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how do I o/c with new nvidia drivers?
eVGA step up program?
Best driver for 7800 GTX?
GeForce 8800 GTX Watercooled/CardKeeper?
which 8800GT512 likely best stock cooling solution?
Geforce 8400 GS
8800gts with super crappy Dell PSU.
Slight problem, I think...
Acer 22'' became Non-PNP after playing with SLI setup?
Vry's Mini Unbiased 8800gt vs 640mb gts Review
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8xxx or 7xxx Nvidia series card?
Anyone with a BFG 8800Gt Please!!
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8600gts 512mb
8600GT 512mb 620MHz /OR/ 7950GT 512MB 550MHz ?
Videocard bios question
8800GTS 640mb 3dmark06 score?
My 8800 GTS OC Values - Please Help
looking for help on my 7600gt
Opinions on this Zotac card?
GPU Physics Initiative Dead?
sourcing 8800GT 512 cooling....with a Li-Lian quiet case?
How would the 8800GTS 640mb compare to the new 8800GT 512mb ?
Windows Vista, DirectX 10, worth it?
Possible to Flash BOIS with different fan setings 8800gt?
Why no dual/quad core gpu's?
How high have you gotten the 8800gt and still stable?
19,000 3dMark 06 Score tonight!
Should I overclock the 8800gt?
Need Vid Card Upgrade Recommendations
G92 GTS News
nVidias new core?
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SLI or 1 Video Card - First Build In 6 Years
BFG 8800
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Has anyone thought of buying used 7900GS/GT for SLI?
I've had a melt down
XFX 8800GTX VS CPU bottleneck (E6750)
2 8800 gts 640mb, ready for advanced tuning!
Aftermarket coolers for the 8800gt
poor fps with new 8800gt install?
New 8800 GTS SSC 640MB surfaces
8800GT is X38, not P35 mobo pciE bus speed compatible?
8800GTS stockcooler Settings
8800GT 512 vs. eVGA GTS 640 deciding based on (these) display types....
For the love of God, help me out
AMD woke up - Should see GT prices fall
So what would you say about the Thermaltake Duorb?
Mobile Drivers
My PNY 8600GT problem
8800GT SLI is a couple of day away for me!
Help with Rivatuner please
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How to get good picture quality through HD
suggest a decent cooler for 7900?
Help can't enable SLi!
anybody heard of this card???
8800GT - What to use to replace the thermal pads on the RAM???
Was bridgeless SLI removed?
8800gt sli question
classic CP AND coolbits on 163.75's !
Overclocking with RT in Vista
8800GT SSC specs plz
How to tell 8800gts revision
8800 GTX SLi Stability Issues: Please Help
Beeping noise
Is it my 8800GT or something else...
What to do ...?
Card To Get???
Evaluating the 8800GT Stock Cooling
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7800GT to a 8800GT, best money I EVER spent!
PCIe 2.0 and 8800 GT
Woot my SLi'd GT's are on the way!
New beta drivers - 169.09 RECOMENNDED FOR CRYSIS
8800GT BIOS mod...success!
8800 GTS SSC 112sp Out Yet?
plz help, vga not detected
7800GT Question
Anyone having problems with 3DMark06?
Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit and video overclocking
Will Zalman VF900 Fit 8600GT?
VRAM dying or overheating?
SLI with 1 G80 and 1 G92 8800GTS
aftermarket cooling for 8800GT (6/7 mounting ?)
You SLI opinion is welcome!
6200 AGP NV44a OC weirdness
Did I get a bunk GT????
GPU fan is rattling and driving me CRAZY
8800GTX gone mad!
8800GT SLI better than Single 8800 Ultra?
How Far?
What to upgrade to play latest games????
8800gt or 8800gts?
Advice on new video card
Upgraded to SLI but 3DMark06 only went from 8958 to 9777. Is that normal?
6800GT OC is this average?
8800GT 256 vs 512 @ 1680 x 1050
so what is a 'safe' oc for the new 8800's?
