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3dMark06 = 4890??? on 8600GT + Q6600
talk about 6200td 256mb PCI-e clocking
help me O/C my 8600GT!
bout to destroy computer...help
Codename: G92
DVI not working
8800 Upgrade Question
Vista + Bioshock + 8800 GTS = no worky
7800GT @ 1.5 FPS :-(
How can I find what power my vid card will need?
Latest Drivers
Video Card Upgrade
Is it worth dropping an 8800 in my AMD box?
Dualview two wall papers
How much difference in performance will there be here?
Don't want to bottleneck P4, 3.2. Which GPU?
Nvidia Geforce Go 7600
8800 GTX memory chip fell off. ARGH!
EVGA 8800GTS Additional Power Connectors?
Vista and DX10 Uptake for Gaming
Voltmodding my 8600GT today
Nvidia Mobo chipset question...
Need a new video card for my X2/Ultra-D, thinking SLI perhaps?
New Card?
8800GTx revision's??
Notepad Nvidia GPU...
EVGA Step UP Program Question
graphics driver problem related to ram?
normal temps for video cards?
EVGA GeForce 8800GTX 768MB --HOTTT
8800gts 320 vs 640: How much of an increase for 1920x1200?
How do I overclock the shaders in my 8600gts?
Changing from 939 Opteron to Q6600, how much does it really improve. Personal build
Next generation?
XFX 8600 GT OC Temp: Am i doing it right?
8800 Ultra KO 3dmark06 scores :(
7800GT w/ HR-03 Fanless w/ 76 Load?
8600GT [OC] VS 7900 GS OC
7900GTX vs 8800GTS
BFG 7600 GT
8600 GTS 512 Vs X800XT 256
Graphics Card Upgrade
Medal of Honor Airborne Demo comes out tommorow.
Dilema! XFX 7900GS XXX or Sparkle 8600GT
Geforce $100 to $150
Overclocking in SLI
7950 GT 512MB in SLI or 8800gts 320MB
To All the Easily Deceived/Knee-Jerk Types
Ok so, burned card..
Anyone looking for a good deal on a Ti-4600?
crap! getting credit for my Ti4600, need new card
hows my 3dmark score?
6800GT is available at Microcenter.com
Pny 6800gt Agp For $345+ S/h
6800GT and Doom 3 Settings
Can Anyone Help
Advice on video card selection
Yes!! 158.22 FM approved!!!
EVGA RMA Turnaround
Outputting to TV problems
163.44 Beta drivers out.
8600GT 512MB vs. 8600GTS 256MB
mobile card+drivers
Problem with NVIDIA MonitorView and nTune
Issue with 162.18 Nvidia Drivers any ideas?
8800GTX Drivers
Overclock Averages - 8800GTS, GTX, Ultra
Is an SLi bridge connector supposed to be Uni-directional?
Anyone running 2 HR-03 Plus on SLI 8800 please post pics ...
8800GTS Temps, Help Pls :)
Talk me out of these.
Few questions about replacement cards
Maybe a bad EVGA 8600 GTS 512
8800 Ultra crashing
When in doubt. Use a plastic bag.
To SLI or not SLI
Just bought a 8800 GTS! Whats the average overclocks?
Screen looks like its raining?
The G80/Premiere Pro Problem
How much more life does the 8800gtx have left
Unlocking pixelpipelines 8800gts
8800 GTX vs 8800 Ultra, is it that big of a difference?
Begun, the overclocking has. Small problem though.
How to make 8800 fan run at 100% after temps go above 65?
8800gts Overheating problem.
Why cant I get my GTX past 630/1015
PCI-E Programs May Hang With AMD K7 and K8
8600GTS vs 8800 GTS 320 MB
8800gts undervolted?
WoW, going to explode
I think that's too much to be true...
Gainward Geforce 8800 GTS 640MB...
best motherboard for 8800gts640 and quad core
Laptop DX10 Cards?
cooling 2 8800GTSs
Video card stressor or Vid card temp monitor?
Superior brand name for the 8800 GTS?
7800GS component out
My Stasis Ice Storm HS fan for 7800gtx died
My Results? 7900GS......
Driver failure, 8800GTS's SLI
as5 8800gts 320
disabling thermal throttling on nvidia
Overclocked and still lagging in Oblivion
Unable to overclock, really, sliders stuck! (7900GT)
8800GTX hdtv cable?
selling price of a 6800
Dead card?
ASUS EN6800GT smokein hawt!!!
cant install drivers for 8800GTS640
Configuring AF settings on the 8800gts?
