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gtx 260 in :P
7900GS vs 8600GT
My 9600gt Calibre not going full speed?
need good overclocking software for my xfx gtx 285
GTX 275.
Best way to get audio out on the 9800GX2 HDMI?
GTX 390 - Fake, or insane?
9600gt on my psu? Will it work
DVI to HDMI Question
Resolution detection...?
Nvidia to make 4gpu's on one PCB [
9800GT at 1680x1050
Sparkle GTS 250 issues
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Safest voltage for 65nm gtx260?
i did it... Hardmod on my 8800gts 640!
Video Card Help
8800gtx for physx?
nTune profile problem
Bum GTX 285 SSC?
1280x1024 res with Quad SLI..lol
Upping my 8500GT, voltages & bios & other fun stuff
Version 1.6.0 EVGA Precision available
Overclocking a q8300 did i do this right?
8600m gt underscan with hdtv out
NVIDIA sues Intel right back over Nehalem chipset licensing
Is a q9400 enough for a GTX 295
182.47 Idle temp increase?
Next-gen cards?
gts 250 512mb memory issue
nVIDIA Driver 182.20
PNY 9800 GTX overheated?
3dmark06 13745 i want to overclock?whats ur score?
New Design of GTX295 with single PCB
gtx 275?
GTX 295 Temp
260GTX & Power Supply
unstable 9600gt at stock speeds
Cooling problem on my GTX295
GTX 275 Release Next Month
Which 9800series?
9800GT's in SLI
New EVGA gtx 285 SSC off ebay...should I buy?
Can you use a PCI Express 16x2 card on a 16x1 motherboard
6800GS [AGP] fan stops spinning 5 seconds into boot then constant beeping starts
8800GT in Optiplex 745
GTX 285 and HX620W
Gtx Voltages.
Still need a video card $150-$200ish
hows GeForce 9800 GTX+ 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI is ?
What is the actual importance of memory bandwidth with today’s video graphics ca
xfx geforce gtx285 anyone have this?
Gaphics card problem
Evga GTX285 high pitch squeal
8800GT getting pixelation and stuttering when watching videos
Can u beat this?
Overclocking different cards
GTX260 and Far Cry 2
8800gts temperature
GTZ 295 Temp
Question about GTX 285
issues with windows 7 driver 181.71
better then 4870 hd xxx 1gb???
GTX 295 microstutter.
The nv4_disp display driver is not working normally
Need an app to test CUDA accuracy
No video ??? Help
Price for EVGA 8800GTS (512MB)???
gtx 285 vs 295
Intel GMA950 vs Nvidia 9400m
LOL GTX295X2 ATI GTFO Edition!!!
GTS 250 vs 8800 GTS 512MB G92
How high can I do my XFX260GTX?
Cheap Video Card
Performance not showing up in nvidia control panel
What are the most stable drivers for GeForce 6800 series please?
Nvidia 3D vision worth it? And can you purchase a second pair of glasses for it?
gtx 260 55nm vs 65nm
8800gts 512mb backplate
9800gx2 Voltage adjusting tool
Lost my SLI bridge
Evga 9800gtx+
GTX 295 only showing 896mb memory
Sound Through nvidia GPU HDMI/DVI
Palit 9500gt Overclock Question
8800gtx VS 9800gx2
Would this be sufficient for PhysX?
Upgrade my 8600
Nvidia Driver Problem or Windows Problem?
Hard time picking a new GPU
GTX 260 Core 216 vs GTX 285 (both two way SLI)
Evga GTX260 c216 55nm from air to water (56k go away!)
EVGA GTX260 (SC/216core/65nm) to GTX285 (55nm) - should I step up?
Can I run a gtx 285 to the fullest potential?
nVidia-based Video Card References
EVGA GTX260 (216) throttling override?
About CUDA
295 quad sli something maybe wrong!
Can I install 2 different video cards on same rig?