8600GT 256MB superclocked memory question
evga 8800GTs all the same? My thinking..
Is my 8800 GTX SLI working?
8800GT nTune stability test crash @ default settings?
Need HELP with new Video Card!
8900GTS, 8900GTX & 8900GX2 Specs
6800GT Drivers. What are the best drivers?
2 7900gt in sli or single 8800GT?
8800GTS to 880GT - No increase in Crysis GPU benchmark????
8600? 8800? sli?
8600 GTS--Amazing OC Potential
512MB or 1024MB 8800GTS(G92)?
New Pb in 3DMAR06 YEY!
Highest OC on 8800gt with stock cooling?
GTX vs Ultra
Will 2 SLI 8800gt's be bottlenecked by an overclocked Q9450?
Second 8800GT a dud
Forcing DVI output on an older card
xfx8800GTX no joke !
To step up, or not to step up?
New Revision 8800GTS
Any word on the HR-03GT?
7900GT Artifacting (Crysis and FEAR)
8800 overheating?
CoD4 gives "directx error"
8800gt on a 250W PSU!
Who else waiting for step-up to 8800 GT?
8800GT AGP soon?
8800GT, not even 12 hours ownership and I've voided the warranty! (pics)
8800gt - 8800GTS - 3200MHz duel core challenge.
Nvidia Corrupt Drivers
Help, newest drivers ruined my system "MSI 7950 GX2"
8800gt vs 8800gts
Get 8800GT or wait for 8800GTS Rev2
OCF Podcast Interview wanted: 8800GT Owners
Whats an ok card
Which 8800 gts is the one for me?
7900 GTO - SLI
XFX 8800GTS XXX 320MB or XFX 8800GT 512MB
Thos who have upgraded to the 8800gt from the 640 8800GTS
Do I Need More Voltage?
Step-Up to 8800GT?
8800 GTS stuck?
Dman's 8800GT Thread
To get another EVGA 8800gts or not to.
Just woundering about the 8800GTS PNY.
Great deal on a 8800GTX
8800gt 3dmark 06 score seems abit low
8800gt OC help!
8600GTS = Trash ?
When will partner produced 8800GT's arrive?
Custom Res?
Any point in buying a SSC or KO over a regular SC????
cant find volt mod for 7900GT XFX.
My 8800GT SLI Overclock with Thermaltake ND1's
7600GS sli fps in CS:S
Wow, guess what just died?
3DMark 2001SE
the NEW 8800GTS!!!!!!! w/112 SPs!
Tripple SLI Scores...
8800GT compatability confirmed for DFI nf4 users
8800GT OC Settings / Results!
8800GT+ASUS Intel board = Nothing
can someone with a 8800GT and Crysis demo plz...
8800GT Performance @1920x1080 8X AA/16X Ansio
8800GT ... Does core clock speed really matter?
Driver cleaning v.Vista x64
Unlocking the 8800GT
shouldnt the GTS drop now that the GT is out?
8800GT 256MB to cost only $179-$199 ?
New 8800GTS 640 is still a G80 core...
UNBElieveAble 06 Score with 8800GT!!!
My 8800GT with Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZV9
Does anyone here have an 8800 GTS SSC yet?
Yeah, so ummm.... get ready!! The 8800GT 512 may have a software voltage-mod.
Rivatuner problem
volt mods on a 7900GT how many are there?
Hazaro's Personal 8800GT Thread
8800GT Vendor Watch
8800GTS 320MB -----> 8800GT?
8800GTX.. a good time to buy in?
GF 8600 GTS Overclock
Post your 8800GT Overclocks Here!
Another 8800GT post woohoo - Dimensions?
GTX vs Ultra vs return my motherboard and get SLI GTs
Help with NiBiTor3.5
Cannot play Crysis SP Demo in DX10 mode...
New 8800GTS to be based on G92 core
8800GT Dissappointment - Is is me or is the heatsink really lame?
8800GT Canada ?
Well I couldnt wait and ordered the ASUS.
8800GTS 96SP --> 112SP?
