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780i 8800GTS 512x2 Stock 3D Marks?
Voltage Detection
Should I OC my eVGA 8800GT?
I need your help
overclocking rivatuner and sli?
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Many different 8800 brands
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So I just picked up the GeForce 9600GT OC...
Thought on this MSI NX8800gt with special cooler?
I want to see what my new card has to offer
9600GT benchmarks!
SLI not working properly
BIOS Flashing
Well this isnt a suprise
8800 gt OC w/ Aftermarket Cooling: Please provide your Max Clock Speeds and load Temp
low res gpu
video card overclock question
no test button on RivaTuner??
how to tell if i overclocked my 8800GT too much??
Nvidia 6100 IGP and 1440x900?
how do you remove the stock cooler (8800)?
How to determine my 8800 BIOS?
GeForce 8 graphics processors to gain PhysX support
New Card: Asus EN8800GT 1GB
Are there any fixes to Horizontal Span + Vista?
8800 gt cooling.
Galaxy Geforce 8500GT?
8800GTS 320MB - Post your temps
got my 8800gt in today and need some help plz
Geforce 8600M GT Drivers?
Newb Alert; is 8600 GTS > 8700 GS OC ?
Testing GPUs on different mobos
Silly question-How to OC memory on PNY fx5700le
8800 GTS Problem, please help
I Own A 6600GT What About A 6800XT
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Nvidia HD Handheld - A New Age
8800 GTX Display Corruption
Bad Framerate in CoD4 with 8800GT SSC.
what 2 8800GT should I get for SLI?
HX520W, P5K-E/WiFI-AP & Evga 8800GT 512 which power connectors to use?
Looking for feedback on sale of volt-modded 8800GT/GTS gfx cards
Does Evga 8800GT SC have any thermal protection for using a rpm ctrlr?
8800GTS G92 SLi Cooling Dilemma
Overclocking 8800GTS 640MB ~ Results
gts512 vs gtx for gaming at 1600x1200
Best 7900gs Cooler
Cooling the GT
I got one for you...
What are the limits of a 7600 go Laptop?
just gotta brag
My GPU is WAY too hot
8800GT and Ati Tool Artifact Scanner
9500M and 9300M info released...looks identical to 8600M and 8400M?
ASUS EN8800GTS 640MB Safe Temps?
8600gt + quad core ==> video stutters -- why?
something went wrong artifacts everywhere
SLI linked 8600 GTS, monitor shuts down on startup
F.E.A.R combat low frame rate
RivaTuner not working?
2x 8800GT or 8800 GTX?
Just pulled the trigger on a Galaxy 8800GT
Any new AGP this year
two monitors, two video cards?
Simple MSI 8800 GTS stock cooler mod.
8800 GTX - How far may I expect to go?
E-VGA 8800 GT length?
Which 8800?
First Build: GPU's for a EVGA nForce 780i SLI Mobo
Getting artifacts at stock clocks with 6800GT
12 screws off 8800GT, why won't it (shroud&fan) come off! side screws?
8800GTS problem
Cooling mosfet, big gain in oc 8800GT
6600 died, need replacement
best drivers for 8800GT
what the difference
BFG 6800GT OC Question of Health
8800 GT 512MB @ $220 OR 8800GTS (G92) 512MB @ $270 ?
Vid card causing pc to shut off.
Nvidia to acquire Ageia
GT200 thermal design power (TDP) is 250W
Is there a way to...
SLI ATI compatibility?
Nvidia driver won't load. Need urgent help.
Need advice on my 6800
8800 GTX wont overclock
Evga 8800gt sc wont oc
8800gt cooler recommendations...
New SLI setup, need some feedback
7800GT causes BSOD
Help this old man with SLI
Gigabyte 8800 GTS (G92) 512MB - should I buy it?
overclocking 8800GT
Help with new Video Card Purchase - 8800xxx (Need to purchase ASAP)
help with evga 7600GT fan probs plz
Help with fan controller and an 8400GS
Thermal paste/pads for a 8800 Ultra
disassembling evga 8800GT for a TR HR-03GT
256mb GDDR3 or 512mb GDDR2?
