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Should I re-sell?
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Cooling in Crossfire...
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2 Duplicate P-States for HD 6290 (C-60 APU)
need help choosing a video card
6850 little spike during games problem
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how hot is to hot for 6970?
HD6950: LOCATION of temperature sensors?
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trying to decide what is best.
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Upgrade plan ideas?
card selection help!
PCI Express 2.0 x16 vs PCI Express 2.1x16
5830 xFire
Deleted AMD Drivers - Faulty colors - Need help ASAP!
Is there any idea on when we should be able to buy a 7950?
Official 12.1 are out it looks like..
Compatible cards for Crossfire?
Looking for shader unlock 6950 BIOS
Surprisingly pleased with a 5830
Am I gonna be mad later if I buy today?
Omega drivers
Crossfire with (2) Cards and still game on 3x Screens
6870 1GB or 6950 2GB
Help with low FPS, please!
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Heads up to Dual Graphics users 11.12
XFX Double D 7970 Black Edition
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refitting my 4890 swiftech Waterblock
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7970 vs 6950 Crossfire
Low profile Graphics card
will it fit?
Please help me!
Nvidia geforce GT 520 vs PowerColor 4650?
have some questions
6000 series prices?
MSI 6950 wont post???
Radeon 7970 -v- 7950
6870 Crossfire
xfx hd 6950 xxx 1gb just wont work
BF3, 2x XFX-5770 or 6950?
Sapphire DIRT 3 EDITION Radeon HD 6950 Issue
5770s wont crossfire
Great my 700+ Euro CrossFireX Setup got messed up by XFX
A NooB Question about Xfire
Wait for 7990 or do a crossfire?
HD 6970 owner's only!
Will this work for flashing my 6850? Never flashed a bios before HELP!
Is this (link inside) a reference design 6970?
Can you still crossflash a 6950 to be a 6970??
XFX 6950 2GB Dual Dissipation card isn't recognized by Windows 7, and much more.
6970? or gtx 570? (leaning towards the 6970.)
need helping choosing a video card
dang upgrade fever
Radeon 6970, 3 monitor, dangerous?
Ok ATI GURU'S help me out with turning off Hybrid Crossfire
Using 2 different ATI video cards
Can The Latest Mobility Driver To Work On Acer 5935G Laptop
Here's something to make Americans feel good about themselves.
I may have just made a 300 paperweight...
new pc which gpu option is better
4850 Upgrade... Looking at 6k series
I just ran BF3 with a 6450?
Help Overclocking Please.
First-time overclocking 6850
upgrade my ati HD6970
6770+ Asus p35 mobo???
120Mhz work using the DVI connection on a 7970 card?
Radeon HD6950 Gigabyte or MSI?
overclocking xfx 6850
6950 not coming out of throttling
6950 Purchase Question
My Asus 6950 is loud!
Should I avoid using AMD Overdrive with my 6870?
Need advice on choosing a card.
radeon 6950 temp stuff
Arctic Cooling 6990 Twin Turbo Installed!
TriFire 7970 or Tri-SLI 580?
HIS HD 7970 Graphics Card Review
will 7900s come with any game offers?
7970's at Newegg
hd6970 standard clock settings in bios..
Will a Q9650@4GHz bottleneck 2 6870s in CF?
Need advice on which video card to buy!!
HD 6950 2GB
Pci-e 3.0 ATI 6850
Crossfire need new psu?
Second display adaptor disappeared?
GPU flashing gone wrong.
Audio to TV from ATI 4850
XFX 7970 available on Amazon
Radeon 6850 using crossfire or Single 6950? Help please!!
7970 QuadFire under LN2.... zomg
Sick and tired of using several programs to overclock
HD6950 Display Driver Keeps crashing
Sapp. 6970 Hissing Noise?
Reported 7970 Price drop before release...
Which is defective my Radeon HD6870 or my PSU?
CPU and GPU Bottlenecking
6970 temp question
HD6770 Xfire or HD6870
7970 performance on Intel VS AMD
HD 7970 1.7GHz on LN2
Non-native resolutions with letterboxing (wanted)
radeon hd 6870 display ports...
RMA-ed my 5850 and got back 6850 but it performs worse
HD7970 & HD7950 Results Thread - Torture Your Card, Post It Here!
4770 HD OC sweetspot?
AMD 6990 2nd GPU not used in Heaven Benchmark
Video Card Help
6970 OC'd Stays at 1.17v
Recommended Card for around 260?
ATI 6900HD Overclocking BSOD Mem Dump
Honest answer about ATI for an Nvidia guy please
old 5450/bored
Is your Catalyst Control Center crashing? Read on for answers.
