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loadlibrary failed with error 998 Error o_O
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att and gpu-z show different memory clocks
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HD 4890 CTF No display
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Check out the overclockers.com 3DMark06 and 05 benchmark thread!!!
5870 Help!
Read This if you use Crosshair Formula III Mobo
5770 or 5830 or 5850
read 6870 had hdmi 1.4a hdmi spec. that means it 3d tv ready.
Eyefi - Active DP Adapters
Case for Hd 5770
Leaked Radeon HD 6800 Benchmarks?
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ATI no longer "ATI"
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VGA cooler for my HIS 4890
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Can I change fans in ATI HD 4890 card
Massive lag in games and mouse-lag on desktop.
Radeon HD 6800 series comes in November!
ATI 5850 Memory Overclock
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HD 5970 + GTA 4 Issue
Dual Monitors not working
possible to send a random image down 1 monitor stream?
Computer turns on, no signal to monitor, 3 lights 4870
ATI 10.8 Catalyst Drivers Released Today
Fan speed gets lower as temps rise!?
Overclocking newbie here. any advice/suggestions.
New generation HTPC VGA card - ATI Radeon HD 5570 OC Review
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Eyfinity 6 Resolution
Installing ATI drivers
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????'s about a reman. XFX ATI HD5670
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5770 PSU requirements?
5770 wont post. Stuck on on-board VGA. Please help! =D
Nvidia card for PhysX question
Which of these 5870's should I get?
5870 Experiences and suggestions for my rig
Asus gpu
My card died. Why?
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HDMI Audio?
5830 downclocks to 400 MHZ!
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HIS reference 5870 Fan makes Odd Noise at Cold Boot
Radeon HD 5550, my power supply, and everything else.
afterburner fan profiles ( xfire )
x48/hd4870, gpu incompatible
Is my card dead?
OC problems for Asus Radeon HD 5850, crashing/drivers fail
The video driver is the same that chipset driver?
Voltage for OC 5770 in xfire?
Sapphire HD5850 toxic 1gb OC problem
Overclocked too much black screen on boot
HD 5770 HDMI 1080p Cutoff
What brand 5750 should I go for?
Hd5770 temp 100C
6xxx in November?
Reapplied thermal paste on my Diamond ATI 5750
Asus 5870 eyefinity 6
Where can u even buy a 5970 asus ares?
VDDPCIE Settings
VDDPCIE Settings
GSOD, Lockups with my HD 5870 ZNDC (xxx Edition)
Huge difference in 5850 crossfire than single?
5770 problems.
This is why i love AMD
ATI Taskbar temps and OC utility Question
first time oc'er, msi hawk 5770 questions
4670 lagging in games
I think I'm going to be needing to RMA my 5870 =\
5870 vapor-x overclocking without CCC
Question about 5850's
Omega drivers question
5850 Showing No Display
5870 tri crossfire but only dual monitor?
xfx 5850 with 500watt
Should I keep this non-reference 5850
How many ati cards can you crossfire at once?
Overclock Mobility cards?
HD 4870 underscans when it shouldn't
Crossfire an HD 5770 and an AMD 890GX (HD 4290)?
Crossfire 5770s with x16 and x4
[O/C]ASUS Matrix 5870 Platinum Review
help - HD5750 not working
I cannot overclock my Visiontek hd4850 for the life of me, whats wrong?
Do the cards need to be exactly the same for xFire?
To overclock or not to overclock?
Problem Overclocking 4850
Anyone know actual size of this card?
M17x R2 GPU Overclocking, Seeking additional advice...
First ATi build in 7 years, question about AF
Best GPU stability test?
HD5830 or HD5850,settin up quad Crossfire PC
Overclocking HD 3650 AGP
5770 CF lagging?
5770 CF with 3 Monitor?
Gigabyte HD 5870 vs Others?
Eyefinity and crossfire progress?
I have never used a ati video card have some questions.
New to Crossfire help!
Degraded performance with Triple crossfire 5870's
5970 Crash When Modifying Memory Clock
Get a new cooler and OC 4850?
Will this card fit in my case?
Ati 5850 or 5870
Not sure if this belongs in ati thread, but it has to do with triple screening
new to the HD series cards
unistalled my ati driver now winddows 7 doesn't boot up.
Which HD 4xxx cards is good for gaming?
ati driver 10.6 and 10.7 crap drop fps wtf ?
5830 Crossfire?
4850 vs 5770
Crossfire - different clocks
[O/C]ATI Releases Catalyst 10.7 Drivers
BSOD using Catalyst 10.5-10.7 w/ 5970
5850 sounds right
Weird problem 5850
Question: XFX XFX HD-487A-ZWFC
Is HD5870 overpriced?
