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which thermal compound
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Chipped core
Best place to buy conductive pen? BEST conductive pen?
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how do I get past 990 on riva tuner?
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7800gt voltmod
3Dmark03 went from 25k to 15k....with the same hardware o_0
question about my 7300 LE
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Flashing the vcore -- few Q's
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Decreasing performance
volt mod'n the 7900gt
7900GTX ATItool temp at load.. 63C!!!!
leadtek 7300gt extreme
good trade
Upping voltage for better OC
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Need help (7950GX2)
pci-e, 22a?
7900gs UP AND RUNNING! Scores in here!
EVGA 7600 gs artifacting??
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considering going SLI.
Need a PCIX substitute for my AGP 6800GT, any recommendations?
Running SLI on a CF Board?
Anyone get their 7900gs yet?
7900 GT and Vivo fails to start?
7600 GT problems =/
7600 Gs agp?
recent problems video card related?
when are the g80's comming
7950GX2 on Asus Conroe Board
7600gs mods???
Will this hurt my card?
quick rivatuner question...
nVidia Quadro
GeForce 7900 GT irregularities - STRANGE behavior - help
Which is better?
SLI problem
Nvidia Geforce 7900 GS!!!
o/c blotches
what do you guys think of this cooling set up
OC'n the 7900gt
getting BFG7800GSOC, re-install drivers?
7900gt running at half speed
1337 3Dmark score.. am I up to par?
7900GT messing up counter-strike?
7300GT ddr3 - 3Dmark06 score
Where did it go...
IS there a good all in one Nvidia Overclocking/testing program like ATItool?
SLI question
XFX 6800GT volt mod sucks, need help fixing it
7600GT SLI question with 2x VF700
GeForce 7900 GT Overheating problem?
EVGA 6800 Ultra PCI-E.
AMD 64 3700+ Bottleneck! Help!
Figured I would say something about this
6800gs results
just got my stuff from the egg...w00t 6800gs
7800GS temps and/or coolers?
91.31 (x64) and 7600GT's in SLi issues
ONE DAY ONLY Woot deal on a 7900GS, $145.
Plastic pin mounts
Geforce 6 Series (NV40) can do SSAA and MSAA!
Which 7900gt 256 to get...
6800gs slowly dying?
Question on some driver settings..
6800gs will be here tomorrow w00t
hate waiting
Evga's new cards....
graphics seem to lock up when exiting or alt tabbing out of WOW
split second hangs
split second hangs
which card?
Danger Den 7950GX2 water block announced, addendum
7600 gs oc's??
PCI-E bus clock?
Recertified EVGA cards?
Which 7900GT 'Over Clock' Card to go for?
GeForce 7600 GS OC BFG need help!!!
Video Card Question
6800ultra prices?
BGF 6800GS question
Bfgoc 7900gt problems
To SLI, or not to SLI.
XFX 7900GT Help
New card not for gaming!
Dual-Core: Games Freezing
what card would be best for thius cpu bottle neck.
nVidia 7900GS coming soon
Video card to tide me over
5900xt flash to 5950u bios problems
6600gt. i need some proformance numbers
how much of a bottleneck will i get with this?
dual dvi + agp card needed
Weird 7900gtx sli Problem
7950 gx2 opinions
NVidia now Officially supporting QUAD SLI
Which out of these two cards to buy?
card recomendation please
pipeline bios mod on PCI-e
7800GS. Which PS?
PCI express bios backup help
Nvidia witch brand !!!
ordering this card i need more info.
eVGA 7800GS: Comments and Questions
Overclocking SLI Question
what 6600gt to buy?
Which 7600GT?
Added Delta speed?
How will this do?
White Screen
does a 7900gt overheat?
Holy graphics card batman!!!!
Dual 2405FPW....video card question
6800 series ..will it fit??
How will these games perform on...
Video cards for E6600/P5WDH setup
Is this a rip off or what? LoL
help with 7800GT overclock
ASUS EN7900GT with a8n32-sli-deluxe motherboard
7600GT for 88.07? Good deal?
BFG 7900GT driver
Geforce 7900 Artifacting
Just bought a 7900GTX but need some help ID'ing it
Requesting pictures of VF900 on a 7900GT
7950 GX2 yay or nay?
eVGA e-geforce 7600 GT CO/KO?
putting a pci card in the slow next to a gf 6800
7600gs agp review
what's wrong with my vid card?
7600gs agp review
7950 Poblems..
Did I Blow Up Card?
Do I need to volt mod now?
7800gs wont let me over or underclock
7900GT aftermarket HSF recommendation?
7600gt ko ... issues...
Reduce Noise 7800gt
GF4 4200 vs 7300GT for DX8 games
7600GS, X850 Pro, 7300GS
Overclocking (general) question
Why me?
drivers for quad Sli are out. 91.45!
looking for cheap video card
SLI load balancing lines
Opinion - should I get this 7800GS AGP?
xfx 7900gt XXX killing cpu/mb?