Utility, overclocking tools
ATI RAdeon X1300 PCI
PowerColor 6850 ($130) or HIS 6870 ($140) ???
Graphic card overheating? [5770]
ATI Radeon HD 6870, overclocking!
Which card to xfire 6970 or 6950
Diamond HD6950 2GB Cards
Time to RMA? XFX 6870
Is there a way to OC my 6950 further than what catalyst allows?
3 monitor problem...
ATI 5670 giving low fps.. donno why ...
Software like PhysX for ati GPUs?
Upgrade from the GT 520.
What ATI 6870 to get???
6950 -> 6970 Brands?
sapphire radeon 6950 HD 2gb problem
GPU monitoring/overclocking problem
radeonquestion about a hd 6970 running on below suggested watts.
I dont know what would be better
6950 in CrossFire BF3 Drivers Thread
Dual Monitors with a 4890?
New 6970: A Couple of Questions
5770 and 4850 NOT in crossfire
AMD Radeon HD 7970 Graphics Card Review
4870X2 is finally getting to me...
Want a new GFX card!
6950 overclock vs. unlocked 6950 overclock
Overclocking 6770?
Overclocking R6950 Twin Frozr II
Ati 5970 problem
Sapphire 5970 users !!!
Radeon HD 4890 Temperatures.
New 6870. black screen displayed in Windows :cry:
Any help will be greatly appreciated Flashing bios gone wrong
HD 6790 Can't Handle "High" Texture Settings (BF3)
6870 overclocking
MSI R5770: Dual Monitor
Graphic Card Suggestion?
Radeon HD 6770 - graphics have all turned to 'spikes'
help with HIS HD6950 IceQ X Turbo 2GB
What's a good cooler for a 1GB HD 6950?
thinking about buying another 6950 PSU is it good enough?
HD7970 Release Date & Pricing
11.12's are out.
GPU Non Respnsive after flash???
On The Verge Of Tears
5850 giving me a headache
HIS ATI 6850 or XFX ATI Radeon HD 6850
the little 6870 that could.
Diamond HD 6950 2GB driver stopped issue
Sell off 6970 now or keep it?
Is 6850 Decent Upgrade Over 5770
OC Radeon 6850
Will it fit?
2x GPU's (info/ advice/ opinion)
Eyefinity Not Working
Sapphire Rev2 6970 Question
6870 Crossfire
Eyefinity and extended desktop issues
which of the two will perform better?
Video card thermal paste
Screen flickers 2-3 seconds after I log into Windows 7
11.11c Catalyst Drivers
5870 1gb to 6970 2gb worth it?
Newbie to overclocking GPU, HD 5770
1080p setup w/ 6970 display issues
Game Stability vs Furmark Stability
Sapphire 6850 and E7500
Anyone have a Sapphire Radeon 6950 2gb Dirt 3 Edition card?
6950 2GB + 6950 1GB
Difference between 5770 100283VXL and 100283VXL-2L?
Catalyst install issues
Will this water block work?
System resets due to ???
Gigabyte HD6850
600W PSU Enough for XFire 6970's?
Battlefield 3 GPU Performance and Eyefinity Experience
help HD 6990 Quadfire on Skyrim
Sapphire 6950 2gb vs MSI 6950 2gb twin frozr II
Dirt3 Edition 6950 maxes out at 1.18v
hd6870 toxic or hd6950?
Powecolor 6950 2gb Artifacting
Can AMD Float My Boat? (Switching Sides?)
xfx 6950 Crossfire Setup Questions
3X 6950 OC
Tri-firing 6970's
3DMark11 LN2 3-WAY CF HD (6970) VS 2-WAY GTX 580
11.11b and CAPs
Is it a boat anchor now? 4870x2
How to apply thermal paste in 6870?
Possible problem with my HD 5750 1GB.
HD6850 crashes (atleast i think is related to it)
Sapphire 6950 Dual Bios Help??
What MB for 6950 CF
Help with picking a 6950
Problem with 6990/Eyefinity on BF3
Worth to upgrade to 6950?
XFX 4870 Core Clock Capped
Default 6950 "overheating" at 70C?
Annoying display issue
OC mobility 4650
Mobile 4670 and both digital and analogue output problems?
Radeon HD6770 Good Enough For Gaming ?
Help finding 6950 that unlocks.
Quietest/ best 6950?
1gb and 2gb ATI cards
CF 5850 or what?
Got a error message from wow about 3D accellerator couldn't be used
ATI 6950 HD problem
R6970 Power Connections
Question about adding one more 6970 for CFX
Bios flash for xfx 6950?
Using second monitor to moniter stuff!?
