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Overclock waste evga 8800 GTS/GTX cards?
vga 8800 gtx
PCI or PCI-e 1x Dual head capable budget card
8800GTS drivers
Decisions decisions...(which 8800gts version)
6800XT better than 7300 or 7600GS?
Need a budget card...7300GT looks good.
8800 Memory OCing?
HDR Live Program
8800gts vs. 7800gt-sli
Bfg Nvidia 7950 GT OC running Very hot
7600GT v 7900GS
Help trying to find Card
should I upgrade?
How to have different & application controlled 2D & 3D clocking with 8800???
7800GS beeping...
How Do I get the most out of my 6800GS?
Which nVidia 8xxx card will you get?
My Gosh the 8800 cards run HOT!! on Stock Heatsink
Overclock Nvidia in Vista
MSI 7900GS cooler question
8800GTS 640MB here i come :D
Anybody here work for NVIDIA?
4x agp
FX5900XT and AGP4
New build acting weird
8900 series details listed
7800GS... difference between G70 and G71 reported memory speed...
8800 Ultra ???
eVGA step-up program?
Overclocks, Warranties
Triple monitor problem
Beta driver 101.41 (Vista SLI support 7xxx / 6xxx series)
New Drivers
got an 8800 post here
8800 now or wait?
431mhz core 1.6ghz memory on 6200v+ nv44a core!!!
Nvidia control
939Dual-Sata2 and EVGA 7600GS Issues
Is your 8800 oc'ing like you think it is? Interesting read...
Drivers to run my 7800GTX's in SLI/P5W DH-DLX
Need hold down pins for a 6600GT
EVGA 8800 GTX problem
nVidia GeForce 7600 GS Driver Problem!
can you overclock integrated video?
Is This a Good Deal, Geforce 6800 gt, - 62, ebay
controlling fan on 7800GS...
first video card o/c. how did i do?
EVGA 6600GT AGP Problems
Help please, I need one of these...
Leadtek 8800gts vs eVga 8800gts
8800 cards with black screen shots
Diablotek Geforce 6200v 256mb agp
9250 vs 6200
7800GTO SLI problem
Who's Running Their 88GTS and 88GTX speeds?
BFG or eVGA 7800GS AGP Card
overclocking BFG 7800GS...
Card Suggestions for a HP A1630n
When are the new 8600 coming out?
Whats The Deal.. ATI Tool says 1000mhz, Coolbits says 2000mhz?
7900GT? Heatsink and worth upgrading?
Where's the improvement?
geForce 7950 GX2 issues
Just ordered 8800GTS 320MB :D
2x 7600gt's currently, upgrade?
7600 without a clockspeed
8800GTX New Revision
7300GT flashes
Keep my 8800 GTS 320MB or step up?
OCZ 8800gtx
Evga 8800 GTS 640mb - Regular or Superclocked?
Anyone with an XFX card -
unplugged vga fan = vga doesn't power up
7900GT/GTO Problem
Need a hand with SLI. Crashes upon enable
New 8800GTS Slow
No window mode WTF mate
eVGA RMA's 7950GT KO(?) better than a 7900GT KO?
EVGA 8800 GTX and EK-FC8800 = Sexy!
how does this work
Which would you say is better?
Jumpy HD video playback on Vista...
broken card?
2x8800GTS 620MB?
8800 GTS 320MB help me before I throw it out the window!
Folding@Home on the G80
DX10 cards coming for AGP old skoolers !
Why can't i install the 93.81 drivers???
7600GS That should be close to a GT
8800gtx + vista + 3dmark06 scores
GeForce4 Ti42000 8x & Geforce FX5200 ISSUES
welll any one seen or heard...
Pictorial of 8800gtx performance and problems (56k = dun dun dun duuuun)
unistalling the nvidia driver.
8800 GTS 320MB, I want to see your OC's
Great 8800 Comparison Article
XpertVision 7600gs Sonic ddr3 agp
need help with cards
8800 PSU
8800GTS - funny box quote
eVga 6800nu warranty question.
ForceWare 100.65 Out
EVGA 8800GTX running temp
Screen artifacts up on boot
New paste on EVGA 8800GTS...
8800 btx bios question
Link boost for 8800 series??
OCing 8800gts
Can this be right about 8800gtx?
Best Drivers for GeForce 7900 GT
How does SLI 7900GTX compare to 8800?
Power Supply for EVGA 8800GTS
Surprised by 7600GS OC!
CPU is not a bottle neck....
i need a comparison here... 7600gt vs 6800gt
8800 GTS weirdness
odd death
widescreen res w/ 8800gts or 8800gtx
any1 flashed the BIOS of a EVGA 8800gtx with a superclocked one?