Superclocked 8800GT vs 8800GT KO [EVGA]
8800GT 256mb?
Post here if you bought a 8800GT and what you replaced.
8800gts cooler on 8800gt?
Is 8800GT(512MB) better than 8800GTS(640MB, A3)
Evga has 2 models in stock
egg 8800gt
8800GT 1GB, when?
whats to warm for a 7900GT?
How to determine bottleneck?
recomend a pci-e budget card please
need card replacement, some ideas?
My Super GTS and SLI problem.
8800 GT In Stock @ ZZF
is there a program to error check ur GPU?
8800 GTX/Vista x64
My 8800GTS overclock
GPU fan control software, anything other than rivatuner?
Using 2x 8800 GTX in SLI?
Evga 8800 superclocked question
8800gtx overclocking + 3d mark scores.. this good? (i think its kinda bad)pics!!
Hacking the G80 fan header
8800 GTS GPU and RAM Timings, is a ratio better?
Speed of PCI-E Bus?
OC 8800 GTX
Buy now or wait for the 8800 GT?
Question on gfx card
card only showing as 2x express?
Anyone getting different clocks in Vista compared to XP?
OC the 8500 gt?
My current setup for COD4?
How much of a issue is overhaeting with newer cards such as the 8600 GTS?
Are PhysX card any good?
how do u know if SLI is going? FPS not any better
8500 GT; Return it for something better?
XFX 8800GTS overclocking
8800GT Review/preview?
Possible bottleneck?
software to boost my fan speed in SLi ?
7300SE/7200GS 512MB supporting
2 x 8800GTS or single 8800Ultra
Stock Grease put on horrible! 8800GTS
OC Video Card
Aftermarket cooler for XFX 7900GS AGP?
HELP! Is my 8800 GTX kicking the bucket?
Nvidia Drive issues?
Are my scores on the low side?
Return of the 7800 Cold Bug..
Newe CoolerMaster GTX/Ultra cooler
My 3DMark 06 Score
No HD Output on 6800 Ultra Go
73c on Gainward 8800 GTS, is that safe?
Very quick video card question.
Is 8800 GTS flashable?
old control pannel in new 16x.xx drivers?
Alternatives to attaching vmemory heatsinks
how do i oc an 8800gts 320mb?
2 x 8600 GT XXX or 8800 GTS 640
Weird Driver trouble162.18
Underclock 6800GT? Possible?
Get the 8800 GTX or wait for the 9 Series
GPU advise requested
Antec SmartPower 450 vs 7950GT
My 3dmark05 score seem a bit low?
Budget DX10 card?
My 3dMark06 Record
8600 GTS Overheating
should i buy a 8800gtx now or wait to see if 9800gtx is true?
1080p and not 1080i
DVI not working! *XFX 8400GS* driver issue?
7900 GS Freezing in Certain Games on My New Rig
Brightness/Gamma - nVidia 8800GTS
8800gtx and powerstream 520
Rivatuner and ATItool will not go over 600 core
bios vmod for 8800gts??
Screen Resolution Dodginess
Old machine hates agp
Alternate Cooling for GeForce 8800GTS 640MB
eVGA 6800GT questions
Desktop graphic glitchs
Can't seem to OC 8600GTS - what's going on?
I need more horsepower will 8800 Ultra do it?
Low 3dmark06 scores :(
Install ATI TOOLS in vista 64
questions about fps, refresh rates, and hertz and how they work together?
Nvidia 9000 Series Cards
Puzzled with my 7900GTO OC
NO! My 6800gt... :(
Video just flickers
8800 GTS First OC!
8600M GT vs a Radeon HD 2600 Pro
Physics Cards
8800 GTS OC?
XP +DX10
Comparable ?
HELP quick!
what would a 790gtx be worth?
8800 GTS Temp
Purchasing a new GPU
GPU Cooling!
Single 8800GTS 3Dmark06 Scores and OC's!