Nvidia 8800GTX 768MB or BFG 8800 GTS G92
xfx 8800gs, is it really that bad?
zotac 8800gt problems
EVGA 8800gt 512 sli with 8800gts 320
8800GT Power...
EVGA 8600gts 512mb
7600GT or 8500GT
Cards just won't SLI
13.4 in 06 w/ GTS 320mb
ZM-GWB2 waterblock on 8800 gt
ATITOOL & artifact scanning... alternatives?
8800 GTS 640MB
BIOS Flash without a floppy
Out to buy a fan for HR-03 GT/8800GT 512, a 120 or is 92 a must?
Arctic silver 5 for 8600gts?
Back in bed with nvidia
Nvidia Geforce 9600GT (G94)
PS3 to 22" LCD Monitor- 88GTX Capture?
Who is Kingpin & Fugger?
PCIe Link Width stuck at 1x or 8x
eVGA 8800GT 512 Temps too High...?
My EVGA 8800 Ultra Dilemma
9800GX2 - Where is it???
8800gx2 pcb and stock heatsinks pics
OCing zotac 8800gt
PCI Express Link Width
Please Clarify
8800GT / GTS(G92) OC DB
is my overclock crashing my driver?
8600 gts xxx or no xxx
Fan profiles only work with HW monitor running ?
SLI problem with 8800 cards??
GeForce 6100
3-way SLI
Overclocking 6800GS For Blu-Ray Movie Playback?
SLI - same card, diff. model
NVIDIA delays almost all their new products to March
anisotropic setting issue
11096 3dmark score?
GTS (G92) vs GT
Quick OC question..
Need suggestions to upgrade my gaming PC
*URGENT* EVGA 8800GT New Bios + OC Problems
what route?
BSOD Screen when starting 3Dmark06. [8800GTX]
Time to upgrade.. questions.
OC'd 8600GTS VS 7950GT
worth it?
GT/GTS-512 Can't see temps in Riva tuner? Look here.
Problem: My EVGA 8800 keeps getting Newer
which geforce 8600?
8800GT fan airflow direction
Which Brand 8800 GT 512 MB?
Need Overclocking Advice! Post your GeForce 7600GT Overclocking Scores!
8800GT 256MB memory overclocking
Can i unlock this card
When will PCIe 2.0 Matter?
SLI 3 way anyone?
Hello. Bought a used computer. Riva-tuner question
Black or blue PCB 8800GT
What would best?
couple questions on video card stress testing
7600GT Low FPS in WOW
Should I stepup my 256MB 8800GT to 512MB?
Best way to montior Video Card temps?
my 8800GTS results
New 8800GT with voltage control
help with 8800GTS 512
Running an FX series without the molex cable?
Heatsink Gainward 8800gt
nvidia drivers win2003
8800GS spotted!
XpertVision/Palit 8800GT Sonic
My New 8800GTX :D
XFX 8800GT 512MB - Alpha Dog Edition
Controlling Fan Speed on XFX 8600GT Zalman
Find me a cheap 8800GT
Hybrid SLI
8800ultra vs sli 8800gts
Geforce 8 series and XP 32 1xx.xx drivers, UT2004 and others stuttering
is sli enabled
8800 GTS 512 quick oc question
8800 Series Overclock - Brief Help
Overclocking in Vista x64?
Program to test OC on 8800GT?
How can I tell that my SLI is working
strange LCD ghosting with 8800 series cards and DVI
XFX 8600GT in SLI or ??
8800GTS 640MB - Hit The Wall
Thoughts on the 8600 GT OC...
Can I say no to this???
New to nvidia need some help.
Zalman system top notch?
8800 GTS 512mb gone Mad
8800GTS 320 vs 8800GTS 640
8800gt sli problem. maybe?
