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Dropped nVidia drivers...
Bottlenecking.. and recomendations reguarding it.
9800gx2 problems
Is my desktop G86 (8500GT) Plagued with the same problem?
Geforce2 GTS or Quadro2 Pro?
GTX280 The BEST?!?
OC'ing my MSI 9600GT
need semi-low profile cooler for 8800gt...
Is it just me or is BFG the company to beat right now?
Does 9800GTX+ consume more Power than 9800GTX?
8800gt SLi volt mod question
GTX 260 not superclock but has superclock speeds.
Upgrading to a 8800GT or 9600GT???
Crap overclocks with my eVGA 8800gt! wtf!
GTX 260's.. My benches inside!!!
any news on the GTX280b's yet?
overclocking a 6600...
Nvidia to stop making chipsets?
8800 gts 320mb upgrade?
eVGA 9800gx2 - Bios
No name 9600gt
what games can an 8800 run on max settings
nVidia's 180 "BigBang II" drivers
Lost Receip - What do you do?
3dMark06 and 9800 gx2 Score - ???
177 drivers is making my 8800GTS SLI crash...
8800gts tv out problem on hdtv
9800 GX2's
Vista 64bit, 9800GX2, and dual monitors.
Worth it going from 8600gt to 8800gt on a pcie-e x4 mobo?
"Stepping Up" to the EVGA 9800GT 1GB AKIMBO
9600 GT
Win a Geforce 8800GTS from the OCF Podcast!
Some of the many, many things affecting a benchmark...
EVGA 9800GX2 $285?
fx5200 ultra issue
Watt requirements accurate?
XFX or EVga?
Evga 88gt Akimbo Model
quick Q about pcie 2.0 and gtx 280
9800gt release
Question about Nvidia drivers & Vista x64
9800 GT 512 MB vs 9600 GT 1gb: What's the difference?
baffling 7600gt problem
Which 8800GT version should I pair for SLI, with my 256MB 8800GT
Video card question: 2-pin connector required?
How High To Oc eVGA 9600GT SLI
Looking for a vid card suggestion
What are your 9800GTX overclocks?
280GTX finally arrives
4870 + 22" vs 9800 GTX + 24"
what to do, what to do...
It never ends.....
Some questions about Evga and the GTX280
Zotac 8800 GTS 320 Driver issues
Insignificant upgrade help
Which of these is the best water cooling block for the 9800GTX+?
Will 980GTX waterblocks work with 980GTX+?
Will 980GTX waterblocks work with 980GTX+?
GTX 260 vs 9800 GX2 vs 4850(P35) CF vs 4870 - most likely on a 22" monitor
Need "IMHO"'s which card?
Well, looks like nVidia is back on top again - despite the 4000 series - heres why:
Is there any reason NOT to get a 9800GX2?
has nvidia abandoned drivers for a good 8800 GT SLI setup?
8800GT to 260GTX worth upgrading @ 1680x1050 ?
Seeming to getting low scores with SLI?
Will the 9800GX2 fit in an Xion-II Case?
Is it worth it to SLI if I only play Blizzard games?
best drivers for 8800gt SLI
Best card for the the money (150-200)? I overclock
on COD4, it ask "dual video cards?"
Why is my 9600gt at half mem speed!?!
msi geforce 6200ax
eVGA 8800gt 512 SSC vs normal
Rivatuner problems with Vista
Enermax Infiniti 720W & 9800 GX2?
Calling All UK Peoples
1680x1050 or 1920x1200 for a 9800GTX
G200a vs G200b
Is There A Way
OC'ing 9800GTXplus
Inno3D 8500GT SLI issue
this can't be right...
Just got my GTX 280, Scores ok?
GX2 or GTX280
Help me pick out a graphics card.
HD to my 1080p LCD TV -> Ideas?
8800GTS 512 ---> 9800GTX+ 512
GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB , spotted newegg.
8800 GT OC
EVGA Step-Up Queue
Worlds worst overclock
Two Nvidia partners defect!! o.O
Just got my 260GTX
GTX 280 TRI SLI...
