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GTX 760 stuck @ x8?
SLI or new card?
Msi 770 Gtx Twin Frozr. Max boost only 1136mhz.
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8800 GTX Temps
need An upgrade asap
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EVGA GTX 760 Superclocked with ACX Cooling Video Card Review
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3D Mark Advanced Edition free from EVGA
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Coil whine...?
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3D surround: Whats the best way?
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NVIDIA to Start Licensing GPU Designs
Clear up some numbers for my OC'd GTX 780
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Is the Super clock logo supposed to be a sticker?
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GTX 780 Cooling
Will this be enuff?
Titans SLI = Totally worth it
Stock Zotac GTX 780 Overclock without additional cooling
broken off resister i think - GTX 580
RUMOR? Nvidia WHQL 320.18 damaging GPUs
Strangely cheap pricing
GTX 295 - problem
So, finally GTX 760 showed up on web.
680 Lightning flashed to 770 Lightning
Card Upgrade
Boulard83 Zotac GTX 780 picture unboxing
One more SLI vs Single but for rendering
Nvidia 555m laptop with intel hdxxxx duo graphics laptop issues
Asus ROG GTX 770 Poseidon
This would be nice, just not the price
GTX 780 Overclocking/Voltage control
MSI N770 Lightning Testing ( GTX 770 Lightning )
Voltage weird Gtx 580 matrix things
Buying a GPU on Newegg.ca ?
MSI GTX 660 ti PE or MSI GTX 670 OC
Any E.T.A on ASUS gtx 780?
worse performance 2 vs 1 680
ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II OC Graphics Card Review
GTX680 Reference power delivery design
Should I buy a second card for SLI or just a better card?
GTX470 SLI to GTX770, reasons to, reasons not to. Knock some sense into me.
Program to monitor FPS and VRAM used on screen?
memory on 680(whaaat)
MSI GTX 770 OC Graphics Card Review
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Graphics Card Review
GTX 670 stable OC?
what the heck?
FPS drop when looping benchmark. RAM?
EVGA GTX 780 Superclocked ACX Graphics Card Review
670 or wait?
Best cheap graphics card? (dual monitors)
When will I be bottlenecked?
changing bios on gtx 580
GTX 680 + F.E.A.R. 3 Issues
680 power surge
Run 560ti in SLI or new card altogether.
K-boost and Vdroop
GeForce Experience, anyone?
I have my dedicated physX card in a x16 slot ?
Need a replacement fan GTX 560
the nVidia 780's oveclock related to temperature
OC Question for ASUS - GTX680-DC2T-2GD5
I have a 680 superclocked and I have a 560ti for dedicated physX?
Nvidia WHQL Driver 320.18 Metro Last Light Driver
nvidia surround
Got the new GTX 780
NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 780 Graphics Card Review
660s Scoring Low on Physics Tests.
MSI GTX680 Lightning OC
MSI Burner With GTX 670 FTW Help!
660 Ti benchmark help?
GTX 670 FTW Question
will my GPU be bottlenecked?
GeForce GT 330M having problems setting with the secondary monitors display
New graphics card, New problems.
Question about nVidia Surround/2D Surround/3D Surround?
need advice for running dual monitors on "budget build"
New OCer, Unigine Heaven 4.0 Crash
GPU Issue?
Will Mixing GPUs in SLI make the FPS worse ?
Switched to nVidia. Looking for tips
Afterburner price?
nvclock on Tesla K20 issue
Lifelike FaceWorks demo (win7/670+)
GTX 670/680 or GTX 770/780
Does Quadro FX 1800 PCIe 2.0 x16 work in PCIe x16 Dell Precision 470 ?
strange gtx670 behavior--can anyone explain?
Kepler GK104 overclocking talk
GTX 570 SLI acting strange
Furmark GPU testing Inquiry
1680x1050 Quad Monitor Card
Asus GTX 660ti Driver Performance
Safe OC for GTX 570, or suicide?
Extremely low FPS with my GTX 580
Trade appraisal
GTX780 and GTX770 Pictured
Titan SLI vs GTX 690 quad.
650ti boost sc 2gb or 560 sc 2 gb
GTX660/660Ti on PCIe 2.0
Kepler BIOS Editing
SLI not working with certain games
Speculation: GTX780 vs HD8790
GPU messing up
Inno3d GT630 2GB DDR3...
Overclocking GT 630
Asus Gtx660ti Overclocking Help
Unlocking EVGA GTX 680 GPU Question
GT 640 Slow Down?
GTX 780 / GTX 770 Discussion Thread
GTX 460 768MB or GTX 295
My GTX 680 Overclock and some questions
Should I buy better thermal adhesive?
GTX 480
Which 660s for SLi?
Quick question about GTX 660
GTX 670 or two GTX 660s SLI
680 Sli set up help
I'm back! BF3 Crash After 1 Min!
