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should i keep one gpu, or go two
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6950 crossfire making game text small
600w OCZ PSU won't boot with ATI 4890
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Underscan doesn't work?
Powercolor RMA back, 7950 crossfire, Pixel Issue
7850 only running at 600mhz?!?
Arctic Accelero Hybrid
What program to OC with?
xfire issues hd6950's
7970 overclocking NEED HELP PLZ! ty :D
Multi monitor set up help
Display not centered
6950 Fan issues
Crossfire/Eyefinity help?
AMD to launch the 7970 'GHz' edition to keep single GPU crown
Slow? Radeon7970
Want to buy 7950 for best overclocks
May go for the 6970 over the 570
Weird problem, help me out?
Dell XPS 430 Crossfire
New video card required?
Returning an OCed GPU?
Asus HD 7850 is a "Monster"
7870 or 7950
Asus 7850 + Antec 300?
Throttling? I really dont know
Hardware setup for big video playback
Not getting the full performance from my 6950 I think
Powercolor 7950 PCS+, MSI R7950 Twin Frozr III, or Gainward GTX 680 Phantom
Cat 12.4 driver issues with eyefinity
HIS 7870 IceQ X Turbo X Review (w/ CrossFireX Results)
Ingame problem ati 3400
Whats a good price range for 6950?
worth my time to move to the 6950?
Cannot install CCC 12.4?
VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding t
AMD 3620 APU..Safe for games?
Gigabyte R7870 Problem
Eyefinity Setup
Dead Powercolor 7950
Constant Crashes !! - X2 Asus HD7970 in Crossfire
6950 doesn't work when watercooled
CCC problems 12.xx++ Trixx/Afterburner/Riva FIX
Considering a 7850
Two new cards vs 1 old one
MSI 6950 Twin Frozr III High idle?
Micro stutter?
Air GPU cooler for AMD HD7850
'Windows installer has stopped working' error when installing 12.4 drivers
New Catalyst Control Center 12.4 Drivers Released
My Crossfiring of 7970 runs really bad. Help
Input on 1GB 6870's in CrossFire
AMD 12.4 Drivers out
Ati Catalyst will recognize HDMI to HDTV yet the TV shows no signal.
ATI card artifacts when computer is cold. Stops when warm...
help me with buying new gpu
Integrated Radeon 4200 Memory bandwidth help
Asus AMD 6850 Direct CU
ooo yum yum 7970 price drop!
hd 4870 heatsink paste/tape issue
hd 6990 bottleneck
Bottlenecking 7850?
Thinking About Going Back To The Red Team
How much would a 945 Bottleneck a HD7850
what would cause a low memory OC limit?
6870 Temps?
Can OVERCLOCKERS do a Radeon HD7950 roundup?
Cannot change GPU clock speeds
Upgrade from a 5850
Worth Cross Firing?
6850 have it crossfired or Cooler ?
xfx black edition 7970 xfire bsods
Sapphire HD7870 GHz Edition 2GB OC Review
HD Radeon 6950 XFX 1gb
Need help finding facts on memory speed impact on HD4250
voltage phenomena?
Ati xpress 200 drivers?
Tessellation Option Through Registry . .
ASUS Radeon 7970
Lets RANK THEM!!!! 7970s!
OC 7850 fail= psu?
Crossfire question.
6950 will not go over 500mhz
Ncix already dropping sales on 7970s
MSI HD 7970 Lightning 3GB vs GTX 680
Eyefinity 20 FPS on Low
3 Monitors, with an active dp-DVI adapter, still doesn't work.
huge Black stripe Does this problem comes from my gpu's?
AMD MIGHT be cutting the price of its entire range of cards soon.
AMD/Ati Stuttering
Video card help
Problem with Radeon HD6850
Crossfire Setup
MSI R7870 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC GPU Review
Just how outdated are CF 4890s?
3 Monitors on a HD 6850!
sapphire 6850 drivers
Will this gpu be good?
New To OverClocking
AMD Mobility HD 4650 / 550v - - Direct Compute ? PhysX ?
INF modification Effects Performance ? ?
Ocing Twin Frozr 3 6950
Was OCing 6950 and now it doesn't work wont post
A Noon Question about Crossfire
radeon 4870 won't display and won't pass post
My overclock bottle neck?
6870 temps
previous AMD drivers
HD7970 and HD5850
Yet another Sapphire 6950 thread lol
Problem when windows starts up
ATI 6870 Crossfire screen blackout
Problem overclocking my XFX 6970.
Overclocking my Crossfired HIS 6870
Club3D 6970 with texture and artifact problems, help?
sapphire 6950 flash fail
Should i go for Dual 6970 or Single 7970 ?
