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i'm finally doing it, getting a 5770
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What GPU will best fet my config. Upgrading from 8800 gts SLI
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My first post, and my 5750 overclocking.
dells ati 4350 dont laugh
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4890/5850/5870 sizes?
Which would be more benificial?
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Emergency Buy. 5850 tonight. Brands matter?
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driver issue?
This card any good?
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5870 Eyefinity Edition
Should I wait?
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New Screen or new Card?
5xxx series low power state and OC'ing-(HD5850)
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need New bios for my Gigabyte HD3850 512DDR3
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4670 handle 1900 X Resolution gaming?
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White pad on the back of hd4670?
Where is the scaling setting go in ATI catalyst?
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Significant number of 5850/70's in stock at newegg for $300/$400
new ati 5 series gpus around the corner, looks like it!
5770 now, or wait 2 months?
3dMark Vantage Stability
Poor 4870 Cross Fire Performance
GPU Temps monitoring while playing games
i want to enable v sync but...
xfx 5770
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4870 too high temps!!
Help: Mild Overclock Not Working
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catalyst 9.12 is not worth it if...
Lost in Tri-Fire need help. Do not have the option to enable
how does Catalyst 9.12 fair for 4800?
3870 crossfire vs. 5770?
quck question about flashing 5850
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Troubless with HD3850 AGP 512MB
wow...what just happened?!
5850 safe overclock
4850+hr03=98c temps?!
XFX 4890 (Fan on middle) OC questions.
Crossfire 4890's or 1 5870 or wait
Cat 9.12 showing as 9.7 in CC panel?
Dirt 2 and CAT 9.12 :)
The 4870X2 vs 5870 shootout!
Eyefinity question.
Looking to snag a 5770.
Do i buy this?, ati 4670?
Fret board in GH3 is choppy...
HD 5750 Driver problem
Sapphire Tweak Utility download
CCC does not open after 9.12 HotFix.
screen flashing
Max 4890 OC
HD 5870, Catalyst 9.12 installation starts but nothing happens after click NEXT!
Catalyst 9.12 vs Catalyst 9.11 Benchmarks
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Cat 9.12 Official posted
No fan speed reading in Catalyst
help with mac video card
Noisy, hot 4890
xfx 5870 low frames
ATI 4850 alternative
ATI XFX 4870
HD3850 512DDR3 VS HD4670 512DDR3
New 5850
Temps usually run this low?
ATI HD 4870 HD audio question?
Best deal at $100-$150?
Oven Trick alternative. input pls.
"Watercool" Radeon HD5770
Crysis - CrossFire is useless!?
4670 overclocking
Ati overdrive
which is more important? memory Bandwidth or GPU speed?
I can't control the fan on my HD3850
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Best card at or under $130?
dead video card?
What is actual AMP draw of a Radeon x1950Pro??
GPU-Z does not show CrossFireX working?
Looking for some ATi Magic
Welll, I did it. I bought a 5970
Please help me use ATI BIOS Editor 2.7 on a HD3850
ATI and Eyefinity (Bugs/Issues)
Can you mix 5xxx series GPU's
Crossfire question
5970 eyefinity issues - Help please
HD3850 + ATT overclocking = PURE WIN
please help me overclock my HD3850
RADEON 5870 OR 5890???
4870x2 to 5970?
im needin some help with a graphics card driver please
4650 good for older games?
Which fan is on the Asus 4850 please?
4890 or 5770?
4870 or 5770?
Question about the CCC install
Is my card dying?
easiest way to flash 3870 without a floppy drive
Upgrade time on my IP35! PCI-E and XFire questions
ATI 5850 Flicker at desktop? OC'ing fixes?
Eyefinity & Different Resolutions?
ATI Radeon 4870 at 100% gpu load while idle
Unable to OC in CCC
5770 question
Will ATI HD 5770 run 3 monitors by itself (NOT using eyefinity)?
Crossfire question
upgrade time
4670 Slideshowing during HD video, but not games
Catalyst Control Center
Slow HD 5770... Ideas?
MSI 5870/'s Benching
5770 differences?
Sapphire 4870 CF issues with new bios
Random FPS in Crysis...
Dead 3850
Need assistance for High VDDC Temp for 4870
Contrast and compare Radions 4850 X2, 4870 X2 and 4890
sub $200 upgrade
Weird screen glitching, screen bumps..??
Eyefinity hardware questions
Where is VPU recovery in 9.11?
Ati upgrade dx11
Low Vantage Score?
5870 vs. 4890 crossfire question
New 40inch HD with 2 4870s - Need help fellas
4890 or 5850?
What am I missing?
Crysis Bench??
Gigabyte 4870
5970 Idle Clocks
Whats the diff w/ 128bit and 256bit ?
how will you know if there's something wrong with your card?
Crossfire advice
4870 1GB, getting odd performance.
CCC 9.11 install problems
Triple Crossfire on 8x slots?