VMR & Overlay
8800GTX install odd noise
GTX 295 - DOA or KOA (Killed on Arrival)?
24"-30" monitor HDMI - what gpu solution?
can these two GTX 260 cards be sli'd?
9800GX2 and 8600GT in NF4 SLI problems.
Need opinion QUICK
Anybody else get a dog EVGA GTX 285?
Nvidia website now has drivers for Windows 7
939 motherboard and 9800 GX2 fitment issues.
8800 GTX SLI -> 9800 GTX+ SLI?
GTX 260 and spdif cable
GPU1 + GPU2 - 9800M GT x2 Problem
CPUs should be faster for high-end cards
181.71 Beta drivers for Windows 7
Thermal pads, what can I replace them with?
SLI on CrossFire based m.b.?
GTX260 low 3dmark 06 score question
EVGA 260 216 55nm owners - what temps are you seeing with your stable OC?
change PCIe slot - reinstall drivers?
200 GTX series should come with a Dremel coupon...
6600GT AGP can't set 1680x1050? Vistax86 nvidia driver won't install!
new OCCT + RivaTuner = crash?
3dmark vantage
8800 0r 9800
Video cards maybe causing crash?
Weird lag situation... GeForce 8800 GT OC
8800GTS 320mb SLI, is 500w enough?
New Nvidia 182.08 Drivers Out
Drivers for XPS 1330
SLI question
NVIDIA Intros GeForce GTX 280M
New Build Help
So, im not sure what to do with my 9600. help?
295 way to hot.
Can't install VGA driver
What are the odds?
9800gt and 8800gt
Sell my 8800GTX for an upgrade?
XFX 260 B.Edition going crazy @ 75c ?
video card going bad?
8800 GTX OC BFG vs XFX 9800 GT
MSI 260 GTS Overclocking?
Upgrading GPU Questions
Computer Loading in Secondary Display
confused about specs
best cooling for a 9800gt
how to o/c 2x8800gts 512mb in SLI
Upgrade from 4870 to 285?
GTX260 (216) EVGA unstable with rivatuner?
XFX GTX 260, Black Edition is a good card
GTX 260 Core 216 VS 8800 GTX
how much longer do you guys think 9800 gt's with dual core setups will last
Nvidia cuts out reviewers for the GTS250
I've given up!!!
GTX 295 worth it?
GTX285's and what have you gotten?
Upgrading from a 7800 to a 9800?
PX9500GT texture issues
Extremely low performance from 8600m GS
ATI 3850+ nVidia 8XXX for PhysX & CUDA
9800GTX or GTX260
Need Open Source Driver code for Gforce GTX 200 series
SLi or Tri SLI
Running Two differnt cards
Trollin' for VJ - Nvidia news?
8800 GTX TRI SLI Temps !!!!!!!!!!
what is the main differences between video card brands?
Best card for $100
The High Pitched Whine V2 (The Revenge)
Which card should i upgrade to?
182.06 WHQL drivers here
How good are Zotac cards?
9800 GT 1 GB vs 9800 GTX 512
which card is better
Your Recommendations for a massive monitor
Yet another G/C question?
which is better?
Geforce 9600gt avg temps?
"The changes made were invalid and will not be applied"
How far can you OC a custom cooled GTX280
GeForce 9800 GTX+ to go for?
9800 gtx+ price difference
interested in flashing GTX 280
Quick graphics card question?
I can barely overclock my GTX285 SSC...
Gtx 285 price drop anytime soon?
best video card
nVidia to bring SLI to P45/X38/X48?
Moderator's.. Can we get a PCmark and 3DMark results sticky?
Vista + Non-SLI 9800 GX2
55nm or 65nm Core 216?
285 psu question
Video Drivers for new OS???
Finally got around to it...
Low Profile Video Cards
7800GT running in x2
9800GX2 BRO4 BIOS?
is it worth it?
Retarded SLI problems
css crash?
EVGA precision readings
GTX295, does it require an SLI enabled bored?
