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Powercolor 5830 RMA process
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jus cleaned my video card and it is hotter!
WoW card
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Just bricked my 4870x2
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ATI 5870 "Overheating"
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street pricing HD3870X2 1 Gb
"The video scheduler has encountered an unexpected fatal error"
5850 power triple 24" ?
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[O/C]Gigabyte Radeon HD 5870 SOC (Super Overclock) Review
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ATI 10.6 Drivers Released
need card to replace EVGA 275gtx
5770 x 2 not acting as it should.
Kid mased a bunch of keys now I need help =)
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Artifacts and lockups
ati 4850 dvi>hdmi connector
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Embedded videos freeze in full screen, where is Windows Media Video Acceleration
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5870 i5 750 vs 5870 1090t
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[HD4550 Review] A low-budget media center PC GPU
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AMD GPU Ultimate Sticky Thread
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Help, 5770, no DVI signal
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New GPU Recommendations
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3ds max
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XFX HD 5770 .
ATI 2D/3D speeds
Sapphire 5770 2D artifacts
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Compatibility Question....
Comparing an OC'd Mobility Hd 4650 to a stock mobility hd 4670
Overclocking 5850's in Crossfire
Question about the stability of the GPU when overclocked
help: Major Differences between 5770/5750??
iTracker2 Software
8x PCI-E vs 16x PCI-E (2.0) Question
Did i get a DOA card?
Ati 6000 series, 40nm? 28nm? This year? next year?
ATI 10.5 Drviers out
Asus GamerOSD Causing Micro-Stutter
5000 Series CFx - Two CF Bridges Needed?
[O/C]Reinventing The ATI 5870
Any extreme 5870 xfire overclockers here?
Radeon 4850 Artifacts in SC2 ONLY
Cross fired 5970's Crash
X-firing a 4850 and 4860
Do all 5970s have a vapor chamber for cooling?
Issue overclocking 2x Msi Lightning 5870's.
Recommend a card for my setup ?
Crysis Warhead 1920x1080 black lines 0% scaling
Low Benchmark results in Ati 5970
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Pcie x16 and x4
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Should I Enable Hybrid Mode?
Upgradeding tp ATi
help ! what about vtx3d
Help!!! 5850 causing problems
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Radeon 9200 freezing
ati radeon 4870
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5870 CF Core Clocks Problem
Vantage 30091!!! Finally broke that 30k Barrier.
anyone selling a 4870x2 or know where i can get one cheap?
Question about overclocking mobility radeon hd 4650
5870, Dirt 2 and MSAA
Using Nvidia as PhysX
5870 Driver
Source of DScaler Error calling UpdateOverlay is version of Catalyst drivers
MSI Hawk 5770 Or 5830 Or Wait?
4850 Screen Tearing
hmm what to do
looking for low power ati card
Video card eating MB?
How hot can a video card be safe?
5850 acting wierd...
XFX 5870 red dots across screen
Looking At A ATi Card Thats Good Level With 9600GT
looking for ati card, need suggestions
CrossFire Question
5770 Issues
4870 HIS iceq4 turbo.. overclock
Hybrid crossfire issues
Strange GPU problem - Sapphire 4870x2
Simple question.. I guess
4870 MW2 Issues..helpp
ATI HD5850 driving me insane!!!
1950pro Vs 4670 ATI AGP
BSOD after going from nvidia to ati
HD5450 and Maximus Formula issues
4870 + 2.8 dual core bottleneck?
4870 Fan speed + Temps
Advice on AGP 1950 PRO thinking of UPGRADE to 4670
Buying a 5870 but...
Interrupts process maxing out CPU with 3650 installed?
4870 temps.. Concerned
Unable to overclock my HD4870
Overclocking the 5850
5870 CF Heaven 2.0 Benchmarks..sounds right??
Changing voltage on Asus 5850
Which 5770?
I could use some advice
Possible to have a wallpaper per monitor?
5770 Overclocking
4850 fan not spinning in some PCIe slots
5970+5870 crossfire questions....
Overclocking a 5830
Help with upgrade, getting a pair of HD5850 for an e8400 rig
Eyefinity at its best. If you can afford $6500 per monitor.
Radeon HD 5870 Reference ?
What is the difference between these two 5870s?
