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9500 pro 128 / 9600 pro 256
where can i find a review of a oced 9800xt?
Low 3dMark Scores
9800pro and CS powered by steam...
vid card mfg
Rage3D Showing Different Speeds for my R9800 Pro
9600xt question..
hehehe modded 9800p
monitor goes orange if i install drivers.
Zalman vs Giant II
Plugs for Ati
9800 non pro benchies
Yet another question on video cards..
Hercules 9800np
9700NP problem
Better cooling for 9800 Pro?
Dual Monitor
9100 causing system to reboot
air, water, or pelt?
another dumb question from a newbie
A Puzzler: video garbled on cold boot
Vga silencer
Somethings broken
bios editing
Best memory on Radeon 8500/9100 and 9500?? Show off your knowledge!
9600np and 9600se
ATI 9800 OCing question
Catalyst problem...help.
9800 non pro clocking under a 9000!?
will 1.8v kill my card?
What's the highest AGP speed your radeon let's you run at?
Does the 9800 Pro have 16:9 ratio support?
9800Pro Speed?
TV WONDER PRO Work with a Sat Dish?
ATI Drivers
Holy **** =D
9600se VS 5200ultra....
9500pro 128 vs 9600np 128mb
Need help! Poor performance with 9600 Pro
Powercolor 9600pro 256mb
Are AIW 97/9800's slower than non AIW"S
How good is Radeon 9200 pro?
Anything wrong with the sapphire 9800 pro?
quicky 9500np question
Powercolor 9800 Pro - Any good?
AIW 9800pro, stock cooler or copper iceberg?
9800 Pro vs. Non-Pro vs. SE
Can a stock 9800pro overheat?
9800pro 256mb as substitute for 9800xt?
9800pro 256mb as substitute for 9800xt?
quick 9500np advice
hey radeon 7000 pci probs
Temp. Programs
Temp. Programs
Is the original 9800 chipset worth it?
9800 Pro at BB...
Radeon 9600SE
9700 Pro vs. 9600 Pro... Worth the money?
what's the stock core/mem of 9800pro?
8500le and DVI output
9700 pro sad story :(
Upgrade: 8500le 64mb -> BBA 9600SE for $130, Worth it?
Heatsink for the Radeon 9500/9700 ?
New 9500 problems
9800 shim removal. is there a point?
Fullstream excist?
cant update drivers
9800np 3dmark2001 problem...
9700 Pro
9800 or 9800pro?
9800XT cooling
Well, it looks like the 9800np wasn't discontinued after all..
Who has the best prices on 9600XT??
Half Life 2 free will all new ATi video cards
BIOS Flash: 9800NP--->9800XT
Whats a safe operating temp for a 9800np volt modded?
Saphire 9600 Pro
Help me pick a new ATI Card :)
9600Pro----->9600XT BIOS Flash?
nforce2 and ati issues!!
Ramsinks on 9800 with Infineon.
overclock Radeon 9600 256MB
My new graphic card, I think it's broken
Buggy Radeon 9700?
Radlinker to be Discontinued?!!!!
How fast is your 9600np
9800 non pro or 9600pro
Radeon 9800 PRO
For all you volt-mod experts!
Did I just get a...
card gets really hot and doesnt boot?
9800np to Pro flash??
9800XT at Best Buy
3DMark Testing Lag Problem
9800's with dual monitors?
Where can I find A-I-W VE Drivers?
Whats the better deal?
intalling vantec iceberq on 8500
my new toy
Question regarding graphics card's memory
9000 resister
9800NPs BACK at NewEgg!
AGP/VVT voltage
Is there any real bonus with installing the new 3.8 drive for the Radeon family????
Zalman heatpipe on 9600 Pro/XT
Overclocking a 9200
9600pro, 9700pro (and AiW), 9800
Overclocking Ati 9700pro
Just got a new 9800np today...
Bummer, no more DC...for awhile
ATI linux drivers
ATI or Saphire 9800 pro?
9800Pro artifact problems
3dmarks looking right?
ATI on Cat 3.8
Windows 2003 drivers
9100-2 or 4 pipelines?
my 9500pro overheats
Got my new 9800 Pro with samsung 313.
Best air cooling for my 9700 pro?
9800 Pro or 9800 NP??
Questions on 9600 Pro
9600pro vs. 9600xt
ATI Radeon 9200
My 9500pro to 9700pro flash job
hey every one can a pci ati radeon work on...
URGENT: 9600np or 9600 pro?
Just in case
ATI introduces a new type of Radeon!!!