A Redo.
changing bios allow voltage adjust?
Crossfire Sapphire HD 6770 Vapor-X
6850 fan does not start/spin help?
6950/6970 CF question...
Plays just fine, but loads like a snail on a downer.
3 gpu
6870 help please please !
while playing bf3...
CF 6870 1gb's VS 6970 2gb
Overclocking XFX Radeon HD6970
Average overclock for unlocked 6950 + bf 3
Radeon HD 6970 BUT WHICH BRAND??
Running crossfire on a EVGA P55 FTW board
ATI HD 6770m OpenGL Problem
6950 Dirt3 not unlocking...
Radeon HD 4670
question about running multitple monitors on AMD/ATI cards
bf3, 6990 and 11.11
Which card is best for the ASUS P8Z68 series?
2 slot GPU cooling solution for Sapphire 6970 Crossfire
Sapphire HD 6870 Dirt 3 Edition Review
Throttling to 725core/1050mem
ATi 11.11's Are Out
AMD dual graphics
Planning to order 6970...couple questions.
running cf 6950 unlocked to 6970, need psu advice
Battelfield 3 vs xfx6950
OC'ing a 6970...
hd5850 oc screw up?
How Do I Get Rid Of Random Green Pixels?
Need a good cheapish GPU
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim V with CrossfireX
Need some advice (Crossfire 6850's)
ATI HD 5970 tips, tricks,mods, ETC....
16x running at 8x
PSU and Crossfire Questions
GPU RAM not fully used? 5850
What do you all think of the 6850 for this rig? (rush purchase)
e/Radeon HD 6970 Crossfire freeze crash in BF3 ONLY while flying!
VGA chipset isn't functioning well?
MSI Twin Frozr III 6950 1GB Review
5830 Underclocking
What gpu for these connections?
Dual video card driver issue
Might be getting 2 5850s, have some questions
Double Video Card to drive 3 monitors and 1 projector
Thinking of buying 6950 Toxic
ASUS Radeon 6970 DirectCU II 2GB Overclock?
Need Suggestions for Video Card
Bad driver update?
ATI 4870 SMD Part
6950 duplicate screen problem?
XFX 6950 overclocking suggestions
My 6970 is toast. Pass the butter please :-)
ATI 5770 Temp Mishap - 102C
X-Fire Working?
Computer freeze (display Driver has Crashed) and beeps
Driver applied to 1 card only?
HD6950 temperature/crash issue
2x Asus HD 6670 not working with Crosshair IV Formula
Is it possible to increase ATI mobility Radeon HD 4250 RAM?
Newegg XFX6970 (HD-697A-CNFC)
Crossfire powercolor 6850 and 6850 cyclone power edition
gigabyte 5870 adjust voltage
Turning the fans off on a Radeon 6970
AMD 7900 series expected to launch before Christmas!
Question for anybody running 6850 CF
11.10 are OUT
Gigabyte HD6970 2GB GDDR5 OC on BF3 Multi Player
CrossfireX and Video Card Flexing
GPU's Not at full power?!?!?
Need help quickly - setup 4 HD6870 X2
X1300 vs HD4850
Radeon 6970 - Scratching Noise
Problems with overclocking GIGABYTE Radeon HD 6850 1GB
OCing my 6850 using VISION
BF3 Crashing to BSOD
2 x 4870x2 running bf3 at 2560x1600?
Fitting display to monitor
6950 vs 6870
HIS HD6850 iceq x turbo
Magic R19 chips?
SAPPHIRE Toxic HD 6950(6970 BIOS) vs XFX 6970
Heatsinks of both sides of 6950?
Whats the difference btw the heatsinks?
bang for buck ati GPU?
BF3 + 6950 = Freaking Lovely
BF3 + CrossFireX = Unplayable
Serious heat issues
Overclock Question
4890 upgrading
GPU info! :D
Driver Question For 2 Different Cards
Overclock Sapphire 6950 dirt 3 edition to 6970 speeds safe?
6990 fan kicking in at startup win7
Asus 6950 ACU II 2 Gig Graphic issue
11.9 CAP3
Can my ATI Radeon HD 6770 USE A HD PVR?
Can NEW Radeon 6950's still be modded to 6970??
11.10 preview 3 drivers / 11.10 updates:
Changed from HD6850 to HD6870 (which has deformation tendencies)
Catalyst application profiles
possible bottleneck with 2 6970s?
Which HD 6670?
6950 HELP
New GPU Tell me what u think
How to change AMD Video Cards Upgrade
Am i crossfiring correctly?
Overclocking Help :)
Which 6870?
Can't OC even 1mhz?