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Overclocking the 8600GTS
Is 7950 GX2 still worth it at this price?
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Best <50$ graphics card -BFG 6600GT?
same old question. need advice
can anyone tell me what brand my 8800gts is?
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Which driver for the 8600GTS?
8800 GTS 320 MB lags...
8800GTX/Ultra or 2 8800GTS in Sli?
anyone know a good cooler for 8800gts?
8800 GTS grinding fan sound
freeze on tv?
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8800Ultra or 7900GTO sli?
[Help] selecting new video card for rig!
XFX 8800GTS XT or ASUS 8800GTS??
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Where can I buy an SLI bridge?
7800 GT Broken Capacitor
8600GT - which brand is best?
good cooling for 7900gt?
eVGA 8800GTS 320MB Boot Issue - graphical glitches
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S.M 4.0 Question
The Rainless 8800 GTS 640
Forceware 158.24
Underclocking a super hot FX 5200?
Finally upgrading :) Which 8 to get? Im lost
is my mobo dead after gpu tuning?
Why is my old x800 outperforming my new 8800?
xfx and the warranty
Increase in performance from dual DVI?
disappointed in 8800gts 640
where is evga 8800gts upc bar code?
Are XFX taking the mickey?
8800 Ultra Water Cooled Modded Test Results
Best drivers for 7800 series?
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My first PCI-E card...XFX 7900GS...tweaks?
Can i Use my 6800GS as PhysX Processing Unit
Updated nVidia GeForce Go 7800 GTX Driver?
2D acceleration needed I think?
new drivers from nvidia
8800GTS 320 DEAD?
7900GS Major artifacting
Buying XFX 8800GTS eXtreme 320MB... advise?
MSI NX8600GTS-T2D256E-OC / Fan Speed
Converting back to Nvidia
what cards to get?
Budget Gaming card for Vista?
6800 GS question
320mb OR 640 GTS? - High Resolution..
Help with new card
question about sli and my vid card
How to get a 8800GTS load temp 46C
Help identify missing parts on FX5700v
ATI Tool and NVIDIA 7600GS
memory clock question
If you have applied new paste on 8800 series read this
What was the story about video card price gouging?
whats your average fps?
Just got my PNY 8800 GTS 320 OC Q's
eVGA 6600 gt red bars
SLI not working?
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7900GS Fan controller?
Performance Wise
7600GT with dual display
Help me OC my 8800GTX!
7600 GS mem. speed issue?
will my 8800gtx power 2 22inch moniters???
price drop for nvidia soon?
8800GTS Problem
Overclocking with atiTool...
Gigabyte 8600GTS passive cooling heat problems...
Which 8800GTX card to pick?
Evga 8800GTX worth $490 now?
my video card buzzes
Can drivers affect over-clocking ?
ATiTool users come
Should I SLI or not?
ForceWare/Vista Problem
Nvidia 8800GTS OC temps
Before I mess anything up, Bios flash 5950
Problems with my XFX 7900 GT
Question about 8800GTS
8800gts/gtx now or wait for next gen for high rez gaming?
New Personal Best for stock cooled XFX 6800XT!
Is it just me or...
Human Head ( I think I just peed myself)
7900GS to 7950GT worth it?
vista 8800gtx and opengl problems (long)
8800GTS Issue.
Stock AMD single core heat sink vs. Stock 7900 GT SC heatsink????
GeForce 7600GT
Measuring the temperature on my 8600GTS?
Which non-eVGA 8800GTS 320MB card to pick?
8800GTS 320mb vrs 640mb
7950 problems
what driver for a 8800gts?
Investigation of 8800 series OCing
8800 ultra bios
Need to know where heat sink holes are for 7600gt
AS5 on 8800?
SLI overclock, freezes
Help! New 7600GT won't load Windows
OCed my 8800GTS, cause for concern?
How long is the 8800GTX?
8900 series is canceled?
Flashing Bios ???
Way to monitor gpu mem usage
EVGA's Step-up program...
BFG 8800 GTX OC2 Cooling Issues
Got it ! My GTS is installed !
Best option to cool an 8800GTS
New Vista 3dmark Scores
8800 gts...price went up??
7950GT Users, how are your cards performing?
What card for 37"Westinghouse 1080p
max temp for 6600gt?
Forceware 94.24 WHQL is out
8800GTS temp monitor
8800 causing hardlock issues!
NV control panel help - flat panel scaling
Strange upgrading issue.....