VoltModed SLI 7900gs's
Voltmod my 6600GT -- Opinions?
6600gt bfg mod
Overclocking the 8800 GTX is Vista
7900gs Overclocked!
Incorrect clock speeds?
overclocking 8800gts
Overclocking in SLI
Help with an old nVidia TNT AGP card
eVGA GeForce 7900 GT
Well, I broke down and ordered a 8800gtx. . .and a new monitor.
High temps
Best (stable) drivers for the 7800GS?
Somethings wrong with my 3Dmark score
7600GT SLI???
cant get 1366x768 on my 26" lcd
Anybody using NTune?
Geforce 8900GTX and 8950GX2 details listed
tearing in the middle of the screen (7900GT)
something wrong in my SLI setup.
Where is Gainward in the US ?
Best driver for 8800gts & XP?
Is this normal?
Max PCIE bus speed ?
ELSA GLADIAC 790GS PH2 Performance Test Report
Forceware Vista 100.64 betas released
8800gts 320vs640mb version
8800 competition
Overclocker a 7950GT
Really poor performance on a 7800 GS
Please get nVidia to Acknowledge, diagnose, and Fix this issue! Please read.
Anyone else with this card: XFX 7600 gt xxx edition ?
Nvidia bios vault? think i messed somthing heh.
comparison Guide for single Vs SLI??
Is my card dead? :(
The mainstream cost of 8800 series product: MSI NX8800GTS T2D320E performance reviews
Breaking News: 8800gts 320MB Reviewed!!!
7600GS 512mb overclock results
8800gtx WinXP vs Vista
Slight artifacts?
Help on vid card selection.
7600go + vista???
ok...8600ULTRA or 2 gig of ram
Green PCB eVGA 8800GTX?
7900gs or the 1950pro
7600gs sonic bios query
graphics card for microsoft flight simulator deluxe
Question about flashing dead card
A brand new video card, which one?
8800GTS 320mb out now in UK
Many brands of 8800GTX cards - How do I choose?
ATTENTION: BSODs with the 8800 GTS/GTX/OTHER? Look here.
How well does 6100 and 6150 Go series perform?
Dropped my 8800gtx temp by a ton...
8800 GTS KO ACS3 vs GTS
XFX 8800 GTX vs the "XXX" version
overclock leadtek 7950gt
choosing a graphic card...
8800GTX + 6600GT in a 3 Monitor Setup
Is an OCZ 520w enough?
nvidia temp monitoring
when is it coming out?
when is it coming out?
overheating or bad drivers?
8800 GTS SLI, 8800GTX x1, and A8N-SLI Premium
7600 Vs 6600
Just bought e6600 setup, which GPU under the hood would you....
8800 seies Memory upgrade......
Need advice on purchase
Does the 7800gt have a cold bug ?
6800GT MOSFET heatsink
EVGA 8800GTX: Molex or PCI-E connectors?
7600 or 7800?
Own an 8800 and hate ntune? Coolbits returns!!
7800 gt pencil mod
Good video ideas please.
Gf 7800gs+ problem =/
No video with new forware drivers
8800 SLI with Intel?
7900GT - What should I stick ramsinks on?
7900gs 2.0ghz mem oc!
Coolbits Versus RivaTuner
evga 7600 GT wont hold clock settings
Geforce 8600 brings dx10 w.o breaking the bank
Upgrading from a 6800le to Ummm... 7600GT?
2 XFX 8800 GTX in SLI question
Is a 3500+ a bottleneck for a 7900gs ?
7900gs voltmod
xp64 and ntune?
What driver for 7800gt
New Forceware Drivers GeForce 8-series for Vista
high pitch frequency noise on 7900gt
8800gts - partially blocked outlets?
Three way sli to be introduced by nVidia
8800 < ?
What have you done to your 7600GT?
How are the 8800 drivers now?
about the new 8800GTS 320mb...
7300gt overclocking
Vista Driver 100.59 Available SLI
Underperforming 8800gtx
7800gt clock frequencies?
Last Minute 8800 question
Trying to go SLI with no success
7900GT vs. 8800GTX
Low-Power 3D Mode on my eVGA 7900GS?
How can I change my nVidia control panel language from French -> English
Post your 8800 beasts!
2x7900 GT vs. 8800 GTS
Is my video card dying
is 30MHz core & 200MHz Mem worth it?
STILL no support for SLI with Vista
single eVGA 7950GT or sapphire x1950pro
OCZ Powerstream enough for one 8800GTX?
