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BBA 9700np owners with Infenion 3.6 ns DDR question
smoked my 9500
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9800XT 128mb bios ready
How to tell the true ATI 9700Pro and the bios-flashed AT9700Pro?
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What is the absolute best...
sheared a part off my 9500pro
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Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer (SY-000-AR)
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I sanded a resistor off my r9700!!!
artic cooler silencer...ocz cooper ramsink fit?
Ati 9600
Please console me
9700Pro or 9800Pro..if 98Pro which one?
Final Post 9700Pro OR 9800Pro which one? ATi's trade in plan too?
9500Pro Bios flash
Problem with overclocking
9600XT user,Please !
Can a 9700 Pro softmod to a 9800?
W1zzard's ATI overclocking tool 0.0.12 is the BOMB!
should i be satisfied with my 9800 prooverclock?
Fast write supported, but not able to turn on!?
your SECRET methods to overclocking a 9800?
AGP Help
kewl! look at this choice I now have to make! 9700pro vs 9800np voltmods tec n WC!
which 9700pro??
Asus 9800PRO 256?
9700Pro Bios
9600XT or 9800SE
his excalibur radeon 9200
9500pro or 9600xt?
Why the low 3dMark score?
Radeon 9600 SE Problems
Is there a program that will tell me my ATI temp?
Asus 9800.. Pro?
Help, screen lurches
Epoxy and Radeon GPUs
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Sapphire 9600xt...
All in Wonder TV Capture
9800 3d not working
Need ATI Help
best way to ov a vid card
ATI History Lesson
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Mamimum Radeon 9600XT Overclock
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NeverWinter Nights and Omega 3.10s?
ATI Fire GL3: good card?
WOW Got my OCZ copper BGA ramsinks today
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Radeon 9600XT
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More over clock!
where has ocfaq.com gone?
Whats better than a 8500?
AIW 9800? What do you use yours for?
overclocking a refurb?
Question about Omega Drivers
9800xt BIOS?
sapphire 9700 pro - right choice?
ATI 9600 Problem
What's a good GPU cooler for 9800 Pro?
Un-published refresh rate on AIW 9800! 1400 X 1050
9600 PRO question
9600Pro and Hydravision Question.
AGP voltage really help ATi cards
got a radeon9600
Good Voltmod guide?
Overclocking Radeon 9500 Pro?
My 9700 Pro minimod. *PICS*
9700 Pro Voltages and clock...
what's with this low r9600 3dmark score and bad performance?
9700 pro drivers
Why is my 9800pro OC so crappy?
Finally got my 9600xt..
Omega 2.5.04 drivers
Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9800 SE problems..
3dmark score for 9600xt
9700pro or 9800np?
Guide to flashing 9800NP with file
9800(pro) OC survey
TV out problems with DVD and movie playback.
AGP Texture Acceleration not available?
Which HS for my Radeon 7200
Any opinions on this card?
SAPPHIRE 9800 se deal?
9700 Pro results thus far.
ram on sapphire 9800 pro 256mb?
Good bye Nvidia.. Hello ATI...
9200 on a grandpa comp?
Overclocking AIW8500DV....
Since install......
Lets see if i can fix this.
Best Overclocking utility for a 9600xt?
OVERDRIVE?????? why cant i get it?
Free Half Life2 Coupy
new 9700 pro
ATI drivers randomly crash
9700Pro or 9800??
ATI = Problems!!!
Cooling the ram
This seem right?
Weird 3dmark score..
What program tests for artifacts?
9600SE or 9800Pro which is better?
Interesting 9800pro / KR7A-RAID behavior
can you overclock a built by ati 9800 pro?
BBA 9800Pro for $239 @ Microcenter.com
trueform? on or off?
Where's overdrive?
Everquest and 9600 series
Radeon 9700 Pro or Non?
weird problem with cat 3.10
Radeon 9000 -> 9000 pro?
Problem with Omega 3.10 Drivers
3D mark 2003 help
Full Settings on Halo
Next Gen ATI Card??
Has NE1 else had problems with Postal2 STP and ATI cards?
This card sold too cheap surely?
9700 pro Bench
Overclocking the 9500 Pro and Confusion.
