i do this with a ATI TV Wonder VE?
128 9800 pro modded to xt temps
Water + vid card = bad... Please help.
Driver cleaning
HDTV Gaming!
My First ATI
overclock vs flashing the overclocking
PowerColor 9800SE help!!! Stripes. !!!!HELP!!!
9800pro r350 sore vs r350 flash to xt bios
[HELP] ATITool and Cats 4.8 beta...
9800SE Softmodding
Requesting Cat 4.8 feedback
Losing Video Card Signal
9800 pro bad???
got my new ATI silencer
When are the X800 PCI Express versions coming
good card or just run of the mill?
Is my screen supposed to flicker?
Giga-Byte Radeon9200
Saphire(R360) 9800pro > 9800XT
Soft Modding a 9700 pro?
9800se vs. 9600xt
Computer down...HELP
cant find overdrive in my X800 pro
Oc'ing my 9800 pro
My radeon 9800
When is the ATI HDTV TV Tuner coming out????
Switching Mobility Cards
how to flash a 9600pro???
game skipping with 9600xt
new Celestica x800 pro gold edition, and mods work on this card?and some other questi
x800Pro Clock Speeds Off in Benches?
X800XT in stock-$430 at newegg, in the refurbs. BE Quick
Artifacts in movies
help overclocking 9800 pro 128 mb
Any ideas on how to get this 9800 to work right?
9800 np problems
9800 pro/xt 2d choppiness question
AC VGA Silencer + 9800Pro Assembly
Lucky for me!!!!
Quick X800 question
VGA silencer REV 3 help
Large difference in FPS?
unable to flash 9800pro to xt
Will a VGA Silencer fit an X800 Pro VIVO?
well i'm giving ati tool a spin, need help
Please Help with ATI Drivers
identifying a 9800 pro
ATI 9800 Pro 128mb Question
lots of problems, help!
Where to purchase VIVO (moddable) X800 Pros?
Gaming on a laptop becomes more viable... Mobility Radeon 9800
X800 AquMark scores only
ahh, feels good to be back under ATI Power
Dual heatpipe Zalman vga cooler installed (big pics)
Stretching on a Widescreen monitor when playing non-widescreen supported games
farcry/painkiller jaggies
Cat 4.8 betas out
Temp Monitor on X800 Pros
X600XT at newegg!!
Might buy 9800 Pro (by ATi) .. Help?
Must Be Hard To Figure Out
ATI 9800 Mobile
Benches - Need Insight!
Sapphire 9800p vga-sRev2?
GTA3 Random Slow Downs?
XT Flash < Original Pro
VGA Silencer Question
HIS X800XT ICEQ II - Qty 90 Waiting List!!
Should I upgrade to a 9800 Pro MSI?
ATI vs. Sapphire x800 pro
Can they tell if a card was OCed?
Will the x800xt work well in my rig?
What is the latencey of my ram?
9800 Pro Shim + Vga silencer...?
X800 XT + X800 pro 3dmark03 scores
MSI 9800Pro
256mb 9800 Pro to 256mb 9800XT - what are your temps ?
ATI drivers w/ new control panel
SAPPHIRE ATI RADEON 9800SE !!!!! Is this good?
$300 ATI card?
Could this problem be casued by my video card??? *CS*
flashing 9800pro
3dmark03 score 4896 any good?
[HELP] ATI Bios editor that can use *.bin files?
What is VIVO?
Dell is Selling x800XT PCI-Express Cards
ZM80A-HP & 9700 Pro
9800pro - 128 or 256bits?
low 3dmark on 9600 pro
Saphire x800pro instock
X800pro (XT PE mod) Problems!
9800xt new bios
AS5 quick question...
MSI 9800 pro to XT bios.
Max safe voltage for a 9800XT?
Sapphire Ati Radeon 9800pro?????
Radeon 9800 pro making high pitched noise, not fan.
Remote Wonder not Working
Extreme 9600 power mod
Extreme 9600 Power mod!
Gimme Sound Dammit!!
Need some opinions!!!!
Slight problem with my 9800 pro
fast writes
on board sound breaking up
problem with drivers + contol panel
R360 Core on 9800P?
just got 9800 pro, pc freezes or crashes
What is OpenGL?
Radeon 9500Pro too hot?
PCI-E x800s with dual-dvi
9500 Pro o/c'd @ 360/300 w/ stock cooling... worth it to buy VGA cooler and ramsinks?
Radeon 9700 pro, will doom handle it?
Any Successful BBA X800pro mods???
How do you make a x800 pro to a x800xt ?
weird terms
Why your x800 pipe mod may have NO chance of working
farcry black and blue pixelations around characters with my 9800xt, any suggestions?
x800xt - is it worth it?
X800 PRO VIVO/ Help me find 1?
New 9800 pro slow downs
core/mem with 9800pro flashed to XT
Help with Memory Identification
9700 pro problem
9800 Pro mem identification
help with 9800 pro and psu
TV out help
flashing 9800 cant read bios?????
Safe temps for X800?
9800pro to XT question
Ramsink/VGA silencer install for 9800pro
9800 bios
Best Choice of these cards...
Bios switch?
HL 2 voucher
ATI drivers
how 2 tell what Gram chip i have for my 9800 pro
x800 XT problem...
Installation Problems
ATi X800 Pro Shipment
Sapphire 9800pro on XT PCB
Yet another "Is my system good enough" post
9800SE HSF pin broken ...
speed of older cards
Torched my 9500np somehow, need a replacement tommorrow :(
Overclocking 9600 Pro
Circuitry Problems on a 9800pro?
Check this out!! 56k warning!
VIVO question
New 9800Pro=Burned :(
Help, my monitor flashes
To Pro, or not to Pro...that, is the question.
Sapphire 9800pro R360
Is this R360 core for my 9800PRO?
9800XT typical temps
Question about ATI AIW Radeon 9800 Pro
How Many XT's
Decisons Decisions
Artifact or texture problem present in certain situations only.
ATI RADEON 9600XT from 9200se good?
A note on 9800 pro - XT soft modding.
x800pro Coolers?
My "ATI Radeon 9800"
Why wont my 9800P softmod to XT?
First system mod picture
CAT4.7 screwed my system
In search of ...
Ok what the hell is good about PE?
infinite loop HIS 9800pro iceq
Best makers of the x800s?
Need advice about BIOS
Which is better
VGA Silencer question
Need convincing
Where are the PCIe X800s!?
X800 Xt
lowest price for a 256bit, 256MB 9800 Pro?
Default 9800Pro speeds??
Ati 9600se
HIS iceq 9800pro r350/60?
Ati ( original ) Radeon 9600 problem
X800 VIVO non-modable ?
HSF vs. VGA silencer
radeon 9800 se question
atiTool reliable?
TV Cards - someone please explain...
I would like a 360 9800Pro w/ 128MB
Random crashing of games....
9800pro wont stay OCed
9800 pro ramsinks?
best 9800 pro to softmod ??
Really nice bestbuy deal
New Benchmarks