Info on OCing the 8800
anyone else using ForceWare 93.81 x86
Understanding 8800 models
7900GT making a "funny noise"
7900GS Go card clocks super high
7900 GTX red circuit board ...?
8800GTS|Need Advice & Help
Palit and Gainward
Overclocking a 7600gs pcie
VISTA control panel
Is this right...?
Video Card Unplugged?
8800GTS waterblock?
BFG GEFORCE 7600 GS OC ?????
8800gtx + 3007WFP
SDTV Reception Issue
gts or gtx?
Vista Drivers for 8800gts and nforce4
7900 GTO vs 2 x 7600 GT in SLI
SLI clarification
New 8800GTS and OCing
7900gs sli not what I was expecting
8800GTX Running slow?
BFG 7800 OC GS HELP...
6800GT Glitching and Flickering<Help?
Thinking about upgrading.
8600 specs and pricing revealed
max voltage for a 7900gs
Why I'll always buy from BFG
Let's talk about a G80 AMD vs. C2D benching contest [Post Benchmarks here :)]
So, what about the 320mb GTS?
Do you think a 8800gt can run off a 650 watt power supply?
Is My PCI x 16 7600 GT Running @ x1 ?
8800GTS powersupply requirements
Riva Tuner and my 7600GT
6800xt or 7600gs?
Unlocking pipes on XTX 6800XT
are these SLI capable
Make it good to GO......
Driver problem on 6800 XT?
SLI - is it worth it?
How to tell if Ive OC'd to Volt limit
Upgrading agp card
Where can I buy Molex->PCIE adapter for 8800GTX?
Length of a DFI SLI bridge
Buying an 8800gtx and..
Video card overclocking program
vmod'd 7900GT / Can adding heat sink to chipset on *back* of card help?
Overclock Suggestions?
200 dollar or so upgrade
Card transportation
My 8800 on the verge of death!!!!
Need new heatsink for APG 6600GT
Unlocked BFG 7900GS OC
Send your 8800's back! GOD has spoken!
Artifacts withouth my core overheating
What's wrong?
8800 GTX
Geforce 7600 GS trouble
Crazy GeForce 6800 Memory Clock?
7600 GT Unlocking Pixel Pipes
nVidia 100.30 Vista drivers for G80
Quiet, affordable 7800gtx cooler
Last 8800 question. i hope.
7800GTX SLI questions
Which card for me, upgrade??X2 3800+
8800 gts question... again
Are all 8800gts the same?
Arctic Silencer NV 5 rev 2 compatability
8800gts - question
i need a new agp card =to 6800
Nvidia 93.71 vs 91.47
8300 & 8600 details
Weird Artifacts with 7950GT but not overheating
7900gs sli power requirements
RAM Temps for 8800GTS
new card?
WHY ME!? 8800GTX Yields Artifacts & Only 3800 3dmarks [pic]
7950GX2 issue.
8800 GTX SLi users: what PSU are you using?
problem with my 5700le?
best brand for 8800 gtx
cooling 8800's
video card problem
How To Enable Classic Control Panel Without 3rd Party Software
nVidia Geforce 7600 GS question
97.92's are out(8800 series)
8800's in SLI?
Last nvidia Agp2 video card?
Just got an 8800GTS and now PC is slow post etc >>
Question on Forsa 7900GTX
XfX 7900gs bench
Broken 6800 GT Capacitor
7900GTO performance loss :S:S
xfx8800gtx warranty question
7600GT Exhaust Fan?
Overclocking an on-board 6150?
Speed difference between a 7950GT and 7900GTX?
Can a 6200TC be overclocked?
XFX7600GT Diode &PC Wizard2006
Restart required to switch to SLI
vOLT Modding an 8800 VC.
Any word on 8800gtx/Gts replacement yet??
Well, my 3dmark06 score just dropped over 6000 points. . .
need cooling suggestions for asus 7800gtx
Newbie need help with 5200 Fx
6800 - Unlocking pipelines with the card's BIOS
6800GT all F'ed up...I think.
8800gtx cod2 & css problems. Bad card?
Artefacts without overheating this time...
8800 series Stream Processor overclocking?
What to expect of 8800's DX10 Performance
Idea to help fix my 7900GS problem...
Thermal Throttle?????
Core 2 Duo / 8800 GTX owners: Please post your 3DMark '06 results.
Coolbits and driver question
Which is better?
New driver for Vista!
Overclocking 6800GS How to?
What's your GPU idle temp vs. your CPU idle temp?
nVidia 8800 Series - Fan Control pros/cons
8800gts bios vmods?
What's an acceptable temperature?
does this seem right?