Why is alot of 5800 cards near out of stock all most everwhere?
Yeah OC Mania
Sapphire 5850 now in stock on egg
cooler for 4850
Help with some 5750 problems
4870 upgrade
8800GTS 512 upgrade to 4870 1GB
5970's in stock at Newegg
HD5970 Review Repository...
Which card make?
HD5970 review
9.10 5870, CURSOR ISSUE NOT FIXED. Hopefully it's fixed in 9.11!
HD 3650 AGP x8 questions
4890 or 5770?
HD4870x2 and Dell 3008wfp and crossfire question
[AMD] ATI Catalyst 9.11 Drivers released
What ATI card is this?
equivalent to a 9800 pro?
crossfire 4890s.. not working
CF 4870 to 1 5850
[Problem]PC doesn't detect X800 GTO graphics.
Help! HD5770 DVI Output
what is better the hd radeon 3870 or geforce 9400gt??? both 512 mb
[O/C]HD 5870 BIOS Flashing
Radeon 4890 CF Troubles?
extremly frustrated with 5870
SLi 7800GTX's
Sapphire Radeon HD 5970 Specs and release date
Asus 3850 Trinity
3870X2 plus 9800gtx+ physx question?
5850 current values
Mobility Radeon 7500
4890 or 4870 for 1080p
ATI CCC problem
[O/C]ATi HD 5870 Review
Questions about HD 4850
Help - 4890's, 5850's, or 5870?
Hd 4890 CF vs HD 5850 - Gaming Benchmarks
ATI + PhysX
Saphire HD4650 1gb agp graphics card (over clocking) HELP PLEASE
4670 1Gb question in an older rig
ATi Series etc.
Max Resolution On 32 Inch 720p HDtv?
Extending desktop to TV from laptop
Ati 5770 CF or 5870?
4870 compatability
Question about going crossfire
HD 2900 Pro
3870 on Mac Has No TV Out
4870 overclock
Will high idle temps hurt anything?
5850 voltage
My 4830's video output looked like Dolk... Pinkish
Can't get Tri or Quad crossfire to work...
Thin vertical red line when playing movie
ATI HD4650
ETA on non-reference coolers for 5870?
ATI Tray Tools for AMD/ATI cards latest version. dl here
Cheap video card upgrade?
my 5870
Corsair TX850 PSU Supports 3x 4890 Crossfire??
Single 5870 Vs. CFX 5850?
arkham assylum running super slow on ati card?
4870 vs 5750
radeon HD 3450
Possible sapphire 4870 failure? In need of help
5800 and 5700 not at their max performance yet
ATI 5870 vs. nVidia GTX 295
ATi 4870x2 and Borderlands AA
5 series 3 screens windows XP
5870 Crossfire - Who's Running It?
4870x2 - Semi-dead!
Advanced Video Timings?????
Hemlock is here
Needing an upgrade, going to the "dark side"
5870 Available Anywhere?
Thinking of an upgrade
Shimming in Video on Windows 7, didn't occur in Vista using VLC
when are HD 56xx and rest coming out?
What's going on at Asus site?????
16x/4x Crossfire
Catalyst 9.9 No Video in RE5?
Had to return Hd-4850... then they stopped making them... now what?
How to flash a 3870x2 bios
ATI 3870 x2 help?
4850 pencil mod
Unsure if I will need to crossfire cards
HD 5770 and HD 4850
ATI 9.10 drivers out
Ati HD4890: 1 Sapphire Vap-X + 1 HIS, It's possible?
Think its time to upgrade my 1900GT :)
Tell newegg to **** off and get $15 off on a 5870
Odd laptop problem- ati drivers will not install
Low scores or normal?
5770 in crossfire or 5850?
10 years and and never oc'd
I feel like a traitor
ati 4850 crossfire or 4870
5890 = 5870X2
4850 to 5850 w/ e8400 Results!
ATI 3870 X or 9800 GTX OC
4850 vs 5770?
Frame rates went down? Help please
will this bottleneck?
4830 + 4850 in CrossfireX
ATI HD 5870 Noise problem?
Best Manufacturer of HD 5870 ATI Cards?
Which New 5xxx Series Card from ATI?
4870 issue
4850 bios
5770 & 5750 are out on newegg now.
Overclcoking or BIOS modding 4890
5870 question
HD3870 - Terrible WoW FPS
Overclocking 4870
best drivers for 4870?
AGP HD4650!!??
Real working PhysX Hack for Nvidia drivers with ATi GPU
that was easy
safe temps for vrm on a 4870
5850 amperage requirement
GPU is a LOT slower today, why?
CrossFire - different temperatures!!
Serious artifacting
5870X2 in Nov/Dec for around $500?
HD4850/ HP W2207H flashing on and off
Why is everyone selling
AMD Athlon 64 TF-20(1.6GHz) with a ATI Radeon X1200 IGP
P35 MB with 5870 or 4870x2
About crossfire and mixing cards
Jittery Full Screen Video
Need Help with 4850 Overclocking!!!!!