3dmark03 scores for 9600pro
Graphics corruption in BF1942...but nothing else?
where can i get a saphire 9800NP?
R9600XT Ram
Just played doom3 on 9600xt
Does half life 2 comes with 9800 pro?
9800pro or wait for pci express
9500 Pro Vs. 9600 XT
Ram on my 9800NP
What's better? Overclocked 9700 Pro / 9800non-pro!?
colored lines with 9800pro driving me CRAZY!
Sum it up. 9800 nonpro!
9600XT crashing after 10-20 min during games
swapping 9500 with 9800pro
9600XT Bios flash?
Argh 9600 bites the dust!
Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB and My Bad PSU
What's the better choice?
xp2000 w/9800P owns P4-3.0 w/9600P-XT
what are omega drivers?
does AIW make a difference?
what software will OC a 9800XT?
How to OC an AIW9600pro?
DL'ed the Omega 25.04 drivers and now cannot access D3D?!?!
Prog to edit bios?
Something I'll never understand about 3dmark
Major problem with Radeon 9800xt installation
9600Xt just delivered, I CANT believe it!!!!
ASAP! what card to get? Boxing Day Specials!!
9700 vs 9600xt
Ati Tv Wonder Ve
Mobile Radeon 7500
HELP needed please, re: 9600 Pro
Which 8500pro?
HL2 Coupon
9600xt Thermistors?
9600XT vs siftmod 9500?
Any way to run r9000pro in an AGP1x slot?
Radeon 9600SE Good Card?
best heatsink for 9800XT?
new 9600xt w/ Samsung Ram
No HL2 coupon w/ Retail Powercolor 9600 XT?
9800 Pro and TV Out <------
ATI radeon 9000 Saphire
radeon 7000agp?
Slow for a 9800XT?
Running the Omega 6378 driver, is there a better one out now?
running ati cards out spec on agp
which is better to get? Transcend RADEON 9600PRO, or SAPPHIRE RADEON 9600PRO ?
You wanna better score? Check it out!
Problem... help!!
Has anyone used OCZ Copper BGA Ramsinks
9500 Pro /9700Pro ?
Refresh rate issues with 9800XT and Win 2000?
Zero Display Service Error
Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer w/pics
need help finding low $ 9500/9700/9800
9700 and dvi on a HDTV
Best 9600 XT?
powercolor 9700np memory
mmc 8.8 - all you AIW owners
Dam drivers (any) won't install! HELP!
Help with testing a Refurb 9800 pro
EBAY?? 9700 Pros
hey guys this is very weird
omega 3.10's out
Problems :(
Is it my 9800 pro??
The Official "We want Super-Sampling Anti-Aliasing" thread. Read if you want to help
What would be a safe over clock
Got Radeon 9800ProXT! but...
Problems installing VGA cooler
any problems with cats. 3.10 or just me
Saphire good or bad?
What do you use to overclock your 9800 pro?
9600xt crippled? 249.75/275 default
ATI 9800xt with Half Life 2 question
Will my aiw 9000 pro work?
Soft-Modding a 9800SE
Connect3d Ati Radeon 9600xt 128mb Ddr Vga/tv 8x Agp Retail
best o/cable card for $$
Radeon 9800Pro 256mb Start-Up
Need help with ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
How do you tell the temperature of your videocard?
Happy, happy man
Which Radeon 9800XT to get?
9600XT or a 9700 series which one to buy and why?
disable z-buffer
9800 pro brand?
I need a bios for a 9500 pro
Corruption with my 9800 pro
under performing 9800pro?
New Omega Drivers (3.10) out!
ATi posts a 500% just in Q1 profit
radeon 7200
What cooler are you using on 9500/9700?
Help Me!!
256MB card and AGP textures?!
9700 fried? Help!
9800pro memory clock
WTF is the big deal with 9600's nowadays!!
"Radeon Probe" in my device manager...how do i monitor it?
9600Pro or 9800SE
9600 Weak scores in 3DMark03
AA Quality with cat 3.10
Is this a good 3dmark2001se bench score?
RamSinks: Success Story
Please help: 9800 256mb Pro
Best porg to o/c a atvi 9600 vid card?
