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HELP with an AIW Drivers
How are my 3DMark scores?
How to test 100% video stability when o/cing?
Uninstlaling drivers
Tell me what you would do
Volt mod: Sapphire 9800-NP 128mb
Dunno what to make of this
Installed my new 9600
Decision time HELP!
9500np overclock
Sapphire or Club3D for 9800 Pro
Is Ati going to put a 512 mb x8oo xt out?
Ram-sinks for OC'ing?
anything you can do about a chipped core?
pencil mod for 9800 pro?
which 9800pro...
Problems with Video (ATI)
flashed my 9800pro to XT, high overclocks now WHY?!?!
clock an asus ATI Radeon 9600XT 128DDR
Am gonna get a 9800 XT.......but..........WHICH ONE ?????
X800 vga silencer rev.4
How Much Longer?
Considering migrating to ATi, need card suggestions
REview on ati and nvidia 6800u, 6800gt?
Screen is 60Hz on startup on R350. What's wrong?
Cool ATI wallpapers and Screensavers?
Video Card Brand
9800xt vs. x800 pro
i need a vid card suggestion
Looking to upgrade.
Direct 3D Problem
Catalyst or omega??
Old radeon about to die
ati 9600SE
x800 or xt pre order
No more winme Catalyst drivers??
Have you added watercooling to your 9800xt? How did you go about it?
Where to get X800Pro?
9600pro question
Dodgy asus x800xt??
vga silencer with 9800xt?
Radeon 9600 not functioning properly
Low Aquamark score...?
AF - what does it do?
Sapphire or ATI x800 pro?
Catalyst 4.5 Drivers
R9800np, NF7-S r2, AGP issues
I've almost given up my oc days
Is an AMD 2000+ HSF a good choice?
9800Pro Core Speeds ~ Diff Cooling Schemes
AIW 9700pro
Best GPU/memory cooling for BBA 9800 pro
X800 XT PE on ASUS website.
Best Drivers for Sapphire Radeon 9200 SE?
9800 Pro w/ XT BIOS - Any Results?
Should I upgrade?
worth upgrading from 9800pro to x800 series?
Uh-oh. Black screen with 9800np. I think she's dead.
does increasing AGP voltage increase the voltage to GPU?
Need Help - Decoding Hynix Ram Chips
I busted a chip off my 9800 pro
9800 Pro Problem
ATI PCI- Express Release date
X800 XT availability?
X800 overclocking
problem with my 9800pro?
Just ordered my x800
Third display
Get Your X800Pro-XT Bios's Here
ati doesnt span?
Card for my SFF system
Asus 9600XT problems
9600XT Artifacting
Radeon AIW 9000 64 ddr question
pencil volt mod for 9700 pro?
9800Pro with hynix mem?
How do you switch monitors on dual screen?
Xbox -> ? -> S-Video -> Ati9800?
Tell me she's not dead (9700 Pro)
9800pro and halo
Does any one use Rage OCing Program?
Pencil power again....volt mod your X800-Pro with a pencil!!
Attention to X800 pro & Far Cry users....
Anyone else having problems with X800 pro & FarCry?
sudden death of 9800p
wc'in a x800xt
Temperature monitor for a 9800xt
New NVIDIA to ATI Owner
x800 PRo benches
Anyone have a 9600 Pro with a VGA Silencer Rev. 3?
9700 Pro vs. 9600 XT or 9800 SE
X800XT available already...in the UK?
How do you flash the bios? 9800xt
Ati noob- Best OC tool?
Blue Screen Of Death and something about ati???.dll
I have just lost all faith in ATI
Anyone removed the HSF from an X800pro yet?
is this right?
thoughts on 9800xt??
9700 Pro AIW problems
Cooling the Voltage Regulator thingy
stress test
THIS CARD will NOT overclock!!!!
9800 pro
9800 Pro and Power Supply
Performance gain from upgrade??
my video card is messing up
New version Catalsyt 4.5 question
9600XT mem speed
Video Card Woes
What brand on 9600pro?
9800 pro to 9800xt
9800XT sapphire, better cooling?
Is my 9800 Pro overheating?
How good is a Radeon 9200?
Got a new Sapphire 9800 Pro
Need Some Help
x800pro to x800xt mod inside
clock and memory speeds of ati cards?
Radeon7000 problems
I have been cheated?
ATI or nVidia old but Goldie Question!
ATI Rulez!!!!
video card temperature
9800 Pro - need help!!!
Power Colour / Saphire
where do I buy x800xt?
fix the connector? if not.. buy new card now or later?
Omg 9700pro Is It Hurt?