4850 hdmi and onboard sound?
HD 4890 manufacturer and design questions
Big ATI section announcment!
4830/4850 people, what are your 3dmark06 scores?
ATI HD 5770 results leaked with pictures
Ati drivers comparative degree
HD 4850 1GB or 4870 512MB?
Are my temps too high?
Help with HD 4850 to Sharp Aquos
My ATI 5870 *Posssible Reviews/Stats/Benches*
Heat on the 5870s
Radeon HD 4200 @ 1083MHz [IGP World Record]
A new toy for 5870 owners.
4890 underperforming - help!
5870 Impressions
5850's are out
Increasing Voltage on HD 4850 without modding BIOS
4870 X2?
AMD relsease Non-proprietary physics API.
4890 the choice for me?
question about power to a 4890 - please help
ATI Radion 4670
5870 Owners. How well do the cards overclock ?
ATI Radeon HD 5870 Question :)
Question about crossfire and motherboard
new upgrade
5870 vs GTX 260SLI
Compatible gpu coolers for my HIS 4870?
HD3850 vs HD4670
5870 Cooling?
Four monitors
4890 anyone else care to share
The 5870 x2 in the flesh
5870x2 and 5850x2 Pictures
Extended Desktop won't work
5870s with 6 outputs?
ati 3650 hd 1gb overclocked
4850 Crossfire issue
4870x2 Quadfire Power comsumption question
Looking for 4870 Bios advice
which power cord to use?
Post 5850/5870 Reviews!
Sapphire 5870 spotted at Newegg
OCForums needs content editors!
HD 5870 CF - X58 vs P55 platform comparison
HIS H587F1GDG Radeon HD 5870
HD 4850 X2 Info and Opinions
ATi HD4870 1024mb GDDR5 100 (1 wk offer)
bottleneck between CPU an GPU??
HD3200 series Radeon - Where is that in comparison?
Looking for HDMI and 5.1 sound for HTPC
AGP HD 3650 Issues
Physx on ATI
please help me figure out this 4870 issue. bad flash bricked card?
Which ATI for photoshop/illustrator user?
Ati Catalyst 9.9 Out
4890 ram liquid cooling
its really funny that my hd 3870 supports dx 10.1 but when i run 3d vantage it..
Rivatuner wont let me overclock or control fan speed on my HD 4890
Where is VRM on HD4870 ?
Nice feature of AMD's new GPU..
ATi x1550 OC Help?
5870 real pics :D and specs :D
what are normal temps for a 4870?
Bestway to OC the X1900GT rev2 when in CF
ATI 9-8_vista64 driver issues for the 4890!!!
4870 vs 4890 vs CF combos
1680x1050 defaulting to 800x600
3D Mark Vantage score question
VGA ramsinks?
physical size constraint, what cards are/will be available?
Major chance of ownage (fanboy), need OCF's help.
White Screen!!
Visual Artifacts after CC install on XFX 4890
4770 dimensions?
Hybrid X fire with 5 series?
4890 do I need to use both power plugs?
Crossfire 4890/4870 question
Probles running 1920x1080
WoW friendly Overclock on 4890
XFX 4890 Disassembly Help
****, this is weird. New driver installation makes GPU buzz...? HELP!
ATI 5870 supposedly cheaper than a GTX285
Trouble with 4890 and P6T v2 dlx motherboard
4890 or 4870x2
CrossfireX - Best bang for the buck?
crossfire question
Radeon 4870 Fan Control settings
Rivatuner help if someone knows how
Asus 4890 TOP problem.
Call of Duty 4 lag..any ideas?
Hd 4890 Ati overdrive question
Buying a 4890, brand recommendation?
Hurry up ATI!
catalyst and win 7
Second 4870 or 4890
Guitar Hero 3: World Tour - Laggy on HD4870
CF 4890 or not
ATi + PhysX?
Keeping Videos maximized on secondary display.
4850 Problems in Win7 64bit RC
ATi 9.8 Windows 7 RC
AMD demo of DX11 card AKA Evergreen
HD4870 and VRM cooling
4890 question
Ati Catalyst 9.8 Drivers
crossfire to rival 285 sli
Asus or ATI drivers?
Needing HIS ATI 4870 1GB BIOS(urgent)
Scaling Issues with HD4650 on 1080P LCD TV (Media Center)?
HD4870x2 and Windows 7 RC score
stock 4870 artifacts at stock clocks
plastic film on my xfx 4890 heatsink... is this normal?
weird question/request
Possibly damaged card, need help
4870 or 5XXX?
How do I make games run in 4:3 resolution with black bars? using x300 mobile
upgrading from x1900xt....optimal path?
Upgrade recommendation for old 4850
GeCube X1950XT X-Series problem
4890 Crossfire dissappearing?
Dangerous temps?
HD4850 - upgrade options??
4870 crossfire bridge