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Type of memory on 9800 np?
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As time goes on...
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what overclocking software should i use
omg this is crazy
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Long term effect of overclocking on videocards
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9200se PCI
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Sorry.. Another softmod question.
Very Confused??? What Ram do i have on my 8500le???
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mmm the 9900 pro
radeon 9700 np or 9800 np
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Best bang for buck Radeon?
What kind of ram can I expect on this R9800np
didnt conn. the power on 9800 pro and booted ! what did i damage?
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9700pro flashed and died
I need a game engine and 9500np expert. Or anyone...
Radeon 9800 Pro Contest
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Giant 2 on P4P800
Omega driver ?
Radeon 9500 Pro, RMA to ATI or NewEgg?
ati/softmod question - plz answer fast
9500 black pcb Q.
Why does this board just ignore the 9600?
any sapphire 9800 256 owners please read???
9500 question
Graphic Editing
Post your 9500np modded 9700 scores!
3dMark Probs
*sigh* I can't believe this... ANOTHER faulty 9800 Pro 256mb!!
9800np... defective, don't trust mwave, or am I a moron?
Gargoyle clock on 9000pro
9800 Volt Mod?
how can i measure the temp of my vid?
stencil buffering and 3dmark03
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AIW Radeon 9500 - Do they exist?
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voltmods for 9500pro
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9500np it is!
Betrayal "pro or not
Problem with softmod
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Radeon 9800 Pro AIW
9800 pro ram
Sweet Review of some Fat Cards.....
new omega drivers (aiw 9700 pro)
hmm 9800np or 9800np SE?
Holy Schnikies :) 9800 PRO!!!
Refrub'd Radeon 9700 AIW
best ATI card for $200
where to get 9700 np
i'm sooooo happy
9700 keeps crashing to low res..
is softmodding a 9500np to a 9700np safe?
9500 Softmod Woes
3DMARK2001 score 16789 is it good?
Artifact question...
9800 Non-pro...which one is best?
9700pro overclocking & tweaking
Video Edit
Tweakmonster Vs DIY
Alternative to Rade3DTweak...
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9800 With Pro Cooler
Modding an all in wonder card
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Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB O/Cing
9500np no improvement over a 8500le ?
Mathematical limit of 9700 Pro
woo hoo! softmod worked!
Enabling AGP Acceleration
Linux and ATI
fan reliability
Looking for reviews of Sapphire Radeon 9800np
What do u think of 9200SE?
BIOS P/N Inconsistencies?
Rivatuner Help !
Hopefully the Gurus Can Help me...
Another 9500 Pro Thread... Geesh!
getting a new card, and have a few questions
Sapphire 9700pro - help please!
Shockin n' clockin with me Radeon 9500np
Radeon 8500LE
Are things missing?
Strange Softmod "Problem"
How high with an ICEBERQ4?
9700pro Overclocked :-(
9700 pro or 9800 non pro?
measurements for ATi Radeon 9800 PRO GPU...
why does the softmod fail?
Upgrading drivers on a softmod help...
7500le 128mb sdr???
overclock 8500
Is this a good cooler for the Radeon 9700?
Omega 3.6 released
ati 9500 pro overclcoking
9600 Pro and Non-Pro Differences?
9500 np or 9600 pro?
Is this 9500 Soft-Moddable
comments? AIW 9700pro or 9800pro?
cooling my Radeon 9500 np
Help with Zalmanheatpipe installation on sapphire 9800pro 256
9800 serious errors?
9700 Pro Overclocking
9500 non-pro or 9600 Pro
rage video card ?
Radeon 7000 (first Timer)
Radeon 8500 Vmod
Radeon 990 updates / news
God Bless Catalyst 3.6
First test with my BBA 9800 Pro
Gigabyte GV-R9700 PRO has different heatsink
Got my 9800 Pro (128MB Version) today!
Does memory size matter for softmod?
Did my softmod work???
Quick Yes or No: ATI 9500 Pro
Need of litle help !
9800 Locks up?
How to overclock a 9600 pro?
9800 pro on the way!!!!!!!
what if...