9800pro watercooled, Low core high mem?
type of ram w/o seeing ram?
9800 pro gimpy?
Successful Flash Asus 9800Pro256MB TO 9800XT Smart Doctor no longer Installs
Radeon 9500 Pro -Card gone bad?
How do I get Video Out to WORK?
Questions about flashing the 9800 pro to the 9800XT
X800xt+Vga silencer
R360 on a 9800 Pro: What's different?
Should I buy this Hercules 9800pro
how much will i loose having agp 4x
X800 pro comes with "HDTV out cable" what is it?
OMG! my voltages are 2.6v gpu and 3.7v ddr craaap!
9800 se not a softmod thread
Sapphire "Retail" X800 Pro just came in!
Is this any good?
Cat4.5 is out, get it while its hot!!
HELP me reassemble my Radeon9800Pro
200 drop on a x800pro
Highest overclocks on ati 9800pro 128mb
9800 Pro
9700 PRO will NOT overclock at all.....
Help me! I can't capture TV
How hot is to hot
saphire or regular 9600xt?
Direct3d Problem
Why isnt the M11 (mobile 9700) gonna be availible i the US?
Pre orders for x800xt
ATi Demos
9800 Pro memory
what can i play on this monster gpu?
does this sound like bad vram?
9500np Core lightly scratched = Fried?
Abit nf7-s and Ati Radeon 9800pro
Help me find the dawn wrapper.
OK someone answer my question!
Sapphire x800pro "was" on Newegg.com
video memory, the point of diminishing returns
ATI Catalyst and Omega Driver Review!
sapherine 9800 pro and volt mods
:) very nice! and ramsinks question
ATI overclocking utility in Linux?
agp 8x
X800 Pro VS 9800XT
Is this good for an ATI 9000 Pro
X800 Pro for $350 + tax shipped TODAY
x800 for $.90 thats ninety cents!
9500 np fan and heatsink
x800 Demo runs ons 9700-9800 cards & even Nvidia cards!
508/398 W/O Volt Mods
radeon8500 freezing weird...
Finally got my 9800 Pro
What X800 will be the best?
Screensaver on Second monitor?
Desperate need of help!!!
Radeon 9800 XT Dirt Cheap Now
Does *Anyone* Have Info on "Voltmoding via Pencil" For 9800PRO / NP
Best way to overclock a 9100???
the same picture on two monitors?
RMA Asus 9800XT?
mi new ati 9800 pro
x800 for only $42.99 !!!!
Post Your X800 Benchies Here
Using ATI tool as an accurate test?
First Deal on the ATI X800 Pro
Can't keep my new fan to stay on my 9100. HELP
9800 pro stock cooling
9600xt + ecs motherboard = headache
ATI R9700 Pro AIW-Need Help With The Video Out Cables.
Volt mod your 9800XT with a pencil!
Problem w/new 9600pro, please help!
Some nice X800pro OCing
BIOS Flash / RAM OC up by 25 MHz. Have a 9800 with Samsung 8E-GCxx RAM? Read this.
My Sapphire Radeon 9200
New ATI 9800 pro
Any chance of getting X800 Demos to run on the R300?
9800xt > X800 Pro
r360 core questions?
Any reason to upgrade my cats?
9800 Pro Clocks
9800 Pro problem
need ati card to replace R9500NP
Albuquerque what card was that?
ATi smashes 3Dmark scores
9800 "X" questions (comparing different models)
How come i cant break 325 mem clock??
9800 pro VOlt mod
Help... Can't figure it out...
How to add channels to Guide+?
Got my Gigabyte 9600XT
9800 Pro Help!!!
ATI Optimizing for Dummies (=ME!) Help needed.
9800 pro
Vmod on 9600 XT 256
How much luck moding PowerColor 9800SE to 9800pro?
Modding the 9700
Whats the deal with 2.0 & 2.1?
what is the Ati X800 ?
Ati Aiw
Omega drivers or Catalysts?
TVtool for ati cards?
Ok, well it's been a while since...
How to get my mem speed higher on Sapphire 9800 pro? (Samsung mem)
ATI device detection
Help choosing PCI video card...
9800pro 256mb or x800 in 3 weeks?
How do I overclock ASUS Radeon 9600XT?
9800 Pro not working right, 3dmark01 scores aer all screwy
9800 pro...what memory do I have?
looking for new geforce but geforce people are ignorant
x800 pricing
How to: Determine Memory Bandwidth
Sweet! New Catylist Control Panel coming!
Can you softmod a 9600SE to a 9800pro?
Which drivers for 8500 comparo?