9800 np install question
9500 PRO "L" and "I" shaped memory configurations.
9500npvs 9600pro
9500npvs 9600pro
ati 9700 clean up
9800np problems. Please assist
whats the key to high scores in 3D2K1?
Powercolor R9600Pro 128MB EZ
9700 All In Wonder Pro
Want to buy a 9800np? ;)
what to do
newbie looking for some answers
Havin trouble gettin sound with my AIW
I've made the switch
The best bang for the buck
'R9200' which hex value to change to remove the clock lock????
Problem with 9600PRO
9600 Pro clockable?
9700 All in Wonder Pro question
Radeon 9800!
rma radeon 9500?
Best video card!
My card insists on multiple monitors
OC Temps!
Ok. this is cheap, thoughts?
Radeon 9500 wont even boot!!
Help Please Head Hurts (9600 Pro's)
Need advice for OC radeon 9700pro
AGP fastwrite and 8x AGP not enabling. 9800 pro.
Umm, I need an explanation on this rating??
256bit mem bus on 9200? what??
Suggestions for sub $200 USD video card
does this mean the softmod worked ?
What should i get for my computer
Memory on 9800 Pro
I need some advice fixing a 9800 problem
Sapphire vs ATI
Scrolling around the screen
pro ultra or pro ultimate?
Radeon 9800 SE ALL-IN-WONDER @ 9800 Pro ALL-IN-WONDER!! YEAH!!!
Does this look like a good deal for a 9700np?
4444 3DMARK2001 score for R9200SE & Athlon 1.4?
WARNING ATI users: Catalyst 3.8 can kill your Card / Monitor
A 9700pro or 9800NP
First 9600XT Review (Impressive)
mobo compatible w/ 9800p?
Worth using artic silver on new 9800/256?
can I use my 9800np for now w/ my antec 300w psu?
Any difference to see between my GF2 MX and my R9200
is this a good Radeon 9600 Pro? URGENT, PLEASE HURRY!
Best card that I can get for less then 150$?
9800pro IRQ snafu?
It's comin time....ATI/Sapphire 9800 Pro, 128/256?
9600xt Review
Frustrated...9800 as unknown device ?
How to read memory on vid card...
You may be may last hope
9800pro time!
Diff. between EZ and TD(9600Pro)
omega drivers
radeon 9600 pro overclocking?
9800XT HSF fan failures?
HIS, connect3d or gigabyte Radeon 9800pro
need replacement fan for Saph R 9500np
How high will a 9500Pro OC ?
How fast can 9600Pro OC?
Saphire Radeon 9500 fan
9600pro or 9800se
does flashing 9500->9700pro increase voltages? its a big deal...
Catalyst 3.8s are causing major crashes
Catalyst 3.8 need DX 9.0b?
Does it matter what AGPx my mobo has?
Rebooting in 3d GAMES!! help./..
Just installed my 9600 pro
Would this be helpful?
9500 Problems
Radeon 9800 Xt
need help for a friend
anyone have the 9800XT yet?
In-Depth Asus-Radeon line-up review
agh, choices, CHOICES!
Plaid background! Any help for 9800?
9600 Pro manufacturer
Any help?
Advice needed (oc'ing R9800np)
9600 Pro dead?
AGP Texture Acceleration problems...
new Catalyst drivers and 9700pro
is this the real 9800 pro?
Help!?!?! I've looked everywhere...
9800NP or Pro
9500 Vs 9600
readeon 9600
9700pro AIW Ram Speed
wtf - prices aren't dropping!!!
How does 9800np compare?
3.8 drivers? BIG PROBLEM
Downloading New Omega's
Hey way to go ATI these new 3.8's ROCK!
Cat 3.8 disables divx player acceleration?
good setup with a 8500le
NEW Leaked drivers (3.9?)
ATI 9800 SE = t3h suck?
another "whats better" thread!
Are the problems with 3.8 fixed yet?
9800np oddity
GF4 ti4200 or 9500np?
Putting ramsinks on 9500pro
Another NVidiot turns to ATi. Some help on what gfx card :)
Which Vga card is better?
AIW 9800 Pro vs 9800 Pro
Sapphire 9600 Pro Ultimate
Thinkin About gettin a ati 9600pro
Hmm..blown card?
Hydravision needed with Omega 3.8's??
just Got 9800 pro lite, what's next step?
Ok. Now I have a 9800NP and 9600Pro. Where is the bios flash thread for the 9800NP to
3Dmark2001 SE + DX9b = no??
Whats a medium line card From ATI?
