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HSF vs. VGA silencer
radeon 9800 se question
atiTool reliable?
TV Cards - someone please explain...
I would like a 360 9800Pro w/ 128MB
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best 9800 pro to softmod ??
Really nice bestbuy deal
New Benchmarks
over Range - LCD monitor
OMG HELP! 9600XT=dead?
Stock Sapphire 9800 Pro is getting Windows artifacts...help.
Post you highest R350 core oveclock...
12k 3dmark03???
X800 pro VIVO = 100% XT mod?
x800 vivo to xt-pe unstable
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Benefits of 9600 over 9200?
how to identify R360 in 9800 pro
3916 3dMark03 score with a 9600XT...is that bad?
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9800 pro stock cooler
question about half life 2 voucher..
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Are the PCI express cards out yet
new x800 flash bios problem
X800 PRO pipemod
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Gaming card newbie
How many volts on the onboard fan connector?
overclocking powercolor ati radeon 9550
radeon mobile igp 320m driver help
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9800pro flashed temps
X800 Gt
Giant III Install Question
Does SAPPHIRE X800 PRO have Overdrive function?
9800XT - how low can you go?
which card should I buy? budget 250$
x600 xt
R350 bad?
gateway has x8oo vivo!
deal at compusa ?
X800xt, I Saw It Instock!
2 Monitors
What is your benchmarks with...
VPU RECOVER keeps coming on, and i cant stop crashing in call of duty
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer question
help me now. i have problems
9800xt & new 9800pro volt mod guide
MSI RX-9800 - a poor overclocker!
Will putting on Ramsinks on my 9600XT void Warrenty
HIS Excalibur X800XT or GeXcube X800XT?
Good Ati manufacturer?
Ram Sinks
Best Ati Drivers for Sapphire 9800Pro?
256 vs 128
Hynix Ram codes 9800 pro
ATI 9800 temp monitoring?
Best 9800 Pro ???
9800PRO Oem/Retail
omg new vga silencers soon!
Your Experiences with ATI RMA services.
Where can I find rated temps?
Help! My windows xp says my radeon 9800 pro is a 9600 xt
Power requirements of the X800 XT?
Somethings wierd with my 9800p
Why did my ATi Control Pannel dissapear?
Apparitions appear after long gaming sessions
worth getting ram sinks ?
BBA 8500 128 DDR card- best driver 4 HTPC
X800 XT-PE video-in??
TV Quality
Radeon 9200 drivers
Advice on Video Card
safe temps for overclocking?
makeing a flash cd for 9800pro to XT flash
anywhere to buy a X800XT now?
English release of x800xt
How to: Softmod your x800PRO into an x800XT-PE.
Blue screen/crash during gameplay
Why wont this Pro>XT flash work?!
3DMark03 Problems on 9800Pro>XT Bios
amd hsf + 9800pro@xt results
do u trust ATI Tool for overclocking?
What quiet cooling options will fit the oversized pcb of a ti4400?
Will the Arctic VGA Silencer REV.2 fit with Radeon 9600 PRO ?
Best Radeon for $100?
Water Block Worth it?
Omega 4.7 drivers out yet?
Just a little luck 9800pro
Radeon 9800 Pro
Will I make the cut?
Hynix vs samsung on 9800Pro
Omega Drivers
MSI RX9800 Pro on newegg
9800XT 256MB owners. your memory?
X800 XT Release
9200 Powercolor
9800se or 9700 pro?
Why are 9800XTs still so damn expensive?
x800xt cooling
2D shearing in windows on radeon 9800pro
Which 9800 Pro/non pro to get??
Omg!! Hs Fell Off!!
Help me!! component come off from my 9800 pro
Radeon 9000 (non pro) overclock
9600PRO Overclock, what do u think?
Cooling for 9800XT
IC7/9800 pro video woes
Help, my 9500np doesnt work anymore (PICS)
Radeon 9800
110nm x800s
Dual Monitors
x800pro to xt-pe? I think iv got lucky....
abused 9000PRO doesnt like my bios
get this vid card?
Having problems with my 9600SE.
What Card?
9800 SE or 9600XT
visiontek 9800 pro or 6800GT?
connect3d 9800 pro-xt 128 hynix bios?
local retailers
Is anyone using a zalman gpu cooler on there 9800xt?
9800 AIW question, concerning the TV tuner
Need a Radeon 9800 Pro
X800 Pro mod to 16 pipe question
new CAT4.7drivers out
Sucessful 9800P -> XT softmod i think?
card to replace mx440 and 7500
9700pro vs 9800se
9600 pro
MEOW, the new cats are out (4.7)
When in goodness sake is the X800Xt PE comming out???????
