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Question about OCing SLI'd 8800GTS 512's
9600GT Overclocking and Cooling
8800GTS 512mb Overclocking
8800 GTX air cooling
Anyone else get horrible shuttering with Prey?
evga 8800GTS 320 problem
KFA2 9600GT?
little problem with overclocking 8600gt
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Complete noob needs help!
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What Video Card should I buy on Thursday?
any News on 9900's?
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jsut bought 2nd card for first sli!
Before and after AC S1!
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169.21 Out But 174.74 Out Only For 9xxx Series
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Cant wait for my stimulus check lol...
Core & Memory Clock Detection in 3Dmark?
6600GT Makes Squeaky Swirling Sounds
Video Playback Issues... Help!
Vista Drivers...?
New Nvidia 175.16beta @Nvidia.com
8800GTS 320mb Overclocking
How hot is too hot for 8800 GTS?
How far should I over clock my E8400 3ghz processor so it won't bottle neck my GPU?
Need Help With An Upgrade
EVGA Precision
3dMark Vantage
Are these arficats
GT 1.1v BOIS Mod worth it?
EVGA 9800GX2 Waterblock
Help me OC my 8800GTS (G92)
What should I do.
Advice for a new card?
9600GSO w/1536mb of DDR3!
Wait for a more OC'ed 9800GTX and GX2?
Thank you EVGA :)
Dangerden 9800 GX2 waterblock pics
whats a solid 3dmark06 with 8800GTS640
8800GTS 512 OR 9800GTX 512 ??
8800gts 640mb question
$200 upgrade for my 7800GTX?
Anyone else having lockups with their 9600GT?
comments on nvidia geforce 9800 gx2
this agp 8x card is *not* backwards compatible with 4x?
EVGA Precision utility
Which of these upgrades would you choose?
EVGA Super Clocked 8800GT
EVGA Super Clocked 8800GT
to step up from 8800GTS 512?
Factory OC'ed vs. Manually OC'ed
8800ultra overclock settings needed!
470W PC P&C power a 8800GTX?
SLI check
What Video - A8N-SLI Deluxe 4400
Multi-games on multi-monitors...
What to choose!
Which provides more bang for the buck? 9600GT or 8800GT?
Dual display problems
Can a NVidia 8300 GS (128Mb) be used on a 50" LCD TV?
Rivatuner 2.09
What's more important, core or shader?
Which video card to get...?
Stick with my current GPU or upgrade, help please.
question on pci express
Where's 2d mode?
says SLI enabled, only 1 card in use
8800GTS sli or 9800GX2
Questions on 8800GTS OCing Basics :)
The NEW 9600GSO
help , low scores
NV 8600m GT Drivers
174.93 Drivers?
SLi or No
evga 8800 GT problems
BFG 9800GX2 problems?
8800 gtx vista drivers
8800gts/gtx / ?
SLI Setup problems
Benchmarks going down...?
Any experience with this EVGA GX2
Missing values from GPU-Z
XFX 8800 GTS vs Club 8800 GTX
SLI Question
Nvidia Upcoming GPUs Line-Up For Q2/Q3
Nvidia GPU drivers
Upgrading for Age of Conan.
Newest 8-series drivers are 169.21 from December?
8600gt in sli, i found the problem
OC tri-sli - 9800 GTX
What do we have to look forward to this year?
GeForce 9800 GX2 Cards Get New GPUs
Single 8800GTs or SLI?
8800GT SLI nub question
MSI NX8800GT 512M OC
8800gtx errors/crashes, RMA it?
8800gts gap problem
Can I get a better memory overclock on my Go 7400 by underclocking my core speed?
GeForce 9900 GTX & GTS Slated For July Launch
N00b Question - How best to fill single PCI-E x16 slot?
GPU assembly
Back in the market for a graphics card...
ramsink placement?
Can't turn down my 8600GTS fan, RivaTuner isn't applying??
Which temps should I rely on?
woot 14k e8400 and 8800gt !!
Stock Cooler...really good?
8800GTS(g92) stability tester?
8800GTS 512 + aftermarket cooling... Your temps???
BFG or EVGA 8800gt
PCI-E Frequency?
8800GTX x2 SLI or 9800GX2??
GPU choice
help OCing my 8800GTS (640MB) please
9600GT, 8800GS or 8800GT?
atitool, rivatuner, conusion on where the gpu temps are?
XFX 8800GT SLI and Vista Aero @ 1080i
is pci-e x16 THAT much better than x4
Overloking Gefore Go 6150?
pick one, please
Help me out on picking a video card please.
Poor 9800GTX OC
Replace 880GT with 512 GTS??? Woth it?