So is the GTX 295 The future?
What are we seeing for 285 OC's?
For Teh Future
How do my 3dmark Vantage score compare?
Sparkle 9600GT Pencil mods
dual monitor fx5200
9800GX2 + P2 @ 3.8Ghz 3dMark06
gtx 295 lower fps in crysis than gtx 280?
How's this for an upgrade?
7950GX2's final benchmarks
285/295 Card Temps/Any Temp Issues? Stock Cooling
step up question and compatibility question
"Best Bang For Buck"
new pcb coming for gtx260 55nm
9800 gx2 vs gtx 280
Is the GTX 260 worth the 50 dollars over the 9800GTX+?
Palit video cards...you heard of em?
7950GX2 Question
Another NVIDIA gtx 295 quad sli problem
Super Huge nVidia drivers in Vista 64
How do I overclock my Geforce 8800GT?
I may have killed my 9800 gt =( No post beep, no video
EVGA voltage tuner released
physx setep
Has anybody seen a review of the GTX285 comparing it to GTX260 C216?
Hi is this card good?
starting point to overclock GTX 260/216s?
AMD 4450e x2 a bottle neck for 8800gt sli?
SLI 8800GTS vs GTX 260
9800 gtx+ temps...
9800GT super clocked still the biggest bang for the buck?
8400GS - My first vmod
what are you using to OC your gtx 295??
8800gts dual monitor
Nvidia Drivers Installed.. 2.90 GBs????
gtx 285 fps problem
Is this GTX260 a good clocker? (730/1458/1215 stable)
4870X2 or GTX 295
SLI Results - what am I doing Wrong?
Flashing a FX5650 to Quadro FX700 (Dell Precision M60)
Thermaltake Duorb results!
HDMI card
evga 9800 gtx+ sc edition cooling problem
gtx295 problem??
Hooking up 9500gt?
Crysis Warhead. 1920x1200 GTX295, SLI
Lame old guy needs help w/overclock
Ram Dead on my videocard?
XFX GTX 260 Black Edition Heatsink Question
7950GX2... Best 100 bucks i ever spent
GTX 295 Problem? Hard Locks
which is better
Pink screen freeze problem
my GTX280 wont work with the hdmi cable =)
Crossfire and SLI
8800GT HDMI problem.
how the heck did they manage shutter glasses non flicker lcd back in tnt2 days?
GTX 280 x 2 temps?
Two BFG GTX 280's don't work. Need help please.
where will bottlenecking start with the 295?
Nvidia GTX 295 Quad SLI Problem
The 9500 is the bottle neck of my system right?
so i think my card is losing its mind....
Looking at the 260, couple questions...
9800GT + HDTV weird popping noises
SLI problems
Helo: What is the largest/best video card I can put in this PC?
Over to the Dark Side
Does the 9800GX2 REALLY need a 500W PSU?
Benchmarks Crysis WarHead, Farcry2, 3DMark Vantage, GF295sli
So i benchmarked my OC'd 9500gt
nvidia system tools?
GTX 280 Overclocking
8800GT SLi to what?
9800 GTX+ FPS WoW Problem
XFX GTX 285 on Blue Storm II ? Possible?
Thermaltake DuOrb
New 8800GTS (G92) will not boot
New 181.22 Drivers Are Out
Overclocking 9600m GS
eVGA software voltage tuning utility
8600GT won't boot to windows
GTX260 216 Bios flash question...
9800GTX+ or 9800 GX2
8800gts or 9800gt?
GTX 295 - Help
8800gt sli and 3800+ x2
video card's
Physx card
Anyone else having issues with Nvidia?
Fastest Video card under 200 Dollars
Considering upgrading from ATI...
SLI Dual Monitor's Work, But.....HELP
8800GTS 640MB A3 Overclock Help
Would you step up?
9800 GTX+ Reading at 300Mhz core clock
GTX 300 Prices, Anyone?