Need help setting up SLI rig
Need help finding a video card and cooler
For anyone that has went from an 8800gtx to an 8800gt or new gts.
geforce 8500GT SLi issue
Two 7900gt's in SLI is equal to what today?
XFX 6800 Help
8800GTS supports HDMI?
MSI 8800 GTX - $389.99
BFG 7600GT High temps?
Broken 8800Ultra?
How quiet is the stock cooler on the G92 GTS 512??
is this score ok?
POV Nvidia 7800GTX 256MB RAM: worth the upgrade from 6600GT?
3dmark05 7600GS score. checking
Lower 3dMark06 Score after OC..
Vmod did almost nothing
Video Card Upgrade or Full System Upgrade?
pcie 2.0 noob questions
eVGA website down?
would this be ok for DX10 office computer?
GPU Problem
8800GTX Fan Control
Drivers for 8800gt?
Problem with RivaTuner(FanSpeed) 7600GS
PCI-E link width 4x
Soundloop issues , artifacting 8800gt sc
7800gtx 512 and 30" LCD
ultra binning?
overclocking 8600gt should i do more ram or gpu?
8600GTS 512 vs 8800GT 256 vs 8800GT 512 ???
What to use to OC my new 8800 GTS (G92)??
8800GT only works if swapped
Desktop Enhancements
7950 GX2 issue
8800 GTS "512" Load temp.
XFX poor cooling fan
8800GT 600MHZ 1GB 1024MB
What is AA and AS?
7600GT vs 7800gtx oc
8800GTX artifacts?
7900GT OC... 3DMark06 Scores Look Right?
Chip chipped, bad?
Step up??? 8800gtx to 8800Gts G92?
Anything besides Ntune for temps?
EVGA 8800GTX stepup to Ultra worth it?
ZOMG! Dual Slot 8800GT
8800GT SLI same score as single card?
Artifacts... I think
OC 7600gt/Riva Uninstalled still adding 5% cpu usage?
Will an enermax noisetaker II 485 psu be able to sli 2 nvidia 8800 gt's
step up
Step-Up eVGA 8800GTSC to 8800GTS512?
7950GX2 to 8800GTS "G92"
Overclocking my XFX 8800 GT
Anyone have an 8800gtx sli'd?
Driver Problem after Reinstalling Windows
8800gt modding question
Overclocking GPU in Vista
BFG 8800GT oc 512
Program to monitor temps?
Changing stock speed on a Geforce 7900GT
want to get a 3d card for my new system
Been in the AMD camp for awhile...
are my 8800GT scores ok?
Adjusting fan speed?
COD4 and SLI Problem
8800GTX Stock cool idea...
680i and SLI
Will a TNT2 (AGP) Work in a 4X or 8X Mobo?
Checking sli is functional
7600GT fan speed
Updated to newest forceware, displays different version
XFX 8800GTS g92, DVD playback problems
w/ all this hw, should I get a blower too?
New 8800 GTS 512 or 8800 GTS 640
Should I use SLI?
8800gtx SLI bridge, one or both?
GTS cooling on a GT
Flashing a Quadro FX700 Go to a ti4200 Go
GeFroce 9800 GX2 Pics and Specs!
OFFICIAL: GeForce 9600GT
Question about step up
Any advice over clocking or tweaking advice for Asus 8600gt? 512MB?
DVI to HDMI with 8800GT
pci-e 2.0 and pci-e x16
RMA'd 8800GT, they say it's working?
Borked 8800gtx? pics enclosed
Overclocking 8800GT SLi
XFX 7900GS Extreme, good backup card?
24 days left on step up
8800GTS on 2003 Server
BFG 7900 GTX Help Please :)
does 8800 GTS have HDMI output?
How Long Do I Test OC?
Gigabyte 7600gs cooling???
riva tuner and vista 64
My 8800GTS RMA... continued.
How much would you pay for a XFX 7900 GTX 512 meg?
ATI tool hates me (8800GT woes)
1GB VRAM doesn't really matter, says Expreview
8800 gts 512 vs 8800 gts 640
G92 GT or GTS?