Volt Mod 8600GT
162.22 Drivers: Temp Monitoring Missing
EVGA 8800GTS 320mb vs 640mb
ATI Tool FPS Low-8800GTX
RivaTNT wrapper/emulator?
Geforce 8800 Ultra KO
ATI to NVIDIA - looking for a 80-100$ card.
SLI, only possible with nForce chipsets?
Dual Display Question
Problems with Premiere Pro/8800GTS capture
Asus EN8800gts 320mb underpowered.
7600gt has staying power?
I just bought a 7900GT off eBay - Faulty?
dead gfx?
Fan settings for 8800gts
Old Nvidia drivers?
volume of the noise?
Display help with 7950GT
One Last Hoorah
Overclocking a 7600GT
Expected 8600GTS OC/voltmod question
evga 8800ultra SLI temps...
Some basic help would cool ;) Mty First proper GPU overclocking project
8800gts blurry gaming
6800GT to 7900GS AGP upgrade
8800 GTS DOA? or am I missing something
Typical 8800GTS 640mb OCs?
Should I use EVGA drivers or off nvidia site?
software induced artifacting
rivatuner o/c
Really need gfx card advice...
2x 8600gt 512mb vs 1x 8800gts 640mb
7900gs SLI oc
eVGA 8800GTS regular or super?
How to buy a 8800GTX and get an 8800Ultra for Free.
8800 cooling
I Challenge anyone to identify this crazy looking card ;)
Alternative to 7900GS
Solution to Nvidia profile loading problem.
8800GTS manufacturers, whos good whos not
Graphics card selection
8800GTS owners, which drivers do you use?
8800gtx volt needed?
8800gts users I wouldnt bother trying to Vmod
sticky Do NOT use FindMaxCore/Mem in AtiTool
Link Width 8x?
Ocing tips for my eVGA 8800GTX?
My 8800GTS 320mb broke 200,000 in Aquamark3
just got my rma back...
8800GTS SLI 3DMark06 Score
Help with decisions - SLI my 8600GT?
video ram with 8800gtx
6800agp drivers
Vista64 SLI Overclocking Problem
Need some help with my old eVGA 6600GT
Enable extra stream processors/raster unit on 8800
Computer won't boot.
evga 7800gt schematics?
WTB pci-e nvidia
8800 Series a blowoff?
Wretched performance with 6800nu (200p in 3d06)
"Official" 9800GTX specs released
SLI not working in Vista
According to Tom's Hardware, the difference between 640 and 320 GTS is tiny.
For 1440x900 resolution, which GTS should I go for - 320 or 640 version?
What 8800GTS bios are you running?
8800 driver question
How much can I OC my 8800GTS???
Differnet drivers from EVGA and Nvidia???
What's up with my 8800GTS Superclock's clocks????
8800GTS 320MB Help Pls
Weird score difference between 7900 GTO and GTX
Upgraded from FX5200 to 6600 and crashing ??
Two 8800ultra temeratures?
How decent are the 7025 graphics?
Nibitor -> 7800 GO
8800GTX - What type of screen and settings to get most out of card
In desperate need of cooling setup for evga 8800gts 320 mb
evga 8800 gtx idles at 58c
8800GTX which company should I go with
Computer keeps locking up and crashing???
2600Pro vs 8500GT for HD
line wave in game
Watercooled 8800gtx
Can a card kill a MB?
Question about 7900GS
8800 Gts 320mb - Overclockablity?
I need maximum air cooling!
WTB from nVidia
Did something stupid again...
Lapping a GPU?
installing a 7950gt
8500GT worth it for non-gaming rig?
next gen cards?
New 7900GS - issues. *please read*
Developing multi screen apps for 7800GTX - 8800GTS
Requesting advice on upgrading
Question about my 3DMark06 score
What PCI video card to get?
REVIEW: Thermaltake ND-1 VGA Cooler
Not Enough Power?
Who's Stepping Up?
70% alch or nail polish remover?
How are the MSI cards?
nvidia 6600 vista help please!!! :-)
Plz Help Now....
(CS:S) Bad FPS on 8800GTX?
8800gts problem?
8800 Heatsinks
7900Gs or 7800gs
what's wrong?
Diamond Viper Riva TNT 16Mb agp drivers?
SLI on intel Chipset
I need some advice and help on 2 card choices.
7900GS 3DMark Score?
Broke down and upgraded today
Fps Question
No real DX10 on NVIDIA cards?
Overclocking my 8800gtx
Nvidia Pis*ed Off With Drivers Being Tweaked
sli question?
New NV drivers for Vista BETA!!
Video card charts
8800GTX price decrease
FIX: nvlddmkm.sys has stopped responding and has recovered [VISTA ERROR]
6800 dieing, Imput?