Memory Amount VS Memory Speed - GPU Speed Aswell
Nvidia Physics
sli fan control...?
8800GT external power connection?
So let me see if I have this straight about a GX2...
nv flash problems?
SLI performance hit...?
What are the chances of an artifacting 8800gts Not artifacting in Sli?
Can I use the tri sli bridge with jsut dual sli ?
Think we will see 280GTS's @ compairable to ATI Prices any time soon?
How high should my 8800GT overclock
Question on Nvidia cards
8800 GTS (G92) Vista Home Prem 64 bit
Is This 6600GT Dead?
Prices keep dropping for EVGA Step-Up!
Upgrading whole system, upgrade my 8800 GTS?
is this overclock reasonable?
Step-up: 9800GTX+ for free, or GTX260 for $60?
Same cards with different clocks
8800GT: 90C
My MSI 8400GS can beat your 9800GTX up..lol
Good Time for Another 9800GX2?
Nvidia 7300 SE v Nvidia 8500 GT
9800 gtx+!!!!!
Is this a right score for a OCed 8800GT 256MB?
Cash Back from EVGA for GTX 260/280
Cash back from xfx to early 280 and 260 adopters
Race 07 stuttery: Nvidia drivers bad...?
no more evga 9800GX2 at newegg?
Ocing 8800gTx
Overclocking problem NEED HELP!
More nVidia price drops
8800GTX - Only marginal overclock is stable
GTX 280 power requirements.
Finally! SLI on INTEL boards.
SLI problem with vista 64
random 9800GX2 question
Need help choosing card too, I have 2 options
9800GX2 worth upgrading to GTX 280?
8800GTS G92
Messed up my 8800GT
SLI different cards
Rambus sues Nvidia
Choice Tools
Video Card power cable
xfx 9800GTX
6800GS SLI upgrade
New Benchmark - Devil May Cry 4
Can't get PhysX working on 8800 GT.
what is the difference between these two cards!?
stepping up with evga...
RUMOR? All Nvidia G84 and G86s are bad?
175.19 drivers Rereleased?
SLI and older motherboard
Nibitor BIOS Editor 4.3
9800GTX 3dmark Vantage score question
Nvidia 8800 GT disables video output after unplugging DVI cord
2 second lag without vertical sync??? WTF
GTX280 power supply requirements??
Need help deciding.
MUST READ - eVGA Step-up program
How many GTX 280/260 owners are there here?
safe voltage on 9600 GT
GTX 280 not going to 2d mode w/ two screen mode
CPU Limited?
SLi Video Cards
9800GTX owners only...
System unstable after going SLI
bootable usb key for volt mod not working?
8800gts (g92)
SLI, dual monitors, and 3 PCI-E slots
Unable to increase core past 621
What to step up to?
SLI GTS G92 cooling solutions!
8800gt bios voltage mod steps?
NVDA Stock : 12.71
Leadtek GeForce GTX 280 Extreme
Help pls with overclocking and temp. of 7300 gt
9600 gt sc question
Need Help Choosing Graphics Card
Video Card Advice
Something wrong with my 8800GT
nVidia control panel question
Building new computer, having trouble deciding on which video card...
9800GTX on Bluestorm 500?
What card should i get for under 90
Artifacting & Crashing / Help My 7600GT
9800 GTX Bottlenecked?
XFX Geforce 9600GSO overclock?
Can't Read Clocks
[Crytek] - 8600GT 512MB will run Crysis: Warhead on HIGH Settings!!!
8800GTS 512 SLI Vs. 9800 GX2
SLI-identical cards? or mixed?
8800GT SLI Alternative!!
Woohoo! Prices are falling :D
sli overclocking questions
ugh....9800 GTX sucks....
8800 GT SLi very low 3dMark
questions about BFG
will PCI-E 2 x 8x bottle neck SLI 8800GTS G92...?
SLI noob, important questions
8800GTS (G92) Maximum safe memory speed?