285 vs 295
What manufacture has transferable warranty
nVidia Card Issues
quick sli question
Can't decide on which card.
What is the best single core video card.
GTX 285... It's heeeeerrreeeee... =)!
Driver Issues
COD5 crash on new i7 system
Trouble overclocking a gtx 260!!!
LF CPU:GPU match :)
stock gtx 280 temp?
GTX 285's on NewEgg
Upgrade to GTX260?
evga 285 gtx mini-review
Blue screen of death from "nv4_disp" - new 9800GT install
Nvidia 3d Vision preorder page
Not the new kid on the block anymore gtx280 vs gtx2/95/85
I cannot get SLI+dual monitors to work
difference between graphics clock and processor clock!!!
CUDA and updating drivers
Is my new 9800GT going to freeze and be ruined outside in extreme cold?
system freezes when playing GTA IV!!!
8800 GTX SC
3D Mark Vantage score low ??
Anyone try out new Nvidia 181.20 Drivers?
RivaTuner - Custom Low-level fan control not restoring when coming out of standby
3 way sli probs
The GT300 - Information here
*NEW* EVGA GTX 280 Superclocked for $211!!
BFG not allowing 295 upgrade...?
Asus Striker Extreme SLI Issues!
GTX 260 Throttling issues seem fixed with new driver
DVI Noise? Green pixels following image when dragging around desktop...
Fan Profiles on RivaTuner 2.22
New nVidia drivers-- Dual monitor + SLI now available!
9800 GTX+ vga, is it good?
How sure what move to make
How long will a GTX 295 live?
GTX 280 Plug ?
GF 181.10 Drivers Any Good
8800GTS HDTV support?
Clocks wont budge from 2D...
What are acceptable 100% load temps for the VRM?
GTX295 instock on newegg
best driver for 8800gt?
Gtx 260 bottleneck
Mitsubishi, Nvidia team up in 3DTV
only getting 4 bit color after install video drivers help asap
8800GT or 9800GT
Wanned to know if i can OC more...
Stepping up
Gigabyte GTX285 review
Can i manually overclock a video card without changing the clock speeds
How do I test a video card
This Device Cannot Start (code 10)
Help on a New Graphics Card
9800gx2 hdmi or mini hdmi
Nvidia's 40nm GT212 to have 384 SPs, 96 TMUs, and 256-bit 7Gbps GDDR5
2 x 9600gt in sli or 1 x galaxy geforce gt260+ ?
9600gt owners read this!
SLi Questions (I read the sticky threads)
8600GT SLI to single 9800GTX
where to buy 9800M GTX?
Thinking of getting GeForce GTX 280
What SLI bridge to buy for a DFI NF4 Ultra-D Lanparty and 2*8800 gt's?
Why even consider GTX 280s anymore? The 55nm 260 Superclocked beats it...
New Version?
GeForce GTX 285 Out in Hong Kong
pencil mod help plz?
MSI 8800 GTS - modded exhaust(cut out grill) - dropped 2C under load
A 'Best Drivers' URL?
GeForce 185.20 Released - Now With Ambient Occlusion
GTX 260 idle speed/power draw question
Programs reporting my GTX 260 is core 216?
Green pixels/lines due to certain color in image?
Arctic Cooling Turbo Module - connect to 8800 and control with RivaTuner?
Overclocking Nvidia BFG GTX 260 OC Maxcore ??
Does 9300M GS support analog TV out through VGA?
External SLI vs. Internal SLI
GTX285 review...
B/S/T question
Nvidia rebranding the G92 series AGAIN
Triple Monitor Setup help
3dmark vantage
Stepup to 295, or go with 280 SLI?
Nvidia Considers GDDR5 in Upcoming 40nm GT214
260/216 + 9800GX2 - does it work?
