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g80 (8800gtx) expert help and luck
cannot describe, can you see what this is?
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molex to 8-pin video card connector fried. Pictures inside
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Heaven Unigine 3.0 error
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what does these things mean?
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Should I install these 2 video Utilities?
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Is anyone running this setup
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evga 670 4g SC
Dear Gtx 680 users. I have a request.
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Nvidia No Longer Allows EVGA to Include EVBot Support on the GTX680 Classified
GTX 550 TI Mini HDMI question. Dont know what HDMI cable to buy.
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Msi Gtx 660ti Power edition
570 SLI or GTX 670
GTX 550 TIRandom FPS drops in game
Gtx 550ti fan speed
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Is physX here for awhile and 2GB Question
help with OCing an ASUS gtx 660 ti 2gb
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Mysterious Asus GTX660 Ti cards appear
GTX 470 sli what you guys think?
Whats the best 6xx series card will I see the most improvment from?
What are my options?
Keep it or return it?
New Lag Issue SLI 560ti
Are these 2 GTX 570's sli compatible?
PhysX and old games
gxt 560 sli vs gtx 670
Trying to track down a system bottleneck
Which is better?
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kuhler 620 on gtx 670 mod
Which card?
EVGA GTX 660 Ti Superclocked SLI Scaling
I wanna upgrade from SLI'd 550 ti's to a Single GPU!!
Issues with my gtx260
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Gtx 570 Overclocking and Questions
GT Series Help
Nvidia with Cuda
GTX 560 install issues, please help
PCI-E 2.0 vs. 3.0
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EVGA 570 HD 2560mb - Thoughts?
Galaxy GTX 680 SOC White Edition
Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 440 overclocking problem
Just about to purchase!
Will the GeForce 6XX be certified by Adobe
306.23 WHQL Driver question?
don't you love it when lowering your voltage increases stability
My GTX 570
Best 680 card out there!
EVGA GT430 too hot or not?
EVGA GTX 660 Superclocked Graphics CardReview
I'm lookin' to got to a GTX 660 from a GTX 460 1GB.
MSI GTX 660 testing
Galaxy GTX 660 GC 2GB GPU Review
Strange issues with new 660Ti (Lighting / AA)
A friend is struggling to boot with new cards
560 Ti 448 overclcock
Please Help: CUDA 580 vs 590 vs 680 vs 690
2x Asus Nvidia gtx 550 ti
301.42 problem
ASUS GTX 660 Ti DirectCU II TOP Graphics Card Review
Different results on both MSi Gtx 680 Twin Frozr
Triple monitor set up question.
diff between 680 2gb vs 680 4gb in modded skyrim?
Can I connect an SLi bridge to a single card?
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Suitable Overclocking Tools
2 Way SLI and surround gaming
Installed nForce... Help!
OC help and results.... 570x2 sli
GTX 680
SLI Assistance
Which Card to go with?
What program is good for monitoring temperature
unable to edit msi gtx 570 bios
Need Help W/ OC GTX 260
im not sure where to ask this.
Old system, upgrading Video
Do you use adaptive vsync?
670 SLI Problem
Could my rig handle dual GTX 670?
Dual SLI not at 100%
I Finally Made It! 10,000!
Dedicated PhysX Card
SLI 660 Ti vs SLI 670?
GeForce 560 compatibility question
New GTX670 - how much voltage is too much
MSI GTX 660 TI overclock
Gtx 570 sli
Got my new card today
Should I get a 680 or a 670?
3dmark 11 score
Full GPU speed browsing web pages?
306.02 beta driver problems
GTX670 is laggy!!!
GTX 680 SLI fail !! help
Which make should I go when buying GTX 670/GTX 660i?
Looking to buy new card need info on GTX 460
gtx 670 corrupted
WEI on my graphics card
Zotac GTX 680 AMP edition - 100*C!!
I need a GPU for my "not so small HTPC" my GF stole my WD Device
Problems with Quad GTX 690
Working on a new OC need benching software
Want some Reviews over this Card
Nvidia Drivers Can't Find Compatible Hardware?
Moved to eVGA's nVidia 660Ti
Overclocking 3 GTX680's?
GTS 450 Usage Spikes
Appraisal on GTX470 SLi with waterblockS
GTX660 release date?
550 ti SLI PSU?
Display driver stopped responding and has recovered - please help
New card market
Going three monitors need advice! BF3
Questions about cooling/OCing GTX670 TOP
Recommendation for this MB
What should I be more careful with, voltage or temp?
Help overclocking EVGA GTX 670 FTW
Urgent Matter...NEED HELP FAST before i make a dumb choice. Answer FAST please
On the subject of GTX660Ti GPU performance... A challenge!