8800 GT vs 8800 GTS (both with dual slot cooling)
8800GT 256mb @ 1080p
how do you run 3 mon with 2 vid cards
What have we here?
8800GTX vs 9800GTX for 1900x1200 gaming
9800gtx fan control issue?
To step or not to step
Booting with GPU OC
fanless vid card? or just a cooler?
Video Card for 24" (1900 X 1200) Monitor?
How many watts of heat does the 9800 GX2 Produce
So where do these go?
The Nvidia 174.74 BETA Drivers
Which card? BFG 9600GT 512mb vs EVGA 8800GTS 640
Stress testing GPU OC?
Need some recommendations
Best Gaming GPU?
7600gt OC
psu compatibility with my new 8800 gs
Omega vs Regular nVidia
Is this a good price?
Overclocking 8800GTX SLI
Help with new 8800GT...poor text quality and washed out colors
half a gig or a gig?
9800gx2 8pin pci power
8800 series temperatures
whats the best driver for 8800
Fan speed - customized via flash (Guide)
BFG 8800gts 512 very strange "electric "noise???
Troubles with FPS w/ 8800GT
Why you shouldn't buy the 7900GT
Overclocking 8600m GT Asus G1S
buying 8800GTS what's more important: SP or rambus?
9800 GTX overclock results
new cooler for 8600GTS?
174.85 Vista driver goodness (so far)
Fan for a 8600 GT
Anyone have a release date/price for a 9800 GX2 Watercooled?
Refresh forcing in Rivatuner
Is 3Dmark06 to be trusted...?
Shared memory, how to stop this ?
My new 8800 GT has a problem
EVGA 8800GTS 320 How Hot Is To HOT
Deanzo's 9800GX2
Help adjusting fan speed on EVGA 8800GTS
Trade 8800GT for 8800GTS 640 SSC?
EVGA Stepup Question
Nvidia display issues - Rotate Screen
8600gts 512, poor marks
8800GT 1GB STFU Edition
PCI-e frequency: Reported @ 88mhz by Clockgen
New Rig with odd SLI results
Thinking about RMA'ing my card
8800GT, did I flash the wrong bios?
640GTS SLI or 512GTS?
9800GTX vs 880GTS
eVGA 8600GT Accident
Recommendation for good dual DVI nvidia card
Upgrade time/?
9600GT Problems and General Help Needed...
Power Strip and 2 8600gt xxx
[ExpRev] GeForce 9800GX2 will be EOLed in three months
3DMark scores do not seem right.
Don't you love when you forget about general maintenance?
9800 GTX or the 8800 GTX?
Replaced my 8600GT 256MB with an 8800GTS 512MB...
PCI-E 2.0 cards any annoucement?
Need $100-200 card, general use
How do I dismantle the 8800GTS stock heatsink
Changing 8800GTX fan speed
8800gt 3d06 why is my sm2 score better than sm3 !
2x 8800 gts differ model #
8800GT vs 9600GT
8800GTS 512 temp different between nTune and GPU-Z...
How do i flash 7900GT
NX8800GT 512mb OC further overclocking??
EVGA 9850GX 3GIG, 9900, 9950
BIOS flashing viod my warranty...?
8800 GTX Temps
Got my eVGA 8800GS - Results w/ E8400
SLI with 7900GTO+7900GTX- possible?
9800GX2 vs 8800GTS SLI apples to apples!
9800GX2 up and running
8800GTS Speed Issues
8800 GTS G92 vs 9800GTX - One on One (and SLI)
eVGA 8800GTS vs BFG 8800GTS OC...
"Conspiracy theory" regarding Nvidia and their slowness,
evga's step-up?
Quiet low end card
How do I find out my 8800GT voltage?
SLI and multi monitor
How many are going from a G92 8800GTS to a 9800GTX?
9800GX2 with 6 & 8 pin power
E6850 and 7900GTX vs 9800GTX Thread
Which would be the better route?
Realistically, how much power do I need for gaming at 1440x900?
Need help with this problem :(
8800GT is giving me issues with my TV
9800GTX benchmarks
9800GTX or SLI 9600/8800GT ???
Nvidia keeps crashing my computer...!!!
NForce4 mobo + 8800/9600gt
8800GTS - sometimes gets 6x slower! Failing HW?
Video card brand
PCI Express 2.0 x16
8800GT Enough Power?
The first 9800GTX for sale....
SLI Help please!
"GT200 to become 9900GTX and 9900GX2, launch date set in July"
nvidia stepup program
HDMI To DVI or...
Output to a TV (not HD ready)
Nvidia Control Panel ??
S2 to cool a 8600GTS?
upgrading video card
Will either of these cards fit?