Were is my graphics card? [help]
8800GTS Problem with Call of Juarez
Need some benchmarks opn this card...
8800 ultra is a good deal now?
Will my FX-55 bottleneck a 8800GTS(640)?
fubared 7800gtx
DX10 Lost Coast Demo
No Drivers, HELP.
how come the new 8 series don'thave AGEIA?
EVGA 8800GTS 640 KO + DFi NF4 Sli-DR Warning
scored 1,000 less on vista then xp
Does this look right?
Thermaltake ND5 cooler
Extreme display corruption on a MSI 7900GTO 512mb
Whats the best GO drivers out there?
diff between 8800GTS EVGA 320-P2-N811-AR vs 320-P2-N811-DX
ASUS EN7300LE after overclock
new 8800...choppy video
Geforce 640mb Vs 320mb
how much of a perf gain am I looking at?
Todays Fun
SLI Help needed for 3DMark06
Who Likes 400mhz + oc on Core clocks
Gfx Cards
Best bang for the buck SLI setup right now. . .
XFX GEFORCE 8600 GT FATAL1TY a good card??
That time of year again
Nvidia TESLA C870 and CUDA GPU Software Discussion
memory on a ti4600
Help with Geforce upgrade -- which to choose?
Geforce 7600GT AGP8x
the 'tweaked' drivers
Flaky Asus 8800GTS 640 or is it me?
DEAD 6800
Rivatuner 2.02 Released
Excellent mid-to-high end DX10 VGA solution-ELSA GLADIAC 860GT PH2 256B3
8800 GTS 640 or a tank?
Do I really need to get myself a 8XXX card?
XFX 8600GT: Crashing to desktop
Problem with 7600GT
Quick ATI Tool question.
evga 8500GT locked?
drivers stopped working for two cards
Bang for the buck videocard
Upping Voltage... effects and why?
BFG 7900gs unlocked
7950GX2 Quad SLI worth while?
Possibility of future QUAD SLI GPU setup?
what is bette than a 6800GT
Anyone know when the new Nvidia cards come out?
DDR3 Vid Mem
7600GT vs 8500GT
I can't believe this... GPU fried all onits own
GeForce go 7950 GTX Drivers?!
Nvidia 7950 GX2 getting BSOD NV4_Disp for no reason?
new rig concerned about perfomance
3D Mark 06
To Buy or Not to Buy...
AS5 or Ceramique on 8800GTS
Deciding between gts and gtx
Sli: Multi or single GPU?
Sli Dual monitor.
Driver problem ?
Upgrading worth it?
the new Nvidia drivers...
XP 8800 Drivers June 26, 2007
Help! Mad at my 7900GS
Would this video card be good for average gameing?
System randomly restarts. Driver issue?
pci video card
Sparkle Calibre 8600GT 512mb
7800 GT Driver Update
nvidia 8800gts safe temp
RivaTuner can't monitor my clocks
3DMark06 Scores?
Better sli performance?
GeForce and 1080p
8800 GTS vs 8800 GTX
Upgrade to 8500GT
sli help
evga 8800GTX RMA question
Cannot force AA anymore
PSU Question(s).
8800gts on XP
Hmm...This is odd Must agree to EULA to enable SLI
Unigine Benchmarking Program
M2N-E + BFG 8800GTS
need help with game lock ups
Replace Paste On XFX 6600GT
New Ultra, Will PSU be enuff for now??
8800 BFG Logo
Best Brand to go with...
8800gts idle/load temps?
7600 gs 7500 3dmarks on 03
FX 5600 Ultra - freezes
Best OCing 8800GTS
Video capture card
8800GTS 320 vs ???... upgrade?
SLI one monitor....
Geforce 8800 GTS
Hows my score? (8800 Ultra)
What's the problem here and how do i fix it?
3dmark06 performance - 8800gts/e6600 OCed
Nview and dual monitors HELP!
Help deciding between the 7900GS KO and the 7950GT KO
Failed oc help pls
best nvidia drivers at the moment
Nvidia drivers craping out!!!
Geforce 6800 GT
8800 GTS Overclocked, but......
HR-03-7900GT-and a DFI Ultra D
Noob Q
Overclocking the 8600GTS
Is 7950 GX2 still worth it at this price?
SLI question
Futuremark 06 results!
Comparison of some XFX cards
Nvidia card temp monitors
Nvidia duel view question
Problem overclocking 7800GT
dual screen question, will it effect performance?
New Nvidia Drivers!
My FOURTH 8800GTX not working right
8800GTS, what is memory thermal pad thickness?
