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question about evga GTX 280
Multi monitor SLI support with new nvidia drivers?
8800GTX SLi Vs. GTX260 Single
FIX : Solution for nvlddmkm Error!
EVGA 8800gt Green Artifacts
Think I have bad card
For the old Nvidia Geforce 8500GT 256MB (Turbo Cached 512mb) PCI-E Card
simple pcie question. Take a look, it wont take you long ;)
Can't get native resolution...wtf?
8600M GT issues
I am so excited !!
Dead Video Card?
Advice on which 260?
Crazy scree at logon, lockups, BSO...wtf
GTS 8800 SLi Flat Panel Scaling Issue
Bought this today ..
Wat are artefacts?
Game Problem!!!!
Problem with 9800gx2 and Gigabyte Ep45
So whats next?
Do the EVGA superclocked versions oc better?
Whats the gosip on Nvidia Video cards atm?
Any amazing deals for 4870/gtx core 216?
What are/were your GX2 temps?
Is it worth overclocking GPU
SLI Temps...Correct?
Another way to benchmark/stress test your GPU...
Help with SLI
8800GT SLI vs GTX 260???
NO MORE GTX 280 SQUEALING! Nvidia’s “Deadly” Flaw and How To Fix It
BFG Free Upgrade from AGP Card to PCIe Card
Want Tri-SLI AND room for a PCI Sound Card? Try This
Do I need to upgrade my video card to get the most out of my monitor?
experts... Please help me choose a VGA should I buy "9800GX2" or "GTX260" ?
1 GTX 280 vs. 2 GTX 260's
Need upgrade advice
17inch and sli
Is the GTX 260 216 Core overkill for me?
8800GTX OC
Black screen after nvidia driver install
Having trouble OCing in Vista...clock changes won't stay
Can anyone give us a update on Nvidias plans / future release dates?
Considering SLI...vsync/tearing issues?
Rivatuner - Custom Overclock settings per game?
Big Bang II Drivers Whql 180.48
GTX series can't do 1:1 mapping?
Worth upgrading from a 8800gts 512 @ 1024x768?
Worth upgrading from an HD4850 to a GTX260?
Buzzing sound and screen interference
9800 GX2 8 Pin question
Low 3dmark score
Which card for a 22" 16x10 monitor?
Odd error
XFX GTX 260 Sli Connector
8800 GTS S Video plug issue
Upgrade 8800 GTX?
newer AGP cards?
Benchmark Problem!!!!
nVflash Problems with XP 64 bit
XFX warranty problems
Which Video Card Should I Get?
8800 gts 512, upgrade or sli?
eVGA 8800 Ultra RMA
Can I flash a Quadro to a GeForce?
8800 GTX compared to a GTX 260
Please help me with a volt mod xfx 8600gt
affordable card suggestion
BFG GeForce GTX 260 OCX MAXCORE OverClock
Nvidia V178.24 Driver issues for my PC?
EVGA 9800GX2..where does it stand?
9800GTX rip off???
SLI OCing.. uhoh
Modding a 7800GTX
Enough already!!...ATI 4850 bites...going back to NVidia
FX5200 Overclocking via bios hack / update
Anyone wanna sell their 9800GX2???
Geforce 9800 GT Temps
Worth it to upgrade from 9600GSO?
8800GTX - Developed a problem - Fixable?
Cheap 9800GX2 Please Help
Odd Blurring On DMC4 (8800GT G92)
9800gtx+ impeding my PCI socket for audio card! hwelp meeeee
7900gs artifacting and fan control problem
9800GX2 3dmark crash problem
SLI reduced Chip from 2.6 to 2.1 gigs
9800gtx+ OCing
GPU Dying?
More problems for nvidia
PCI Express 2.0 X 16?
So can nvidia tell...