How to activate 2nd core on the dual 4850?
Guide: How to fix error ati display driver has stopped responding
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Crossfire 5870 and 5770
Extended Crossfire Bridge?
ATI 5870 no display problem
Sapphire Toxic edition and coolermaster gladiator 600..help!
3rd party ATI drivers?
problem with x1300
5870 Input/Output questions
4870 vs 5770
ATi Catalyst 10.4 WHQL released
The Final decision.
ATI 5770 Win7 64 bit drivers
xfx 5770 video error
New 5770
Vapor X crossfire 4890s BIIIG temps!
latest ati2dvag.dll
PCI-e video + On-board video ???
5770 Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.
which brand of 5870?
5870 main GPU
Need Help With CrossfireX Buy
ATI Tapes Out 6000-Series Graphics Cards
Asus Cucore 5770 Dual fLICKER problem
PCS+ 5770 Gfx Card and No Detection on LCD
XFX now offering reward for #68
Xfx HD 5970 black edition , keep freezing in games
PLEASE HELP!!! black screen, computer freee only in games
4870 VDDC issue (again)
5870 fan on high
OpenGl problem...flickers on LCD screen.
5000 series low power
5770 crashing
Ati Tool Vs Furmark
5870 vs 480
required PSU for 5770
XFX Security Breach! Tee Hee?
4890 till the 6000 series comes out?
5770 3-way xfire problems.
ATI prepping GPU refresh for 2H 2010
Lucid Hydra...is anyone excited?
Upgraded from a GTS 250 to an HD 5770 but games load slower
BSOD with ATI version 10.3 driver
Add 8800GTS to HD5870 for PHYSX in Just Cause 2?
Any way to QUIET my loud reference 5870? Aftermarket cooler only option?
Two 3dcards, Three Monitors
Will a 5850 be bottlenecked by an E8400?
Two GPUs, two monitors.
overclocking Ati 5770
BSOD with Auto Tune
Help choosing a new card.
5970 + gta iv problems
What is causing my 5850's fan to sound like a wood chipper?
How well will a 5770 work with Borderlands?
HD 4870 Graphics problems
Ati mobility modder
Who says HD 5870 needs a lot of room?
Why Don't ATi Update Mobility Drivers?
Display Driver has stopped responding
Asus Radeon HD5770 on Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2
tv-out problem
ati 5770
5870 cf vantage score
GPU Memory Usage?
Questings with overcocking 5850
10.4 preview. if you play BFBC2...
5870 Bad company 2 poor performance
ATi 5770 Crashs
Xfx 5850 bios flash
From the pan into the fire
5850 aftermarket cooler?
HD5870 Overclocked Past 1500Mhz
5850 vrs 5850
Is this normal? On Stock?
5850 3dm vantage scores, right?
Most stable Catalyst driver version for 4850
help! no signal from new 5970 in a new rig
max core voltage
crossfire not working (HD 4850)
Radeon HD 5850 Opinion
A question to all HD4xxx users,esp. XFX, regarding fan speeds..
Asus HD4850 Crashes After Gameplay
My 5970 Water Cooled Temps...
Looking for an ATI card
help on naming of ati cards
ati radeon 5850 brand questions
5970 clocks higher than 2x5870's - is that bad?
5870 Crossfire Issue?
MSI Afterburner help plz
Any improvement/better compatibility if ATI is used with AMD CPU+chipset?
Looking for a His ICEQ Turbo 5770 Review!
5870 Crossfire with 5870/5979
ATI 5870 @ Stock Cooling
Connecting laptop to standard tv
Any way of controling voltage on 5850 Vapor cards?
Strange Drops in fps
Saphire 5770 and 40" LCD
ATI Radeon HD5870 Eyefinity6 Review Roundup
Ati 10.5
4870x2 new thermal compound.
Question about the best 5770 to watercool
5870 2GB E6 - Eyefinity benchmarks
AA + low-res, or no AA + high res?
Help? ha
AHH! Broken PA1312NL on 4890 is there a way to fix it?
choices :) ATI Radeon HD 5870 Vapor-X
ATI 5770 3DMark06 Score
Welcoming a new addition to the family... So Happy I could CRY!!
Is it possible to add a NVidia card to an ATI rig for cuda only?