XFX 6800GS Overheating
BFG 7900GT OC expectations?
vid card replacement woes
Overclocking Your Video Card Should Raise Your 3D Mark Score ... Shouldn't it?
What brand 8800 GTX
Nvidia 97.92 xp
3d mark 7900gs
8800 GTX - IHS Removal?
Problem Since i Installed My 7900GS
Resolution messes up at reboot?
Should I possibly upgrade to a 7900?
new 6800GT, help!
evga 7900gt 256mb PCI-E Corrupt images in game ie heat?
Sli question
3dmark06 .. does my score look ok
Sys restart when attempting to overclock
8800gtx and custom resolution?
7950GT only workin in 8x????
Dell 7800GTX: Bad cap? or what?
well took the jump
BFG 7800GS
evga 7600 gs reaching 82* in 5 seconds
manufacters releasing oced 8800's
8800gtx sli temps
7800gtx wont OC
7600GT's in SLi issues
"Candy Cane" effect
7600 GT, just started bumpin up the speeds
A little advice OC'ing XFX 6800XT
Nvidia mid-cards
new 8800gtx
What are good settings to use for a 7600 GT?
Trouble with new XFX 7900GT 256mb
How can i stop my nvidia clocks from resetting on windows startup?
7950 Benchmark result
8800GTS overclock problems?
will O/Cin be possible with these specs on new asus laptop
Odd behavior with new system
2X 7600GS & asus P5N-E SLI problem
8800 GTX squeak on shut-down
Ntune forgets my settings
8800 series not up to pci-e specs
7800GTX upgrade advice
Gigabyte 7900GS underclock ??
Quick nVidia WDM q'
a worthy upgrade?
8800 series and older chipsets
Does anyone here know nVidia's plans?
7800gt upgrade to 8800gts ?
Problems with my 6800gt... HELP!
Voltage for 8800GTS and GTX?
7600GS,7600GT or 7900GS
SLI n00b
6800 BIOS, Overclocking & Voltages
8800gts in 3dMark06. Are these numbers about average?
ATI Tool 0.26 - Now with almost 100% Nvidia support
New Rivatuner... Rivatuner 2.0 final!
Help: 7900GTX Artifacting..(BFG)
$74 Geforce 8800GTS?
7950gt sli problem
2nd 8800 GTS problem in SLI.
Texture crawling on 8800 series?
Which Setup and Suggestions???
Help! Question about agp 3.3 volt and 1.5 volt
New XFX 7900 GS on its way!
Possible Power Problems with my 8800GTS
What 3DMark06 Score should I expect ??
Sli 7900GTX's good enough for 37in LCD?
Best drivers for 7800gt?
8800 GTX - AS5 replacement
Someone with a 7800GTX, I'm missing a component!
GeForce 7900GS/GT Buying Questions
Upgrading to XFX 7950GT, what PSU?
Looking for some advice.. agp card
Geforce GO 7600 + Media Center
XFX 7600GT Overclocks... Abnormally high
use purevideo with other players
Dual Video cards - Slowdown and lag
7900gt + 1920x1200
Mixing cards for SLI?
Bad Card? Artifacting then reboot...
BFG 7800GS OC - Mem Speed Wrong?
new to overclocking - limit on Coolbits overclocking?
I'm confused?????
black & white TV-out
ntune is being stubborn
evga 7600 GT stock cooling, just a quick question
2 monitors plus a TV
6800XT overclocking help needed!!
Bottleneck 8800gts with 805D
nvidia ntune profiles HELP!
8800GTX ram overclocking
Need good vid card to replace x850xt
Should I upgrade from a x800pro to a 7800gt
New Toy finaly arrived!
8800gtx 3dmark06 scores with C2D
Glitch with new NGO drivers?
6600GT question
Are there any PCIe x1 nVidia cards?
8800GTX 3Mark06
looking for a new card
Going to war with NVIDIA
nVidia GoForce 4800
PNY 7900GS can't overclock?!
Average Pencil VModded 6600GT OC?
SLI or good single card better?
Everyone please read
EVGA 8800GTX + BF2142
7800gs volt mods
factory ocd 8800's....they are here
Overriding Ntune/Rivatuner OC Test Check
I have this eVGA 512MB 7900GT... any point in messing with BIOS/voltage?
Urgent Help please Video card
8800gts fan speed, and other questions
Video card too hot to overclock?
8800 GTS/GTX overclock thread?
Used Video card problem
News Flash - Never downgrade from an 8800GTX to a 7900GTX
8800gts ?? will it run games at 1680 by 1050?
best drivers for 7600gt?
6200 Series cards ~ $50
Replace 7800GT OC with 7900 GS OC??