Best <50$ graphics card -BFG 6600GT?
same old question. need advice
can anyone tell me what brand my 8800gts is?
OCing 8800GTS - BIOS, ATItool or Rivatuner?
Which driver for the 8600GTS?
8800 GTS 320 MB lags...
8800GTX/Ultra or 2 8800GTS in Sli?
anyone know a good cooler for 8800gts?
8800 GTS grinding fan sound
freeze on tv?
7950GT HS removal?
RivaTuner Question
nVidia 8500GT Overclocking
How to Overclock 8800 Series (Sticky)
EVGA 8800GTS: Post em if ya Got em
8800GTS OC guide
GeForce 8000 Series Price Cut May Come Soon
Experimenting with FX5200
RivaTuner OC Fail
Vertical Lines.
8800Ultra or 7900GTO sli?
[Help] selecting new video card for rig!
XFX 8800GTS XT or ASUS 8800GTS??
upgrade card to 8800GTS or SLI current?
Where can I buy an SLI bridge?
7800 GT Broken Capacitor
8600GT - which brand is best?
good cooling for 7900gt?
eVGA 8800GTS 320MB Boot Issue - graphical glitches
How bad is 7950GX2 SLi really?
S.M 4.0 Question
The Rainless 8800 GTS 640
Forceware 158.24
Underclocking a super hot FX 5200?
Finally upgrading :) Which 8 to get? Im lost
is my mobo dead after gpu tuning?
Why is my old x800 outperforming my new 8800?
xfx and the warranty
Increase in performance from dual DVI?
disappointed in 8800gts 640
where is evga 8800gts upc bar code?
Are XFX taking the mickey?
8800 Ultra Water Cooled Modded Test Results
Best drivers for 7800 series?
Game Resolutions
My first PCI-E card...XFX 7900GS...tweaks?
Can i Use my 6800GS as PhysX Processing Unit
Updated nVidia GeForce Go 7800 GTX Driver?
2D acceleration needed I think?
new drivers from nvidia
8800GTS 320 DEAD?
7900GS Major artifacting
Buying XFX 8800GTS eXtreme 320MB... advise?
MSI NX8600GTS-T2D256E-OC / Fan Speed
Converting back to Nvidia
what cards to get?
Budget Gaming card for Vista?
6800 GS question
320mb OR 640 GTS? - High Resolution..
Help with new card
question about sli and my vid card
How to get a 8800GTS load temp 46C
Help identify missing parts on FX5700v
ATI Tool and NVIDIA 7600GS
memory clock question
If you have applied new paste on 8800 series read this
What was the story about video card price gouging?
whats your average fps?
Just got my PNY 8800 GTS 320 OC Q's
eVGA 6600 gt red bars
SLI not working?
Recommend 7900 Vista Drivers
overclocking sli
7900GS Fan controller?
Performance Wise
7600GT with dual display
Help me OC my 8800GTX!
7600 GS mem. speed issue?
will my 8800gtx power 2 22inch moniters???
price drop for nvidia soon?
8800GTS Problem
Overclocking with atiTool...
Gigabyte 8600GTS passive cooling heat problems...
Which 8800GTX card to pick?
Evga 8800GTX worth $490 now?
my video card buzzes
Can drivers affect over-clocking ?
ATiTool users come
Should I SLI or not?
ForceWare/Vista Problem
Nvidia 8800GTS OC temps
Before I mess anything up, Bios flash 5950
Problems with my XFX 7900 GT
Question about 8800GTS
8800gts/gtx now or wait for next gen for high rez gaming?
New Personal Best for stock cooled XFX 6800XT!
Is it just me or...
Human Head ( I think I just peed myself)
7900GS to 7950GT worth it?
vista 8800gtx and opengl problems (long)
8800GTS Issue.
Stock AMD single core heat sink vs. Stock 7900 GT SC heatsink????
GeForce 7600GT
Measuring the temperature on my 8600GTS?
Which non-eVGA 8800GTS 320MB card to pick?
8800GTS 320mb vrs 640mb
7950 problems
what driver for a 8800gts?
Investigation of 8800 series OCing
8800 ultra bios
Need to know where heat sink holes are for 7600gt
AS5 on 8800?
SLI overclock, freezes
Help! New 7600GT won't load Windows
OCed my 8800GTS, cause for concern?
How long is the 8800GTX?
8900 series is canceled?
Flashing Bios ???
Way to monitor gpu mem usage
EVGA's Step-up program...
BFG 8800 GTX OC2 Cooling Issues
Got it ! My GTS is installed !
Best option to cool an 8800GTS