Driver 175.19 vs 175.16
SLI issues (again!)
8800gtx + 175.16 = 3dmark06 instability?
8800GT Sli low 3dmark06
Calling 9800GX2 owners
recc me drivers for my 8800GTS?
8800GT to 9800GTX+ or ???
I tried out Quad-SLI 9800GX2 and got worse results from just one 9800GX2...
8800GTS G92 + 8800GTS G92 = big benefit...?
SLI and Vista
Good deal on this 8600?
8800gt overclocking general questions
For the love of all that is good...
Graphics corruption...
Single3 9800gx2 vs 8800gt 512 SLI
I think My OCZ 8800gtx is dying artifacting!
SLI or better card
GeForce 8800GTS 640mb
8800GTS 512MB (G92) SLI or 9800GX2?
Next Step: Waiting In Queue: #250
Proud owners of 8800GT SLI!!!
question about tri-sli
old 6800 issue
8800GTS (G92) to 9800GX2
overclocking headroom after aftermarket cooling?
PhysX-enabled drivers released
8800gt sli questions
Noise reducing video card companion?
overclocking 7600gt
8 Pin adaptors? (gtx280)
MAX 8800GTS 512MB (G92) Stable Overclocks
i got around $300 to spend
EVGA Step-Up Question...
8800GT 512 or 9600GT 512?
EVGA 8800gt vs XFX 8600gt
Geforce 8800gt 1GB ??
GeForce Overclock/Stock Clocks Comparisons
XFX 7600GT Fatal1ty edition
At what temp does the 9800 fry?
NVIDIA System Tools with ESA Support
Halp! I can't install my display drivers.
Nvidia release's 175.19 drivers today
Best aftermarket cooler for 9600GT's with little room??
EVGA GeForce 9600 Problems
Has anyone here got a PNY GeForce 6600 256MB AGP card? (SPAG43 REV:C1)
Need a good cooler for 9800 gx2
Geforce 9800GX2 problem ??
nvidia driver installation problems
Help finding a 8800GTS 320MB
Hot and Strange temps.
aim for higher core clock or memory clock?
8800GT or 9800GTX
Low FPS - Something Wrong?
Crap. My 6600.
flashing bios
The 9800gtx+ vs HD4850
9600gt superclocked video card
Chirping GPU
9800gx2, 9800gtx, 8800gtx, or 8800 ultra
8800GTS (G92) SLI
New 9800GTX+ driver 177.39
Nvidia card question/trouble shooting
No OC improvement after 1.1v bios mod
dual graphics card setup
Go with 8800GT SLI or stay HD4870 Crossfire
Nvidia Physx Working :D
Kampf's 8800Ultra vs. GTX280 Thread
Computer won't boot up with GTX 280
9600GT Extreme or regular?
Awesome 8800GTS G80!!
Game physics: PhysX now, or CUDA later?
New 9800GTX+ 55nm $229 July
9800gtx+ anyone?
2 8800GT's in SLi, Driver issues or IRQ issues
XFX 8800GT Aftermarket Cooler Installation Help
max OC settings
GTX 280 tri SLI/9800GX2 quad SLI 3dMark Scores
GTX 260/896 MB DDR3 $389.99
I Have Nvidia 7600gs
how do i load the 177.35 drivers for my 8800gt?
7950GTOC 256mb still good?
9600 GT 1 GB or 9800 GTX 512 MB?
8800gt volt modding the bios...
Mobo for 9800gx2
9600GT or 8800GT (G92)
Asus 9600GT audio passthrough
Looking for a good video card!
what program can i use to speed up the stock fan?
Is this a good video card?
6 pin to 8 pin adapter
New 8800GT artifacts
XFX 9800GTX Resolution problem....
so whats the general thought on the new cards? upgrade or not?
Guru3d review of 280
GTX 280 3DMark Results
Nvidia GPU folding client posted on eVGA forums
2 7900gs for $80 from a friend (evga)
Fan speed resets to 25%
8800GT and WoW
GTX 280 Benchmarks !