Evga GTX 570 vs 660ti?
Cause of my GTX 680 momentarily freezing in games?
Next set of drivers?
Can anyone recommend good cooling for a Galaxy GTX 560 GC 2GB?
Gtx 570 to Gtx 660ti
EVGA GTX 660 Ti Superclocked Video Card Review
MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition Graphics Card review
GTX 460 Fan spins and then stops ..
Installing a graphics card
GTX 660ti possibly available
[IMPORTANT]Very odd issue with GPU's, need urgent help [IMPORTANT]
overclocked gpu problem
Going from a GTX680 to a GTX660ti questions
EVGA 640 Help please!!
Graphics Card Too Big
Gtx 570 Overclockerss
GTX 670 Arma II Dayz Performance
GTX 280 SLI restarting problem
Best Drivers for 560 ti?
Advantages of high end GPUs
Graphics cards in PCI-E slots 1 and 3
Upgrade from Nvidia 285M to Nvidia 675M?
EVGA 670 firmware update
Most powerful and most overclockable nvidia 680?
Need Help with Artifacts
GeForce 230 update makes my games lag heavily
GTX 465 running hot
560ti 448-Core Artifacting at 64C
Referece vs non-reference 670?
Evbot questions
Amd phenom 1100t black edition overclocked to 4.2ghz bottlenecking??
Gtx 570 step up
680 OCing, ASIC, Limits...
MSI GTX 580 o/c crashes at stock
Can I overvolt a GT 630
Artifacts in heaven benchmark 3.0
560 TI Video Game Problems
3DMark 11 Scores With 670
8800GTS fried or bugged?
304.79 Beta Drivers
680 2BG and 680 4GB
Upgraded, now I get crashes.
Removing a GTX 550 Ti Shroud
need to decide between these video cards
Palit 460 Sonic Fried?
What is the best psu to run 4 GTX 580
Budget increase ... 690 time?
best overclock for my graphics card 550
Which is a better card and why?
New gtx 670 installer keeps failing, you guys are my last hope right now...
Need nvidia vc recommendations
Tweaktown - 660ti review
location of phase regulators on gtx680 4gb?
PNY 550ti Overclocked Edition
Is a 650W PSU enough to run a 680 FTW?
Temps Gtx 570 SC
[Help] GTX 680 Hydro Copper 2GB VS GTX 680 Classified 4GB
680GTX freezing up
Is my 680 defective?
Boot issue with weird solution
Gtx 570 SC Temps
Low Budget Graphics card (80$)
680 ....
Problems with GTX 285 in most games!
Using Old 9800 GTX for Physx?
ASUS GTX 680 DirectCU II TOP vs. EVGA GTX 680 SC Singature +
$350 Budget - Best Setup for Video Editing
GPU: More memory or faster clock speed?
Overclocking gtx 680 4gb on 5900x1200 resolution
GTX 560 ti too good to be true OC
BIOS modding GF110
Graphic Cards Under 300$
Best software to use for overclocking a 480 GTX?
550TI SLI Single Monitor Lower FPS in SLI Mode
Overclocked GTX 570, tweak help and tips needed.
Help abput 590
Clock Speed 'issue' of GTX 670 2GB
New,and excited to be here....
GTX 670 FTW running pci-e 3.0 on pci-e 2.0 board
Gtx 570 SC Overclockers
Quick! Need help!
Memory or Cores?
GTX 580 SOC overclocking
GTX 680, Crysis 2 FPS drops
GTX 560ti card suggestion
gtx 260 overheating
GTX 670 SLI Frequencies (Microstutter)
GTX 680 Overclock
gtx 560Ti dual monitor lag
My Next Card Decision. Gtx 550ti Review
GTX 680 4Gb showing p719 score
Gigabyte GTX 670 OC edition Overclocking help required
Low Fps ( GTA IV ) M14x R1
x2 SLI with dedicated Physx card causing bsod 116 please help
What is BottleNecking
GTX 580 Whine or Screech Sound
Crazy idea Sli for PhysX
gigabyte 680 with hydro copper block
This 680 GTX 4gb or 2gb?
Getting a new baby :-)
GPU Throttling 560ti SC
Furmark and driver questions
Guess I'll post this here. Issue with game frames skipping?
Fastest GTX 680 4GB?
GPU Fan defaulting to 30% sometimes, which can cause gpu to overheat quite badly
EVGA GTX580 DS SC overclocking
EVGA back-plate issue -Please Help!
To SLI or not SLI
Current GPU, 560 or wait for 660
Playing on GT 640M with lower resolution
Will this GPU bottleneck with me?