9700pro Ocerclocked
Unreal Tournament FPS
ATi 9500Pro Bios.........
Low 3dmark03 scores....!!!
ATI Questions........Please clarify!
cooling my Radeon 9500 np
9800 Non pro....
AIW 9700pro/Abit/Antec
OC conflicting with SoftMod
i'm desperate 4 help, have tech questions
hercules R9800 pro extreme hot!
Gigabyte Radeon 9500 64mb
People with 9700p or np AIW cards - Advice
Windows ME / Sapphire R9500 np conflict
9800 se release?
VideoCard Vmod same as AGP Bios Volts??
64md ddr 8500nonle Vs. 128mb DDR 8500LE
MY 9800pro & 2500+ score 23k and 7.3k in 3dmark 2k1 and 2k3!!
Cant play UT after installing Radeon9500??!!
newbie to OCing ATI cards, HELP PLZ!!!
9000 pro vs. 8500 LE
Easiest and safest way to remove 9700Pro shim?
OCing my R9500np
R9500np soft modding help
my 9800np
Post a pic of your Radeon rig and your stable oc!!
9500: pro vs np
tell me what's the problem please ?
9800np vs 9700 pro
R360 Taped out!
Should I even OC my vdocard?
9700np to 9800pro?????
ATi question ....
which bios to use for 9500np
Catalyst v3.6 released.......
9800 Aiw
Complete Guide to Upgrade Video Card Cooling (needed)
you see what 5 min. of work can accomplish?
Got an aftermarket HS on your "shimless" Radeon?
9700 or 9800?
Rip 8500le
9800np memory is HOT!!
ATI Radeon 9900 Pro When?
again i ask...
Best Catalyst Drivers for 3DMARK?
I need an ati 9500 pro original BIOS
Overclocking a Radeon 9500 Pro
Guide to removing shim on 9700pro
Success Rate on 9500NP to 9700Pro
9700np issues
what 9600 for gaming,overclocking and support DirectX9
Is 400MHz posable with a R9600pro?
Confused about 9800 version
I need a new pixel poppin pixel shaker
Moble ATI 7500 vs ATI 7500C
9700pro shim removed
What has happened????
Cat 3.6 problems
9600pro vs. 9500softmod stats
recommedation on good heatsink for 9700 np
Would lapping a gpu heatsink be any good?
Linux and 9700pro
Which video card??
9500np not working
is this a good guide?
I got RIPPED OFF?!!?!? Yes no?
O'Clocking Your 9700Pro On Air - How Far Did You Go?
Radeon 9700 NP Problems
9700 pro & Gaming issues
I need some help
9000 Pro 128 better than a ti4200 128?
Getting a 9500np
best video card?
9500 Pro Overclock results (good/bad?)
Coolbits for ATI
question about radeon 8500
Q regarding Omega drivers and third party cards
anyone heard of the ati fire GL Z1??? goes for around 400bucks!
Changing Heatsink on a Radeon 8500le
Weird stuff on screen w/9700pro
How do you take the heatsink off a 9700npro?
Overclocking a 9800 pro?
OEM lower clock speeds than retail?
Wizard softmod for 9500...
Whoa, whoa, whoa... wtf?
9600 Pro overclocked
Refurbished 9700pros @ Newegg
ATI 9700 Pro and Heat
Radeon 9700 Pro Acting Up
The metal piece on the bottom of the 9500np
9700 Pro Users - What Are Your AA/AF Settings?
whats the difference between the 9700np and pro?
New 9500np BIOS lowers 3dmark?
9500np What to look for?
laying pipe
Rage3d Tweaker Help
9100 causing reboots.
Help! ASAP! My sapphire 9500np thinks it spanish!?!?!
ATI rodeon 9600pro
9500np shows two display adapters in device manager
send me the soft mod, site is down
what cpu will take full advantage of 9700pro?
9700 3.3ns inferion original bios needed!!
Are the AIW cards worth it?
FIC Radeon 9500 Pro Questions...
Club3D Radeon9700 non pro Bios
Visual Stutter
Radeon 9800 Pro Ultimate??
just a little help
Hercules 3d Prophet 9800 Pro
Radeon 9500 np question
I was doing alot better with my amd setup
best 9800 np?