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer...will it fit?
International retailers
Which bios for MSI 9800Pro to XT
9800xt Bios Help!
hmm this hynix ram??
9800 pro shot to hell~
Softmodding my 9800pro
Bad 3DMARK2001 Scores?!?!
9800Pro killing my monitors?
rive tuner 49deg, overdrive 69deg??!
Help with Gigabyte X800 Pro vivo
BGA RAM Sinks + Silencer Good ?!?
9200SE OC, Hah!
Something to be afraid of?
Beyond3D's R423 (p)review
New ATI user(need some tips on CAT tweaks)
Anyone with 9800PRO water cooled....post here
9800pro Softmod-Help Needed
x800pro vs x800xt
Help me overclock my 9600xt!
Could i have burned out my VPU?
Maximum vgpu on the X800 PRO?
Volt mod=5mhz gain?
hacked 4.7 cats beta
Question on 9800 pro
far cry/halo won't play on x800pro
ATI 9800 pro on intel D875pBZ mobo
quick driver question 4.5 or 4.6?
Temp monitoring available for 9600Pro?
Attention! Please read and post if you've experienced this!
Svideo Quality
Purchasing an X800PRO. Where??
Best to NOT buy X800
Ati Choice Help needed please !
X800 PRO Pencil volt mod..
x800 pipemod?
R9800 getting replaced.Any chance of getting R360?
Driver for Longhorn 4074?
Info on AIW9200
Will x800xt be last of AGP cards?
Problems with ATI driver
More card probs :(
applying as5 to 9800xt(pro)
Hynix or Samsung
Are my clock speeds normal r350 9800Pro??
Anyone with a XaserIII 2000a, and any HIS IceQII? I'm wondering if they fit no prob.
How many X800xt's
What are your HIGHEST clock speeds for 9800
softmodded 9500 need new cooler
Connect3D 9800Pro to Xt, where is the BIOS?
Cat 4.7
Asus X800
X800 pro VS XT
My 9700pro's drivers screwing up?
pro = xt, 70 degrees idle?!!!!!!?!?!
My video card went poowee!
Modding factory AMD heatsink to fit ATI 9600Pro??
i cant flash, please help
New Omegas 2.5.51
Here's how i found out 360 through bios
VGA Silencer - really an improvement?
I need a new graphics card ...
best software for o/c ?
9800pro - xt worth it? r350 hynix
vga silencer
Switching to ATI
Sapphire 9800 Pro
r350 vs. r360
Vcore, Vdd, Vddq modded X800XT-PE....air cooled!!
very good result from 9800 pro to XT flash
HIS X800 pro in Canada?
Difference between X800 and X800 XT and Pro
ATTN: people with Arctic cooling VGA Silencer
My 9800pro is running insanely hot..
mods for 9600xt?
Artifacting 9800pro
Having a 360 core may not be all that great
4.7Betas stable for you?
Something is seriously wrong with my X800 PRO..
cant OC over 406/340 (9800 pro)
Omega drivers?
can somebody explain these scores ?
X800 price
4.7 Betas?!?!??!?!??!
Please Help! Horrible Artifacts!
artifacts on 9800 pro!!!
RAM sinks
My Ati X800 Xt/pe Getting Modded:
X800 Pro oc problems with Atitool..
heard anything from CDW recently? on X800XT
I wasn't going to do it but I just couldn't help myself.
9800SE acting all weird....
Farcry PS3.0 test from nVidia
Run 2 cards, Ati agp with Nvidia PCI?
Weird x800 pro gaming problem - dropping frames / packets(?)
which driver to use???
Current best bang for buck? (AGP only)
Vantec Iceberg4 for 9800np cooling?
Help w/OC...
X800 xt is amazing
Easiest Way To Improve FPS
New 4.7?
BBA and Sapphire 9800 pro
What causes the corruption, the carrd or the board?
Flashed my 9800Pro to XT...results less than I expected..but why? here they are...
Asus or BBA? X800 pro (want to pipemod)
9800pro died from wrong svga cable?
Normal temps for a 9800 pro??
3dmark01SE/03 results
7500 > 8500
Optimizing a 9800 pro for 3dMark01/03
greetings from fat camp
Anyone With A Fic 9800 Pro Out There?
R 9700 OC - best memory timings?
How do i remove the heatsink from my ATI 9800 pro???
Need help quick 128bit or 256bit!!
X800 Xt Is it the PE or is the PE different
9800, 9800 pro, 9800 xt
how do you overclock an ATI 9800pro.