9800 pro 256 (r360) volt mods?
5770 CF - Corsair VX550W ok?
10.7 beta drivers are out :) (10.8 too?)
ASUS Radeon 5850 (EAH5850/2DIS/1GD5) HELP!
Reference / Non-Reference?
what is better, more memory or more gpu ram?
ATI 4700 issues
Is this a good card for Blu-Ray/rendering
3 Screens off of one card?
4870 memory temperature
Could use some advice on x2 HD 5770's
Gaming BSOD 116
Can a card cause PC not to turn on
Catalyst control center
5850/5870: Reference vs. Non-Reference
Best graphics card for eyefinity setup?
Xfire dilemma.
Please help me configure my XFX 5970 BE with 3 monitors
Display driver crash with 4850 engineering sample.
[O/C] ATI Radeon HD 5550 GDDR5 Review
AGP Video Card Suggestion
Difference between these two cards?
HD 5770 wont change clocks
Driver recovery
Q regarding new video card in old computer
video card for photoshop user
4870 Temperature Requirements
Mobility Radeon HD4250
Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 5970 size
Crossfire 5770 Small Screen?
Question about 5850 VRM temps.
When Should I Upgrade and With What?
5970 bios flash help
4870x2 stock fan
OC on a 5850 reference vs non reference
So I just ordered a 5870 E6 2gb...
Radeon x1650 Overheating
I joined the family
VRM Coolers for the 4850
OCing an Asus HD 5770 - Catalyst or Asus Driver
Ati Raden HD5770
Sell XFX 4890 -> Buy 5870/5850?
Gigabyte 5970 (+FPS GAIN)
Flashing 4870x2 BIOS
Upgrade: AGP HD 3850 or lower?
Video card benchmarks?
Asus Direct CU 5850, Oc edition or not?
noob needs advice on video card selection
need a recomendation
Games keep freezing and crashing
Stuck with a few options can someone help me decide?
5850 vs gtx 465
How do I overclock my 5850?
My HD4850 is performing at 50%?
How long a run can I make with a HDMI cable?
58x0 comparison?
New 5850 Owner - Need some advice (CPU)
5850 CrossfireX
Low performance with 5750 and audio issues
Question about bottlenecking
HD5970 low fps in GTA 4
MSI R5770 Directx 10 issue
Get a 5850 or wait for 6xxx/5xxx refresh
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics - Can it run TES: IV ??
5870 Trifire vs 5970 Quadfire Performance vs Noise
VDDPCIE voltage
Performance difference between 4890 and 5850
adding in a new 5870
5850 or 5870?
Crossfirex help
Using support video card as main
2x5870 or 5970 ???
Recomend a GPU set up?
5870 vantage score
Afterburner/Kombuster not challenging card??
HD 5850 - To RMA or not to RMA? That is the Question
Sapphire ATI 4850 Reference Design?
Need opinions! Crossfire or overclock?
Can I CF different brands?
Matrix 5870 voltage.
4850 OC settings not saving?
Does this make sense???!!!
Sapphire 5850 eating PSUs?
Where is the DTV menu in CCC
2 X 5870 , 2 monitors & 2 wow accounts.
Diamond 4850 HD - warping/overheating
Stuck between 2 cards! :(
HD 5850
Powercolor 5830 RMA process
5770 Cf oc settings
jus cleaned my video card and it is hotter!
WoW card
Possible Upgrading
Just bricked my 4870x2
Reference Designs
ATI 5870 "Overheating"
Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD4870 (GDDR5) Bios?
xfire 5770
Asus p6x58d premium crossfire pci-express 2.0 slots 1 and 3 question
5870 high speed fan at startup
OC 5770 v. 5870
street pricing HD3870X2 1 Gb
"The video scheduler has encountered an unexpected fatal error"
5850 power triple 24" ?
After installing my 5770, Windows XP hangs on "Loading your personal settings"
Best Software to OC my Cards
[O/C]Gigabyte Radeon HD 5870 SOC (Super Overclock) Review
what is the best brand for ati cards?
Sapphire 5870 cold bug?
Screen goes black when installing new drivers (10.6)
hows my 5850
[O/C]Catalyst 10.6 Drivers Released
5770 vs 5830 ( at 1080res)
3 displays with eyefinity
2 5770s vs 1 5870
Replace 4870x2 with 5850 toxic 2gb?
ATI 10.6 Drivers Released
need card to replace EVGA 275gtx
5770 x 2 not acting as it should.