Sapphire = Never getting my business again
Radeon 9800 owners, Pro and nonPro
Weird gfx problem. Any clues? (from general hardware)
21,974 with 9700np and 2500+ barton!!
Help Needed W\ 9500NP BIOS Flash
fairly easy (solder) volt mod for 9800 GPU.
Overclocking 9700pro
manli ati cards?
Come on learn to use the search.
r9500np HSF cooling
Do i HAVE to flash the BIOS to Overclock a 9700np?
What's The Difference Between Pro & Non-Pro?
Rage 3d with this bios?
Video OUt on teh 9700 all in wonder
R9500np softmod+cooling = good?
My 9500NP.
post here if you have a r9500np
newbie r9500np question
ATI 9700 TX suffering in 3dmark03
where can I find Radclocker?
Ati 9700 Aiw
searching for good r9500np
9500np modding question
9700np w/ the 2.8
Tyan 9600 pro
I thought this would be lost at the end of an older thread..
4775 w/ 9500 PRO good?
AIW 9700 vc 9000
Just Flashed my Bios and Now cant change my appeture past 32~
The warp11 softmod on a newer straight RAM 9500pro?
need help identifying program...
Anybody mod 9500np to 9500pro?
RaDeon 8500 non-LE, or 9100??? :O
LONew Omega driver link is dead Please link!!!
Anyone ever RA'd an ATI card through ATI?
Heatsink Mods pics on 9500np's...
When will 9700pro's price start significantly dropping?
The guide to soft-modding
9500NP idea
9600 Pro Versus 9500np
Is 4709 a decent 3DMark score?
Tweaking Radeons
best bang for the buck..
What's The Difference Except Price?/9700 Pro & 9700 Pro
what card is better
my new ati 9600 pro
Help me find the cause of these "artifacts"
Card Cooling
R360: small performance increase?
Bios upgrade and editing programs
Radeon 9600 Pro cooling
9600 Pro OC
9700 NP Saphhire owners with Samsung ddr please read
Omega 3.5's Offical
Original Built by ATI 9700pro BIOS
Any Good OC Programs For Radeon 9700?
9100 worth 50 bucks
9500pro -- which and where?
softmodding 9500np 64mb
Did I get screwed??
3d 2001 se
9700np DOA?
Having problems with flashing...
Check out the cooling on this 9800 (retail too)
Are the Allstarshop Cards still Best?
Problem O
vsync on 9500pro in opengl
Helping post 9500np softmod artifacts
GTA:VC problems with 9500 Pro
Having problems with 9500 np
9700 Pro, Ram Speed, Help
Which HSF to my Sapphire 9700 Pro?
Applying AS3 to my 9700p GPU......
BBA 9700np?
Catalyst 3.5? what drivers for new 9700pro
Flashing a 9700np on Win XP?????
how to attach a second monitor to an AIW ?
just a wonder...
determining ram ratings - radeon 9700
does a 9700pro and a aiw ve = two monitor display
9800, 256 memory or not?
radeon 9700 o/c setings resetting
How can I get past 372core? (9500P)
9800np or 9700 pro
What would cause a 9700 Pro to burst into flames?
goodbye GF3Ti200! hello Radeon 9500/9600 PRO
difference between saphire and ati
Stubborn 9700Pro
Which driver for my 9500np ???
9600 pro questions
Trouble installing 9000 Pro software
Help me build my 9800 Pro peltier cooling sytem (cheap)
Considering cooling, OC low
ati 9700 50hz+tv output on boot "problem"
10,730 with my 8500
Does Sapphire actually make ATi cards?
Is this Radeon 9500 the correct model for a 9700 soft mod?
Bizarro 9700Pro
9800 Pro and ram sinks
9800 Pro, does the brand matter?
hey i just got my 9700pro
Updating Drivers (the correct way)
DDR/SDR Ramsinks on a Radeon 9500?
9700 PRO - screwed? help please
Raedon 9100L or just 9100
Rage pro turbo
does the 9500non-pro have BGA ram chips?