Sapphire 9800SE (1024-MC07)
Is there a monitoring utility out there for the new XT cards?
Please Help with 9600xt
RADEON XT owner question?
9700 Pro Drivers ??????
Radeon 9600XT vs. Radeon 9800XT
GPU temp
ATi HL2 Coupon ends January
Xmas 9800 pro options... (ordering tonight so hurry with help ;) )
Horrible experience
Problems with 9600xt
PowerColor 9600XT (500/680)
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256 ---> missing??
? about Powercolor 9600pro's
Sapphire 9800PRO - full/lite?
swapping cards in 2 systems
Who makes the best ATi Video Cards?
POLL: Who do you think make the best ATI cards?
Catalyst 3.10 are out!
Asus 9600Xt Is awesome for the price. Linky..
Low 3dmark score 9800.
Best Utility 4 Overclocking Radeon 9800 Pro
the 9600pro fdd mod
Dual monitor function in 9700 pro
Fast write, smartgart, smartshader.
New ATI card, where are card options?
Is there a temp sensor on the 9500 pro?
How can this be right???
Buying a Radeon 9800 Pro
shim removal
PowerColor Sux!
Any "taskbar transparent" option for ATI driver?
Possible heat issues with 9800pro
9600XT OC results
My 3dmark personal bests.
9800 PRO water cooled
Bba 9600xt
9600np decent card?
129$ refurbished Sapphire 9600xt
AIW 9800Pro? DVI Length Cable question?
Just got 9800np....ram?
9600XT Question
Win Xp refreshrate
9600xt Price
Replace the evil nVidia logos with ATI!
OC'd ATI 9800 Pro AIW
Gigabyte 9700pro
9800pro Oc'ed speeds
3dMark not working w/ a 9200
Post your 2.4C + 9800PRO 3DMark2001 score!
9800XT trouble
9600 speed no change
9600pro trouble
9800Pro - BBA? Sapphire Atlantis?
what 9500 brand oc more?
what program?
Tough Call..
i think i killed it but maybe...
deciding on card.
256mb ATI 9600 non pro $125
overclocking 9600 pro
What to buy for low a resolution (640x480) gamer?
9700pro AIW Problems with 3dMark03
What happened to the Radeon 9700Pro?
I need more clock speed slide bar!
Performance factor
9800 pro 256megs ddr2?!
Power supply with 9800NP.
Anyone bought an GexCube 9800np from newegg recently?
low 3dmark score with ati 9800 pro?
Too good to be true?
r9700np cant liiiiiiiiiiiiiiive without heat??!!!
all in wonder error..
My word, what am I doing in here!?
arctic vga cooler install problems
radeon 9600
Best drivers for linux and the 8500 series?
VisionTek Xstasy 9600 256MB
Bluring text on 9800XT
9800Pro vs. 9800XT
Dedicated video capture or ATI AIW
Aiw 9600 Pro
9600 Problem
Anyone Know How to Change Hardware ID in a Video Card's BIOS?
losing gamma settings when play DoD (HL mod)
9800 Freezes After a Few Minutes of Gameplay
Picture flickering on games with sapphire 9500np
Let me clear up confusion: the 9000 and 9200 are not dx9!
9600 Pro Users
HL2 offer
7500 questions...
Same old question vid card under $250
Detonator RIP and Destroyer doesn't work, please help !
MSI joins ATI
how much does ATI 9800 Pro 128Mb worth to you?
using Vantec Aeroflow as a R9800 heatsink ?
ati radeon 8500 vs. 9200
Best OCing Program For 9700Pro
Atlantis v. Regular?
PowerColor Ati Radeon 9800 Pro 128
Tip for overclocking the 9800np w/infineon
9800xt - Asus or Hercules?
How much power does the 9800pro use??
What's the best software for ATI card overclocking ?
All-In Wonder PRO
9600 install prob, so going with 5900
Which 9800XT ?????
9600xt vs 9600 pro
Voltage mods for 9800XT???
9600xt or OC'd 9800se
xtasy 9100 128mb O.C.
Very low 3dmark score
Any 9800pro what would u buy?
pre boot screen scrolls when using S-vid out!
