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power indicator pops up
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Would it be wise?.....
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Need some advise
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Video For NvIdia Users-SLI.
need a replacement cooler for bfg 7900gs oc
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0MB video card
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deinterlacing, and interlacing on nvidia cards
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Questions: GeForce 4 ti4200
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Any input?
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PCI Geforce 2 or AGP Voodoo3 3500 TV
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7600GS AGP vs. 7800GS AGP?
From x1900 to 8800gtx
Spill it
Gone old school.. Silencer for FX5600 ULTRA
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Cooling solutions for the 8800 GTS
Is my graphics card to hot?
7600gs SLi
Will it fit?
Comp wont boot with PCI-E card installed
quick xfx question (warranty)
8800GTX benches and possible driver glitch?
Because bottlenecking is on everyone’s mind as of late…
You number in the stepup queue
7900gtx not running smooth
sli my computer or get 8800gts??
EVGA 8800GTX - A gaming analysis on FEAR and CPU scaling
Which videocard memory would overclock the best?
drivers for g80's
7900GT ramsinks - thermal tape or AS5 Adhesive?
get evga 8800GTS or get a E6600+ new mobo?
Can I sli a 7900gs and a 7900gt?
AGP 7600 nVidia graphic card
Anyone else having problems with the latest Nvidia drivers?
What kind of GDDR memory is this?
Gaming at 1080p resolution. NEED a video card, HELP
Best Bang for Buck
Just ordered my new 8800GTX :D
NVIDIA Quadro Plex 1000
Will an OCed 8800GTS cause a CPU bottleneck for me?
asus 7800gtx sli?
Trouble overclocking (2) 7900GTX OCs...
Guess my 3dmark06 score, due tomorrow-ish!
BFG 8800 GTX watercooled
evga's lifetime warranty.
clocking Gainward 6600
Artifacts from the core or the mem to high?
Vantec Iceberq 6 - rather decent 7900GT results
What PSU for 2 x EVGA 7800GT in SLi
Overclocking EVGA 7800GT CO
How to use RivaTuner to overclock past the TEST settings?
What happened to all the GX2 cards!?
6600GT /w Zalman. Results, Pics +MOD!
Moniter flickers and gets garbled
7600GT vs 7900GS?
O/Cing EVGA 7950GT KO...?
Specific system MSI GF5900XT OC/mod question
Gigabyte 7800GT and EVGA 7800GT in SLi
coolbits problem help asap
Your 7900GT OC settings and temps?
My 7950 Temps
General driver question:
Gefroce 8 Series DDR3?
Power Button to Power On 2min Delay
SLI questions
what is the difference between these cards?
Manipulate GPU fan speed? (GeForce 7600GT)
I think i damaged my 6600gt!
Dead 6800
the 8800's
Should I worry about 1 random artifact?
8800GTS or GTX driver other than 97.02?
8800GTX is really tempting me!
help with 7600GS fan!!!
2x GDDR2 Cards In SLi
Flashing BIOS
Want to run 4 monitors...what are the options?
[Ranting] G80...er...why?
How the EVGA 8800GTX scales with CPU Clockspeed
Overclocking my Geforce4 MX 440
eVGA Geforce 7600GT KO questions...
SLI and overclocking - Baffling...
The 8800GTX/GTS are officially CPU Limited
problems with PNY 6600 AGP card
newegg sent me a oem 6800gt when i purchased a retail?
My New eVGA 8800GTS
I think my 6800GT Leadtek just died.
Looking at several slightly (?) different models of 7900s...
Is it just me or dose my 7900 gt ko run hot?? pics!
O/C issue, 7800GTX with 93.71
Please Help. driver shows pci-e at 8x
video card busted.. i think. help pls
Cooler Recomendations for 7900gt ko
7950 GX2
graphics freeze 7600GT
Confused about SLi Card Mix and Match
7600gs oc results
New cards are out........
Will i notice a difference...
What is this part for on my cooler?
price drops?
68nu agp and widescreen resolution
[OFFICIAL G80 THREAD] All OC Forums members card results and OCing speeds go here
VF700 Question
Need help!!! 7800GT SLI, X2 low 3Dmark06
7900GTX Problem
Help me chose: 7900gt or 7950
PCI-e Slot 2?
GX2 SLI on Ultra-D ? 1 PCIE
Remove stock HS for 7950gt and use AS5?