Just volt modded my 9800 pro
9800Pro arrived Tuesday, anything else?
Massive problem - Video Card Power Problem!!
x800pro Vgpu pencil mod. Question for you guys
8500le 128 to 9800 pro 256, worth it?
What drivers do you use?
Can't get 9800np to 9800pro speeds!
*confused* My overclocked 9800 pro gets a lower score than stock?
Club3d x800pro really a x800xt ?
9800XT to X800Pro. Where's the Overdrive tab????
Removing the heatsink of my brand new 9800 Pro lead me do dissapointment. :(
At what price should I buy?
A card for $120
drivers wont install for x800 pro
Almost XT worthy 9800Pro...
9600Pro 3DMark 03 score 2800+ too low on 2.45Ghz AMD?
9800 Pro's (r360)
ATI finencial plan?
X 600 XT released...
Pipelines in a mobility 9700
HIS EXCALIBUR 9800PRO 128mb ICEQ (r360????)
Vantec Iceberq4 vs Stock Sapphire 9800 Pro HS
URGENT: artifacts everywhere..strange lockups.
That Darn Shim*
9800Pro and yellow bars onscreen
OpenGL Problem
Editing CAS latencies in the BIOS of 9600XT
Please Help !! (super Nintendo?!?)
Strange problem with my X800XT
Cooling the 9800 PRO
This makes no sense!
Worth it to get 9800SE and soft mod it?
9700 vs the 9800: Price vs performance?
How to identify R360
HIS Card
Would XT volt mods work on my 9800Pro?
Flashing Bios on 9800 PRO
Arctic Cooler has a 2 pin fan plug?
Need help, ATI fans!
A look at what the R500 might bring?
Need a bit of advise on using Omega Drivers
9800 series core revisions?
X800 Pro - Is Zalman HS Worth It?
9800 Pro, Sapphire or BBA?
Whats the diff. between the X800 XT and the X800 XT PE??
Any difference between 9800Pro and 9800XT other than clock speeds?
My Radeon 9500 just died! HELP
Help with a Radeon 9200 problem.
Are there 128 bit 9700 Pros ?
far cry demo on the forums
X800 XT for less than $460?
R350 or R360?
What heatsinks for a 9500Pro
major problemo with drivers
R9800Pro dead. Which of the following killed it: ?
X800 $358.70
9500Pro, Inf 3.3's & Artic Silencer what kind of OC #'s?
What Happend to the new Gui ??
Cooling X800pro
am i just a overpanicked nut?
9800Pro 256MB--->XT Question
which 9800 to buy....
Does Anyone Know of a BIOS Editor, that works with the X800 cards??
CRT or LCD for high end card
Should I have a higher benchmark score or am just optimistic?
Question On ATI cards
Normal temps for 9800 pro?
DIff in Platnium and XT..X800>?
Best ATI card Manufactuer
which voltage to give to the ati 9800xt?
Best way to cool 9800Pro? Cheap
A tale of horror and fear with an apparent happy ending...
FireGL 8800 or Monitor Prob
Is my card dieing?
What rams are Hercules 9800pro using ?
Ati Tool causes crash
Dell R9700 TX Problems
ati won't work when memory is on system cache?
9600 se oc 499 core and 203 mem!
How to get far cry to work on ATi???
testing max overclock speed
ati tool
overclocking 9800 with omega
omega drivers problem?
Any way to save this 9700 Pro?
Warning: ATI 4.6 + help me.
9800pro & hynix
Is my PSU limiting my OC?
X800 Pro--Major Problems in Far Cry
Difference between the two Newegg 9600PRO Sapphire cards?? & Samsung 273/310 memory?
Sapphire is offering to upgrade the 128 bit 9800 pros
Gecube X800Pro journey to 13k!
X800 in stock here if you hurry!
What BRAND X800Pros hardmod to X800XT?
HIS 9800pro an XT?
Omega Drives :d
9700 pro v. 9600 xt
FireGL X2-256t or X800?
Check out these numbers!
What is the ideal 9800 Pro?
VGA Silencer
Buying A Ati 9800 Pro
Help! 9800Pro 256MB
X800 Pro :)
9800 xt cooler
TURNING COMP on and off
9600 se mem oc
New website for Omega Drivers...
Gateway reinstated orders
Third time lucky Radeon 9800pro vga silencer 3.0 overclock HELP???
Omega 4.6's RELEASED!
AGP Issues w/9800pro
9800Pro + Not Overclocked = Checkerboards
Anyone tried a VGA Silencer on an X800XT?
my 9700 is BURNING
VPU Recovery is ruininng my gaming!