Reslolution problem? (scaling and centering)
Will my PC be Bottlenecked?
Is SLI w/ PhysX activated?
GPU Upgrade
PhysiX CPU or GPU
could this be compatible?
MSI GTX680 Lighting GPU Review
Help with Galaxy GT 440 PLS
OC and first bench's of GTX 680 FTW 4gb
GTX 470 issues
Physics not a big deal...bottleneck???
PLX chip for Dual SLI necessary?
Get another GTX 570 SC for SLI or
New laptop GPU.
thinking of upgrading my gtx 550ti sli setup
zotac gtx680 or evga ftw 680
Setting Default Output
7900GT artifacts, replacement with gt620?
driver installation issues
sli gtx670's and afterburner
680 Overclocking: I don't get it
Nvidia Control Panel not opening
8800GT or 8800GTS
Question :)
installing nvidia drivers makes ALL programs crash
Help with GTS 250
295 a good card still?
Sideways GPU
Pushed my GTX 460 a bit higher(results)
560 se or 560Ti
Gigabyte, Asus CUII or CUII TOP Gtx 670?
GTX 690 + xCPU for 2560x1600 Gaming
Need help my GPU keeps idling
Geforce gts 450 Help
2GB vs 4GB cards. Any difference in gaming?
560 Ti won't play DVDs == copy protection
Can someone with an asus gtx 670 dcuII top compare 3dmark11 scores?
What if...?
550 ti x2!!! Im excited but have questions
GPU Upgrade
Overclocking and Benchmarking my new GT 630 GDDR5
HDMI video card requirements for big TV?
Why do my 2 GTX 460 1GB still rock?
DUAL 580 LE's, 3 monitors; is it enough?
Overclocking my gtx560
What card should i look into help update this setup?
GTX 460 sli
gtx 680 Overclocking clarifications
3 way SLI 670 surround problem
In need of PNY GTX 460 XLR8 (overclocked) stock BIOS
I have an outdated 9500GT...
9800GT Graphics Card Not Having Fan Control Anymore ?
Nvidia Optimus
Need help with overclocking my GPU!
GTX580 with Arctic Cooling Accelero
Enable PCI 3.0 On X79 Nvidea Patch Out Now
Getting GTX 670 (Gigabyte OC'ed) to work on ASUS P8Z77-V Pro
evga gtx 570 HD DS Die size?
Video card decisions
EVGA GTX 670 FTW baseline benchmark
My GTX470 Died
550ti power requirements? reply fast PLEASE
evga OC scanner stress test
SLI with two different video cards
SLI and triple monitor support CALL ME AN IDIOT
Game freeze?
BF3 upgrade.
lots of 680's in stock at newegg finally
Difference between GTX 570 and 570 HD?
HELP! Overclocking My GTX260
304.48 Beta availble
Is HyperFormance / Adaptive V-sync rather useless?
Overclocking GeForce 210
Rumor: First Quad GPU GTX 695?
GTX 680 Volt Mod
GTX460 Hawk - Fans failed x4!!!??
Budget build, just needs a GPU
Gtx560oc BSOD on boot win7x64
Please Help me choose a new 600 series card
nVidia GT435M OpenGL Issue in FS9
What happens when you brick your card?
calling all gtx 280 owners/ old owners
MSI Afterburner triple over voltage question
Is SLI still cumbersome?
Need help troubleshooting my 560ti
GTX 480 Underclocking
new setup running! (gtx 670)
pc wont boot after installing new graphics card
EVGA GTX 560 Ti High Idle Temps
Zotac GTX670 (mini)
GTX 460 768MB OC
GTX 680 shutting off computer
is it worth rmaing reference msi gtx 670 for a 680 pcb one?
Constant display driver failure for GTX 670
Nvidia CUDA on GTX 460
EVGA GTX 570 2G getting very low FPS
Problems with oc'ed 570's
which gtx 580?
The Benching Team needs your Help! (Prizes too!)
Appraisal on GTX 560 Ti Hawk
GTX 550 Ti 2GB Overclocking :D
Laptop shuts off in a game
Display not showing
GTX 580 or 670?
blown caps???
Looking to upgrade my 460
Dual portriat gaming...
ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP Graphics Card Review
Ok Temps for EVGA 670 FTW?
evga gtx 480 or msi twin frozr 3 gtx 570?
Still getting amazing performance out of my 450.
Quick question on Nvidia GPU brands
Nvidia GT 630 GDDR5 or HD 6670 DDR3?
Zotac GTX 480 AMP Edition SLI; Pixel Artifacts!!!
GTX670 Overclocking - checking for stability