Issue with EVGA 8800 GTS
9800gtx+ 65nm Vs. 55nm
Any info on why the GX2 runs Crysis so poorly?
resolution problem
8800GTS 512 MB overclocking
Need to find an old GPU bios
What should I step up to? Or what should I do at all
GTX 280 260 owners ~
xfx 260 216 psu urget question
180 drivers to allow dual monitors w/ SLI?
9800GTX 512 right for me?
checkering on graphics
hybrid power : does it really work?
bought evga gtx 280 on ebay, needed to pay 15$ for premium RMA?
SLI 8800 ultra Questions???
8800GTX problem
9800GT OC+ vs 9800GTX in SLI (worth having the GT?)
8800gtx upgrade
sweet new 9800gx2
Need Riva Tuner expert...fan control...
BFG 8800 GT OC 512
Quick question
SLI -> using two gtx 280 cards from different companies
xfx warranty question
So... where are all the CUDA aps?
9800gx2 vs 3870x2
single slot 260 with a wc block?
Will A GTX 260 Suffice?
What to get
Far Cry 2 Benchmark
Please Help a Noob: Should I Go With SLI 9800GTX+
Unable to get proper resolutions on monitor (GeForce 8800M GTS 512MB)
9800 gtx+ vs 9800 gx2
Evga Precison 1.33 out / fixes fan control for 180.4X
178.24 Driver Problems (Vista64)
How do I find out if I have 9800gtx or gtx+?
CoD4 Non-sense!
Dual monitor performance?
geforce release 178 help!!
3D06 score w xeon 3220 and 9800gtx 3ghz & vga stock ?'s
nVidia Control Panel Problem...
Does upgrading drivers increase gaming performance?
Using gtx 260+8600gt
video card upgrade, need advice!
1680x1050 resolution probs.
evga 8600gt ssc vs bfg 7950gx2
Six and eight pin connectors
Not the Only Factor?
BFG GFX 280 OCX Problem - artifacts
Safe tempature for 260 card?
which card
GTX 280 clocking: core or shaders too high?
Can you find me a better GPU for the money?
Sli Problems
sli mix and match question
SLI issues - one card no longer detected
180.24 beta
18,643 in 3DMark06 w/ 1 8800GTS-512 (New personal best)
Far Cry 2 VGA graphics performance with 17 VGA cards
XFX 8800 GTS 640 and PSU
New Video Card for A8N32SLi-Deluxe
Question about 7-pin 'HDMI' output
8800gts, 9800gtx, gtx 260
Precision Doesn't Display GX2 Fan Speed
poor wow performance on 8800GTS 512
best performing drivers for 8800gtx?
Need help deciding which 260 to buy!
Nvidia 8800M gts overclocking
what do you guys think is going on here?
Poor Playback of Crysis on Nvidia 8800GTS 320
ddr3 vs gddr3
Green dots, even on Widows desktop
Poor FPS on WOW with EN8800GT
Which card is better?
gtx 280 - different stock clocks using different voltage?
Forceware 178.24
PX9800GTX+ OCing
Safe temps 8800gtx?
8800 GS better or worse than 8800 GTS 320?
How far is too far?
8800GTS.640 upgrade?
280GTX with danger den block
9800GT video scramble??
Fix for 8800GTX Scaling?
Need to find a GPU
Dell 24" ann my 8800 GTS 640mb?
ASUS 9600GT Problems
OCing: 6800GS AGP 256MB
unable to overclock the evga gtx 260! help greatly appreciated
You think My Set up still up with the others? *3Dmark 06 score inside*
Factory OC'd video cards. Same voltage?
Nvidia 178.13 drivers not working with ATI Tool .26
Can a PCI-E 2.0 GPU work on a regular PCI-E x16 mobo?
Switching in and out of game artifacts?
8800gtx temps... problem?
Boo GX2, how big of an upgrade is GTX 260 to GTX 280
8800 GTX dying? ATI artifact scan test
Question about gtx 260 SLI
Can I throw in a 8800GTS/9800GTX in with my GX2
Zotac 8600GT anyone ever had a zotac?
Nvidia Asus 9600GT 512MB DDR3 not being detected
How do I verify SLI is actually working on a 9800GX2?