Secondary Monitor hiccups
GTX 560Ti sli different memory size problem.
Different cards in sli
MSI RMA - How perfect does it have to be ?
Which would perform better?
different clock speeds in SLI?
Do I have a fan?
Metro: Last Light now available with GeForce GTX 660 And Above.
EVGA GTX670 4GB Superclocked w/ Backplate.
Is this my GPU dying or something else?
Upgrade from GTS250 to GTX660Ti Black Screen of Death
Best 670?!?
Multiple Display for GTX660
Thermal Paste for GPU processor plate?
Arctic Cooling caused Short Circuit in GPU?
is this a bad score ?? is my GPU dying? =(
Nvidia Titan
Gaming at 1920x1080. Low power and Low noise
One fix for stuttering on GTX 690
EVGA GTX 650 Ti BOOST SC Graphics Card Review
[Tom's] No 700 series until 2014
SLI OC'd GTX 680 vs. a single GTX Titan?
Please help with advice on new graphics card
GTX 680 DirectCU II TOP issue
NVIDIA Inspector Settings
Gigabyte 660ti new bios question
Galaxy GTX 650 Ti Boost Review
How's the Overclockability?
Geforce 315
Purchase Decision: 2 GTX680's or 1 Titan
MSI 560TI Twin Frozr driver problem
Watercooled Titans
How to enable MSI 560 TI Twin Frozr 2G OC Clock Shader?
NVidia 670 repeated TDR timeouts since WDDM and Nvidia driver installed at same
OC my GTX 680
Reference and Non Reference
Please help with SLI issues
New Geforce GTX 660 Freezes whole computer.
Finally got my hands on an engineering sample
Would an evga gtx 670 cooler fit on a pny gtx 670?
Looking for advice on OC/bios flash with Nvidia Geforce 550 TI
GTX 650 TI Boost - Overclocking
How does this look?
Battlefield 3 Gameplay (Air and Ground) - Nvidia Surround - GTX 480 SLI
Cannot run any graphics tests in new 3DMark.
pcie 3.0 vs. 2.0 for Video Card
gtx 660ti PE Bios OC
new graphics card?
Glitch or problem with GPU? Battlefield 3 - flickering on ground in one place.
GTX 660ti issues
GTX 650 TI Boost or GTX 660 (non Ti)
What's the difference?
680 throttle issue
Mixing cards
560ti 1gb SLI to 580 1.5ish gb?
Accelero Twin Turbo cooler - where does the Insulation Tape go?
NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti BOOST Graphics Card Review
Need help picking a 670 or 680
Playing with my 'ol GTX 470s Overclocking results
EVGA GTX 580, worth water cooling?
Gigabyte GTX 670 Temps in SLI
Graphics card to max use of this monitor
Shimmering or flickering in Games
Replacing ye ole 285
Titan on i7-3770K v. Titan on i7-3930K
Keep the 670 or wait?
only 1 gpu visible
upgrade from 680 to 690, worth it?
Solid upgrade for only $90?
Is this a good 670 Overclock?
Time for an upgrade
Nvidia unveils Volta! (Next GPU after Maxwell)
Monitor or Video Card Corrupt?
More Help... please.
Need help solving SLI issue with GTX 690
Hacking nVidia Cards into their professional counterparts
Budget Card Input $120
Dual NON-SLI Nvidia video cards
display driver crashing, fan spinning up/down
Crash with 460 2win
660 ti driver crash and recover
Titan power issues
Question about 660ti
3-Way SLI
reloaded windows can not install driver.
Nvidia Windows kernel mode driver, version 314.07 stopped responding
650M & 660M
Some question about video card extension cable
Help with card GIGABYTE GT 630 2G DDR3
what driver version you running?
How do I get my EVGA user set fan curve to come on at startup?
Core Clock Offset vs. Memory Offset
New GPU's
GT 640 not showing!
Odd issue for new GTX 660Ti SLI Setup
PNY RMA problem
Upgrade from a GTX 660
gtx680 and water blocks.
2 gtx 660tis performance issues
How does SLI work on one monitor?
GPU temperature advice
Video Card memory maxing out at 1739.6
Buy EVGA, get a 3DMark Advanced Key
Graphics Card Upgrade?
GTX 670 SuperClocked or FTW OC
best GPU set up for 500W PSU
GTX 550Ti 1GB
Overclocking my GTX 670
GTX 680
GTX 690 questions!
Evga gtx 580 sli question
Problems with nvidia GTX 560 ti
What is a good GTX680 card?
Marathon: March Madness 3D Mark(Firestrike)
Strange connector on 9400GT
2 670's in SLI. Do I need to upgrade PSU?
Looking For a Guide to BIOS Volt Mod
Will my system be able to run Crysis 3 with a Geforce 650Ti ?