Will it fit?
Aftermarket VGA Cooler for my 8800GT, Suggestions?
Confused about PCI Express 2.0
GFX card for meh?/
no video help plz
is there a way to raise GPU volts on g92 8800gts?
PCI-E Voltage and Overclocking
8800GT 256MB vs 512MB
8800GT 256MB vs 512MB
How are my 8800gts g92 scores?
8800gt 1.1v mod??? help :(
G92 in DFI Ultra-D
EVGA step up program..
BFG 8800 GT fan failure after BIOS update
8800GTS - BSOD
Rivatuner + 8800GT, is there low power/ performance mode?
Core,shader,ram...which one?
I need help quick 2 hours to bid on it
BFG's 8800 GTS 512 OC WC, or home brew...
is this right?
Nvidia is only the hustler for old 3dfx tech
8800GT bios softmod, would this work?
Which would be better? FX5200 or 7100GS?
System won't boot - eVGA 8800 Ultra
640MB 8800GTS SLI vs 512MB 8800GT SLI - when cpu limited
help me decide which card to get, since dell failed to honor my order
Evga 8800GTS 512mb
nv4_disp booting problems!
X-mas gift.
Does the 8800GTS512 really OC better than 8800GT?
8600gts freezing pc
Can't find suitable geforce card with passive cooling.
Club3D - is this cooler better than the stock cooler?
8800 GT or GTS "512meg"
SLI on a Xfire MB
7800GT to Quadro FX 4500
8800GS, not that we don't have enough 8800 varieties
video card for Crysis at 1920*1080
Should I upgrade now, or wait for next gen???
whats better?
Which thermal paste to use for the Thermalright HR-03 GT Heatsink
Buying 2 lower cards instead of a 1 high priced card?
8800GT w/ Peltier - OC Help?
Gainward - should I buy from this manufacturer?
Post your 8600GT 3DMark06 Scores and settings
Please post your E6750 + 8800GT (only!) scores here..
(G92) 8800GTS 512mb thread
Worried about 8800GT 'hissing' when under load (pics)
XFX 8900GS M450 temp sensors unavailable
Problems SLI-ing 8800 GTX
Stepped up to defective 8800GT?
7950GX2 overclock - card isn't dead but shuts down before i can rest clock.
Coolbits/Drivers problem with GeForce FX 5200
8800gtx Overclocking Question
Can These 3 Things Be Deleted From Start-Up
Buy 8800GT now and Step-Up to GTS in late Jan?
Best AGP video card? =X
Geforce 8800 GT and h.264 decoding
Riva Tuner question?
Attention Canadian Nvidia shoppers!!
Does the Thermalright HR-03 GT fit the new GTS 512mb??
8800GT stock cooler, worth putting AS5 on it?
SLI just -not- working.
BFG 7900gsoc
bfg warrenty
Debating a small upgrade
8800GT + A8N32-SLI
Good News!
need pics of a 6600GT
Decision > Sell my 2x 8800GTS for 8800GT's >?
How hot is too hot
should i buy 8800gts 512 or 8800gt 1gb?
1 gb 8800gt or 512
The G84 on the 8600's
Friend's 8600 GT Sonic+
8800GTX= 3dmark06 3300 pts!?!?!?
How's this OC?
Ntune questions
different models of the 8800gt.. and a noob question
Need Help BAD!!! SLI Problem!!
Buy it?
coolbits & ntune not working
8600M GS drivers for vista
Why its worth to get a 8800gtx or something with OVER 512 video ram pics!!
Rivatuner Issue
8800GTX vs 8800GTS (G92)
Low 3DM06 Score..
My 8800GTS-evga 640mb vs the 512 gts &or GT newer versions
8800 GTS good for my rig?
8800 GTS 512MB too good for NVIDIA's own good?
Can't decide on video card
8800GT cooling option HR-03 GT or Accelero S1
Yay or nay?