Quietest 280 ?
nVidia GTS broken?
anyone else wondering WTF up with nvidia
Nvidia control panel changed?
9800GX2 Heaters
nVidia's Big Bang II 180 drivers
Anyone heard of PhysX or Cuda?
EVGA Warranty if bought new off eBay?
Dual monitors with SLI
Need Help
Recommend Me A Cooler (8600GT)
9800GT OC'ing and SLI
Annoying Driver!
9800gtx+ Issues (Bad Card?)
evga 9800gtx physx driver problem
my 9800GTX just died.
Trying to troubleshoot my poor, flashed 6600.
evga 260 core 216 prob.
Can these run in SLI mode?
nVidia Changing Names To Current Cards
8800gtx. Time to move on?
9800 GT vs 9800GTX
Nvidia 8800 GTS 320mb : Yay or Nay?
260GTX and Rivatuner question
EVGA 9800 GX2 Fun
Upgrade advice, please.
what are the average scores vantage?
Black Screen???
Overclocking My BFG GTX260 Maxcore OCX
Video Card Overheating or does Windows XP Suck?
White Screen of Death
Quick GTX 260 Sli question
I keep crashing...pls help me
HDMI port not working
Powering the 9800 GTX
SLI Question
7300GS upgrade advise lol
8800GTS 512mb OC discontinued?
8800GT Vs 9800Gt
To 9600GT or not to 9600GT
Voltages aren't the same on all GTX 260? Is my Leadtek okay?
Do NVs driver control panel flat panel scaling options work yet?
8800GTS 512 to 260 GTX... Worth the upgrade?
Does upgrading drives improve frames per second ingames?
Nvidia 64 bit drivers not working for me
260GTX performed worse than a single 260
Suggestions for upgrade on older box that currently has ATI 9800 Pro 256mb card
Zalman VF900 crappy?
only one video card showing up in device manager.
overclocking my GTX 280s
8800GTS 320mb Issue, Help Plz!
SLI Question
Display Drive Has Recovered From A Serious Error
GeForce 7050 (integrated graphics card)
GTX 280 vs GX2 heat/power
Which video cards will 'cut down rendering from 28 hrs to 2 hrs'?
GPU-Z Shows 6600GT GPU Clocks In 2 Different Ways
8800GT 3dMark06
Game Lags after 5 Minutes...GPU Problem??
8500GT: When will it die?
ForceWare 178.13 - Has anyone tried it?
When will NV production changes take effect?
Using S1+Turbo in SLI?
XFX GTX 260 Benchmarks
8600GT problems??
Videocard blues
260GTX SLi
Driver Cleaner Help
Dual monitors with SLI?
SLI performance problem
8800GTS 640 sale price?
G80 GTS 96SP to 112SP BIOS Flash
Need help deciding
BFG 280GTX OC overclock
suddenly getting low fps with 8800 GTS 640
8800GTS 512MB Overclocking Issues
What to use to stress my GTX 280??
GeForce GTX 280+ (GT200-b) in September? GTX 350 (GT300) in Q4 08?
177.98 Are out
9600gt degrading
Is this a decent temp for gpu, Seems realy hot
Zalman VF900 for 8800Gt?
RMA 7900GT - What to expect in return?
Why SLI....really, WHY?
Black screen ... Geforce 8800GT
Help choose video card
XFX or eVGA gtx 260??
gtx 260 Temps & Fan Speed Control
Best card for your buck
Nvidia HDMI to TV VGA
Advice BFG 280GTX OC
Need to remove all traces of nTune and GeForce Drivers
GTX 260 with 216 SPs listed on the egg..
cpu for 8800gt
Card question
My first GC overclock - 8800GTS- help please
8800 gts or 8800 gt
Ive been running a 8800gts, WILL i be able to just swap in An ATI card ?????
pci express 16 2.0 vs pci express 16
GFX 260 - different manufacturers
gx2 / quad sli broken in 3dmark?
