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Vapor-X 5770 locking up after CCC Auto-Tune
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on another note
6970 bsod
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please help. Dead 6850 and 5670 from furmark and foxconn mobo
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11.1 beta driver
hd 6870
6950/6970 Voltages, what is safe?
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5770 voltage not increasing!!!
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5850 Display Driver Not Responding! Need expert advice Please
Late X-Mas Present Today. CFX Mean anything to you?
5870s under windows 7 64 bit
Flashed 6950>6970, benchmarking question
budget card vs 2 ultra-budget cards (crossfire)
[O/C]AMD HD 6950 Video Card Review
Asus Ares 5870 X2
CCC wont run. need help
video card <=275mm for <=$275... ne?
His 6850 Heat?
XFX Radeon hd 6870 jumpy gameplay
A Little Help Please?
HIS HD 5770: Unlocking Voltages
How is the 6870?
can 5750 shaders be unlocked?
Minidisplay port to dvi
5970 ... still viable ?
Low FPS in Everquest 2, normal or bad drivers?
[Question]Upgrading my graphics card
Picked up a HD 6870 Twin Frozer II
6950 to 6970 reverted back to 6950??
Urgent HIS HD4890 Turbo
Radeon 3650 Replacement
Re: Ati Radeon 6850 or 6850 toxic or 6870
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4890 acting up
6950->6970 hows the overclocking?
Radeon HD 6950/6970 (CrossFire) Benchmarks by Physx..
asus matrix 5870 problem
Dman's Sapphire 6950
XFX 5850 checkered artifacts
AMD 4850 - Better cooling or replace
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5770 1 GB Overclocking
1st ati card
4870 1GB to 6850 Toxic - Good upgrade?
5970 bois highest one ive seen so far
Help Running 1920x1080p
5870, 4890, 8800 and three monitors
Falshed my 6950's to 6970's :D Crossfire powerh aha
Simple Quick Upgrade Question (5770 cf to 6950)
6870 Driver Crash
scaling issues on integrated 4250
DirectX Version Confusion
Memory Leak - but only when dual monitors configuration is enabled
Will this fit an Antec 900??
Difference in cards?
Eyefinity and crossfirex
XFX 5850 flickering w/10.12 drivers!
HD 5970 with 9800GT as Physx Card
system not showing new graphics card in device manager ... any ideas?
Dear AMD/ATi- I think your drivers suck.
6970 and 6950 CF
Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 dipping performance and issues
6870 voltage
Radeon HD 3450 BIOS
Are there any unlocked BIOS's for the 6970
HD4650 doesn't work - is MB compatible?
6850 not running 3 displays?
HD 6950 can be flashed into a HD 6970!
weird 5770 crossfire problem
Suggestions for a new card please.
6950 might have potential to unlock 128 extra shaders.
bios with powercolour 5970
Uprgrade my 4890?
ATI drivers?
ati sapphire 4870
5770 temperature jump
XFX HD 5850 question
Radeon 5870 E6 (EyeFinity6) Questions
Asus ati card
6850 or 6870 if the after rebate price difference is $30?
Help regarding 5850
Asus HD-6870 core:850 mem:1200 o_O?
What bios for a Dell HD5870
Eyefinity Asus Radeon HD 6870
Crossfire Problem (5970+5870)
Nvidia equivalents
Sudden Errors with HD4870?
Vsync and CPU usage
any way to revive my 3870?
Question about OCing GPU
CCC Question
Crossfire HD5770 overclocking problems.
HD6970 - Not Detected
updated 5770's having fps issues
Upgrade help
Are ATI Graphics cards graded like Nvidia cards?
Asus 6870 CF problem :S
Which "Tweaker" tool
R4350 with component cable connected to TV.
Sapphire HD6870 Help plz
Help- How do I force VSYNC on 6870??
Sapphire 4670 1gb 128-bit DDR3 crashes. [Only in Starcraft II]
5870 and Asus P5N-E SLI problems ...
help around 5570 and bios
Overclocking the 5870
6870 Voltage tweaking
Broke down... 6970 here I come, updates to follow!
dual radeon hd 5670 limits
HD audio Help 1.4a and 1.3a hdmi with 3d :)
CCC and Radeonpro
Possible To Crossfire X1600 and X1300???