03mark score drops
Mobility 9600 Driver
Determining Memory Bandwidth:
X800 and 9800XT from Ati
new 9800 Pro
display problems 9800 pro
Video problem help plz
Hard OCP shows the x800's kickin butt!
New Review On Ati X800 Xt !!!
Proper way of installing a ATI 9800 Pro on a nVidia N-Force2 Mobo?
I have question about RAM clock speed
Asus 9800xt
9800XT owners PLEASE LOOK..
X800 @ ATi.com
New Card
Is it worth getting a x800?
ATi Radeon X800 Series Reviews Thread.
8x on a 4xagp MB
Looking for a dead 9800 PRO!!
Power Modded a 9600 XT and *something* broke
good vram?
how do you tell if 9800pro is xt core?
How to: Softmod your X800
Confused about flashing the 9800 bios
What is the deal with samsung memory?
ATi softmods
What is Good OC'ing Technique?
Tt Extreme Giant 3 or Zalman ZM80C
video card help
Guidelines for a n00b switching to ATI from Nvidia
help volt mod went wrong.....
8500 Performance in UT2K4
Artic Cooling Silencer versions..
Can anyone help? I'm having freeze issues w/my AIW cards...
Quadro 750XGL making higher score then 9800pro!!
How to RMA a BBA 9800pro?
URGENT! need 9800NP bios
ATI n00b: What card for 150?
ATi x800pro specs
9700 pro with vga silencer ; o/cing
registering my card
ATI 9800pro brand to buy, help needed.
Softmodding a 9800 SE...
9800SE scores too low?
just got my BBA 9800 pro, what to look at.
R420 on a 0.11 process?
Can some one help me with this Avator??
ATI 2D Performance
VGA H/D sensor monitor
Ram Sinks for 9800XT?
Reboots as result of my HOT card?!
R360 core better than R350
taking off Stock HSF 9800P
9700 or 9600
9800 SE 256 bit only getting 50 fps in CS :(
9500 Pro issue
9600xt extreme
High Tech 9800 Pro 128Megs or wait?
Accidently flashed my Sapphire 9600 Pro with the Mobility BIOS (M10)
VGA Silencer on 9800Pro AIW
9500 pro cooling
help me pls, 9800XT problem.
Can only put ramsinks on 7/8 mem chips.
softmod one little squar?
Best air cooling for a 9800XT?
problem with 9800pro 128 and 256 cards
Replacing Radeon 9500 Pro Fan
ATI 9800pro and ATItool users?l
9800se how do i know if softmod worked
Do Not Buy Vantec Gpu Fans!!!
HS mountian hole distance on 9800 pro
AIW 9800 Pro problems
Hecules 9800 AIW Serious Error
best driver for a 9800pro
Radeon 9800SE cooling?
Radeon 9800 Dead?
so what exactly are the benefits to softmodding?
9500 Pro cooling question
ATI Catalyst Driver Benchmarks
Thinking of buying a 9600NP
9800 PRO good deal????
ASUS 9800 PRO 256MB Retail
Ok card for friend round 2
Funky text in bios?
Ati Club 9500 np help on OC and change BIOS
Ati rage 128
Whats up with my sapphire 9800!?!
Official X800 Series Thread
x800 ati or any new card
Funky graphics problem with my Radeon 9800
ATI video card
PowerColor 9600 Pro EZ 128bit?
The stupid stock heatsink fell off of my 9700 Pro
How good is my 3DMark03 score?
Help 9800 Pro power cable shorted out
ATI RADEON 9800 Pro 256MB from CRUCIAL
9800 pro thermal sensor placement?
RMA 9600pro, what to get?
okay now i am confused
9800 Oc
please review my 3dmark03
powercolor 9600pro 256 ooops!!1
Ati Decision ...
9800XT overclock recommendation..
flash possibilities?
ATI 8500 causing reboot!!
best video card for price
Omega (4.4) drivers
What is better Radclock, 3dRage, or radanator?
how to keep OC levels after each reboot?
Overclock resets after reboot
what do you use to apply heatsinks on memory
just got 9800 help please!!!
ATI All in Wonders
"Unofficial" R420 benchmarks!
What do you think the price of
Artifacts after a bad BIOS flash..
Is 135 degrees fahrenheit bad for an OCed 9800 Pro?
Cracked 9700 Pro Core, Exposed Copper
VGA silencer - Rev 3 Who is selling?
VPU/Radeon safe temps
HELP!! I Need advice for max 3DMARK03 scores
How do I take off the HS Powercolor9800se?
On the right track to fixing my 9800SE..
Saphire 256MB Version WHAT THE?????
9800se vs other cards
9700 pro for $100 or should I wait?