[O/C]Upcoming ATI Cards to be Built on 40nm
Ati Restricting Supply of 5870 cards? WHY?
diferent models, same GPU... compatibles?
4870x2 extinct?
Which 5870? XFX 5870 Reference VS. XFX 5870 V2 Non Reference?
ATI 4870 Squeal w/Folding
x700 agp showing up 8 times in device manager?
Using Asus Smart doctor to O/C my 5850...one little problem!!!
Saphhire 5870 Now or GTX 480 in 2 weeks??
Hope you guys can help...
Thinking about getting Radeon 5850 need some input
grrrr more trouble with my 5670 500MHz wtf
3 x HIS ICEQ turbo 5770's worth it?
XFX 5870 performance decrease over a week?
Can my PSU handle 2x Radeon 5870's ?
ATI Radeon HD 5770 but which one?
Help needed :( 2 x HD 4890
So I hear about HD6000 series in Q4...
What is will the (unannounced) 5890 look like?
XFX 5850 XXX Artifacting, not OC'd.
OC temps and OC proggies.
How much does a non reference 5870 cooler actually raise case temps (approx)
Stream tech
drivers for 4890 windows 7?
Need recommendations for a GPU!
Can't Get 5870 Vapor-X Passed 900MHz
10.3 drivers out
Sapphire 5850 11162-00-40R vs 21162-00-40R?
Sandy's 5970 thread...
Crossfiring 5770 and 3850
Reference cards?
ASUS 5670 vs gainward 9800gt
Video out put flickers
Question about the Radeon 5870
4890 crossfire vs 5870
pay day = xfire monster
liquid cooling help fps?
Oh Noes, Can't overvolt sapphire 5850 hd toxic
ATi Crossfire
intermitant problems, posts but no display(no signal to monitor)
Question for those versed in 5000 series Xfire
Whats better? one vs 2(Xfire)
5870 questions
Is Physx that important?
Windows hangs at "Starting Windows" with 4850
Strange overclocking results for 5770
ATi 4870x2
Screen ripping/tearing during 5770 overclock OR underclock
Windows doesn't recognize 5770 even after driver install
5970 Overclocking
Just ordered a gigabyte 5870!
question about installation hd5850
Cat 10.3 Preview Drivers Out
4890+4870 Xfire questions
ATI Crossfire - 4870
Questions about volt modding my 5850
what and why?
Eyefinity: Side Screens Skewed
5770 crash cause of temps?
Eyefinity setup..
Powercolor HD5770 crossfire
HELPPP!!! PLZ! 4870x2 problems
5770 xfire
Best Overclocking tool for HD5870's
crossfire unchecks itself after i hit apply?
How difficult is it to switch to water-cooling?
Has anyone used RBE w/ their 58xx cards?
Does anyone own this 5870?
ati Asus 5770 4 models - best?
Calling all ATI guru's...I need some help please.
5770 asus vs saphire vs power color vs msi
mixing different brands of 5850's?
20C load temp diff in 4890 CF !?
Did I get a bad card(5850) or a huge CPU bottleneck(stock q6600)
Crossfire with 4x PCIe
3dmark 06 vs. 5870
screen goes to black after game loads x.O
best gaming performance
Possibly upgrading from 8800GTS G92
XFX 5850 Stuttering
5990 is an overclocked 5970?
worth trading in a 5970 for a black 6 gig edition?
5970 screen flicker issue
Questions on OCing an HD5970
is 5040x1050 is that too high for a 5970 in alien vs predator
4Gb 5970 VS. 4Gb 5970 Which design is better?
alien vs predator with 5970
Tri monitor setup
eyefinity resolution issue
Strange visuals in Bad Company 2
FPS numbers for eyefinity 3 lcd 24" screens
( question about Temps )XFX Radeon HD 5870
5850 Choking on e v e r y t h i n g
Is this what I need for eyefinity?
5870 XFIRE vs 5970
Need Pro's opinions on 2 GPU's
Crossfire or Single?
(2) 5850 in CF vs. (1) 5870
games for eyefinity
Thoughts and O/C Results for Asus 5850
Would like some info on the 4860
eyefinity setup with 5970
5870 dilemma
1 x 4870 vs 2 x 4850
Where to go if considering replacing 4870 1gb
Cheap cooler for ATI 4650
5850 vs 5830. which should I get?