Computer locks up during gaming.
GTX280 v GTX280b
crashes, unclocked now how do I tell if it's gfx card?
260GTX with 216 Stream Processors reviewed
AGP - 6800 compared to 7300GT
GTX 280 dilemma, Someone Help
GFX card for my system
GPU Selection assistance please
OC a GeForce 9500 GS?
XFX 8800gt/9800gt
4x8800GT, temp and throttling concerns.
Nvidia shares fall to 3-year low
9800GTX SLI question
Does anyone know about this graphics card
SLI with older Card?
Any news on Big Bang II drivers?
GTX260 on non 2.0 PCIe M/B
Cooling my 8800GT
GeForce GTX 260 HC
Should I return my 9800GTX+ in favor of a GTX260?
Evga gtx 260 sli...
XFX GTX 260! [56K!]
GS or GSO ??
Hey Viper
Budget pcie
does faster stock o/c air models equate to better custom o/c on water??
Is There A New Bios For The XFX 8800GT XT Edition
8800GT 6 pin power : It has two male molex connectors?
EVGA = Two thumbs down from me.
Is my video card dying/dead???
7600GS a bit loose
I'm doing something wrong, eVGA GTX 260
SLI Fan Control
9800GX2 DVI slot problem
6800LE WAY too hot!
windows cannot detect my graphics card
9800gtx+ overclock help?
sli driver help please?
whats better 9800gt2 or gtx 280?
Help, SLI GTX 280 gives worse results
PNY video card warrenty
Broken Record: 8800GT > 9600GT?
GTX 260 Issues
need a good quality psu for a 9800gx2
I & H cooler + zalman vf1000
Rock and a Hard place
Are these temps ok?
Volt modding Nvidia Cards made super EZ
Modding INF files.. HELP
Evga GTX260 value vs Evga 9800GTX+ value question
9800GX2 whats it like and is PNY a good make?
Dead EVGA 280GTX
GTX 260 Results
wanted ...a few good benchers
quick question on 9800gx2 brand
WC GTX280 -- great price
is the BFG 9800GTX+ OC any good
Installation help
Error searching dead 8800GTX
9600 gt vs. 8800 gs
Nvidia woes... need advice
anything to watch out for with this card?
NVIDIA will Enable SLI on Intel X58
nVision: Sort Of INTEL Message with Mythbusters
Gah, 8800 GTS spiked to 103C!
automatic fan control help?
evga 8800gts 512 (g92)
Not good news...
8800gts 640 has ssc
question about DirectX...
177.83/177.92 drivers and physics
Hmmm GTX280 Crashing?
Overclock nets no gain, in fact, losses.
BFG 8600gt oc upgrade question.
why dosent nvidia bring out 9800gx4, or9800gx8
Screen Dies - GPU Upgrade?
Nvidia Prepares For 40nm GPUs
8800GT - artifacts..but different
What would be the best card to buy now
Geforce 177.92 Beta-Driver up to 15% faster + physx driver v8.08.18
Overclocking a 9800Gx2 w/ Questions
How to remove the stock HSF. Its really tight
8800GS or 9600GSO
ATItool work for vista 64?
SLI Driver Indicator
secondary gpu question
For those wondering about GTX 280...
New to Nvidia Cards
Another Quick Question on WCing a VGA...
help in getting 177.xx drivers to run...
GTX 280 not performing as well as intended
SLI GTX 280s, which drivers?
Is It Worth Going From 2x 8800GTs To 1 9800GX2
Newb Questions about Flashing 9600GT BIOS
stoopid question
Do you need an SLI mobo for 9800GX2?
Release Date of GT200 Die Shrink?
Crysis + 9800GX2 + 177.83 Drivers = Glitches?
is 9800GT recommended?
Third Built GPU Advice (please)...
Lucid - No need for SLI or Xfire anymore?
Overclocking Evga Geforce 9800GTX+ problems
what CPU speed to max 8800GTS?