XFX 7900GS XXX Results
HELP!!!!! Low Power 3D Mode
Should I go with Windows vista for my 8800gtx oc2?
suggestions needed
What a good graphic card?
SLi users welcome, I need suggestions/information
Riva Tuner and 8800GTS Fan Loads
Best AGP upgrade?
Waterblock for 8800 GTS
What in the world was ASUS thinking?
should I keep my MSI 8600 GTS?
UMM, i dont see anything in the newest 8800GTS drivers where i can modify AA/ AF
8800gts 640 starved for power?
Overclocking in Vista?
Im not sure if i connected my 8800GTS correctly to the power supply!!!!
BIOS in GPU???
eVGA sues XFX for 8600 Box Art
Anyone see the price hike on 8800GTS 320MB's?
new 8800 beta drivers for vista (158.42) NOW WITH DX10 SUPPORT in SLI!!!!!
8600gts and Forceware 158 Issues?
I haven't seen green since ...
can I run SLI on any board with dual x16?
Help with ntune and 6600gt
Post your 8800GTX brand and bundles
SLI on Crossfire board. possible?
Nvidia 7600GT Overclock Possibilities
320MB or 640MB?
8600 GTS Online Manual in English?
Any word on price drops for the HD2900XT release?
3 different 3dmark06 tests, they´re normal?
How to overclock 8800GTX in SLi ?
Computer crashed, now i only get these red bar artifacts. Video problem? Need help!
WTH is a Gainward??
8800GTX SLi compadible heatsinks
S-video in hdtv adapter
Sli 8600GTS 3d mark score
Is the 8800GTS 320 mb a good card????
Anyone with MSI 8600GTS fanless?
Price drop?
Should i step up
XFX 6600GT AGP OC project
8800 Ultra New card coming in this line up.
Which 8800?
6600 fan grinding
Nvidia Geforce 7500 LE and Geforce 7600 GS
Making a bootable dos cd to flash nvidia card with nbit/nvflash
Trying NV this time... couple of questions
Any opinions on Foxcon 8800GTX
7800Gs compatibility issue?
I'm blown away by the cinematic rendering
Powering 8800GTS
LCD and toshiba projector problem-HELP
Strange 8800gts Preformance 3dmark06
question: Trade x1950xt for 7900gto?
Best drivers for 8800 GTS
Forceware 160.03 Win XP.
Anybody else experience
XPERTVISION,... cheap brand?
Enough proof to prove faulty card?
GPU comparisions
Putting together new system, just need vid card
Do they sell...
Vista 7900 Drivers not responding
how far can you oc a 8800gts?
6800 problem, very strange
8800 Ultra at newegg....
BFG OC 8800gts 320 poor memory overclock
Problem with video card
first time with nvidia - driver issues
8800GTS power needs
EVGA 512-P2-N635-AR GeForce 7950GT 512MB
Clipping and video tearing in game
My Card Melted!
XFX Video Cards
temps on 6800 amazingly high
grrrrr NV
7800 GTX and ATI tool
Will R600 drop 8800 prices?
New NV drivers - XP/Vista WHQL and Vista Beta
New NV drivers - XP/Vista WHQL and Vista Beta
Does this score sound right for 7900gs?
Nvidia 7600GT Overclock Best Settings
ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT vs 8800 GTS
8600gt at 1ghz core = 7000 3dmark06 score?
A little assistance picking the right 8800GTX for me.
7600GT overclock does not stay!
Doing something with fx5500
8800 Ultra Benchies~
XFX GeForce 8800 GTX
Mobile Drivers - GeForce Go 7400
flashing bios question
Any 7900 GTO out there?
oc problems
Very low 3D Mark scores....too low
8800GTS 320 MB SC not OC'able?!
What GPU monitoring tool for 8800?
URGENT!!! Ordering in 1h!! Which 8800GTX to get?
8800 Ultra Revealed!!
7800gs cooler
Any other 8800GTS can't get mem to 1000?
RivaTuner v2.01
Serious Help Needed Using ATITool With 7300GT and Vista
SLIed 8600s vs 1 8800?
Decided To Run 3dmark06 - 7526?
7600gs F.E.A.R. performance issues: under 10 fps
8800GTS....320mb or 640mb?
Programs for changing fan speed, checking temps, and overclocking 8800gts 640mb?
8800GTS 320mb and 1600x1000 rez
quick: 7600gt 0r 7950 gt ko?
Overclocked to oblivion (and not the game...)