Kid mased a bunch of keys now I need help =)
E8500@4.06ghz + 4870 512mb: Should I get 5850?
WC crossfire 4890's (help)
looking for crossfire 5870 but question
Another 5770 XFire WTF thread, need help!
Problem with flash 10.1 and 5870
Can't O/C My 5970's RAM
Overclocking HIS 5850 w/ iCooler V
5870 mobile
POWERCOLOR Radeon HD 5830 1GB out of box benchmark
5770 X-fire vs. 5850
MSI Afterburner voltage adjustment question
HD5770 vs GTX260 216?
Radeon HD 4XXX vs 5XXX
No Performance Gain In Crossfire
5970 + Water block = Instability?
XFX Radeon 5870 no HDMI signal
Artifacts and lockups
ati 4850 dvi>hdmi connector
xfx hd 5770 crossfire HELP
Embedded videos freeze in full screen, where is Windows Media Video Acceleration
5970 3D Clocks Switching!
5870 i5 750 vs 5870 1090t
my 5850 seems to be crashing my computer help
Is my 5850 idling rather high?
Shortest Length 5870?
[HD4550 Review] A low-budget media center PC GPU
Ati HD Radeon 4670 Which one for my needs?
[SOLVED] HIS 5870 - Green specks on screen
AMD GPU Ultimate Sticky Thread
5970 + 5870 Crossfire help needed please
asus 5770, no moniter signal!!
Help, 5770, no DVI signal
Which card ontop?
New GPU Recommendations
xfx hd 5770 crossfire
ATI's 5850 vs nVidia 285GTX? Any results?
Radeon HD 5750 keeps crashing in games
3ds max
Help: Recommended HD 5870 for overclocking
[O/C]ATI Increases its Market Share
XFX HD 5770 .
ATI 2D/3D speeds
Sapphire 5770 2D artifacts
Buying new ATI card
Compatibility Question....
Comparing an OC'd Mobility Hd 4650 to a stock mobility hd 4670
Overclocking 5850's in Crossfire
Question about the stability of the GPU when overclocked
help: Major Differences between 5770/5750??
iTracker2 Software
8x PCI-E vs 16x PCI-E (2.0) Question
Did i get a DOA card?
Ati 6000 series, 40nm? 28nm? This year? next year?
ATI 10.5 Drviers out
Asus GamerOSD Causing Micro-Stutter
5000 Series CFx - Two CF Bridges Needed?
[O/C]Reinventing The ATI 5870
Any extreme 5870 xfire overclockers here?
Radeon 4850 Artifacts in SC2 ONLY
Cross fired 5970's Crash
X-firing a 4850 and 4860
Do all 5970s have a vapor chamber for cooling?
Issue overclocking 2x Msi Lightning 5870's.
Recommend a card for my setup ?
Crysis Warhead 1920x1080 black lines 0% scaling
Low Benchmark results in Ati 5970
Should I get a 4870 or 5770 from my RMA?
Pcie x16 and x4
5870 240 mod problem
Should I Enable Hybrid Mode?
Upgradeding tp ATi
help ! what about vtx3d
Help!!! 5850 causing problems
Noob Crossfire Question
Radeon 9200 freezing
ati radeon 4870
Need help choosing HD5870
5870 CF Core Clocks Problem
Vantage 30091!!! Finally broke that 30k Barrier.
anyone selling a 4870x2 or know where i can get one cheap?
Question about overclocking mobility radeon hd 4650
5870, Dirt 2 and MSAA
Using Nvidia as PhysX
5870 Driver
Source of DScaler Error calling UpdateOverlay is version of Catalyst drivers
MSI Hawk 5770 Or 5830 Or Wait?
4850 Screen Tearing
hmm what to do
looking for low power ati card
Video card eating MB?
How hot can a video card be safe?
5850 acting wierd...
XFX 5870 red dots across screen
Looking At A ATi Card Thats Good Level With 9600GT
looking for ati card, need suggestions
CrossFire Question
5770 Issues
4870 HIS iceq4 turbo.. overclock
Hybrid crossfire issues
Strange GPU problem - Sapphire 4870x2
Simple question.. I guess
4870 MW2 Issues..helpp
ATI HD5850 driving me insane!!!
1950pro Vs 4670 ATI AGP
BSOD after going from nvidia to ati
HD5450 and Maximus Formula issues
4870 + 2.8 dual core bottleneck?
4870 Fan speed + Temps
Advice on AGP 1950 PRO thinking of UPGRADE to 4670
Buying a 5870 but...
Interrupts process maxing out CPU with 3650 installed?