GeForce GTX 280's 650 at the Egg
Seen Used 7900GS For 40 Are They Good Cards For Now
NVIDIA Dictates Advertised Video Card Pricing
Nvidia making an aggressive move in the server / computation market with Tesla
Why are e-GeForce 9600 GT SSC gpu's hard to find?
GTX280 showed up in greece
Problem with output to TV
GTX 280 Disappointment?
GTX 280 in the UK
NVIDIA drivers?
Total newbie. GFX card advice
7800 gtx 98C HOT!!
9800 GTX + Ultimate x64 SP1 = Blue Screen
9500M 8600M New name for the same thing?
Regarding Drivers...
8800GT SLI: GPU0 fan speed stuck
Freezing and Soundlooping Issues
12V Rail displaying .26 in Everest??
Newproblems with 8800GT SLI
nv** dll has stopped working error but only when gfx ram oc !
Help/Guidance please - Drivers not working
graphics upgrade
So I overclock and get less performance?
Dual Display - desktop and full screen video
EVGA 7900 GS Cooler Replacement
Best priced/performance 8800 GTS 512mb Card?
Have to RMA my card :(
Any Benefit to Physix with SLi
XFX 8800gts (G92) AlphaDog O/C Help
280GTX 3-way SLI benchmark
3DMark06 Scores of 8800GT Sli
laptop to monitor
SLI 800GT problems
Post your 8800 temperature...
8800 GTX VCore
8800GTS (G92) Performance Issue?
3d Benchmarks for a EVGA PCIe 2.0 Card?
Overclock Settings for XFX 8600GT
Need some help Ocing 8800gts
Major picture problem with 8800gts 512mb
overclocking utility for 9800gx2 and vista64?
9800GX2, GTX, what should I do?
8800GT and extra voltage
PNY 8800gt XLR8 onsale at Bestbuy 149.99!!!
Code 10 error...pls help
8800GT results
8800GTS or 9800 GTX
I need advice on my sli configuration
Difference between 8800GT and GTS
NVTuner fan speed setting doesn't want to stick
Accelero S1 on 9600GT. Do I need a fan?
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Launch discussion
***Upgrading advice!!!***
MSI 8800 (G92)
EVGA Step-Up Program, is it worth it?
Problem with Vista score on 8800GTX
8800 Gs
7300 GT problem maybe? Won't boot to desktop.
artifacting untill reboot? 8800Ultra xxx 768mb
Nvidia 280 and 260
[News] GeForce 9800GT sighted
8800GT, 256Mb vs 512Mb
Bios vmod and oc...
Weird booting up problem HELP!
Questions of performance capabilities...
8800GT, probably waterdamaged :(
what do you suggest me overclocking my 8400gs to?
Help ocing g92 gts
Help picking new card.
Sold me nVIDIA 9800GX2 :(
fan speed issues on 8600gt
Better CoD4 fps via driver update?
190 celcius pcb
how to tell which card is which in nvflash ?
PCI Express 2.0 vs. x16
8800GTS Heating Issue
Softmod your 9600GSO 384MB into a 8800GTS 512MB
Zotac 8800gt
A Way to Test My 8800GT's Voltage?
evga 9800gx2, can I stepup to gtx280?
nVidia TVout.
7800gs doesnt switch over to performance 3d mode?
Upgrading gfx before i go to china :)
helping out a friend, which video card
I'm about to buy Geforce 9800 GX2 (need some help)
My new high oc on stock air...
[News] Nvidia Launched Tegra In Taipei
Rivatuner Wrong Device (Cant overclock!)
New eVGA Precision skins
best headsink for 7800gs agp?
Best overclocking program for 7800?
Help me pick a cooler for my 8800 GT...
8800GT for a Mac....
Zotac 8800GT-AMP or Asus 8800GTS
Help being attacked by red/blue pixels
Question about NON-SLI multiple video card setup?
Dual 8800gts 640 half to be a 100%match?