New Beginner's Guide Sticky
590GTX Classified OR 660Ti Superclocked?
Gigabyte GTS450 issues
Monitor temp and adjust fan speed GTX 670
Msi Gtx 670 OC(1045mhz) edition windows 7 ultimate direct x issue
Overclocking EVGA GTX 460 past GPU 799MHz
SLI gtx 670s where to assign physics
Overclocking ENGTX560 DC/2DI/1GD5
Same card or different for my SLI setup.
New owner of a GTX 680..
weird issue.... GPU CRASH!!!!
Help me pick the right setup!
trying to overclock gtx680 directcu II TOP
GTX670 or GTX680, with 2GB or 4GB for 2560x1440???
will 2 gtx 670s play everything on ultra
Totally random black screen freeze while gaming
Issue with #1 PCIE 16x slot and single GPU
GTX 580 OC
3 monitors with a single GTX 560 SE?
Recommendations on video card for $400 and under
BSOD error 0X00000116
Oye vey.
NVIDIA GTX TITAN Video Card Review
Question about my first GPU overclock.
GTX 660M 2GB vs GT 650M 2GB
upgrading my grapics card to..?
A little bit of help...
I have a number of questions about gpu's.
Nvidia 314.07 Game ready Crysis driver
Unable to overclock GT650M
Weird Video Lag/Tearing
680 grey/red/green pixel screen
gtx560ti problem
GTX260 not enough for encoding please recommend an upgrade
I have $600 to spend.
Does XFX's Warranty Cover Overclocking?
Upgrading my GTX560Ti
GTX 550 ti OC
GTX 580 or GTX 680
Lower than expected results (560ti SLI)
New System 1st Bench -Dual 690's
3 Geforce 660's
New GTX 680 not much better.
GTX 260 192 core in SLI with GTX 260 216 core?
Step-Up Program
Kepler or next gen?
Dual 660's or Single 670?
GTX 650 TI OR GTX 660 Make game like Planet SIde 2
New gtx680 problem.
Overclocking an GTX 650
Palit GTX 670 2GB VS Gainward GTX 480 1.5GB
GTX 670 memory very low...
Replacement for GTX 280
670 2Gb or 4gb, which PCB?
need to update gtx 8800
Gtx 670 Bios Flash Issues, any help appreciated
Mods for evga 8800GTX?
Curious about PhysX and running another card with my gtx 570
Why is a BFG GTX 285 refurb so expensive?
How much of a gain in performance is this?
Does nVidia Surround have screen tearing with a single card like Eyefinity?
1GB NVIDIA 610m versus HD 4000
Asus GTX 570 vbios update problem
GTX 260 OC
Problem SLI'ing GTX 670
2x GTX480
Nvidia Titan
HDMI malfunction?
Geforce GTX 670 2gb SLI vs 660ti SLI 3gb?
General Question - Laptop GPU Thermal Pad
HOW TO: SLI with 2 different GPU's (Diff Core, Diff car family)
Could I make BF3 use my GTS 250 also?
Multimonitor video playback issue
eVGA 660 GTX Ti Faulty?
ASUS GeForce GTX 680 Direct CU II 2 GB OC'ed
Could I mount this to a GTX 550Ti?
New NVIDIA card?
Blu-ray playback issue
Nvidia 313.95 Beta available
Advice needed on nVidia to support dual monitors at 2560 X 1440
690 gtx enought?
8800GT, GTX or 9800GT upgrade?
friend gettting driver crash with 560ti SLI
Older system, looking to upgrade for 1 game.
Quadro2 MXR show no video, idea before bake?
Recommended GTX 600 Series Cards for Triple 2560x1440?
Upgraded to GTX 560ti, reboots gaming
Workstation Quadro 2000 questions
Superclocked EVGA 670 and Eyefinity
GTX 670 2GB should be ok for me I think
SLI with hybrid nvidia cards now possible
GTX 670 SLI, power limit above 150%..
680GTX + physx card?
Old G card problems. New g card problems.
g110 titan or 780
GTX680 and SLI
GTX 670 Overclocking Help
GPU artifacting
EVGA GTX 680 Safe settings and fan control
Anyone else have trouble with new nVidia drivers?
metro 2033 lag @ all settings with sli 670
xfx7850 crossfire help
660TI 192bit vs 670 256bit
Has anyone smelled their GTX 200 series or any video card before?
nvFlash. assistance required.
what power supply for 680 sli?
Gigabyte GTX 670 w/ latest drivers causing window and mouse freezes
Geforce GTX 680
Did I damage my Vid card during install?
What card for gaming & 2 monitors + TV
Overclocking Limit on 3xx.xx Drivers
Which Card to get?
Older PNY geForce 9800 gtx acting up!
660Ti 3Gb for multi monitor
What's your 680 speed?