OK, I've had enough of NVidia ..moving on over to the ATI World!
check this out, lol
I have the $500 now I need the 9800XT!
Hercules prophet 9800se AIW
OC help
Cat 3.7 -> Omega 3.8
Shim Removal: BE CAREFUL!
9700PRO and zalman heatsink, performance?
Hardware DVD decoding
9600PRO memory bit 128 to 256 mod
ANyone try this h2o cooling a 9800Pro yet?
Good Deal for a 9800 SE?
Volt mod cooling?
9700 Pro DEAD?! Please save it!
Ati 9700pro Waterblock/heatsink measurements?
catalyst drivers for ati 8500LE
Radeon 7000 (yeah... i know it's old)
9700pro and slk700
AIW 9700Pro or 9800 Pro
AHH I SMY CARD MESSED! LOOk it wont run halo.
What are my chances?
Is this 9800 Pro an ok purchase?
If to buy a 9200, which?
1st Radeon 9600-XT Benchies
9800 in Dell machines...Any comments?
I think I smoked my 9800 Pro.
Truform, On Or Off?
which is better 9800non pro se... or 9600 pro
New Omegas based on Catalyst 3.8 !
ID'ing Ram Type on BBATI Vid cards.......
whats the stock speed of SEC or Hynix at -3 ns
Driver not detected?
:happy dance:
Flashing 9800np to 9800pro
Serious Cat3.8 Problem
9500np softmod 9700@325/310 problems
Anyone else volt mod their 9600pro? I have and have some questions.
Volt mod 9800NP w/Infineon ram?
What score should i be gettin?
wizzards patch
9600xt preorder problems
which one is better?
Help with ATI settings
a bunch of questions about the 9000 PRO 128
9700p or most other high-end "pros" for that matter, same cpu/mem speed ?
best bang for the buck - $150
whats your 9600 pro clocked at
Radeon9800 SE => 9800 Pro ???
Catalyst 3.8 due Wed, Oct. 8
anyone see this yet
Gigabyte Radeon 9800 Pro
recover from bad vga bios
anyone know anything about the visiontek 9600pro?
cheap vid card!
Saphire 8500le problems
9800NP Shortage
HALO & 9800 PRO 256 Mb
Should I try flashing My 9800np w/ a Pro BIOS
ATI video card decision
lines in the screen
Removing stock heatsink on sapphire 9600 Pro
more than one video card installed
radeon 9800np or 9700pro?
dip switch on Ati 9000
How well does a 9800 Pro overclock compared to 9800np?
Anyone interested in an ATI video at The ROCK?
Triplex Redai Millennium Silver R9600 Pro?
3dmark 03
Crazy 9800 np core OC or am I just crazy?
9700 shim removal problem
Gigabyte 9800 Pro 256 Mb
9600pro O/C'd problems with EASPORTS games?
Thermaltake Giant II w/Tweakmonster Ramsinks on 9800?
Ouch! Anyone want my 9000?
i know you've heard this
help me determining the speed of ram on this 9700 pro
Just bought a 9800
New to ati
What the heck is the PowerColor 9600 pro EZ edition?
9500np soft-mod to 970pro@325/310 - $160, worth it?
Omega "hack" what does it do exactly?
ATI Competition !!!!
9800pro - pitifully low 3dmark scores
xt warranty covers ocing!!!
Herc 9800 Pro:How to remove Ramsink ?
sub-par radeon 9800 pro performance
Thermaltake GiantII and 9600pro
9800pro clocks like MAD!
When does the 9600xt come out?
help with new video card!!!
Did I fry my card?
BF1942 crashing?
couple of questions
9800np overclocking
Hercules 3D Prophet All-in-Wonder 9800SE 128MB
4x vs 8x AGP
Weird Radeon 9500 Artifacts..
Radeon 9600XT Shots
ASUSTek To Become An ATi Manufacturer!!
Overclocking my 9700pro
who much heat does a 9600np, pro, and tx put off?
9600 Pro Third Party Fans?
9800Pro and tv tuner or 9800ProAIW
I have 9500pro and wanna watch dvds....
Ati finnaly caught on - "Get in the Game"
I need a Composite video card! (Car PC)
did anyone know that ATI was about ready to B smack Nvidia?
What to buy? 128 vs 256
9800 Xt
Hercules Radeon 9700 128Mb Retail
Anyone in current market for R9800 variation should read
9800 XT Review!!!
Wierd Catalyst 3.7/DirectX Problem...Argghhh
Refresh rates
WTF, 9700 Pro checker Boarding for no reason?!