DDR3 on 8600GT?
Overclocking 8800 gts 640mb
help with stock 8800gts cooling
8800GTS Overheat, CRYSIS!
Better Geforce in AGP if possible?
2 8800GTS g92 or 1 9800gx2?
7800 GS OC heatbug too?
8800gt in Quad sli mode?
Graphics card bios reflashing question
would this be an upgrade?
WTF High Temps HELP!!!!!!
8800GTS now or wait?
Compatible 8800GTS cooling / efficiency
Dell....why oh why did I buy a Dell?
9800 PCI-E 2.0 on PCI-E 1.0?
8800's still a good buy?
No more picture..
8800 GTS 640mb vs 512mb
What to buy, what to buy.?.?.?
Possible Artifact? Help
to upgrade my video card or not, thats the question..
8500GT 512MB VS 8600GT 256MB
Driver install error
How to OC 9800GX2 Past 900/2268 ?
8800GTS (G92) vs 8800GT
Low vista 3dmark scores
What's the difference between these?
Need some Advice on nVidia 8600
7950GT Cooling
Question about 8800GTX cards
Vista wont boot after 8800gts upgrade to 9600
Help Me Decide
:| So many new cards....
Need a new card; best bet for step-up this summer?
Blurry Desktop
8800 gts
worth getting an 8800gts from x1900xt 512meg?
9800GTX Fan and Rivatuner 2.09
BFG 8800GT 512 (G92) Nice clocks, but could be better?
MSI 8800 GT OC 512MB or BFG 8800 GT OC 512MB?
Is this a AGP?
MSI 8800 GTS 512 OC - what drivers do you run?
MSI 8800GTS temps - different offsets?
MSI 8800GT (G92) sweet clocks
[NEWS] NVIDIA Acquires RayScale Software
8600GT major issue (Dying?)
Which Card
Need help: Trying to plug in my 8800gts with Corsaid 450W (missing 6-pin plug?)
8800 GTS 320 (g80) Either an Error or a Godsend
Out of the loop 8th and 9th series questions
SLI/CPU Quandary??
Video card match for monitor?
ati tool stability?
GTX 280/260 Specs
FXVideocards.Com / My experience
9600GT SLI... 650W enough??
Dual slot coolers worthwhile?
Strange Vista/8800GTS Driver Problem NEED HELP!
8400gs Questions
MSI 8800 GT has video-in?
9800Gx2 - XFX - EVGA - BFG - ???
GPU Stability testing
Is the 8800gt worth $100 more than 8600gt?
Flashing 8800 GTS G92 BIOS
Strange graphical error
8800 Pink Screen Of Death (PSOD)
Will the new gen card gt200/4800 require pcie 2.0?
Help! Strange graphics results
Overclocking Integrated Geforce 7050
Which 8800
My SLI results
Best SLI Upgrade Path?
an effortless 10K!
do G92s put off more heat then a 7900GT GPU?
9500M GS vs. 8600M GT
NVidia drivers
Overclocking causing artifacts despite low temperatures?
Blocky video scaling
3dmark06 failure in SLI mode only
Need a video card
Omega Drivers... Are they worth it?
EVGA 8800 GTS KO Blocks SATA - Help!
Will I need to modify anything in my Dell 530 Inpiron to run a 8800 GTS?
8500GT 512MB VS. GeForce 8800 GTS
eVGA 8800GT @ 700/1750/900 Stable. Memory?
nVidia growing pains
GT200 now to be called "GeForce GTX 200 Series"
Been a while...... but I have an SLI/Dual-Monitor question
MSI 8800GT issue
RMA'd my ZOTAC and they sent me an XFX
175 driver results
Some questions about SLI.
What kind of PSU for 9600GT SLI? HDMI question too.
Recommendation for 8800GTS
New Driver issue.
Strange strange 8800GTS 640 problem
Adobe Premiere/8800GTS 640: Problem Solved
9900 series drawings up on TH
Building Comp from GPU up?