Best Aftermarket cooler?
How do I get my Nvidia control panel to fully apply my changes?
GTX 280 Results (SLI)
9800GTX+ help!!!
Crysis - GX280
how are your 177.83 drivers working??
Nvidia Power Pack
Does is it worth it to get the SSC version
Trying to get output on TV with s-Video
What are your 9800GX2 temps? Mine seem way too high!
Post your GTX 280 temps...
Realtime Ray Tracing
Is a 6220 3dmark06 good for my system, Help w/ problems
XFX GF 8800 GTS - good price?
Get Physx on your lappy!
SLI Bridge in Stores?
8800GTX with Aquatank at 80 deg Celsius idle :S
Good replacement for 8800 GT?
Can my Powersupply handle a GX2
Tom's HW site claims the two year old 8800GTS is faster than the new GTX260 re: FSX
Um another what card should I buy thread
SLI for entertainment rig?
New Videocard presents monitor problem
Overclocking Vostro 1710 8600M GS
9800GTX+ overclockability
Issue: Onboard 7100 integrated acting as my 8800 ultra
strange 8800 gt sli problem
Post Your Vantage Scores Here!!!!
9800GX2+ release date?
Forceware 177.83 and Physx 08.08.01 Driver (PhysX pack)
8800 Ultra, still good or not?
nVidia G84, G86, G92 and G94 Reported Faulty
WTH is this?
PhysX support release date
Can you flash the GTX 260 to GTX260 FTW bios?
should i upgrade my 8800gts g92?
7500LE > 7200GS?
Nvidia Cards in Q4
Challenge: find and point at the GPU diode
Need Help choosing a card
Problem with 8600 GTS Drivers
Can someone clear up some confusion about pcie 2.0
Best cooler for 8800GT?
Desicions, desicions, 8800GT, 9600GT, 9800GT(+)????
3dmark06 on SLi, why?
3dmark06 on SLi, why?
can I overclock my graphics card safely ?
8800GTS - how hot is too hot and what's the average lifespan?
EVGA GeForce GTX 280 HC
question about RivaTuner...
tri sli 8800gts or single gx2 or gtx 280 sli
Curiousity needs solving....
can you use AS5 on your GPU??
weird flicker with 8800gt SLi...
Problem with a 260
Sparkle Cards
I have an Nvidia gforce 8800GT should i overclock or replace?
Nvidia display all buggered up
Anyone with Nvidia 8400M GS DDR3 64MB OCed before? mines not working.
Dropped nVidia drivers...
Bottlenecking.. and recomendations reguarding it.
9800gx2 problems
Is my desktop G86 (8500GT) Plagued with the same problem?
Geforce2 GTS or Quadro2 Pro?
GTX280 The BEST?!?
OC'ing my MSI 9600GT
need semi-low profile cooler for 8800gt...
Is it just me or is BFG the company to beat right now?
Does 9800GTX+ consume more Power than 9800GTX?
8800gt SLi volt mod question
GTX 260 not superclock but has superclock speeds.
Upgrading to a 8800GT or 9600GT???
Crap overclocks with my eVGA 8800gt! wtf!
GTX 260's.. My benches inside!!!
any news on the GTX280b's yet?
overclocking a 6600...
Nvidia to stop making chipsets?
8800 gts 320mb upgrade?
eVGA 9800gx2 - Bios
No name 9600gt
what games can an 8800 run on max settings
nVidia's 180 "BigBang II" drivers
Lost Receip - What do you do?
3dMark06 and 9800 gx2 Score - ???
177 drivers is making my 8800GTS SLI crash...
8800gts tv out problem on hdtv
9800 GX2's
Vista 64bit, 9800GX2, and dual monitors.
Worth it going from 8600gt to 8800gt on a pcie-e x4 mobo?
"Stepping Up" to the EVGA 9800GT 1GB AKIMBO
9600 GT
Win a Geforce 8800GTS from the OCF Podcast!
Some of the many, many things affecting a benchmark...