Problem with Sapphire Radeon 9500 Atlantis from Allstarshop
Who's the man!
suddenly I have artifacts at stock speeds...
radeon 8500 or 8500le ?
Which 9800 Pro Oc's the best?
mobo or psu??
Sapphire 9500NP Bios Issues...
Size Heatsink For 8500
damaging by overclocking
shortcut to control panel??
ATI All in Wonder Pro driver help
Quality vs Preformance
ATI 9700pro vs ATI AIW 9700pro
How's this for an overclock (stock cooling)?
textures getting stretched: what to do?
New vid card Need answers quick!!!!!
upgrade a 7500 to ...?
radeon 9700 pro & pc4800 mobo
Unlocking a 9500np same as rage3d tweak?
TV OUT on 9000 Pro and WMP 8
I can't find out what exactly you need to softmod a 9500...
9500np with no softmod or 9600 pro
cat 3.5
Help deciphering ram speed & revision of Sapphire 9700 NP I bought
Radeon 9500pro s-video ???'s
Vantec IceberQ4 Pro & AIW 9700 pro?
Have You Heard of This Problem - 9700Pro Fan Conking Out?
Radeon 9500 Softmod + SP1
9800 Pro and cooling
R9Kpro Tv-Out Fuzzies
Radeon comparison chart
Best Catalyst Drivers?
question on Sapphire 9700 non pro
What are the best soft/hardmod drivers ?
just got a 9800 non pro, have some questions
Doo the omega driver include the 9500 softmod?
Am i missing some thing?
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro - Driver Issues?????
HS trouble!
nvidia to ati install?
2500+@9700np+3.3ns inferion=21.4k in 3dmark2k1!!! yeah all for $190 bucks
ATI customer care is a joke!!
Tyan 9000 Pro....opinion needed?
Overclocking program...
If you own a Radeon 7000-9800 post here!
bye bye 9700pro
Omega driver, worth it?
Problems after flashing 9500pro with Warp11 bios
9700 Pro Rev 3.0 Owners.. READ This.
Can I save my 9500np?
Blue and black strips on a radeon 9500 np while benching ut2k3?
Lets say I get a 9500 whta exactly is needed for 9700..
If teh softmod fails, you can undo it and have a 9500...
9800pro Problems??
Best Radeon 9500 to use the softmod on
Speed of memory
OC a 9100 (128mb)
9700NP 3.6 Infineon
9800 pro drivers
Modded 9500np + Retail Barton HS = :D
baffled by low 3dmark scores.... wtf?
RAdeon 8500le
Cat 3.5 drivers
9700 AIW Capture quality
Are there going to be new Catalyst drivers out this week?
Volt Modding Memory on 9k5/9k7
artifacts on radeon 9500pro
HTPC + AIW 8500= right choice?
9800 256mb RAMsinks
which fan for an ati radeon 9700np?
9800 help!!
I get blue screen (not windows BS) when running 3dmark03
No video on TV display?
What are the 9800 pro clock speeds?
Mouse lag with v-sync
memory type, OEM ATI 9700 non pro
Increasing the overclock range in Rage3d Tweak
core or mem
Bought 9700 np, whats next?
New card not working?
R 9700pro Cooling....
DIP switches on the Xtasy 9500pro?
So my SECOND 9700 Pro died at stock voltage...
extending taskbar on dualies with ATI card...
ATi 9800 Overclocking Software
9600 Pro and RadClocker. What to set the Change Increment on?
Decent 9700pro overclock -- worried about heat
5324 3DMark03 P4-2.8, Radeon 9800
AIW 9700 pro overclocking abilities
Mobile 9000 64MB
BBA radeon 9800 pro unlocking??
Looking at getting a new card...
a 8500 LE low score in 3dmark 03
9500 pro red board L shaped ram
Flash Bios on 9700Pro?
Hey! Check these GAMING benchmarks for the FX5900 vs R9800PRO
cooling and artifacting
9500 Pro to replace GeForce3 question
so I got my radeon today
9800 Pro.. no driver options?!
R420 news!
New to ATI, help me OC my 9700NP
need orig. saphire 9500np 128 bios