7800GS BIOS edit
Not agian....
Need some feedback/advice
XFX GeForce 7600GS
7600GT cooling
8800gtx pics, someone got there hands on them
eVGA 7900GT KO 512MB Owner Roll Call...
8800GTX cards recalled
what mobo will fit 8800gtx?
93.71 drivers
geforce 8800gtx 3dmark scores + complete comparison!
Please HELP *DIRE* Part 2!
7600go G73 unlock so on
installed new vid card, now wont play video files
GeForce 6500 Fan makes grinding sound on startup
Geforce 7600 GT - Will any brand be fine?
7900gto bios flash gtx...
[OFFICIAL G80 THREAD] All G80 reviews, benchmarks and discussions go here.
7900gs with Antec SL 350watt PSU?
Something really bad
G80 Benchmarks
Installing 93.71 messed up one of my windows services
Re-mounding stock HSF on 7800gtx
SLI question
8800gtx only needs a 400 watt 30a 12 volt rail??
broke it help, why is it doing this now.
i wanna get some thoughts please....
Quick question,and advise
SERIOUS problem with 6800U PLZ HLP!
update on AGP upgrade 6800 to 7800
Windows Media Player 11
Best driver for nVidia card
Where can I get an SLI bridge?
7800GTX Vs 7900GS
BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC Artifacting
Anyone using the 92.91 Beta drivers for 7950GX2?
Opinions on Geforce 6150
Strange problem
what is the best current AGP card available
7900 GTO vs. 7950 GT KO
Help!!! over 105 degrees celsius! 7800 gtx
Good hsf for my 7900gt?
Problem with second screen
DX10 Question
Best Tweaked Nvidia Drivers??
XFX 7950 GX2 M100
HTPC video quality... some quick questions
Does your mobo affect your video card OC?
Best card for like £300 ($550)
Trying to set Monitor 2 as Monitor 1, or get all windows to pop up on Monitor 2
Artifacts when starting up windows
VGA problem: Please help
6600gt squeeze every last bit of it
How many monitors suported with Dual-Link card??
Finaly SLI'ed 7800GT's .
Video question
Need another card for a 3rd monitor
7600GT overclock
Another 7900gt Problem
G80 Photos & 3dMark Benches
BEEEEEEP beep beep HELP!
Best drivers/RAM cooling for Nvidia
7800gtx OC results
Need vid card for HP prebuild
Max PCIE Frquency 7600Gt?
slight problem with my eVGA 7950GT
OMG: nVidia has a friggen MySpace
System ok!!!!!
System ok!!!!!
256mb cards over 512mb - much faster?
Another 6600GT for SLI or 7600GT?
6800 GS OC (open sharing)
70C not safe?
Best benching drivers
out of power!
PCIx16 slots question.
connecting PS2 to PC through compositie
my 5700 only seems to support composite tv-out
7600 GT OC
Asus 7950GT weird noise
help with new card selection
7900's "safe" now?
Physics with G80
7900gt messing up NOW?
Trading 7800gt for 7950gt
Remember when G80 was spec'ed
7900GTO Thread
geforce 6150le
No overclocking for G80?
Problems with 2 nvidia cards
7900gto (overclocked) vs x1900xt 256 (stock)
Fraps with EVGA 7900 GTO
best drivers for SLI 6600GT's
7900GS / 7600GT
video card agp upgrade
7900GT temps?
GeForce 6200 TC
sli question
G80 compared to a 7950gx2?
Just got my BGF 7600GT today...
Setting up SLI
dual monitors
Just ordered my EVGA 7900 GTO
Is this upgrade worth it?
So it seems We dont need no stinkin DX 10!
xfx 7900gt help to o/c
Fried Card?!
What temps with 7950
Texture Problems With MSI FX 5900 XT
7900 GTO SLI, 7950GX2, or X1950XTX?
PCI-E Frequency
My 1st official OC numbers, what now!!??
SLI on a single PCI-E
Large problem; driver issue?
Can Ahanix 350w silent PSU power a leadtek 7900GS?
Can't access nvidia control panel
Artifacts appearing in Civ4 with my 6800GT
Sceen never centered with 6600gt and 19'' analog LCD (always have to adjust it)
rivatuner help
Burned core?
Need help Identifying GFX Card and Drivers!!!
If Rivatuner says not supp by cur drvr (91.47) is that it for my OC?