Question/help choosing a video card
RivaTuner 2.0
New Ntune and New vista drivers
Overclock in vista
should i get a 8800gts or wait?
Hacked SLI drivers for 7900 GTX help please!
ForceWare Can Overclock!!!
New version of nTune released...
Need help with visual anomalies
SLi or No SLi?
8800 GTX SLI
Horizontal Spanning in Vista
The Likely switch to nVidia need help picking a GPU
types of artifacting
weird 6600gt
False rendering.
SLI OC'ing with riva tuner
6800 SLI bandwidth issue
SLI 8800GTS... an alternative to the GTX??
Gainward releases 8600 GTS 512
BSOD When upgrading drivers for XFX6800XT
Who Wants To Try The $99 8500GT? LOL
Possible to force refresh rate in Vista?
7800 GT used question
XFX 8800 GTS
Not Enough Power for OC?
Explain the bottleneck
7600GT OC Results
p4 2.8 put with 8600 series???
OK someone help me OC this 6600GT in Vista (Forceware 158.18)
Upgrade ideas
VF900-Cu + eVGA 7600GT KO = LOW TEMPS
8600GT Is Nowhere Near The Gaming Card It Should Be!!!!
2xGeforce 7600 GS w/2X20" LCD and 46" HDTV question
Need help choosing a video card....
XFX Changes warranty....
7900GS 1st Time OC
ATITool keeps crashing/freezing at 500 Mhz Core
8800 GTS and RivaTuner
Nhancer question
is this a good graphics card
8800 Fan Speed Control nTune Vista
How do I keep my Clock Settings?
Pipelines/Stream Process difference?
Worth upgrading a 7950 GX2?
idle 52 load 71 7600GT ok?
eVGA 640mb 8800GTS---anyone else having this problem?
high temps with 7900gs?
8600gts review
dual monitor question.
XFX GeForce 8800 GTS or BFG GeForce 8800 GTS OC?
Seeing as how....
Just got my $215 PNY 8800GTS 320MB
Rainbow Six Vegas > 7900 GT
8600's question....
8900? in 6 weeks?
8800GTS 640mb Gone from Newegg?
7950GT or 8600GTS
xfx 8600gts on its way
one of my displays is fuzzy, think its analog but i dont know how to make it digital?
Which factory OC'ed 8600 GTS should I get?
ForceWare 158.19
165.01 XP/VISTA x86 x64 (with links)
XFX_7900GT vs XFX_7900GS 600M PCIE
8600GTS sighted for $208
Best nvidia AGP card out now...
nVidia 8600 Ultra for $179?
2d tearing
SLI and Dual Monitors
A good laugh..
Forceware 93.71 - PC Display and TV out, how to swap virtual location?
8800 drivers Nvidia 158.16 Xp.. Beta i think?
Graphics performing slowly after going single from SLI? Check here.
Which Ge Force 7 Card?
7950GT Question
8800GTS 320MB now or wait?
Overclocked 8800 GTS
8800 Troubles
Trouble overclocking 8800 GTX
fx5600 problems(possibly screen)
Which Card?
8800GTS 320MB
7900GS - Is there a limit??!?!
More 79 series Agp
unable to adjust resolution in games for 8800gts?
ATI Tool 8800 GTS
Time to SLI
7800gtxs' sli artifacts? Cause and effect?
7800gt overheating..help please.
eVGA 8600GTS 512MB or eVGA 8800GTS 320MB?
Price drop on 8800's after other 8x00's released?
Clock OC'ing with Vista?
worth the money?
Difficult 8800GTS issue - Black screen on drivers
XFX: Have I voided the warranty?
How far can I OC a 7600 GS with water cooling?
Which PS with EVGA 8800GTS 640MB
8800 OC
PSU dedicated for 8800 GTS
8800gts OC Temps
Best card for old rig?
GeForce 8800 Ultra Confirmed: $$$$^$$$$
8800GTS heatsink...
Readin 2.60Ghz on a 7800GTX?why?
geforce 7600 drivers
Stupid Question on 8800GTX SLi
DirectX Issues
Question about the 8800 series...
Which 8800 to get?
Midrange 8000 series debut April 17th
How do you determine heatsink compatibilty?
evga step up
Vista NVidia Problem :/
7900gs water cooling gon bad
weird problem - help me out!
PowerXS : 7900GTX
uh my 8800gtx is whining????
8600gts benches from a guy in austrailia
Inquirer's Benchmarks For 8500/8600 GeForce
Onboard geforce 6100 vram setting
Overclocking help
7800gs performing worse than 6800gt
Vista 101.70 x64 x86
best AGP upgrade for BF2?