What ATi brands are good and reliable
Sapphire 5990
CF de 1 vs 2 puentes?
So how does my warranty with XFX work?
Converting Video on HD 4850
5970 cold boot issue
Where is VDDC on ATI cards
5870 vs GTX260 to buy? or not to buy?
5870 @1.2v 1000/1300, is this safe?
Can anyone ID this ES 4800 series card?
Tearing and choppiness..
This 5770 is a curse!
ATi Radeon HD 4350 Overclocking problem?
5970 in quadfire?
Best card I can get for around 50-65?
Question about having 3 monitors
Will my gpu fit?
5870xfire bottleneck
Will my new gpu work?
Buying a 5850, Suggestions?
HD5770 "molesting" my choices...
Difference 5770/5870
Custom ASUS 5970 (Limited Edition)
5970 vs fermi
What brand o' 5770?
Run dual monitor AND output to TV at same time?
Just jumped on the ATi boat.
( problem ) new XFX ATI Radeon HD 5850 ( making strange noises )
ATI Radeon HD 5830 - AMD Completes its HD 5000 Line-up
worth the upgrade from 3870?
Cooling the 5870?
i7 @ 4.0GHz together with 5770 - overkill?
Why would refresh rate affect stretching..?
eyefinity ?
Which ati 5870?
Sapphire 4870 HDMI output not working
alien vs predator stutters with 4870x2
4850 locking up when running TV over componet
Can I crossfire an ATI 5770 + 3870?
should I upgrade, if so, what?
10.2 drivers out
XFX RADEON HD 5870 not getting along with ASUS P5N-E SLI
Anyone know how to overclock a 5870? Hav stock cooler. Got msi afterburner.
4850 n00b question.
4870x2 2nd Core Issue
First overclock using afterburner.
Whats the difference?
Better Buy 5850/4850X2
HD5850 issue - LOW fps..
4770 crossfire 16x/4x
most reasonable upgrade for my rig?
ATI Tray Tools crashes OpenGL apps!
Overclocking the ASUS HD5850.
XFX 4890 Non Consistant Fans
Reoccuring problem with ATI HD4870x2 HELP.
Crossfire 5770, problems after CPU OC.
4890 OR 5770
10.2 Drivers came out yesterday?
Can my power supply safetly run an HD 5770?
AMD's ATI Catalyst 10.2 and 10.3 Preview
how to install directx 11?
How many crossfire bridges do I need?
radeon 4870 weird freezing
Wanted 3d vision. Skipped the next gen nvidia and couldn't be happier.
problem with catalyst 9.11 with x800xt pe
How far do you have to overclock a q9550 to avoid a bottleneck with a 5850?
Story of the RV870
XFX 4850 1GB vs Sapphire 5450 1GB?
ATIflash "invalid system disk"
Maximum safe voltage on 5870
When will ATI 5800 pricing fall?
5770-600w PSU
Help: ATI Catalyst drivers issue
HD5970, Is it really worth it?
Joined The Club Again
5770 VS PS3
Saw this at work yesterday
5850 OC Help - Increasing Core Voltage in MSI Afterburner
5770 i need all ppl's help plz
Best company for 5870
red dot's, than driver failure on 5770 crossfire
Help me decide ..?
Random Scramble
Powercolor 5870 1GB Pics/OC/etc
Cool running card...
Crossfire not disabling, or not working?
My first OC on HD5850 few questions need help
Little advice on Sapphire HD4890 OC ...OCing
Geforce 9600 GSO 768MB Versus Radeon 5750 1GB
Shader problem..
5770 Cooler Switcheroo Issue
my 3870 has busted up its been less then a year!!!
HD5750 Performing sub-par?
5770 8x instead of 16x
5770 Screen Tearing
First Build Angst
sli 260 vs 5870
My frist video card
Does anyone have any experience on VERTEX3D brand?
HD5870 with DirectX 11
New graphics card!
help ocing my 5770
4000/5000 series crashing fix (?)
Dual Monitors ok with Ati Card?
So I had a chance to revisit my 5850 overclocking.
Installing 5850
problems with DXVA on a 4670?
HIS 5770
Overcloking 5770
5770/5850 Sound Questions.
w00t w00t -- 5850 just came in