HIS AMD / ATI Radeon HD 6870 1GB overclocking
AMD's flagship 7990 -> Info here
4850x2 +4870x2 quad crossfire?
Needing more
start up issue
Bitcoint mining benchmark AMD 7970 VS 7950 [OpenCL]
Cannot install Catalyst 12.3
HIS HD 7770 GHz Edition Review
Does my CPU bottleneck my 6950?
Pairing Radeon HD6970 with HD6970 Lightning
Looking to buy this gpu used need opinions, PowerColor 6950 2GB (non refreance)
680 compared to 6950
12.3 already
Video Card
Help Choosing Video Card
Monitor, or XFX HD5870 issue?
good companion for a radeon hd 6990 x2 4gb?
xfx 7970 black edition RMA or not
eyefinity + 3 monitor setup
Reverting CCC drivers?
Unlock Voltage control for XFX HD 6870 2GB. HALP!
Wanting to crossfire or whatever an APU
Using intell HD 3000 graphics and discrete graphics card
Unlocking the Sapphire Radeon HD 6790?
Crossfire on a 4x and 16x board?
Need help with weird issue.
NEED crossfire help asus 6950 2GBs
Grey Screen of Death (GSOD) only when I'm using IE or uTorrent...
Question about reapplying the TIM on 6950 ref. card
6870 choppy frame rates in game with webcam on after new drivers
Fix for catalyst 12.3's lack of autostart
Is the Sapphire 6850 a reference card?
Multi screen setup question
single asus 6970 2gb ref idling at 70c all of a sudden
Real world power consumption measurements from triple 7970's
Help me. Version 12.2 Wrecked my FPS
Low FPS with 6770 (urgent)
Can I crossfire 2 EAH 6770s
HD 6870 Afterburner Overclock Fail?
Trying to overclock my 6950 to 6970 speed but not sure about the voltage
HELP!: ATI Mobility Raedon HD 4300 Series Size?
7770 and 7750 did I miss something?
7870 / 7850 on sale, prices (UK)
Crossfire issues
AMD Catalyst™ driver version 8.95.5 released today.
Do you have 1 or more 7970's + Eyefinity? If so, i need your help... Please read
Radeon 4200 temp viewing?
CPU/GPU Bottleneck? Recommended CPU?
goodbye to oc ?
x fired hd 6870 screen tearing?
CCC / Afterburner / GPU-Z woes...
Calling on all ATI 6870 1GB, BF3 gamers
AMD 12.2 driver + MSI Afterburner
MSI 7970 Lightning
noob here with 6850 question
BSOD 7970 Multi Monitor Driver Issue
would a radeon 6990 work with a 700 psu
benchmark results sapphire hd 6870
to crossfire, or to upgrade?
Dying gpu or psu
XFX 7770 Problem?
HD 6770 on a 370w PSU
Trying cross fire for the first time
7990 on its way!
6950 phased out alerady.. whaaa?
6870 crossfire 60%
Sapphire Radeon 6850 Under-Performing? Please Help
Sapphire HD 7750 Ultimate Review (with CrossFireX Results)
amd radeon HD 6700 OC no differences
Stable Diver for 7970
Just a quick one!!! What would you buy?
XFX 7870 Double Dissipation: release 19/03/12
Looking @ 7970's Which one?
7950 underperforming
If anyones wondering what 3x 7970s draw in a watercooled rig...
Another HD 5970 query
5770 dual monitor help
Hybrid CrossFire?
Sapphire Presents 6GB Packing Radeon HD 7970 Toxic Edition
Old System Revival - P4 Bottleneck 5450
Sapphire 6850 overclocking help.
Windows can't detect second graphics card
Bottleneck? or still fine?
2x6750 dead?
7970 crossfire
quick 6k sales question
GPU memory optimization?
New card
XFX HD6870 Crossfire Overclocking
Catalyst 12.2 Drivers
Does anyone have 4+ monitors on ONE video card?
6850 with a 6870... good or it ain"t...
EFI firmware for a 3850
Just a 7950 question.
I need a very cheap gpu that can ruun mw3
Which is better 6700 or 4800 ?
AMD Launches Pitcairn HD 7870 and HD 7850 GPUs
XFX 6970 issues
cross fire hd6990
Issues Flashing 5870
6770 crossfire questions?
Sapphire 6970 Dead?
Pitcairn (78xx) out soon.. specs
Graphics cards for Linux
Will HD 5670 card support 2 monitors with same thing on both?
Can't get XFX HD 6670 to display 2560x1600. Tops out at 1920x1080.