EVGA Precision v1.4.0 released
New card advice
XFX GTX 8800 Extreme cooling
Single GPU solution (GTX 260 upgrade)
Nvidia's Throttling kicking in from speed not heat? (GTX260)
Better video stress test than furmark or 3dmark06 in xp?
nvidia gtx 8800 program ? rivatuner
2x 8800GTX's Or A GTX 260
Help needed to Vmod 7300GT
Nvidia 40nm Desktop GPUs Line-Up For 2009
GTX260 216 55nm VS. 8800 GTS G92 SLI @1920X1200?
Does it matter which way an SLI bridge it put on?
No vista 64 drivers for 8800gt?
Is nVidia safe to buy?
Tri-SLI or wait for GTX 285?
Overclock GTX280
$250 budget - XFX Black Edition GTX260/216?
need some help!!
my budget is $75
Native Resolution Issue
Video card isn't displayed in device manager anymore???
Any news on gtx200 price cuts in january?
Fair trade?
Fullscreen Output - Secondary Display
Fan defaults to 0%
So when do you think the GTX 300 series will be released?
What causes my NVIDIA 8800GTS to have screen tearing?
How hot should a 260 run?
What card to get?
PLz help
most powerful card that wont overhang the motherboard
has anyone here upgraded from 8800GT SLI to a GTX 260
Upgrading from integrated to dedicated.
2 280's or 1 295
will my PC bottleneck a GTX 260
Temp read probs
using AS5 on my Gpu
8800GT SLI issues
what are the maximum temps (safe) of an 8800GT alpa dog (stock clocks)
GTX 260 making a beeping noise under full load
6150SE vs 7200GS, which is better?
A quick yes or no question, would really like quick answer
Nvidia PhysX
A small simple question
Should PhysX be enabled for SLI?
8800GT or 9800GTX+
Have any of you removed the heat sink protectors on your cards
how do i tell im running in sli?
295GTX Preview guru3d.com !!!
Which 9800GTX+ ?
Resolution being limited, can't run 3840x1200
Can you run two different cards in a PC?
Has enyone OC'd their graphics card enough that they needed to up pci-e?
Running 2 diff PCIE cards
Post here if you run GTX 260 SLI with a sub 750W PSU, I need to prove a point.
9800GX2 and SLI games
9800 gt 512 mb vs 9800 gt 1 gb
Should I SLI or just get a new card?
Best PCI-E x16 GPU?
8800GT Shader clock & pixel shader..
should i go with (q9550+GTX260) or (e8500+GTX280) ??
GTX 295 vs 4870x2
2x GTX 260's in SLI with a OCZ Gamextream 700
Any software to test stability of OC'ed cards?
PhysX (nVidia) question;
PSU question for my new 280GTX
8600GT - 9800GT - worth the upgrade?
9600GT SLI Issues
NewEgg Cancels Nvidia 9800 GX2?
GeForce 8800GTS 320MB Vista overclocking
Best card for dual core?
Upgrade question
CNet's Buzz Report Goes On About Inquirer Chip Scandal
Driver issue
Tri-SLi... A question..
Just upgraded...
gtx 260 should I keep it?
2x 8800gts 512mb in sli overclocking
new card for $125 and ocing a 8600gts
Tewl here... nVidia by XFX?
Stress PhysX?
8800gt -> gtx260 worth $200?
question about a 9500 gt
NVIDIA prepping GeForce GTX 295 for CES launch?
How can I trick my computer into thinking it has more memory? (usin SLI)
SLI Bought Today!
Which of these video cards should I get?
Would a 9800 GT be CPU limited by Opty 145 @ 2.6GHz?
Need help OC'ing 8600m GT
ATITool shows artifacts first scan then none after
Need a reccomendation on a less powerfull video card to buy...
MSI 260 gtx problem
9500gt, Inno or Pny - does it matter?
8800GT in TRI SLI, could it work?
upgrading question. cpu/gpu
Whats the best I can get for 200 dollars?
Geforce GTS G92 overheating
Problem with Rivatuner and multile displays