What would be best? 2x8800gtx768mb or 3x8800gt512mb
Q's regarding the 8600GTS
water bock 7900gtx
ASUS GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB PCIE
Any Word on the new Highend GPU's ?
6800 flash
8800GT idle crash - input needed
BFG 8800GT Driver Issue (XP SP2 64-bit)
Compatibility between G92 8800GTS & Asus P5K E WiFi??
Geforce HDMI
$100 + my evga 8800gts for a BFG 8800GTX oc sound like a good deal?
7900 GTX ??
Max coreclock 8800gt 512mb?
Anyone bench a 1GB 8800GT yet?
8800GTS-512 vs. 8800GT
I need and advice on a video card. please
rivatuner and overclocking
Shader Clock - How does it help/hurt performance?
8800GTX single or dual for dell 30" monitor?
$100 off BFG 8800GTS OC - Only 500 units
WOZ's OC of G92 8800 GTS
Squeezing every last drop out of my old 7900GS
Amount of memory flaw to 32bit Vista and Tri-SLI??? ...
8800GT 256MB performance
Nvidia Releases World's first Quad GPU - 9800GTX (QG98) [Tri SLI Already Obsolete]
wondering about my 8800gtx
Comparing cards...
evga 8800GTS 512mb
Vmod 8800gts question
8800GT Questions/RMA questions
Do drivers affect how well your card overclocks?
VGA Cooler
upgrading need gpu help fast
8800GT with Earthwatts 430
Upgrading old system. (7900GS AGP) question..
8800GTS on DFI Ultra-D?
Getting new VC
8800GTX problem
8800gt or 3850 256 versions
OC'ing a 7600GT. Can OC memory like crazy, but Core clock refuses to go far... help?
Best Tools for OCing 8800 GT 512?
ASUS 8800 GTS 512 MB - problems
8800 GTX or GTS's SLI'd
8600GT = 7xxx what?
What to do with EVGA...
Single G92 8800GTS 512mb breaks 20k in 3DM06!
Getting my feet wet..
8800 GT vs HD 3870 : Dual Core setup
Leadtek 8600gt voltage mod
8800 Volt mod research
G92 GTS vs 8800gt?
First Gen 8800GTS 640 Subzero
cooling for dual 8800 gtx's
Crysis an AA
RivaTuner 2.06 and 512MB G92 8800GTS
XFX 8800GT artifacts and crashes
Geforce 7600 GT worth it?
Can you flash the 8800GT to an 8800GTS BIOS?
Sederien's SLI Q&A: 2x eVGA 8800GTS 512MB
ASUS 8800 GTS 512 MB - poor 3DMark06 results...
8800GT vs 8800GTX
Is it worth it to......
EVGA Step-Up program experiences?
Look what I found? With pics!!!
One 8800gt can play UT3 at 2048x1536,
8600GT OC Help
8800 GTX core strap info
Triple-SLi Tested!
Switched from Sapphire 1950XT to XFX 8800 GT!
Video Memory Watcher Utility
omniskillz's EVGA 8800GTS 512 benches/oc
Which program is best when switching from an ATI to a Nvidia card?
Ps2cho's 256MB 8800GT Review
Flashing XFX 8800GT to XXX
Slight issue with 8800gt
ATI Tool doesn't detect my card?
169.21 New beta's out.
Another "is this a disappointing 3dmark score" thread, 8800gt
No post from my 8800GT..
8800 Ultra? Or just a 8800 GTX?
BFG 8800GT 512 In Stock Now!!!
Anandtech Reviews
*NEW* 8800GTS 512MB released. In stock on EVGA's site.
G92 GT vs GTS OC'd..
SLi Overclocking
8800GT Fan Control with RivaTuner
Expreview 8800 GTS G92 3DMARK06 Score
SLI 8800gt worth it?
dual 8800 gt's question
Thermalright HR-03-GT
build help, dell's delay -- please advise
Safe to OC FANLESS 8600GTS?
VGA Card overclocking noob...tools?
ok, how to overclock this card?
Lost Need Help