4870 crashing, D601 light on at all times
Weird underscan issue. 6870. Sony 1080P TV
Should you go ATI or AMD on new HIGH end video card... well it depends...
What is wrong with ATi-AMD catylist installers?
anti aliasing/shadow issue with HD4770
Need a mid range card
Overclocking XFX HD 5770 Crossfire
HD5850 VS HD6870
Cheapest eyefinity solotion
Will a 6950 be bottlenecked in my PC?
5970 best manufacturer?
Will this build maximize....(gpu)
Last question about 5870 + 5970 (or any single + dual gpu XSLI/CFX)
I caved in...Got 6970
HIS 5770 Artifacts problem
Help me choose 6950,6970,6990
5970 and 5870 in CF
6970 vs CPU
hiyas ALL ... long time lurker first time post .. with question...
What is the performance difference between the 6870 and the 6970?
AMD 6970/6950 Review repository
question about ati catalyst 10.12
[O/C] AMD HD6970 Graphics Card Review
6850 or 5850
6950 & 6970 results and price! Enjoy!
Cheapest Card to play Bad Company 2?
how to set ati crossfire (only the hardware)
Cat 10.12's out - Preview of new CCC
5870 crossfire top card heat issues.
57** xfire or single 58**
HD5830 help.
Sapphire HD5970 mini/Dp-HDMI question
ATI Flash, 5850 - went bad?
Overclocking 5850
6970 Performance Slide Leaked
New look for CCC
Help ! is it broke ?
3d mark DX 11 is out
Casual Gamer: $150 budget - Need Advice
ati driver uninstal tool
Crossfire Newbie Needs Help!
GPU cooler advice
3dmark11 scores
Both screens go blank, dual monitors HD 5770
Different utilities showing different temps
First time ATI user needs help???
Matrix 5870 locking into 3d mode?
VRAM Temp Reader?
xfire 5850's water cooled
Power comsuption?
your system is not functioning at optimal performance.
Cooling for Crossfired 6870
my google skills are failing me lately :(
Deciding on gpu
oc 5970 problem
Boot/Graphics problem! (X1650)
MSI Radeon HD 5750 or XFX Radeon HD 4870?
5870 crossfire advice please
4870 overclock help!
Hydra chip on GPUs??
Ati Eyefinity 3 monitors
Missing temperature?
VisionTek Killer HD 5770 - GPU/NIC
New 3DMark06 Record, Mobility 5870 Crossfire
5870 cooling replace advice
XFX RMA 5870 how does it work?
crossfire advice 58xxseries
How bad will this bottleneck?
No Signal ATI 4550
5870 series drivers for crossfire
Reference 5850 ?
WOW Look at this...
Abit AN9 32X - XFX Randeon 5870
6850 OR 6870 [NEED ADVISE]
problem with radeon hd 5870 i need help please!
A question about 5970 gpus
That or this?
Crossfiring a 4830 with a x4 slot
GPU clocks automatically low?
New to ATI GPUs Suggestions Needed
xmas is coming. WHAT GPU to GET?
Which is better: A second 5770 or a 6870?
4850 1GB + 4830 512 crossfire?
Sapphire 4870 512mb (First generation) overlock help!
Monitor Goes into Standby while Playing
Why does AMD ATi make it hard to tell which Catalyst Display driver is installed
Some "specs" about the 6970
don't know what card to buy
Cat 10.11 Higher than 900/1300 high idle =(
Vid Card without new PSU
GPU, ram and VRM some temperature missing?
radeon 6850 vs gtx 275 in Sli
GPU question
Newly watercooled cf 4890's not working properly
new info on amd 6900 series
Catalyst 10.11 out
I need some edumacation!
Trifire dual 6870 + Matrix?
HD 5870 idle issue, green pixels
120hz 3d?
Upgrade ATI 3870?
ATI 3D vision
Which 6870 maker?
Not sure what this could be...
OCing an Asus 5770
which card bottlenecks me?
[O/C]AMD 6870 Video Card Review
Can 2 of these GPU's be Crossfired on this mobo?
4870 upgrade
Help overclocking non-reference 5850
crossfire bottle neck
ATI card + nvidia card for psych-x ??
Bought 5870, is 16123 3DMark06 normal?
4870x2, upgrade?