New 112 SP 8800GTS will be SLI compatible with 96 SP version
8800GT 3DMark score
Question about Nvidia 8800Ultra
Nvidia Mobile (8400M) Overclock
XFX GeForce 8600 GT XXX
Should i upgrade?
8800gtx OC'd how'd I do?
heatsink on 880gts . ram sink part of main hs or not ?
What is wrong with my video card?
Nvidia Launching New Hardware to Coincide with Crysis Release
Got my 8800 GTX
question about 7900 GTO cooler/thermal paste
Merged 8800GT Review/Article Threads
Graphics card not receiving sufficient power?
7800gtx clocks?
What software to handle dual monitors?
8500gt with 600mhz and gddr3. right card for me?
Some questions about the new Nvidia Control Panel
display issues on a 42 inch lcd
8800GTS 320
SLI Compatibility
bad vidoe card or mobo
How are people getting 10k in 3dmark06 with 7900GT?
can i run a 7900GT and a 7900GS in SLI?
8800 GTS 320MB or 2 x 8600 256MB gts
Is it possible to add a third display?
8800GTS 640MB vs 8800GTX 768MB @ 1280x1024
GPU-Z is available now!
wanting a little better graphic performance, looking for suggestions.
nvidia driver list?
oh jeez, am I screwed?
EVGA 8800 GTS 320mb OC.....
More Intel RayTracing Hooplah
sick of this
did my card just die?
3DMark Crashes
More stream processors for the 8800GTS
3-way SLI & nForce 780i
Gigabyte 8800GTS 640mb: Any good?
Multiple Display with nVidia
8800 GTS & Silverstone ST65ZF-GM 650W
guildwars low fps, why?
Couple of questions with regard to 7950GX2
8800ultra 109c temp
Adjusting RivaTuner's maximum clock setting (Shader clock, 8800GTS)
New nHancer released today.
8800 owners...Direct X and games issues?
8800 ultra is here... with issues
7800gtx 3dmark score
G92 dead? New D8E now!
Which 7900gt had the least problems?
Need help - identify this card please.
Worth Doing ?
Difference between 7950 and 7900gt signature series?
Are all VIVO cables the same?
7950GX2 Temperatures + What program to check?
Time to upgrade?
Rivatuner 2.05,How to turn shader adjustment on in XP!
3dmark06: 3362, 7600GT sounds about right?
geforce 5700le drivers update
2900XT user feeling gloomy
new official nvidia drivers
7900GT by forsa anyone every heard of them?
13220 3dmark06 with 1 8800gts 320! OC'n ?'s as well.
Zalman VF1000
7900GTX problem
Best NVidia Drivers to date for 8800GTS
Weak 3D makr scores
How to Modify Rivatuner's Auto Fan Speed Profile
Another which 8800 should I buy thread
Should I buy this 7900gs?
Forceware Drivers and Windows XP
First 8800 overclock
eVGA step up program is sort of a rip off.
Quick Q about the FW 162.50 driver
78gs or 76gt agp
8800GTS 320MB 3DMark06 Score?
Quad-rail PSU (750w), 8800gtx, which rail for the GPU?
Nvidia driver question for Video Acc in XP 8600
Quick Fix? Help: Over displayed resolution
Any deals on 8800GTX's?
EVGA 8800GTX problems?
up the voltage?
RivaTuner + nTune + Vista Ult.
8800GTX dual monitor issue: Need Advice
8800 driver Question/Issue.
8800gts 640mb
GTS 320 core speed keeps reverting to 513 mhz, why?
eVGA 8800GTS 320MB Superclocked - Did I get a bad clocker?
cpu oc and possible artifacts
GTS DX10 Performance
My budget Gameing/OC system...
EVGA GeForce 8800GTS KO ACS3 320MB GDDR3
7900 GTX going to SLI ...
How can i use my 3D Stereo Glasses
8800GTS woes - link width/bandwidth
Is this bad? (artifacts)
Up To Date Benches
overclock 8800gts
8800 Ultra vs 8400GS
Someone help me force 85hz for my CRT (In Vista w/FW 162.22)
GTS SLI vs Ultra
About to buy an 8880 GTX
8800gtx vs _______ in sli mode
SLI 8800GTS 640mb
SLI or PhysX
Need 6800 Repair Help
8600GTS is equal to or better than 7900GT according to XFX (warranty replacement)?