R9800pro custom black ramsinks installed...
Anyone had probs with the.....
New to ati vid cards...
Dead 9800 NP?
Artifact problems on a Vmoded Oced 9500 pro (L shaped)
9800 Pro 128MB VS 256MB What One Is Better For OverClocking
Stock 9800 Pro cooler on 9100?
My friend has a 9700TX from a Dell machine and cant hit 15k 01 3dmarks
n00b questions
Dual monitor question with 9800pro
ATI radeon 9800PRO question
He's Back! (Video Upgrade Question)
Overclocking 9800xt
Should i upgrade from a 9700pro to 9800xt ?
should i rma this 9800xt?
I need to ask a favor re: Sapphire 9800 Pro.
AIW 9800 pro sound
9600xt or 9800p
Sapphire 9800SE.....for Quiet System?
Monitor flash
agp 4x w/ radeon 9800pr and asus a7n8x deluxe WHY WTF !
Upping agp voltage
Radeon 9800SE to Radeon 9800np/Pro
9800 SE wierd stock speeds
Radeon 9800SE to Radeon 9800np/Pro Softmod
AIW Bios Flash???
HIS 9600PRO Dual-DVI?
help O\C 9800pro
NForce2 Vs Radeon 9600 Pro.
9800 xt
9800SE Stock: 380 core / 680 memory Enhanced Overclocked Mode: 400/700
Can someone help me out??
4.4 catalyst and 9700 pro issue.
R360 Core...?
Sapphire 9800 Pro
am i mad or is this lame ?
Use Driver CD when installing new video card?
I got a 350 core
Are 9800 pro cards always this hot?
9800xt swith on back
9600xt with overdrive problem
9800 pro overclocking
Ramsinks for 98SE! (beware ye of little bandwidth)
New card need help !?
9200se/td program
sapphire vs BBA ati
Catalyst 4.3 or 4.4? What should I do?
BBATI 9800 pro results
AIW 9800 pro to AIM 9800 XT
low fps whats holdin me back ?
ATI Raedon 9200 256mb - Crashing
My ATI Radeon 9800 Pro SUCKS!!!
Gah! Can't get above 60FPS!
Vid card for <200, 9700Pro?
Help with 9500pro
Tv on my new card
First time ATi buyer here and I have a few questions
ATI Cards Ranking?
ATI 9800 Pro AIW TV Plays only in Mono?
Can anyone give me a hand w/overclocking my ATI AIW 8500?
Good 9800se overclock?
ATI 9800 Pro AIW TV Plays only in Mono?
Which is a better deal?
well ive voltmodded my 9800xt and the results are
9700p crashes
Registry tweak
Just got my new BBA 9800PRO 256MB!!
well kidna choppy in cs
Anybody have Infineon 3.0ns ram on 9500np?
9800 Pro
ATI 9800P card bunk?
Graphics Memory Voltage Limits?
9800XT and FarCry
Radeon 9600Pro.
Using VGA to DVI adapter
Best 9800 pro driver for Far Cry performance
9800XT external voltage
9600Xt or 9800se?
ALL about monitors.
Is my 9600-NP an XT?
Just got my Radeon 9800 pro...
Who makes the most ideal XT's?
Anyone uses Arctic VGA Cooling on Hercules 9800pro ?
9800pro or Se
How does a 9800pro differs from the 9800se
What gives with ATi support ?
Dual DVI Outputs for DUAL LCDs...
VGA Silencer Rev 3 and XT?
Radeon 9800
9800XT temperatures?
Installed 4.4's but says 4.3's
How did the 9800NP/Pro to XT softmod work for you ?
i got a R350 will vgasilencer help?
Help! I need Drivers for server2k3!
9800 AIW vmod's and bios?
Gigacube Radeon 9600... underclocked?
9500pro and wavy lines on LCD
Is it dead???
9800P's @ newegg & R360 cores
Radeon 9200 AIW 256mb?
How many successfully flashed 9800 pro to 9800 xt
is it possible to overclock more???
THANK YOU ALL My ATI9800pro is now a 9800xt
9600pro vs 9800pro on Tualeron @1600
ATI 0600xt..what chipset? ( name?)
All-in-wonder or not so wonderful?
Complete R4xx Series Details Revealed?
9800SE softmod
Cat 4.2 drivers locked up my system....
Artifacting on 2 9800 pros.
Using ATITool
Sapphire ATI Raedon 9800 Pro Ultimate edition or Asus Raedon 9800 Pro?
New Ati Cards?
9800 pro ram chips...
Omg Bf:v Lags!!!! Y!!!
3dmark 03 freezes with 9800 pro