O/C xfx 8600gts wanting a little more
Rivatuner failing to adjust fan speed.
Quad SLI 9800GX2
Vista killed my gaming
Has anyone got to work with the Quadro FX 5600, for some serous number crunching?
major artifacting issue at start up...
:sad: I think I killed my 8800gtx - is it fragile?
NVIDIA's Drivers Caused 28.8% Of Vista Crashes In 2007
New GPU...
New GPU's from nVidia...
8800GT not functioning properly
Do you have your GPU supported with the HSF weight?
8800gt Vs 9600gt - Overclock - 3DMark06 Results
Should I buy a 9600 when I already have an 8600gts
EVGA Step Up Price & 9800 GX2
SLi question
Is my system to outdated for a 8800GTS?
Looking for a $200 card...Suggestion ???
Nvidia 256-bit VS. 384-bit GPU-Z PICS
Dell XPS 630 8800GT Running at 8x
Geforce 9800 UltraX2 Dream Specs
eVGA step-up program for the 9800GX2
2 9600GTs or 1 9800GX2?
8800GTX vs 9800GTX
Are all 8800GTs G92s?
9800 GTX on Tweaktown
8800GT or 9600GT...
no output to minitor
9800GX2 already down to $550
XFX just sent me a 8600 GTS 512meg card
9800 GX2 Quad SLI Review Article
What to do..@ a loss.
Where are you 9800 GTX??
help me decide
question on which BFG 8800GT OC i got...
can nvidia dual 3d desktop yet?
Video capture, rendering, editing card help.
Which 8800GTS...
Water Cooled 8800 Ultra OC Advice
SLI ? setup like this?
Restart with 9600gt overclock.
9800gtx listed. $311
bfg tech 8800gts g92 fan control
9600GT SLI = 3DMark06 glitch?
What does VRAM do exactly nowadays?
Any truth to this 8800GT rumor?
New rig, are my 3DMark scores normal?
8800GTS 512mb vs 8800GTS 640mb
8800GTS and Gigabyte DS3R
2xGTS/640 or 2x 9600GT?
7600 GT Pencil Mod Success
Crossfire on Nforce Sli boards...Yes its true!!
9800 GTX Spec Sheet from EVGA's website
Enough Power?
'Factory Overclocked' 8800GT's
To upgrade or not to upgrade....
reinstall drivers when going to SLI?
Upgrade path advice
Question about EVGA's step-up
8800 gt.. Amazing performance with "crysis"
8800gt help! Cant instal driver
8800 GTS G92 + TR HR-03GT
9800GX2 Beats 2 x 8800
When is it stable?
Will prices drop on 88xx . . . ??
How will 8800 gt work with my pc configatation?
Quick 8800gt question...
did i burn up my 8600??
Does anybody remember that German W.S.
8800gt users how far do can you push your shaders
9800 GX2 Review
troubles with RivaTuner
Do Corsair PSUs have the appropriate connectors for the new Nvidia 98** cards?
Need 8800gtx cooler
Well i am rma-ing my 8600
60 fps in counter strike
nvidia resizer is not working in 1080p mode
9600gt choppy??
9800 GX2 @ The Egg
Allowing The Graphics Card To Use RAM
9800GX2's ON Newegg
Sparkle GeForce 8600 GT Video Card
ATITool 8800GTS
Another what card for me thread
GAAAAAAAAH! nv4_disp BSOD and Crash
advise on GPU driver
9800GX-2 tested!
Objective GPU stress test.
I'm a noob
8800GT 512 SSC Edition 10288 3D Marks
Cooling RAM using Zalman VF1000.....
Shouldn't I be able to OC this higher?
Need help troubleshooting G92 gts
8800GTS-640 vs the 8800GTS-512(G92)
Upgrading roomies computer Geforce 6600
About to buy gts 512!
8800GT SLI, worth it ?
Nvidia Quadro 1700 anyone??
Just got my 8800GT!
Jumper 88800GT, what does it do?
UGH!!! video cards
Nvidia overclockers, I seek your help.
Is this normal(8500gt)
Best Drivers for 8800GT?
Does Card Overclock Go Away When Removed From Computer?
Is my GPU dying?
Riva tuner reserved system memory question!
8800GT won't oc well
my build....
Anyone overclock a 9600?
9800GX2 preorder link FWIW
Geforce 9600GT Benchmrk problems
pixel shader speeds? what difference does it make?
Memory on 8800GTS 512
OC card editions
Gigabyte 8800GT with Zalman cooler. Can't see fan speed.
Thanks LILBuddy!
8600gts problems
Recently built a system, looking for some advice.