9800 pros on 9800xt pcb's, and x300's
How do I install?
If you own a Radeon X300-X800 POST HERE!
MOD X800 Pro ==>> to X800 XT
smart gart 9800 pro
BBA X800-XT (BB preorder) just in!
CDW X800XT orders pushed back 9 days
Can i have some more advice on flashing
overclocking 9800 pro
2 sec blank screen at window screen
Another Driver Post
conductive paint?
9800pro speed wats best mem/core?
9600XT Temps question
Which is better
ATI x800PRO / XT / PE in PCI-Express released...
Worth water cooling my 9800 Pro
Holy Long wait!
Help with Radeon 9200 comp. Restart issue.
on this page
Overclocking sux even w/ mod
Wahoo! 9800Pro 256MB for $223
Radeon 9000 Pro 128Mb
Can u flahs a 9700pro to a 9800pro ?
Overclocking 9800np/Post your max overclock...
is there any difference between a visiontek x800 pro and an ati x800 pro?
installing/uninstalling new old card
Please help (Out of Range)?
9700 Pro O/C??
power supply
9800 Pro - XT Flash
-UPDATE, Sapphire Apologizes- http://www.boycottsapphire.com/
Single slot cooler for 9800 Pro
dead 9800pro?!
get an x800 pro now, or wait for the x800 xt?
Release of X800xt
Help buying a 9800 pro
WHY DID omega drivers do this? (picture) Please help.
utilizing temp sensor in x800
X800 RTHDRIBL Shots?
3DMark2001SE exits to desktop?
Radeon 9700 Pro overclocks to ????
Vmodded x800pro 3dmark03 score
Atten: x800pro owners -turn off fastwrites
mobility 9000 OC question
Flashed but flashing back...
Heatsink Removal
The end of AGP??
9800 dead?
Best driver for ATi 8500?!
9700 overclock
9600xt 128mb vs 8500 64mb (nonLE)
9700pro running hot
emergency help
Should I expect better?
How are you ocing your x800?
256mb 9800 Pro Ramsinks
Broke 12,500 in 3dmark 2k3
Upgraded from GeForce5200FX to Radeon 9800Pro
Which 9800 pro?
ATI AIW 9000 with busted hsf can it run passively?
9800pro to 9800xt help
just got a radeon 9800 pro great deal!
X800xt Pe + H2o?
asus ati 9600se
Going from a 8500 to a 9600np
9600: 256mb pro or 128mb xt?
most annoying driver issues ever. please assist....
Sapphire 9800Pro problems still...
9800 PRO stock to Gigacube
New 9700 pro...no boot.
Sapphire 9800 Pro 128-bit Questions
9700 pro refurb worth it?
Pc refuses to boot w/ 9800 pro
Will I see amazing increase??
Time to o/c my radeon 9800 Pro
7500 what to do
Quick, I need a BIOS for etrontech ram!
Anyone succesfully flashed R350 Pro to XT???
New Video Card
Is my card too hot?
Help with choice and diferences needed please.
Please post x800 pro satisfaction @ OC speeds
Pci-e Xt Pe
Y Does My Screen Shake!!!???
Difference between X800 XT and X800 XT PE?
This is so frustrating! VGA Silencer on 9800 Pro
ATI overclocking
My new 9800pro! (strange switches...)
ATi or Sapphire ATi?
How do you know if cooler is installed ok?
Cooling question on 9800 pro
3DMark03 scores...any good?
459.51$ x800 xt (cdw.com)
Suggestion on a video card for about $130
9600xt/nf7-s 2.0 agp problems?
bought a 9800Pro, now i have a few Q's =)
X800 Pro Hardware Mod!!
x800pro and fastwrite
Overclocking 9800 to 9800pro, having trouble.
ATI Mobil
Sapphire or Powercolor? Which is better?
Very Nice!!!!(4.6 Cat)
what AGP speeds will your card run at?
Where might I find a stock 9700 aiw hs and fan?
9600 XT 256mb VS 9700 pro 128mb
cooling mods for 9600XT
Hi guys Newb Here
9700 Pro Owners!!! What is the best Catalyst Driver for our card?
Modded VGA Silencer w/ x800pro
X800 Optimizations
Tired of the runaround
Woah! Cat 4.6 rocks my world!
Has anybody benchmarked a moddex x800 pro Vs x800xt?
Cat 4.6 gives my X800-Pro over a 1,000 extra 03 onions
how can i mod a *****9600se**** gasp!
good 9800 pro?
Is an AGP/PCI-E compatible X800 possible?
x800xt out today