Need help on overclock 550 TI
GTX 550Ti Stuttering
OC and fan speed on a GTX 670
Is my GTX 550 Ti throttling when OC because of PCIe 1.1?
XFX 280 gtx fan won't spin
Need Help Overclocking Nividia GeForce 550 TI, Help Please!
Which GTX 660 is better?[EVGA]
EVGA GTX 560 ti 448 core FTW Edition Back Plate?
Upgrades and questions
What am I doing wrong with my overclock?
different driver 600 series?
GTX 680 Running at 65% Fan speed Manually?
I Left My Computer and When I came Back... 99C
Strange BSOD issue after installing latest GPU drivers
low load with pc doctor
First Time SLI.
GTX 670 combined with 470?
How long will 2 superclocked 680's last?
SLI 7800 GTX gpu usage problem
They snuck in some new drivers already 310.90 WHQL
Drivers for GTX 670 FTW???
New GTX 680 SLI Build! Opinions and Suggestions Needed!
Looking for help using Virtu MVP
Bad GPU2 Usage (SLI 680)
Low dedicated Video RAM? Also, different GPU clocks and voltages in SLI
Underclocking GPU Crash on BF3 - need help!
Horizontal tearing
Just went SLI! Santa Loves me! Pics. GTX680 x 2
Which GTX 660?
Gigabyte 660ti overclocking
GTX 680 4-WAY SLI in conjunction with 5, 120Hz Monitors
Can I run a GTX 650Ti on my system?
help i have screen problem!
Help with installing EVGA BIOS update
SLI with different Brands
overclocking gforce6150se
GTX 560 Ti 448
GTX 590
580 Air temps
Need help with "GTX 650 Ti SC 2GB"
New card on PCI-E 1.1 x16
This is a pretty useful guide...
Overclock GTX560 SE
How do I install nvidia card side by side with ATI card?
Problem with GTX 550Ti
GTX 550ti Locked at 999mhz Clock?
Asus GTX 680 Direct CU II TOP Performance
Anyone here tried an aftermarket cooler on a 560TI?
GTX 670 not working?
Worth Keeping a 1Gb GTX560Ti
Are dedicated physx cards even worth it anymore?
Should I Buy 2 GTX 670s?
GTX 550 Ti 1GB
Problem with my Geforce GTX 690 I think.
Real differences between 400 and 500 series cards
Temperature Spikes And Fan Problem
Overclocking Zotac GTX 570
EVGA GTX 660 ti 3GB or MSI GTX 660ti Power Edition 2GB?
680GTX- How high can you go?
Quadro vs Geforce
New build advice
Anyone still running a 9800 GTX?
updated drivers, flashing black screen when i reboot
Asus GTX 670 DirectCUII Top overclock
7970 Ghz or GTX 680 ?
Help with overclocking Asus 560GTX
GPU constant full throttle
550ti with my system?
GT430 on "ASRock AMD 970" -- compatibility.
Gtx 660 TI reference vs Evga gtx 660ti...
gtx680 wants basic theme with BF3, low memory
Nvidia gt 520 highly OC'ed
670 FTW vs 680 FTW vs 680 Classified
GTX 680
GTX570 SC, return it or deal with it?
GTX680 HydroCopper KGB BIOS vOltate mod & fine tunning
gtx 660Ti 3GB - worth upgrading to gtx 670?
Fx6200 @ 4.2ghz + SLI (2x) 560ti 448core = cpu bottleneck?
The Geforce Experience closed Beta
EVGA "ForTheWin" vs Gigabyte "Windforce 3x" vs ASUS "DirectCU II (non TOP)"
Budget Card
Club3d GTX 580 reference 90 celsius
MSI GTX550ti OC problem
Getting a GTX 660 -- will this PSU be good enough?
Pci express Lock on MB
DVI port not working
GTX 460 1GB vs 650 2GB
Corsair HX850 enough for 2 GTX 670s?
To upgrade or not to upgrade..
Low FPS. Tweak current 580, SLI 580, or buy a new card?
GTX 570 BSOD only with drivers
520GT for PhysX? Bottlenecks?
Dual Slot VS Triple Slot 680 SLI
NVIDIA releases 310.70 drivers
MacBook Pro Retina GT 650M
Which GPU should I purchase?
Holy ish, someone help me out here.
GTX 670 3rd Party Thermal Paste?
Old hardware vs new?
Computer screen turns black, from the video card?
550ti voltage question
GTX 570 throttling
560ti custom resolution is crazy
GTX560 non-Ti SLI
GTX 580 watercooled vs HD 7970 - GTX 680
GTX 570 Problem
Have i really got this lucky!!!
7600GT Black Screen
Upgrading from GTS 250 to a GTX 650 worth it?
GTX 470 Gigabyte
To upgrade or not to upgrade...
msi 660 ti pe/oc 3way sli or msi 680 lighning 2 way sli?