Need help with EN8800GTX
Best Performance Driver version for 7800GT (Vista)
better card for 1920x1200?
Cant OC 9600gt
8800gts vivo?
Frys has 9800GX2 price tag on shelf already
New FW Drivers?
Evga vs XFX
Your standard 8800GT?
Can't get NX8800GTS to OC levels that others report... advice?
EVGA GeForce 8800GTS Superclocked 640MB
Does this sound right? (SLI 3dmark only 10k?)
sli working?
BFG to offer 100 day step up
Is my 7900GT dying???
XFX Replacments?
mmio error with rivatuner
Rivatuner overclocking problem...
How far can the G92 GTS's be pushed before needing voltmodded
OC 8800GTS
Unloking 8800gs shaders
8600gt vanilla overclock
Single slot PCI bracket for 8800 GTS?
Can't access OC stuff with Coolbits
Arctic Cooling Turbo Module VS 120mm Fans
Any Dirt on nvidia's new GX2???
8800 GTS (G80) Temp Question
No good resolution options?
8800GT 512 vs 8800GTS 320 - Stepdown?
6600GT Problem With HDTV
8800gt Bottleneck?
good time to get 8800gt?
RIvatuner HELP EVGA 9600 problems
HR-03GT Passive
Overclocking EVGA 8800 GTS KO
Riva Tuner 2.07 Is Out!
Which Program to OC Nvidia
why lower res = harder work?
8800GTX + AMD 6000+ = 9878 3dmark????? Identical performance at GT!
9800GX2 Spotted @ CeBIT
Advice for going sli
question about compatibility
latest drivers seem better..
8800GT SLI -- How much needed to escape cpu-bound?
9800GTX Benched
EVGA 512-P3-N862-AR Superclocked GeForce 9600GT
NVidia's Next Gen GPU benched [Dodgy source warning!]
Which 8800 to Go With?
last thing. Where do I get my 8800GT 512 SC drivers/apps?
Friends 8800GTS problems
How do you change 8800GTS SLi fan speed?
A realy smart question to ask, lol!!!
My results of the Geforce 9600GT(bad) Help!
PALit 8800GTS w/ 1 GB RAM
Strange stuttering problems in FUR
wait for the 9 series, or SLI my 8800gt?
EVGA 9600 GTSSC install and inital results
hot card
BFG 8800GT OC2 (G??)
Geforce 8600GTS cooling vga
NVIDIA's shady trick to boost the GeForce 9600GT
8800GT with 8653 3dmark06??
SLI and Games
8800GT w/ A-C fan/ HR-03 GT on Vantec ctrlr not spinning: FIRST BOOT ever: HELP fast!
8800 GTS Heatpad Question
Confused with 8800GTS vs 2x 8600gt
What is going on here!?!?
8800GT Heatsinks
8800gs versus 8800gt 512mb, $ worth it?
9600GT and bf2? WTF is happenin here :|
How to select CSAA over MSAA?
8800GTX SLi on Crysis
mobile graphics card? =O
Acer Aspire + GeForce 8600 GT=Okay?
AKIMBO is here
looking for new 8800 setup
8800GT & HX 520 PSU installation?
need a budget card
overclocking my asus en8800gt
Blank screen issue when trying to game
rivatuner questions
nvlddmkm error related to fsb?
TIP: Order diretcly from PNY, save a few bucks!
ASUS EN8800GTS 640MB OC'ing
Rivatuner not compatible with new drivers
just woundering
8600GT trouble gaming
How much more room?
Could somebody...
Reoving Ramsink 8800 GTS G92
Classic CP with Vist-64
8800GTS Giving me BSOD? help!
What brand memory does your EVGA 8800GT have?
Possible Dying Card?
Sli noob here
9800GTX specs....
Are my temps good or...
ETA on 9800s
non-gaming dual LCD card
How to Overclock 9600GT
Totally Baffled (8600GTS)
3 way SLI?
Why do my clocks automatically drop down to 2D freqs when I OC past a certain point?
Problem with my GeForce drivers
8800GTX could it be broken?
What's better for 22" LCD-- Mhz or memory?
Disabling onboard video reduce power consumption?
Cheap Cooling fix for the 8800GTS
Speedfan monitor GPU temps?
GTS G92 stock fan replacement
Buy now or wait? Need new VC for 24" LCD.
HR-03 GT
Why are the nVidia 9 series cards so cheep? are they junk??
GeForce 9 Series Roadmap
Quadro or Geforce video cards for AutoCAD usage
9600GT price match from Best buy.
ZOTAC 8800GT AMP! (How's the 3DM06 score?)
8800GT GPU Temps?
9600 GT overkill for my system?
What temp is your GPU Running at?