Question - OC'ing in SLI
Your opinions. Should I sell my video cards for something better?
7300gt with gddr3?
3DMark Score for 6800 Geforce Is this right?
Extreme Albatron 7900gt any good?
Broke 10k(3d06) with 7950GX2
coolbits detects to 487/1.17 on my 7800gt is it a good overclocker?
Quad-SLI & Conroe
Help with frame rates please!
Best driver for 7800GTX sli?
6600 help
SLI Error with an AGP card...?
nvidia sentinel
I'm gonna explode
Where is the "Detect Optimum" settings?
Really low temps!
GPU load balancing
Anisotropic optimization on or off
7300GS temperatures
DVI display out to VX2025 via 2x 7600GT's, can not get to work
whats the best driver for a 7800gt?
Need Geforce 7600GT recommendation
6600GT modded BIOS
6600Gt Fan help
SLI temperature monitoring
6600 bottle necked on my old rig
Guide: Multiple active-monitors in SLi mode (sticky?)
High-end much?
Next-Gen GPUs anytime soon?
Geforce 6100 graphics
been out for while, need a driver recommandation?
Ocing the 7950
Why does this not make any sense?
A Very Noobish Question
6600GT128mb DDR3 VS 6600 512MB DDR2
6600GS or 7300GS
Will SLI ever have multi monitor support?
7600GT, Potential?
Geforce 6600 GT v Quadro FX 540
7600GS problems
7950GX2 (Nibitor Q as well)
how much faster is two 7950's compared to one?
6800 Ultra: best o/c clock/mem frequency ?
Recertified eVGA 7800GS
nVidia's 64x external SLI solution...
SLi & Crossfire are friends
Infinite Loop Error EVGA GeForce 7600GT CO
Quadro4 pro 900 XGL 128 AGP
Questionable perforamnce with Quad SLI
My GPU is officially bottlnecked by my CPU (3800x2)
7600GS AGP
6800 Temperature?
Budget FX-series
This isn't the XFX 7900 GT Extreme?
DD 7950 waterblock
Gigabyte 7300GS
Innovatec 7950GX2 waterclock...no i dont have it...i wish though
geforce 7900 Not Enough Power?
Power Supply powerful enough?
7800 GTX fried..
Woot! 7900GT 1.5V on Air, 675 core
nvtv and server 2003
7900GT KO 512MB *Drool*
7900 GT/7900 GTX ... decisions decisions!!
Which one of these Nvidia Cards is best?
ASUS P5PL2 + ASUS N7600 GS = @#%#!!@
6600GT 128 MB VS 6800XT 256 MB
Performance goes down in SLI with 7900GT's ... rather confused
Does your 7950 and Asus P5B MB play well together?
SLI Question ???
How accurate are the onborad temp sensors?
Got a new revised 7900GTX.
Driver causes jerkiness
7800 GTX 256mb Votl Mod - Looking for a Guide
2 Diff cards in SLI
Vram memory timings...
How do i find out what brand my card is
Flashing a 6200
Do you flash your stable OC?
7300GT SLI > 7900GT
7600GT 256MB PCIe slower than 6600GT 128MB AGP?
Are there any nvidia drivers better than the ones from nvidia
Which 7900GT is "best"
Post 7900gt clocks
7900GT KO cooling
XFX 6800XT Overclock Issues
Problem with Nvidia 7600gt
FX 5900XT and DirectX 9?
New Card
Best Nvidia Drivers for 7800GT
Annoying message after installing new Nvidia drivers!
"Free" upgrade 7800GT to 7900GT
Is this bad and should i return the card?
Any idea why Omega drivers wont load with my BFG 7900OC?
Rivatuner - how to load default settings
I upgraded to a 7600GT
Questions on Price Speculation (7900gt x1900xt)
Dual Monitor's video playes full screen if I like it or not.
Which brand 7900GT should i get?
7900 gt + E6600+vx2025=bf2 fps?
Is there a review that will compare my 6800GT against newer cards?
Quad SLI heat questions
800xl >>>> 7900GT. Worth it?
Has Nvidia fixed the 7900 GXT problems?
Question about High Definition
WILL the 7950GX2 work in "multi-gpu" mode on ASRock 939DualSata2? Look here and SEE!!
xfx 7800gs whos drivers do I use ???
oblivion problem...
I heart 7950gx2+COD2 (BIG pics)
MSI GeForce 6600GT Artifacting Issue
Installed new PSU and monitor blank
7950GX2 vs. 2x 7900GT SLi?
unlockable pipelines?
6800 GS???
Best Bang for Buck
7800 GS problems playing Movies
graphical error in HL2
Why does nvidia display show this
OMG! The Zalman VF900-Cu Rocks!
7950 in A8N-E?
Quad SLI.. Is it true that it works??
Nvidia 7600?
Club3D 6600GT Issues...
Will Quad-SLI become available on retail?