Radeon 9500 64MB @Pro, how much slower than 128MB version?
Is it only AIW that support dual monitors?
8500 vs 9000SE? please ASAP!
Omega Drivers
Dual monitors and 9700 Pro
9700 v 9800
9800 non pro 200 us?
BBA 9800pro vs. BFG 5950
Rear GPU cooling - effective?
Saphire 9500,infineon 3.3,ramclock
9500non-pro question
Radeon 9200 capabilities.....
ati 9500 pro vs ati 9600 pro
Need help to completely remove my old nVidia driver.
What clock speeds do you have with the 9800pro?
9600 problem
anyone volt modded their 9800 core?
Help me with my Asus 9800 XT please?
Asus 9800xt
New ATI card owner reporting !!
cant get sound using ATI TV on AIW9800PRO?
Sapphire 9500np
Random Lockups with Radeon 9800 Pro
Sapphire RADEON 9500 ATLANTIS (OEM/Red Board)
Heat output of Radeon 9700Pro?
9800 Pro different models?
ATI 9600 Pro AIW FM Antenna?
9600 Pro AIW Cooling
9500pro OC probs
ATI software problems
ATI AIW 8500 Driver/Video Woes.
Which one is should I get? 9800XT for $405 or 9800Pro for $245?
9600 pro?
low FPS in CS
run 3dmark2003, system shuts down, 9800pro
Radeon 9800 Pro for $140!!!
What ATI to get(budget included)
very odd new RADEON 9800XT
r9800 np 3dmark score?
9800 Pro or AIW?
Ati Radeon 9600
Question regarding overclocking 9700 Pro
Back In Stock! Arctic Cooling Vga Silencer *limited Supply*
ATi Drivers in Linux
9800SE Softmod - using Omega drivers are these the best?
Visible difference between Infineon and Samsung memory
What happened to my overclock!
Radeon 9600
Best Drivers 4 9200 SE 128MB
Is it safe to oc a ATI and Is a 9700 pro AIW good card to oc?
Using powerstrip, radeonator..
9600xt problems - Ati virgin!
Sapphire 9600xt vs. ATI 9600xt vs. Asus 9600xt
Request risk assessment of flashing my 9800np bios.
Never believe overclocks in reviews
"Safe" AGP Bus Speed?
Flashing different BIOSes
Whats wrong with my pc?
About to Overclock My Ati 9700pro for the first time Since i Bought it(need advice)
About to Overclock My Ati 9700pro for the first time Since i Bought it(need advice)
radeon 9800xt oem or retail same card right?
Radeon 9600, Overclocking Tips?
'Holes' on back sealed?
Radeon IGP 320
Radeon 9600 What the heck is its problem?
Getting my S-Video output to work
where to get a sapphire 9800np?
Getting a 9800XT within a couple days...
9500 cooling options
Radeon 9600 or Chaintech 5200?
What is better, 9600 Pro or 9700 Pro?
9800np w/ Infineon overclocks...
9600 pro newbie help!!!
9700pro + blackscreen/crash
I find this strange
Help me overclock my 9700 pro!
Crud...stability problems due to video card?
which g card would u reccomend
How to run your 9XXX card in Win2k3
9700 pro and directX
anybody still have the 3.1 cats?
Bench mark with ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
Would it be better than the stock...
Bios post display in AIW
9600SE performance?
BBA 9800 Non Pro Cooling?
AIW series question for those who own
9800 or 9800 Pro Which do I have??
9800 pro on 2.0 GHz P4
xmas card choice
Yep. 9800np @CC now for 199
where can i buy the asus v9950 heat sink for my 9800 pro?
Do any BBA 9800np come with Samsung?
WOOHOO! just got a 9800
ATI Drivers
Hows this Score?
9800 np bios on 9700
ATI 9800 Pro
Problems w/ 9700
9500 np overclocking...
Is your 9800 pro too hot to touch on the back of the gpu?
9800PRO... prices dropping?
wc worth it?
ATI Newb, ?'s about a 7000
ATI Radeon 9600
9600 xt problems
"Free" upgrade to Remote Wonder II???
Help pushing my 9700 pro
Upgrading card finally... questions