7800GT BIOS Question...
What do I do before installing Rivatuner?
Suggestions anyone?
Is this a Video Card Problem? Computer going crazy
if stuttering, would BIOS flash 5900XT to 5950U fix it?
7800 GTs in SLI vs 7950GX2
Nvidia GF 6600GT + New moniter, conflict resolved
Adding custom resolutions
Cpu-z For GPU's?
G80 incredible but is it worth it?
Unlocked pipes BFG 7800gs
Help with upgrade
2 7900GTO's and OCZ powerstream 520
7900gt KO 512mb step up....
Dual SLi?
New High for 3dMark 06
6800gt heat & dvi issues
6800XT overclock results?
what u think of this card
7800GT woes :(
7950GT vs 7900GT
xfx 7800 gs beeped, now no output
AMD&ATi.... with nividea gpu?
Stretched Video on Secondary
Made a mistake, need help!
SLI on Intel chipsets.... responce from nvidia
my 7800gt
Does GS mean an AGP version?
Can someone tell me what this pic is of?
How Does your 7900GS OC?
Which Video Cards...
whanting to flash ablatron 6600gt bois to asus 6600 gt bios
G80 specs
7950GT - Overclocking ability?
Kind of disapointed with sli
bfg 7800gs probs(RANT)
Cooling for my 7900 gt
SLI or single card? =)
black screen after windows splash
BFG GeForce 7600 GS 512MB AGP
3dmark01 dosent like my machine??!?!?
semi old schoo, 6600gt vs unlocked 6800nu
7950 GT vs 7900 GTO vs 7900 GT KO
NGO Optimized Driver worthwhile?
Disabling artifact check
A softmod for the 5200?
Odd colouring in games and movies
SLI'ed 6600GT's... Upgrade for ~$190
7900GTX GO vs 7900GTX Performance?
Lowering temps
7900gto on c2d with powerstream520
Can barely overclock BFG 7800GS
G80 sights!! - Monster cooler!
7900 GT can't run Quake/Call of Duty
Connecting your Monitor?
My new 7900gs, P O S?
7900GTX in Half Price Only! - MSI NX7900GTO-T2D512E
should i?
My new 7950GT
Heat pipe like 7900GTX?
Dual Monitor setup
2 7950 GT's or 1 7950 GX2 or 1 7900 GTX
7800GS AGP = ???? PCI-e
7900gt mounting hole dimensions....
a VERY big problem
Any idea when in Fall for geforce 80's?
Ati or Nvidia??
Anyone running 7950 GX2 in sli?
Installing a second DVI-D for 7800GS
More sli questions
7800GS too cold???
7800GT & 7800GT CO... SLI?
New driver not work so well...
OC'ing my POS FX 5200
What should I do right now?
SLI 8x vs full SLI16x
Will new 7950s work with my Maze 4?
computer shutsdown when loading directx
Geforce 7900Gs
9700 GO or 9700GTX GO
How bad is an artifact?
help! video playing problems.....
went SLI with new Nvid drivers...lower benches?
Where did 'Clock Frequency Settings' go?
2nd woot 7900gs down the drain!
Problem with 6600GT
Best $300 Card
Ntune5 Crash....help!?
7900GT Temps @ 1.4v
BFG 7800gs screams at bootup; help!
EVGA 7950 GX2 Driver Falure?
Argh, can someone confirm this issue?
Artifacts on new 7600GT?
the new nvidia drivers
Over clock in SLI setup?
cpu idle shows only running x8 instead of x16?
HD-DVD Please Help Me!!
Help! I flashed the wrong bios! FX 5200
Urgent: BSOD
First time testing my vidoo card....is this a "descent" score?
Office Dispute about SLI - Prove me Right!
Possible to underclock/undervolt a 6800GS?
Do these results seem "normal" for my setup
so.... 4 monitors on 2 7950gx2s?
haha, where could i buy the little SLI connecter that connects the two cards?
7800gt Problem
XFX 7950 Fanless Design
Dark video on new XP Pro install
so ive got one card in... what is the correct process for installing the second SLI?
7800gt, new high score for me
help... my 2nd monitor doesnt work in windows
what is the fastest 7900GT card out there?
BETA 92.91 drivers
where can i get one of these ?
Nvidia and X-Fi
More speculation on G-80 specs
sli question
7900GT KO Reverting to Stock Core Speed After Overclocking?