9500np or 9800np
9800se or 9800np?? which to buy
Has anyone bought a radeon 9800xt yet
Radeon 9600 Pro Performance??
01se and oc'd 9800np
Picking out a R9800Pro...which one should I buy?
Help with Bios's
Finally a decent Aftermarket 9800 heatsink is being sold
ATI 9800 NP w/Infineon OC Results
At the risk of sounding like a total newb -- 9800 cooling...
who makes the 9600 pro with the fastest memory?
Well be able to flash are card to 9800XT?
Overclocking 9500 pro?
All-In-Wonder Cooler
radeon 9700pro power connector
Extra cooling on a R9800Pro?
371 core?
Anybody got Radlinker (as it's discontinued...)
Ati Radeon 9500 with 9700 Layout
ati 9700pro oc's crappily
Help me please 9700pro issue!
Speed settings keep going back to stock..
Bad choice of situation?
Need to go higher than powerstrip...
Un-biased benchies!
Anyone know of a VoltMod Guide for the 9700pro?
my xp2500 shows as a duron on 3dmark03!
3dmark 2001se wont work
MMC 8.6 - For Everyone with AIW Radeons
9800's got problems?
What do you guys think?
9800 non pro... can I make this a pro?
I didnt have to remove my shim...
Volt Mods on 9800np Working great!
Radeon 9700pro, cpu wont OC now.
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro :)
Very odd radeon compatibility problem
Is their a way to get now voltage to your video card?
What is considered instability?
9700 Pro purchasing questions
9800 Pro Overclocking
Zalman ZM80C-HP w/ 9700Pro
Another silly question
Dumb question
Best replacement for 9800np HS
r9800 pro 128 or wait for the r360's to come out this winter...
What do you think of this 9800np deal?
Are these checkerboards?
9800XT/HL2 Bundle, rumor or verified?
Why are my 9800pro marks this low?
Will under-clocking an ATI GPU affect its 2D performance?
D'oh, don't I feel stupid
Will under-clocking an ATI GPU affect its 2D performance?
Will under-clocking an ATI GPU affect its 2D performance?
Ati radeon 9800 (pro) wot brand? Hercules or Club3D
Get better HDTV support for your Radeon!
9800np - pro w/bios flash ?
gigabyte 9800pro
Asus ATI 9800 Pro XT
cheapest place for 9800pro... $300
really dumb question...
All In wonder 9700 pro bios needed!
O/c Ati 9800 Pro
best way to OC 9500Pro
Best Cooling for my 9800pro AIW
New Drivers = broken
Black vs Red
9700 Help!!!!!!
9700 Help!!!!!!
The 9500 mod worked. Now about these 3dmark scores?
Which Brand of 9800 pro to buy?
9800 Pro HELP PLEASE!!!
8500le upgrade to......
ATI Brand 9800np Retail vs Sapphire 9800np OEM Questions
Have you oc'd a 9500 pro?
9700 A-I-W pro o/c ??
Should I even upgrade?
Ati 9800?
9800np or Pro?
9600pro, which "flavor"?
Ati 9600 Pro AIW
9800 Xt
ATi R9800XT... that cooling solution look familiar...
flashed bios
9500 Black => 9700 ??
Got my 9600Pro today
Radclocker/Rage3dTweaker and O/C 9600pro
Measure Performance
be careful when buying a 9800se
Finally bought ATI
9600 Aiw
Pictures of pencil-volt-mod locations for 9700 PCB...
Where can I purchase (online) a Sapphire Radeon 9800 np
dual 9800 gpu???
9800np volt mod?
Anyone know where I can order a 9500 Pro 128? No one has it in stock.
Dual 9800 Pro by Sapphire!!
Dual 9800 Pro Radeon
Radeon 8500 BIOS problems...
Post YOUR 9800 n/p overclocks please!
ATI Radeon 9500 screen problem
Curious 9600 thing
My 9800 Pro story
What does Fast Write do?
Fixing a radeon?
ATI AIW 9800 Pro refurb ?
sapphire 9700 pro screwed
9700 wont work?
What speed ram do i have on my 9600pro?
9600P+Audigy or 9800P+onboard ?
Random Monitor Flashing
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, Should I get it for $200?
ATI demonstrates the world’s first PCI Express*
Radeon cards haven't gone down in price
help! fan making strange noises
9800np > 9800pr0
9500 pro mods
Heatsink on the back of the GPU
Question about 9700 and 9800s
9700 Pro Ultimate artifacts