[HELP] GeForce 4 MX 440 AGP 8x BIOS Mod.
nVidia 3D Performance and Quality settings
8800 GTS 640 making "electrical squeal" in 3d
Can't fit my SLi bridge.
Help, I think my 7950Gt is dieing
Best video card < $150?
2x8600GTX SLI or 1x8800GTS?
Power consumption of GeFOrce 8600GT
7900gtx overclocking problem
So whats after the 8800GTX?
My 8600GT Mod - why do androids need boobs anyway?
rma options?
Need to uninstall windows video driver(s) before installing Forceware & RivaTuner?
1x SLI on P35 OC'd Vs 2x on 680i OCd?
ATI Tool Doesn't See Artifacts
9XXX series?
8800GTX Weird GPU/ROP Behavior
eVGA 8800Ultra Overclock
any user XFX 7900GS AGP?
3D05 Score? E6750 - Ballastix - eVGA 8800GTS 320MB (Single)
OC on 7600GT not sticking???
My 8500GT won't clock
8800 GTS Drivers?
OC GTS 8800
800 gts overclock HELP!
putting thermal pads back on my RAM
Help deciding between EVGA 8800GTS's?
how hard should i push my 8800gts 320
Random reboots after installing 8800GTS. Could it be "draining" voltage from the CPU?
8800 compatibility
8800 GTS 640, 500mhz
Looking to upgrade a 6600GT
Need New video card
not sure what gfx card to get? help
XFX 8800GTS 320mb Extreme on a 3800+ (939)
Good Bad or eh?
would i b ok using 8800gts 320 mb with 1440 x 900?
eVGA 8800 GTS 640
8800GTS.320 suddenly won't move past 594/900
Difference in these 2 cards?
help me look for gfx card
Remember the Nvidia demos
My 8800Ultra like...Wont clock
can't oc my msi 8800gtx.
How do I know if my video card is running at its best?
OC on XFX 8600gt xxx
MSi oced 8800 Ultra cooling
Question on 8800 Ultra
8800 Ultra Drivers problems!
Is my 8800GTS dead??
Big jump in 3D s 06 score
best dx10 card for around 150?
8800 Ultra FAST question
1,300 For A 7600GT Ur Kidding Rite....NO!!!
eVGA 8800 GTX Overclock
8800 GTS 320 PSU
Nvidia 7950GT or 8600GTS
162.18 Drivers R They Worth Getting 4 My 6600GT
Power Color 1950Pro or XFX 7900GS?
More G80 help!
which 8800 gts 320mb from newegg?
Power to e-GeForce 880 GTS 640mb
Sli or no?
GeForce 6200 (PCI) compared to GeForce 8400 (PCI-E)
8800gts 640 mb freezes games
memory issues with 8800gts 320
Problems with Vista and 7900GT KO
option to trade 8800gts for 2900xt would you
want to buy 8600, monitor is vga
Does Rivatuner need to be running to unlock pixel shaders?
Diff between 8800 gts and 8800 gtx?
Could I get my 800 GTS any higher?
BFG 7900 GTX OC OEM Graphics Card and RMA
NVIDIA GeForce MX 4000 help with driver
7900gs and jetart vc3600 cooler, high temps?
XFX XXX 7900GS Volt Modding
Can my system handle a single 8800gts?
8600GTSx2 SLI or 8800GTS
flashing 7800gt bios went wrong
Question about installing new drivers
My 3DMark scores, Should I be impressed???!!!???
G80 Overclocking Guide
OC Settings for a BFG 7950GT with Zalman VF900
12706 3DMarks with this machine
XFX XXX 7900GS Volt Modding Help
Bought a 8800 GTS 320 off of Newegg