CS:CZ Video problem
XFX 7800 GT a good card?
bgf / zalman ?
SLI expectations
Who Makes the best G_force cards ?
App specific profiling
6800 GT OC heat issues
7900 Gt core freq?
updated driver issues
What are g80 prices?
Rivatuner OC or hardware OC?
Anti Aliasing error
To SLI or Not to SLI, That is my question LOL
Need some insight on VIVO
7800 AGP users?
Alt Tab Screen Locks
thinking of buying a 7900gt
A few questions
Making this cooler fit
Leadtek 7950GX2 power ralested problems
6600gt overheating?
It's all ready to go!
6600gt agp vs 9600xt radeon (counter strike source)
6800GT ram sink on 7900GT?
EVGA Step-Up: What in the World's Going on Here?
19 inch westinghouse widescreen with 7800gt
7950 GX2 question
Problem with friends Geforce 6800
help help!! my 6200 runs slower than my 5700
Comp Crashing w/ Specific Error Msg. Need Hlp.
question with overclocking a new version 7900gt
problems with display drivers, need help!!!!
6800GT overclocking degradation, help :S
7800GT XXX x2 vs 7900GT
What is an artifact?
6600GT AGP GPU volt mod.
19" LCD laptop with SLI - SPECS
7900gtx 512mb $300 should i?
Flicking graphics
leadtek 6600gt 128mb agp vs. 256mb agp
FW 85.96_mod for SLi on any chipset
rebooting in fear?
ok, what card do you think would be best for performance?
help graphical error!
6800gt agp prob
Question! Leadtek 6800nu AGP 128meg Flashed to 380/870
New 512 MB 7900GT's?
AGP installing as PCI-E
The 590 chipset, Intel and Windows XP x64 questions...
AGP 7800 GS XT
WinFast PX6800 TDH VS GV-NX66T128D
xfx7900gt hd playback
how do you get smooth frame rates?
Is this normal for a 6800nu agp?
Hooray for the 90 series drivers(problems with dual monitors)
SLI thing keeps poping up (AGP 6800)
Newegg has the new EVGA 7900GT cards in stock
[REAL..lol] G80 SPECS
Where can I find these files?
Add a 6800GS in SLI on A64 3200 or just one higher end video card?
Vertical lines
o/cin 7900gt
6800nu Vs x800xl
Help out an absolute newcomer...
Heatsinks on ram chips?
7900 Power
2x6600GTs BLOWN.. help me find out what it was...
Games failing, help
7900GT volt-modded temps a bit high?
Video Out to TV.. Just me, or very hard on your eyes?
HUGE eVGA announcement for 7900 series owners!
Sell unopened 7950gx2, buy a laptop w/ the money+some and a 7900gt? Good idea?
AGP Video Card question
Need to know how to OC 6800
6600 issue
i know, i know....
7600gs clock
XFX 6800XTreme Bargain?
Overclocking a 7900gt
A few questions about DirectX 10
question about new nvidia drivers
7600GS cooling considerations
another hmmm....
G-80 taped out, Per Inquirer
EVGA 7900gt Sig Series
Should i rma?
MSI 6600 GT Troubles
fx 5200go has temperature probe?
5900 getting to 70's in seconds
Are these good 7800gt 3dmark scores?
6800 Drivers v9999ge
8800GTX Specs...
7900gt 3d06 score
EVGA 7800GTX KO Edition overclock...
How to oc Geforce 2 Mx400?
RivaTuner RC16+Forceware 91.31 question
Nvidia drivers/ Optimization wizard
Dual monitor, 7800GTX Question
7300gs or 6600?
evga 7900gt price 239.99 buy now?
ATI TV Tuner Card and Nvidia 7800 GS?
Looking for 7900GT overvolting and overclocking thread
What's the deal?
Which one of these two graphics cards should I keep,
EVGA Step-up Question
The 7950gx2 has been watercooled! (not mine, someone else's)
6800 GS Driver Suggestions
Is an SLI setup worth it?
Expected performance gain?
geforce mx4000 stuttering
91.31 drivers-where's the new control panel?
gainward 7800gt gs, no enhanced mode
buying a new card, target 7600 GT
New AGP card The best I can get??
Pci-E bus Clock? (ntune)
7900GX2 vs 7900GTX wattage requirments
7950gx2 DOWN TO $550!
possible SLI issue
Xpert-Vision 7600GS Bum Card??
Bad card?
Does Nvidia 7950 work on Asrock dual939?
PNY technologies
91.31 Drivers
vertical sync
Asus A8n series boards and 7900GTX
Disable 7800GS Throttling?
I'm looking for a benchmark
Onboard GeForce 6100 on AM2?
7950GX2, Problems
what card to get now? around 250-300$, to replace 6800gs
Overclocking a BFG 7800 GT OC
my 6800gs is dying on me :(
Do the 7950GX2's suffer from the "7900 series plague?"
Should I RMA?
6800 gt help?
Vid quality question with DVD's