7900GS performance and temperature help...
Plethera of 8800 waterblocks?
New 8 Series Forecware 97.94 are out for XP
Flaw in 8800gts cooler?
Lowering 2D Core Speeds
Driver question (ATi chipset/nVidia GPU)
Req: Pics of eVGA ACS3 shroud for G80
AGP Texture Acceleration on PCI-E?
What are the latest drivers for a 7800GTX?
Price drops relatively soon?
8600gts 512mb vs. 8800gts 320mb
8800gts rivatuner
8600GTS OC to 1ghz
Problems with my Display..
ATTN: EVGA 7800GT users.
2 - 8800GTX in SLI really really hot
Dead GPU, What to do?
EVGA APG 7800 GS OC Problems
Graphics card heatsink question
"Change Flat Panel Settings" Display Option not there
XFX 7600 GS XT Passive question...
What are the most stable and overclock friendly drivers for the 7900GTO??
I never realized how important drivers are to o/cing!
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS' Killer Bug
Forceware 101.02 2000/XP (32-bit)
Help choosing GFX card
Asus EN8800GTS 320Mb bios bonus!?!?!
OCin question
arctic cooling aftermaket 8800 cooler
XFX 6800XT Extreme 350/1ghz vs 6800GS
CPU/Ram Bottlenecking?
Driver Issue or Something Worse?
Hardware Home: G80 Owners Delight ...Err?
SLI with different temps???
what causes artifacts?
8800gtx sli, can my system handle it or do i need new rig?
A green artificat in 3D mark
Old black 8800gtx pcb?
8800gts component input
eVGA 7600GT 256 pci-e
EVGA 7800 GS AGP OC Question
Simple SLI question
Smart cache question
Asus EN8800GTS 320Mb overclocking?
Some G90 tidbits to chew on
7950 Pixel Shader problem ?
GPU to hot??
GPU to hot??
Coolbits 2.0 on 7600 GS
HDR or AAx8
Is this a good AGP buy?
Overclocked 8800GTS perform same as stock 8800GTX?
I don't get this clock on my 8800GTS...
low 3dmark06 score with 8800GTX?...
"The currently selected graphic...." SOLVED
8800gts temps
Whew 8800GTX blurry desktop.
Some help if u please ...
is AGP bottle-necking my performance?
BFG is updating there site looks good
2 evga 8800GTX cards for only $3,000!
Cant OC in SLI????
Huge drop in benchmarks, not sure why
New BIOS + New Driver = +85-90 FPS?
nvidia Vista Rant: My monitor resolution aint supported, just like VIA, SIS n whatnot
8800GTX Recommendation Plz
Need Help, Can't Enable SLI
What should the stock clock speed be for the 7600GS?
Another driver: 97.95
Game Performance Issues
Upgrading from X800XL
Quadro Issues
8800 SLi, 2 connectors?
8600GT/GST Not So Good Yet
100.95 drivers
Keygen for 3Dmark06?
En7900 GS question
How you know SLI is working????
Bit the bullet and bought a 8800GTS
Hidden Potential?
When the Geforce 9800 comes out I'm selling my Radeon 9800 on ebay.
Flashing red screen - awesome!
trying to OC 7600GT
other 8800gts drivers?
7950GT (256MB/512MB) vs. 8800GTS (320MB)
8800GTS on 1680x1050
Best bang for your buck video cards for SLI..
New 8800GTS bad picture quality + problem
Graphics Card Problems!!!
What would be better? 2 8800GTS 320MB or 1 8800GTS 640MB
Forceware artifacts past 84.56.
Ntune and Vista Ultimate 64-Bit
Having alot of trouble installing video card in HP computer
couple of nvidia questions
New guy here have some questions
Geforce-7300GT-256MB will it play Vanguard decent?
8800gts temps?
Until Cysis gets here there is Stalker!!!
How reliable is ATI Tool?
Question about fault gpu + temperature
post your graphics cards :D
2D/3D autodetection and fan control on nvidia cards...
My 8800GTS Overclock... no throtling down???
What do you know about Geforce Go 6150?
7900GTO SLi vs 8800GTX
Bottleneck question
NEW XP DRIVERS! nVidia ForceWare 100.87
Anybody have the new BFG cards?
No more XP pro drivers....
anyone got an xfx geforce 5700? urgent
Card problem
Got my 8800GTS 320mb